The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 18, 1900 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, June 18, 1900
Page 3
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THE DAILY HEWS Subjects of Sana 03 s in Oar Git y CJiardi£ of PATKIOIISM ASD A KISS. Mm. aitibe Recipient Salatr. uf An ' PRSl TAIKS. SuSDAY SCHOOLS AXD SOCIETIES. Te«» »nl Tupiv« tVi»«o Which Local 5UnlaC*»« U*re Su«cb Teach the Gospel Truth* -- Ji««« Week. Sr»cUl Of*p«: -·' ]· Partly cloudy tonight · / *nd ToiwUy viUx ihov- HJ en iaeui portioo; fimh uorthaui wiudt. W. L- MOOBX, Ohlef of the We»ther Boreca. TO-DAY. Bankruptcy Notice E. Y. Goldiborongh, B*f. Binder For Sato J. B. Hendriokfoo. Farm For Sale Charles Shipley. Boarding at Braddock J. F. Sherald. Closed Tonight Athletic Park. Concert Epueopal S. S. Boom. To the Men John Hendrickaon. Dry Goods Neidig Miller. Summer HaU Geo. A. Gilbert. "Qneen Quality" Shoes Boienoar'i. PDRELY PERSONAL Pleajunt Paragraph*' About Who Come and Go. Mr. Jacob Nusabaurn, ot Washington, D. O , was visiting friend* here yesterday. Miss Joe Miller, of Thounont, is city. Mr. Thomas Turner, Jr., of Washington, spent yesterday with relatives in this city. Mr. G. Roaenour, North Market street, spent yesterday with friends in Baltimore. Mrs. Holman, of Washington, is the guests of Mrs. V- S. Brunner, East Patrick street. Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Utermehle, of Washington, spent yesterday with friends in Frederick. Mr. G. L- Renner, of Harrisonbnrg, Va., formerly of this city, is visiting friends in Frederick*. Miss Bertha Trundle, South Market street, is spending a few days with friends in Adamstown. Mrs. £. C. Shepherd and son, Ran dolph, West Third street, are visiting relatives in Washington. Mr. Samuel Douglass is spending a few days with his brother, Mr. Wm. M. Douglass, at the Park Hotel; Mr. Walter Hargett, has returned from Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pa., for vacation. Mr. Wilfred McCardell, North Market street, who has been attending school in Washington, has returned. Mr. W. E. Fisher and son, of Four Points, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. U. A. Lough, South Market street. Mrs. Houston Elliott, of Washington, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. Fearhako, has returned home. Mr. H. C. Hull, Jr., of this city, who has been attending the sessions of Western Maryland College, has returned. Mr. and Mrs. Milton E. Akers, of Braddock, were guests of Mr. and Mra. A. L. Engelbrecht, near this city, yesterday. Mr. Harry 3, Kefanver, of near Frederick, who graduated from the Maryland Agricultural College last week, has retured to his home. --· Mrs. Ralph Browning, of Myersrille, who has been on a visit to her parents in Ohio, has returned, accompanied by her father, Mr. Harris. Prof. Wm. H. Harry and Mr. Harry B. Chapline, of this city, left this morning to attend the National Repnlican Convention at Philadelphia. Miss Ada E. Lough, who - has been risiting in Woodaboro, has returned accompanied by her cousin, Mm Ira Lough, of New Oxford, Pa. Mr. Wm. R. McGill, of Cumberland, who has been spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P. Maulsby, Court Square, left this morning for Philadelphia. to BAT. Oiborne lagZe preached yesterday morning at All Saints Episcopal chsrch os "Life Ewraal " Ertiog pr»rtr wm» btlii at v.40 u'cJock. At thd Eraogehcal Reformed church in the mortuog Dr. Eachbaeh preached from Cor. VI. 19. "RocoguJtipg God's Temptee/* Vecper ·errke waihelditt C 9 0 p m- At the Evangelical Lutheran church, Dr. K caiman conducted serricei in tbe morning. The text wa I Timothy MS and li. Vesper services were h«!d in the evening. E»T. T. Freeman Dlxon condoned both service* at the Presbyterian church ynterday. The morning vopio WM "The Holy Spirit: Hb Narer* and Offiet;" St. Lok* 3rit. Th« «jr»ning topic WM "Toe Holy Spirit. How Given, " St. Luke, 11: n-ia. Rev. Joel Brown, pastor, conducted " The morning text WM from Romans 12:1; snbjwt. "Sacrifice Required of Believers under the New Testament." Tbe subject of the evening sermon was "The New Birth"-- St. John 