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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
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Tuesday, December 23, 1902
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HE DAILY REVIEW. TWENTY-FOURTH YEAR, NO. «7. moon* TUBBMI EVXnVff, DECEMBER 93, 1903. .DAY REVIEW SEVEN DAYS, TBM IEAD GROW In Una lid money, which, «s cltlieni, they will be allotted. DOGS RACjfrFOR LIFE. Caaffbt by TraiB on Hlfb nan How Estimated That 5,000 Lost Lives. Hundreds of Corpses Have Been Recovered. Most of Victims Were native Quarter. In Ashkabad, Dec. 23.-A telegram from (he scene of the recent earthquake disaster at Andljan puts the number of victims In the native quarter of the town at 4,tM. Already 000 corpses have been disinterred from the ruins and the work of ex cuvatlon progress*! alowly. At St. Petersburg It Is estimated nearly {,000 have been killed at Andljan. A CHANGE IN RAILROAD HEADS flyron Carpenter Leaves the Eastern lUlMti. Chicago, Dec. 23.--Myron J. Carpenter, who ha* been' president of the Chicago and Eaitirn Illmoln ruad for the last ten year*, htis resigned to accept the posl tlon of vice president and general manager of the Pere Marquetle system. Mr. Oi-rpenter was notified of hl» wleclion y«terday. but the dale of hi* IMUtge has not been settled, 1le will, however. n--»unx the duties of the,new position, prcbubly with hetuftiuartera In Detroit, · soor. as arrangement* can be made dli ixngf with his cervices on the Kasiern lllli.olc. It was asserted by those who ought to know that Mr. Carpenter's retirement 11 em I lie presidency of the lislrrn I H i i.ois K not due to the ftHingr In OWIK-I Hhl] of t h a t road, but solely to the fact ihut » better iniMtlnn was offered him by the owners of the I'ere Marguettf sy« tern. 8ki far as known, there waa no pur liose nf entirely merging the Rastern Illinois with the Frl»ci system, as regards moiuigcinen-. :.mi the officials of the latter proixrty h i v e i xprewed u sincere regrw iver the IOJK of Mr. OnriM-nter. ·ucceasor to Somervllle. N. J., Die. 23. -Ai pack of don were devouring the carcass of a calf which had beta killed by a train on top of a fcrty-foot ·mbankment of the tin- die track of the Rooknway Valley railroad, near I'mpacJc, when they were startled by the rumbling of a paMenger train. The ikigs first leaped toward the edge of the high embankment to escape, but it was ulmo: t perpendicular and coated with Ice and they feared to co Jown It. As the t i a l n drew nearer the animals crowded together and trembled with fear, until Nero. .1 big Newfoundland, ,;'ive a howl and bounded off down tho trark In front of tin- train. The. rest of (he pack followed cloM at his heels In a race for life. At th« end of a quarter of n mile the train l fnn to gain on the dog* .·'!'! picked off the slowest. Thf ra. e ended half a mile from 'ttf slarllnir point, where the embankment ended In a plain. About half the i.««n escaped. Eight were found dead at th« foot of the embankment. NEW YORK'S GREAT TUNNEL SCHEMES Pennsylvania May Do Its Work In Three Years. ITALIAN GIVES UP His Notion ifc Gould Detain American Sbip. Red D Liner Allowed to Enter Port. Rebellion Against Castro Gains Strength. Caracas, Dec. 23.--The cnptnln of the tullun warship Bausan, who yesterday ssued notification that ho would not al- ow tin American "Red D" line steamer Caracas to enter I.uOualra harbor, has reclnded the order. United States Consul Jlehl succeeded In convincing the captain ic was wrong In hln Interpretation of blockade iltcree. It il not known whether a · I'rcsldYnt Carieiiter will to* rrcsTdYnt Carm.nter will toe ftppolnlM, { IMII It IM riiinono t h . i t HIV n-nuiliiiiiir rx- · cutlve office w i l l In the near f i m n r i !«· merged In the g e m r a l offices of the Frisco f«ilei». w h i l e tin orriel.ili f the might anil lrafri department* .f tlie Kastern I1II:«1« will be returned. Tlili change tends to mntlrm the xtalcnti nt that fhe Kymlleate which recently obtained control or t h e I'er,, M m i u e t l e will eventually be unrated for and In connection with th.