Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois on January 12, 1882 · Page 4
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Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1882
Page 4
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y , ; THtTHSDAT EVT _ YEAR AGO THE FIRST OF LAST OCTOBER, . ^·ory note when due, o.i application ot ,«legal holder thereof said LharKu F. Emery, nfieYirtibiWbing notice inree weeks in souie newspaper published IB the city of Deuuur. Macou county. Illinois, shall sell said, preini- ser and whereas. In consideration or pa)menu neretofore made upon said promissory DOU, all that t«rt or said pr. mlses noi berg iaa'ter described baa been released from eaH Sa^e°to t th| t pa"uet!t ortbtabove-mentJoo*} amount balance or said promissory note, end be legal bolder thereol, having madeuppll- 1 atlon to the undersigned to advertise and «?ll all of said premises not heretotore released Irom »ald .iced ..f trust. .Now, thc-re- 1m. aotlcauherobr given that Mfe undui^ £c6d, mall, on Wday. the 20th daj of Jimuaiy.A. S.1884« the boor of 14 o'clock noon. M tb» "wait outside door of iho Court House. In the elty of Decatur, county .-I MMOnand Stale of Illinois, uilvr for salt) to tk« bl«kest Udder, for cash In baud, the fol- l«VtaS farts ud parcels of the real eWatelB MttM*d of tmat deiertDed. lo-wit: Lot four (tlbetf ning three chains andnfiy-ibrecand one-half Unks cast of a sum« at the aorta- w««t corner of section thirty-four (M), tblp twenty (20),nonh, range two W east of the third principal meridian, on the easi bank of Ten Mile crt-ek to a stake at low water, thence aouib 48 deg 48 teoondu east with the Mrrey of the Clinton and WajnetvlUe road ·lent ehaln^ and seventy links ip a stake, thence south 58 deg. «.·«,·. cast four chuins and fourteen links to a stone, thence south 1 deff. 80 min. east four cbalns and forty-eight link* to a stake, thence south sixteen rbalns and forty-four and tbrce-fourtb8 links to a ·take, thence west ten chains ami five link* to a stake, thence north twenty-nine cbalns an-t two links to the place of beginning, containing twenty-areacres. Also beginning at a stouu seven chain-- and SI ly links west of ithe nortu- wvM oorner at said section thirts -ten*, thence nist eleven chains three nod one-naif links, tbenor south fony chains to the auutb line ot the i; .ribwest quarter of said aeclion thirty- four to a stake, thence vest eleven chains three nud one-bat lnks to a stake, tbence nor'b forty chains to the piece ot beginning, except fruui said last described tract the following: Uegi.iniDgai a stone on the south side uf the Wliitonnud Suringtteld road So roiinwest of the east line of the northeast quarter of section thlrti-uiree, township and range aforesaid, t hence north 83 degs. east twenty- four and nlneiynvo hundtedths ruda with said road, thence "ou.h seventy-seven und thirty- four hundredth** r. ls to the south line ol said last mentioned quarter section, thence west tweit-two and ntt one bundredths rods with said line, ihenue north sixty-five and seveuty- four hundreditH rods to the place of begin- nlng.and will Siake to the purchaser at such sale a-tfood and sufficient ueed of the promi- Tbe undenlgueJ is liilorraed and believes that Samuel Uunmire, SjivanuB ihurtleff, Paarhal H. Kill*, Jubu Btohop, Jacob Vogtl ·ad Clifton H. Miioru claim some interest in iutl-1 premises BUbJ'-et to 8!il-"l tU-ed ol trust, antitiitT) arc ben by notified tha all rlgbtor eqult they have in 9«1(l prcmtecs will lie foreclosed by sale tberejl HI tbo time ati'l place above mentioned. U H i U L l - . U h . K M E K Y , rtiislec. Dec. »l, 1881-daild TRUSTEES' SALE. WhrreoS, Henry W. MichcniT nncj HniiiuUi tlicheuer, on tho loth day of December, .871. made their certain deed ot trust, convey ing to Peddccord Burrows, trustees, the following described real estate, situate in thu county ot Macon and State of Illinois, to-wit: The east half of the northwest quarter of section se\ ecu-en, and the soutbeust quarter oi the southwest quarter of Bootion eight, all in township eighteen, north, range one east of the third principal meridian, to secure paj- ment 01 one promissory note of the said Henry W Michener, of even date therewith. for the sum ol tJ,t)00, puyable five years after date to the order of Anna M. Backutt, with interest at ten percent, per annum, p«uble ·eml annually, which deed of trust i recorded In the Kecorder's Office of Macon i n u n t ) , Illinois, In Book 39, Page 817 ; tbi't at the maturity of said note time ol pajment thereof was extended to December, i5th, 1861; And whereas, it Is provided in said ilceii of ii-ust that in case default shall be mude in iMi-roentof said -uin of money, or anv part thereof, when the; same becomes Juc and pa.\ able, on application of Anna M. Backus, or'thc legal holder ot said note--having first given twenty days' notice by publishing the same In a newspap* r printed in the county where the, premises are -Ituated--it shall be lawlul for nali! iirty of the second part lo ·ell said preir.l» ·" at public sale at such time and place ah cunl pi'rty of the second purt may appoint: acj.l .lu'ims said principal note Is past due ami wno l unpaid, nud upon which tturo ^Mll bi 'lu- Junuary iJth, i^. D. ItW, .h- «um »l l:i:«.oi, nn.i sniil Aiimi M. fluei r havniK ni.nli Hp|iue.itin t the undcr- signeil to iidvirfso a n i i a i l i s i i i i ] i.