Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 4, 1890 · Page 3
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Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1890
Page 3
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Ulico% ffijonsiitnitott.' OFFICIAL FAFEB OF THE CITY Advertising Rates .ls ; --Five cents p«r l i n e per issue for two insertions or less, in the Daily. s. four i n s e r t i o n s "vvitliout change, in the Daily, Four cents per Hue ouch issue. .i inserted c u e week in the Uailv. T v o t i t cliriage, T w o Cents p e r litie per issue, .;??··"Locals inset-let! in tbe Daily six l i m e s a u d Scixii-\\'eeklv once at, F i f t e e n Ctmi.s per H u e for the seven insertions. J3=LocalK in Semi.WetUly, Five Cents per 11 no each i n s e r t i o n . 53r~No Lceal inserted one t i m e in i'HL-r L»Rily or Serai-\Veeltly Icrlcss t h a n -5c. S35""A1I Locals ordered inserted " u n t i l for- bidden'' w i l l be charged for u n t i l ordered ciiscoiitinnod. Special rates on local Ji;;d d i s p l a y advertisements made on application. Tlio St. Lnms Exposition is on. Col. J. T. Johnston has returned from St. Joe. This is regular meeting night for ·the council. I T. Evans got in another fine piano Wednesday. Go and see it, Be sure and go to tbe Opera House tonight. Seats free to everybody, Mrs. J. A. -Lile is the vocal soloist to-night. Good music and singing at tbe City Hall to-night. - " dl A GREAT ATTRACTION- ''Combination'Vthe Great Horse To Be Here- Wf; D fc to THURSDAY, SEP. LITTLE CONS. Have you read the returns from Vermont and Arkansas? Dr. Riding, of Meadvilfe. was here Wednesday on professional business. Sir. Reeee, marshal of the cily of Mendville, was here Wednesday. Squire Joe. Uncle Ben Uox and litive returned from St. Fine men's suits at Carpenter ·Starkcy's, the Low Priced Clothiers. S. A. Stone received four more of those Newman organs Wednesday. Trade with. Carpenter - Starkey, the Low Priced Clothiers. We bope and think t h a t Avaion will return the compliment when our fair opens. Mr. W. J. SowaU, of the Carthage Daily Press, is in the city, guest of Col. A. M. Shelton. Joe Mcriiraan, of St. Joe, is hero to-day with his friends and accjuaint- -anccs. Win. Scruby, Thos. Kemp and ·John Cunningham were among the Avalon fair visitors to-dsv. Mr. J. H. Robins has returned and resumed his duties ss foreman of the Chiliicothe pianmg mill. Judge James Gows;iU, of CowgiU, Mo., stock agent of the Milwaukee, J3 in the city to-day on business. Julius Wallbrunn, Is at Cooper, Scott Miller, Mike Gilbert, Heory Drain, Sam and Earnest Glore are all in Avalon to-day attending the fair. Chillicothe will not leave the Milwaukee unt'l after the Milwaukee leayes Chillicothe. Chillicothe is here to stay. W. E. Gunbj and wife Avalon to-day to the fair. Kev. J. T. Williams will occupy his pulpitI'ss-'usnai, as he has decidec not to he absi.-nt. Free! Conger and wife went, to Avalon to-day to see the sights at theit fair. in the city livery barns ^ere to-day attending the fair at Avnlon. E. Tracy, a cclored man from Mendville, was taken u p last night, aad Mr. W y n n e gave him Sve days on the rock pile for bfcic£ a vagrant. Aaroo and Ed. Price, John Yonng aud Gc-o. Frazier liavp returned from Jatnesport, and report a glorious time. Mike Giichrist left this rooming for a trip to St. Louis in the interest of the insurance company he represents. Dan. Shinn, Esq., one of the oldest traveling men on th« I'oar), with headquarters at St. Joe, is here talking business to his customers. There is no money in the Indiana Republican state treasury with which to pay the governor's salary. Dudley should issue some "blocks of five." The pigs advertised as "lost," in Wednesday's CONSTITUTION, have been found. Moral: Advertise in the INSTITUTION. Constable "Reed shot a dog that was reported to be mad at the Provolt barn last evening. -- Cameron Vindi- Wonder what that dog was mad at Provolt's barn for! Mrs. Clark Wells, of Waco, Texas; accompanied by her daughter, Miss ggie, who has been attending school at Ft. Worth, bave returned o Chillicothe, See the removal adv. ter