8:7. Epworth League was led by Mr. Wm. H. Nicodemcs. At the United Brethren church services yesterday were conducted by Bev. C. W. Srtnespring, who preached at both services. The subject of the morning sermon was "The Poverty of Jesus" and for the evening sermon his theme was "The Sleeper Aroused." Christian Endeavor service was held at 6.30 o'clock. At Grace Reformed church yesterday Bev. E. L. McLean in the morning conducted services and Bev. Charles Diehl preached. The text was St. Matt. 16 : 33 and the theme "The True View of Life." In the evening a vesper service was held, at which the pastor made a few remarks upon the twenty-third A di*p»tcb :o (h« New Y^rk Herald from Grt«(tw;ca, Coo a . w»jf: "A kiss gireeand r«s:sirati. a smacking kus that J .*» persoa^ assembled 10 P*rk yesterday a!Ctm-jeu both th* .ug -A » to -Old Pet.' 'M£r». Donald McLcAC. the faced aud ttately rtgtrui of New York City Uhapier, Daughters of the Americas Refyiuuju, «·** ijto uttat»vXKuntd recipient ot ia« ki». whiea cauae (ruoi the us.* of i£ct cocrtlj a -Micr aaa er of mZdier*. U«i O. O fcljwaru. "The tu-jauuwai ceveiltsi of a nuio-iou Wty.ieriy gr»ulle bowlder, six feet high, ou wmch was tin) follow- Gtiorfd Loaoaburj. licaa National io Repob- Ci/urentioa. CONTEST FOE COMMiTTEEMAN. HIT tr; ·ad Mr. Hudvl .lk* MvaUoaeU Some Urte- s frWetCtt KhljMt But dred ATlcr x. Kite. DiiMtch to Tti* WASSUSGTOS. June 1*.--Admiral Kemptf report* chat the T*ku foe t* tired oa foreign ship* and that after a brief JOHN HBNDRKJKSON. »mH« MODJBL-' O 1 D C Wictbnjaer. whj vs cue of the d0i«K*u* from iho Sixth DtMrici to Kits marks the spot raary 26. UEK. is where, on Feb- PCTSAM. cct off from hu soldiers and pur- sutd oy Britivh CAtalry, galloped down this rocky Heep and escaped. daring to lead where not one of many hundred foe* dared to follow. Erected by the Patuaui Rill Chapter Dangers of the American Rev. · · - , · ' · - _ - ~ U : · « - . - - - » UJ.U%iUil| U* V^IOC^- A Av^^ t V u ~ i U ' ^^. D., 1900. Brent* of the Week. The Women's Christian Temperance Union will have a Flower Mission public meeting this evening. An organ recital will be given at All Saints' Episcopal Sunday school room on Tuesday evening. Commencement exercises will be held at the Visitation Academy on Wednesday morning, followed by the Alumrae reunion. The young gentlemen of Frederick will give the first of a series of dances on Wednesday evenings at Braddock Heights. The Frederick High Schools will hold commencement exercises on Thursday evening at City Opera House. Cciomencement exercises trill be held at Brunswick, Emmitsburg. Thurmont and Middletown. ie Thomas' Work. Th'TTiSa Washington Saturday and remained orer Sunday with her parents. Prof. andtlCrs. Cyrus Thomas. Miss Thomas is at present engaged on behalf of the Bureau of American Ethnology in copying a large old manuscript Maya-Spanish dictionary for certain linguists of Yucatan who are at work compiling a new lexicon of the language: The Maya is the native language of Central America--the language of the people who built the templet and palace* found in ruins in that country. Services at the M. E. Church, South, were conducted yesterday by Rev. B. V. Switzer. The morning text was from Bom. 14. 17. Subject, "The Privileges of the Kingdom of God; Their Nature." The evening text was from St. John. 3. 30. Subject. "The Crucified Self the Vehicle of God." Epworth League was led by Mr. J. Edward Bice. At St. John's Catholic church masses were said yesterday at 6 30 o'clock bv Father Ooleman, at 8.30 o'clock by Father Bridges. At the high mass at 10 o'clock Father O'Connell was the celebrant, Father Coleman, deacon, and one of the students sub-deacon. The Novitiate choir sang the mass. The procession after theinaEs was very impressive. Twenty children dressed in purest white carried baskets of flowers which they etrew along the way. Ves per services were held in the evening. THE WOKK OF DEATH. 