Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 19, 1963 · Page 23
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 23

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1963
Page 23
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Gotesburg Register-Moil, Golesburg, HI, Thursday, Sept. 1.9, J..963^_21_ Market Reports Today N«w York Stocks NEW YORK (UPI)-Stock market midday prices: Admiral 21% Aldetis 23tt Alld Chem 52% Alld Strs 5214 Allis Chal 171/4 Alum Ltd Wh Alcoa 64% Am Air 26V4 ABC Pmt 34& Am Can 44% Am Cyan mh Am M&F 19V4 Am Mtrs 20Vi Am T&T 124% Am Tob 27% Anaconda 50^ Armour 40% Atchison 29'/fc Avco 25% Bendix 51 Beth Stl 32 Boeing 35 V* Borden 65'A Borg War 50V4 Case 9% Catplr 43% Celanese 54V4 Cent Soya 27ft C&NW 29 Chi RI 26% Chrysler 77% Int T&T 52% Iowa PkL —> Johns-Man 48% Kennecott 77% Kresge 24% Kroger 29% Lib McN 15% Lockhd 36Mt Maytag 37% Min Hnywl 129% Minn Min 64% Monsanto 59% Mont Ward 37% Morrell 25% Nat Bis 55% Nat Can 17V4 Nat Dairy 65% Nat Gyps 46% Nat Ld 76% NYC 22% No Amn 51% Nor Pac 47 Nor St Pwr 36% Olin Math 41% Outbd M 12% Penney 45% Penn RR 21 Pepsi Cola 58 Phil Pet 54% Piper Air 31% Pure Oil 44% Qua Oats 69% Cities Svs 67% Coca Cola 104% RCA 72% Colum Gas 29% Rep Stl 41% Comm Ed 52% Revlon 43% Cons Ed 88% Cont Can 46 Cont Oil 65% Deere 64% Diana 9% Douglas 21% Rexall 38 Reyn Tob 39% Safeway 63% Schenley 21% Sears 98 Shell Oil 45 Dow Chem 59% Simmons 42% Du Pont 248% Sinclair 47% Eastman 112% So Pac 34% Erie 3% Sperry 16% Fairbks M 12% Sq D 45% Firestone 37% Std Bds 74% Flintkt 22% Ford Mtrs 56 Friden 45% Fruehauf 28% Gen Dyna 24% Gen Elec 82% Gen Fds 87% Gen Mtrs 78% Gen Tel 27% Goodrich 55% Goodyear 40% Grant WT 25% Gt Nor 54 Greyhound 45% Utd Fruit 24 Gulf Oil 49% Utd Gas 38% Homestake 50% US Gyps 90 SO Cal 66% SO Ind 65 SO NJ 71% SO Ohio 67% Stude Pack 8% Swift 39% Texaco 70% Texas Inst 86 Un Carb 107 Un El 28% Un Pac 39% Unt Air L 37% Utd Corp 8% Hupp 7% 111 Cent 52% 111 Pwr 39% Inland Stl 45 IBM 451% Int Harv 56 Int Nick 64% Int Paper 35 US Play C 25% US Rub 48% US Stl 54% West Un 32 Wstghs Ab 28% Wstghs El 39% Woolworth 73% Yng S&T 28% The Kansas City Athletics and the Minnesota Twins divided 18 decisions this year. BACKYARD SALE 1180 W. FREMONT AcroM from Galesburg Senior High FRIDAY, SEPT. 20 9 to ?? Furnltura and Clothing Haln Dale Monday, Sept. 23 GIGANTIC Backyard Sale 1004 PINE ST. FRIDAY, SEPT. 20—I 10 ?? Nothing sold before 9. In caie of rata, sal* will not be held. BIG BACKYARD SALE 86 PHILLIPS ST. FRIDAY & SATURDAY • til 9 — No sales before 9 All kinds clothing, toys, kniclt- knaclct, misc. In caie of rain will be held in garage. Ad Correction HOT DOG & ROOT BEER 10* Friday and Saturday Only FRIDAY —10 to 7 SATURDAY ? to 6 BENNER FOOD STORES Galesburg Hog Mortal Galesburg Order Buyers C. B. k Q. Stockyards Market steady to higher. Bulk of eastern shipping hogs, $15.25$15.50. Top $15.75. Quotations: 100-230 $15.00-$15.75 230-260 $14.60-$15.65 260-300 $14.25-$15.35 Sows: 300-500 $12.00-$14.50 Bushnell Livestock Market is active. Top, $15.75. Bulk 200-240 pounds, $15.50-$15.60; 240-280, $15-$15.50; sows steady, bulking at $12.75-$14.50, top $14.75; cattle, steady; lambs, steady. Tomorrow's Estimates CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA) — Official estimated livestock receipts for Friday are 7,000 cattle, 6,000 hogs and 300 sheep. Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) (USDA) — Interior Illinois hog prices (State-Federal); Receipts 24,000; 1-3 190-250 lb butchers 15.00-15.60; 1-2 200-240 lbs 15.5016.00; 72 head Is about 220 lbs 16.25; 1-3 280-350 lb sows 14.0014.50; 16 head Is 325 lbs 15.00; 1-3 350-400 lbs 13.00-14.00 ; 2-3 400-500 lbs 12.00-13.00 ; 2-3 500-600 lbs 11.00-12.00. Peoria Livestock PEORIA, III. (AP)—(USDA)— Hogs 3,650; 1-2 200-230 lb butchers 16.00-16.25; 1-3 270-450 lb sows 14.00-14.75 ; 2-3 425-650 lbs 13.0014.00. Cattle 120; mixed good and choice 900-1,200 lb steers 23.2524.00; a few choice 1,000 lbs 24.25; calves 12; prime 28.00-29.00. Sheep 80; good 85-100 lb lambs 17.00-18.00; choice 102 lbs 19.00. Chicago Livestock CHICAGO (AP)—(USDA)—Hogs 5,500; butchers strong to 25 higher; mostly 1-2 200-230 lb butchers 16.25-16.50; mixed 1-3 190-240 lbs 16.00-16.35 ; 2-3 240-290 lbs 15.5016.00; mixed 1-3 325-400 lb sows 14.50-15.25; 400-475 lbs 14.00-14.75; 2-3 450-600 lbs 13.50-14.25. Cattle 500; not enough slaughter steers for a test of trend; scattered lots good and low choice FOR SALE SEED RYE — $1.50 bu. MAX ARMSTRONG 3'/ 4 Mile South of Cameron Garage Sale 899 MONROE ST. THURSDAY — S to ?? FRIDAY — 9 to ?? Both adult and children* clothing and miscellaneous items. FOR RENT Spacious nicely decorated office rooms. Excellent location. Immediate possession. Call 342-1191 before S P.M. 343-9856 WANTED Reliable person to take over payments John Deere utility 440 Tractor, Loader, Backhoe. FISHER SALES CO.. Joy, 111. Ph. 514-2311 or 514-2221 SHERIFF'S SALE- 1954 Blue/Gray Mercury Tudor Hardtop. Serial No. 54 SL 18166 M; 1953 Green/Gray Mercury Tudor Hardtop, Serial No. 53 ME 46680 M; 1952 Blue/Gray Plymouth Tudor Sedan, Serial No. 22163730; 1952 White/Gray Buick Tudor Sedan Hardtop, Serial No. 4 B 1041571: Cream Hillman Minlx Tudor Convertible, no numbers. Sale to be held OCTOBER 24, 1963 10:00 A.M. 1153 North Henderson Street Galesburg, Illinois FALL CLEAN-UP TIME heavy duty Wheelbarrows Press down trays, no rivets, taimt or weld*. Balanced for easy use. Urge selection of highest quality yard tools and equipment on display at our shop. COMPANY 1000 Monmouth Blvd. 343-2813 Galesburg 925-1,100 lb slaughter steers 215024.00; utility and commercial cows 14.50-16.25; utility and commercial bulls 17.00-19.00. Sheep 500; spring slaughter lambs steady to 50 lower; few lota choice and prime 90-105 lb spring slaughter lambs 20.50; good and choice 80-100 lbs 17.5019.50; cull to good shorn slaughter ewes 4.00-6.00. Grain Futures CHICAGO (AP) — New developments in the Russian grain situation brought increased demand for wheat futures on the Board of Trade today. Reports that Russia was attempting to negotiate for U.S. wheat and possibly other grains as well, erupted into a rally in the wheat and rye pits shortly after the opening bell. The expiring September wheat contract advanced nearly 2 cents on the new developments. The December contract advanced more than 2 cents and other contracts also moved higher as demand increased. Nearby rye contracts were up as much as 3 cents. Demand for the bread grains