Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on January 16, 1932 · Page 6
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 6

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 16, 1932
Page 6
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Page 6 MELVIN JOHNSON, Inc. Publishers Saturday Morning, January 16, 1932 Peninsula's Biggest Cannery Is Prey Of Flames SYLVIA WILL TELL WHO IS SYLVIAT Why, Sylvia Is the feminine wizard who keeps the Hollywood beauties beautiful. Most of the stars are clients of Syl vla's Now she Is going to make all the ladles beautiful. A nation of ttlis America* IB her objective. And by radio. Sylvia has been In- Wed by the General Electric Company bejjlnnlno January 15 to tell Its Circle Club of the air how to be beautiful. Like most celebrities, ·he has her whimsies. She will broadcast only on Fridays, and at ttie Vtroke of noon.' ' The BriclKcvillc Packing Association's plant was destroyed by fire last Tuesday morning. S. E. Staples, manager of the plant, estimated the loss at from $75,000 to $100,000, partially covered by insurance. The fire, of undetermined origin, broke out at 8 o'clock anil, fanned by a southeast ·wind, soon reduced the building to ashes. In the two-story frame structure was stored spraying and other farm machinery, spray mixtures, soy beans and farm materials of various dcs- , . , , 0 1 . A. n criptions. Inflammable indents in HI* S.ago Vaudeville Show At Reese the spraying mixtures added to the' Theatre This Friday And Saturday, flames. | Janunr " 15 nnd 16 , . The plant was located along the What is claimed to be one of tnc Pennsylvania Railroad tracks in finest programs of motion pictures cv- Bridgeville, the largest of its kind on cr presented in one week is scheduled the Del-Mar-Va Peninsula. Bridge- for showing at the Reese Theatre this ville firemen prevented the flames coming week. from spreading. I A big vaudeville stage snow is list- William J. Swain is; president and e d for this Friday and Saturday, Jan. treasurer of the association. The 15 nnd 1C. J. A. Hutchison presents plant will be rebuilt at once, it was i n person on tho stage Oklahoma gtated Hank and his Cowboy Radio Stars - ' 'and Texas Rangers, a thirty minute Federal Theatre Has Installed R C A act of comeuy music and song. War- Sound Equipment ner Baxter and Lelia Hyams appear Patrons of this theatre arc advised j n "Surrender," in conjunction with a that the sound pictures now being pre- selected program of short subjects, sented are projected by RCA Photo- One of the finest musical romances phone sound reproducing equipment o f the season, "Delicious," with RCA Photophone, Inc., is a subsidiary Charles Farrell and Janet Gaynor, is of the Radio Corporation of America ]{ s t c d for Monday and Tuesday, Jan. and allied with it in the development jg nIM i 19. Great crowds are expected of sound recording and reproducing a t the Reese Theatre on these dates equipment are the General Electric as R cese Theatre patrons have the ad- Company, the Westinghouse Electric vantage of hearing it as reproduced Manufacturing Company, the Naby the Giant R C A General Electric tioiial Broadcasting Company and the Sound System and projection on the RCA Victor Company, combining in ncw Rcflecto Gold Screen, one group the world's greatest elcc- Metro presents their special attrac- trical corporations. We state these tion) "Possessed," with Joan Craw- facts with pleasure because we arc f o r j an d Clark Gable, on Wednesday satisfied that RCA Photophone sound nnd Thursday, Jan. 20 and 21. Many reproducing equipment is the best. i h avc heard about this picture and nc- Robert Coogan was being "put on cor dmg to 'the critics it is one of the the pan" by Director Norman Taurog rca i R IIC pictures of the season. To for chasing a number of little girls m j