Starkey, the low iers. ?! of Carpc-u-- jrk'fid cloth- n 4 dwtf F. H. Hoppe and family filled up their baskets ooornina; and attend Ibe fair there to-day. with provisions this started for Avalon - to If every around turned out as meny people to the Avalon fair to-day as Chillicothe, the crowd is surely large. The delay of iron for the Browning House corner is causing seme trouble. Mr. Hanry is getting out of sorts, ss he is very anxious to complete his building. Although Dr. J. B. Woriey's birth day has passed by, he is still receiving presents, the last being a fine gold headed caue, and the Doc now walks as proudly as a king, Aady Munro and Mrs. Betlie Williams, both colored, will be married this evening in the ''highest style of the art." Andy has not sent out invitations, but he wants his friends to be present. Persons who have been attending fairs at ether places return with the good news that a great crowd from · ash place will attend our fair. Whem they come they will be well trested, and will see the best fair of the year. Speaking of a recent entertain^ merit given under the auspices of the ladies of the M. E. Church. South, at Richmond, the Conservator says : "Miss Anna Golden is a success as a reader, and her description of u country dance was received with many tour.ds of applause." liiss Golden leaches elocution in our Normal this year, and Prof. Moore is The young folks had a pleasant gathering Wednesday night at the esidence of E. W. Reynolds, in honor of Miss Horteuse Lingo, of Dstlas Texas. Those present were Blisses Noda Hyde, Kitty Leaver, Bessie Tait, Ellen Grace, Frankie Norvjle, AHie Dawson, Kortense Lingo, and Messrs. Cam Sims, Harry Fowler, Mort Barney, Jack Newland, Bruce Dixon, Dick and Frank Kej'nolds, and Julius Kase. A telegram was received here this morning from the officials at Dawn, stating that the postoffiue had bata robbed and the safe blown open, and that the officials here were oouQvd that it would be best to look out !'or suspicious characters. LATER -- We learn that two sus picicus looking characters were louf- ing a r o u n d there all day Wednesday, ami they are missing now. J. J Jamas, the postmaster, says they got §300 of Uncle Ssru's money, but fortunately the stamps were not in the sofc. Henry Bushuell's s:'.fe wns also drilled, but not blown open. Information has just been received to the effect that Messrs. Harris Harris will be here during the fair with their Cue horse, "Combination,' and will give two exhibitions. This horse on trial speed made a record of 2 :19 1 iJ, and it is t h o u g h t he can beat that. This feature alone will be a drawing card for the fair, and all lovers of fast horses will not- fail to come. c- Besidos this horse, the firm of Harris Harris will bring their entire herd. E . H. Lingo and wife, of Denison, Texas, are here visiting · the Messrs. Platter Bros, for a few days. "Filley'a Independents" is the name that will come pretty close to knocking the "bull's eye." ''The Size of It," A man who hasn't moral courage enough to scratch ft ticket hasn't the judgment to be a good American citizen.--Cameron Vindicator (Hep.) The ouiy success that Republican ever enjoyed was by getting; there by "a scratch." Miss Leona Zimmerman and her tv,-n little brothers,- of Ossawato- uiie, Kansas, are here v i s i t i n g their grandparents, Mi', and Mrs. Graves. Fin. W i l l i a m s is in Avalon To d a y attending the fair and d i s t r i b u t i n g catalogues for tbe Cliillicotne Fair, which takes place Sept. 30, and Oct. 1; 2, 3 and 4. The real estate market does not seem to bo depressed at the office of Mr. Oscar L. Smith. Our reporter happened in to-day in time to see the deed pass from Mrs. Col. Taylor to Mr. A. H. Shoru, conveying two lots near the Normal Institute building, for S300. s4dwlt THE VEKMOflT ELECTION Reports From 135 Towns Show a rSig Falling Off in the Republican Vote. WHITE RIYEK JUNCTION, Vt,, Sept. 3.--One hundred and -thirty-five towns in the State give Page )Reo.) 22,343 for Governor,Brigham (Dem) 13,262, Allen (Pro.) 692 ; for Lieut. Gov., Woodbury, 29. In these towns the Republican vote has fallen off 9,896, the Democratic vote has gained 441 and the Prohibition vole has fallen off. Thirty-seven Democratic Assemblymen have been elected in 135 towns heard from, and two farmers' League candidates.