stemmed from reports that Russia was attempting to negotiate grain purchases from this country as a result of crop failures in the Soviet Union. Earlier this week, Russia purchased 228 million bushels of wheat from Canada and 58.5 million bushels from Australia to help alleviate the expected grain shortage behind the Iron Curtain. Wheat was % to 2% higher, September $1.95; corn V4 to IVi higher, September $1.33; oats % higher to Vs lower, September 66 % cents; rye 1 to 3% cents higher, September $1.47 7 / 8 ; and soybeans Va to % higher, September $2.65%. RYE & WHEAT SEED BERGSTROM SEED ft FEED CO. Woodhull. in. MIXED HAY WANTED Call or see—Bill Bowen. care CBfcO STOCKYARDS Werlheimer Cattle Co„ Inc.— Galesburg. I1L—T*L M3-5C11 Galesburg Grain Market Consumers Grain k Supply Co. 12:25 P. M. Corn (old) $1.18 Corn (new) $1.06 Oats 62c Soybeans $2.48 Deforest Feed k Seed Co. Wheat $1.82 Corn $1.18 Oats 62c Soybeans (new) $2.48 Chicago Grain Range CHICAGO <AP)- Prev. High Low Close close Wheat: High Sep 1.95 1.92 I .9414 1.93 Dec 1.98'/a 1.95% 1.97% 1.95% Mar 2.01 1.99 2.00% 1.98'/4 May 1.98% 1.9BVS 1 .971 .4 1.95',4 Jul 1.66'A 1.64 1.66 1.64 1964 Sep 1.68 1.66 1.68 1.66 Corn Sep 1.36 1.32 1.321/4 1.3114 Dec 1.17 1.15% 1.15% 1.16V4 Mar 1.20 1.18'/4 1.18% 1.19% May 1.22 1.20% 1.20% 1.211/4 Jul 1.23% 1.221/4 1.22% 1.23V4 Oats Sep .66% .66 .66% .661 /4 Dec .69% .69 .69% .691 /4 Mar .71% .71 .71 Vi .71% May .71 .70% .70% .70% Jul .67% .67V'4 .67V4 •67V4 Rye Sep 1.50V4 1 .451 /4 1.501,4 1.44!/4 Dec 1.50*4 1.46 1.49% 1.46 Mar 1.50V4 1.46% 1.501/4 1.46% May 1.49J4 1.45% 1.48 V4 I .451 /4 Jul 1.38 1.35% 1.36i,4 1.36 Soybeans Sep 2.68 % 2.64 2.68V4 2.65 Nov 2.66% 2.621/4 2.63% 2.64V4 Jan 2.701/4 2.66V4 2.67% 2.67% Mar 2.73V4 2 .691 /4 2.70% 2.71% May 2.76V4 2.72'/ 4 2.73 V* 2.73% Jul 2.77 2.72% 2.74 2.74'/4 Aug 2.73% 2.69'/4 2.71 2.72 READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! TERMITES ) FHA Time Payment I Freo Inspection HANSEN IUMBER CO. 342-5185 DISTRICT 3 WATER BILLS FINAL DATE WITHOUT PENALTY FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 on all Water Bills (white) in the Southeast District. "Shut-off" date for this district will be Tuesday, October 15, 1963. WATER DEPARTMENT CITY OF GALESBURG HEALTH INSURANCE PRODUCERS Establish and build . . , YOUR OWN AGENCY! with National's HOTTEST SELLER Here's a brand new $7,800 Hospital Income Policy. It pays up to $150 a week for hospital confinement for 52 weeks. You can get it* in different sized packages—$50, $100 or $150 a week on risks from 1 month through 69 years. In the entire 58-year history of National Casualty no policy has had the sweeping acceptance of 8055. You'll want to buy it as well as sell it. Write now for full information and a complet* set of sales material. Address your inquiry to: L. P. Merthtws, Vie* Prtsidtut NATIONAL CASUALTY COMPANY JIOO OrliwoU Bld e ., Detroit 21, Michigan W* fctvlfe eut-ef-fewa mqtnH f* writ* LARGE HOUSEHOLD AUCTION Saturday, Sept. 21,1963 11 A.M. 9HARP 698 Grcenleof or Corner of Beecher and Grcenleof As we are moving out of state we will sell our 5 rooms of quality home furnishings as follows: Tan tapestry davenport; 2—Strato- Jounge chairs, maple swivel rocker, 3-pc. solid maple cocktail set, 12x18 