The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on March 15, 1899 · Page 3
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 3

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 15, 1899
Page 3
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A T PATTEB80X. Aa ^nff «L u» w , Fiat iUtiocal But Block. goccfflt*. paruwicm * oocillsi; B«ai Block. UABVBYHABBIB, ·" Buk Block Q.\E CENT A WOBfi COLUJLV. .,.,., Drtroil, HIQB- fSMTkff^SSf Co^ letters Received 3STETWS are subject to Hurt ' feel miserable. J. THE WEATHEB. _ v BMKAST*. Mch. 15. HB9. Oh«.rT«tiuai utm at 8 a. m. Washiagton time. STMIOBS. tifaairo. icteu- 38 snow J flg t«Jeai. 02 ,ctomlr.' 31 iW.ddT| . « »»^I»ITT« x at burden*, an ·ensatkm helps to make y«a httA Partly ckwdj "srmer Thtrrnday (ooicbt Thursday. B. H. Blosnox. Section Director. CITY. in thesJde. pain in top of bead, later on a* ba«e of the brain. Such a condition pointe uaerricf ly to ·erJous uterine trouble. If yon had written to Mrs. Pfnkham when you first experienced impaired -"-*"- you would have been spared these Bonn of awful ·offering. Happiness will be gone out of your life forever, my sitter, unless you act promptly. Procure Lydia E. PinkhanTs Vegetable Compound at once, and begin its use. then write to Mrs. Rnkham, at Lyun, Mass., if there is anything about yoor ease yon do not understand. Yon need not be afraid to tell her the things you could not explain to tbe doc. tor, your letter is seen'only by women and is absolutely confidential Mrs. Pinkham's vast experience with such troubles enables her to tell you just what is best for you, and she will charge yon nothing for her advice. Mas. JESSIE BJXBIY, Youogdale, - Pa., writes: . PJSKHAJr--Wffl yon kindly allow me the pteasnre of expressing for the wonderful relief I have experienced by taking ynEvtgl appetite, a heavy bearing-down feeling, also burning could not sleep, was twed all the time, had no ambition. Ste. TriA nnrntt t A**4V,AKu3 «+ *:._,*«, ·* - -. - ... , .V l soffered at **»* of menstruation were I thought there was no cure for it. I sawyonr advertise. * to try your medtekT Yoor medicine saved m BSfSKSi wetErtain BGUL «. eoeainpKDextt neart June. - nifM^c-Mv uFAfc f uuv* Editor Smith of the Oak** Republican ?!?«·*«««» Bate- of the Argus a · * » s r o f theAr job if he ts looking for a wider fleWT Re«t wanted in Iffinofa forrape, en captured in Jamestown and be extradited and taken back. An analysis of the water used for city and domestic purposes in Wabpeton proves it impure and unfit for drinking Adam Gromth has been arrested at Harvey, being caught in an attempt to Wow open the safe of the German "Sate bM*. It is alleged that th» is bis third attemjg. W.P. SpeUman, a Bay "state singer, has been granted a divorce atFargoTand wai at once re-marry --his second bride ROYAL *·** .^^^Bttumnrtteis»_ POWDER The March tarn of they nited States eoart will probably be closed this afternoon or adjourn, come in I. P. Baker went down the line last meht. The condition of Alex McKenzie is improving at St Paul. States Attorney L. A. Simpson of Dickinson is among the guests in the city. The snow of yesterday has bronirht practically the first sleighing of the winter. at The regular monthly social of the ladiett of the Presbyterian church will be O. The Ladies guild will meet with Miss *·"* nxamr mi Mimie Davidson, Thursday afternoon | ladies of the Presb at 2 o'clock. j held at the residence of Mrs, The storm of yesterday is about over. ^f* 1 Th * K **? ·« *» P- «·· and Director Branson of the weather bureau sees warmer weather in sight Col. Lounsberry has returned east after several days spent in the citv on burfnesH before ths^ United States court. An order has been issued establishing ·StoStftor* 0 8Bd SeCUredthe and adjournment* In this state it is ^iraion appnea tor. g,^, ^y^ coding Sundays, holidays Messrs. Hall and Pritchard of Hills- adjournments and all. The legfelature npro are m the city, as jurors before the' TM?s »°t get fairly a t W0 rk for " United States court, and were Tribune thirty days and during the last fe callers today. W.A.Walsh of Xorth Dakota, em ployed in the treasur department, has been promoted from a clerkship at S840 to $1,000 dollars a year. The regular monthly social of the -- ,j *u.j, *·«**» ,*U«MJ£ iiuc^iaab few days much work is burned through without Proper consideration. At this session thfj came the nearest to cleaning up the work they have ever done, but there were still some quite important measures left without action. In the election contest case at Jamestown the legal question of whether a witness could state on the witness stand how be voted came up and Judge Glaspell ruled that the witnesses 7»uld sT testify if they wished. Pembina Pioneer Express: Hon. N E-Aelson took his position as collector a CU ? t ? m f for the awwet of North and South Dakota on Friday last. Mr Vei- "omaoneof our oldest residents, and ^.JF^/years experience in toe duties fflicfi ne JIBS assumed. No appoint- ateby President McKinTeyhas ----_ore fitting or more in the line of oeneflt to the public service. Mr. Nelson is. a .popular gentleman, both in life and has bun- tomorrow and the court Several prisoners, are to on the delayed train this to be arraiened- and" when --* at the term will There have been no be- oom- for no caaea SOT Therearea number ofpnsonerl «»fi«*no »« *!.« j ^ p*«3w«:r» »»''. -t-m-rearea nuj in thecharge of the de -- ----, . ...i, e o ,,, UH, uepuiy majafialq tr, be token toThe jail ontownercona^ faMxjnfinement for the terms for whicL thej- were sentenced yesterday. «he beating yoir gee may come bom a maa of your rank." The prince got a sound thrashing in the presence of the czar, and the wcrutt, who was next day commissioned a genenl with, atttte, wasthefouDderof » powerful f of whose descendant* am mil high in imperial service of Russia. ^^ The soldier boys who had taken Hood's Sarsaparillaaresaid to have stood th* long marches much better than their companions. This medicine strength and endurance. Charles CarUeer, -the -oldest . received, s a post office at Bradaock, Emmons The first of the new east bound trains will arrive from the west this afternoon. The tram started out from Portland when the new time card went effect and arrived here todaj. Hear} snow -heavy for North Dakota which has been practic-allj free from » J ' «"· "*· J jays Cream nt Hcvrlrtrw.Ir E* n ..*. , . -"-~« ^t*\.i.u.uu* iree irom ^NTDl^Jo^^--- r^-^^J^^ {dueatuoon today was several hours Dr. Deebwaun of Williamsport. while} late l ri !' I3 5 ow » roa « h ^ d - *·· tfarowDt Qaartermaster Sergeant Charles S. from a buggy wrist and suffered a broken Judge Winchester win trv the case against Oswald Warner for 'murder at the term of court in Washburn on May2. Mrs. Wm. Moore, who recently under- tveot a serious surgical operation in Minneapolis, fe reported ag much improved. Adjutant General Miller is doing some good work for applicants for pMtswnsT A pension was recently granted to an inmate of the soldiers' home, which had once been refused, and General Miller took the matter up with the department -^»k« v^ · ,uM^vt,i »J^jjjt:aut VruBrics c Poster hah been appointed by the presi- · dent as the -second lieutenant of the ree ' ular army to which North Dakota is en-! titled under the arm} reorganization. ·nTTfiaglt. ve tbe great merit of -- f ~ ^-^^ --~TM. the most effective curs for Catarrh and Cold m Bead* we have prepared a gooerons trial sa:e for 10 cents. Ut it of your drnggfct or send 10 cents to ELT BBOS., 56 WarretSt., K. Y. City. I suffered from catarrh of the worst kind ever since a boy. ami I never hoped for care, bat Ely'* Cream BaUn seems to do even that Many acqnaintances iutve^osed it wrtb excellent result*--Osear Ostrum, 45 Warren Are., Cbicago, m. Ey'» Cmun Balm is the acknowledged cure for catarrh and contains no cocaine 2?!