The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 7, 1916 · Page 39
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 39

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 7, 1916
Page 39
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THE INDIANAPOLIS STODAT STAR/MAY r. 1910. CALCIUM TVRNED ON UNCLE JOE; IS 80 YEARS OLD TODAY Gen. hacR, Sherwood, Him self an Octogenarian, leads House Orators in Eukgy of Veteran Member. [Special to The Indianapolis Star.] WASHINGTON, May 6.--Uncle Joe Cannon will be, 80 years old tomorrow. In commemoration of Uncle Joe's arrival lit the rank and dignity of an octogenarian Washington officialdom paused today to let the calcium shine on the distinguished ' legislative veteran, who is the only one of 1 bis kind. In the proceedings in the House, when speeches lauding Uncle Joe were on tap, ; another octogenarian was a leading participant. Gen. Isaac R. Sherwood of I Ohio, who was 80 years old on Aug. 13 I last, and who entered the Forty-third I I Congress wih Uncle Joe on the first Mon\, day In December, 1873, told some delight' ful reminiscences. He pointed out that 1 Uflcle Joe has been in public life forty- seven years, tliat he lias been elected to | Congress nineteen times and that since '' Uncle Joe and himself first blpssomed forth on the congressional stage about ( 1,500 members have come, ought fame : and departed, the average number of i changes per Congress being about fifty. Although there weTe"rottTBr speakers-- KItehin of North Carolina, Hodenberg of i 1 Illinois, Gillett of Massachusetts, et al.-- f the, interest of the afternoon centered in the addresses made by the octogenarian, Gen. Sherwood, and the near octogenarian, Uncle Joe. Not Yet at His Zenith. Sherwood hit the House of Representatives . on its funny bone when he declared that "although Mr. Cannon has reached the. age of .discretion he has not yet reached his zenith," which statement Gen, Sherwood proceeded to elucidate by saying that the two speeches which Uncle Joe has made In the present Cojngress were the best efforts of his life. One was on the subject of. immigration "»and the other was on Abraham Lincoln, The last-mentioned outburst of Cannoriesque eloquence was called the bill to take over the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, Including the cabin where he was born, and maintain it forever as r Federal possession. . Pointing to Uncle, Joe as a very live, husky and even frisky octogenarian, Gen. Sherwood proceeded to entertain the House with a dissertation* on "what 'old men have accomplished." He showed'that John Adams and Pope Leo XIII were erect and In full possession of their faculties at 90; that Michelangelo painted his greatest masterpiece, "the Last Judgment" when he'was 80; that Gen. Von- Moltke was still wearing his uniform at 88, and fought his greatest battles at 70; that Thomas Jefferson, Herbert Spencer, Talleyrand and Voltaire were giving out great ideas a t ' 8 0 ; that Tennyson wrote his greatest poem, "Crossing the Bar," when he was 83; that Gladstone was at the height of his power and influence as premier when he was 83; that Joe Jefferson at 75 was an incomparable actor; that -~'the great Wish actor; TMacklin, was still on the stage at 99; that Robert Browning wrote his best poetry at 77; that Victor Hugo was in his prime between the ages of 75 and 80; that Goethe wrote the last and best section of his "Faust" when he was 80, etc. . . Still Full of Pep. ' j Uncle Joe Cannon approaches the !·- eightieth milestone as full of pep as he ever was In his life. His greatest regret, as he .expressed it during the last few days, is that the House'has abandoned its old rules under which it could ''do business." It grates on his nerves to Witness the needless consumption of ' valuable time and he contrasts with the present lax system the .former good old days when he was at the head of the House 1 machinery and James E. Watson of Indiana was the House whip. In those days an obstreperous, minority had the screws put to it In short order and the House went right on doing business. Uncle Joe never has become inoculated by the virus of reform and If he had his.way the first thing he would, do Would be to restore the old system under which the speaker was "It." If there Is a .Democratic