The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 2, 1896 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1896
Page 3
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THE DA This Date la Emery-- Jane 2. ar rora«a*x Till 8 P. at. Ja«e3 Dknatek to The Hewa. WuxtMTOx. D. C., June 2,11 a. a. Fair tonight and * Wedotadsy, tecre**- Ing cloadlnes* In the afternoon; warmer Wednesday. W. L. MOOKE. »be West' ADVS. TO-DAY. Public Sale of BnUdlng Lots.. .............. ........ _...Motter aad Rohrbsck, Trustees. Bouse For Rent ............... Frank Snmsn. Final Notice ....... - ......... -Michael Knell. Woman Wanted ............ 78 B Second St. Engine Wanted.- ............... N*ws Office. Money to Loan _______ Hamilton Lindsay Wood Lot Wanted..-~Hamllton Lindsay. Tribute of Respect. ___ Junior 8. F. E. Co. No. 65* Equity ...... _Wm. H. Hlnks. Bolr. Furniture ........................ -C. C. Carty. THE SEWS. THB WKSKL-T Naws. which will be ready Thursday, w!U be handsome twelve-page issue, replete with all the news and many interesting special features. Having positively the largest bona fide circulation of any paper In Frederick city and coiiEty, as n kd7£rti£i££ £.£ mi It Is unsurpassed and soecial attention is called to the many advantages it offers in this way. Copy for new advertisements for THE WEEKLY NEWS will be received np to 5 p. m- Wednesday of this week; copy for change of advertisements up to 12 m. that day. PTJEELT PERSONAL. Plenaant Paragraphs About Tfcoae "Who Come and Go. Mies Nannie S'.einer, of Washington, D. C, spent Sunday with her parents on East Patrick street- Mrs. Daniel Feaster, of near Martins- bur;;, W. Vs., Is tbe guest of Mr. and Mr*. D. H. Hargett, at their hospitable country home near this city. Mrs. Christian Railing, of Port Deposit, is on a visit to the home of her son, Mr. George H. Railing this city. Miss Margaret Stetoer, ot Okhnrst, N. J., Is on a visit to her grandmother, Mrs. A. B. Steiner, West Third street. MisEes May and Jesse Bowlns, dangh ters of Dr. Edward Bowlus, of West Third street, have returned home from a delightful trip to Washington. Rev. J. P. Wright, of Baltimore, Is on a visit to the home of his father-in-law, Mr. A. EL Hunt, East Church street. Mrs. Sunqel Todd, of Fort Dodge, Iowa, Is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Alfred Kilter. Mrs. D.H. Hargett. of near Frederick, ana Mrs. Fridsy, of Jefferson, are attending the commencement exercise* at Maryland College, Lnthervllle, Balti more county. Hr. and Mlsi Stafford, Miss Gallldet and Miss Riddle, of Washington, paid a abort visit to Dr. Charles W. Hoffmsn, of tali-city. They returned to Washing, ton yesterday. : The Misses Blnm, of near Frederick, have returned hoate ftom a trip to Starpsbnrg. Mr. William Heard spent Sunday last with friends near Harmony, this county. CoL U. S. Hobbs, of Liberty, this county, wss la Frederick this mcrnlng. Tbe lodopeoOeata, A special meeting of the Independent Hose Company was held last evening for tbe purpose of hearing xeporti from various commlue* la regard tc the trip to Cumberland, The committee in whose band* the general arrangements were placed reported that at least fifty uniformed member* expect to participate la the demonstration, together with tbe drum corps, Tbe handsome hose carriage will be taken along and draws by member* of ibe company in the parade. It wai decided that those who go oa tbe trip ibonld leave Frederick oa the early morning train on Wednesday, June 10th, arriving In Cumberland at 11.45, which win give time to get ready for the large parade aaapuaced to move off at 2 o'clock la tbe afternoon. Mr. Harry Baer wu elected chief marshal The delegates elected to tbe State Firemen'* ConveatloB. from tbe imdepend- deat Hoee Company are: 3. Roger Me- Sherry, D. EL Kolb, Barry Baer, Jacob Boaeattock and Geo. W. Saulter, Jr. the alternates are Mewn. Geo. Walfli, Cbarle* MebrHag, Harry SchoU, Albert Baker and Edgar Brust. Jaaior Meeds*. Tae Junior Steam Fin 'Xagin* Company. No. S, met la regular qmarterly meeting last elgbl, when routine bust