The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 2, 1896 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1896
Page 2
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t / TOE DAILY 5E\T?. Ait «YfcJ«E f .;y to b« trasac: to tie Yen* i* ! tbe Book of Wsadom. - As when *n arrow it ibcl at · mark, tt p*rt*ta lac air, ibat iKsBediatcly coit-eih together again, so teat a BUUB ca»»o: ksow where tt went Ujrr-otk " Toe f*3a* Kyma of Fraiae afer tbe "Bececlcia." or U« *-nsg of ac la Ue Use*-- Hl» prals*. ye wlada. ikt: from lour ye U§*. oikilp, K«w* «( i*« CStwrcttea, 8«*Tlc** a. Zion Befozsned ch«;ch, tmar!e»»lile, e«xt Bsnday, the ?th lc»v , at 10 1$ 4 .4 u.d at Pieaaafit ill!; Uaioo Ct-»c-et »t 2.15 (.- sa. by the pa*ior. tit*. b M H«:fc«.~ 2 03 Bt Ertitie toft or load, afi£ ware, ye phset, Wits eiery, la »!^X ot ware. I? U alto to tae Apocryob*. M to ._. v^r. t-w , ,. -*,oc » b t 1 -* "«- ' B)k of Proferb*, *e owemaay mixtmi S»s»;^ * * ~-*-\ *»rc.«»c«:v ! wttrh fear* bec^tee bo»«*hlfll wordi ia Jinr» s» e»wi*! si t be tt Great ^-si j^ CozpiiJ, u ».c^ JtC :ck. Md tit* tut TUESDAY, JUSB 2. 18SW. SGKMXS ti here and Frederick county ·wears her Uart u the queen of tnmmer jaaorts. «s a T»o«H!oa open In the dime SHueum* any day', for Gtneral WejUr lo POM u * specimen of Sptln't ipleudld Mtare. St. LocU needs aid, bat It the people of 'Jie l»nri are as liberal as they are sym- pathetlc the will not need U long. AMBAIADDR BATARD'* feelings darlcg the progress of Heory Wattenon'i Lon» don speech can be better Imagined than described. is dobg a grsat deal of , bat she !s cot bonding a wall about her beautiful domain. She IB bmtldtng a broad foundation for future development and building Dp bopea for a bright and busy future. the In to« trtt Book of f or t sample, Chapwr. TI..41. we Led aa th« RetUorseoriec'.ly reader it, "Great U troth aad ttrocg above a!l ifclng*." Here the Latin Vu z»ie mi 1 ., u Magna eat verhu, at piaerklf t." which laat word hw been. In the praceaf of time, conttrted into "praxTaleblt." and proverbial in the cirtiized world. LOCAL LOGIC. E*prc*»Un» of I'rople. Picked Up by JU-portera. The Political Ootleok. ConBerratlve Democrats, whereicr they are met, express a dubious Tlew as to the outlook for their party in the coming presidential campaign. The impres. alou prevails tha; the free silver semi- men t in the South wit! orerride (ho convention at Chicago and that the interests of aonnd money will be jeopardized In the nomination of a fiee gllTeilte or a bl-meUlilsU With any candidate in the field except a sound money man Democrats, according to the views they have expressed here, do not expect to win in the election. On the other iand, many Republicans are equally reticent about expressing any too sanguine hope for the election of ilcKlaley. By his unaccountable silence on the money question he Is playing a species of politic* the country has lost all patience with, and by bis rabid high tariff views he would, as a candidate, force at once the itsue of free trade and protection. There is one thine, however, in which tha Republican party has so far taken the lead, and that is the unequivocal proftnnciamsnto of nearly all the States for sound money- There is no doubt that no matter who the candidate may be that Is selected at Bt. bout* this month, he will stand on a totind money platform, and the sound money platform is the only kind that will win io this country ntxt November. Should the Democratic party be purged of its free silver phlegmon, Its hope for success would be brighten but the present outlook in National politics is for the nomination of a Republican candidate on ft strong sound money platform, who will win because of that platform rather than for any other reason. The Issue is a very simple one and seldom before has It been possible to see the outcome of a National campaign so far ahead. CUBRENT COMMENT. Opinion* of Topic* Loosd and General. John W. Mackay,millionaire,is ana* tire of Dublin. · · Lord Salisbury from boyhood was known in his domestic circles by his second name. · * What the bounding West stands in need of much more than free silver is protection from tornadoes. · · The new Shah, who is 43 years of age, is popular. Be Is the second son of the ate Shah. His elder brother was disinherited some years ago. · · Sir Henry Parkea would not be called "premier" when he was in office; he in- sited on being called "Prime Minister" because It was more British. · * Probably the owner of the largest number of dogs in the world is Onstay Joraa- orltch, a "Bnsaiam cattle king," who has *· 000 ikepherd dogs to look after 1,600,000 steep. · · Mtdtcal science in these days is as cope with the mysteries* th u it was in the Middle A***, Complaint has recently been made about boys shooting is a recxlett manner with cat rifles. Tnere is a city ordinance against that practice, and any violator 1s poelebabte by taw. i utve nuUiieu iuc policemen to arrest a 1 ! people diiregard- ing the ordinance.