The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio on August 31, 1870 · Page 3
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The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio · Page 3

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 31, 1870
Page 3
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for tho constitutionalist. ., utv n,,ii,flrl«d to net ns iigout* to « klm ,| y n | tl of every IK) O f ,|, t . 0 , lveu | 0 iit to vlalt uur olttco, W bwrJptloii.. c«n be »«ni llirongb ' ln f " iu " ctl v Oblrlln. , ...... ...Urnfton Ccntor. ...... lluntlnxioii. .......... Amhurat ...llrowiilu'lin. ...Avon. Ilenrlottu. .. ..LiMlriiiiKi 1 . . Vlttsllcld. ' . Klpton. .... I'cnlli'Ul. llo«Iic"tor, Tlio Democracy of Lorn'iu County urn here'by requested to meet in convention ot the Court House in Elyria, Ollo, on Saturday, September 3, 187O, n», 2 o'clock T. M. for tlie purpose of noin- County Tu-ket. THE CAMPAIGN Constitutionalist. Prom Now Till After the October Election. H r e will send the Constitutionalist from the present time until ((fter (he Oc- ft.i'.er election for 25 cent*. Come for- nv.ird at oiicc with i/wtr iiaines, T amount 'is ytaall, and ifill secure you all the news; . A*o pains icill be spared to ·make lite paper \tfl (k»t can oi desired. The caniptriun will be an cxcitinti one, ond^it is yoir duty lo keep posted, //c-j of dried apples, llecauso one glass IX) cents all f/ic loaves liim so dry. AB tlio wnshorwo man apostrophized her clothes, " Wr; Local Mentions. ' --Prepare for the County Fair. --Music In the Park Saturday evening wns u failure. --Mr. Newcomer Is rapidly recovering. --Tho alarm of lire on Saturday evening was inoro smoke than flame. --Pouches aro as delicious as thoy arc p l e n t i f u l . --"Watermelons are so abundant that stealing them ia "too thin" for tho juveniles. --Business is rapidly reviving under tho influence of good crops and a good market. To-day ends the summer months' Now for n fall--of tho thermometer. --There is no doubt of it, Elyria has moro handsome women and homely men, for Its size, than any other town in the State. --Wo call attention to the advertisement of tho New York Observer in an- otlior column. I l l s sent free on trial to all applicants one month. --Why don't tho town authorities take measures to clean out tho cave by tlie fal's? It would make a splendid retreat in which to spread pic-nlc tables. --Job, undoubtedly, had considerable but Dr. lioofy out-nwnilers him twotoor.c. If yon don't believe il, you should see him boil these hot days. However, lie never looses his patience. --The Cleveland Leader needs n proof reader fetidly. Wo see Unit Fox knocked u ball sky high, '· whit h was took" in a masterly manucr. --Scarlet lever is propagated at Put- in-Hay by the exertions of the keeper of ono of the hotels to bu as nasty as possible. A small riot to preserve cleanliness \vns on the pohvt of breaking outlast week. --A thirsty picture dealer in town to k n o w if t h e early cider is made "SONG OP THE CKICKE'IV' Avon Appreciates tho " Lay "--A Lcngtby aud Thoroughly English Game--A Few Good Polntx mid NumeroiiK Bad Ones--12Iy- ria Overwholmcd with Victory. On Wednesday afternoon of Inst week tho much talked of game of cricket between tho Avon and Elyria clubs took place. This sport is popularly suppled among its devotees to bo an improvement on base ball, and it nn- quostioimbly is if ono only wishes to wear ft way time. Tho /. von players arrived in town quite earl) tin tho forenoon, and tho Elyria boys were ready to receive them. The manner of their reception, wo infer, was eminently satisfactory to the Avon boys, as tho two clubs seemed to bo in'the best of spirits. At one o'clock tho wickets wore driven, with tho understanding that they were to be drawn at seven o'clock, whether news. TIIK UAIMOAI. XO.MIXKK.