aes* was transacted. Several persons were elected to mc*oberaMp aad quite a number were proposed. BeeolutfoBS were pined upon tbe death of Xx President Joan W. Blrely. The committee appointed to (dcare iaM lo CaabiiiaBd not b*xBg able to get tfc«M»* uatfl m late date, preclude* the sompaay from attending tke State Firemen's A*eodat*on in a body, bat tbey wlQ be represented by their repreteflUtives mad alteraate*. There w»i some bnsines* of a strictly private aatantrairsacted, after which the compaay adjourned. TrootM It Urepotttd thtt two troop* of U. S. «avalryaada battery of artillery, from Fort Myer, V*-, are oa their way to Mt, Gretaa, Pa., via tail city. Tbey will camp hers over night. POM unscrupulous person poisoned a fine dog last night belonging to Mr. Wm. H. Bamsbug, tbe North Nazket itreet grocer. T*«d«g wa* a favorite about tb* «ure aad Bwca prised by it* owner. THE BUSINESS HEX. MEE11XG OP THEIR ASSOCIATION LAST MGUT. cmieOij tar the Weiraie aad Atvaacea0iiC or UM Cltj"» 51* re am ue regalr inoatUy metllag of tae e^'i Aavoc2iiloa vu held Us: e rente g in toe Ci'.j Register's cfice, *:· . tended by a aembcr of batlcesa men, j wto dtccoued 10 cocildersp-a length j aieirs cf br;*dea!cg the welfare cd extending the am* ri! Interest* o! Fred 1 erlck. Tne seetlng was called to order by tne preAideE* s Mr. Joseph D, BAker, !ol- lowed by the reAdlng of the mlccie* of tLe latt mtetlng, which were approved. Mr. George S. Bcdoek, chairmafi of the advertising committee, stated that prog rest hid bf en made In tbe matter la- trttated to their care. A committee on membership was appointed some tirce ago, whose doty fs to solicit new members and bite them join tbe association. The comraU'.ec Is divided Into sections, a* follows: Northeast -- Messrs. Frank B. Sapplogton, A. R. Yeakle and George S. John U. sarkeU and Elmer Brown. Soutleaat-- C. C. Carty, Geo. Wilton acd Aaron Rosenstock. South west- Jas. £. Walker, Charles Werihelmer and Shafer Hargett. The secretary read several Interesting commnnlcaicns from manntactniers la large cities In regard to locating thriving industries in this city. Further corre*- pcadecce will be had along tbe same line and every effort will be rrade by the as- eociatbn to resl : ze tome substantial and lsting benefit to the city in the neur future. A resolution was passed Indorsing the appointment of a committee to act in co-operation with the collecting committee who are at present ecgaged In soliciting sub scriptions from the citizens of Frederick to defray expenses Incurred by offering Inducements to have the State encampment come to Frederick. The resolution stipulated that the committee from the Business Hen's Association would not be . . the origins! committee. An appeal was mde for a contribution of money from the Association, but the sentiment of the members present was that while the Association id ready and willing to in any way co-operate with the encampment organization, their only source of revenue being from a small membership fee, the business men felt that they were not able to make an outlay of money at this time. Nearly every member of the association has individually or In the name of their business firm already contributed toward tbe encampment, and with a spirit of Ubersl-mlnded generosity a majority of them have expressed a willingness to make a further contribution in case a sufficient amount of money cannot otnerirlie ba collected. Tbe association unanimously passed a lesoln lion thanking the committee of citizens thiongh whose efforts the. encampment bas been secured tor Frederick. After dUcnsslog otber matters of in terest the association adjourned nntil the next regular meeting. Re*u!t of Feeding Cattle. Some time ago Messrs. P. L. Hargett Company, of this city, contracted with a number of farmers to fatten cattle, offering a premium of $5 to the farmer who obuined tne best result. The spec! fied time for feeding expired the other day and a summary of,the result showed Mr. Theodore StaoffeVto ba the successful contestant. The cattle were fed at the rate of one cent