-- Mayor Yeakle. Frederick is a compactly built and metropolitan looking city.-- A Visitor From Philadelphia. When the hour arrived for the procession '.o start for the Cemetery Saturday the Junior U. U. A. M. nad not put In an appearance, when Prof. Cryns P. Plook, with the ti ig of th« order unfurled, tooK position alone in the Hoe and marched to the Cemetery.-- A Q. A. R. Member. The Grand Army demonstration on Memorial Day was a satisfactory sncceis In every way. The ezerclies at the cemetery were attended by as many If not more than on the same occasion last year. Our friends contributed many beautiful [lowers, which was much appreciated by the Grand Army. The weather was Rood and honnr was done I to the fallen heroes.-- Ms]. K. Y. Goldsborough. IN THB WHKAT. O the? sing of the bine ^Kgean nuln And the Danube's languid tide; They linger and lean In the soft refrain By the Adriatic's side; They chant ot the Mediterranean deeps, And hymn a hymn of praise To the wave ot the Cupiaa sea that sweeps To the mouths ot its myriad bsys. But the sea, the sea, tho golden aes Of the waving wheat 1 love, That moves when the wind Is fair and free Prom the bright blue hills above. Noiseless and vast in their icres of light, With the glimmering snn for foam, In the path of the breeze, to left, to right, The billows of brown wheat comb. Soft is the soothing song that tt makes As out In the Juno time sun Its golden beard with a glory shakes Ere the harvest has begun; Beyond U tho tide cf tho clover lifts lu «·«»;, and tho whistling corn Shines where the sheen ot Its aimor lifts In the balm of the dewy morn. Knee deep are the fields beyond in tha hay, Whose perfume is on the air, And the larks o'er the meadow go by all day With melody everywhere. The moss covered fences, the long green lanes, The nook where the cool spring leaps, The brook that goes purling with soft refrains Aid the willow that over it sweeps. O these are the beautiful things I know, And these are the sights that cheer, While ever the woodland blossoms blow And the ruminant kin* are near. Then sing of the oceans that roll, if you will, Ard bear on their bosoms the fleet; Bin h«T* If t song for the field by the hill vtlth its waving brown billows of wheatl --The Bentztown Bard. One would bs surprised to know the number of people who ride out to the- Monocacy and return these evenincr*. Among the wheelmen are many ladies, who have attained ths an of cycling in a masterly and thorough manner. The gas house road seems a favorite rout for Frederick cyclers and they take advantage of pleasant evenings and ride out in numbers.-- George Relfsnider. The Brunswick postal service Is in splendid shape since Mr. E. C. linger has been assistant postmaiter. -- A Resident of the Town. The Frederick base ball team developed a bad case of "rattles" during the game with Hagerstown on Saturday last. Otherwise the team played well together, but they were clearly on; ot their class. --One of the Players. I was surprised to see what fine club rooms the members ot the Frederick Bicycle Clab have at their disposal The apartments are furnished with handsome equipments and nothiog has been left ont to make the place comfortable and convenient. I ·cjDyed very much going through the rooms, and I felt that I was extended many courtesies while la Frederick.-- C. W. Geiger, of Bsltlmore. It follows trade* route* and it* far China would oecee wflybefeevdof with apprehension in all part* of the world that trade with that courtly. PUBLIC OPKI05. Excerpt* from the CorauajM CsT Our Learned TXOK TEB ATOCTPHA, tram tfec 6«aUea»ci Macaxiaw. It is Impossible to exaggerate the 'JB- moue Indebtedness of English poetry sad Italian poetry to the Apocrypha. t* bemtlfal lice* of Youn* in hit "Might Thm«hu n - Btt their hearts womoded, like the daw; wfctr* pMMd the shaft mo CURRENT VERSE. G0Btrilmt«d mod Selected Poetry, Old and New. Xbe Weaver*. One at Mr loom lolled fail--early and late she wrought; But the grief and plaint of her days in the silent web were caught. And after her hands were stilled, all the cold world would see Was the woman that drudged and sighed, aad the shade of her misery. Oae sang, in her bumble place, a song that the shuttles knew, Aad a golden thread of hope the warp and the woof ran through. And after the task was done, and attar the day had fied, The work of her hands shone fair, though the woman. Bknawn, lay dead. --TH« PKTIBSOH MAGAZISK. The only tree blood purifier proml- ·emtly ia the public eys today i* Hood's Sarsaparllla. Therefore get Hood's aid Mlf flood'*. ''.