3IES. CHAB1TT A. K. FOCT." Sirs. Charity A. B. Font, widow of the late M. William Font, died at her residence, East Second street, yeeter- day afternoon at 4 o'clock, of heart failure, aged 75 years. Mrs. Fout suffered a stroke of paralysis a few months ago and since that time had been gradually failing. She is survived by three daughters and two ions: Mrs. Ella L. M. Weagley. Misses Anna and Cora Lee Fout, of Frederick, and Mr. Henry M. Font, of Fargo. N. D., and Mr. Marshall Fout, of Frederick. She is also survived by one sister, Mrs. Orrison, of BurkittsTille. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock from her late home. DAVID X. BTERS. David Martin fivers, a Frederick division railroad repair hand, died Tuesday morning, June 11, aged 32 years, 11 months and 13 days. Mr. Byers contracted typhoid fever while engaged at the erection of the new bridge over the Monocacy os the Frederick Division, P. B. B. Although ill, he refused to quit work until totally unable to work any more. He is surrired by a wife and six children, the oldest of whom is not yet 12 years old Hi was buried at Han- ov«r, Pa. PBTKK L. SPIXDLBB. Mr. Peter A. Sprindler, aged about 69 years, died June 10 at his home in Emmitsburg, He is survived by a wife. The funeral took place June 1-2 at St. Joseph's Catholic church. ROT. FT. Judge officiated. XBS. ELIZABETH SHEETS. Mrs. Elizabeth Sheets, widow of the late William Sheets, died this morning at 10 o'clock of bronchial trouble at 48 East South street, aged 77 years. The funeral will take place on Wednesday, with interment at Mt. Oarmel. Penaloa. An original pension of $8 a month has been granted to Samuel E. Tripa- poe, of JeftaMw, this oMasy. When you are feeling tirod and out of Mrt»yo»wm .146 Hood's SutBfcrfBa will do you wonderful good. Be sura log* Hood'*. Bridge at Reich's Ford. The Board of County Commissioners at its session this morning decided by a vote of three for and none against to build an iroa bridge across the Honoo- acy at Reich's ford, as petitioned for by a number of taxpayers residing on both sides of the Monocacy river. For a number of years the farmers of that vicinity hare wanted a bridge and have frequently been before the Board of County Commissioners with petitions. The delegation this morning agreed that if the board would have the masonry and iron work done they would attend to the filling on both sides under the supervision of the board. It has been estimated that tha bridge would cost about $12,000. Belch's ford is situated between Frederick Junction and the -r:;^tg abczt czs zzls bs low the stone bridge. "Time has obliterated all traces of that perilous ride, but the hill wu there, and what was lacking could OM ily be imagined by a student of history, Mrs. Henry H. Adams, regent of Put nam Hill Chapter, presided and made an address of welcome. Mrs. Washing ton A. Boebling. vice president general of the National Daughters of the American Bepublic. responded, and then Mrs. McL-san made a stirring address on The American Flag.* "Mrs. McLean's address had stirred all of that patriotic assemblage, but none GO much as General Howard. At she resumed her seat the gallant old warrior bent over to congratulate her. There was a resounding smack and a ripple of laughter spread over the as semblage. "Following came short speeches by _ s n t ds Sai^re 2e Lafayette, Lis::tenant-General Miles. Governor Louns- bnry, General Howard and James H. Hoyt. "How does it feel to be kissed in public?" laughed Mrs. McLean, settling back in a cozy chair in her dainty home, No. 186 Lenox avenue, yesterday afternoon. "Why," said Mrs. McLean. "I'm too used to being in public life to be surprised at anything. Of course, I have known Gen. Howard, all my life. He and my grandfather, Col. William Pinckney Maulsby, fought side by side all'through the civil war, and we have always been good friends. I'll tell yon a secret; it isn't the first time he has kissed me, so I wasn' t afraid You see, I look on the bravo old gentleman as a grandfather, so I regard it M an honor to be kissed by him, in public or in private for that matter. "I had made an addrets on 'The Flag,' Gen. Howard followed me. In his speech he complimented me highly and said ever BO many nice things about my address. When he had finished he came down the platform (o where I sat and I thanked him for wh\t he had said about me. And. at that lie bent over and kissed me respectfully on-the cheek. There was nothing "for me to do but to kiss him back, which I did." "Didn't it feel queer to be Kissed before such a crowd of spectators?" "Not at all," laughed Mrs. McLean heartily. "It was too great an honor, and I was appreciative cf it. I wasn't thinking of the people who saw it; I was just thinking ot tbe dear old General who has fought his country's battles so bravely and of the great honor he was bestowing upon me. 