-- At tho Ical Congressional Oonvivntion, kekl nt 'on the 241 h instant. Prof. iiorry, of OberHn, was. iu»ihtn- te'd. THANK i'ov. -- Tl iillr »'Oi"Irft is i n t c n d f d epe- wo want S)i in to undorstand that nil favor* his 'jibcrality of heart prompts him to bestow npsn the printers nro f u l l y appreciated. May \\ii live, TIM, to vole vour stniijjhl Jk'ki^t iw aJwindifd ycar- to online. ELvnkA 1/iKitAHT. -- Mis;. Li//ie · lator. -,\ ill £i w a i-ina'cvt for l1a bom-til of tho TllyriaLibrory, ut I h o T u w n Hall, in Wednesday evoniiifr.Scpl.TOi, upon w h i c h ocoiiairm .^lie w i l l bo ius-.i-.led by :rblc talent. -Full pnrlieiilurs next week. Tickets will be ftr »nle at W h i t e up. ho game was finished or not. At this announcement tho crowd breathed easier, as it was by no means certain how long a time it would take to play the game, and tho spectators were anxious to have tho gamo decided before they slumbered. Tho secret of their anxiety was perhaps traceable to the fact tliat strong hopes wore entertained that in this content Elyria would come out victorious, and such a result being in remarkable contrast w i t h all previous enterprises of a like cUnraotor, it was natural that all would like to try a night's rest under such an extraordi nary soother. Tho tlrst i n n i n g wns played by Elyria going to tho defence of th« wickets, and iu their efforts to protect the slender sticks from uuy unnecessary bumpings from tlm ball «cy wcr« more thnn sue ccssful-- they were biilliaut; at least their success was in brilliant contrast with the exertions of tho Avon hoys in tho same direction. The Avon club was wcsik in the point of bowlers, Utcir best ·man being sick and unable to act. To fact they attributed their ill success --A Invgo eagle visited this neighborhood la*t Sunday. After perching for some time On a tree near t l i c d o p o t . i t took its departure, probably greatly im-' pressed pjratltudo that onr strict regard for the Sabbath would not allow ix well-aimed gun lo be I!red at his eagle- ship. -- M r . Charles Spltzenborg is rapidly e x t e n d i n g his busings, mid now ho has pushed it to that extent that increased accommodations itmut be had to hold hi* .stock. --Mr. Gro. I'.tirdWk, vhc engineer of '"'i tho ( I r a f l o n looomolivi-, is a gentleman who combinei all flip crnaliiies we i m - tigino aro required in a'first-class engineer. We look for his ·speedy promotion'. yinn's and Sept 5th. JMotiday, I*Kit«»NAi.:--Dr, C. 15. K i i o w l t o n , Mr. Kd. Hal! and Mr. 1-MS. Sanford lif.vo vcturncd frotil lin.tixtciidcd pleasure trip 1ow«itho St: Lawrence. They report I'hoiiiselves more I'trsvs: salK-lled with t h e success of (ho excursion, and t h e i r only regret is thnt it isn't to be douo over ·again this- 1 scaion. I'ATES'T * N.-I ti'fis.--TUw fL'Mtiro o f ire ws · ipapcr fitU-rriTi-sc it, hardly lo bo mm ·mended. It is a dead frnnd oil e d i t o r s ·w'lio' fin-n'i^h a genuine home nri.icle. We hn^-c t'his wed: received IK less t h a n --Dr. Hty'fy V(!(|no«ts tlic individual who took Ii'is waterproof overcoat to r e t u r n il. The joke is about played out and if he dWovcrs'sino abstracted nnd abstracting y o u t h promenading the street w i t h the garment ou, the joke may'on'd wif'h n choke. llnymoml Stnrr, Esy. frvo drtrerent coHiity 'p'nn't'cd fr6m 'the FAT!.L AND WrxTBii all This .