* V '"· C OCfe 4- Tne b».:!»cie BrotoerhocU u! ;. Andrew wt.i ·* tt-a it!i t-Tt=!i.g a: M. laoici' t ; u " v j Hazt7CU:*4. Baier Jobesoa, E s q . n t u Us ooe of tfce iptkker* on *" 1 be tJ roller tool Uaa In ill: B^t.-s Life. lie? \\'CB. !'»«'., b'*nop of the KpU- copaL ttoc**e of Maryiuso, will vUlt Al! sainu Lhaice, tbla city, uo Monday evening ccxt tn (be purpose of conttrma- Uon. Iirector» A meeUc f of the Frederick and Liberty fc.-nplke Company wit b«'d at bsrlatr* Mit.s je«'.trd»y mornlaf at 10 o'clock, when :be ioUowlng director* were elected for the ensolag term: Meaira K A tihtlner, C. M. rttomas, K. L Derr, J. J. Craatr and £dwia DevU- biM. O LKGAL NOTIOBS. RDKR NISI ON AUDIT. NO. «5S9 KyL'JTY. In thc'in-u!tOiurt fi-r Fr--5encklou«ty.-'!i- UUK to Kiuiiy. Uarj- \'. S. IUM«at.r. formtrly Marr V. E. I **n, iuurixv'« of W ill am f. .'y.-llman and wile Bi4l Liuiia-1 MuM-cttcr. her liunUui-i. oo In thu matter of the Autll ur'» Itcpurc Hlud the -uJ Oajrol Jucc. IblRI. MAY Twoi. 1MW- Orderwl, That (m tho -J-'trd any of Juoe. IhiW. tlii- ("uurt will proctiii lu aut U(«.a thu licjiurt ut tbv AuUlu/r, tlit-O an afon*a!U, in ibo ul-jve IUIUBC, tu rlnnlly ratify an3 iMuQrin tlio name. unltM caUeu to tbti ctn rary thoicwf Iw «h'iwu Ix-fnrf «aij Jay; provided a copy ot this oiitur bo luwntxl In buuie newapaper i-uollabud tu Krrdcrk-k tVuniy, fur tHVauucubMic wt-elcs prior to said day. DitUxl ibla '-'nd day of Juci-. 1SIMJ- JOHN L. JORDAN. CitrVof the Circuit Court lur FruluricL Co. Truo copy--Test: JOHN L. JOUDAN. Wm. II. HIiiVs, gollcllor. Clerk. C^XECUTORS' NOTICE. This ti to give notice that the subscribe r» havu l i u m tbe Urpluiua'CVurl of Frederick O'utsty. M'l.. lettero of mluilnli(tn»tloo on the pumouul cetutc of GIDEON M. ZIUMEKMAN. late of Krederlek Couuty, Md.. deceased. All pvntous having claims atralnst the deveaaed are hereby noiiilvu to i-ililblt the same, with th» \-oucher» thereof, legally authenticated, on or before tho 1st day ut December ibUtt; they tuny UIULTWmo uy law lit cluiuueu uuiu »u beuctlt of siild estate- Thwt indebted unto thu deceased are drairvd to nmke Immediate payment. JOHN HENRY Z1MMEUHAX. W I L L I A M NlLHOLAS Z l M M b K M A N . Jacob Uobrback, Attoruvy. Rxouuton. HSLP W A N T D . W "^~ white woman to do general housework In family cf two. Good w»ice8. K»lercnce required. Apply 79 B. 2nd St. W nNi-BD.-RELJ.ABLK MEN TO canvai. Saltry fiotn start. Add rets, N. O. Boneoo. No. a" West and ot. Jeldiw* W Aiil-EL- A r ONCE.--ACflVJf agents lor each County- Bzoluslve control and norUk. Will clear 12 to 25 hundred djl a-s a votr Enclose sump for full paitlcu an or25c. fortl. sample. Big Bap ids Ulneral Wu'er Co., Big oapitls, Mich. m»j28dlm W ANTED.-A GOOD WOMAN TO Book In small famllr. Reference required. Apply to 31 West 3rd 81. m27dlw* AWrD.-bOOD LIVE MAN TO represent a MacufacturlngCanpinrln Predernk county, no competition Lirjre profit on g-rocs. r ow Is your time to make money. Address, C. o. Barton, City. W ANTKD.--ACTIVE, RELlABbE men to traTd and solicit orders for fruit and onnental nurtery stocc Permanent employment and goad pat. hoterence nqutr- ed. Address the K. ti. Chasj Co- touth . enn b'quare. Pnliadnipbla. mar2deod36c FOR SAL£. F OR .SALE.--A 2 HORSE ENGINE suitable for cretm sepermtor, will be told cheap. Apply at this c ffloe. junc2d6t« F OR BALE.--FREDERICK OOUN- ty national Bank Stock. AddreuP. O. 703, c reoerlck. Ma. novEd ly SALS CHEAP. THS FLNB8T M c B J l N l PLANT in Frederic k City, contlitlng of a first claas en- H!LO and boiler lathes, drliis, planer, ahaper. line shafting. beJtin», Tl*e», tools. *o,. In food order. The aboTe machinery will be sold cheap, and the purchaser can either remove the plant orient ttfi lactorj at a moderate price. Apply to Bui itLEEBttOS. ·pr8d2m Frederick City. Md. F OR SALE.-- DESIRABLE BTJILD- Ing lots opposite Steam Brick Tardi. Apply at this uffice. Jaolldtf NOAH. E. REAL ESTATB * FIBB INStTRANCl. Call mod have TOUT property Insured In old and tellable Fire Insurance Conpanlea. 8 tooka, Bondi and Mortgicei boujht and sold on OoamtMKn. IDE 8AIJL 1st.-- 144 acre farm at Walkenvllle. 2nd.-- IO acre* at Mt. Pleasant. 3rd.-- 0 acre larm adjoining Cltr. 4th --Bouse and lot In Wooaiboro. 6th.-- uxuldlcr lot la Walkerrvllie 6th.