per pound advance. The following is the gain made by those who contracted with Messrs. Hargett. Mr. Frank Lakin took* ten head of cattle, fe'd 886"' days, averaged a gain of 19.5 pounds a day;' Mr. Bnftu S. Derr took four head of cattle, fed 225 days and averaged 17 10 pound*; Mr. C. Edward Den took three head of cattle, fed 811 days and averaged 111 85 pound*; Mr. O. Z. Cobleniz took seven head, fed 224 days and averaged a gain of 11-5 pounds a da;; John C. atone took nine head, fed 235 days and averaged 156-100 ponnds g»ln each day; Mr. Harry Fox fed 308 days and averaged again of IJ pounds a day; Hr. Theodore btanffer, with eight held, fed 208 days and averaged a gain of If pounds a day; Hi. Win. P. Holt fed five head 217 days and averaged 1$ pounds gain eich day. Reformed MiMtonary Society. The monthly meeting of the Befoimed Mfiulpnary "Society wu held In the cbapel last evening. Mr. R. a J. Dutrow presided. The reports we.e read and approved and appropriations were made to hdme and foreign missions, suitenta lion rand, Hungarian and other missions! The following progiam was rendered: Recitation, Miss Cora Garrctt; singing, "Jesus Is the dearest Friend," the little ones; recitation, Eastertide, Mszte Smith; "Little Soldiers," sung by the children; reading, Mrs. A. 8. McDaaneil; singing, "He Loves OB," the cMldren; recitation, "Poor Little Joe," Miss Katie Ranneber- gei; Song of Jesus, the children; recitation, Miss Snively. Wbeeirn* Accidents. While out for a ride yesterday evening the bicycle of Mr. Geraon Bosenour col-, lapsed and broke In several pieces. Mr. Kosenonr was throws off but fortunately escaped with a few slight braises, ± Mr. John Bellinger, of Shtphedstown, W.' VL, while coasting near Frederick on Sunday last fe'l from hfa wheel and braised his arm and knee in a- painful Dr. Ira J. McCurdy was thrown from hlsbfcycie a faw daj» ago, but escaped with » few *Uht braise*. Adjutant-General Wltoer last night issued a formal order for the encamp* ·«ni of the State slUtia, hear Frederick, ""·M«rf«£ j«ij is. TJie camp, which msMd of tft* brig«jde comaaider. Pro* vision will be made for tne adjutant general, the inspector-general £ad two United State* atfcy officers; w«* will re- reaaU la camp nntil tte close. The adfatsAt-genetai expects a large repre- ·enUtio* of the State militia. Me-noetel D»y ^t Ivwfecowsu Ciiidrea's Day service will be h#ld at wtatowa^oa tie Htn isu Reynolds Poet 6. A.B» of thlt cfty, wfU panicl- p«te. Theeierdses will beheld at Mt. Prospect M. £. Church, and the 0. A. R. will decorate tke graves of the soldiers. All are cordially Invited and are requested to btlg flowers. Wonderful are fee cares by Hood's Sanaparlila, and yet they are simple and natural Hood'i darupsrills mike*, pare blood. PROPUTY SOLD. A KMiberof V.laabi* BaUdta* D»poa«d Oi The peblte ta« of real e*t*te of Peter Hants, deceased, was made it the Coo?: Hoc** door v«uid»y, beginning at 10 o'e.'ock ssd «l!sg »· 1 e'eVx* !B ?5« a!tercocB, by John C. Mottcg and Jacob Koftrbaek. trc«t*», fir ihtr ^ectfi; of Ike heirs or Frier Maatz AucUon-esr H.aryejr R-Leise ecEviac.ei Ike iile and t!i»po«ed o! 1S» lou to ihe following person*: Lo: Xa 6. OB Beet* s;re««, to Cbtrlei M. Eider, f r |7S; lots si 10, on nms »tr««., to g. Ko. S belsg tbe o'.J *· Roger Brooke To«"iio2Mi, which »iM for ftiOOOO; No. 9 for $61, atd Xo. 10 for ?x; lot* numbered 11, 13 and 13. oa It* northi «Ui« of South tueti and corner oi Btn'i ttree', told to Uxrr, L. MetrUa*, (or fcl. $SO sad $79 respectrvel;; lot No. 1, oa ixxr.ti tide of $'nth itreet. to Andre x P. Kennsr, for $7i»; Jot No 8. to Andrew P. Reaner, for $83; in No. I, to Q S. J. Becklcy, for $77; lot No. 4, to Q 6. J. Heckler, for $91; lot No. S, to CfitrlM £. Meilev, for $83; lot Ko 1, to Harry M. Thorn**, for $7C, lot No. 8, to Q. 6. J. Bectley. for t7»; lot No. », to Q. 8. J. Bockley. for $98; lot No. 10. to Levin Leaklns, for $95. lot No. 11, to Cornelias U. Jonei, tor $50; lot No. 13. to Caleb B. Nlchals, for $39; lot So. 14, on Centre itreet, to Robert Hadeetl for *S5 SO For want of time the