^ "^ ZZJ^* 00 * *°* ftice. frostt-r is a member targo. Major Hamilton returned of CtHBjjany B of last night as n g t from Washburn. He was accompanied by E. A. tamb, the two gentlemen having driven up Sunday, and returned through, yesterday's storm. Major says all the. talk up there is railroad and the metropolis of Mcl^an threatens to be Wanted at Webb Bros., two millrnerv apprentices. Another weekly list of casualties from Manila contains the names of «b North Dakotans. NERVITA -LOST VIGOR AND MANHOOD forj see a ever , We never did; hot we bun \ I seen tbe clothing at tbis time of tbe year so covered with dandruff that it looked as if it 1 had been out in a regular snowstorm. ', No need of this snowstorm, j I As the summer sun would I J melt tbe filling snow so will Ayer's night There are a good many water pipes from the city water system frozen at different places in the citv, and fears are expressed in some quarters that some of the mains will freeze also. The ground is frozen in some localities to a depth of over seven feet--something almost unprecedented in the history of the Mis- uonri slope, and proves the extreme cold prevailing a month or so ago, when there were three weeks ranging from 20 to nearly iO below zero. The officials of the Soo line do not take kindly to the cut in second-class fares to the Pacific coast as announced bj; thp Northern Pacific and (ireat Nor- ^5^-sud while they have met this rate ! ladies, take the best If \ou are of 825 they are -aid to be preparing, in , troubled with constipation sallow skin connection with the Canadian Pacific, to j and a tired feeling, take Karl's* Clover drop this figure out of sight and make a i Tea. it is pleasant to take. Sold by P SlO rate. It is apparently the beginning | C. Remington, druggist jf a resumption of the rates in veguf ,' _______ last year. Intermediate point rates will, be;based on tbe $25 rate to the coast and i this is expected to drive the Northern TVn ,*.*£,. -- ,_ J /"» . A X- . . - I wasting diseases, all effects of self ^^"^ abuse, or excess and India- cretion. Anervetonicant Mood bonder. Brings the pink glow to pate cheeks and restores the fire of youth. By mailKOc per box; 6boxes -- ^-.^O; with a written guaran* tee to core or reftmdttte money NERVITA MEDICAL CO. Ohtton A Jackaon Sta^ OMICACO, Ma. For gate faTP.C.B«pioeton dr-55iat.B»aarek The divines at Jamestown are taking a ·'"Tious census. »»·««· »^ k..»j^-^ n^u fc»j U J L I V T T t44f? ' Pacific and Great Northern to a reduction. The Rev. John \Vray preached at the Prefcbytenim church, Sunday, says *»taral Antidote F%* . -TM-TM. . The b - ver has loni? been recognized a* a powerful annihilate of poisons. The dl - - - - - - - - o s . c further , gcstive Astern of animals produces pto o rnaiacs which would be deadly ·:~"~ ~« i«»awi uie ana nas areas of friends not only at home alloverJforth Dakota and Mil who are glad to congratulate him. CHAMBEBLADPS COtTGH EEJHaY The remedy Is Intended especially for coughs, crfds, croup, whooping eougb and uiflnena. It has becomefamous for Its cures of these diseases, over a ^S «·« «» civ!li^^riA OT The ermg testimonials have been glringacconnts of its good . - -- , -. the aggravating and persistent coughs It has cured; of severe colds tfiat hare yielded prompUy to its soothing effects, and of the dangerous at- »««» of