ss j t would bo to sacrifice an en- while on location in San Bernardino j oya ble evening. for Paramount's "Sooky," in which Another personally recommended he stars with Jackie Cooper at the R^CSC "Theatre attraction is' scheduled Federal Theatre, show beginning to- f o r a 0])0 uay showing on Friday, Jan. day. This is Percy Crosby's sequel 2 2. Satisfaction is guaranteed by the to "Skippy," and is a continuance of management as "The Sin Of Madclon the cartoon kids' further adventures ciaudet," with Helen Hayes, is un- in and about Shantytown. "And don't ( ] ou btcdly one of the real great at- say you weren't having fun playing tractions of the screen. It is such an with those girls, cither," Taurog chid- cn ti- a ncing, appealing, delicate story ed. "You're just a little sheik." "No, of a mother's love that mere words I wasn't," piped Robert with some canllo t describe it. show of indignation, "I was just be- Rut i, ciiatterton's latest success, ing Harpo Marx and scaring them." «0nco a Lady," is the attraction list- Joan Crawford and Clark Gable, e( j for a one -day showing on Saturday, who appeared together to advantage j an . 23. Fans will have the opporlun-j in "Laughing Sinners," score a sec- i t y O f sce ing Ruth Chattcrton at her ond time in "Possessed." Miss Craw- best in tn ; s appealing picture of life ford appears as a poor girl who goes as it rca n y j s . A selected short sub- 1 from a paper box factory to make a j ect p ro g ra m completes this most en- dramatic stand for wealth and luxury tcilaining bill. on New York's Park Avenue, where- " ' -as Gable is seen as a candidate for Plaza Theatre Stages Queen Uni- thc state governorship who suddenly cyclist For This Week's Program finds his political ambitions thwarted p| aza Theatre, Milford, has booked by his interest in the beautiful hero-' a | ist o f headliners for the coming ine. I week, both on the screen and Vaude- The styles set by the British Rev ji le H tage. The attraction for Fri- form Dress party are no novelty to dav an( j Saturday, January 15 and 16, Douglas Fairbanks, who long has ^ th a Saturday afternoon matinee on been an advocate of the short trou- j anuary 10 at 2:30, is an all star bill ser, open shirt and golf hose with f e a t u r ing Jessie Gibson, the "Unicy- half shoes. In his travel film, "Around c ]i s t" and comedy man, with Nita the World in 80 Minutes With Douglas Carol in Popular Songs and dances, Fairbanks," coming to the Federal a j so jiolden an d King with a side- Theatre on Saturday, Jan. 23rd, the sp ii tt i n g comedy. On the screen will athletic star appears in many instanc- bc secn g^ Jones in the dashing, es attired in the abbreviated costume, Daredevil picture, "Riding for Justice," a style setter for peoples in many na- w j tll jj ary Doran and an all star cast, tions. Fairbanks rarely wears hats ^dded attractions," Thelma Todd and in temperate countries and seldom us- Zazu pj tts Comedy, "On the Loose," es cravats, holding them useless dec- tocet h e r with the ever popular Ac- orations of a Victorian age. When sap . g F ab i e3 . he appears at the United Artists stu-, N ex t week, Monday and Tuesday, dio in Hollywood, he is usually clad in January ig an d 19, will bc nn all local the shorts and a flannel, sleeveless ta j cnt mu sicnl comedy entitled "GO shirt. This costume served him well, ^\ cs An Hour," given in benefit of even in countries infested with in- t))e juiford Emergency Hospital, sects where natives habitually cover Qn Wednesday only, January 20th, Smilin' Charlie Says Whore Hie Family Goes to See the Shows NEW PLAZT 1 ^ THEATRE TM M I L F O R D . D E L A W A R E The ( : amily Show Place of Lower Delaware Direction E. C. Evans--Phone 14 Fri. l-'at., J a n u a r y lii A.