--Mr. C. Ijopker has received a splendid .stock of fald iwixil winter goo.ds, which ho attires iifl 1/e is iferrag at g«rciit bargivhis. With life assistance, of a iirsl-clnss cutter, he feels considerable satisfaction in the Diooglit that pfensc the mo'st fiis- tirti oil's 5c t^O'mattcr-Of'clothing. Karm- v.'oelt fit- noticed e .cvere illness of Kaymoud Starr, Esq. This week we arc callo.d upon to chronicle his death.. In that sentence we express n public. Joss winch is the most keenly felt by those who k n e w him best. A better trilAitc to his memory could not be uttered. The man who is appreciated and loved by his most intimate associates' cci'liiinly possesses atlrifeistes that may well be emulated by the most of us. D u r i n g all the years of his long life he steadily gained and maintained friends, ami las death, although but tlio end which few of us will avoid as long, as lie was spared, fills llio hcavts of all ·who k n e w him with sorrow. Mr. Starr was one of tho. InnAniiirks of Elyria. Ho came to this cwtinty in 18'28, and $rew inlo his old age within its precinct*. Ho removed from Cat- ore and funnel's' s6n's are requested to I s k i l l , N. Y., in that yea is and RoOU«d nt iook at' his goods before investiug'clso- wlicro. AfCir/es'T.--Monday, afternoon Mr. W, llorsley, of tlio firm of Ilorslcy Herbert, wlnlc ensmgod at work in t h e i r blscTcstnith hxp, tlirow ft piece of iron to the floor, striking 'a steel hammer wifhlt, -which flew up and Htruck him in the face, knocking off a piece of his nose, and inflicting an ugly gash in the face.' H vn-9 taken home, and it will probably "bo-some Kittle time before 'lie is recovered.. KITTOX.--'Oor-ooiTospeiidcnl at K i p ion has furnished -us iv particularly in- eresting letter, l bat^which was received ·at so late an hour t h n t w o can not pub- 'lish it. Among his 'items ho mentions the strange cnt-aslropho of a kitten hav- ing'boen'born there which,in considor- ·ntion of the well tnowii obligation of tho cat to scratch' Its wny through the world, a kind cal-Pc w«r had furnished ·vrilh seven claws on each foot. I'UT-IK BAY FILTH.--There i, quite a 1lttor feeling existing among tho viol- 1ors to »nt\ residents of. Put-in Hay Is- ilancl on account of the existence ofscar- ilot fever, tho origin of tho disease there being traced to the fact-that ono of tho hotels is conducted 'in a vory f i l t h y manner as regards tho care of refuse and ofl'al that accumulates in such largo quantifies about a largo hotol. Jt h said that a slouch is generated that Is absolutely sickening, and no pains aro taken to remove it. Several oases of soar- let foyer aro Attributed to this cansr some of, which havo proved fatal, and tho indignation of tho poaplo is so strong that threats aro made to tear down the house. It is hoped that measures will bo at once relievo Ihe promises about the hotel of -so foul a stench, and if llio. proprietor neglects his d u t y lie Hhonld-bo obliged lo perform it by law, IVnliold, tins county. After remaining there two years, he came'to Ely via, and from tlio year 1830 can be -!latcS hts a-es- idenco hero, lie tslways manifested a great interest in the prosperity of his village, and-was active in itspronrotion Jtainly to his cllbrts is d u e the present Iffcalion of tho 'L. S. M. S. Ktiilway at this place. Tho former svirveyof tho road ran nljouthalfa mile south of tho village, which, as is every day demonstrated, could rwt have answered our nocds w i t h one-quarter the accommodations the present site furnishes us. Its went into tho mercantile business several years ago, but which he shortly after relinquished, and from that lime lie lived a comparatively quiet life, contented that his children should continue ·in n business that wns not exactly suited to his tastes. Ho wasalwnys the stnunohostof Dom- ocrnls, "but, however, preferring to voto Instead of bolng voted for. Th,0 only office ho over filled ns tho gift 'of lus party was that of Justice of tho Poaoo; but, had ho desired it, his friend's would have gladly offered him tho chances of an election to any ofltco ho might have desired. With his death has passed from nmon" us a man whoso universal re- In "getting o u t " their opponents, who played nviUi a strong loam, tuid were from tlio commencement favorites five to (-wo. Finally tho Elyrians