The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on December 21, 1902 · Page 8
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 21, 1902
Page 8
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BUNDOK HOlQrtNd, DECEMBER «i, 190*. A GREAT JEWELRY SALE GOLD RINGS Lait week we received a large shipment of the celebrated S. Bros, gold-filled and solid Gold Rings. With every ring we give a written guarantee good (or five years. Every ring not found satisfactory we will replace free of charge at any time within five years. Two great specials for this week's holiday 25c OTHER NOVELTIES We also received a large shipment of the very latest novelties in Belts, Beaded Purses, Beaded Chatelaines, Leather Hand Bags and Leather Chatelaines. You will find our prices on all these novelties very reasonable and also you will find here the \cry latest fads and novelties. GLOVES AND UMBRELLA SPECIALS NEW UflBRBLLAS too dozen new Golf Gloves for Ladies, Misses and Children--a new shipment just received- great values; a pair, 4c, 39C, fcC 25c. loc and «*" Ladies' and Gents' warranted $1.25 Mocha and Kid Gloves; very special, QOn pair *Ob ·ted Ladies' Gloria Silk Umbrellas, rod, paragon frames, Congo and handles, worth $1.50, special price Ladies' guaranteed Taffeta SUk, Ufa. brellas, a great variety of beantifdl MM* dies, gold and silver trimmed, $1.48 Men's very nobby Umbrellas, fancy turned horn handles, gold trimmed, also plain handles, great values, $3.98, $2.98, $1.98, $1.48 ·nd IN Our holiday trade bat surpassed all former record*--even away beyond our expectations--positively tbe greatest sale of holiday goods we have ever known. But this is only another proof of th e in tellig«nt investigation of Decatur'sappre:i t v e people. Two weeks ago today we announced that we had purchased the entire sample lines of holiday goods shown by Sibley, Lindaay Cur, Importers and Manufacturers'Agents, and tha we owned the entire stock shown in their Chicago salesrooms at 6oc on the dollar. Our customers know that when we advertise anything it is a fact, n« exaggerations, and investigation proves rea)i^ .tion--hence our immense holiday trade. In this great purchase there were upwards of 10,000 samples A magnificent display, an enormous variety, no two pieces alike and Remember, You Can Own Anything in this Entire List at Wholesale Price HOLIDAY GOODS 60 CENTS ON THE DOLLAR C O L L A R A N D CUFF BOXES TOILET SETS MANICURE SETS HANDKERCHIEF BOXES GLOVE BOXES EBONOID SHELL BRUSHES EBONOID MILITARY BRUSHES NECKTIE BOXES TOBACCO JARS ALL SHAPES COMB and BRUSH SETS AUTOMOBILE SMOKING SETS SHAVING SETS g IGAR BOXES IGAR HOLDERS FANCY THERMOMETERS GENUINE BRONZE AND GOLD VASES GOLD CLOCKS ROMAN AND GRECIAN STATUARY BURNTLEATHER NOVELTIES BURNT WOOD NOVELTIES TEWEL BOXES PING PONG AND TABLE TENNIS HAND MIRRORS At a positive saving of 4O cents on thi dollar ie TRIPLE MIRRORS CHINA CLOCKS PHOTO FRAMES GOLD FRAME MIRRORS PUFF BOXES LEATHER MUSIC ROLLS POCKET BOOKS CHATELAINE BAGS HAND SATCHELS OPERA BAGS WORK BOXES WORK BASKETS 2.000 PICTURES JUVENILE BOOKS 100 ALBUMS BIBLES. HYMNALS. PRAYER BOOKS QUADRUPLE SILVER NOVELTIES GOLD INK STANDS LEATHER WRITING DESKS loo SAMPLE DOLLS GOLD FOUNTAIN PENS CLOTH BRUSHES HAT BRUSHES NAIL BRUSHES At a positive saving of 4O cents on the dollar