- 10 Children's H)r Matini-e Sal. 2.HO Big Sensational Stage Show 3 Amusing Ads of Vaudeville 3 ;?0 Minutes of ruiil peppy enter- t a i n m e n t featuring the Quuen Unicyclist "JESSIE GIBSON" Also NITA CAROL, Popular Danrnr HOLDEN K I N G in Comedy Sketch Also on the Screen andfightin'fbr 0 Love/ time everything else-pretty eoon man is gonna, be in that preferred . that tK v/omen ks held a fey; yens Aesop's Fables. "Fly High." Tlielrna Todd-Znsu Piltw Comedy, "On the Loose." Mon. ' Tui's.. Jan. 18 19 One Show Each Night beginning at 8.15 . Benefit Uilford Emergency Hospital. All Local Talent Musical Comedy "60 MILES AN HOUR" Wednesday Only. January 20 RUTH CIIATTERTON in "ONCE A LADY" Selected Short Subjects Fox News. Thursday Onlj, January 21 M A K C L A R K E and NORMAN FOSTER in every inch of exposed skin. SCHOOL NEWS Continued from page one. "Once A Lady" will be shown with the! ever brilliant Ruth Chattcrton as the 1 'What can I do?' Mac Clark and Norman Foster in "Reckless Living" will bc the feature program for Thursday only, January 21st. While on Friday nnd Saturday, January 22 and 23, the world's most pcr- depends on YOU. "You will say: SuitST Y°ou o a^ts: good health, a good mind, past feet lovers Janet Gaynor and Charles Accesses and performances, ambition, Fan-ell, will be shown ou industry, character, wibdom, confidence, honesty, and many others; and these certainly overbalance the liabilities that you have, such as: fear, anger, jealousy, deceit, worry, low Order Nisi. grades, failure, laziness, etc. Groom the spirit and eliminate the clinkers Thomas J. Keating, Jr., Assignee, vs. Oliver A. Ernest and Nellie R. Ernest, his wife. tne spirit unu tiiimm.v^ ..··- - ...... -- -- ---of anger, cowardice, worry, envy, jeal- i n the Circuit Court for Caroline county. In Equity. No. 2973 Chy. Ordered this 14th day of January, ousy deceit and intolerance. Culti- vatc the moral forces of love, courage,' reported by out all of the others. A soul that fears is weak. Drive the fear out of THOMAS j. KEATING. JR., Assignee, Fear and worry have use New and unusual Serial story to be printed in these co/umm. Mrs. Josephine Dnsknra Bacon, the author of our new serinl, writes of society nnd society folk with a Riii-cnrss of one whose knowledge or the subject la Intlnmtc. Tills author k n o \v 3 thn background of New York's snclul life and her pictures of this · background nre bright and fascinating and her cliarac- tora vivid. "Medusa's Read" tells tho. story of the mystifying disappearance of one of tha most beautiful young matrons In the fnshlonnble .set. Apparently Mrs. Cnuidall White Is hnpplly married, certainly she Is In good health, and tho inscrutable little note elm leaves on her departure mlslit moan almost anything. Only one thing Is ninde explicit nnd that Is, no search Is to be made. "M you try to llnd out by tho police, I swear that I will never como back," she wrote. In these days of so many mystery and Ootpctlvc stories, one with a unique situ- · atlon, a new combination of events, stands out. The reason for Mrs. White's dlsnp- pcnrancQ Is as unusual as It Is curious. Jinny women will ponder upon It. Kvcry iroailcr \vlll delight In tlie guy comedy vein In which tile mystery Is developed, and enjiy tho note of nire romance upon which the story closes, This clever story will be our next serinl. It Is unusually Interesting and clever In plot and presentation. A story you will want to rend ami will await tho appearance of each new install incut with Increasing Interest, New Serial in The "RECKLESS LIVING" Selected Short Subjects. News. Fox Fri. Sat., Jnn. 22 23. JANET GAYNOR CHARLES FARRELL in "DELICIOUS" Dogvillr Comedy, Trader Hound' Cartoon, "Barnyard Broadcast" 2--Shows Each Night--2 Our Prices All Times Matinee Iflc 40c Night 2, r ,c. -10c SOc Family Prices All 'limes--$1.00 Children's Prices at All Matinees lOc Special rates to theatre parties