speaker Uncle Joe wants him to be "It" and vice versa If there Is a Republican speaker. Uncle Joe has .a handsome home on N street, where he resides, with automobiles ·and all that, but he still insists that a hand-medown suit is good enough for anybody and he fixes $15 as-a maximum price that any man should pay for a suit of clothes. As- for underclothes, 60 cents a garment Is his top price. · Seeing that his friend, his U N C L E JOE CANNON. ·J, HUM; LEWIS SEES HOME DUTY Majestic Senator From Illinois, After Having Bill AmendeJBe yond Recognition, Not Certain He Desires Re-Election. BIG FIELD AMONG CITIZENS Opportunities for "Counseling" Among Constituents and Bur dens of Official Life May Re, move "John Drew." Get High* Priced Truck Strength at a Cost of only $35QOP with your FORD Maxfer ends experiments. It is far and away the most economical and guaranteed to be the best truck-maker offered at any price. You cannot afford to overlook it. See it. Compare it. Try it. We rest the case on your good judgment invented offset or Bell sprocket. CL It is made in s a complete factory, with materials actually purchased for the coming year. It will be delivered to you on the day promised. WASHINGTON,' May 6.--Few sights are more refreshing and inspiring of cheer in these oppressive days of International turmoil than the majestic figure of one James' Hamilton Lewis, senator from Illinois, ceremoniously approaching the White House of a morning In April. Through the monotonous windows of^ the executive office, one often seeks relief from the trying atmosphere of official care in the hyacinth beds andlver- he frequently calls James E." Watson, is a candidate for the United States Senate In Indiana, Uncle Joe already has broken, over his resolution not to speak this year outside of his own congressional district, . where he is up for re-election. Repre'-" sentative Will R. Wood, the Indiana ; member of the Republican national con- i gressional committee, announced today ' that Uncle Joe will deliver one speech in Indiana in Watson's behalf. Probably a big meeting will be arranged at Indianapolis. · Watson was here a few days ago and he and Representative Wood were guests .of the former speaker at dinner. They remained, at his house until midnight. Uncle Jop was In fine fe,ttle and told story after etdry of the times when he xvas speaker and Watson was whip and it frequently became their bouwlen duty to twist the tall of an obstreperous minority, Watson has a very rich and melodious dure without, where dance and sing the cardinals, purple grackles, and robins of "boy," as! new spring. But when suddenly on the .when the',Hoosier ls»si"n£irig ord-fashioned Methodist hymns .to hi scene, In measured, tread,, comes, senatorial 'and sartprlal dignity, wending its w*£y confidently, satisfied unto itself--a perfect picture of complacency and poise-there is ..a sudden stir'within the white-* -washed portals of Democracy's throne- rooms. Quickly the habitues---the secret service Squad, correspondents who while away at chess-play intermissions of dul- ness, the uniformed police, the clerks, the attches--are alert with expectancy. For "Jim Ham is coming." Anticipation, to be sure, rarely yielded riper reward; no one was ever by the senator disappointed. He runs true to form. He literally fulfills the engagements of his advance notices. He is expected to bow low, doff his fad-shaped fedora, smile through his pink whiskers and spread at once the genius of his good nature in and about the group that instantly flocks around him, riot so much for news or views, but for the happy ^^^^^^.cigayetejsr^aaafift,,^] he does. Not that' "Jim Ham" is frivolous or Write at once for details. C, The Maxfer is the best-engineered truck- maker on /the market. It is not a makeshift. It is designed by expert engineers and constructed by expert truck men to serve a definite and valuable purpose. C. 