ATOMIZERS MEXICAN CARVED LEATHER GOODS TRUNKS ROCKING HORSES DRUMS MAGIC LANTERNS COLUMBIA ZITHERS GUITAR ZITHERS METALO- PHONES DOLL SWINGS IRON TOYS OP ALL KINDS TOY SWPF.PKRS DOLLS' BEDS TABLES ROCKING CHAIRS DOLL BUGGIES ELECTRIC TOYS AUTOMOBILES HILL CLIMBERS SHOOTING GALLERIES GO-CARTS CROKINOLE BOARDS GAMES OF EVERY KIND. ETC.. EFC. At a positive saving of 4O per cenr WE ARE HEADQUARTERS FOR HANDKERCHIEFS, DOLLS, TOYS, GAMES, BOOKS, PICTURES Ladies' all linen and fancy lace corner Handkerchiefs, with lace Inscrtings, good values at loc, sale price Ladies' unlaundcred all linen hand embroidered Initial Handkerchiefs, great values at loc, | A* this sale, each ................. I Ub Ladies' exquisite fancy scalloped Swiss Handkerchiefs, also hemstitched with embroidered edges. Values you wilt Jlnd Impoimlble to duplicate ol»cwhtre less than isc, our price I An ww Ladies' fine Swiss lace trimmed Handkerchiefs, also fine embroidered edges, good values for 251- Choice of 100 dozen, each I .ad Ivii' flno llnflo embroldeml find '. ico trimmed Handkerchiefs, exquisite designs; you will be suipued when yon compare them with those you paid snc for, our QCp price **"* f.adics' imported finest all linen Handkerchiefs, positively hand made, guaranteed. Trimmed with Mcihlin and Valenciennes laces, put up one in ajajicy box. Great \alucs, $[«#, ~ $1 49. $1.25, oKc and Min's J.ipanncttc Silk Initial Handkcr- i-lm-is, beautiful large size, elegantly worked initials, great I tin values IUU Men's hemstitched beautiful Initial Handl.eriliicfs, extra special Men's hemstitched all silk Initial Handkerchiefs, worth soc, ORp our price ei%IU Men's all linen Handkerchiefs, elegantly hemstitched, great I OIp \allies, 2Sc, IQC and I ·» t U iso do/en Children's Handkerchiefs, plain and with fanry borders, great \ahics, loc, 50, 3c, 2C I n Beautiful Dolls Thousands of Them. Dolls, dressed and undressed. Dolls just like (jron 11 folks. Dolls tlia. talk. And Dolls t h a t sleep with their eyes shut And a few that n u e r sleep. And Dolls with three faces There arc Bab Dolls and litlle Girl Doll* and Mother Dolls and 1'apa Dolls. Dolls of paper, nulls of cloth, Dolls of china, Dolls of rulibei And wigs for Dolls And if Dolly at home has lost a hi ad we h^"c extra. ones. ' There are Chinese Dolls, Clown Dolls, Nurse Dolls, Sailor Hoys and Girls, Girl Dolls that w o i k -n the laundry. When you \ i s i t our Dull Department you will l e a d i l v admit that we have the grandest aggregation nf evjinsitr Dolls e u r shown in Dicauir. 1,000 China Dolls for, each, 2,000 Dressed and U n d i t s s u l Dulls. Kid licxlj Holli, .111 |mm nsi' \ M i iv, Ji'is,r'is W98. J3 II. S.MS $1SS. !ISc, lie, I'lir, Ilk 1 and Go-Carts, Swings, etc. Ic Kul »"· 'is So Go-Carts and buggies, an cle- K a n t assortment, e v e r y one priced at a saving to you. Don't buy until you sec our hues at $1 98, $1.49. f)8c, 75-', 4'jc and Doll Swing-!, made or woofl and metal, .in immense assortment, o8c, I (If 1 /5c, 4jc, 2JC, I5C and I UC Doll Tables and Chan's Doll Beds, and Ciadlcs, thousands of them, the greatest stock of new novellas in doll furniture o v e r placid liefoic the people of Deiatur. Pines range at $^98, $249, f J -X. |1 !S. tl 4». *1 13, t A- 98c, 4K, -\SC and I Uu Doll Houses, beautifully