--Special to Star- Sayings (Rep.) "40 Acres and a Mule-" It would be a great accommodation if 50.000 or more old moss backs in Missouri would die or get out of the state. They sit like squatter Indians iipon territory which, if they were off, it would be very valuable. They retard progress and chill the ardent blood of ambitious young men and women,--Cameron Vindicator, (Rep.) You must be one of that ' '40- acres-and-a-uiule" people who were oing to supplant the owners of · the soil in, democratic states when the ·vii\" was over. If you are not content witb your printing mill, trade it 'or a aor^'huii} mill anrl griad out an honest living. "^ GLENN DRAKE, Teacher of Violin and Guitar. 321 S. LOCUST STHEEr After September 2d at the Normal School. dsnglB 1m Apples Wanted- I want 50,000 barrels of merchantable apples. People of Livingston and adjoining counties will find me at my packing house, opposite Platters' livery stable, on South Locust street, ready to receive apples, after August 1st, when I intend to pay the highest market price. P. S. --Farmers will do well to see me br.fore conti acting. 29il5twtf S. CHANDLER. Wilson Bros, are still in the livery business w i t h it fine lino of rigs ana go'ir! horses. They wish to especially call Liic: ladi-3' attention to the fact that they h a v e gentle family horses, whoLii n u y larly can drive with safety. dtf WANTED,--A woou'ii tor gencro house' work. Will pay good wages to a good h a n d . a29d5t 3. A. GBACE. March 8. 18S3.--This IB to certify that 1 hav examined the formula and prescribed Dr. Le- Duc'i Periodical Pills, of Paris France. I have concluded that ir this combination will not excite the menses, that there is nothing in medicine that will rlo it. It is a 11J4 gr'iiu amcnogofi-uc, containing all the ivcil known harmless drugs that act upon the generative system. T know them to be positively harmless and sal'c i'or all kinds oi' suppression from any cause. I hayo used them in my practice i'ov the last i'our years, and found that t h e most stubborn cases yield. I tried them onthreo months' suppression with happy results. Yours, K. L. Kycld." Genuine piLs sold Ijy Beasloy Williao]». Chilli oothe.JMo Suburban Homes. Having beer, frequently solicited by parties who wanted to buy I have concluded to put on the market those b e a u t i f u l subarban sites on East Polk and Tenth streets,north of Highview, in two and a half and five acre tracts, at reasonable prices and on ensy terms. These arc not only desirable residence places, but may be made profitable for gardening and fruit growing, as I propose to give a location on the tract to any good canning factory that w i l l locate there. a29dw4:W J. A. GRACE. NEW FEED STORE. "Ungrateful-" The express companies "ill have a wooden medal made uxrtressly for John Wauainker for excluding tbu Tolstoi book from the mails.-- Breck enriilge Bulletin'(Rep.) to be congratulated her services. upon securing DENTIST! WORLEY'S DENTAL ROOMS for First-Class Dents'! won-:. TEETH EXTEACTED WITHOUT PAIN, aad all work guaranteed as represect- - , * . . . ed.j 3. ^e square, ~ajtaneapolta--Mfe ~' ·big clock," MARRIED,--In this city, ·'90, at the South Methodist parsonage, Rev. John S. Sooker officiating, Mr. John N. McQuaid and Miss S. O. Jordan, all of this county Attachments were run this afternoon by W a l l b i u n n Alexander and J. Mohrs Son on the household goods of E. 3. Warden, a sewing machine agent. The amout is about 875, aad Joe Barton represents tbe plaintiffs. Warden is gone, and his wife says he will not return, Mr. Edward Curran, an old and respected citizen, died this morning at his home in the south part of town. Mr. Curran was a man of about 60 years of age, and had been a sufferer (from cancer on the face for a number ! of vears, which caused his Jeatb. He was the father of policeman Ed. Curran, and his death is a sad loss to the community in which he has lived for many years. The f u n e