wool carpet; 2—9x12 rugs; 1—8'3"xl0'6" grey rug; 10" portable G.E. television; 27" Silvertone console TV, these are both in good condition; brass lamp; solid maple bar; 4-pc. solid cherry twin bedroom suite, with large size box spring and Innerspring mattress for each; 3 maple twin beds complete with bookcase head boards; 2 White boudoir lamps; 2 matching maple chests; 1—light maple chest; 1—mahogany credenza buffet; pine corner chest of drawers; child's desk; chaise lounge; reversible window fan; child's picnic table; Zero fan; 7-pc. patio table and chair set; Mr. and Mrs. mahogany dresser; full size Hollywood bed, boxspring and innerspring mattress; 5-pc. card table set; 2 lawn gliders; 14' freezer-refrigerator comb., 2 yrs. old (auto, defrost); Eagle 30" gas range with chrome top, 1 yr. old; utility table; 2-door white utility cabinet; 2 stools; Norge automatic washer in good condition. Rosiauranl Equip. Silex coffee grinder; lots of restaurant dishes; like new coffee stove; restaurant pots and pans; large fan; juke box (in good shape). Other Mi«c. Large child's tractor, child's go cart, bar-b -que grill; garden and yard tools; tool box. Lots mora Miscellaneous Merchandise too numerous to mention. PALE F. COFFEY—Auctions** BUD ALLEN—Clerk In case of r«ln sal* will b* hold following Saturday, fepi. 21, 11 A.M. Auci. Commini: This merchandise has to b« seen to be appreciated. Final Oroln Review CHICAGO (AP) - A belief among traders that the United States will soon reverse its policy against sales of grains to Russia firmed wheat and rye futures on the Board of Trade today. Late in the session, wheat was up a cent or more a bushel and advances in rye futures ranged to six cents a bushel for the September contract which expired at noon today. September corn advanced 3*/i cents a bushel on short covering. Carlot receipts today were estimated at: wheat 2 cars, corn <W, oats 7, rye none, barley 8, soybeans 11. NOTICE TO UtDDERg The City of Galesburg. Tlllnol* h#reby lnvltr* scaled hlrls on furniture for the Galesburg Municipal Airport. Bid* will be rrrelved until 10:00 A.M.. C.D.T.. on Oct. .1. MB.1. Bid forms may be ohtAlnrd At the office of Ihe City Purchasing Agent, located In City Hall. Michael A. Oravlnn Purchasing Agent 0/I9; IT Dow Jones Average" NEW YORK (UPD—Dow Jones 1 p.m. CDT stock averages: 30 indus 740.64 up 2.78 20 rails 172.37 up 0.82 15 utils 142.62 up 0.12 65 stocks 262.80 up 0.90 COMPLETE TREE REMOVAL Fully Insured — Free Estimates POWER STUMP REMOVAL OLSON'S TREE SERVICE Call Collect — Trojan 8-2103 Cllion. 111. Galesburg, 111. — 342-8214 Egg* and Poultry Knoxvllle Road, Gntcshurg Red Row*, Hatchery Large clean Eggs 22c Under grade Eggs 16c Leghorn Hens 3c Heavy Hens 7c Backyard & Rummcge Sales, etc. Must be in our office 12 noon day before ad runs. Call 342-5161 Display Advertising Dept. Galesburg Register-Mail ESTATE AUCTION 480 E. 5th ST. SATURDAY, SEPT. 21sr 10:00 A.M. To settle the Estate of Mary Robertson, deceased, wc will (tell the following chattel property: lata modal Motorola TV let In maple cabinet; 3-pc. sectional davenport; club chair; 2 matching brass table lamps; nest of 2 solid maple tables; extra nice antique walnut table wllh 1 drawer; drop front desk; 3 pc. modern