(tnui.9un- d e r t h e prnvUiiiiMt ».iiii in . il i-l !r,.bt. Now thirctoro, uoikw Is litrub) glvet Ibal wo, the undeiKignixl trustees,«hail, on I nuay ine 90th day f January. A. li. l-s2. at I n - b o m ol |£ o'clock ·!., «t tbe w, el uutMi doort.t ilie Ciuirt Hi-use, In the i lt ot lleftitur, cuiintj of M:icon iin.l S'l.te ot I l l n H u - ) , o!lti lor sale to the high st bioder, (or cash M luinil. tlie dbo\e dewriUd premises, ana upon malting nle thereof, win UIUKO to tbe pun-h.i er u go«l ..:id sufficient dcud tht roinr. lecem'er»Jtb, A. 1 181. JAtiPEK J. PUliniX'OUU. LOVVBEU BUHBOWa, Trustees. ^Sncommenced business. My sales for the last _JS: three months have been TWICE AS LAhGE as EnSrl'S for the corresponding months last year, whicn ^TOigKSj i fa£ encourages me to continue selling good """"HONEST GOODS DECATTB, ILL., JANUABY W, 1888. LIST OF LETTEES Remaining in the Post Office at Dec oon County, 111., for week ending Ja Mrs L Belew Miller A rs Beneon Miss Nellie Murphy Lench Beemer 8 A Barttey Mrs J Boughn Conard Sarah A CotteU W H Duncan B FulkMiss Minnie Fletcher Mrs M J CLOSE MARGINS, believing that such a course wUl greatly increase the volume of my trade and benefit me as well as my customers. In order to clearly demonstrate that I will sell you good Murphy Mrs Sadie B Maxwell Peters Franklin Porter Mrs Y E Parker Wm. H Rider Mary A Bussell Dan R SentelFB Shaw Liberty Good" Henry Smith Mrs Chas E Oreen Mrs W S Smith Mrs A Hurst Louisa Smook i M Horn L G Stover Geo K Hendzekiman M Z Stewart H B Holland Wm St John Mrs Kate Jones Frank Steel Luke Lee Johnson Henry Thomas E D Jewett M Thompson James Johnson T A Taylor K P Keating Joseph Taborn Mary A Kiley Edwurd Togman Miss Tillie Low Hattie Underwood H C Lutes Miss Louisa Wentworth A ,J Logan Nora White Geo H Lymau M D Weaver R E LudwickMisaMary R P. LYTLE, P. M. KXC1TBHKHT 131 BOCHEBTBB The Cammollon Can»ed by the Statement of a Physician. An unusual article from the Rochester, N. Y., Democrat and Chronicle, was re- publisheJ in this paper and was a subject of much conversation, both in professienal circle* and on tlie street. Apparently it caused eren more commo'.'on in Rochester, as the following from the same paper shows: Dr. .1. B. Henion, who is well known not only in Rochester but in nearly every part of Ami rica, sent un extended article to this BOOTS -- on -SHOES FOR LESS MONEY than you can buy them elsewhere, it will be necessary for you to call. » I shall be glad to see you at any time, and promising you the best of treatment and a GENUINE BARGAIN every time you favor me with your patronage, I remain, Very truly, yours, J. W. BAKER, 18 EAST MAIN STREET. Savings Fund OF DHCATUR. ItLIXOIB. It* organization duly authorized under the ·UtuU, and the constitutionality of tht iuw duly affirmed by the Supreme Court. Any one can become a Stockholder in tbe AMOoimion upon payment of SO OervtS Monthly, tho dues requireo btinsronly SO Over 2,000.000 Bottles Consumed Annually. FOR COUGHS, COLDS, SORE THROAT, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, PNEUMONIA, CONSUMPTION ana all Diseases of the THROAT, CHEST AND LUNGS. Has always been one of the most important weapons wielded by the MEDICAL FACULTY against the encroachments of _. -- _. ---- -- - --- COCOHS, COLDS, BBQNCHITJS, ASTHMA, SOHE THROAT, CONSUMPTION in its incipient and advanced stages, and all diseasee of the TH ItOAT. CHEST and LUNGS, but it has never been so » a TM nta S' J UBl y. cot »P""°?~ ?? *P the .-eletrnUHl TOLU, ROCK and HYE. In addition to its soothing Balsamic i properties, It af- turUi n (lltr.wlVM stimulant and tonic, to build up tha »yitem »ft»r the cough has been relierea. BALSAM OF TOLU NOW «BT REAL BARGAINS. Closing Out Bale at Einstein's Emporium of Fashion. The ladies of th« city and county will be pleased U learn that Mrs. Einstein has decided to close out her full stock of fashionable millinery jjoods and notions at greatly reduced prices for cash, to make room for new purchases which will soon arrive. Now is the time to get desirable goods nt actual eo*t. Tlie eutire stock must ba ckwed out within 15 days, and thosa who come flist will get the pick of the fine display. Everything has been marked down to bottom figure*. Hats trimmed at the lowest living terms. If you want real bargains in the millinery line make no delay, but call at once at MBS. EINSTEIN'S, No. 28 East Main street. Pec. 26--dwtt ^ Wise Dom Pedro. Dom Pedro, Emperor of Brazil, in contracting for an iron-clad for the Brazilian navy with a noted English firm, evidently bus in miud the fast and increasing number of failures of British-built vessels of all classes, and to prevent any fraud upon the Imperial treasury, has inserted in the specifications a series of penalties, which would reduce the cost of the ship in sums varying from £2,000 to £32,000, or one- sixth of the contract case she fails to come iip to the terms of the contract. This fact is one of the strongest arguments that could be made to show how unreliable the average, ship builders of Great Britain are