tale was sd jonrned at 1 o'clock until next Saturday morning, Jane 6, at the hour of 11 o'clock, at which came place, the Court Home door, the same trustees will Bell the remainder of the lott to be told, consisting of six flee lots on Centre street, two very large lots fronting on a twelve foot alley and being In the rear of the Iou on the south aide of ctoutu street. and alto a fine tot on the east tide of Bentz street and immediately south of the old William Han'.z homestead, being a lot fronting about 30 feet on Bents street, with a depth of about 175 feet, and is a splendid building lot. To Start a Btulness College. Mr. D. Elmer Wolf, of Bagerstown, principal of Wolfs Business College of that city, was in Frederick today, accompanied by Hr. Albert J. Harp, and made preliminary arrangements for opening a branch )f hla College here. He Is seekins: a suitable location, which be hopes to find without trouble, and will start the branch at once, with Mr. Harp as principal. It will be a college for both sexes and will provide a thorough business training for young men and young women, enabling mem to secure post* lions almost anywhere at lucrative sala ties. These will also be departments for iastznction In typewriting, stenography, bookkeeping, penmanship and the neces sary English branches, conducted on the principles thai prevail at Mr. W oil's well known and successful fiagerstown Institution. Mr Harp, who has been selected as principal of the Frederick branch, Is a Frederick connty msn and Is well tqnlpped by training and experience for the position be IB to fill. The new college ought to be welcomed by Frederick people and proptriy and liberally encouraged. BASE BALL. The Hanover team of the Cumberland Valley League defeated Mt. St. Mary's at Emmtttburg yesterday by 21 to 19. The home team battedKerwyn heavily, and In the third inning he was relieved by Gettings, who fsired little better. Mt. St. Mary's men wete unable to win owing to the extreme wildness of Kenna. Mt. SL Msrj'a made 22 hits, 8 errors, and Hanover 11 hits, 4 errors. Died of IxJclrJaw. Charles Mentnr, the 12-year old son of Mt. Edward Mentzer, of Double Pipe Creek, Carroll county, died Sunday of lockjaw. The lad ran a nail Into Us heel on last Tuesday morning, but he paid no attention to the matter, as it gave him no trouble until Saturday morning, when he noticed that Ms jaws were a little stiff and he could not chew his food properly. After thst lockjaw quickly developed and he died Sunday. Early Closing. Beginning last evening all the dry goods stores, leading grocery houses, merchant tailors, boot and shoe establishments, clothing and carpet houses are closing their places of business at 6 o'clock, except on Saturday. The new schedule will remain in force until September next. Bairly closing Is strongly advocated in this city, and daring the psst several years it has been adopted and gives general satisfaction. S track by · Train. A hone attached to a buggy belonging to some unknown person was struck by a train of cars near Donb's Station. The animal found Its way to the railroad and was walking along the track when the train came along 'and hurled hone and boggy down an embankment. The vehicle wu considerably demolished but the horse managed to escape with a few bruises. Bockejatown Delegate*. The Delegates to the Democratic County Convention from Buck«ystown District are: Ed. Nichols, 9eo. 8. Mercer, O. J. Keller, A.J. McKenna, Dr.H. J. Boone, John H. Eessler, Patrick Mc- GMrsn, Melville -Cromwell, Q. A. Lunar, Wm. T. Day, fi. C. Dutrow, Wm. T. CMiwell, Howard Allnntl, John C. Whitter, Wm. 3. Grove, Chas. X. Renn. Stsvte Fin ManbaL Mr. Edwin J. Lawyer. SUM fire marshal, was In Frederick last etiidag and consulted the State officers la regard to tab approaching firemen's convention, which will be held la Cumberland next week. During their stay, In Cumberland the State officers will be quartered at the Windsor Hotel. Mr. Lawyer left this snorniag for Baltimore. Cnarle* JBdward Holland, Hop* Hill. ootjnmery cotrsty, aad Stsnsf* May HoQaad, of