Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on January 23, 1932 · Page 1
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 1

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 23, 1932
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Ig45 A Family Newspaper.--Devoted to Local and General Intelligence. Agriculture and Advertising.--Independent on all Subjects. Subscription:--In Caroline, §1.00 per Annum, in Advance; Out of County, $1.50. 1932 VOL. 86. DENTON, MARYLAND, SATURDAY MORNING, JANUARY 23, 1932. NO. 15 Looking Forward We believe the advent of the New Year 1932 holds in store for us all many signs of encouragement. We believe and have faith in our American Institutions and Industries. We believe in the integrity, industry and loyalty of our people for the support and continuance of all our Institutions whether Economic, Social or Political. We have faith and believe in our public men and women, and have confidence in our national future and stability. As a member of the Banking Institution, which, since the days of Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury, has been characterized by its stability, initiative and integrity, we are here to serve the community, and to render that same dependable service that you have learned to expect. Open an account with us. We pay 4% on savings accounts. THE PEOPLES BANK OF DENTON DIRECTORS WILLIAM CROLL THOS. L. DAY WM. R. FOUNTAIN H. CLAY HOBBS PAUL HOLSINGER THOS. F. JOHNSON GEO. J. KIBLER HENRY T. NUTTLE HARRY H. NUTTLE R. R. RINGGOLD JOS. M. SHORT H. EARLE SMITH FRED J. WRIGHT J. FRANK WRIGHT HENRY T. NUTTLE, President. H. CLAY HOBBS, Vice-Pres. J. FRANK WRIGHT, Cashier. WM. H. NUTTLE, Ass't. Cashier G. LAWRENCE WILSON, Ass't. Cashier WHICH WILL SHE WEAR? STARTLING! NEWS · Low PRICE ON The Famous SIMMONS Mattresses THE FAMOUS BEAUTYREST .75 Was Thia is glad tidings, indeed. New low prices on the worlds finest inner-spring mattresses. A reduction of almost $6 on the "Beautyrest" alone. That makes it the outstanding value today. Comes in lustrous new Rosemary damask covers in several colors--sizes 8-3, 4-0 and 4 G. Same quallly--same eoaitrocilon--same fuirutee. Order yours today! Was $23.00 SIMMONS DEEPSLEEP $19*75 M. K. NEWNAM, Denton, Md. FURNISHER OF HOMES SPECIAL! Big Bargain! 1924 Chevrolet Roadster Running Shape $23.00 Cash APPLY A. MATHEWS, SCHLEGEL'S CORNER. 1-23-1t M. A. BBAOKBTT TXETSTTTST Market St Over Dtatoo Motor C«. Phone 82 Open daily from 9 a, m. to C. 30 p. ni. GET YOUR Stieff Silver at factory prices from STUJEIMER. 11-7 Eauton, Md. House for Bale. I have an 8-room house for tale at the corner of Market and Fourth StreeU; electric light*, bath and all nacesaary outbuildings; excellent location. For price and terms apply to FRED B. NUTTLE, 11-7 Denton, Md. Ford Coach for Bale. I have a Ford Coach bought in June 1931 which I will sell for $400.00. I also want to buy a cheap team and wagon, plow, harrow, etc. I would be willing to exchange for these articles and $200.00 of the car can be financed. JOSEPH B. BLOUGH, 1-23-11 Denton, Md. Enjoy the Comfort -AND-Convenience Of An AUTOMATIC OIL BURNER At a New Low Price 1.00 $150 Installation Will work satiufactorily in pipe- leas furnaces. Q.H.RUE Phones: Office, 20. Residence, SO-M DENTON, MD. SOLMlON Poucy The Talk of Delaware Reese Theatre Harrington, - Del. Friday, Jan. 22, One dny only The show that has amnzed HIP world HELEN HAYES CLIFF ED WARDS in THESINofMADE= LON CLAUDET We believe this to be the finest picture ever produced Saturday, Jan. 23, Ono day only The Screen's First Lady The HappioessThcatre of Maryland NEW Community Theatre d Quramnua (ficniir Her latest and greatest success Mon. Tuea , Jan. 25 2G Paramount's Sensational Drama CLIVE BROOK.KAY FRANCIS, M I R I A M HOPKINS nnd KEGIS TOOMEY in "24 HOURS" A great show that you'll tiilk about for many a day Selected Short Subjects Wed. Thurs , Jan. 27 28 Two Exciting Days Note: Thfl Reese Theatre Presentation of "Frankenstein" with Colortone effects ia unliko uny presentation in any theatre in Delaware -THE HAM WHO MADE A MOX5I» See It If You Dare! with JOHN BOLES, COLIN CI.IVE, MAE CLARKE BORIS KARLOFF It out-Draculiia "Dracula" Positively no children admitted unless accompanied by an adult Fri. Sat., Jan. 29 30, 2 days Big Stage Vaudeville Show In Person, WCAU Kiddies, that you hear via radio every Sunday 'i TOM THOHB WEDDING' Tap Dancing, Singing, Muflic Positively the greatest galaxy of entertuiners ever brought to Delaware Mat. Sat. 2 p. m. Yo Yo ConteHt On the Screen JOHN MACK BROWN in "LASCA OF THE RIO GRANDE" No Advance in Prices. 2ShowsEachEYfiDtDgat7.!5S9 Adm. 25c, 40c, 50c Our Family Ticket $1 FJ i. and Sat., Jan. 22 and 2H. The Peppy Romance of Youth M A R I A N MARSH in "UNDER EIGHTEEN" Youth, Glorious Youth Selected Short Subjects. Mon., Jan. 25, One day only NANCY CARROLL in "PERSONAL MAID" with FREDERIC MARCH Beautiful Nancy Carroll again wins your heart in this startling romance Lirt Episode "THE VANISHING LEGION" With Harry Carey and Edwina _ Booth _ Wed. Thurs., Jan. 27 28 We personally recommend this picture as fine entertainment W A R N E R BAXTER, LEILA H Y A M S i n 'SURRENDER' A conflict of emotions. Dramatic and entertaining. Sec it Selected Short Subjects Fn. Sat., Jan. 29 30 Here's one you can't miss KAYFRANOIS.LILYANTASH- M AN, JOEL McCREA, EUGENE PALLETTE in "GIRLS ABOUT TOWN" Modern Comedy Drama of the "Gold Diggers of Broadway" Selected Short Subjects One Show Each Evening at 8 Kognlar Admission, 15c 3.~c. Chairman Coop= er Names £/s= trict Committees Ernest G. Cooper, chairman for Caroline county for the Democratic Victory Campaign, has appointed the following chairmen nnd committees for the eight districts county: of T. E. Heather, James H. Scotton, Wil- J. C. j Clayton Horsey, John Stevenson, L. Irving Jones. Third Election District, J. Ed. Nich I Federal Court Holds January Session Here The United States District Court opened here Monday with Judge William C. Coleman presiding and before the afternoon recess disposed of twon- Euel Lee Found Guilty of Murder At Towson, Md. Euel Lee, alias Orphan Jones, was found guilty of first degree murder last Wednesday afternoon by a jury of Baltimore countians in the Court * House at Towson. The verdict was ty-one of a docket of seventy cases returned on the first ballot after de- charging violations of the prohibition liberating for only half an hour. Lee laws. had been on trial since Monday for Following is the list of Petit Jur- the murder three months ago of Green ors who were drawn and served at this K. Davis, a Worcester county farm- week's January Term of the United cr. A motion for a new trial will be States District Court: Thomas Cham- heard by the court at 10 a. m. next bers, Federalsburg; S. Olin Smith, Thursday. The decision of the jury Sudlersville; W. Grason Wintcrbottom, compels the court to impose either Cambridge; Robert D. Gricr, Jr., Salis- the death penalty or life imprison- bury; H. Wright Dawson, St. Mich- mcnt in the event the three judges aels; James Dixon, Easton; Sidney E. who heard the case refuse the request Estelle, Easton; George A. Hnrring- for a new trial. Lee was under in- ton, Salisbury; C. P. Eaton, Denton; dictment for the murder of a family Cornelius C. Tome, Port Deposit; of four at Taylorsville, but was tried Charles L. Perry, Sraithson; William only for the murder of Mr. Davis. G. Smyth, Chestertown; Levin D. The sentence, however, cannot be Lynch, Ocean City; William H. Med- imposed while action on the motion, ford, Cambridge; Charles H. Rocke- which must be filed by today, is pend- fus, Port Deposit; E. Dale Adkins, ing. In the event the new trial is de- Salisbury; J. Thomas Smith, Chester- nied, and it likely will be, sentence town; Isaac T. Fleetwood, Denton; J. may