The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on March 22, 1923 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1923
Page 2
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XHfi DALLX UUJNBTll'UTiUJN, M.U THURSDAY, M.AB 22, 1923 COMPOSERS 1.O CHARGE RADIO STATIONS FOR TEDS USE OP COMPOSITIONS "Washington March 21 --Radio music soon may not be * as free as the air through ·which it is wafted American composers and publish, ers todgjy informed Secretary of Commerce Hoovers radio conference that their organization had determined to charge radio broadcasting stations for rights to use their compo sitions and publications ami to institute suits under copyright laws that if anv station broadcasted their com positions without permission GEORGE GOtJW) IS SERIOUSLY IIJL. IX Menton France March 21--Geo J Gould is seriousl} ill tare it was, announced today A specialist has been summoned from London HAVE Mr and Mrs Carl Lander chefs at Schneider s Star Cafe -who were called home on occount of the serious ill ness of Mr Landers' mother have returned You can therefore again en- 30} those good eats Tvhiea only they know so well how to prepare And those delicious pies cakes doughnuts and hot roils If you haven t taken any of them home yet } o are suiely miss ng a rare treat SCKENIDER S STAR CAFE 50S Locust St Phone 193 m!9 3t mission of a Proposition to Increase' the Annual Kate of Taxation for School Purposes To the qualified voters of the School i District of Chillicothe Livingston County Missouri Notice is hereby given that the annual school electzoa of said District for the purpose of electing two mem bers of the Board of Education will be held Tuesday, April 3,1923, at the Council Chambers :n the City Hall in the Ci f y of Chillicothe Livingston County Missouri, beginning at seven o clock A M and closing at six o'clock P M of said day 4.t said election, a proposition to increase the annual rate of taxation for school purposes in said District to Ninety Cents ( 9 n ) on the hundred dollar valuation will be submitted to the qual- .fied voters to be voted or at said election Done by order of the Board of Ed ucation this 17th dav of March 1923 Elton L Marshall President Attest W H ElleH Jr (Seal) Secretary 17-td 'Notice of Township Election oJt Cbil licotho Township, Livingston Coontv, Missouri An election will be held on Tuesday Afarch 27, for the purpose of electing the several township officers of Chillicothe township offices as fol lo^ s 1 trustee an ex officio treasur er 1 collector - clerk and assessor tw o members of township board three justices of the peace 1 con stable Bog Gill Clerk IGltd STRAND Tonight Tomorrow^ Matinee Fridav 2;30 A SIAf. S FL nrCXG AASWER TO ' XHF SHEIK'" JESSE L LASKY PRESENTS A GEORGE MELFORD PRODUCTION " B U R N I N G S A N D S " A PARAMOUNT PICTURE With Manila Hawlev, BMton SiUs Kobcit Cun, Jacqueline Logan When a titled English beautv sweeps away convention to pursue the man she loies--T\hen her daring leads her into the burning Sahara into Arabian dance reiels and treachei^ through tingling adyenture and breatnless -oraance--Iso -nonder her storj mikes a picture ten times more startling than The She k' --OTHER FEVTLHES-- ' O T J K G A ^ G C O M E D Y Admission lOc and 3oc MR. TED MEYN At the Robert Morton Orchestra! Pipe Or^'an "PLAYING THE PICTURES" Standard of Comparison /· What Would Spring Be Without a Buick! The Brnck Six Sport Toimng provides that addedmeasure of enjoyment which comesfrom drivJig a car of which you can be really proud. Its dashing color and appointments have distinctive originality which mark it everywhere. And it is as good as it is beautiful for Buick builds it. 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Long Highly Venerated for Mission Which It is Sup posed to Have A god said to be 300 years old which has changed Its place of resi dence on a number of occasions and atill retains Its original dignity and appearance attracts the attention of persons who attend tbe sessions ot the red Court in ShangLai China About twenty veurs ago the god was transferred to 1 ;s present position from the Nanllng Poad temple He Is known as the Tu De Shun (tlie God of Earth) and is guarded by nine smaller Images In thf olden times tlie yarnen run ners took cJie place ot the present das court officials and detcctKes It was