in the production of modern vessels, and yet wo are constantly being told that we should buy British built ships because they are so cheap. Dom Pedro has bought British built ships before, and has been bndly "burned," and hedoes not propose to be imposed upon again, either in speed, material, economy of fuel or model. Jealouss. Borne poet bus said thi't "All torments of the damned we finfl in only ihce, Oli Jealousy, thy tyrant of the mind." This is grandly sweeping and magnificently inaccurate. Any suffeier from Indigestion knows tn the contrary. Indigestion, he villian ot the Irugeclv played among the gtibtric juices »t the stoniacb can, and docs double discount the horrors of jealousy. Jealousy is often an attendant upon the lulter, and when indigestion is removed this jaundiced companion nf a deranged liver flies. TAH*XINE is the best known remedy exlant for impaired paper, a few dins ago which was duly published, detailing his remarkable experience and rescue from what seemed to be certain death. It would be impossible to enumerate the |ier»onal enquiries which have been mide »t our office ai to the validity of the nniele, bin tbev have been so numerous lhit further investigation of th« subject was deemed im editorial necessity. With Uns end in view a lepreseiitative of this puper called on Dr. Henion, at his resi dcnce on St. Paul street, when the lollowing interv PW occurred: "That article ol yours, Doctor, has ore- alMl quite a whirlwind. Are tbe statements abi'iit the terrible condition you were in, and the way you were rescued such as you can sustain?" "Every one of them and many additional ones. Few people over get so near the crave as I did and then return, and I am not suprised that the public think it marvelous. Il was marvelous." "How in the world did you, a physician come to be brought so low?" "By neglecting the first and most simple symptoms. I did not think I was sick. It is true I hud frequent headaches; felt tired most of tlie time; could eat nothing one day and was ravenous the next; felt dull indefinite pains and my stomach was out of order, but I did not think it meant anything serious." to mv notice as having been cured by the same means." "You believe then that Bright's disease can be cured." "I know it can. I know it from the experience of hundreds of prominent persons who were given up to die by both their physicians and friends." "You speak of your own exDorience, what was il!" "A fearful ous. I hud foil languid and unfitted for business for yean. But I did not know what ailed me. When, however, I found it was kidney difficulty I thought there was little hope and so did tbe doctors. I have since learned that one of the physi- 'eians of this city pointed me out to a gentleman on tiiG street ouo day, saying: 'iherc goes a man who will be dead within a year.' I believe his words would have proven true if Hi-id not fortunately procured and used the remedy now known as Warner's Safe KMncy and Liver Cure." "And this caused y.u to manufacture it?" "No, it caused mo to investigate. 1 went to the principal cities with Dr. Craij, the Jisc rerer, and saw tbe physician* prescribing and usin- it nnd saw that Dr. Craig wa- unable with his Lieilitlos, to supply the me.licine to thousands w h o wanted it. I th;-ref»re determined, as a duU I owed to S T O C K - T A K I N G T .TH! T "But li»Te these common ailments anything to do with the fearful Brigbt's disease which took so firm a hold on you?" "Anything? Why, they are the sure indications of the first singes of that feaiful mnlady. The fact is, few people know or realize what ails them, and I am sorry to say that too few physicians do either." "That it a strange statement, Doctor." "But it is a true one. The medical profession have been treating symptoms instead of diseases far ears, and it is high time it ceased: We doctors have been clipping off the twigs when we should strike at the root. The symptoms I have just mentioned or any unusual action or irritation of the water channels indicate the approach of Bright's disease even more a cough announces the coming of sumption. We do not treat the cougb, hut try to help Ihe lungs. We should not waste our time trying to relieve the headache, stomach, pains about the body or than con- Put up in Quart Size Bottles for Family Use, Price, $1.00. r A TT r PTr\'ttr 1 Do not be .lecrMved by dealers who try to palm off upon you Hock and LAU IIUJN ! Hve In pla.-e of our TOLU, ROCK ANT) BYE, which is the ONLY MEDICATED article made-the ucnulne Ima a Private Die Proprietary Stamp on each bottle. THE TOLU. BOCK and KYE CO., Proprietors, 41 Btvar St., Chiongo, 111. SOL1 BY DBUGCHSTS, OBOOEKS AND DEALERS EVEBYWHEBB. Jnn. PRT GRAPE OANZEiSEN i ss*~ ore the I _ THE I K mtit ol * ier share, payable on orbetorotbe »»»i. TUESDAY E V E N I N G OF MONTH, at which time tbe total ami ·Itiea paid in is loaned on the stock of tlio bolder offering tbe hlgnrat premium, wlib approved real estate .security. It Is a system tat combines the SMALL SAVINGS OK MAN; INTO UNK XJ.A.R.Q.E; SUM. avallaM* for lucb Investment aa only nipitul ·an command, and bunco it la known u the Mutual or Corporative 8 stem of SAVING AND BORROWING! In otber words, a Banking System of the People, for the People, by the People. Copies ot the Charter and By-Laws can be Men at the Office of the Secretary and Treasurer. K. H. KOBY, President. C. A. KWISG, ViecPres't B. K. DUKFKK, Sec'y andTreas DraiOTORS-B. O. McKeyni'lcK C. A. Ew- tu. K. H. Roby, F. Kuny, J. W. Outman, J. K. Warren, K. Marwood. Peoatur. 