be imposed at once. Defense Frank Fraser, Elkton; Elliott Wheel- council averred that in event this hap- er, Easton; Harry C. Flowers, Queen pened they undoubtedly would carry Anne; George C. Rawson, Northeast; the case to the Court of Appeals. If Albert G. Dennison, Goldsboro; Fred- an appeal is taken, they said, it will crick Harper, Royal Oak; Edward be based chiefly on the procedure by Lambert, Easton; Wingate Neal, Den- which the jury was chosen. At the ton; J. Redman Bramble, Centreville; outset of the trial the defense filed Clifford D. Whiteoak, Chesapeake a motion challenging the whole jury City; John H. Baggs, Denton; David as having been selected by a proced- Dallas, Salisbury; Warren C. Gladden, ure precluding a fair and impartial Princess Anne; William Whaley, Bertrial. Judge Frank L Duncan, sitting lin; Edward T. Parsons, Oxford; in the case with Chief Judge T. Scott Frank Pilsh, Easton; Jacob C. Trax, Offutt and Judge C. Gus Grayson, ex- Tunis Mills; Merwin P. Selby, Girdle- plained from the bench that the same tree; J. Frank Lane, Goldsboro; E. objection had been raised years ago Rumsey Anthony, Chestertown; Wade and that the Court of Appeals had H. Insley, Salisbury; Eli N. White, upheld him in the manner in which Salisbury, he had selected the talesmen. The cases disposed of involved pleas When the foreman of the jury, H. of guilty and all those to appear bell, Stockesdale, of Glyndon, and a fore the court were from the Eastern carpenter, announced, as spokesman, Shore. One defendant denied the that he and his colleagues had found Lee guilty there was no demonstration in the courtroom. The face of Lee was devoid of any unusual expres- Caroline sion of any kind as he stood await- Judge Coleman prepared to pass sen- ing the verdict. A few minutes after- tence on her and Frank Sepko and Fmt Election District, Foster Clark, wards he was hurried to the Baltimore Lynwood Shockley after they had Chairman; H S. Dailey, H? H. Smith; City Jail, while the crowd was held pleaded guilty to possession and own in the court room temporarily until ership of proptrty designed for manufacture. The court held her case open Much satisfaction was manifested but sentenced the two men to four HaTM .See Jones', r C ?G3; throughout the Eastern Shore at the months in jail. L A. Gooden, Mrs. Zula Gooden, W. ver dict given by the jury. .Cases disposed of included. Lonme ., ,, , · T-,--i. T -- rv»_i. e_:*i. ,, , ,, Peterman nnd Samuel Smith, both of A Joint Birthday Dinner Dorchester county, sent to jail for two The third week of January was al- consecutive terms of two months on Second Election District, Dr. 0. W. ways a gay one at the Briggs' house, charges of sale nnd possession and i. 1^1 j i u u b u c i i «Miii»-.j **· ·^v«»«'----j * · -- jn nits i;uui t Avruiji iliam G. Smith, J. Tyson Heather, Mrs. h(j wag taken away ij. Tyson Heather, John R. Jones, J. Qnt ufnrtio, Edwnrd Walls, L. M. Jones, Joseph Harris, Wallace Jones, E. C. Gooden, L. A. Gooden, Mrs. Zula Gooden, W. 'H. Goodwin, Frank Lane, Clark Smith, W. J. Murphy, John Sylvester, M. E. Jarman, Dr. H. F. Silver, Noble Jar- rcll. Second Election .District, ur. u. w. ways a gay u«e ui, me ~..*, b - . ^..-. B ^- -- . Barton, Chairman; E. C. Carter, Jolin Two birthdays were scheduled on the contempt of court by failure to recog- C. Brown, A. Irvin Brumbaugh, Dr. « soc 5 a i calendar"--young Bill's was nize a judicial decree. It was charged W. W. Goldsborough, Arthur W. ^ ^ gixte , nth and Dot - g on the they broke a padlock that had been u £ eighteenth. placed on their property. The sale As Mother Brigss glanced over the and possession count also charged Third Election District J.Ed calen dar, she thought, "How ols, Chairman; Prof. W. S. Crouse, Dr. , '.., . ,,. U D j j t D. 0. Gcorsc, L. R. Cl.ueh. to»= L. ,u,ckly the «h ton do grow up It January Specials! Permanent Wave $6.00 Shampoo