their dutj to serve variants and summonses as well as to artest robbers murdei ers and criminals Be fore they went out on their mission they were sure to prostrate them selves before Tu De Shun and nk for his blessing and aid In securing su t c cess Whenever they succeeded in their missions and returned to the ja. men they offered their thanks Tu De Shun sits facing the court rooms, because It Is said he wishes Lo see Justice properly meted out He will frown u henever there is, an in justice done to anybodj Litigants make tlielr offerings to the god and may be seen at \ i t l o u s times asking Tu De Shun to give them the po\\tr to ttin the lawsuits in u h i c h they ire m\ oH 5l \S lien a ra igistr xte as sumed office in tlie okkn clajs I e al ua"is p i n \ e d to t'ni god for tisiist mice beCoie be daicd Uke o\er tbe ofhce OP / 'FOR GREATER MISSOURI" MEETING, MEETS SUCCESS Kansas City March 22 --The announcement las* week that, a meeting will be held in Jpfferson Cit April 6-7 to organize The Missouri Asso ciation for a greater Missouri has brought a splendid response from all over the state according to J F Hull chairman, of the Missouri Press Association committee of sixteen and. John M Guild chairman ol a committee to orgamz a state cham ber of commerce Tl £be two are now working together foi just one organization that wi i bt orgj.ii.i7ed. -when delegates rfor chambers of commerce farm organ /a. ona one news paper fi ooi each county and one dele i from othei indus trial aud commercn 1 organizations that have been i t°U mtct in Jef fersoii City When Governor IT/ae -was invited into a conference held, in JeUerson City February 24 he sa a tliat he had been thinking to w son c ime of inviting in a hundred, representative citizens of the state to i "'U^s just such a proposition and * endorsed the movement aeaUilj -i has beeu asked to address the evening session that \\ill be held in Jefferson City April 6 At this meeting a.a officer oE the Illinois State Chambei ot Commerce will fell what that organ ization Ins done and how it function b According to All Guild the official call prepaipd by Mr Hull and himself hi- now gone* to 173 chambers of RED MEN AS WOOD CARVERS comm-ice 54 far morganizafjons G-i organizations other than cham M3ny of the American Aborigines ^ Were Experts as Specimens Still in Existence Show beis of commerce tad 244 nevrspa- peis wiUi letuin cards which each oiganizition is asked to mail back so that plans ma% b mPde according It has been pointed out that the c'lief rumndcr of oni iboiigiriat !JCa is tlie 'Aood^ork and bone c*ii\lnff ot the Indians of tlie Pac nc Northwest \\lnle the citfc-, of that region aie en terprlsmg ind impoitaot centeis of in {assoc alion to adieitise the sta-e in ditstiy md \vhilt tlie Inh ibltants o f t a v ay tint has ne\er before be^a at many Indiia reservations have adopt ' t e m p t e d In a letter from Theodore As j n ide n of what mis oiganua tion t j i y h'u c pliced bciore it there is fi-bt the original plan of the press cd tlie latent fin ming methods nntl !ia\e bGcouit, prospeious agi icultmistb there remi.n some pnmitive woil ers whose wiodcn products h a \ e the same analnt appeii ance as those of their Gary chaiinnn. State Highway Com mission Mr G iry c \pi esses the hope that Mi=souu s road program may hive i proper place ia its work and neir ,"-·"= ancestois geneiatious and generations | m *ast week s, press dispatches from ago \Mien they possLSsetl no better tooU than stone ares am} b ie handled f m piemen ts befoie the \ lute mnn hid biought his lion Insstiunieats to tit*' country these Inrl ins \\ere experts tit their chosen profession. \\ th their crude Implements the; cut planks four feet wide by ten fe?t long from a tree Manv specimens of their cimn£r in wood bone and h o i y preset \ e j now CHy much was Snid ab Missouri s educational standards ing- rat?3 as" thirtv fourfli amocg the states If "tfissoun is to ever proceed ;hou con^idet iblL si ill eums si caused gieat a^roniahncnt among the first EuiopeLiiis tli it eauie to tbls toun try opment oC the Missouri Rner it wili have to be through such a*i organi nation is pi oposed Mr Guild said totla^ Such an osociation ^ill tie · i - ijjtJ-Tuuiiio J..L.,. t^^. *·*·,. iogeth^i all of thp factors for good 1 T.leir canoes he\\n fiom a single log m thfi ;jtate an(I be a n e l p E u l a genc i nere 50 feet in ·Mijfth is a rule -ind | , op cOn]]nff ]e g ]S H£nros as it mil furnish a medium foi securing an expression £10111 the entue state on n\ subject Use of Blowing Paper According to Mr Guild and Mi n\ccordm 0 u tht Ln-.