- Frisco. Such being the fact, the Importance of the Kri.Mo system would he greatly en- harcfd. us It would tiave linen extending fnan the extreme southwest to Detroit, and soon l Itufi.ilo. anil would then by assume Hie lmpiri,tr.i,. ,,f n»'-jntl- t r u n k line FELL TWELVE STORIES Had moBped Writing to Get a Breath of Air. Chicago, Dec. 22,-Whlle writing a letter of Christmas good cheer to hi* mother. Harrison 8. Potter, a crippled young man from Bt. Joseph, Mich., dropped pen and paper In hi* room at the Great Northern hotel In order to get a breath of fresh air ot the window. He slipped, fell twelve ·torle* to the pavement below, narrowly missing a woman pasting on the street. and was picked up mangk-d and dead. Strange ns It may eeem. the young man. In the last few line* ox the letter to hi* mother, said he had met with an accident; that h* felt faint and would stop nrltlng until he had revived himself at the window. His mother Is Mrs. C. B. Totter. 723 Pearl street, flt. Joseph. Mich. The sheets of paper with the Ink still wet. lay on the dresser In room C-32 when an officer entered It about Z o'clock lo gather facts for a report. The last line* traced .on the paper were these: "1 Just hit my head such a smash on the door 1 will have to lay off writing a minute or so. "Makes me dliiy to look. A bit of fresh air will--" Here the note ended. The lait word was poorly penned. Evidently Potter had been seised with a fainting spell, had struggled to reach the window, which he was able to push, and then had fallen headlong Into the frosty air. Ill* crutches stood In a corner near the dresser. New York. Dec i 1 !)--Mayor Liw yester- d i y afternoon algneil the re-olutlon "f the board il nl. ermen approving tlie franchise* of the i'emiiylvanla Railroad cjmpuny for u tunnel under til* citv. The pen »»" which he signed It he presented to Alderman Owens (Tammunvi, who voted for the resolution every time It came up. Samuel Rea, fourth vice president of the Pennsylvania rullro'id, went to Philadelphia to consult with officers of the road on the plans of the Pennsylvania tunnel. The englneeis of the tunnel have ilone an Immense amount of preliminary work, Shafts have been sunk In various p i r t a of both the Kast and the North rivers to ascertain what conditions must be met In the construction. Shafts, too, have been sunk for test purposes across the Island of Manhattan In the line of Thirty, second and Thirty-third streets. Chief Engineer Charles M. Jacob* said yesiterdny that It mlfht be possible to complete the aork In three years Instead uf five W rk will begin simultaneously nt Thlrty-secotnl street and Hudson river, at Hergen 1IIII In Wekt Hoboken und at Thirty-second street nnd East river. ANOTIIRR ONE PLANNED. In eighteen months Ihe tunnel of the New York Jersey Railroad company, for which 11 franchise wa* granted by Ihji bo.trd of aldermen, will bH completed and In operation currying passengers In and out 'it Manhattan, according to the oMiflatnt. «Ut*ment*. made yesterday by the officers "f the company. EXectrlc cars will be used, running nl hnlf-mlnulD headway and bringing pns- »en«ers In six minutes from the Jersey City terminal to a *latlon nt Greenwich nnd Christopher streets, where they- may connect with both surface nnd elevated linen FELL 720 FEET. JoaaMtolttrJteMU De*th IB · ROOSEVELT SENDS Sympatfey to Mother of Jacoh Kite. Washington Dec. 28--Jacob Rlln of New York, win, look Lr. ikfuHt "with" the pro»lel'nl nppiucd to mention that hi* mother i'if l W year« end a resident of Hllie Hem 1,1 rk. was wry III, and. us any Illness was like j to »· most serious with n person nt that age, he was expec A summci.s lo Journey acros* the Interrupting the breakfast, the president called for writing materials and wrote tl.e following message, which was Immediately forwarded: "White I louse. Washington--To Mrs. nils Kibe, Denmark: Your son Is breakfasting with us. We send you our loving sympathy, (Signed) "THKODORE AND "EDITH HOOSKVELT." In relating the I n c l d i n t Mr. Rlls said: "I do not bollwr I will be eallid back to my old home verv soon now. They have a very great opinion ovi r there ot tho United State* and of Hi pr«srut head, nnd when that dear old mother of mine gets that cablegram from tin- president of the I'nlted State* I expect she will get right out of bed cured, and live at least ten years longer." ACQUIRE COAL OPTIONS. Ollleepte Firm 