and Wave and Manicuring $1.50 Eyebrows Beautified 25c PHONE "159 ' BEAUTY- JSJIOPPE Wedding invitations and announcements printed with care and neatness. --The Denton Journal. Wanted. F\NCY BROILERS AND POULTRY. l.ntgo or small lots, highest cash prices. Whon you are ready to sell call telephone 87 and Rot our best offer. W. T. EDDINGTON SON, 1-23-41 Federalsburg, Md. Dukes, Henry R. Lewis, William J. iRicknrds, W. B. Deen, Wesley E. Thawlcy, J. O. Knotts, Calvert C. (Merriken, Wilbcrt Merriken, T. Alnn 'Goldfaborough, Ora Carroll, Alfred Raughley, R. H. Stafford, Harry A. Porter, Thomas Cleaves, Emmett Hignutt, Charles G. Dukes, W. W. Noble, Dr. Frederic N. Nichols, J. Lester Ev- erngnm, W. T. Nichols, M. Kemp Ncwnain, B. F. Johnson, Carroll George, Emory D. Kimmey, L. A. Moore, James H. Thnwley, William H. Beck, Josiah A. Beck, George W. Beck, W. 0. Lednum, D. W. Davis, Austin R. Murphy, James Temple, Fied Covey, C. V. West, J. Frank Wright, William J. Irwin, Walter S. Ruttcr, W. H. Rathell, P. W. Downes, j rcn Samuel Nowell, E. T. Orme, Dr. E. Paul Knotts, Martin C. Voss, Gerald Pine, Alcia P. Whitby, Ormond L. Andrew, William G. Wooters. Fourth Election District, T. L. Trice Jr., Chairman; Senator N. H. Fooks, J. L. Gallnger, J. F. Lednum, A. F. Sisk, Sherman Griffith, William Harding, H. H. Reick, Lee Murphy, W. F. Gadow, W. E. Dillon, Mrs. W. J. Bon- ncr, Mrs. J. F. Patchett, Mrs. H. Reese Dcanc, Mrs. T. C. Taylor. Fifth Election District, I. Henry Moiris, Chairman; C. E. Nichols, Victor Dean, Roland C. Handy, A. H. Covey, Robert Nichols, Charles W. Hackett, Mrs. Maud Trice, Mrs. Alice Davis, Mrs. Susan Griffith, Mrs. Louise ,, ,, _.. District, Sheriff Gucrney Tarbutton, Chairman; William Sylvester, Edward Jarrell, F. A. DC Ford, David Clopper, Newton Smith, Arthur Holt, Joseph F. Swnrtz, Wayne A. Cawlcy, Robert McGreggor, Eugene Lynch, Joseph Neighbors, layers. [Clifton Cohee, Edward Wright, Isaac T. Fleetwood, Bruce Finn, William Sntterficld, W. L. DC Ford, Mrs. Dan 'Lynch, William T. Cannon, Mrs. James M. Cannon, Mrs. Mary J. Roe, Miss Pcnrl Downes, Miss Virginia Holt, Mrs. Harry Fisher, Mrs. Ralph Meredith, Mrs. Josephine Blades, Clayton Election District, Roger Rmggold, Chairman; C. D. Lynch, M. C. Meredith, Henry Wilkinson, Walter Mitchell, Ronald R. Lane, Frank M. Stevenson, G. Lawrence Wilson, John D. Davis, R. Leo McGin- ncy, Edwnrd Morris, Burton Wilkinson, Mrs. A. F. Thompson, J. Nelson Ricknrds, T. L. Day, J. K. Snowberg- cr, William E. Jnrrcll, Frank Kibler, William E. Sparks, James Lewis, Walter R. Bcnmngton. I Eighth Election District, C. Clarence Decn, Chnirman; C. Harvey Towers, Richard T. West, Kirwnn Everngam, Thomas H. Evcrngnm, Lee Hignutt, Herbert Benuchamp, S. J. Hurst, Joseph H. Spencer, Frank H. Wright, Joseph E. Clark, Raymond Andrew, R. C. Murphy, Harvey Quillen. charge against him and will be given a jury trial. Late in the day Mrs. Mattie E. Sepko, of Somerset county, fainted as seems only yesterday that I placed one candle on Bill's birthday cake and four on Dot's. This year there will be six on Billy's and ten on Dot's cake." With one birthday on Saturday and the other on Monday, she decided to compromise and celebrate the two birthdays on Sunday. The dinner menu included favorite dishes of both Dot and Bill: Tomato juice, cheese crackers,, chicken fricassee, buttered noodles, crisp rolls, green beans, butter, apple-cabbage salad, birthday cake, coffee for adults, milk for chil- Yellow Cake JefFcrson. Sixth Election red lettered January days on her kit- maintaining a nuisance and prior record. Daniel I. Patehett, of Caroline coun- ey, was fined ?50 and costs on a plea of guilty to manufacture and possession. A third count was dismissed. Those sentenced on charges of possession of intoxicating liquor and property for manufacture of liquor were: Justine W. Hamilton, of Wicomico county, three months; Charles