111.. Dec. 8.1881. , SHOPPING IN CHICAGO Havtny larg» experience and facllltiae for advantageous buying, I offer my services to thoae at a distance who are in want of ihe better grades of goods not usually found in amaller places. As the Metropolis of the West, Chicago DOW offers in great assortment and Ane qualities of merchandise all the most fastidious "Shopper" could desire, and Jt.wlll be «a» pleioure to bring these facilities' within r*w£u. those who cannot attend in person, making at thu nme a specialty of Holiday Goods! In the hot* that my efforts to please will also aware the fir tljer patronage in their constant wants ol those 1 iaaf aerv». Special atteu-lun given to Dry-Goods In all departments, urtalns. Carpets, Furnishing Goods, Milluuo, Furniture, Jewelry, Silverware, Pictures ant! Pianos. To all who will name their wants as near aa may be by letter. Mating the nature of the nmouodlmn or use to which the article Till be put, with llmr.i IB to price, description* and price* will lw given that will enable my patrons to practically make their own selections. Send orders, or for circular to MISS HELEN LESTER, P. O. Box M8.' CHICAGO, ILL. Used In the principal Chu'chea for Commun-; ion purposes. ^ KXCKI.LMT F01I LADIKS »N» WEAKLI 1'ER-l SOS A(1 THK AUEO. d1;»'Btinn, deranged liver, and dlpcnses of the bowclfl and kidneys/ Dn A.J. STONEII, Agent fjulS'lwflra She Got It Free of Charge. Call at Stonor's drug store and get a sample bottle of Brown's Expectorant free of charge. It ctirea coughs, hoar ness, whooping cough, and consumption in its early stages. It is a scientific preparation, admirably adapted for tho euro of all throat and lung diseases. It is pleasant to take and ntirely harmless. Try it It costs you nothing. Regular ize bottles 50 cents and 81. For sale by otber symptoms, but go directly to tha kidneys, tho source of tho mo?t of these ailment 0 ." "Tins, then, is what you meant when you said that more than one half the deaths thnt oocur arise from Brifrhl's di.-oase, is it Doctor?" "Piooijely. Thousands of so-called disease? are torturing people to-day, when in i reality it is Blight's disease in some one of its many forms. It is a Hydra-headed monster, and the slightest symptoms should strike terror to every one who has them. I cfin look back and recall hundreds of deaths which physicians declared at the time were caused by paralysis, apoplexy, heart disease, pneumonia, malarial lever and other common complaints, which I see now wore caused by Bright's disease." "And did all thcso cases have simple simptoms at first?" "Every one of them, and might have been cured as I waa by tbe timely use of ·the same remedj--Warner's Safe Kidney humanity and the suffering, to bring it within their reach and now it is known i» every part of America, is sold in every drui; itore and has become a household necessity.' The reporter left Mr. Warner, much im pressed with the earnestness and siecerity , , g 18g o ol his statements nnd next paid a visit to ' ' · · Dr. S. A. Laltimore at his residence oi Prince street. Dr. Latiiinurp, although busily engaged upon some matters connected with tho State Board of Ileslth, of which he is one ol tho mialy.-ts, couitcotisly answered the questions \\vio P" poundcd him: "Did y u make a ihcmii"i\ atmlysi- of tbe case of Mr. H. U. Warner «ome three veurs ai^o, Doctor.'' "YeB, sir." "What did this analvM-, show y*uV" "Tho presence of albumen mid tube rusts in great abundance. 1 ' " \nd what did tbe symptom- indicate.'" "A serious disense of the k i d n e y s " "Did you third: Hint Mr. Warner could recover?" "No, sir. I did not t h i n k it po^iblo. It was seldom, indend that so pronounced case hud, up to that limp, PVT been cured " "Do you know tuij tliinir about llic remedy which cured him v " "Yes, I have chemically anahv.' d it, and upon critical e x a m i n a t i o n , iind it entirely free from anv poisonous or deliterious «ub- stanccs." We publish the fureijeirii: statements in view of the commotion which the publicity of Dr. Ilenion's article bus caused and to meet the protestations which have been made. T h o ' · l a n d i n g of Dr. Henion, Mr. Warner and Dr. Laltimore here is beyond question and tho statements they niukp can not be doubted lor n momunt. They TMn- clu.siv.ilv show that Bright's disease o' the kidneys is one of the most deceptive and dangerous, of all diseases, that il is exceedingly common, alarmingly increa-inc; mid that it can he cured. WARM WEATHER HAS MELTED PRICES, And now we shall sell Calicoes at 3 cte. a yard, {rood dark Calicoes at 4 cts., and Best Standard Prints at b cts., splendid Ginghams at 6i cts., good white Bed Blankets from $1.75 a pair up. Balance of CLOAKS and DOLMANS at LESS than COST of MATERIAL. Winter SHAWLS and L WOOLEN GOODS BELOW COST. We BUY and SELL all goods STRICTLY and ONLY for CASH and therefore CANNOT be UNDERSOLD We pledge ourselves to maintain our reputation' for outstripping all competitors in selling good goods cheap. OUR HELP has been increased so that you can rely upon receiving our prompt and careful attention. ALL are invited to examine Bargains we are closing out previous to stock-taking. Respectfully, POPULAR NEW YORK STORE. T I K N K Y MITCHKLL. ATTORNEY fiT LAW, DECATUU. ILLlSlU". TAKE A RIDE ji Special attention to Cimuiii'ri'.al Suits conducted in all stat, 1 court-. Office over Young liros. 