-SlO.OvO. to loan on Mortgage, 7th -- WBuH.BettoiTi property aiHopslacd. 8th.- J . D « oore'i farm of SOS acre! ot land near Gaiihentmrg. Hd. 9h.-- Hrt. Dortei^t farm nemrKew Market. loth,-- Lots m North We*t addition to Frao enck bought and sold, deatrabto suourban PXOOCiTtT. llth.-- Otaer CBtf. Tjli*g« and Country property. Call and get llrt. BOAH 5. CKAMIB. and Floor -of First Katktnai Bank BnlldinrI MARtTRTJ. TRAIL. E K NOW IT. We know the Coal we ate selling comes from tie beat mine*. We don't buy any bat the beat. This is true d both our HABD AND SOFT COAL. Then, too, oar Goal is well screened andlcon ·umen wise boy from na get Oca!. MOT DIBT. Can we supply you ? MABKBLL * TRAIL. THOMAS ft OLABY. SAL SSTA.TK. f, 6. THOMAb. JNO. M. CLAKT. EBAL «8TAT» AKD LOAN ASBIfT*. Mortgage* Bought and Sold on Commnato Money to Loan on good Mortgage*, tn Soasf Salt. lrt.--W» bare for s*ie a farm of 34 acres, · vile* Ircm Frederick In Bakert Talley. 3cd.--A farm *f 176 acre*. 6 Ue« fiaat of Mt Pleasant. 3rd.--A fine farm of 136 acre* * mile B. of Frederick. 4t».--A t»aU farm of ai acrea, S mile* Wtat of Frederick. 5th.- Many ottwr city and farm properHe* call for panienlan. 6Ui.--Mr. ?. F. Btnll property of Bacrwacd fine improTement*. irtnateo on Weat Fourth nre«[ extended. 7th.--Two ofBcw for rent In good part of city cieap. Offio* Ho. 90 Woot Patrick Bt, FnAerfck, JONATHAN BISER. LOAH,-- ISOO. O« MORT- ! "T* 41 * ^a*rWOUL»15 FOBLIO SALES. JL LS BC1LD.KG LOTS. -tt MMMUC9 I* C«J*« 10 k »** »c«i»i-ti : ·.' ixoufg ·orpovu cue *u i:»r t a _ ^. I u*o eany a full *UJUL ct IA« beat ·}i ILtrd Cosu and rramlinrtr «*«P a «^d*c cover tor 4fad»*rT *"'%r« aaowy · Tee fttrocag* of to« wbiw » JOJIATHAJC Bilila, WOOD AJCD AKTBaU.aT9 *-»D BITCMIKOCB COAL. ·aw Tairt auwu r»«d«r!ek. Mi. Ualdt! Ttl»**oc« Bo W. jOXB OUT OP BCflIK£SS AS KIPOUTBO^BOT MOVED INTO A LAB 6 EK AND MOkK CONVENIENT KOtiM. WHERE WB WILL BE PIBAIiED TO BEE ALL OCK i'itlBMk. AND CCbTO- We have j ut reiuroM from the City with an M ILlNEttr -MOOD-! ILlNKKlf "JTOODt! AND NOTIONS. WBICH WE PKOPO8B TO 8BLL AT LOW PBJCS8. AT OCK NEW BOOM. NO. 6 WEST PAT- HICK BT.. ONE DOOR FROM MIKKET.- WILL BE PHASED TO H A V E TOD CALL. - C« ELDRIDOB, 6 W. PA THICK ST. FRKDEHICK. MI . E OK RENT.--NO 169 tJOLTHMAR- ket »treet, oontalnlQK 5 rooms. Immediate poiseMlon. Applr to Frank Sumin, JjZdtf F OR RENT. Not. fi and 0 B. 3rd St.. 3 ttorr DO » house*; Nc3. S2^ a-iT'J We;: fh-jrcb bt.. ·! !f. P-t rick at., alio Noa. ai7-2iy-80i-a^» aed 330 W. Patrick St. ffim»m A. Maoitteid, Backer and Broker. augflalj OK RENT.-S1X ROOM, TWO itory brick houte. No. 67 E. Fourth Bt. J8.60 per moaOi Appjy to A. T. filco * aons. O FFICES FOR RENT.-- LARGE, brijcst and cheerful offices in the Pint National Hank building, slngln or commun:- catiait. Apptratbank. aprSdtf F OR RENT.--nWELLINQ HOUSE In rearer First Nat. Bank and over w. U. Iclegraph office; Immediate ooueaflon Riven. fcdwBrd Uewes, Joan V. Matter. At- tornejs at Law. apr24dtl F OR RENT.--ONE SEVEN ROOM house with gts and water, on But j-»trlck ttreet. Apply to J. E. W. Hargetu feb!4dtt F OR RENT.--2 FINE 3 STORY brick booses on B. Church St. containing 10 rooms ai d bath, heated with Furnace and open trrate Hre». fange. lighted with gas and electricity. Foseralon given April 1st, 1896. Apply at News Office. jantd3tawtf AT f ORNEY- AT-LAW. fiKr ATI ORNBT- AT-La.D9. COURT BiafiBT, FBSDBKICK. UD. Vartloularattenilon to Commero.'al law and Colleci.ons. DKCBBE9 PKOCUKKD F"B THB SALE OF KBAL ESTATB, AND ORPHANS' janSdawly ATTENDED TO. MUton 6. Tjrcer. Clayton O. K e*dj. Hammond TJrner. TJKHKK, KBKDY * DBNBB. Attorneji and Counselors at Law and solicitor* in Chancery. Will attend promptly to all Law. Iquitjr and 1 Miameutary Biulnesa. OFFICES:-- Record Etieet. Opposite Court House, Frederick. Md. mchlSdawtf /JHARLE8 P. LEVY, ATTOBNET-AT-LAW. Snooce**or to C. T. 8. Lery, Of riCB-- Court Street, opposlt Court House Special Attention given to lecuring decree* for the tale of real estate. Prompt and con f ul attention will be flnn to all famine* pli oed In mj baads. NOTIOJS. F LNAL HOTICE. Owing to ibe damage don« to trees, ihrub- bery and frowlnc crop*. T am-oompelled to notify all persons who allow ih«ir stock to run at larse. that ht reafter l will take up all stock lound trespa*slnK upon tbe farm of Col. L. Victor Bauihmao, near Frederick; and adver- tue same. MICHAEL KNELL. Je2a3t Manager Poplar Terrace Farm. /CORPORATION TAXES. SPECIAL NOTICE, Notice is hereby given that the Commissioners of Taics will meet. ON MONDAT. JUKI 1ST, 1896, at 9 o'clock, a. m-, at the City Begister's office, and retnan In session daily from