r a l will take | place to-morrow, Friday, morning from the Catholic church and his remains laid to rest in the Catholic cemetery, northeast of town. I have opened a new FaecJ Store on ^ashio^toti street, one (.UiuraouLh of team laundry. Pubplit; patronitgu olicited. Orders delivered to any part of cily free of charge. s4dlw W. L. KEMP. Homeseekers .Excursions, 1890 The H. St. Jo. R. R. Co. will sell on April 22d, May 20th, Sept. 9tli and 23d. and Oct. 14th, round trip tickets to any point in Kansas or Nebraska, and to most points in Southern Missouri. Arkansas, Texas, Indian Territory, New Slexico, Colorado, c., at a rate of OSE FAKE for the round trip. All tickets good thirty days from day of sale. C. H/NASOTS, Agent. Chillicothe, Mo., April 7, 1890. Excursions. On September 9 and 28 and October 14, 1890. tbe C., M. St. P. railway will sell Harvest Excursion tickets to all principal points north, northwest, south and southwest at one fare for round trip. D. A. TAILOR. The "Easy" Dentist. If ever attacked by the demon pain, Remember: you'll neverseek in vain The quiet nerve and steady hand, That temperate habits cloth command Nor need you have the Jeast of faars, When work of four-and-twenty years Has all around you stood the test-The "easy" dentist does the best. And bear in mind the fearful fate, As sure as death for you iu wait, Should you neglect, refuse, forsooth. To have liim cure and save your tooth With tender touch and cautious care-- (Xortheast corner public square) Remember, too, th»t you will get The one-fourth off for August, yet. Is Consumption i Heaci tiie following: Mr. C. H. Morris, Newark. Ark., aavs: "Was down w i t h Abscess of Lungs and f r i e n d s anil physiolaDB pronounc ed rue au Incurable Consumptive Begau t a k i n g Dr. Kinga New Dis covery for Consumption, am now OD my third botblo, and able to oversee the work on my f a r m . It is the anest mediciuo «ver made." Jesse Middleware, Decatur, Ohio, aaye- "Had it not been for Dr. King's " Discovery for Consumption I would bave died of Lung Trouble?. Was given up by doctors. Am. now u best of health. Try it. Sample free at N. J, Swetlaud Co. Draggista. FATO.I FOU RUNT. -^120 acres, 60 acres in c u l t i v a t i o n , 60 3 crcs of pasture, 5-rcom house, stabling for four horses, good u p l a n d , plenty of water. Posstssi','11 given now. Wheat can be sown. A nood rann with uiaci can pay at least i ce half Uio rent in work on the place. ANDBEW LEEPEJI. Secretary Blaiou's ideas of reciprocity will stand the test of time. -Cameron Vindicator (Rep.) Then why is it that you do not ads vocate Democracy? Eastern money to iotin o n m proved lands. Long or short term Low rate of interest. Some local money to loun at once. JAMES J. HOLMES, C. H. Mnnsur's office, jaGsw Chillicotbe, Mo. Wanted, One hundred cords of hickory timber suitable for ax-handles. One and. one-half blocks west of Mansnr'e bank, Chiliieothc, Mo. ; AuglSwlm M. E. SHOKE. SEED WHEAT FOR SALE. I have for sale 500 bushels ol the celebrated Velvet Chaff seed wheat for sale. It is perfectly free from rye and cheat. Will guarantee no to winter-kill over 5 per cent. w 4w aug 4 JOHN^A. LOWE . '-*-*-»- .English Spavin fjiuiment removes hard, aoft or caJloused lumps and blemishes from horses, blood spavins, curbs, splints, sweeny, ring-bone tifles, sprains, all swollen throat, coughs, etc. save §50 by uses of one bottle. "Warranted the .most wonderful blemish cure ever known. Sold by N, J, Swetland Co., druggists, Chillieothe, Mo. 23 ly Ton may notice Jim Tanner dose not use cheap fence advertising. His' goods is his advertisment. A21w8t Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. A WHEREAS, On or before the 25th day of September we will move our stock of MEN'S and BOYS'CLOTHING. HATS,PUB- NISHING-GOODS, to the building now occupied by M. E, Schmidt, the jeweler, on the North side of the square, and WHEREAS, We are desirous of reducing our entire stock to the lowest point before removal, therefore, we x are Resolved to cut the prices in two on every garment and article in stock. If yon are a careful buyer you will come and get our prices and see