1 iirocers Wiuer etn-et, formerly occupied Thornton. sicrc, hy Ju J." Hitorney and Counselor-sM ir ce «VIT the Iiecatur Natloiuu J u n k . . ,Hl all. .itioli tn in itti r? in l'rnb".n ml i .oil Uei'atiir. lih. S''Ut.184._i Ifyt A.f. WAt.T/., IDEISTTIST Jfflce i.ver Hart.ur y C,i'- .-shoe Mure, K, -I Male Sln-ct; U"hidoni i Nn ecatur. Illinois. 4U North \ stn '""'" ··'·"·"" J. I). W H K E L E K , M. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Special attention given to the d'H-n-i- women anil chlUlreu. ., Olliuo So. in Water street. Hcsidcncu No. ..4 West Main street, Decatur Illinois. j'l-i" No. 14 Kn«t Main street, up stair. ri,lllmols._ _ _ ^ -^"_ . 'UbblNri, Coal Oil at Your Door. Let every one who dislikes to go lo the store with the eonl oil can, remember that they can hr.vs coal oil, gasoline, lamp burners, wicks, chimneys, etc, left at their iloor any day in tbe week by Mr. Gaspanl Buziau. Mr. Buziau is woll known to most of our people as au honest, industrious old man, and by patronizing him they ·will not only assist him, but at the same time secure the best of oils, as cheap or cheaper than they can be purchased at the stores. Mr. Buziau has a cart littod ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW, -.. e No. 14 Kn«t , Illinois.^ \ 1 T 1 L L I A M '1. I ATTORNEY AT LAW. --AND-Solicitor in Chancery O!tK.' No. U) Waier ulri.ii, I x c a t u r , I'.l. ,')B"l'rivillc fuuils to loi" 'Mi l u i ' u ·" '·· · I i'li. iidi.Wtf _ up expressly for his bubiue.=s, and will make the rounds of tha city every day. Everything pertaining to lamps and oil and Liver Cure. I am getting my eyes constantly on hand. ltes«v*'« 7«» r ·rdtim thoroughly opened in this matter and think j until he calk upon you. . . . ., , - - .I.. f...... .,~,i T)w.'2ft-il'2w Attorneys ;I ;,i auutiir.isl winuT ol t*i" t I I 7 , , · I..- o.liue f n n n e i l i oCLilpi.'il \\ ^. i . i i- .v,., over W. L'. .Vrmstlo'ij.''b llrujr ni.iiv T iHlBHT T. S U M M H U ' , L ATTOKNEY AT LAW -- A XI) -- Dr. A. J. STOKER WEST SIDE OF THE OLD SQUARE - A NEW STOCK OF SMOKED AND CURED M I B 3 A T S , Hams, Si-ea.ii.fUst Baoori, JOriecJ B eef, a.t "WTaolesale and K.ete,il. SPEER'S FORT GRAPE WINE, FOUR YKABB OLD. T HIS CELEBRATKD NATIVE WINE Is made from the juice ot tbe Oporto Qnipt', raised In this country. Ita invaluable Tonic and Strtrtglhcniny Propertiet are unturpassad by any other Native Wine. Being tbe pure Juice of the Qrajpe, produced under Mr. Specr's own personal supervision, its purity and genuineness are guaranteed. -The youngeat child may partake of itayoner- ous Qualitlea. and the weakest uwaltu use it to advantage. It It particularly beneOdal to the aged and debilitated, and suited to the various ailments Uiat affect tbe weaker sex. It is in every respect Wim TO tut RELIED OH. FRESH MEATS Of al) kinds on hand. We kill only first-clae took Fcbl9'78dtfd. Oecatur School of Oratory --and-GYMNASIUM! DRAMATIC READING Irrali Its Branchee, Vocal aEil Piiysical 6ymastics, CAUSTHZBICB, ·ennoiia sod Orationn revised, Leotorea Writ- Mo, Dramai placed upon the Stage, and ·pedal attention liven to Bible and Shake- *oiaB Beadlnfa. MRS. M. L. CAIN, Principal. Second toot, ·ottalweat comer West Main ·met and Old Square-side entrance. Boataeia houn from 2 to 6 p. m., Mondays and Hataidaya. Decl3d3mo JP. J. The P. 3. 8BKRBY K a wine of Superior Character, and partakes of tbe rich qualities ot tbe grape fcom wbicb it is made. Fur Purity, Richness. risvor and Medicinal Properties, It will be found unexcelled. SPESR'S I*. J. This BRANDY atanua unrivalled in tbi Country, being far superior for medicinal pur- purposes. IT 18 A PUBE distillation from tbe grape, and contains valuable medicinal properties. M has a delicate navor, similar to that of the grapes, from wbicb It Is distilled, and is in great favor among flnt-clau f amilieo. See that the signature of ALFRED SPBEH Paasalc, N. J., la over tha cork of each bottle Sold by W. C. Armstrong, And by Druggist* Everywhere, AW. 31 J88l-dlF . ri.Giikc* ui'. L. BCKiiowE. WH. u. aovr BANKING HOUSE PEDOECOHD, BURROWS CO. HONE! TO LOAH IN VABIOl'S StJMS ON THE Most Favorable Terms, Secured by Mortgage on Heal Estate. We ieep a supply of GOVERNMENT BONDS! n hand at all times, which we will sell at tbt LOWEST MARKET RATES. -J*~ A * eoeral Banking Business transacted but no Cnterwi ootd on dcixwrtu. JOHN C. Unaa^tsaan Mc» with H . W . Hill * -j erofWest i.jr.IU. P:O. Bept.