ot 10 or more. Our Program Mailed Each VVvek To Those Who Request It. January Specials! Permanent Wave $6.00 Shampoo and Wave and Manicuring Si.50 Eyebrows Beautified 25c PHONE BEAUTY VSHOPPJE D E N T.O N ' " Starting next week your heart. Fear and worry have confirmed, unless cnuee ·wrecked more souls, destroyed more " o the contrnry thereof be shown on or homes and bankrupted more enter- jj e f ora the 17th day of March, next; nnscs than anything else." provided a copy of thia order be innert- " .,, i i »,,,,,! r,nn ed in some newspaper printed and puu- Where will you and I stand one eu^BUI'{V aro , in ^ c ^ untly once j n e ach year from now? Where it will bc do- Qf four BUCCe9S j V e weeks, before the ncnds on our first taking stock, and 16th day of February, nexL Lung advantage of every asset and Jh e rotates the amountof sales opportunity that you have. Forget T CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk, nbout the red ink side 'of the ledger True Copy-Test: and think about the black ink side. T. CLAYTON HORSEY. Clerk. Every cloud has a silver lining. | _-, Q a l fl I wish every boy and girl, and every * ul 00.10. teacher of Caroline High School nil the Six Royal coal burning brooder stoves Order Nisi. J. Virgil Moore, V3. F. Oscar Ewing, el al. In the Circuit Court for Caro'ine county. In Equity. No. 2923 Chy. Ordered, this 14th duy of January, 1932, that the sale of the property mentioned in these proceedings, mnde and reported by J. DeWEESE CARTER, Trustee, be ratified and conlirrried, unless cnune to the contrary therco'f be shown on or before the 17th day of March, next, provided a copy of this order bt- inserted in some newspaper, printed and published in Caroline county, one*' in each of four successivr wueku before the 15th day of February, next. The report stalefl the nggrcgute amountof sales to bo ?f0l).0fl. T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. True Copy--Test: T. CLAYTON HORSEY. Clerk. - ~ ber, it is YOURS TO CESS IS WITHIN YOUR GRASP, to FAILURE IS JUST AROUND THE l-9-3t CORNER. . Apply ROLAND W. CARROLL, R. D. 1, Wilmington. Del. Pat hi that want advertisement R C H I V E ® -- . Subscribe for The Journal and get all the county news all the time. Wanted. Man to solicitorders for reliable Fruit and Ornami-ntal Nuraery Stock; permanent work, good pny. full instructions given. Write IIoopi-s, Bro. t Thomas Co., Stephen Girard Bllg.. Philadelphia. 79th year. (1-2-fit) Subscribe for The Journal. HORSES and MULES OP ALL KINDS For Sale or Exchange. DOWNES BECK, 1-lC-dt DENTON, MD. Cows for Sale. Jersey cow duo to freshen January 8th, Jeresy cow now milking ami due to fri-rihen in spring. Jersey heifer; nil nc- crcdited rattle that I rniied unl guarantee straight nnd tented. H. C. COLLISON. P. O. Denton R. F. D. Uurrnville, Md. 1-2-31 For Bent. Two homes for rent located on Second street in the town of Dun ton, facing the Court House Square. Possession of one given ut once nnd the other Junuary 1st. Apply to L A W R E N C E U. TOWERS. liM2-tf House tor Sale. I lmvc unS-room house for sale at the corner of Market and Fourth Streets; eluclric lights, bath nnd nil necessary outbuildings; excellent location. For price nnd terms apply to FRED B. NUTTLE. 11-7 Denton, Md. Wanted to Buy. Grain binder, corn planter, mower and rnke. riding cultivator; condition fair. FRED A. FRASE. 