croap j t has cared ofte ^ tag the life of the child. The extensive use of it for whooping cough bas shown that it robs that disease of In dangerous consequences. Sold by E. s. tsearasjey. The Auditor's Salary BiH. The bill fixing the salaries of county auditors does not affect those officers for the next two yrirs. The law provides that "present" count}- auditors" are exempt from the salary provisions, aod as the bill was not signed until March S, the auditors in the meantime, March i, afla * rt «d with orcolic wffl dyspepsia, aaJdtrkr rFhst pnhhcatmo JUrcb «, jag.) conns or · Sixth jadj-f eires P .?P e ' r8 ^on to *te- the/orty^ignth anniwrsary of his coming to Pembina, i Hood's Pills ewe all Ifter ifis. Mailed for 55 cento C.I. Hood Ca~, Lowell Mass. * * «««· PlsintaH. SOPHIA SLOAJf, ' Sum- Von. Sophia answer the com; are hereoy snainion«i to * in tlus actitm, and to matulut 7« ·£- ZlTZr? . 7**° ro " "5S ffOfff Oe- Attorneys, » uuaun a -iHornejy, Bismarck V D T Tfk^t?S;, t ^L 4bore!falned Betaiiuit: Attorasjs. Bismarck. X. D. -- «,....»,,.;, in fcuc meantime, ^*xareii ·*, having assumed their offices for the com- 1A17 rtrn VftafK; *!,« «·«--~4 - . _ . . . --^ -- UUH . U vuc-ii uiuu«$ tor tnecom- two vears, the present countv auditors are those who hold for the next two years, and the} are not affected bv the new provisions. Had the bill been approved before March 4, as it now stands, it arpuld have affected the salary of all auditors in the state for the coming two HE OBEYED ORDERS tie aad Power. On» any a young recruit was ,, mf guard before the door of the entrance to Peter the Great's private chambers in tbe Palace of 5t. Petersburg. Be Bad received orders t« admit oj one» As be was passing slowly up and down before the door, Prince Menschlkoff, the favorite minister of the czar, approached »nd attempted to enter. Hewasstooned hv the recruit. ««PP«i of 6tM« Tattv. IB selecang a topic of oonversatfen it SScl a l^f ** V°^Me be ia keeping with the circumstances under which itll to be carried on. In a wine merchant'* house onu doea not go out of one's way to introduce the subject rf total abstinence, nor would one allude pointedly to the iniquity rf the stoge-to an actor, or at a Weateyan prayer meeting descant on the beaotyaT tneAa- glicaritaaL It is never wffl to wax too eloquent on the advantageaof one's own country to a foreigner'. The moment at which to look away the word which not to apeak, the crUdi Tt which not to smite, the power to recognize these supreme momentBtegondtastewr. «nined.-Sew York World. WSW| ^ Crippled by , 1 . ne reason of this is that the remedies prescribed by the doctors «mtain mercury and potash which al. S TM ' has been . The prince, who had the fullest liberty of calling upon his marter al any time, Bladder trwbtes at once. Cheapest place in town for first class boots and shoes, also for all kinds of re pairing neatly dona. LOGAX d FEEIZE. Robert Amberry of St. Thomas has Jeen sentenced to a year m the penitentiary for assault with a deadly weapon. Dyspepsia cured. Sbiloh's Vttalizer mmediately relieves «our stomach, com ng up of food distress, and is the great, ndney and liver r«mod. Sold by P. C. emtngton, drugscist. , _=._- to push the guard and pass him. X«t the young man would not move, bus OTdered his highness to stand back. "VouiUiot' 'shouted the prince. "Don't i know me? You'll be punished for thl- 1 '' The recruit smiled and said "Very well, your highness, but my or- sers arc peremptory to let nobody pass." Tbe prince, exasperated at the fellow's - Impudence, struck him a blow in the face _ with his riding whip. } "Strike away, your highness," said tbe 4 soldier, "but I cannot let you go in." j Peter in the room, bearing tbe noise i