4:io»es Deal COT erlnff ao,OOO Acres. Olllcsple. Ills.. Dec. J3-H. 8. Dorsey * do. local capitalist;, have recently closed a deal getting control of 30,000 acros of coal lands In the vicinity of OHlcsple, which is »-ld »o be the richest In the state. A number of boring machines have be«n at work for some lime, which have developed a nine-foot vein with rock top. Chicago capitalists are also behind the scheme In the Interest of one- of the lead Ing railroads of the country. Several mines will be put In operation In a short time between Staunton and this place. This means considerable tc the business Interests of this locality and all posslbk I* being done to, assist the promoter*. Pana, III*.. Dec. Si-John Mlenor. a rej. Went of thl* city. wa» killed Monday ·nomine; by falling down the shaft of the North Coal company'* mine. HI* death wa* Imtantaneou*. falling a distance of He w»* occupied In removing the water bos from the bottom of t'he cage when he lost Us footing. lie was single, about » years of age. and three weeks ago came to thto city from Michigan. TWlif8JUSTIN TIME. ·11,000 Weber In Family. Outisfte. Osse,. Dec. a-Oy an order of tbe federal government, all Kaw Indian* who were on the eMkMMhtP rolls by Dse. 1, M*, VMS entitled to aa eqt ·llotsssot «f Maes sad ssoBey, bilesigt to the lew tribe, Alfred Twice M a foil- Meodsd Kaw. On WOT. *. two day* before tbe rolls were ctssed, Us wUn pre iMMWtthtwtocmMM. TfcerhsAr* aai »· Thytor UMT «M wmta |U,«W Oollaz Banker Dead. Btottnlmton. III*., Dec. 23.-The death of John W. Arnold, aged T4, « banker ol Colfax, occurred yesterday. He canu here from Virginia in I860 and MOM**) a fortune by farm land Investment*. Ho wa* also heavily engaged in stock breed Ing. Three children eurvive. Bubonic Plafno In Mexico. Mexico City. Mex., Dec. 23,-The disease which he* made It* appearance almost si raultaneoualy at La Pas, Quay: ·nd Masatlan. all situated on the Pacific coast of Mexico, i* pronounced by oom petent medical authorities lo be the hu bonlc plague. At slasatlare the t'eath rate from the disease to from six 'to ten persons dhlly. KtBf" UD04WL Wt», Deo. ».-Bdward Augus- 1« ro*t*r, a«ed Wb a reflred lumberman drepped dead at nb toom*. He WM known u the "lumber kinc" m* WM ka»wn in Weioeinln and MkUfU. The steamer arrived today. CASTRO'S KBBEL8 About Ready to Put Him Out of muBt not be accepted, but to be eligible for enlistment they must furnish competent proof to remove any doubt regarding "'Enlistments and re-enll*tmenti must be without condition*, and no compromise raurt be made to men upon enlistment retarding service at home or abroad, as they will be unsigned uncord- ing to the be«t Interests ot the service." MAY SALUTE ON BUNDAY. Washington, Dec. 28.--·everal amendments have been made In the army regulations for the firing of salutes. It Is provided that salutes may be fired on Sunday when required by International courtesy. An ex-president of the United States »hall receive a salute of twenty- one gun*. The vice governor of the Philippines, an office which has been es- tabllihed since the rules wero drawn, Is entitled to receive a salute of seventeen gun*, the same as that received by the assistant secretary of war. PRINCE W LETHE LL RGO GETS FIVE YEARS For fort of Siiuln. Trlnltluil, Ucc. -I -- Ac- ·i ding to the InleMt iiccouiil« received lere. the revolutionary l«-.«ler, General iulnmlo, with nearly fl.fliXt t]io|i8, IB within striking distant e of the capital. i'hc movement attains! Castro has been nglneered by General Mutox with consummate skill. The revolutionists hold three-fourtlm of Venesuela. The sclsure of Castro's gunboats hy the allies prov- «l »n It reparable Ions to the government army. Just before they wcie seized these vessels convi yt-il large bodies of troops o garrison at various seaports. These detachment* are nuw Isolated «t long distances from t'.iruius mid have no mean* of returnlnK, as the revolutionists hold the Intervening country. Most of Castro's army hag been rendered useless. In Caracas ht has piobubly only 3,000 troops on whom he can depend. All the talk about Venezuela showing u united front tu the enemy In now known to have been spread by Castro for liln own |iirpost. Ills appeal for unity fell on dour ears. Tho government'K extremity hus proved the revolutionists' opportunity and the president la now engaged n a Uiie-t-toi ncred fight. VEXATIOUS KULIiS Placed on Shipping by Hrltlab Officer. Caracas, Dec. 23.