'It never occurred to me that the newspapers would notice it at all. Gen. Howard is getting along in life,' and I-well, I was Darn just at the beginning oi the civil war, in which he fought so well. In fact, the first thing I can remember now is when Gen. Grant came to my grandfather's house after the war and lifted me up in his arms." . ''But didn't it take pluck to kiss him in return?" 'Not a bit of it! There WM nothing else for me to do, and so it wu the most natural thing in the world." The Spellbinder. From now till brisk November comes I'd like to loaf around' In old Missouri's classic shades Where orators abound; Demosthenes and Cicero I'd never yearn to hear. If I could tour Missouri In a Presidential year! All through the golden summer time On eloquence I'd feast; I'd hear Missouri's sweetest tongues Three times a day at least; For Patrick Henry I'd not sigh. For .Webster drop no tear, If I onuld tour Missouri In a Presidential year! --RIFLB?"~D. SArsDEKs, in St. Louis Bepublic. Killed a Bald Eagte. Messrs. Mathias W. Brown andBatly Peeney, of Woodstock, Howard county, j*ve returned from a fishing trip on the upper Potomac. Besides an excellent catch of black bass. Mr. Brown killed, with a rifle, a bald eagle, which measured six feet and six inches from tip to tip of Its win?*. Hijcb School Commencement. The commencement exercise* of the Frederick High Schools will take place at City Opera House on Thursday evening as S o'clock. The class doy exercises of the Female High School will be held in Kemp Hall on Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock. The cla*f day exercise* of the Male High School will be held in the **o6Bbly hall of tie school building, North Market street, on Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock. The Modern Beamy Thrives on good food and sunshine, with plenty of exercise in the open air. Her form glows with health and her face blooms with its beaaty. It her systeo. need* the cleansing action of a laxative rWMdy she uses th« grattaaodptoMant Sy^ip of Fig*, made by the California Fig Synp Co. only. Sale of Real Ectate. Noah E. Cramer, real estate, loan and nsuraace agent, sold to Mrs. AnnaR. Kaufman, wife of Jesse Kaufman, a tract of land situated at Pearl. Frederck county, containing 90 acres of land, for $3.42" · Marriage llcen*e*. Marriage license* were issued in Baltimore Saturday to J. Clarence Niner and Daisy V. Biokerds, of Braddock, and William Derr, of Middletown, and Florence Long. left for Philadelphia this m.rniag. to )Jia the oth?r member* ot the delegation, toa6 of wham armed lu Pbila !el- phia ye*tcri;y. Mr. T. M. UiriUti. of ihe Pint Dutriot. was the flr.t member to put in aa appearance anJ wiu thortly followed by Senator Losd* E. McOotaas. The headquarter* of the delegation will bo at the Aldine Hotel, although a u amber of the delegate*. Including ex Mayor Malster, of Baltimore, will stop at the Continental. It wa* aauoaucad that tcoufertinaeof tbe entire delegation would be held this afrernooti for the purpo*e of selecting a chairman of the delegation and a mem ber t-l mo t»tluu»i Guiuimltee from Maryland Representative* oa the other coiiri-atioa oommitteea will also be chuseu at the oauous. The chief in- teres-s centers about the selection ot tke National Cununitt«eme*, and there will probably be *ome interesting developments, which may recult In a strong session. It i* well known that Mr. Maliter is an avowed candidate for thi* position and is strongly backed by the city delegates, who say his election will be to tbe best interei's of the party in Maryland. Senator McComas, who ha* served u a National Commit teeman, is said to be looking for reappoiutment. IB (peaking of the question last night Senator MoOoma* said: "I am not a candidate for the position and have not spoken to any delegate about it. I will, however, accept if they want me, and I think I will be the National Oommitteeman from Mary- laud." Mr. Stephen R. Mason, chairman of *ll*3 £to£f(lujdC[l t^ikj* ' -.