Urbraa, tU* coMty. William A. Jaaea, Norfolk, V*., and AHMiBowersock, of this city. The age of the groom is recorded as 74 years. fear (·t«rtneBC«. · Tie following i* the report of Mr. D. J. Michael, superintendent of Mt. Olivet Cemetery, for May: Interments, 19; sdolts, 13; children, 3. From the city, t; county, 7; Baltimore, % Washington, 1. Tne Modern Beauty Thrives on good (joi sna Euoshine, with plenty of exercise !n ibe open air. Her form {lo-f* *I.i hemitb aad her face blooms with Us oesu-y. If ner »ygum needs the cleaaslng action of a laxative remedy, she uses the gentle and pleasant Syrup of Figs. Made by toe California Fig Syrup Company. THE CITY WATER. I OFFICIAL VISIT TO TBE BESKB V01HS TODAY. uf Tbezn TtwMroajcbij Oa: Aad.KilHMl With An Ample Mayor YetkUr, r*rc«!i«ct Tytoc and member* o! lt« Bord o! Aldermen, City R««l*trar L. M. NlxOoit! and F. P. Ty«- yar, SapertaundtMH ot Water Works, left Frederick ihu ucrclng on their an- me. isgpec .U c '.oar o! the Cl'.y water BKIEF BITS. A Budget uf Brijcbt It«oM ot and Cicwral Interox. In RouffiaBta wcmeo both itady aad --Mr. William Buckey, of U* Oatra! brougbt from tte boom ot btt parent*, Bear Union Bridge, JarcoC cvua'.f, U FftCerlck. Mr Buciey .-*ui i s.i« animal. whlca U able to go a*, a lirtly clip. --Tne proapec'.ive cost of r prcptrty tx» :ccre*;«i :Ls couaiy lax rale fi accents on the c -- I'fcs rim Nation*.! Btct. ba!iJ:ec has beea repaired uni IrapcuvtKl oa the ·apply. Tbe cm :lal» will visit »-J k;p«:t the receivers, aad will make a grucrl tore*- lleatlon all aiosg the rocte. Bom reservoirs have lately been c.'eaneJ under the personal supervision of 11 r. Tyeryar and the supply U now piecll!al and of a ma»t luperlur quality. ICh -- A illils diogatcr c-f Mr. lieo. S. Ko- doca severely hurl one of her ear* yeiter- i»y while *t play. LETTERS FROM THE PEOPLE. ferreat OoaimnaJoaUaM [Tus News deslrw tt to be distinctly" itood that it U not r»pon»lble tor UM» rte«r» «Dd optnkAs fijav*««i la leOen appearing uadar this bead. Thin department ta fur the tnt eipre*uuB of the idee* of th» |Mxple, and all contributions ptvporly ?S«n*d and coached m rt-DpecCtuI l»oifU»Ke will be welcome. 1 JIFKIRSO'B TOWN BALL. To the Editor of The Newt. I sm like "Mary Jane" about the Opera House. I have been quite nervous over our town hall. The temperance question was agitated about twenty flte or thirty years back. Six or eight persons were sent out to canyats the town and snr rounding neighborhood to solicit money to build a hall for the use of Ihs SODS of Temperance and their primary and po litical meetings. Well do 1 remember that no meeting was to be held In the school house. Please hunt up your subscription lists. Among the most liberal on the town list was Captain Culler; the nei'. Miss Arabella and Mlsi Ann McQl'.l, and only one party refused and that was a man of means. To raise the amount needed there were two fairs hold In Jefferson, which were patronised, and the hall room was built on the school bouse, county and town property, of course. I can't see where the Commissioners had the power to sell the room to she temperance people, if it was called Temperance Hill. It was onllt by ibe public and belonged to the public. The hall baa been sold and tbey say the money has been pocketed by a few temperance people. The town was once called Trap, and now U has been trapped In rellly. Any town to occupy a high placo In Ibe minds of those around It, needs to have citizens who are unanimous in their demand for advancement and Improvement in all things pertaining to the public good. It Is over one hundred years slice Henry Herehberger donated to New Town, now called Jefferson, a lot of ground running across from Miss Marlow's to the Lutheran parsonage, also tbe alley way leading Into the ground--length cf lot 484 feet, Including alley, 13£ feet. The ground was donated to be used for school and church purposes. It was the first school house built in the town and the first place of worship. Some scars later tbe Reformed and Lutherans built a Union church on the grounds, farther back, I think