-- The st«amer Caracas safely entered the harbor of IjiGuulru lit H this morning. Mall, freight uiid pnsHengers of the Caracas were landed at lu o'clock. The eaptuln of the Hrltln. · ulsei Tribune naUfKil the commander ,t tliu Caracal that throughout her stay ,ii LaUualra she must li.ive the harbor every night. This measure IH regarded ns vexations and causes great expense to the owners of (he steamers. MOKR SHU'S t'OMINO. Hamburg. Dec. St.-- The Gorman steamer Siberia, with men ami supplies for the German f l i e t in Venezuelan waters, nailed from here today for the West Indies. Spexln, ll.ily, Dec. B.-fThc Italian cruiser Klb.i Hulled today for Venezuela.. SULTAN WILL GIVE NO QUARTER Morocco's Rufcr Angry Over Hfc Defeat Tangier, Morocco, Dec. 23.--The Imperial troops have be«'n totally defeated after a lungulnary battle with the rebels headed by the pretender to the throne. The latter decapitated forty of the sultan's sol- dlcr», nndi ilielr heads are now ornamenting his tent. Imperial reinforcements 'nave be"n sent to attempt to capture Taza, headquarters of the pretender. Incensed by the rebels' ·urcMwes, the sultan him ordered his soldier* to spare no one at Taza. * Whipping a Ooavlct to Death. Clarksville. Miss., De\ 23,-John E. Hardy was convlcKslI of whipping 1 to deatlv William Young, i convlet. while sergeant on iron. J. W. Kid-ridge's place ait Illllhouse. Tin- Jury was out half an hour, aud returned a verdict of manslaughter, with a recommendation for mercy. A motion for a new trial was denied, and *fardy wa* sentenced to five years in- the penitentlcry. Several witnesses testified! that Young was most brutally whipped, three convicts standing on 'him while Mardy wielded the lash. When Young was turned' our to die he was one man* of sores from head to heels. Convicts, before the grand jury whhto ImMctort Hardy, exhibited their «trlpc», and public sentiment was very much wrought up over the revelations. SUDDEN DEATH OF SENATOR SABIN Minnesota Han Was Prominent Politician. Chicago, Dec. 23.--Former I'nlted States Senator Dwlght M. Babln of Minnesota died suddenly this morning of heart fall- ire at the Auditorium. He wast H yeais ld. For u quarter of a century hu was prominent in national 'Republican poli- Ics and was very wealthy. YATES AS USUAL Will Hold R Now Yea»'» Day 11*- ceptlon. Springfield 1 , Ills.,Dec. 23.-GovernorYa.tes has notified Private Secretary Oglt-sbv to have the executive mansion ready for the observance of the usual custom on New Year's day. The governor, a* has been the custom for a number of year*, will receive the otnte officer* and the employe* In the various state departments nt 11 o'clock New Year's morning. Following the call by the state officials, the officer* of tho Illinois national guard will P'iy their respects to the executive, 1 Bobbery at Leroy. Bloomlngton, Dec. 23.--(Special to The Review.)--The postofflce at Leroy was robbed last night. A few dollar* In stamp* were taken. Moit of the money In the office WM overlooked by the robber*. NO BOYSJEJNDBR AGE frill Be BclUted in Army Hereafter. Washington, Dec. Z3.-Jeiteral orders of more than usual Interest were Issued by the war department, covering the examination and classification of gunners, giving new and more *tringent rule* for the acceptance of recruits, defining and explaining the salute* which may and ·hould be fired in honor of officers and government offlelals of different rank and explaining the methods observed In the distribution of government documents covering army rules ai.'i regulations. The orders relative to recruii* aro In substance as follows: "Until farther ordsrs persons under th* age of II years will not be enlisted, and extreme, caution must be exercised In the cases of young men applying for enlistment who claim to to 21 years of age or a few month* over that aM*. The unsupported sUt«nMOts ol Want NonutU Reoosn»ie*d. Springfield, III* , Dec 21.