bedroom suite consisting ot Mr. and Mrs. dresser and mirror, chest of drawers, bed complete with springs and beauty-rest mattress; antique walnut table; chest of drawers; apt. size Kelvlnator refrigerator with deep freeze across the top, Hardwick gas stove with divided top. 5-pc. chrome dinette set: aimoii new G.E. deluxe automatic washer with large tub and filter flo (if you need a good automatic waiher, don't miss this one); ironing board; ladder; some hand tools; some garden and yard tools; dishes; pots; pans and other items too numerous to mention. WM. LUTZ—Adm. of the estate of Mary Roberlion, deceased BARASH and STOERZBACH—Attorneys COBBIN'S AUCTION SERVICE KENT and Cook—Auctioneer* FREDERICK ERICKSON—Clerk Remember the time of this sale, as we will start promptly al 10:00 A.M. Galesburg Livestock Sales Company E. Fremont Road Regular Weekly Auction Starting at 9 :30 A.M. on Fat Cattle 12:3* P.M. on Hogs and Stock Cattle ADVANCED LISTINGS FOR SEPTEMBER 20 22 Native fleshy Angus steers, wt. 800 lbs. 7 Native Angus cows, some with calves at side. 2 Young Angus bulls. 40 Thin grain Hereford steers, wt. 800 lbs. 100 Good to choice Hereford steers, wt. 600-700 lbs. 75 Good to choice Angus steers, wt. 600-700 lbs. 45 Choice Hereford yearling heifers, wt. 600 lbs. Will Have More Friday Lindsey Bros, and Lowell Back, Auctioneers Galesburg Livestock Sales Company E. Fremont Road Phone 342-1416 FURNITURE AUCTION The undersigned executor will sell st auction on Woods Street, Avon, 111. Saturday, Sept. 21,1963 Starting at 1:30 P.M. Westinghouse 4 burner electric stove; Frlgidalre electric refrigerator; Philco TV and stand; two-piece living room suite; breakfast set, formica top table and four chairs; studio couch; two china closet and bookcase combination; occasional rocker; two occassional chairs; single bed; bed and dresser; two metal cabinets; wooden cabinet base; kitchen cabinet; card table with four folding chairs; electric fan; electric heater; roll top desk; floor and table lamps; Electrolux vacumn sweeper; sewing cabinet; step stool; Perfection oil range; Morris chairs; dairy electric water heater; pictures; hassock; dishes and cooking utensils; roller type leaf rake; tri-cycle and wagon; Vlc- trola; set platform scales; post drill; five gallon stone cider Jugs. Some stone, jars; set old encyclopedias. Some antique dishes and glassware. Numerous other articles Not Responsible for Accidents LOUIS HIEL Executor of Estote of Lena P. Hiel, Deceased. TERMS; CASH LOWELL BUCK. Auctioneer FURNITURE AUCTION As I have purchased a new Mobile Home I will sell my furniture at Public Auction at residence located 8 mile West of Galesburg on Route 34 or 2 mile West of Coldbrook Church, then 8 mile North then 2 mile East and South to first house or 2 mile South of Alexis then 2 miles East and South to first house on Saturday, Sept. 21,1963 1 O'clock Sharp. G.E. refrigerator; Coronado 17' Deep Freeze % yrs. old; Coronado elec. dryer one yr. old; Kenroore gas range J yrs. old; Coronado 4Q gas water heater Z yrs- old; Dinette set w/6 chairs 8c extension eaf table; Bedroom suits 3 pc. 3 yrs. old; Silvertone console 17" TV good; 2 pc. sectional overstuffed suue; Formica top corner table; Formica top round table; 2 blonde end tables and blonde coffee table; Kenmore 2 burner oil heater w/blower; Vlc -o-matic oil heater w/blower; 2-275 gal. oil tanks w/stands; 2 Easy spin dry washing machines; 2 9x12 rugs 1 green 1 rose leaf pattern w /padts; combination desk 8c gun case; 4 utility cabinets; base cabinet; curtain and shades; and articles too numerous to mention. TERMS — CASH. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS. Owen Conard Jr. Owner LEWIS G. MARKS It MICHAEL E. MARKS. CARROLL MARKS. Clezk. Auctioneers. AUCTION SALE ST. AUOUSTINI JUNCTION Sunday, Sept. 22, 1963 - 2 P.M. We also buy and ui«cf merchandise. List Hems ham 2 P.M. 'till 6 P.M. «ny <f«y. Wa h*v« n«w tiddfet, brfd?M, harness and carts; also used furniture, service sfffieft equipment, oil furnace, farm machinery ind many ether* small items. Not responsible for accidents TERMS — CAIN ORANT RYAN - Auctioneers - DAll COFFEY R. L. DILLIN, Mgr. FURNITURE AUCTION 658 BATEMAN ST. SATURDAY, SEPT. 21st - 1:30 P.M. As t have sold my hnmc, t will sell my furniture a* follow*; Vr-wly reuphnlstrrrd Phim-vm phvf* stvle davpnport; nice gold club chair; 24' RCA-Vletor TV srt: 3 -s »«ctlon sectional hook case; love scat; extrfl nice C 'rnsley combination radio and record player; Singer sewing machine: walnut sowing cahlnrl; floor lamp; rugs: pictures; walnut end table: piano hrnch; rlrrtrln swrcppr; hand vacuum; telephone stand; huffrt: mirror; ft dining chairs; walnut dropleaf tablH with white porcelain caster-;; ** sl/e, like new hoxsprlngs and foam ruhber mattress with arl|. frame; 2 -pc walnut bedroom suite complete; chest of drawers: cedar chest; sewing rocker; 2-pc. Oak hecU room suite complete; some bedding and linens; Philco refrlgeratOC with deep freeze across the top. Magic Chef gas stove, step-Stool, toaster, electric clock, G.E. window fan, electric heater, garden and yard tools, dishes, pots, pans and other Items too numerous to mention. SELMA OBERCJ—Owner CORBtNS AUCTION SERVICE Kent and Cook Auctioneers —• Phone 341-MJJ FREDERICK ERICKSON—Clerk Seed Rye - Seed Wheat RYE: Bin run or cleaned and bagged, 1 bu. bags WHEAT: Pawnee, cleaned — 1 bu. bags. Ponca, cleaned — 1 bu. bagi. CALL NOW 343-3142 GRAIN and SUPPLY CO. PUBLIC SALE The undersigned Devisees and Owners under the Last Will and! Testament of Mabel L. Woods, Deceased, will sell, at public auction, on Saturday, Sept. 21,1963 At 1:00 O'Clock P.M. ; At the late residence ot the said Mabel I,. Wooda, deceased, kw cated 1 block South of the Tompkins State Bank In the Village of Avon, Illinois, the following described real estate: The South 49 feet and 4'i Inches ot Lot Four (4) In Block Ten (10) in the Original Town, now Village ot Avon, situated In the County of Fulton and State of Illinois. This property consists, of a 8-room. two-story, modern residence, oil heated nnd In good repair. At the rear of the residence there Is n commercial building I8'x20 and attached thereto la a one-car garage. TERMS OF SALE) 25% of the bid on day of sale. Balance to be palrf on February 21. I!)fi4 at which time Warranty Deect shall be delivered to the Purchaser or Purchasers, Sellers to pay the l!)fi2 general real estate taxes, payable In 1!')6.1 nnd the Purchaser or Purchasers to pay all subsequent taxes. • Possession