1-9-tf Goldsboro, Md. The Talk of Delaware Reese Theatre Harrington, - Del. Kri. mid .Sat. Jan. 15 · 10. Two Hijj Days Big Slagc Vaudeville Show J. A. Hutuliininn pri'sontH " O K L A H O M A H A N K " and his Cowboy Rtidio Stars imd Texas Rnngeri 30 Minutes of Comedy, Musir nnd Song On tlio Scicpn W A R N E R FIAXTKU ,L LEILA I I Y A M S in 'SURRENDER 1 Selected Short Siibjucls No Adviuifu in I'rk'rs. Monday TucHilay, Jun. 18 5z HI Two Big Days Engagement Extraordinary See this remarkable picture as presented by thu Ciant RCA Grn- eral Electric Snund Synti'in and the New Reilecto Gold Sound Screen. Greatest musical romance of the season. I A N E T CHARLES F A S I ^ E L L Sweeter than Sweet-You'll tnl k about this picture for days and dttva. Don't miss it. Wednes. Thurn., Jan. 20 21 Another requested hit show that you've heard BO much iibuut. Tho much talked nbout M!IOW you'll want to HUP again and again. Don't miss it. Friday. Jan. 22, One day only A Reese Theatre recommended attrrclion HELEN IIA YES. LEWIS STONE CLIFF E D W A R D S in T H U S I N o f M A D E = LONCLAUDET It is nn investment in inspiration and if it fails to measure to your entire satisfaction as excellent entertainment we will willingly refund your money. Saturday, Jun. 28, One day only Another hit show RUTH CIIATTERTON in "ONCE A LADY" Selected Short Subjects. I Shows Each Evening at 7.15 9 Adm. 25c, 40c, 50c Our Family Ticket $1 ThcHapplnessTheatreofHarjIand NEW Community Theatre WHAT A WEEK OF C H E A T HITS! Fri. nnd Sat., Jan. 15 nnd 1C. A whale of a show. E D M U N D LOWE .nnd WARNER BAXTER in "THE CISCO KID" Romance and thrills below the border. Mon., Jan. 18. One Day Only. E D M U N D LOWE and LOIS MOHAN in "THE SPIDER" Thrill·, nnd Enjoyment Personified. Latest Episode "THE VANISHING LEGION" With Harry Carey and Edwina Booth Wed. and Thurs., Jan. 20 21. TWO BIG DAYS The picture that every man, woman and child should sec. JAMES DUNN and EILERS in SALLY "OVER TIII3 HILL" A lesson in life that you'll never forgot. Don't miss it. Fri. and Sat, Jan. 22 and 2;t. Another Hit Show Warner Bros. Present AN ALL STAR CAST in "UNDER KKJHTEKN" A glimpse into a great romance. Selected Short Subjects. One Show Each Evening at 8 Regular Admission, 15c 35c. OKT YOTJK Stieff Silver at factory pricea from ST LTRMEJR 11-7 Enston, Md. M. A. BRACKETT rXETSTTJST Market St. Over Uenton Molar Co. Phono H2 to6.30p.m. FederalTheatre PcJeralsburg, Md. "The Show Place Of The Shore" Friday Saturday. Jan. IB 1C W I L L ROGERS in "AMBASSADOR BILL" Mon. Tues., Jan. 18 1!) " SOOKY" w i t h J A C K I E COOPER ROBERT COOGAN We highly roi-ormnend this show for tin; children News -- Comedy -- Muaicul with Rudy Vallee Wednea. Thurs., Jan. 20 21 wilh CLARK GABLE The two moat dynamic personal!' ties of screendom in me picture. This is a great picture, folks, you should not miss it. Comedy Cartoon Novelty Friday, Jan. 22, One day only A New Fox Comedy Release RETIRED CHORINES . . . BUT NOT WITHOUT THEIR FOLLIES Thunderms and blundering .. t they sive you the laugh of A lifetime... wifh Louise Oraner Minna Cemb*ll Jobyna Hbwland William Collier, Sr. Directed by Seymour Felix A FOX PICTURE A 1032 Comedy of Errors. They turned a party into a panic. Detective Story-- Cartoon-- Band Act Saturday, Jan. 23, One day only ALL THE WORLD HIS STAGE I CONTINENTS HSS PLAYGROUND! UNITED ARTIES Notice. j This is tOKivonoltce Ihnt JohnGlime, I Jr.. has secured a divorce from his wife, Milhcent Glime. JOHN GLIME, JR.. 1-lC-lt Federalsburg, Md. We take great pleasure in being able to present Douglas Fairbanks to you. You will find thia picture very interesting nnd amusing. Ttie munaper saw the opening run of this show in Washington lust week and highly recommends it for both the kiddies and grown ups. Comedy with Wheeler Woolsey News Novelty Continuous Show Every Mght 7 9 Matinee Saturday at 2.30 p. m. CHICKS Barred Rock, White Leghorns and White Wyandottes Priced Right. 