-Members of the department of ped.iR.iKy of the Tnl e«*lty of Illinois nnd official.' of the several state normal schools will usk he coming legislature to recognize l».c- normal institutes of the utatc In uc- ordunce with their rating. The us- semnlymen will be requested to restore a aw that was repealed several years ago, which provided that a graduate of any of the normal universities of the state should receive a five-year certificate to :each in the state. Death of art. PulaBkt Woman Mt, Puluskl, UN., li-c. ^.-Mrs, John Arnold, an aged and highly rcopocted Uermtin Itidy. who has been .1 lesldent of Mt, I'uluskl for muiiy years, died at her home at 10 o'clock yesterday morning, aged 64 years and 26 days. She was born Nov. X, 1X38, In Obcrnmstadt, Mar baugh, Wurtemburg, Germany. WANT SOME OF IT. Aurora's Bnccem Arouse* Other Town* to 0o Likewise. DeKalb. Ills., Dec. 21 -A score or more of towns in the Fox and Hock valleys aro stirred up over the success of the city nf Aurora In collecting JUMXB for nn Interurban railway franchise. Aurora the first town in northern Illinois that has Insisted upon being paid for the privilege of running rails through Its streets, and now Mie other towns are figuring 01: raising revenue from similar sources. All of the roads that have been started have turned out to be paying ventures ami It N contended that they should pa for iwlvileges inside a town Just as the pay for right of way through the country. The money paid to Aurora was collect ed from the Aurora, Rockford and DeKalb line, for which most of the righ't 01 way has been secured. The buying of right of way gives the lino the privilege of carrying both freight and passengers Hy following th« public highways thU privilege Is denied by the state law. Ualn Price of Coal. Lincoln, III*.. Dec. 23.--The Lathan Coal company of Lincoln, of which H. C I,ath«un of Springfield Is president, has raised the price of «o»il from $2.25 to 13 per ton. U Is thought tfce other two mines In Lincoln will make he same raise. Hat Oouifttoch. Lincoln, Ills.. Dec. 23.--Nat Comstook a, former resident of Lincoln, and a wel known showman, atWete 1 and acrobat died Sunday in a hospital at Minneapolis Minn., from paralysis of the fcrain. Hi was aged 34 years. Conwlock's mother Mrs. James Burrows, still lives In Lin coin. Saxony's Heir May Get Divorce from Wife. Sh* Lett Because He Mixed With Actress. Angry at Efforts to Make Her Forgive. Drelden, Saxony, Dec. 23.--King Oeorge nd Crown Prince Frederick know where »e crown princess Louise has sought ref- ge, but they have decided to accept the stratigemenc of the princess ani» her unbend a* Irreparable. They have tmide the cabinet privy to he circumstances of the princess' flight, s they see them, and a decree of divorce * talked of. I ARE AT GENEVA. Geneva, Switzerland, Dee. 23.--The rown princess of Saxony Is here uniU-r he name of Fmuleln Von CXben. Her rather, Archduke Leopold Ferdinand. nd' Professor Olron nre at the" same ho- el. The, archduke h«H assumed the name if Deburlano. The party Is living iuletl iml proposes to spend Christmas here. WHY PRINCESS FIiBO. Her Husband earned on "With an Aetraw. Vienna, Dec. 23.-Tiie flight of the crown princess of fbixuny has caused greit excitement here It is reported that he archduke Ferdinand, aecomp,in- ed by one of the cmirl i-haroberlairiH, went to Ck-ueva. whither It was supposed he princes* had* fleil, hut failed lo llnd my trace of her. The princess' brother, the archduke Leopold Ferdinand, '* said :o be with lier, but nothing can be «*ecr- allied as to her whereabouts. It Is officially explained thin the prln- ·csw' dlsapiM in mice l» due to mental le- iingemviit. There IM little doubt, how- -ver, thut It WHS caused by domestic rtls- ·ord growing out of her husband's rela- lloiiH with mi actre-s of the Dresden -ourt thea'ter. It is asserted here that lie princess fniiuently tlireUciied flight m till* account, and Hint die was In- lensed ait her father, the grand duke of Tuscany, for counseling her to forgive her husband. Morrte Pratt In Dead. White Water, WIA, Dec. 23.-Morrls Pratt of this city, one o^tlve early converts *» spiritualism and founder of thr only *ohool In *he world devoted to Instruction In spiritualism, Is dead at the ·ffe of 88. ARKANSAS SOCIALISTS To Form State Organization and Adopt Platform. Little Rock. Ark., (Dec. a.