~^n.?m,* T . £ A E»li timore, who i* at the Continental with other prominent city Republican* and representing Mr. Malster's interests, takes a different view. "Mr. Malater," he said, "who received more votes in Baltimore than any other Republican, should be the next National Committeeman from Maryland, and will have the unanimous support of the city delegates. This is the proper solution. There is a- feeling in the party that certain persons, already honored sufficiently by the party, should step aside and not attempt to grasp everything in sight. If, however, we find it impossible to secure this honor for Mr. Malster, our friends in the delegation will support Congressman Mndd." Mr. Mudd's position, it is said, will settle who is to ba the next national committeeman from Maryland. Mr. Mudd, it is also said, will be chairman of tha delegation, while the Maryland vice-president of the convention will likely be ex-Mayor Malster. Senator McOomas will probably be the member of the committee oa resolutions. Places on the other committee*, oa rales, art; dentials and organization, aretleft open! A report was started that tbe Mary- i land'delegation would not rote as a unit j for McEouley if Governor Roosevelt's name i? placed before the convention for the Presidency. Mr. Stephen R. Mason openly stated in the labor of the Continental Hotel that the delegation would tpht if such a condition should arise. There wore other Republicans from Baltimore who echoed these views, i Mr. Mason said:. 1 "Individually I would like to see i Roosevelt nominated, because I believe i lie could win with far greater ease than HP. McKinley. Since I have been here [ find that others agree with m* about this. Besides the New York vote Roosevelt would get Pennsylvania and the Northweit. If once the ball is started rolling there will be no difficulty in keeping it going." Jane 1 N -- Dispatch** report ing «h? «eizor« of (he- Taku fort* «ay that an uliiBiatum wu *eut to th«Chi- neee couucaiidrr. following the receipt of which tovcuu«n fosr u the warship*. Tbe -«t icg the Chines guc» ru DAY. s TO BE . £r» THI -\tw 5 , Juue !*.--A Shanghai du- s»v6 Rout* icdi*u«J» fifty million uel* indemnity f r dama^v ;c her r*.'tro*d«. RKGIMKXT URDKKKD IX) HONG KUXG. Spertal LHsi-steh lo THI New a SIMLA, Ism A, Jane IS.--The Seventh Bengal Infantry has been ordered to Hong Kong. .OOAL MENTION If you would be positively assured of 6 per coat, on your money payable in semi-annual dividends, and your money guaranteed safe, wouldn't you Invest t* Such is the paid up stock of the National Building Association ot Baltimore City. Share* $100. Money loaned only on first mortgage. Investigate. · Tnewlay Evening. June IB Concert at the Episcopal Sunday school rooms, under Prof. Geo. Ed. Smith and Miss Stsokel, for the new organ. Tickets on sale at Williamson's drug store. A. C. McOardell's and R. S. J. Dutrow's. at 35 cents each. Athletic Park. On account ot inclement weather the park will be closed tonight. Open as usual on Thursday aight. Among the attractions will be an unlimited pursuit race between Otis H. Miller, of Washington, D. 0., and Albert McDonald, of Frederick. Sco billa:ia. Hiss Howe, who has sung in opera and before the President, will sing at the concert for the new Episcopal organ on June 19, Tuesday evening. Boarding at Brmddock Heights. Persons desiring table board, dinner and supper only, with free transportation each day, at 13.60 per week, can ba accommodated at Braddock Heights. For information inquire of J. Frank Sherald, Braddock Heights. There will be a public meeting of the W. O. T. U. on Monday evening at 7 30. Subject, Flower Missions. All are cordially invited. Flowers solicited. Advertised Letter*. The following is a list of the adver Used letters remaining in the Frederick city postoffice Saturday, June 16, 1900. To obtain any of these letters the applicant* must call for "advertised letters." If not called for ·within two week* they may be sent to the dead let ter offie: GKSTUMXK'S LIST.