in 1827. After using the school house for many years it was sold snd I am sure not put in the trustee's pockets. EBAD. TUESDAY MARKET. There was a wild scramble at market this morning. Housekeepers all started out with the fixed purpose of putting up strawberries and cherries tcday. In the bountiful and excellent display of these finlts tbe greatest epicure in the land could not fail to be utltfied. Between five and six o'clock the crowd was Immense. There was a j stllng of baskets and a hanging 'round the fruit baskets like grim death. The finest strawberries were grabbed up at'three boxes for a quarter. That seemed to be tke prevailing price all aroucd. Towards the close of market four boxes were cffered for a quarter, but being small in size they went slaw at that. Beautiful large Oxhesrt cherries ware plentiful, and though (he dealers held them firm at 10 cents per box, even then they were grabbed up like hot cakes. Th* dark red cherry brought Scents and the ·mall pink tinted ones 5 cents. Tbe latter variety finally went at six boxes for a quarter. Before the market closed one dealer, anxious to get rid ot hi* produce*, gave away his cherries at 2 cent* per box. In the vegetable department the menu is unchanged. Country peas are getting plentiful and cheaper and home raised beets go for a dime a bunch. Cabbage Is rather high and string bean* are a bit silvery. Tomatoes are unchanged In price, and proportionately scarce. The winter vegetable* are a thing of the past. Sale and asparagus are a gentle reminder of spring, though we have entered the first summer month. Wbere to Get Tbesv. Since the Board of Aldermen at tneir last regular meeting pasted aa ordinance compelling cyclers to equip their machines wita a lamp snd.bell, It will be to the interest of wheelmen to call at THX Nxws office and Inspect tbe large and varied assortment of sundries, for which we are special agents, flaadsome and lovd ringing bells and convenient lamps cam be purchased at a remarkably low figure. Oar bicycl** this SM*on are the best that can be found on the market for tbe price. Everyone sold under a special guarantee. Sswd Mr. Tnce-Uaa. The suit of Wm- £. Goldsmith against 8*M*1 R- Tregellas for the killing of a dog belonging to Mr. 6oUbmlta was In- *ttm%d In the Court of Common Pleas, Baltimore, yesterday, by Saauei J. Har- ·tam and. Cha*. H. Knapp, attorney*. Mr. Tregellai «ho; UM animal because It was alleged to have bitten bit child. lo tto declaration the dog** value Is pTaced at $1,000 and $1,500 damage* are claimed. Tte Cat Bffo Mi Mayor Yeakle ha* instructed the policemen to watca out for boys wlla cat rifles. Lately numerous complaint* have reached the mayor from citisen* who have been annoyed. The practice of shooting In tbe street U sot only daageroms but against the law, aad In order to (top It tae policemen aaye been told to arrest offenders. Cmtttm*. Mr. Lewi* O. Ussile on Saturday last had a strawberry iron, a patch in tbe earden of Mr. La wig Erst), this city, watch Wi* Cirloai from hs fscl thai between tne berry and ihc c»p of the tuem ibe blossom etlil remained, kg petals partly wrapped around the fruit. LOOAL MENTION Tribute of At a mwning of tbe Junior S. F. K. Company NX 2, held on tbe 1st Instant, the following resolutions were adopted: WBKKKa?, There n»i be«n taken from among our brotherhood the soul of Joan W. Blrely, a man wno dniing tfce whole course of a long aad active life took the keenest interest in the tffalrsof the Junior Klre Company, lending bis time, his means and his talents to advaoce our in* teretis, serving us In the ranks as well as la the president's chair, npholdlue our energies of his spirt: and manhood to enable us to take a pr:md place among tbe brotherhood ot volunteer firemen; Therefore be It J.Wr«/. By the Junior 8. P. K. Co., No. 3, or Frederick City, Md , that In the death of brother- John W. Blrely, this company has met wlih a sad bereave- meat, the city of Frederick with the loss of one ot her best citizens, acd his family with an ifillcilon for which there is no earthly remedy. We can only ex tend to them in theU sorrow our heartfelt sympathy. And be it further 7i';At«tf.