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Copper Body--B-\' u ' SWINGING V TM WHITE IJI.Y KLKCTIUC DKtWXK MOTOB COFFIKL1) WASH'NO MACIflNES, "City Wnlar Buns it." , Hot Point Electric AppHmices. Call Our Service Department for Itcnnlrs on any make of cleaners, irons, wringers, fans, wntcr motors and any electrical a'ppliances. Lewis,' indeed, takes unto himself the ':ares of the administration, the woes of its controversies and the glories of Its House "hut that the President--so "Jim Ham 1 ' tells it--IB wont to -consult him on "th,e general situation," which, if you waited to hoar the senator enumerate, would Include everythlns from submarine warfare to . Cook County polltloH. But today it wan different. The sen- ator'was pessimistic---that IN, of rather a doleful, retrospectively , sad frame of mind. He came to the White House, HllU- llned checkered over,coat, protrucH'nirltor- ?hief, bro"Wrr~sp~fsT "UffToltci another such flght. It is truo I have made many enemies In my fights, but I have done a great :loal to bring the piirt'y W* a rffir s fo*sTncnTT^ state," : ' May Advise CltizenS.' "When I think," he continued fervently, "of the fact that.there are 3,000,000'people In my country from 6 o'clock to 0 every day, that there aro several million more in the states within .short radius, of'.my city, I sometimes t h i n k I can ho of -fjervloe- to -them-in tltcir-mldst^ crooked cane, unparalleled fedora, and all. The doors of the executive oflice Tbwun'g merrily to greet him. "Oood morning, Henator," went up from a dozen lips, and aw many' sleepy correspondents arched their hrows and murmured welcome. As per custom, the sen-, ator bowed right and left--from tho hlpa -=noddpd to_tbose he knew, as well as to those ho dil not--tho affability that IB democracy In the anterooms of the great. Moving; serenely along the green-carpeted corridors to th.2 crossward hall that bounds tho .President's private office on the north, the senator halted, Several of the correspondents nervously awaited there the outcome of the Cab* Inet's deliberations on Mexico and Germany. They lounged lazily -on--upholstered chairs. "Jim -Ham" called them by first names, and the conversation proceeded. It began as usual with tho relation of J. Hamilton Lewis to-the evente of the day, and ended, of course, with the Intimate association of thos^ events with J. Hamilton Lewls^ Yet, as we have recorded, today was somewhat different. The scope of J. Ham's dissertation was still personal, but Its tones were in the minors that denote sadness. A Critical Question. "When," Innocently Inquired some one, "does your term expire, Senator?" "Jn three years, I hope.'' That last phrase bogat curiosity, "But you -come up for re-election In 1918, do you not?" / "From my present disposition --the Senator turned to Insure himself a MH- tenliiR audience--"from my present disposition, I sho/ilrt say no." "I sometimes wonder," he said een- tentlously, ."whether I can not be of more service away from the Henatc than In it--" Still there was no comment unless It bo that silence Is proverbially or provok- in'sly affirmative. ' · ··--- I havo had a 8,reat deal to do with the chief legislative achievements of the administration," he continued; "I have, with the assistance of others, put through many Important, .measures. (He hardly paused 'to give time to italicize.) Yet there Isn't much In It. When a man is sponsor for a bill and has to see six men amend it and fifty-live men change. It, so that in tho end ho hardly recoR- nizcs Ills own bill, there is small satisfaction In it, T toll you, \ was ready last fall to tender my resignation to. Governor - D u n n e , r was four years In the light to become senator. I do not want "By going to the country, to tho people --by speeches, giving my views as exigencies arise," was the senator's modest response. "Then who will succeed you?" camp an I m p e r t i n e n t iinc.stlon- from somewhere, nobody knew whore. "Oh, I don't know," answered tho senator half-carclessly, and than with unaffected naturalness, .as If In . casuistic thought, he n/lde'd, gravely, 1 "I may--I may succeed myself." Just then the adjournment of the Cabinet, i n t e r r u p t e d the reverie, --the*- secretaries dispersed, taking the audience w l i h them. Undismayed t h o birds on 'the Whtio House lawn resumed their song, mushiif, no doubt, on how .much different Iho world might be if all pessimists were Hlo James Hamilton Lewis. Phonograph Ideal for Camp or Summer Horn* Plays any Victor or Columbia Record with all the Beauty of Tone and Melody that. IH to be .found in Kx- peuslve-Cablnet Machines. 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