-The Social Ms of Arkansas propose to organize a state society and) to become a factor In state politics. For some time the propa ganda toes been receiving more or les attention on the part of those to whom Itti teachings have appealed, and a referen dum is now In progress among the loca organisation* for the election of officer and tho adoption of the platform of the principles. There are local organisations ·t Little Rock, Fort flmltb, Van, Buren, Bu: Pine Bluff, Huntlnfton, and Prairie Creek mine Man No. ireal, Tho amalgamation of (he separate socle tie* Into · state organisation is twine brouoM sue of coins had- a large number of applications yesterday, and It I* thought that there wfll be a. large sale of them for holiday presents. The precious freight was put up in three canvas bags and sealed with the leaden s«al of the Philadelphia mint, ond the total weight of the consignment Is IB pounds-. Two of tha bogs contain (20,000 each and the third contain* 110.000. On halt of the coin* th* head of McKlnley I* engraved, and on tbe other iholf that of Jefferson. The fsoe value of the souvenir coin* 1* $1, but they will be sold at $3 each. Would Honor Waiblntton. Cleveland, O., Dec. 2S.-Durlng the recent unveiling of tho monument to Loul* Kossuth In this city a project was Informally started by representative Hungarian-Americans to erect a statue to Oeorge Washington In Hungary'* capital, Budtt Pi-sth, by popular subscriptions. MRS* GILLETT WEDS A Many Times Millionaire In Mew York Springfield, Ills.. Dec. 2J.-Coloncl Stephen Littler of this city received a telegram from New York announcing the marriage there at 6 o'clock Mwiday ever. Ing of William Jamison, multi-millionaire, mine owner and cuptullst of Greater New York, to Mrs. Mermter Olllett, widow of John J'. Olllett of Cornland, III*. The wedding was to have lakeit place »t Oruceland, Logan county. Ills., but owing to the Illness of Mr. Jamison, hl» physi cUn ordered him south, and arrangements were -hurriedly made for the wedding ceremony before tho groom left for ·the south. The telegrnm states that Mr. and Mr». Jamison have departed for Florida, and that they will also visit Havana, Cuba, before p-turnlng to iroike t«elr future, home In New York. A DAY OF BIG FIRES Jump fr«n Burning Candy Factory Two Killed and Many Hurt by Their Falls. Lives Lost in Blazes at Other Places. St. Joseph. Mo,. Deo. 23 -CtIM* ft MooC candy manufactory wm clcetrofe* by *e this morning; loo. 1100,000. fifty girls TOO PREVIOUS PRXNCB toeti Called Down tor Bta Ac- ·nmptloa. Berlin, IJec. 23.-Crown Prince Frederick Tlllam his become the venter of attack* by tho Liberal and RoclaJist press. The crown iirinco, sjmikhiK to laborers nt OIs recently, referred to the Soclultsls as « miserable clement. The newspaper* are advising hU highness to remain a student and' keep out of politics until lie lias reiched yc-irs of maturity. RIGHTS OF MONOPOLY And Combination Upheld by Wlssoarl Court. St. Louis. Mo., Dec. a-"CanUallstt have the right to combine capital In pro ductive enterpilses and by lawful com pitltlon drive Individual producers and small OIIPM out ot business. "l^uborcrs and artisans have a right to mm unions and fight this, competition il capitalists by lawful means." This statement of the right of comblnu tlon on the pait of capltul and l.ibor wai mr.ded down by Judge Uland In the cour: of appeals today In a decision In favor o JIIK pli 1C. \Vnlnh who Hf.ught an Injunc tlon l pi event members of the Manic 1'Iimiucrs' association from combining In to sell him supplies liecause was not a member. Judges Barclay utiil (loode ronc'iirred In the decision, By Tramps He Put Off Train. BloomltiRton. Ills., Dec. 23.--Slugged by hoboes and left for dead lying between the rails of the southbound track, th prey for the first southbound train, wa the experience of Brakeman Glove I. Coomer of the Alton at Lexington. HI unconscious body was discovered In TRYING TO BILK BLOUMINGTON Town Flooded With Letters Do- mandliiK Money. nioomln'gton.. Ills., 'Dec. 23,-Fully WK» letters have been received at the Bloom- Ington iHwtoffice during the iast three days from a New York collection agency. all containing the same Information. jnJ to Wie effect that the recipient of the letter had received u certain amount of Jewelry from a New York llrm, and that unless the num of fl.W was Immediately remitted HUH would be Instituted 1 , Many of the letters we're addressed to pers'ini dead or who had long since moved away, and the supposition I* the nes had been secured from an old directory or other ancient source. Post office inspectors have written I'ho postmaster here to nollfy the recipients of the letters to Ignore the threat, us/ttV scheme was Inaugurated by a blackmailer. It IB not believed that any one here forwarded the money as ordered. AT SPBINGFIELD, TOO. Springfield, Ills., Dec. 23.