outside, opened the door, and inquired i what it meant, and the prince told him. Tbe czar appeared amused, but said nothing at the time. In the evening, however, he sent for the Princg-and the soldier. As they both appeared Peter gave his own cane to tbe soldier, saying: "That maa struck you in the morning; now you must return tbe blow to that fd- tow with my stick," The prince was amazed. "Yourmajes- ./'he said, "this common soldier to to strike »ne?" |*I make him a captain," said Peter. "But I'm an officer of your majesty's oousehold,'' objected the prince ZSiuhZZ? *^ I f- e 'en the won which seemed almost incurable. - · - - Bheumatism worst cases " (treat satferer tnon »BS- cular Bheomatlsm lor two years. I could ze* BO p e r m a n e n t , relief , Mn' medicine ore- scribed 6y sy Dhjadan. Itook»VHrta3o»n tot- flestrfyonrs. S.a.«nd DOT I am as well as I everwastnmyUfe. tam sore mat yoor TOedieine «nred me, and i 1 o » e n a n snnering fromaay Everybody knows that euma*m to a diseased state of the blood, and blood remedy is the only proper e but a remedy containing only -r*-infnr v* w*+*^- 1A10COBC' C -----..- cure always results. It is HW «uy blood remedy guaranteed to contain no potash, mercury or other dan- geroo* minerals. Books mailed free by Swift 4 - I" \~ ,f-**»A. **WH^» 4juaumi LCW Ujr OW i mate mm a cotond of my Ufa , Company, Atlanta, Georgia. Ouards and an officer of the household,' , vreuqpm. I awor o the hiJc of animals haa been liver, ~ ^ v » " » » * \r* »v» *u vutr **iiyvfcg[TJ*lIrCP storm tiip ship encountered on tile third daj o-it the rudder was broken, and the j ve^l drifted at the mercv of the waves for several daj-s, while * the hfeboate werc cru«hed. In another violent storm a seaman was washed overijoard. It got a^-cold as 18 d«rr«s below zero. Atr. j V\ raj sa\s that he does not desire to i ] matte another voyage in the winter. His I father was much better, and was con . I sidered to N» out of danger, -- -· -~ *«fc*w* n «bu but? \«uum and ths misrnre was injected into tbe circulatory ! nTscpm nf ~bbits. Tbe bUe^t snakes was i effective against their CANINE REMORSE. A Miufltt Kill* a LltUe A srentleman from Indiana connrv, who Is absolnwly reliable, related adoRstory which would seem to indicate that a dog can suffer keen remorse. "A few ye*rs neo." be said, "I owned a flae, big mas- whicfa I bjtd rezircd- from pnppvhoodi ,,. . . .itbful He good aaturcd and occmed _. , your majesty knows, is that of general," again protested Menschikoff. ' Thf-n 1 raakc hfar, K. irpneral, so that The Xorthern Pacific expects a ^f^^ melt these Bakes of dtndnrff tn tbe scalp. It goes further thin ttis: it presents rtieirfonn*tron. It has still other pwpenies: . it will restore cotor to gray h»ir in just ten times out of crery i ten cases, And it does even more: it feeds and nourishes tbe roots of the hsir. Thin b»ir becomes thick hah-; and short h*ir becomes long hair. ' We hive a book on tbe Hair : and Scalp. It is yours, for the j asking. If Toq (4n Tint obtain All th« h*n« ftt* I you Mp«Htr*1 (- m t 1 e 0«* ot tb* ^ t.^r. J wrttn tilt' 'lort T Jtborit (T Trol^Wy | th«n U «»mc» JI«Sr«rtj wlti fi-nt itcn- *D. t c AY'KK. Lawcii, iuw. eiOTrvum of the 7th. while larger th.T, j expected. H au indication of what may ' he done wheo a little time is given for · home-seekers to prepare for the journej. ' It is to the credit of the road that in ten ' tiaj-» from the announcement of a re j dueed rate they carried three or four j thousand people to the Northwest. Im- 1 , migration \sent Mott i- industriously j i eruraped in preparing for the flcjrt mrlur j nhirh will orrivp on the 2fcitl and 2S»th | of ti)t» roonth and on April 3 On those i ilatev he erpx. v tt acoloct of Dunkard*. ' who w ill locate in the Mcipm of Oar-, »»» tna a wonSerful control over . «~«TM wre r Think so»- "Yes. 1 nwt him coming out of the oounty trewnrCT's office ju.