«-(UHrtf EXECUTOIVS NOTICE. Estate of WILLIAM CANTBELL, Deceased - to present the same for adjudication and settlement at a jispUarterm ot tbsvConntj Court of Maaon couoty. to be bidden at tbe Court Mouse, in the " or Oeoatnr. on tbe second Monday of nary, A. D. 1SSJ, being tbe am dar of said term. DaCUTUB, UL. Dee. M, A. D. 1881. MICHABLEL80N, Executor. Tke Wonder of the NlMtentk CeBUiT ·« only Sypollttic Spedflc known, cartne aa Wono . . WM. R. 4T W. HOOPIB, contractors. Atlanta,Qa.. say "One of our workmen was cured of a case of SyphiUs ot five years' standing with 8. S. S " "Sold several gross at retail, suereas attending every saie." Ask tbe drn SWIFT S . tlst or write for tbe lit He book IFIC CO.. Pro-'s. Atlanta, Qa. ts every wnere. Price reduced Sold by druggists every wnere. Price reduce te»l Tt per bottle. Small sire price tl.OO. 6 July8dwCm 826,50 to New Orleans and Return. The official announcement is made that lie Illinois Central Company will ran n l a m helping otheis to tee the facts and their possible danger nKo. Why, there are no end of t.tiths beamier on the subject. If you want to know more about it go and see Mr. Warner himself. He was sick the same aa I, and is the healthiest man in R Chester to-day. He has made a study of this subject and 0:111 gii'fl you more facts than I can. Go, too, und see Dr. Lattimoro thechomwt, at tho University. If you want facts there are any quantity of them showing the alarming increase of Brigbt's disease, its simple and deceptive sjmpton s, nnd that there if but ore way by which it can be escaped.'' Fully satisfied of the truth and force of the Doctor's words, the reporter bade ,'iim good day and called on Mr. Warner at his Special Excursion train over their road I esl(lblisl " lment on Eichange street. At first rom Decatur to New Orleans, points in iloridn, San Antonio, Austin and Southwestern Texas, on Thursday, Jan. 12th, 882, Attached to the train will be a leeping car for the accommodation of )ecatur and Macon county people. The rain will leave Decatur on Jan. 12th, at o'clock in tbe evening. Fare for the ound trip to New Orleans, 825.50; to Faeksonville, Florida, and return, $45.-?or further information call on the Deca- ur agent at the Illinois Central office. Dec. 16--dfcwtd _ The Monument Fund. Subscriptions of on3 dollar to the Garield Monument Fund will be received at he banking houses of Peddeeord, Burrows Co., J. Millikin Co., Decatur National Bank, and H. P. Lytle, Postmaster. J. J. PEDDECORD, Authorized Agent for Macon county. Dec. 28-dtf · For Sale. Kesidenee property in good condition near the Mound. Inquire at th« EEpns- MOAK Job Booms of Dec. 8--dtf JOHN W. LTON. USED for dyspepsia, indigestion, weak stomach, liver troubles, jaundice, constipation, c. Carter's Liver Bitters show improvement almost from the first dose. 3 St. Louis Beer. Anthony . Kuhn's celebrated St Louis Lager Beer delivered to any part of tha city in large or small kegs, by J. 8. CAMPBBii, Agent. July SOdtf Suitable, Serviceable, Sensible Holiday goods, at Wingate'i Deoatur Lamp Store, Central Block. yft WANT yonr custom, and think we can offer you inducements if you will come and gee us, which will be sufficient to satisfy you that our store is the beat place in town to' trade. Bargains are to be had every day this winter. dwtf JBABBBR BAKEB, SHEMiABABGEB's Patent ProoeBS Flour retains all the nourishment contained in the wheat None of it* virtues are wasted. Try it DeolS-dtwtf OVHBOOATB reduced to leas than coat of manufacture at Cheap Charley'*. Jin. 12--dwtf Mr. Warner was inclined to be reticent, hut learning that the Information desired was about the alarming increase of Bright's disease, his manner changed instantly and he spoke very can.estlj: "It is true that Bright'a disease has increased wonderfully, and we find by reliable statistics, that in tbe past ten years its growth has been 250 per cent. Look at the prominent men it ha* carried off: Everett, Sumner, Chase, Wilson, Carpenter, Bishop Haven anil others. This is terrible and shows a greater growth than that of any other known complaint. It must be plain to every one that something must be dono t j check this increase or there is no knowing where it may end." "Do you think many people are afflicted with it to-day who do not reb.ize it, Mr. Warner?" "Hundreds of thou-anJi. I have a striking «xsmple of the truth of this which has just come to my notice. A prominent pr«- frasor in a New Orleans medical college was lecturing before bis clan on the subject of Brisht's di-'casc. He lw\ various fluids under microwopic unaly-i« and was showing the students what tbe indirstions of this terrible malady were. In order to .draw tbe contrast between boalthy and unhealthy fluids he had provided a vial the contents of which were drawn from his own person. 