--P. S. Austin, Dr. Charles H. Brioe, Joe Beattie, JohnH. Clem, E. L. DeLsuhmutt. Mellrflle Gittinger, William Long, Vincent Morn ingstar, Peter C. Nelson, Mr. Oster man.' LADIES' LIST.--Miss Amelia Davis, Mr*. Francis Howard, Miss Yirgie Wolfe. Commencement at Emmit*tmrit. The ninety-second annual commencement of Xt. St. Mary's College, Emmitsburg, will take place on Wednee day, June 20, His Eminence, Cardinal Gibbons, presiding. The conferring of sacred orders will take place at the col ege at 8 a. m. June 19, by Right Bev. Edward P. Allen, D. D., Bishop of Mobile. Commencement exercises at Mt. St. Foseph's will be held on Thursday, June 21. The High School commencement, Mr. Lloyd Palmer, principal, will take place Monday evening, June 18. The paduatss are Misses Annabel Hartman, Vnrelia Annan, Rhoda Qillelan and Toseph Rome. Ibe Zoc*i Mart. Mi. J. X. W. Hargett'* market quota- Hans for today are: Corn, per barrel, 13.15; com, shelled, 38 cent* per bushel; «h«M, 73 omte per bubei. Hay, 113 *o $14 per ton. Cbe*p Publicity. For 15 cent* you can let everyone la Frederick know by a Nxws want ad. that you want * situation or want a cook. Some large oaks hare grcnro frotc ·aull adverttog taoru. A Loving Cap. At the reunion of the class of 1S96 of Western Maryland college at Westmin- iter last week there was a pleasing incident. It wo* the presentation of a ins z^-~* i~ t--2 £r«t born to s ss^mbsr of "the class, Edwin Henry Livingston, aged nearly two years, son of Bev. W. O. and E. Grace Livingston. The cup i* silver, gold lined, and the presentation was made by E. O. Grime*, Jr., of the Westminster bar, in behalf of the cla**, and Rev. Mr. LmagstoarMpcnd- ed. Mr. Livingston married 3iiwE. Grace Weaver, daughter of Mr. J. Edwin Weaver, of Westminster. He is BOW *tationed at I jamsriUe, this county. Not Wanted In A dispatch from Hagentowu *ays that neither the firemen nor tha business men of that place want the next meeting of the Stat* Volunteer Firemen's America's greatest medicine i* Hood*' Sanaporilla, because it po*e**c« unequaled curative power and its reoord of cnrw iagrwtort. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Bulletin. SPECIAL RATES TO YAKIOCS POtXTS. Chicago, 111.--National Prohibition Convention, June 27--28. One fare for the round trip. Tickets good going on June 25 and 26; good returning, leaving Chicago until June 29. inclusive. Chicago. 111.--G-. A. R. National Encampment, August 27--September 1. One fare for the round trip. Tickets good going August 25 to 27, good to return until August 31, inclusive. Full information furnished by ticket agent. Cincinnati, O.--B. T. P. U. A. National Convention, July 12-15. One fare for the round trip. Tickets good going July 10 to 13, good returning until July 17. with privilege of extension to August 10 on deposit of ticket with Joint Agent at Cincinnati on or before July 14, and payment of 50 cents. Kansas City, Mo.--National Democratic Convention, July 4. One fare for the round trip. Tickets good going July 1. 2 and 3, limited for return leaving Kansas City to and including July 9. Fourth of July.--Excusion ticket* will be sold at rate of one fare and one- third for the round trip to and from all point* east of the Ohio River within a radius of 200 miles (but sot to and from stations east of Baltimore) for all trains of July 2, 3 and 4, good returning until July 5, inclusive. 2 No One Can Tell tbe Future. ji**ve while you may, the care* of old age come all too quickly. The National Building Association of Baltimore City issues instalment stock, par value $100 per share, costs 60 cents per share per month. Maturity estimated at 100 months. This investment nearly dou : bles your money. Republican National Convention, Philadelphia, Jane 19tb, 19OO. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Tbe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad will sell ticket* at One Lowest First Class Fare for the round trip from all points on its lines east of the Ohio River. Tickets good going June 15th to 19th, inclusive, with limit for return passage leaving Philadelphia to and including June 26eh, 1900. Side trip tickets will be sold from Philadelphia to Atlantic City. Cape May, Ocean City, Sea Isle City and New York City at reduced rates. Through Pullman sleeping cars and Dining cars on all through tiains to Philadelphia. For tickets anrl fall information call on Agent B. O. R. R. Frr derick Brancb ( National Building 3 AMOcIation of Baltimore City. EDWARD C. LEASE. President. JOHX L. JOHXSET, Yica President. BAKEB JOHXSOT, Attorney-at-Law, Agent for Frederick County. Assets, $326,616.76. Surplus, $20,235 35. L. E. MULLJNLX. EW SUMMER RUG. We just put on sale this A. M. a bale of a Special New Rug suitable for Summer f nraUbings: only a limited quality. j5ee thematonoe. WINDOW ANT) DOOR AWNINGS. A few points will explain why our adjustable and reversible awning is the best and cheapest one to buy. 1st. It can be adjusted to fit any window. 2nd. It can be put up or taken down by any one in two minutes. 3rd. They are made of best quality striped duck. 4th. It i* the only awning that can be used with outside shutters. Get onr prices. L. E. MULLINIX, THE EXCLUSIVE CAHPET, WALL PAPER AND CUKTAIK HOUSE. AM» HiSXCH BU'K. S'LKAl'EUlN TAN rASUiOX AND IN Hl-.H CLASjs C-f liit' fKSt.E C.SLY J v . -·· WVAXTITY L1MITCU AND ·\iU. b*.~-N UK UJN'T 1 SUSPENDERS. Stop a» yon paw our South window aad take a peep at thd new open work, cool summer Sa*pender, no other pie30 of wear you can buy that will add u much to your comfort; Price onlr Me. The finish and attachment* are the beat and latest. ENGLISH TWILLS. This la the New "Square" Scarf we are selling at 50c. Exclusive patterns both light and dark color i. OEK OEO. 8. BODOOK ft 00. THE BIG STORK'S BAKOA1X BI'LJLET1N : KKW ADDITIONS TO OUB BARGAIN COUKTEB. We placed on oer bargain counter today '# dozen women's White Bibbed Ve*to, Lisle finuh, taped Deck aad sleeve*, all «u«*, at (K each- Ltx of good tonality, h«*Tr juoilin half bl«*ch«d Bed Sheet*, hemmed, ready for use. si re bix W incbe*, at 39c each. Fine large Smyrna Rugs. SOxOO. with fringe, tl.23 each. Flae quality decorated Turk- uh Towel Friday at 15c each, in whit*, pink and yellow groandi. U£O. 8. KOPOCK * CO. A. T. BIOS A SONS. A. T. RICE Soss. KUNKRAL DIRECTORS EMBALMZU8. NMDIQ fit MILLER. N EIDIG MILLER, COMBINATION Of GOODNESS. CONVENIENCE AND CHEAPNESS. We hope to impress rou so favorably *» to make you a customer. Price Is th« propeller thnt will more thine dress eoods. But they eo at }1 less. 1C you're Interested In nice nil wool eoods. Parasol;. Its about time you should ect one nt these reduction prices. Parasol* worth »G.OO. W 00. S3 00. $3 50, JI.50 now J1.95, $ $1-21. White Per-tan Lawn. NotUiue GO nice for a white dress. You can profit by onr low prices on these t lent coir. 5 piece worth 40c, now 30c. 5 piece worth OOu. DOW 30c. Bargain; ID BMck Satin. 75c was the price* All Silk Black. Kood color, now Cite. A cooJ thin it for tucked waists. A Particular Vest. Lone or short sleeve, high neck, a 3Sc garment fur 25c. Dotted Swlst. A profusion ot dots at a sav ing la price. 12Xc, iSc and 25c. Those Table Linens at less you should get. ai housekeepers arc taking advantage of the low prices. Wtite Shirt Waists Some choice styles to sell yun at a smart reduction In the new cut. Handkerchiefs. Some linen eoods at a bargain price. Sl.50 per dozen, ladies or cents. Better see thca soon. 190 NORTH MARKET STRKJST. FREDERICK. MIX TO UUte IN SHALi, OB LARGE LOTS. P.V.STAUB. GASOLINE t'OK BALK. IP. V. STAUB. J. Beiseiy Keller. M ILIJER 28 N. Market St. JJIINTONJ3. MAIN. A TIGHT COUGH I Is not an ea;y thine to tote. H grapples with the bronchial tabes and reaches for the lungs. There is a war to SHAKE IT OUT of the system. Take Alain's Conch Cure This remedy will cnre everv time. Relieves right away. CLINTON B. MAIN. Graduate Pharmacist. Standard time received daily from Washington. LOCAL MENTION. Dr. Herman, optician, has located permanently in Frederick and will have his office temporarily in the parlor of Mrs- Hargett, 26 W. Patrick, opp. City Hotel. Dr. Wm. C. Boteler. Practice Limited to Disease* of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Special attention to operation* for Strabismus (cross eyes), Cataract, Trachoma, ( granulated lids), etc. Spectacles adjusted fur all forms of defective sight. Spectacle examination* free. Office 28 N. Market street. 