constructed and highly painted, an immense %anety, great valius, $i 50, g8c, I fin 6oc, 49C, and I Wv Games Crokmole Boards. We arc sure you cannot duplicate them anywhere else less than $1.50 and $2. Our prices, 11.49 and 98c Elegantly constructed B a g a t e l l e Boards, the best values you have ever seen; $148, $1.25, o8c, 49c, I rt_ 250 and ...................... I Ub Ping Pong. Table Tennis, Uncle Sam's Postman. On Guard, All Aboard for Trolley Ride, Fish Pond, Chcssmdia, Nursery Piu/Ies, Lotto, Dissected Am- DIsseccciT Maps, etc. All at the very lowest prices. Iron To} s nf every description. Music Lanterns, Trains. Hill Climbers, Mu- siTM I Toyn, sleds, duns, all at a saving of front 25 to 40 per cent. · j*- »w lOc 6 real Book Sale Thousand! of beautiful Juvenile Books. Highly dicorated linen Alphabet Books, also Fairy Tales, Cinderella, Jack the Giant Killer, etc., for each, IOC CM and 9\t 500 Cloth Bound Books, worth isc_to 25c, all lor, each 1,000 beautiful gilt-edge, cloth v bound Books; poetry, prose, fiction; some books, sold everywhere for soc, our price . Clocks--Metres China and Gold Clocks, every one fully warranted, (treat values for $4.98, $3.08, $298, tf I JLA $i 98 and ^ I .·tO Upwards of 3,000 Medal- ions and pictures, beautiful gold frames, a great many high priced sample pictures, worth from $4 to $8. Great bargains, |2.o8, $1.98, gSc, 49cand 25c Extra Price Reduction^ To Close Out All Winter Cloaks, Skirts, Waists, Furs. REGULAR $8 AND $10 COATS $4.98 $4.98 New and stylish Coats m a d e of American Woolen Mills all-wool kersey--every garment worth from $8 to $10, at the marvelous low price, $4.98. Chic three-quarter length Coats, desirable Hlotiscs and short 21-inch Jackets arc included in this great assortment. Beautifully trimmed by straps of same material, or left plain. Elaborately stitched. Some satin lined throughout. Some silk lined and some lined with black mercerized sat- ine. Your choice for the unheard of price of Fine $12 and $15 Goats Faultiest 37-inch Jackets, attractive Blouses and gmoeful three-quarter garments, all worth at retail $13 and $15, to go for $7.98 each. The wildest flight of the imagination it passed in the realization of these beautiful Alexander Black Coat*. Made of finest kersey, strictly man-tailored, profusely stitched and lined throughout with satin. Many are trimmed with straps that won- iderfully enhance the beauty of the garment. Colors are brown, red, oxford, castor and tan. Wortfc |ia and |«5, for $4.98 Superb $20 and $25 Goats I Q8 Elegantly tailored 45-inch ff | I QO '·* U Coats, positively worth «JMl.tJO from $20 to $25. Beautiful Monte Carlos and London Box Coats that sold from $17 to $22. Swell Zibeline Coals. Also Velour Coats that sold from 117.50 to $25. Any coat in this entire ^£1 1 ^^^49 lot for 91 ll9O All of our Children's and Misses'Coats similarly reduced. WALKING SKIRTS AND DRESS SKIRTS 95 for Latllt ' s ' Walking Skirts, · *** made of good quality of oxford gray Meltons, regular price $2. ff I QO for Ladies' nicely made pc- ^ I · 90 dcstrian Skirls, the new flared flounce with eight rows of cording and elaborately stitched, regular orice $3- t9 fiQ for ^dics 1 all wool Black V£.OlJ Dress Skirts and Walking Skirts that sold for $4.50 and $5. ff / QO for Ladies' elegant