- That theie proceedings be published In some newspaper ot Freder- erlck City and a copy duly attested be sent to tbe family of our deceased brother. EDWARD KOOHTZ, N. D. HAOER, A.T. Ricm, A. H. HDST. QBO. JACOB BUCKRT, Committee. V ou Suiucuor It* vol. The Baltimore Ohio Railroad Company has j ust issued a handsome book descriptive ot the various summer re sort*, in the mountains and by the seaside, adjacent to or reached by Its system of lines. It is finely ptinted and illustrated by a number of r«r? use cuts. Bend 10 cents to Charles U. Bcull, General Fastenger Agent, Baltimore, Md., for a copy. Ladies and gents' bicycles for hire. Every wheel sent out In perfect order. Terms reasonable. -- G. Edward Myers, Sapplogton's store. If you. want a cold class ot soda that will stand the test at 33°, almost freezing point, and syrup from porcelain jirs, water from steel fountains, tbsn go to McCardell's and examine for yourself. McCardell invites all to call, make full examination and be convinced. Metal cans are dangerous. Clean Up. The Excelsior Steam Carpet Cleaning Company will take up your car pets, clean them, store and insure, and relay them. Telephone orders to Noe. 75--94 or 11. Interstate Telephone. Strawberry A Ice Clean Festival. The ladles connected with the Harmony Grove Union Chapel near this city will hold a Strawberry and Ice Cream Festival on Thursday and Friday evenings next, June 4, and 0. The proceed* to be applied to the library fond. AU are cordially invited. * JOHN HSNDBIOKSON. Have you seen the Msjestlc Bicycle for 1890? High grade, up to date in all parta. Allen U. Quynn Co. · Tae Frederick Building Association wDl comaeace a new series of itock June 6th, 1866 Persons desiring shares will make early application to J. W. L. Cany, secretary, u tbe Frederick County National Bank. Due* are SO cents per week, repreienllnt $100. The association loan* to members at the rate of 4 68 100 per cent, per annum. By paying a little more per month than is now paid for rent member* can own their home* and pay for them in weekly Isstslments at a low rate of interest. John C. flardt, President. BEST OTJB ADVIC1TO TOTJ 18 FBKPAAC FOB SCVItXB, OB XLSB TOD WILL 0C PXNAHCB FOB TOTJB N«8I,«CT. TH1T MAT LOOK WIIL. THO8* CLOTH DBBMBS, A»D THBT AB1 BIABABLI JUST ROW, THKYIWILL PBOVB yOTJB F0NtSHIl«NT BT A"D BTUHLB88TOO PBOTtDX A PBOP- U OHAH6B WHBK TH1 STJlf IS BAKINS HOT. IT IS BAST TO CHOOSE THB COBBKCT THIK8 HOW WHIM STOCKS ABB FULL. COOL SHIRT WAISTS. OACZB TJHDBBWBAB, P1KB WBISBTLieS WASH GOODS THAT BIPPLB 111 iLTjrrr FOLDS ABOUT TOTJ. THkTTBMPBBTHBHXAli.TEX A B B A BBXXZBOff A 8TJMM1B OAT AHDWILL M»K* A HOT DAT BK- JOTABLK. al KOKTH MABKBT ST. HTJUjQilZ ft KEMP* +****~**+*~*~*^*****~**+^^^^**^ OATUBDAY, MAT SOFH. This morning'* freight brought to us, Mttottg other things, a beautiful iisve of irusi Urgaa- die*, "Ltata fiakb.", la exquisite dtsdgM aad shsdlnjt*, and tbe price oaly 10 cent* per yard. Anottar lot pf novelties la Ladle*'. iBelt*. s. Teck Scarf* suitable for Shirt Waist*. Fans of evwy description, also an end- ieee variety of Geau Summer Neckwear, Belt*, z., c. CARPST DXPARTM2HT. We ATS still. dclng a lively trade in our Carpet Boom. If you wish to secure-the best value* and newest desigas^call aad see u* before placing your order for Carpet* and Mattings. Fresh arrival* every day. Great bargain* to be had. 'EUE MOOXL. MUXDAT.JCKB 1ST. DKf«KK0»bHO?PlXti MftfT 31 A U T T L B M U H K ACTIVE TVX THB KBiT 3 MUNTH»-ONB HOCK tJte^ is WHICH TO DO IT THAK roc UAD LAST \VKEK. COUMB.SJINU WITH lUi)Al. WE WILL CLJdB AT « O'CLOCK BACH IAV- WU1TS BKU W a l U H T ttfataDS CAM. SOT AL«'AYt UK KOL'KD WHK.S WAjtrtu. TODAT WE H A V E TWO ttPUUi'DlU VALUBj". KMIKILT DUrSKXSr FEuM BACUOrHBK. HOT HUTU UK THEM COOO-OWB IN KEOCLAK HUE. A PKBTTT NEAT riocuE-THB OiaiBlN EXTRA bIZIt, QBNl'l.NB OHUTT-PJUCBD or BACH VERT BBAJiONABLB. TIP TOP VALUED IN BEOOLAK WHITE V01LTU AT 4SC.. OUJ. AND THIS 19 TOOTH W J K B K TO BO V A V1NB WUUL DREW PltOH OOM COLOKBD DKE=8 Q JODH DEPAHT- MKNT-CL03INO THkM GOT AT OKBATLT UBDUCED FlQOBBf. 