\clopndn Brl \ Hull e L i y mail is bunging letters tannicsi Ulottm 0 r pel is of eirly ] of i-ommondition and injuiry legard date being mentioned untler t i e c!iie,ug the meeting l-ibo It \\ is i couse O ii\ un^i/cd paper fngiuetitb of \\lilch I u e be n found among the leives of Fiftco th txntui\ accounts \\ ieie It had been left ifter neni^ used for blotting 1 a i h in the Sixteenth centurv blot un 0 pipei must !u\e been in oidw v use fui it is teferied to in H n i m n n s V u l 0 i i i i (dated 1310) as lol low^ Blotting piper sencth to tliv wet w i*-ng lest theip ie n i blots or b i n s Ihe same uithoi i \ ·slfltes it is i rnarUable th tc in spire c* the compaiatrvelv eiil\ dale of rhis in \entktn sand ontmued genet-nltj in use and e\en at the piesent ti ij con tlmies n se*er tl countries in fairiv common use as an Ink absorbent Ihere appears to be ro lecoid as to who Gist used b l i r t u s is iemg to obtam i s d u i e d iiiHoid i iteb foi the nittt : ing JvCEPEBTFXS V KI \L Giinit City 111 "\laicU 21 Artist c Faculty Therp is bemt\ m the moral \\orld and In tne mtelletUi il « i l d liat t h c i e is aiso a b^auti \vlutLh ib neith^ tn01 ill 1101 mtelleuifil- t/ic beauty ol the \ \ o i l d of ait Iheic ire men \\lio aie dei oid o) t)te p ni e f seeing it Ibeie arc othci iu whom it != an o/erpo\\ eii ]g plosion hippi men born with the pioducu e 01 at lowest the appiecmtsve i-enn s of the ait:st But in the mass t mankind the aesthetic laculty hi L the reasonUi 0 power and thp rno Tl sense needs to ban Tits killed m in attempt to. hold up WiHei S Niuhols salooa' ic todny Jsifhols -\ as slightly wounded 4s the t\\o robbeis uned up custo meis ui the ci cycled bar the saloon lio«vper grabbed his revolver i id. open od flu One bandiu ^.J! dead ^\ith thiee bullei voundt, The second robbei returned the fiie blightly ^o uiding Nichols "With the chauibei o£ his own rp^ ol\er en p tv the t^loon kLeper gi appled \vit i the bindil wiested the gun. from lus gnsp and fired The second ban dit diopped d^ad la the doori\iy 4. t h u d mcrabpr of the sang \ \ h o wait ed outside in. the ^ar escaped Modern Methods ol Diagnoamg Jis s ase Diseases of the heart and kidneys *-hemuatism sick headache gout and be roused / directed and culthated I acidosis are cha^actensticd by an e^:and I know not «h tbe development j cess of nitrogen In the blood either from overmgestion or faulty felim ation This office otters the advantages ot blootl examinations, tests for Kidney functioji and reduced alkalinity of the blood for the proper diagnosis and treatment ot these diseases Examination, ot the urine is not diagnostic and the usual methods o£ treatment including pulling of teeth and removal of the tonsils have prov ed not curative hut in. many cases actually Uarmiul These and like diseases are now be- ef that side of his nature thiou B h w"iich man has icxe^s to a peienmal .spring of ennobling pleasure should be omitted from nny compieneusue scheme of unheisit; eJuciition --Hux ley \vith Solid Hoo sd Hogs Tbere are escepttooal t this peculiarity of ,. solid hoof The Riverside VaruiaJ niatoiy states A curious anomalj of die foot stiuctuie of the pig has been frequentlv record ed from the time ot Aristotle vt ard which consists in the cense of the last joint and the of the middle toes a single solid Jg"? resulting Such solifl boofed « a1 | breed singular]} true Dr Coues|Ca-T TV 1th a bieed in Texas which e-cpn ed tills in a marked degree so rr. so as to Indicate that u would n difficult to form a iace of solid h pigs- just as we lm\e rices of the/ mestic fo\\ i n itb defo: raed sku Their flesh Is a^ gnod to eat as } of the ortfina j ^s BTBJSON EtATS mg successfully diagnosed and treat ed b} more scientific methods 24 tf Dr W E Thompson Sell that Coat Suit, Wrap stove 'urniture--anything Constitution l l J - , ! i ads will do it a Oon«tltotlon Want Ad- u Ads pay tag diridends Try It STETSON SHOES A Spring Tonic-Better Clothes The sense of being well dressed is as exhilarating- as the first breath of spring. 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