the boon of 9 o'clock, a. m- 10 12 m, and from 1 to 4 o'clock, p- tn-, dally, daring two *ee»s following nod date, to bear appeals, make transfers and com ct the levy of 1S86. After adjournment the book* win be dosed. All persons interested will please take notice. FRANCIS T. RHODES, X. J. WILSOV. J. GEO. JUAMBBRT. m«jrl«31m Commissioners. /^l NWMAM ft (O. ! COAL Fteeat (jnaJltte* of i nt hracil e. and; Bftami- nons Ccal, also s-eaeoced Oak aad Pine Wood. ALL UNDEB COTCB. AT LO ·TEST POSSIBLE PK1CE9. We always pay tbe highest market price* for Hay and Straw, eitfeer bailed or loos*. SWHAN CO., KAiT PATBICKST Mr. Tbomas SeUey bartog MsocJated Urn Khf with tbe fim will be pleased lohsre hjs frteodi call to »ee htau KBULBB, N BULBB, EWMAN co. T XGAL BLANKS. IBB KIWI tTBAM JOB OfflCB. iveo^e, soar rLiMiic cirr. "awALairoflB taaca, Cbderce* , H._V.JTOKS.__ j CLAfa faUABD WITH JU picaaant ee*/l tune* »-i tmtae eoaioru can be *ecand at »;i W. Tftird ct. we «l! fe-J at toe Ctort Hoc»e cloor. a- 11 W. S. JOLLBJ ft OO. 8.JHLLXB* CO. Ail KINDS OF o! at ocr taic s^^-r H A.- B D t ; C 7 T .-··'- i L A k Q AND J 5 O F T V ^ ' l ' A L jut* oc s iz-:owi auvcy. «c.l le tte rwtr'ui eat ; ,«jC»Ca ^vyii'"; strttt U' c i_»o wi.: fc-.. ti-tf .01 ^_lt i : tiri-W W-..'ja JUr-'/ u ia«'rti,aLi -»^ »i»-j 3J foct oa UKUSZ sttetc. ^JLJ! r^a- J U NDKK KDKt ·-.' eoitr, .,jtatv.r JO 1-' l.-.vDCL*. fctle . X C. Jiol dltw uuvw Cbetee, oe C Oid maA acc :»r j '. r» BOB. I Qe Apy-e. Mm acl .raua ! W«Jt«rt. ' ' ** 1 [ A f i V K Atii y ' :r*.ce 'f e 'irvrw v! '.Ut (. uvu.s Tvart for ci i. usty, s! Isabt'U. MUa.Cata«rba, Pjri.Ubtrry.-White Tokay aad fijsckberrr *tar«. clover Leaf, · ZuUatOei aad Motiuatljo Clarvta. j * ~ of J.c.n St. liixAl, ft a. . v*. kmoat tt- Hooc. c-t. SL. t-Mci,- Nu. oiixj K (UJtj-, = n the of aaul lAJurt, the uijilere-^TjeJ trusttc YSAiiT. cUlij. Cuspraawd Teui. . . So. -t. yrectrnck Countr. Maryluil. on lUCKiDAy. JL'N'g lTH. JeU6. at ihmr o'clock. i. a., all that boutc uo4 tot gf . »:tua'wl at PUnu Xo. 4. Frederic T ADIJS8 MU5L1N UNDERWEAR 8ALK. ror the next ten dais we will »ell all our r. MiryhtaJ. on the roulh tide of [he U i K. it. B.. uchr ice cux'luc uouu'. aud adjoiu- uv the iropeftitr» f John and Wlluun Hux- loi. The lot cot lalDB one a. re of lone!, tnyrt or :.i»a. Tte ·-Epr^ves;e2!i curts:-t of a Much cheaper than you cm have them made j Try one of our newt tyle P. K Ci. ttokrri K ! you want a terfect nt and tound 'spertr- ' waisi. We ha TO them in diderent prices. N., B. * D. MANTZ. 16 South Market St. ' MARK'S M1LL1NE3Y i AMD DKKBSMAKING ESTABLISHMENT. Our Sumttc r stock U now Complete with the re on tMUful «nd laiMt detlgcg in Ladles* Headwear. loclcdloK Ha'i. tlower*. lr:m- aiagi. Notion*. Etc. Owing to our low prices and 'Uptrior quiutty of goods, jou ahould not fill to glre us a call. DreumakioK a Bpeclal feature. IrUKcanmteed. aauTruxutodfrte. 07 NORTH Ma KKKl STKKBF. w Next Doll's Dry ficods Store. V ALL£Y QUJ5KN STOVK HoUoE. New firm, fiew gocds. New store. All goods liricUr dr?t ciats in every parUcalar, Mooting and scouting a speciality, rummer I stoves always on hand at the Valley Queen ; Utove House. C. P. bmith tl?ou. aprlid3m TWO-3TOKY KHAMB DWELLIM: HOCSK, lu excellent comht on. aud uecee^ary outbulld- - '1 hu lot ia i ncloscd by B ptulug ream in t-'oOd 4.x)uUltloo. »ud U Well atocJtol wilh a lar.'u variety or c-hoUe fruit. The properly a conveniently loutted with refcrriico to cburi.b«ai. t.hool5. itore=. porftoilice. railrotul e'alluiift, pi' efi aud public ruadb, ana mil make n vc ry desirable bonte. 'Ibis is the iamu u-al c=LaLe which wa= eon- vtyeU to Leah M. Hood tiom (ieo. W. H !ton and wile, by deed oatt-4 Oct. IO. iSbl. and re- txrded in Liber A. K.. No. 4. lolio 343. one of ibe Land Kecord* of Fredenuk County. Termg of Sale a» prescribed by the uecre":-- Cue-half cf the purchase money to be paid in cash on the day of sale, r on the ratification thereof by the Court; the residue in six mouths from the d y of bale, the purchater Or purchasers giving bis, ber or their notee vith ap proved *eeunty atid bearinif interest from ILC cay of iale. HAMMOKD UltNEB. Edw. Mercer. Auct. Trus ec. L'rner. Keedy A, L'rner, Solicitors. W HAT THB PEOPLE SAY. H. Boi d Bennot Water Valley, K y., writes: "i nnu BaUiim ot itoieouus to Deasreprtsvn:- ed on ytur circulars Enclosed find mocey order for 1 dozsn boxes. Send at once." A. lepptrt, Balto., Md..writes: "Balsamof JRosebuds is the only preparation that cured ay craciea hands." MlssB Anderroa, Orange, Einfae^ writes: *'Balsam of Bosebuds is the best toilet prepa- i ration I ever iiied. Makes SKln smooth and i white Like n»glc for removlctr tan.sunburn, pimple*. *c. Would not be without It for ten ilm-site price." We earnest!) deslio every reader of tils su · per b Jour ok 1 to try Baitam of Kosebuos and be convincea that there is no other preparation on the market tj equal itforsklndlseaaes and toilet. 