8?. WILi BCr YOU A 8PLSNDID COTTON IOWBL, AND ssc. A BTBIKINQ LINEN PARASOL. T HLNK OVER 11? OVBBBtOCKED. MCST GO. 4 CARS BEST TOMATOES, 3SC. B - GOOD CORN. U5C. a " BAKLT JUNK PBAB, OSO. a " PINBAPPLB8. 300. 3 " DB3BBTPBACHB8. 'J6C. . V* StAUB. NOBTH MARKET STREET. TELEPHONE CONNECTIONS. DOLL BROTHERS. JQOLL BROTHERS. 8* AND 101 NOBTH MABKBT BT. S TBAW -\,fATTIK68. IBAW ilLATlINQtl. ALMOST EV1RT DAT WB ABB BBC BITING NEW PATTBBtiB IN STRAW MATTINGS. IT WILL BB WOBTH T00B TIME TO LOOK AT OUB MATTINGS BBfOSE BITTING. MATTINGS TO SUIT BVB8TBODT FBOM THE CHBAP1BT TO THB VBBTFIHB3T. QILK8. A SPECIAL LINE OF WASH SILK9 AT3BC. PER TABU. ACTUAL TAL- intssa AHAND8OMB LINB OF BLACK FIOTJBID BILKS FOB WAISTS OB DBE8BBS AT 7SC. PBS TABD. WHIN TOTJ Y18IT 00* 18TAB- LIBHMBNT. ASK TO BEE THBSK GEMS. B ROTHERS. RAILINGS. F IJL8H DEPARTMENT. We hare rewired new Lak» Herrtnr, ther are packed In X barrils and kets eOBtan.Ioc35fta.3O ft*. TOtti. 8O»». lOO Sta. The qqalny ana me of thete Fish ar* rt*ht- and we aan the right price on them. Wealao *eU them Dy t** small at the small sum of Sc. tt. Potomao Han-tat new catch, nice brlf»t toed*, packed in barrel* wUoh w* sell vtty low hiTtnjrbmirtat thenn ncfet. We atoo sell then by the dozen M10o.pcrdoz. Maeker*)--Thte parttanlar nth Mhtth aDd toaroe but we have them and will ·elltkaatoioaatioe. *- THB BAILHre GROCBBT 00^ CENTRAL HARDWARE OO. PAINTS i WAGON AND IMPLf MEtTT PAINT8. HODBBHOLD COLOBS. HOrjSB PAINTS. wr AMIL pAnns, BAKING KNAMBL, (for Btoycl* a*e). TOPDBtWWe. OILS, TAKKI8HB8, *C. JjOOK OUT FOB THE Hie SAW. AT ZHI JT1W8 OlflOX, BODOOS * NUDIO TODOCK*KE1DIG. AN ISTBBESTJSG Bit OP KEWS FOE TWO VEJtr Si-SVJiAL Ui-?mU.S6?, OMB fOK LiDIES.TH* UTHBat fOK GEKTB. b:f barnut, ot* ta»t ac jti.^ c! cttr a:s5 ojuaer wi-i sa. I *.m rfel'^tc W:^i I'ftiry fr~c i! it j* ; ft', 'fr* Xt4 u? cm** f o-i« ctfdfi 30*-- c pn'.uer or tcrtai T*ry Ha^.^ »r7o- J*r 5an». l a»T in ffiacr pliot* t.vj iw-j r-alrt»-- 1«- A acarj tiria-t svf. wc.t «i»^c. iu.i ·:»?. ^Va. iiet*r uw a tti'ier oa* u -We. i"a tint. We won t ««T vaat iaer are tor ii'i a cvd oeat morj BODOCS * NXID10. A. T. BIOS A SONS. E STABUISHSD 1800. A. T. RICE SONS FL'NKRAL DIRECTORS. TRL1PUONB 75. JAMES E. WALKEB ft OO T X. WALKBB * OO. WB PDT ON ODK COONTBR THIS HOBNINQ A BARGAIN IN A L9T OPLAD1RVUD8LIN CNDKRWEAB. BOMB 1T8W P1BCB8 8LIOBTLT SOILED BT BKINQ SHOWN IS THB WINDJW. WB AKB GOING TO OK- FEBTHKM AT A GBBAT BACBI- f ICE AND THB KAKLY CUBTUUEE Q ITS THB CHOICE. AN'JTHBB BAKOA1N IN A LUX Of BBMNANT3 OF WOOL DBEBS GOOD?. MOST OF THEM WILL MAK.B BKIKT pATtEiuts. THET SO AT A VKKT LOW PKICI. JAB. Et. HAVBtOU TIBD 1HCC8KLYTT CLOTH. ~ BUBLDINGLOTS. T\O That I am DEBIUaBLB BDILDING LbTS in North-Wait Addition to Frederick, OB $1.00 TO $4.00 A fBONI TOOT, according- to location. THBSK AKB BABGAINb, and now it the time to boy wtlle th«r ar«Ib Ing sold at luoh low price* acd OMJ tarx*. not partiouiars ana lucatlon. GEO. H. ZHUflBMATa DOLL'S. D ALL'S HOTBL OATB. All tbe deUcaclM of Ue leawn .an belnc tarred al mice* as low a( powkbi* bf oomp«UDt and BIMBUTB waller i. OOB DIKING BOOMS ' ABB BKIGHT AMD CHEBBFtTU Fiof*. Soft Craba, iMrtMCnta, Uv» LODMttS, ClaOM in AWMKrlC. ELEGANT BHBUL OTBTBB*. A malar Uan«r servtd. ·r»rj. it) fioBiU to 3 o'clock. j ah* Light ana Darjt SMII lam drat, rut are beyond au queMMtn tk» Jf febes* Qnd« taw ma tw porchMed. trtata and oooL. C. D. DOLL J. F. ms«NflAUER. RECEIVED " A lull line of MAKTUt8 CHOICE CBACKIB3 AMD CAKB0. New Tomatoes, Peas, Cabbafe. Aipara- gOM, Jb«t»o«, a« , JOM mxlnM. dally. B.JIANAJP. OBAMQISandLBMONi. A full Uae of Lfatoon, Importtd aal AMO ALL GKADB3 OF BBBB. We reciire daily MOk aad Cream. . P. A. B.HAaQ*TT. DURHHABl'd WILDCH1BBT PHOSPHATE. A DBLIOHTtCL 8TJMMKB BBINI IT HITS THX fiPOT WHEN THLB3TT. IS OSE JtLUCTX 3? TBX QCABT OB 6 ALLOK. SMALL BOTtLBS IOC. _ 33. TBXBOCKi: O O K I O C K ! Ate) tk» MAJUBN BBBS aad tteir bnkla* at *n mdim« pteoe* asm by their A.Q. LEPPE,

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