-- Postofflce Inspector Stuart of Chicago Is Investigating what Is alleged to be a blackmailing swindle through which a number of Springfield wom-jn have been vlctlmlud. In the last few days hundreds of women residing In Ms cliv have received letters from "The American State Law Collecting Agency," of \"«w York city, stating 'that t'he person ccelvlng the letter has received 1 a consignment of stick pins from the American Jewelry company, !Bi Broadway, Newi York «ity, and that 11,20 is due on the package; that the recipient has made affidavit that 1 the debt would 'be paid and luis ignored all re- prompt' remittance Is niad-e null will to recover. bo 50,000 GOLD DOLLARS Arrive in St. LoaU to Bo Bold M Souvenir* St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 23.--A shipment ol £0,000 gold souvenir dollars for the World's Fair arrived In t'h» ctty yesterday morning from the Philadelphia mint In the charge of t'he United 1 State* Express company, by way of the Baltimore and Southwestern railway. The colno were deposited In the large vault of the sub treasury In the federal building, and as to..n us word Is received from Washington fhat the bond filed by the exposition company to satisfactory to the tre ury ulepaitment they will to turned over fa J. C. Van Blareom, chairman of the coin* committee of the exposition., by the ·ub-treasury official*. The several banks and trust companies that have cteige of the *al« of MM It- Alton were at work when (he fire iMany of them jumped from out. and third story windows. Sophia Mintus and Mitttle Lsslle wen it»Hy Injured iind several otter* were ·lightly hurt. Bellatrc, O., Dec. 23.-Fire this morning destroyed the wholesale produce house of Boyd Co.. the new plant of the Enamel Brick and Tile company, the, warehouses of Stewoit A Good, a flour- Ing mill and four dwelling houses. Loss, tlOO.OOO. Cincinnati. Dec. 23 -Fire In a three- star)- flat In a block on Erie avenue In M )unt Auburn this morning Imperiled the live* of three families. Theodore Aylward, Ms wife and three children on the second Moor, were all severely burned, t w o probably fatally. The damage was small. { Bradford. Pa., Ucc. 23.--Fire early today destroyed he Odd Fellows' block. Lo«* I1W.OOO. While moving occupants a ladder broke, precipitating four firemen It the Moor. Thaddeus Green was killed and three others hurt. Beatrice, Neb.. Dec., 23.--The Moronic temple block burned this morning, lose IWB.OOO. The fire, which was of In- cendlHry origin, burned from 2 until 8. threatening t-urroundhig buildings, but they were saved without serious loss. ROOSEVELT 15 ASKED TO KEEP OUT American People Don't Want Him to Arbitrate. Deo. ».--Format proposals of a root Britain and Qermany that President Roosevc4t arbitral? the Veneiuelan dispute were not at hand when tho cabinet met, but It Is expected/ they will reach Washington within a day or two. Strong iwcssure from newnpaters and public men is being brought to bear uimn the president to decline the. Invitation to mlraculouH manner by Brakeman WU- I a « l «" arbitrator. tors of the rear end as the cabwjee I Senator ("ullom called at th» state d-- Hwung by. He leaped from the train end Iparttmni today with a bundle of tele- ufter dragging the prostrate form to one side, tried to restore consciousness, Fall- Ing, he awaited until another train came up arid then conveyed the victim to Lexington station where physician* of the company revived him. He wa* then brought home on train 86 and conveyed to his home at 914 West Moulton street where he Is lying In a serious condition, The assault Is one of the most dastardly that has been committed on the Alton in many years. Brakeman Coomer was head man for Conductor Curtis and left here