1 )ROP IN AT J. HfflSKJLY £UJiB'8, DBDG STOKI. 1103 H. MASEET «T TOOTH BRUSHES. 1HA1H BBU8HES. CLOTH£8 BBU8BLES4 HAT BHUSHBS r\^i keep It stock* everything that b«- lonr* In a p*rfKtlr ·QoltpftJ pharmaer. QAHD1 We areofferingfor spot oMb olMB, ·harp Potomac Blvtr Band la tmf quantity, fromabarrel toaoarload. Thi* i* the same *and w*d by ikt B. A O. B. B. in It* engine* for sanding of traok* and la tha klatf we u*e in ill our oemMit work. Oood remit* oannot ba obtained In plastering, brick or o*u*nt work unle*s the proper material! arauMd and we are the only one* h*w Mill Ing a Band rnltabl* for thoM pv| Call or writ* lor prioH4 WILLABD 0. 8 2. FATBICK IT. OERESVILLE FLOUR. Bait (more Obto-Kaflromd. Excurions to Atlantic City, Cape May, Sea Isle City and Ocean City, N. J. Ocean City, Md , and Rehoboth Beach, Del., AT VEST LOW RATES, Thursdays, June 28, July 12 and 26, August 9 and 23. The Baltimore Ohio R. R. have arranged a series of Popular Seashore Excursions, to be run on Thursilays, June 28, July 12 and 26, August 9 and 23, to Atlantic City, Cape May, Sea Isle City and Ocean City, N. J., Ocean City, "A , and Rehoboth Beach. Del. Tickets will be jrcod sixteen flO) days, including date of sale. Stop-overs will be allowed on there- turn trip ot Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington on tickets sold to New Jersey resorts, and at Baltimore and Washington on tickets sold to Ocean City, Md., and Rehoboth Beach, Del. For tickets, time of trains, sleeping and parlor car accommodations, call on or address nearest Ticket Agent, Baltimore Ohio R. R. for full information. F. B. SAPHNQTON. ABOUT SEVEN WEEKS AGO WE HAULED IN A CAB LOAD OF SPRING WHE*T.OR MINNESOTA FLOOR. c. NOW WJE HAVE AS- OTHER 150 BARBSL CAR LOAD ON HAND. HOW DOES THAT STRIKE TOtTI WB BLEND THIS OUR PUFEBLATIYE PAT. "THE BEST 18 THE CHEAPEST." SHRINEB, TBS MAKER OT FLOUR. PROFESSION A-, F\R. STEWART P. DEABT, DENTIST, NO. 03 NORTH MARKET STREET. FREDERICK, MD. T~\B. R. 0. NICODEMOS, DENTIST, so NORTH MARKET STREZT. PRICES MODERATE AND2WOBK GUARANTEED. A LFBED BITTBB, ATTORNEY AND COCSSKLOB AX LAW Kotilty Practice and Orphans' Court Business. Commercial LAW and Collection*. AH ·utters entrusted to toy care will r*o*tv* prompt and careful attention. Office-Court Street. Frederick. Md. P. LEVT, We call yonr attention to onr stock of China, consisting cf DINNER. TEA ASD TOILET WAEE. plain Troite and man; preily uecora tfons. The^e roods come from the bert factories and *r* new and desirable shapes. We will be recdvlnr new roods from now on each week, aad U yon need any boose fornishlnr rood* call and we -x'.M le s^re to rlesst yen. tVt show a. splendid assortment of LAMPS. Remember the Student Laap a£d the American Centre Draught Lamp are the best reading i*mps msJe. We *e!! them. We carry a complete stock of choice Family groceries. "White Star" Coffee is the be*., that STOWS, and Ko Ml Tea i: the best tea to drink. We are fols sgect» for these roods a=d know they will please yon. A«k fo- somethinr nice. TV* dont keep lt.^W«.-ell it. 5. E. SAPKX 8TO?. 73 N. Mark** 8c ATTORNEY AT LAW. Successor to C. T. S. I.BVT. Office--Court Street. oppn*U* Court Special attention fires to xeaiU* for the sale of Seal Estate. Pnmoti feil sttenttoa will be given to all *« placed Is nr aaad*. WANTED. W ANTED^BOARDERS BY TOT we*k or month, no children: two lla«* of stages pass tbe door in ana out of Fredwick daily. Address A. M.. Pearl. Fr*d«rick ComntT» 35J. jftwIXi^*' W ANTED.--ANYONE DE8ZBINQ to be coached ta Ltttx aad Gr» Summer will apply t* Jttattfeau fc. AKTSD.-TO TRAOX OLD iixwsr Ajvm. OLD l«W*TApmB». OLD intwa orric* UN»

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