'And now, gentlemen,' be said, 'as we have seen the unhealthy indications, I will show you how it appears in a state of perfect health,' and he submitted bis own fluid to the usual test. As he watched the remits his countenance suddenly changed--his color and tommsnd both left him, and in a trembling voice he said: 'Gentlemen I have made a painful discovery; I have Bright's disease of the kidney?,'and in le«s than a year he was dead," "You believe then that it has no symptoms nnd is frequently unknown even by the person who is afflicted with it." "It has no symptoms of its own and very often nene at all. Usually no two persons have the same symptoms,' and frequently death is the first symptom. The slightest indications of any kidney difficulty should be enough to strike terror to any one. I know what I am talking about for I have been through all the stages of the kidne/ disease." "You know of Dr. Henion's caseP' '·Yes, 1 hayr both read and heard of it" "II is very wonderful is it nott" "A yery prominent case but no more u than a great many others that have come Dec28-d2w ^ IF jou have tender feet andwaut a pair of boots or shoos made to measure, tfo to J. W. Baker's. Perfact fits guaranteed. DeclOdwtt CANNOT be excelled in Quality, Style, Price or Fit--OnnAPCHARM:Y'U Clothing. | "'"·"'" Dec. 8-dwtf '|-"!" WE BIT for cash, buy cheap, sell on low margins, try to get the best made nnd most durable goods that we can find: try * ; to please our customers, never make any ' 1) misrepresentations knowingly, always willing to correct mistakes, want your trade. Come and see us; we are always glad to see old friends and make new ones BAKBEE BAKED. diwtf CHEAP CHAELBY manufacture line clothing expressly for retail trade, there- 1 by saving the jobber's profit for his orm- tomera. IP you want mill feed, oorn or oats, you oan be supplied at Shsllabarger's. Dec. 18--dwtf (jl'riCK--On South Water street, Ibl i!m i.mth ,f thcCo.irt HUUSI-, w i l h Iru H. V r t l I l l - t l l ' P ul till- 1'OllCr. J l l l y l i l U V U l } M^ I'rotnl)t uttuittai eLl'i'Ji!-TM!---" ln ^_ ·\/f~ WOODHUKN J E N K J "SO'LICITGR OF DOMESTIC A N D 1'OIIEIGN. W i l l fondui't all |rowi'ilinir'lnliit"rl''ri'ni. or InliiniriMin.'!!!. or any other UUKiiH .- cut nci ti.l w i t l i putoillH. . , ,, fcifr" Dllk'i' at rciiilrafu, Nu. ·», N u r t i i e» tun street, Di-i'.itu. H I . . I n l y :ill. 13'l jiVlL, \y C. Jull.Mi. ATTOKNEY-AT-LAW Office MKastHttliimn-ct.Di-aitur. HI. Six'dal attention to Ui II busluocs. March 17. 1-81 -tl OVEIt THE A N D i'Of DISCOVER \Vliv itls termed the popular PASSENGER LINE OF AMT5HICA. UUU.VT VIne-t Pats exteildeo Till OF HOAD ipacblim m lllcnioH olreel manner 1,11 , 1 llli ' '1HE \Mi-T.runnt' ^ tin- Ktjuluineiil Hint llio 'not! t'ai hteui on tbe ' onn THROUGH TICKETS To "H And li.i t) i^.- J£tiat t HVs(, A'ortfi vr kviith, Utict'kfd trum btartlng Pulut to ix o' Trains at Dccatur Station: %d£Lln Liine. OOING EAST. .. i., i I . P - U X ' I Uxjiress 7:U5a.m · ; .Ui;t:il.c Exuri'^.^ . 1- I* lu. ' 2, l . i f . t i l l i l n y hxpic^H ID.Ml), m · ... jii iiu'tit Aix-uiiiiiHj iitliuti. T.lAJp. m ^llic lolloivlnf; freight trains will carrf isv II^LIS with tickets: No. 't, Fn«t i i G O I N G WE6T. i M - t i l ...... · · · r HJ.M Kxprcsi ...... l.iumx- irt'ljfht traluii will ' l i i t l - k e i ? : · · t . I.. X I'. . Hi:'2n a. m . 7.15V. m 4:ii* a m . 4 : » a . m , 0;u it m .! :iu p. m 7:% p. IB c..m pae- 1 :* r ; p m 11;Hu p. m Dlivsion. IIMI'J. Ma 10th, lf-^1, tnllni "U "lie Cine. W" I H M h u m ol I f ) l)j wuj ol lieuient: OIMi KA^T. 'J I.xprebS ti Express i Mail l^.u. Ul 7:15». m Office u n i t i m - , ' i nuuk. Ofllce over I'e.llo- l)ccatur,Jlllnoli- 'ATTORNEY-Ai-i-A/*, ioi'over ilildvtir.unirs 'T \ti hi' · Attorney- Anil Master In C)miicer f i n Mi-m.u co Illinois, ijlluwovcr Lliin.V.N.'iUKi!- 1 drj I store, entrance f i o m c - o J i i iniu"n s;.ii. m Jun. Ill 187»-di»ly A¥OPULAB TONIC For f eai Legs aDd Consiiiitioii, An^ic^Sllrrofthe'S^^u'ro'or CmighP ttB», Sore Throat. Debilitated Constitution, Weakness of ihe Lungs or Consumption in tho incipient or advanced stiitrr« of the disease, has ever met with the In.lorsements of Dhvslcians or patients a- the celebrated "Tolu, Itock and Rye." The repeated and continued gales of the article evci y where are the best evidence of its real merits. Letters and testimonials from e\cry quarter of the lountry, attesting the FtlmulatInK, tonic and ncalinif effects, are in possession of the proprietor!!, and can he adduced to eumincc thu inont nkeptical reader of lt« Intrinsic virtues. Further commendation I? iinneceiiury am] superfluous, as R trial of thn urticle, having a pleasant taste and agree ulile flavor, will mtisfy nil those who are ufliirli-d or pining away with pulmonary weakm 1 - 1 . ui Uie n lief to be eccur- the u-c of Tolu. lioi k mid lly. I T A H V E Y I'ASCO. Attorney at Law, Solicitor In Chancery autl Notary Pnnllc. Dec-da, Mort(rau"3, W i l l n , ( · utr I.TS i'.rt al kin-Is of Leifdl In-trunu-nt- TMr.-l\i!l written .mi Acknowk-clKiiii'Mti- take u ini'i AIMracU 'xumined. Attention ^ r . n t.i 'T .oat. 1 bu*I- 101, War Claims, a m i . ill !··.·" r'-.iri-iiw miner he Sta'.e insolvent lav. ' , ! · i HOL- M..I c m all parts of the Unit' ' I H t a l i - . ll!llfi..ner «jih- ur'BShoehfore, E.t-t M 'U t n - : i , '· - i . ' u r . l l l . Jfflce open from 7 A. M. KI * ''. H. .il-n ullice at So. 42 Wost Wood -tri i'l. i.