1 vro f;r'S. price lOc. and 2Sc, at drug gists and dealers or tent by mail, tample tree. 'THB 0. F. SMITH MANCJACTUKINbCO^ WOOJDtBOBO, MD. TUST ARRIVJED SOHBN5WTSASBT8ATTHS LOWBST PB1CBS. LAMPd AT COST, FOBS AND j SPADES ALMOST AT TOUB OWN PBJCB ' TOCLCSRaHBJtOOT. 6BO. F. THOMAS', N. Market St.. near 4th 6t., Frederick. IId. W HUE WA8H, WINDOW AND BWB1PIN6 BH03HI8. We hare white with bnuhei for outslds work lor 5 cents and up; good brushes, for Inside work lor 40 cents and up. It ion want a fltst class window or sweeping brush, coma in and look over our stock. IT. B. aAPPIKSTOK. 72 N. Market Bt. R. L. POLK CO.'S MABYLAN D ABB OISTEIOI or COLUMBIA QAZETTJKER. The above work will contain a caret ally complied list of mil the Manufacture!;, farmers, Buticets and Professional People oolng bosi- nett througnont the State of Maryland »Qd Discrlot ot Colnmola. includlnK a complete BUSINESS D'BKCXOriT Ot BALTIMOKK CITT, and detcrlptive GaMteer of erery Post Office, City, Town and YilUfte. and trrerj exertion will be made to make it lull and complete In every detail and B true reflex of ths Agricultural, Manniaciurtng and bnalnea prosperity ot tit* above places. AS the -work mil be thoroughly cmnTUted ihiouinont the atate and District and will cecetsarUy have a large and Tailed circulation, special attencoo is csllad to its ejttellency «s an AaYertfclna' Medium, and w» trust jou will alre our agent ·when be calls an opportunity to eiplaln the many advanta?i you will derive by adrcrtls ing In It; also its Talueasartlertncebcokand medium to addreM circuUn by. Betpeotfully, t. L. POLK Publishera Baltimore City Directory, *~" 112 North Chirle* Btreet, Baltimore, Md. majXW2wJtwlt W fiABKMAKLNQ CABINET PHOTO6BAPH8 AT $1 TO *3 FBB DOZBN, Photographs made in all sixes direct with Camera, or enlarged Jrom f mail pictures, vre are making the Ontst and cneapen ciayon in the cliy. it j ou want a fine told, Utver, gilt, steel or cak portrait frame, we bare tht latest ·tiles. Ton are requested to call and see them. Iryonr$ao, *3oandt4Ucraion.l33C- somely liamtd. They wiUco»iyou$lOor$15 more in th» tarter ciilea. Bemember, we don's employ any but flrst clats arOkts, amongst them sfrague, Hatbww * to., Bos Con. t_aU and see. teeing is believing at BUBSli'S PHOTOSBAPH 6ALLBBT. M North Market BU T IHDSAT BrCHlSOU, . Kckctelnj N 8 C E A M C K . M B TJ K A N C B. ornat--Court SUeet, rrederick, Md. C A. POOLS. OOKTKACTOE AWD BTHLDEK, se WB8T 80TJTH BTBBtT. FEEDEEICEU MB. I feawaQ aMa«niavpUaBeeafor thmnoost a*d ·asKfacMrr ·maaUM ot all kott of ·wort; also oemck. rop**,Woe«a aad Mka tat TWBOnnKrjirniUnca,beaTysMtartaI, *o. Estimates cteerfaay gjven osaU txttotm aoglAdly THB BUFFALO. "rrax BUFFALO." THB riNBBT 31OCKBD BAS IK THS CUT. TrragJaaiof C.:H. BTAH3 * SOUS CKBUf ALB. WHISKIBB Belle of Nelson Whta*, Old Crow, Hosier Ry«, Boxbnry Bye, King's Pure Kye. OM 11* By*. I. w! Harper. Mellrose *ye, AJtamoot Kye. TCRTLia. CBAB3 AND CLAMS supplied at iow«at ptice*. The only Bar weUing Tal Btats Later CHAB. X. HAC1CR. T3UBLIU SALE By virtue of a Decree of the Circuit Court for Frederick County. State of Maryland, sitting as « court of Equity, passed on the Oth day of May. A. D_ loW inJko. 650O i qu.ty cases, on me Equity Docket ot said Court. wherein Charles K. Goodell is plaintiff, and .T. y. -r:2 Wh-tn stirt othe"= itre defendantc. theuueersljrnettircsiee app inted by said deer** to sell the real estat? tat ret y decreed to be sold, will s 11 at pubbc sale at the Court Uouse door in Frederick City. Maryland, on -- WEDXE5DAT. JUNE 3iU. 1S36. at 11 o'clock, a. m., all the following real estate, to-wit : That parcel of land, improved by a log dwelling touse, situated about 4,S miles from Fredetick tiry, adjo.ninj; tho nottd "BRADDOCK HEIGHTS." containing 17 ACRES, 2 HOODS. 37 PERCHES of Ucd, more or less, it being the same land, which is tie uribeU in a deed from, .