Washington, Cambridge, three months; Charles R. Moore, Dorchester county, fifty days, beginning December 8; Wesley J. Wothers, Caroline county, ninety days, beginning December 23; Victor Elvey, Dorchester county, forty- five days; Elmer B. Bramble, Dorchester county, sixty days. Clarence W. Dryden, Wicomico county, charged with possession nnd transportation, seventy-five days; Raymond Rex Littleton, Worcester county, unlawful possession of liquor and property for manufacturing liquor, seventy-five days; William Mezick, of Easton, possession nnd transportation, three months; Norman W. Baker nnd Sadie L. Wilkinson, Wicomico county, possession, sale and maintaining a common nuisance, thirty days; Gordon Nelson, Somerset county, possession and a previous record, ninety days, nnd Mack Creasy, Somerset county, possession, sale nnd maintaining a nuisance, three months. Others sentenced to pay fines and the charges against them were: David W. Disharoon, Somerset county, possession, $75 and costs; Martin Sterling, Somerset county, $250 and costs on the same charge, and Howard F, Tall, Cambridge, $200 and 1 c. butter, scant measure, 2 c. fine granulated sugar, 3 c. cake flour, 4 tap. baking powder, V* top. salt 4 eecs 1 egg yolk, 1 c. milk, 1 tsp. vanilla or % tsp. anise extract. Cream butter until soft and add the sugar gradually. Sift flour, then measure. Resift with salt and baking powder. Combine the flour mixture with the sugar-butter mixture blending well. Add the well beaten yolks, then the milk slowly, beating until the batter is smooth. Beat egg whites until stiff. Cut and fold whites into the batter. When they have disappeared, add the flavoring and give the batter two or three extra stirs. Turn batter into buttered cake tins. Bake in a moderate oven (350 degrees F) for about thirty minutes or until the cake just begins to loosen from the sides of the pan. When cool, spread with chocolate fudge icing. Yield: Three Chocolate Fudge Icing 2 squares bitter chocolate, 2 cups granulated sugar, % tsp. salt, 1 cup milk, 3 tbsp. butter, % tsp. vanilla. Put chocolate into the pan into which Roe. Seventh Put chocolate into the pan into wnicn ftc game chargc the fudge is to be cooked and me t WlVnmiro rmmtv , Subscribe for The Journal and g«t all the county news all the time. 1 style type. over hot water. Add sugar nnd salt and blend well, then add milk and butter. Cook rapidly to soft ball stage (236 F) with constant stirring. Remove from fire and cool to luke warm stage. Do not stir or handle the fudge while it is cooling. Beat until the fudge crystallizes, then knead as you would fondant until the mass is soft and plastic. Place in a jar nnd cover tightly. Let stand at least 24 hours before spreading on cake. This will keep, however, for several days or even weeks. When ready to use, if too stiff, odd a spoonful of cream and work smooth to a spreading consistency. Yield: Sufficient to cover three layers of^ake. For wedding invitations, visiting curds and other fine printing or engraving, remember that The Journal office Is headquarters. Work neatly and artistically done with the latest Two Wicomico county brothers who reversed a plea of not guilty to a dry law violation on Tuesday after a Federal Court jury had listened to evidence for two hours, were severely criticised by Judge Coleman nnd sent to jail for eighteen months. They were George W. Haywood and Andrew Haywood, charged with possessoin of liquor and property for the manufacture of intoxicants. The two appeared in court and pleaded not guilty, requesting a jury trial. After the noon recess they announced they had decided to plead guilty. Judge Coleman in pronouncing sentence, scolded the brothers for committing perjury on the witness stand. Three white men and one from Somerset county were Negro found Turn to page 6, please. SPAPLRl

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