|rp h to 11) M. JL ie7Wiwtf eii by th Time".! (Chicago .KmlMSmo DR. J. B. MARCHI8I! OTICA. N.Y., Discoverer of DH.24AECHISr3 UTEBEJE CATHOLICON; A POMTITE (OBE FOR FEMALE COMPUWT8. Thla remedy will act in harmony with tha Female system at all times, and abo Inmediitely opon the abdominal and utenna masclci, aad rtt- Btore them to a healthy and strong condition. Dr. Uarchiil's Uterine Catholicon will core falling at the womb, Lucorrbosi, Chronic Inflammation and TJlccration of tbe Womb, Incidental Hemorrhage 01 Flooding, Painful, Suppressed and Irregular MeMtruation, Kidney ComplMnt, and Is eroecUBT adapted to the Change of Lile. Send for pamphlet W." All letter, of Inquiry . Pricil.»Diperbottl.. B* sore and a«t for Dr. Marchif i'l Uterine Catholicon. Take no other. For sale by Henry Smith and Dr. A. J. St»n er, druggists. Decatur, Illinois. Oot2T-d«owwly _ per day at borne. ._ worth 85 free, 'nrtlamd, Ataino. Sampli Address 8iu (TebftUnr Executor's Notice. glATB OF Il.LISOia. I .. Mncon County, s In the County Court tn J,inuuni 'Irua, Itf'.. In the mattnr ot tlie ostnUi ot GhOKOE DiLi.IXfl, Uuceufce J : To u!I idiom U man Conwrr.: NOTICE is HEBKBY Giviix, That on .lamiary 16th. 1883, A. W. Kirkpatrick aniljohn L. Runs, executors, will flic.' a flnal report and a petition 1n said cause lu said court abkinfr that said estate be adjudged eettled, aud thut said «xe tors be discharged. . JOHN L. KVXS, Eraculori. G. I. ll«D«XiL. Atf j. P»c. Jn the District Court of the United States fur tlte Southern District of Illinoit. In Bankruptcy, No. 1,110. In the matter of Harvey Pfteco, bankrupt. Notice Is hereby given that a petition na» been flled In eaiil court by Harvey Pasco. late of Macon. In the county of Macon. In said district duly declared bankrupt under the act of ContrreB-i of March 3d. 1^7, atnl the amend- mentt thereto, for a dlschanfe and cert,nc«tc Su I 1 -, di 11 IL. il.i " ;4, tt A U H l V t niOM CHICAGO. \ i . (7, Bt. I.' Jls Express ........... a:t.")tt.lll '· 4 o , M . I.ouia Mall ............ 8:H6 p. ui 11 41, Tiii'iu/li hxpresn .......... 7 : l p . R i t ; ',. Division. GO1NO V, KhT. \ ) . - ) ( . M I. iui^l^xpre'^4 ... .. :;:V o. in " 4 . F.e-' '.me, ... ...... 0:U».ni " 41. Il i .ituriind at. Louis Aeiun. u::t a m 11 1.,, l . i - t Iail .................. :-.y\. m A K I U V E FROM ST. LOUlr. . , 4 ^ , 1'nie.uito I'lMliea- ........... 12:16 » . m " 44, A t l a n t i c tipret-* ............. 11L5 a. ui " , '. i.oill'i ulldbeeattir Accom., W.l'i p. in " 4i, Lii/t.tliliigExpre-'-- ......... lU.Up. m 'Ihe lullov.'ini! Irelnht t i l i n g w l l l e a r r j pn»- vngeri, ^.itli tickets «jn tin; t. i.'iui* OIMBIOII: f,- iinir Weal .................... !:.'Kla. Ul Ainv'e I n , m West ................ i.l)i,p. m Ciia-napalgn. Division. An n c Irom Ka^t ................... IU:4( a. ro Leave 1 01 (.li.iinp.tiKU ............. _ ·JUll) |i. ra For Maps, Time. Tables, or any information .ill ulj or ail'iie^a C. l i A L L i , H. C. TOWNMiNI). (Je.i. MuniitfLr, Gen. i'aas. Aircot, hT. LOUIS, (jr K. HAIIWUUII. Ticket Aj?ent. Deetitur. Decatur Evansville R'v lake this Line for Burlington. Counoll BlulBS. Omaha, lialesburg, Davenport, Book Island, rLaSalle, Chicauo, St. Paul. oeaiolis.aud all pointu iJorth and Northwest. Connections made at Peoria in (Jniou Depot, for all point* in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and Wiaconain. G O I K U KAKT. f J O I N O WEST. !·,,.,,,., 7 '« a . m :( m p. m i/,.| ? !]t " U w a. m i 1 . L. llRADBL'KV.Oen'l Manayer. W f. NICHOLS. Ticket Ajrent. C. L. HuVEY. FrcUyht Agent. Di.'iui.r l.i.^Jan^l. w^__ _ ILLINOIS CENTRAL R. R. ;UEOATCHST1TI()».J»I1. 1, IIS!. U n t i l i i i r t h t r notice, trains oo thii line »UI cave l)i":uur as follow?: Prelght. H. CUBA. Attorney for PeoMoner. Dated at Spnngileld, January 1th. Ibfti. Jan. 5-diw ILLINOIS MIDLAND R'Y. On and alter Sunday, Dec. 4to, 1*»1, trains will arrive and leave s follows: OOISO SOBTHIiBT. Mail and Express 11:25 a. m. Way Froieht S.toa. m. Through;Frui«bt S;00 p. m. GOING KOETHWmST. Mail and Express 12:30 p. m. Way Freight, IriSa-m. Throngb Frelgbt »:00p.m. ·B«. B. SPntiBK, Agmt. NlghtElpre«,No.3 ThrouS ; F?htaniimUed'trainNo:9,'e 15a! m' ^ H s. MOUSE, Superintendent. O. T. NCTTER, Traffic Manairer. Dccatur. III., April IT, 18*1 PRANK W. HAINES BILL POSTER DISTRIBUTOR. VOL. J, H OOINtl SOUTH. Accomrai'Utlon 10:10 a m !*?$£?''''.'.'... '.'....'.'. ".'.'.'.'.'.'.".".'..'.'.10:10am L T.jKrtt.BT, Sup't, Chicago, j F TLTKEK, Master Transportation, CUcego. \v B.NICHOLS, Ticket Acent. ;C. L. HOVEY, Frclsrht AR't, D«oatur Decatir and KAItWAY COMPANY. T K k c t l i i s f o r t h c East and all points North anil S i u t l i ' n th. Chiest'O i Paducah IUIl»»r. llllnii.f i.'ontriil (Chlcjxo Division^, Purifi anil iberaf "fr'om ali'hls 'debts"' aid"'othir ctai.TM , 4 S.' U 1 ^. '^.^ wnncciir" ·"ternS'mad^a't'ali movable under said act, and the Tth day of Junction .itat.ons, and tt.mugh ticket* oo «ak- February, A. D. 1882, at eleven o'clock A. M., I t tin.- ticket office. Decatur, 111. is a=siimed for the hearing of the same by the said" court, at the United States Court lioorn in the city of Springfield, when and where all irrditore of eald Bankrupt, and all other per- CONDENSED TIME-CARD. LEAVE DECATCR OOIHO EMW. ro'ns'inTntereTfiMrnttcid" and show cauw I Mall and Express No.2 1* W p . m ^nytSytav^ytheprayerof iald petl- j **tlBxjpwj,, No. 4 " w t m tlon should not be ^·"^ ON - VEKSE , aark ySjln'd si yc k f rklri NoV 10.V.V.V 5 W p. m. ARRIVE FROM INDIAKAPOLIS. Mail and Day Kxprws No. 1 8 Mp. m. AGENT SMITH'S OPERA BOUSE, maybe found on Inquiry«t the BITOM.KU*. Coonttnir B**m. An Full W , FULI KK I-, . n 1tv '.I 8 n,' I MtrM alin'i IB] BRI! SI B( AT hi,, \.,,o V , P l j.KRCflivEscc.m

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