to be given said Purchaser or Purchasers on day of sale. Abstract of Title brought to date of sale shall be furnished the Purchaser or Purchasers. • Purchaser or Purchasers to keep the present Insurance in full force and effect after date of possession. Anyone Interested In. Inspecting the said premises prior to day of sale, please contact the undorslgncd auctioneer or Nealy Woodsy R.R. Prairie City, Illinois. Not Responsible for Accidents - 1 NEALY WOODS, EVA BOWEN WOODS, FRANCES HATCH, Owner* LOWELL BUCK. Auctioneer — Avon, Illinois EXECUTOR'S AUCTION Of Miscellaneous Tools and Equipment Of the late Eugene C. Wood, J15 West Archer Avenue. Monmouth, Illinois Saturday, Sept. 21,1963 COMMENCING PROMPTLY AT 11:00 A.M. I, Geneva S. Wood, Executor of the Last Will of Eugene G. Wood. (Deceased) will sell at the above stated time and place at Publlo Auction those Items of personal property ordered sold by the Order of the County Court, in Probate, of Warren County, Illinois, entered In the matter of the F.state of Eugene G. Wood, (Deceased) No. 7001. American Standard floor belt sander with l 1 * h.p. motor; American 13 inch floor surfacing machine; American 7 inch spinner and edger with 2 hp. motor, like new. cartons of new sandpaper for floor Banding machine; 50 yd. roll of floor sanding paper; '/j inch Dunlap electric drill; Black and Decker ', a inch drill; Craftsman 6 inch tilting! table saw; 2 hydraulic 8 ton jacks; 3 ton hydraulic jack; new tap and, die set; American 7 inch handy saw; complete set of socket wrenches with inch drive and V\ inch drive; 2 Markwell staplers; pipe vise: pipe cutter, la to 2 inch size; hp. single phase electric motor; 5 electric motors of various sizes and speeds; 2 blow torches; 2 14 inch screw jacks; complete s «t of hole saws; 5 planes: Syracuse drill bits; 6 pair of tin snips, circle and straight; levels; mason drills; hammers;, hatchets; cement tools; seamers; edgers, and trowels; shovels; spade*; axes; picks; C clamps; hand saws: pipe wrenches; squares; electric extension cords: adjustable pipe C clamps; mauls: tile shears; saw vise; two sets of car chains site 7.10x13; heavy duty 2 wire drop cord; paint brushes and caulking equipment; 15 inch drill extension; planer for tongue and groove boards: chalk line and powder; shingle stapler; many cabinet repairs, latches, drawer pulls, etc; hip boots size 8; electric grinder and hone: pipe fittings; 10 ft. x 12 ft. heavy duty tarp; lawn and garden chemical sprayer; Parker 21 inch lawn sweeper, new; several sets of roof and ladder jacks; 4 step ladders; rubber tired wheel barrow; many used windows and doors: also, storm windows and doors; loads of miscellaneous lumber: reel type power mower: rotary type power mower; 5 extension ladders, some nearly new measuring from 24 ft. through 40 ft: lawn sprinkler hose: garden hose; Bi£ Boy charcoal brazer on wheels: Winchester Model 12 18-gauge shotgun; and hundreds of other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS OF SALS—Cash. Not Responsible for Accidents MRS, OINIVA S. WOOD, Executor Auction***! EPWARD S. BURNS. MonmoulU. IlliaoU Clerk! HERBERT MILTON Lawyers: HOWARD It PADELLA, LUw*ry Bldg.. Monmouth, IU.

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