for yourself that you mean just what we say. This is no catch-penny advertisement but a bona-fide offer. This offer holds good only while we remain in our present quarter. Now is your golden opportunity if you have the foresight to embrace it. The Low-Priced Northwest Jackson Department. ED. CONSTITUTION : Not seeing anything from thl« section for some time, I concluded to send you · few items. Tbe prospect for corn i for better than the farmers expected to see a month ago. Fall pastures are good. The demand for cattle ia increasing. Hogs can hardly be found, as everybody is feediag. "The old men's barbecue,'' held at Robert Gay's farm, in Daviess OOUD ty, last week, was a grand success. It was composed of old men from Livingston, Daviess and ·· Grundy counties, and consisted of nearly three hundred. At one table there was over eighty ate, none of them under 65 years of age, and all at the same time. Mr. BenJ. Forterfield opened a flve month's term of school at tbe Blackburn school house, Aug. 18, with an enrollment of forty-five. We understand that Win. Girdner began a term in tbe Black district Sept. 1st. Misses Ida Kessler and Eva Hutchison left for Chillicotbe Monday, where they will attend the Normal school this winter. Miss MolHe Peery will attend tbe Catholic school at tbe same place. At the residence of J. B. Francis, on Sept. 13,there will be a grand colt show. There will also be eatables on the ground to satisfy the inner man. Te who want to look at something fine, come; and then you will know- where to find a fine span of bones if you want them. John Wingo expects to complete his residence by tbe first of December. It in bis first contract, and be is not anxious to take any more. Sept. 1st, 1st, 1890. C. Pleasant Ridge Department- ED. CONSTIIDTIOH:-- Tbe health of the neighborhood is good at present. Bran Gordon of Rich Hill, was in the neighborhood last week buying calves. George Knaus and family, visited friends in Trenton last week. Frank McGee, of Cream Ridge, was here last week on business. Isom Lile and wife, visited friends n Harrison and Daviess counties last week. Mr. Evans and two sons of Nod*, way county, are visiting the family of Wm. Evans. Mrs. Lizzie Steen of Cream Ridge. was tbe guest of Martin Wietnck and family last Sunday. Mrs. Jane Barlow of Daviess county, is visiting friends and relsn tives in this neighborhood. Laura Romnig and Grace Evans, of Uhrichville, Ohio, after a week*' visit to tbe family of Wm. Knaws returned home last Monday. Clark Baker is tbe sickest boy. in the county, and all on tbe account of ;bat Chillicothe girl going back OB him at tbe part) last Wednesday niebt. The young folks bad n social party at the residence of Thos. Wilhitea* last Thursday night. Josh Gibbons, and Jasper Lile are taking a view of the land in Harrison county this week. Mrs. Tillie Young, of Cbillicotbe, visited the old folks at home last Sabbath. The Star base ball club added another feather to their cap last Saturday by defeating the Springhill club by a score of six to eighteen. They will play tbe Edinburg club at tbe Trenton fair grounds in · couple of weeks for tbe gate money. Mr. Arch Miller, of Grundy, Co, visited friends here last Sunday. Jos. Eakin and wife, of Rich Hill. visited friends here last Sunday. Miss Kate Pfaff, of Rich Hill, and Miss Annie Starkey, of Chillicotbe, were tbe guest* of the Misses Mary and Lucy Karat last Sabbath. Mr. Sandusky Burns, of Cream Ridge.has rented Hiram Darr's house and moved into it. Wonder what has happened to our old-time friend, Jack Fry. Come, John, let yourself be beard from again. John Flory says that he n the champion horso-shoe pitcher of North Missouri. Where are all of tbe correspondents? Come, brothers and sister*, let'* Mud the news from all parts of the county. So says LBK. St- Louis Exposition- On Sept. 4th, and on each MOD. day and Thursday following during tbe continuance of the Exposition the Wabash will sell round trip ticket* to St. Louis at $9.25, which will include admission to the exposition. T. F. RABKIMOTOW, dAwtf Agent. 1 1-fl-L-Ur.S O -

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