for Chicago at 6 o'clock Bunday evening. A number of tramps boarded the train and were ordered off by the brakeman. They must have boarded the train further along toward (Tie rear and planned revenge. At Lexington the en- llnc stopped for water and the brakeman jumped off to cool a hotbox. He was about to board a car as the train started to pull out when he was assaulted. He knows nothing concerning the character of the attack nor who was responsible. His fellow employes arc'confident that it was the work of the hoboes mentioned. The alarm was given and the officers at Lexington kept a sharp lookout but the fellows escaped,. ' ' TO TORTURE DYING HAN ThataBtatomont Hay Bo Got from Him. Detroit, Mich., Dee. 23.-Wllllam P. Haskett, who was stabbed by his stepson, Forrest Wallace, last Thursday night. Is dying or paralysis. A charge of murder against Wallace will probably result. The wound, which was on the side of the head and neck, has affected the spinal cord, and Haskett has been unconscious most of the time since Saturday morn- Ing. An attempt will be made to get an ante-mortem statement from him before he dies. As a last desperate resort, If other attempts to revive him temporarily fall, his neck will be stretched by weight* to lessen the pressure on the spinal cord and bring back a flicker of consciousness. ltra«iK, all wiergftlc protests against em- barkallin of the president upon this arbitration sch«m« and all from men prominent In Illinois. Pending receipt of Invltntlons it Is MUod Po'aon With HI* Boer. Mat toon. Ills./ Dec. 23,-Jotm W. Hamilton mixed two teaspoonfuls of arsenic In a glass of beers and drank the liquid Sunday afternoon. Then he notified his friends wtatt he had done. An effort wa* made to counteract the potion, out It was of no avail. He suffered great ·· ony until Monday morning, when death came. Despondency and family troubles nr« the reason* given In a note written by ·him just befort hi* death. ARCHBISHOP TEMPLE Die* of Old A«e and Winchester fjny Bueaaafl HlsB. · London, Dec. S3,-Vbmt Rev. Frederick Tample, archbishop of Canterbury mid prlmwte of all Bngland, who has been 111 tor some time past, died this morning from old age. The Msbop of Winchester stated that the president decline* to commit himself as to his course. Divergence of opinion has arisen In the cabinet as to the desirability of the president'* acceptance of the post ot arbitrator, even If It should be Insisted on by the powers The fear I* expressed that some emtpr- rasslng contingency may arise In tlic course at arbitration that In the end might seriously Involve the United States. BRITISH COMMUNICATION. London, Dec. 2S.-An Important and lengthy communication dealing with the British view* at arbitration of the Venezuelan dispute was made for Foreign Secretary Lansdowne to United States Charge White this evening. It wu* transmitted Immediately to Washington by White. GIRL SET FREE Jury Decides DaUy Oarteton In Not Guilty. Bloomlngton, Ills., Dec. 21.--Dally Carleton wa* released today. The jury brought In a verdict of not guilty. POPE PRAYS For CbrUtlan Democracy to O»- poMSoctatUm. Rome, Dec. 21.--There wa* a plctureeque scene In the pope's private library at noon today when ull cardinal* Urine In Rome, arrayed In gorgcou* red robes, gathered* to present the pontiff wttlt Christmas greetings In replying ro the congratulatory address the pope pleaded tor the spread of "Christian, Democracy" on the linen preached by the church to oppose "seditious socialistic democracy which acknowledge* no god." THE WEATHER, Chicago. Dec. 23.--The weather Indications for Illinois for the next twenty-four hour* arc: Partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday, possibly snow Hurries north. WBATHER HAP. The weaHher map this morning shows only slight rains with temperatures moderate. In the extBeme north and northwest If IB cloudy, 4 below to 8 above; we«t and southwest cloudy, 22 to » above. The map Is not unfavorable for either condition or movement LOCAL OBSERVATIONS. Following is the range of temperature as recorded by Professor i. H. Coonradt, United States weather observer: 7s. m. · Noon B Highest Monday M Lowest Tuesday. , . *»*BjL*lt lEWSPAPERr iNEWSPAFERr

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