10 per cent discount on orders for Baby Chicks placed three or more weeks before delivery dates. Custom hatching TERMS: Cash on delivery of all Chicks. Price list free. West Denton Hatchery, 1-lG-tf Denton, Maryland. You Are Cordially Invited to visit our shop and get acquainted--Mr. Lacy Griffith, a mechanic of long experience and recognized ability, is now in charge of our Service Dept. CAROLINE MOTOR CO. S A L E S Phone 117 SERVICE Denton, Md. WATCH FOR THE NEW FORD THE PALACE THEATRE DENTON, MARYLAND OUR FA.MILY TICKETS, JS1.OO Friday Saturday, Jan. 15 16 Booth Tarkington's famous story "PENROD AND SAM" with Leon Janney, Junior Coghlan, Zasu Pitts Would you like to be young again? Relive your life as the kid you were --or should have bceu--join Penrod'a gang! Alao Charlie Chase in "Hasty Marriage." Admission, 20c 35c Monday Tuesday, January 18 19 "THE MALTESE FALCON" with Bebe Daniels, Ricardo Cortez In a thrill-packed action story of baffling mystery. Added--Slim Summerville and Merry Melody Cartoon. Admission. 15c 35c Friday Saturday, January 22 23 "WEST OF BROADWAY" with John Gilbert, El Brendel, Lois Moran A thrilling story that comes from Broadway to the Far WeaL Added--The Boy Friends In a new comedy end Ruth Etting in an enticing musical reel. Admission. 20c 35c Two Shows Every Saturday at 7 and 9 p. m. FOWLER'S Phone No. 45 Fresh Meats, Groceries, Produce Dole's Sliced Pineapple 2 large cans 35c Evaporated Apricots 15c Chase Sanborn Coffee 37c Ib. Ginger Snaps lOc Ib. Fig Bars 2 Ibs. 25c Suntex 16c New Cabbage Spinach 4 Ib. 15c 8clb. Sc Grapefruit Cauliflower 7 for 25c 25c bead For Saturday's Meat Specials refer to Certifed Esskay Quality /fl ea t Dealer's Advertisement. CAREFULLY CONDUCTED VISION SURVEYS show that a large percentage of all Children between the ages of "six and sixteen" have defective Eyes. How about my Children's Eyes? DR. F. J, WRIGHT OPTOMETRIST Denton, Md. Notice to Creditors. This ia to give notice that the subscriber, of Caroline county, has obtained from the Orphans'Court for Caroline county, in Maryland, letters of administration on the personal estate of LUTHER L. BLADKS. late of CaroUne county, deceased. All persona having claims against the said deceased are warned to exhibit the same to the subicriber, with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated, on or be-, fore the IGtli day of .July. 1932, or, they may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all benefit 'of said estate. All, persona owing this estate are required to make prompt settlement. - I Given under my hand thia 30th day! of December, 1931. . ^ o RHODA A. BLADES. Administratrix. 666 666 Liquid or Tcbleti used Internally and j 666 Salve eilernally, nake · complete and effective trttlminl lor cofdf. $5,000 in Cash Prizes Aik Your Orunlit lor Particulars House for Rent. Seven rooms, lights and bath, located on South Second street. Possession after December 17th. P. G. GROUSE, 12-6-tf Denton, Md. Court's Notice to Creditors Charles B. Harrison, Assignee, \B, James E. Cheezum, · Annie U. Cheezum, hia wife. In the Circuit Court for Caroline County. In Equity. No. 2925 Chy. Ordered, this 9th day of January, 1932. by the Circuit Court for Caroline county, in Equity, and by the authority of said Court, that the creditors of James E. Cheezum, late of Caroline county, deceased, and all persons who may be entitled to participate in the ·distribution of the surplus proceeds of sale, remaining after satisfying the mortgage under which the real estate of James E. Cheezum, deceased, was sold. be. and are hereby notified to file their claims with the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Caroline county, on or before the 20th day of March, next; provided a copy of this order be published in some weekly newspaper printed and published in Caroline county, Maryland, once in each of four successive weeks before the 20th day of February, 1932. LEWIN W. WICKES. True Copy--Test: T. CLAYTON HORSEY, dark. Antiques Repaired, WANTED-Fine carpentry work and work-on antique furniture. Experience. References. C. F. ADAM, 1-16-tf Greensboro, Md. .'.R. D. 1.

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