black, P*rvO castor and navy blue all wool Dress Skirts, made of cheviots and Venetians, trimmed with stitched satin and silk bands. Skirts cheap at 17. CO QQ for Ladies' beautiful black PU.9O Silk Skirts. Made in the latest styles. Regular price $10. for black Silk Skirts that sold for $1250. $9.98 $12.48 for black Silk worth $18.00. Skirts $1.50 Fur Boas g8c it H 1 a c k sheared Coney Fur Boas with six large bushy tails, instead of QOft $1.50, now 30 C B l a c k Electric Seal Boas, worth $300, ff I QO now .*...$ I.W Brown, black and stone marten Boas worth $4.50 to $2.98 Marten C l u s t e r A Scarfs, black Bea- if vcr Boas, Isabella Sable at Fox Boas, Fox, etc., values at $7.98, ffjL no $6.o8and $4.95 Children's brown marten and stone marten Fur Sets, great values, $5.98, $2.48 and f*fJR CO AT a Electric Seal and Near Seal Fur Coats at actual cost to close out. $35.00 Fur Coats now ..................... $50.00 Fur Coats now .................... , $25 .$36 FLANNEL WAISTS SWEATERS All our Ladies' Flannelette Waists, nice colorings and designs of French Flannels. To clear them out quickly, your choice now for All our Ladies' All Wool Flannel Waists, red, royal blue, new green and black. Remember, All Wool Waists that always sell for $1.25, your choice now for All our Ladies' regular $2 handsome All Wool Flannel Waists, nicely corded and tucked. All the nice shades, red, royal, old rose.jfreen, etc. Your choice now (or fc-39 All our Ladies' regular $3 and $3.50 Waists, made of French Flannels and Botany Flannels, elaborately stitched, tucked and pleated, your choice now * t AA for *I«W Ladies' handsome new Knit Sweaters in red, blue, black and white, all the new blouse styles, regular $5, now Ladies' Eiderdown Dressing Sacques, great values $1.98, $1.49, oBc and i...« 49c MONDAY » PIMM ot K- tooh ffc»ejr aor«l- tr Ur prte* Ik; Ko^ * V * yart ... MONDAY II pieces of ralr* hsavjr maw Bnow- flakc sulUnc. also Plata Mtlton elotM; mo vmluw; Meoday 48c MONDAY Choice of n plcco of an wool euwl'a hair nor- and all wool etc.. ngu. Monday, a yard 59c MONDAY 25 piece* at new waiitlng flannel*. At Inch** W lto, Peralan stripe*, etc., all new ·b»de*, regular pr)c« ise; Monday yard JOc MONDAY 1 cage of hommod and fringed large ·lie elegant white bcdipreadi, neve* before offered len than It; Monday 88c MONDAY 5 dozen large *1*» cotton fl!le», yarn tied illkollne covered comfort*, worth tUfc Monday ... -98c MONDAY 1 case of great large extra heavy regular |2 blan- «ts, Monday pair .... «M.49 MONDAY to pieces of yard Wide "Country Club" percales, light and dark colors. Instead of lOe, Monday a yard . 5c MONDAY 200 piecM ot atandard calico blues, gray*; blacks, reds and fanclea. Instead ot 6c Monday, yard MONDAY 10 dozen ladles' new flannelette ready made wrappers. Instead of «* QO. Monday .... 301* MONDAY U doien ladles' regular It ready percale wrappers, Monday.. 69c MONDAY C doien ladlM' r*f ular I1.W black mercertMd petti- elegantly Monday . MONDAY 75 beautiful sot* pillow*, covered eatlne* ana satin* nfOM. InstMd. f ay Men ··· MOTOAT. W new *Ts*jp*a pillow tow la Monday our price M IOC OPKN raRn ' IT PATS TO TRADE WITH THE STEWART DRT GOODS COMPANY, DECATOH'S FROORBS8IVE CRT GOODS STORE. OPBH BVEMIMOfJ UKTU. ^WSPAPER!

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