-olumou J. Zimmerman and wi'e to Ann Maria "Whip, bearing- date .March 19th. 1873, and recorded in U- bt r C. M.. 1". o. 9, Jtollo 579, one of the Land Records of Frederick County. Maryland under which deed said ,'nn Maria Whip holds a li:e esta:e. and stiil holds the same, and subject to which said land will be sold as provided by the decree. Terms of Sale as prescribed by the Decree;-The whole of the purchase money cash on the day of sale, or the ratification thereof by the Court. H. DORSET ETCH1SON, Capt- Wai ter Saunders, Auct, Trustee. mayl2diawtd KlSDLiSti WOOU. COKZ. . MILLItt * CO. KA*T PATRICK 8TR*rr. f ^ISCOLARti ALL 81ZB8 AND STTLBo. ·iT T H B NEWS OFFICE. RATT.RQAD RnTTBDTjy.stf^ W SSTERN MARYLAND R. R., P. B. H. at Salppeasbnrg and Geltitbarg: K«r- folk A Walern R. at Bagenlowa K. * O. yil'r"*** it HigeratowB aad Coerrr Run; FenBa. R, K at Brucerllle, aud Uaao- TCT. and P. W. A B.. -V c and B. 4 P. Railroad* at Union Station. Baltimore* Md. OcJU+iU ia EfKiS*pt*mC«r OCA. 18B6. PUBLIC SALE. By virtue of a power of sale contained in a mortgage from Lewis Bruuncr and Tvife. ti the Franklin S»vings Bank of Frederick, dated October 4th 1SSS. and recorded in Liber W. I. P. No 3 folio 69 ic.,one of the Land Records of Frede. ick County, the undersigned aa the attomey named m said mortgage to make sale, will sell at public aurtion at the Co^rt House door in Frede ick City, Frederick County, Maryland, ou BATGBDAY, JUNE 13TH 1896, at 11 o'clock a. m- all that lot or parcel cf ground with th3 improvements therein situated on the North East corner of West Church and BenU etre- s, in said city and Couutv and described as fol ows: B Kinniug- on West Church street at the Sonth w« st corner of the lot focmerl* owned by Mrs. Keller and new owned by Mrs Nettle F. Salter. and running W eat with the line of s;id Church stree; to the corner of Bentz street, fifty-two feet and f our inches: then i^orthernly Bentz street to intersect tbe divisioa tence of tee adjoining property on the North, Ninety-three feet, and lour inches; then and with said division fenca in an £*stery direction ihiriT-fiix feet and four inches; to the line of said property lor- meriy owned bv Mrs. Keller: thence by and with the line of fence Soutternly .Eigbty- three feet and eight inches to Church street, tbe place of beginning-. Ibe improveaents crniistofa two story brkk dwelling and other buildings, in a gcod state of repair. Terms of Sale.--Cash, conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. WILLIAM H. NICODEirtTS, Ato-nev named in the Mortgage. Tjrner. Keedy i TJrner, Solicitors. H««d Downward. r. ·. ·4» ** S» 444 .... r.x ^ 465 5 ID B26 5S6 543 ... si 504 f fS .... ·717 t.tL. F.B. 835 SM 12 S3 A.X. i.K. 11 S5 11 SS 1140 U « 1166 1111 1P.JL F.X. a uo 21* 3S5 3X IfiO P.M. 2S3 sij 352 41b 433 445 *". M. r.Ji. 521 5b3 545 P. «- !·.«. 253 2M 3» 331 344 355 359 406 423 BPo 501 533 654 P.«. P. 3«. 845 954 1233 A.X. A.». 810 813 826 «3i 643 6S i-K, 617 A.X. "IB 7» 7S7 736 750 n. 760616 S13 906 923 93S A.X. A.K. y 35 S47 1010 A.X. A.X. 7 BO 7S2 816 SSO S37 S45 54» S54 911 .»*- 943 10 OS 10 « A.M. A.X. 1135 1451 303 P.». STATIONS. LeaTe ArrtTe Cherry Bun Big Pool Clear Spring Charlton WUilaaiiponPT Hageniown Bead Dpwarc. JL.X S4S 84i SS3 827 SIS 805 Arrive Leare A.X. Wllllanuport LeaTe Arrive A. «. Hagerstown ChewsTitle Smlthburg Edccmost HiKllicld jjrnv_- Leire L'ave Arrive Hie afield Falrfield Gettysburg Kev Oxford Hinover Forten Arrive Leave Leave Arrive Porters Spring Grove Vork Aruve Leave Leave Arrive Hlghfleld. Blue Rid go. Thnnnont, Bocky lUdgft, Brncevllle Union Bridge, Linwood, Sew Wlndjor, Westminster. Emory Grove, Glyndon, Arlington, Baltimore, Arrive Leave Arrive Leave Washington, Philadelphia, Mew York, Arrire. L*«ve. ^ p.*. 110 117 104 1J» 1149 1J» r. * r.x. 1315 UOO 17101161 7041145 bl3illfc A.*. t53 65i 645 "s'ln 6 HO "s'ss 5* "su *430 A.X. A.K. is'ds 900 P.M. A.«- liiS 10 16 10 J 1003 946 9£ A.X. A.X. ·J32 934 902 A.M. A.X. 11x3 1128 1053 1040 10 19 1030 1015 1C 10 g K*t 9U 910 S'5 811 A.M. i. K. 7U6 35t 1315 A.H. P.M. 9N 84» an »a en 801 p.». 7» p. «. 80» 7« 7» 7S4 71» P.*. 7» · 4* «M 6W 5» SIT P.*. t.-m. ·!« 4« 414 p.m. T.tL 73 Til 64* sat tn 511 601 CM sa *59i 4n 4« P.M. p.m. aa 11* 11 M *.«. :J BilTIIOU i5B CUIBIELUfi TilLHJL A-^^a r.».l* Arrive.iA.».ir.«.t»'.ll. 315 325 332 84 S 58. 406 413 422 481 439 515 717 .109 118 185 139 149 600i bhippensbnre 610 617 631 643 157! 660 205f 657 2131 706 214! 230 SOS 564 t.x. 715 729 802 10 37 A-JI. Southampton Green Village Chambershnrg New Franklin Altecwald Five Forks Waynes boro' Midvaic Edgemont Arrive. Leave. Hagerstown Arrive. Leave. Baltimore 883 S23 616 SOS 751 744 735 727 7 IS 70S 635 430 A. a. 106 1357 1250 123* 133I 1118 isiol It OH 11 5S 1145 1110 soo i.*. 1 SM T« 70 TM 7W r* Additional trains' leave Baltimore for TJalo* Bridge and Intermediate Stations atlO.lTa.