«t after he had Sheridan House Barber Shop and Batfe RMBS, J. C. DOLAN, . Proprietor. __ - _ _ ,, _ _ » ,, » «M^».-^.-. « otjr- Boas four chairs. al years. I became the posso«»or of a deli- i eate I'rt'e Italian greyhound The mastiff · Hratert him tn one of the family and nev- i er »!m-Ml him, liit the lRle pwybound corrsrfenxl himself a dojr of superior breed i =-^.w ^^»^rT -«^»»a»-rta*^W fS O1»J i and MO anstwrai.c to associate will the- . -, ,, ---WMWS^TajiKM f-f £^L ma,t.ff HC WOUM ma P and snari »t the A n Excellent Combination. Z,p ~5-£?~e-~:Si:£i'SlSEfts'*s-S! Ufra : SyTTERY,«OJC#. H»f»il COAL WOOD. ---"-.^ w«-«*-t 4 « wuiw- juj«t airer oe oso. paid his tait*s, arrd be laafrheclandchtted ·"*^' j ·'·*·**· "** ^^- «n*u grv-^ijuuna *"" ~" "" B ^^ f SSS!^i^^ ^^ rEOCEHS SHORTS ^ b ^^^^^ JfeS»»SH ^^^^ Broadway. ! maotiff. ^napped rt on tbe leg and attempt- m^Lcmally laxatfre and --- - - ~ , ed t« tako it«food. "·«- ».--- .^- -· J - " sna Thinks Time Is Too Short. } Onkps Republican Senator Marshall i retitroed lumie Saturday from hi* labors 1 at Rnnutrcfc Mr. Marshall i* of the opinion that the time for legislative t «rki- entirelj too snort and nuiv-h i more might be accomplished under the i Minn-sots s\»tera nmvt legislatne | rtnv« There thej haxe ninet) da^-« j work counting out all holidays, , CREAM BAKIN -.. -- ._»,,.j ^M^^o-tiv^- afiu prescmuiiif them m the form most refresh j n= - to the ta^te andaccer-taWp to tl.e Kr-tfm It is the one perfect «tren(rtli»nne laxa- tire eleansinjr tbe svstem effe. m-pi Ihng colds, headaches ami f. vers p ntly yet promptly and enaVir-sr one to overcome habitonl t tn^tipation permanently Its, per'erf fretxlom from every ohjectionnWe ,aa].tr atiri vi i, «t.inoe. and its actiiur on the lo.itie^ · ivor and bowels. «ithont weakrninu or irritating them, make it the i,:. al Awarded Higbest Honors, World's Pair QoM Medal, Midwiit*r Pair _ ~ ,. -- ,^.TM^ Tbmastiff looked fl* It tor n. fffona, and then, as If K bad concluded thai it was time to «v-h tbe Iropu dent littU- Rreyboiind a le-son. fnabbed J* by tbe n*ck and (jave it a ItrtJe shake. When bo dropped It. lie greTtninl lay limp and IiMtxn HJs neck had Iieen broken UraR--that «·»» tbe roasufTs name --ItxiKPcl at the dead dojt as it sinwrely «urry fiar what he bad d«n He tned tfi make him ppt up, and when the little gr*j bo-inU wa» taken off and bnried b« went alone and took gnart interest in th« i · · - - - · -- i"ir» · ln the process of mnrnvfartiirm, ..^^ uiK t-hat the mastiff rran much dte- f re °*ed- a ^ thev are pna-^tnt t... the CV.-.-T vrhAt be bad done. I spoke to t ~* u - )VM " he mer.-inai qra itie* of tie 1 him kindly, patted him on the bend and rt ? nod . v are obtaim-l from M n n a and trlo»i t. cheer him up, (mnKwinjr that be 11 er anjm a t ". - plnrts t r a mdhod i wmiMf.rt-Rt tall about it in » f.w minuted. £ m v n n to t!l ^AIIF'.RMA ric SVKI r i But I w.v, roi«tak«) Tbedc^ slnnk away ' _«...'.'? ?1 ^ . orir !° pet 1{ . l beneficial | «nd never nturnnd was marly i three roar* iyso and I hare nei; .T hoard of the nia^itT «iure f can Hrconnt inr hi» nr- tioni in n« other way than thnt he w»» overwhelmed wuh n tnorw tmd shame for what bo had done,"--Punxsutawnoy Splr- P n " w "" « · · front of every CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN rjtAsrcrsoo. CAI. LOU18V1LLE, XT For --- oo^aHssawiJSSiajsss* SAFES. · OIEBOLO SAFES * LOCK COMMNT. /rr\ OEO. C. QARROW, Agent, St. Paul, Mine. Fire and burglar proof \ a o l t donr«- «afe deposit steel jail ceIK et-

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