~B. and 6-05 p. nu; and. leave'. Union Brid0 for Baltimore and Intermediate Stations * (.05 a. nu, and 13.47 p. m. daily, except Sunday. Sunday s only-- leave Baltimore for Union BrMf* and Intermediate Stations, at 9 JO a. m. andUl p. m., and k»ve Union Bridge for Baltimor* Ml a. a. and 4.05 p. m. -. Leave Bocky Bidge for Kmrnltsbarg^i 8.J6 WANTED. W AJTTED.-- WOOD LOT, 15 TO 20 acre*. Hamilton Llndsar. je9d6t W ANTED.--SAW LOOS WANTBD of mil kindi of wood. Name in part, chestnut, gum. * 1m. poo «r. 4c~ *c. Out m 10-12 14-16-18 and W feet Itmrtht. Bought for cash delivered at the Palmetto Fiber Co's works, tmitrnd of last Chmicb. Street extended. Frederick. Md. Oak lomter for sale mad ·awed 10 roll. "O ALTO. A OraO R H. OH AND AFTER SUNDAY, MAS. IS, IBM 5.40 A. JL, daily, for BUUmora, New Tork, Harrlsunbim, ..--.--, Cmnberland, and Way Stations) and except Sunday for Lexington, HacentoWB and Way Station*. BjOO A, M^ daily, for Wartrtoctoo asd Way StatiOBa, Philadelphia and New lock. 8XC A.»-, except Sunday, for Baltimore an4 principal Way Station*, Phiiadelpaia aad New Tork. 10.45 A. M, except Sunday, for WaaUng-ton, Phlladelpbla, New Tork, Kevser. Lex- iDgton, Haxerstown and Way Stations, Chicago and Pittrtrarg. Jjt6 P. M, except Sunday, for Baltimore and Way Stations, PhfladelpMaaalNewTork 2JO P, M^ except Sunday for Washington tot Way Stations, Philadelphia and New 4-10 p l U Dally for Martmttoorg, Combsr- Jand, Ctnctnaam. 8t Loois. Lotdarffl* attd Kansas 017. aad on Sunday for Washington and above pointa. 4JOO P. «,O»JJj, rot ftaltircoreaDdWay Mk- ttons, PhBarierpUa and New Tork. 90 P. M- except Sosdar. for WasMsjrtoo. Hagentown, Winchester and Way Stations, Pimbnrr. CWcKO. PbitodelpUa mwj JtewTork. SO A. Jf_ except Snadar, frcoa Btttttxxe aad Way Statioo*. A, M^ except Sunday, frota Warttttsm. Baftntown. Mantafmg; ltttabax.81, pbJa. 11JK A. M-. Dairr. froro Wa*bwrtoo and W«y Staflooa, Su Lotus and Chicago. HJO P. V^ Scmday only, from Baltimore and War Stations. 2JH P. M_ except Sunday, from Hew Turk, Philadelphia, Washington. T«llT;gtuo and Way StaOocs, SL4S V. M-, Suad»j o ' and Way Stations. *JS* K M_, except Sunday, from j3aU2aen and way stations. P. )*,, except Sunday, from and Way Stations. Philadelphia, Tork. PiUttrarg and CUcago. 8J5 K M^ except Sunday, fron BalOmon and Way Stations, Philadelphia and New Tork. 7-5* f. M.. f leapt SOBdaj-, from WUcb«ster. Hageratown. BnuurwIck Way Stations. P.M., dally, from BalUxrar* and Way . . borg for Bocky Eidee at 7.51 ane 10.00 a. m., 153 and 4.£0 p. m. Leave ^racerill* for finkl ick at B.40 a. to., tnd 5.40 p. m. 'eve BmceTiDa tor Taneytown,Llttlesuw£aDd Colombia at T.f a. m. and 3.43 p. EU ^. tad O. pa«eeg«r tratns jeare Cherry SBC tot Cumberland and iacermedlate points. No. 14V daily at 8^7 a. a. for Piedmot and lnten» dlate,No. 17, dally, except Sunday, at 1.36 p. m* tad Chicago Express. No. 7, daily at 11.0! p. a. Passengers for Chicago I'lmited, No. 5, or Cta. cjuatt LimiMd, No. -K take No. 17 to Hsawck. and there transfer, to No. 5 or No.l, Passengers tot B. A O. Pltttbnrg Expres*. So. S, take No. T toEancock and there transfer ·Pally. AU others daily, except Sunday. ?Stops only to land pMsesjrersfrom Baltimore. J. M. HOOD. B. H. GEISWOLD. Pres't aad Gen'l Manager. Gen. Pass. Agcat pENNSTLVAHIAKAlLBOAJ). JUbdMs · Xfnt Jfo»W*.n»m. rSBDXBXCK DIV18101I. "f" stops only en notice to coftdacM oroBslznaL TOE PBILADXLFBIA AND THEJEA8T. -wm-B*.T» Llt's- Tork .« .-- ^ irp. ACC. MaU. Aee. Bxfv -£ v aua. «.a. ».«. »-··.% * Frederick ie 90...... ·· WaOcenvflle. 9 IS...... 9W Woodsboro.... 9»7.^.. ·· BraocvlBa. 44 ..."· UUtaatown. ..... HamoTVT. ........ Iron *::n: In ~tn IS Tork. HJeslsna Campbell-- ««B 10 It · -- ·· -- f f « n O « f « « T f 4 « er:...... ion i« «H 658 11* » " I » * 706 7t5 11« »» ·« tamoiHttnitm t s«eoi«f tnt ·· .. . 7 *J 8 IT 11 W J « » · t IS, 8«5 »«B J 80 i* ...... 809 t«» 1»« 4 » ·« FUlsderpbia..... 10» 11« » » * tt ·« a. «-S- m. p. Has- SOTrrHWABD.N.w.a« a. ».*- »- p- ». p. »- p. » «· ..". *« ·· ·« .1..^.. 7101653 »08 (U tot Sit g» TB tn ..»·**· « · · * » * * v 99- w 9m *« v ^ r mm i«f t«sr r»..« f T S J m i S f I » f fl «8 ...... TaraTTT.. 7 » 1 I « 9 *· ( » J J WwtTMk-.... * « U » tn t U9«OT».... 8 S 1 1 B 7 4tt _ f Irdi ' " 7i»«vtowa.«"- *S IteMeVKV'f^BB 9 40 w*oa«boTo"!... * H r."'.'. TalkeriTiUlu... 1006 Frederick.....^ »«5 a. ». c. «.; ,..... fi» 4» ...... ·* 4 ·.,,... ·· 6ft.*.,. ..... IK ...... . M . tit .»....«.. Triln )ef*e Bsavrrr tut BegLjs»att **M . H_ IMi sa4 U* P. M. w«ek flays, Ntsjn) A.»_n.« ii Tra!«a l«at« To»x far tt* Xorrm. Pa«MeandKoniNnE^r*a*,aafr/... 1MA.1 ^rpr«a, tally...... .0.4.1 Foe tim» taMe* aa4 farther lateauUea apat to Ticket Acaxl ^ Uc Watlosu . . ._. Oamtnl Msaafir.

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