were obliged lo sec their tenth man brought to gr'wjf, nfter numiing up Uw slightly dincCMiraging score of 49. Then Avon went to 'the bat. A modest appearing young man, dressed in black nnwhis- porables, and wJio burred-his brawny arm to (lie stm wUhouttlie protection of his shirt sleeves, completely astonished tho Avon boys by his really rcm.trlcablt bowling. Ills Ors t ball whir/sod througl the air, and before the, surprised bats man could raise his bat, down came wicket No. one ; the second attempt upon the p a r t of the m-odust' youth was eqmlly successful, mid down conic wicket No. two. At this juncture i was fortunately discovered by the Avot boys thai his style of delivering the btJ was wholly contrary to the rules in sue I case made and provided, and an inime diate consul'tivlion was Brdd, which re suited, aKer nboulan hour's dispute, ii ruling out tho. mod'-st young linn" bowling; but he slill remained tochim the wickets, and by his fine playing dit as nnrch, if aiotmoro, than acay othc man in the Elyria eleven to defeat th Avon club. Alter spirited skirmish ing lasting another hour, the ATOII boy were forced to go lo the field again only succeeding in getting IM tallies. The game now Uod 15 runs in favo of Elyria, with another chance for eacl club atitfao bat. Strong Itopcs were in dulged iu by tho Avon boys Unit the would be able to oll'nct their back ac count on Uic next inning, and th crowd of spectators seemed abou equally "divided iu-opinion as to tho re suit. These Irons* were considcrabl strcng-ttocnod when the first man of th Elyria eleven lost his wicket before tally had bccu wide. But the oxhubc ranee ol'Uio Avo'i supporters was^shoi lived, for, by fine playing, tho Elyriar STicocctfcfl in keeping their innings fo nearly all the rest of the afternoon, an were only Dually retired after thoy hw pushed their score to 125. Walsh,TM bio and Burnham particularly distill guished themselves in this inning, ivu Uicir score alone was sufficient tor bca an ordinary .club. Tom La\vu«nee,.a so, deserves some credit, as, seoiitg tb game was likely to 'be pvotwratied,' hil tho night, ho considerately atwl wil groat nnscllishncss aHovsrctl lii'msolf to be bowled out at the flwit effort, amid tho cheers of his numerous admirers. Tho game was nob played out,a'8 seven o'clock cam,?- around! before it could Hininon, h. Mboro ...... i ........................ fl Ciirlur, o. Mnxlotl ............................ 6 Cook, o. Iturnhnin ........................ . . . I ) Smith, b. Mnoro.. ,; .................. :... .'.'H '. Smllli, b. Doll ........................ ·. ...... 0 10. Wllllmiw, Ii. Hull .......................... 0 . Wlloox, 1. b. w., bowled Hull ................. ·. U Kllnon. not out ......................... o Wlllon, b. lloll ............................ fl Iiyo8,7 ....... : .................................. 7 Total .................................... Uni|)tKis-W, Diiy, of C'lovoluml, forKlj-Hiij W. piison, of Avon, for Avon, 9corur»-A. 0. Ilunlolt, K l y r l u i -- HlitoUwoll, SCHOOL.-- The fall t'irm of tho Elyria ublic Schools will open Monday, Sop- imbor 12th. Persons from abroad, ox-' ooting to attend tho High School, aro cquestod to send in (heir names, 'and ato what studio's thoy wish to pursue, s soon ns thoy can. Pupils having cor- ilcatoH Avlll bo required to present lorn, and those not having coriHlcatcH ill bo examined before assignment to ass. All aro encouraged to come In romptly at (ho opening of the form., O. N. CAKitimiKits, Stip't. ..F. Ingram, of Amhorst, Mass.; nd Miss II. L. GillcU, of Union Mills, 'a., are engaged as assistants in tho ligh School. A PUK/.I.KD YOUTH. -- A gushing lork cmployod in Hits vicinity, recent- f distinguished himself in a m a n n e r mt reflects groat credit upon his dis- riminntlon. Tho store whore ho shines or tho bonodt of his n u m e r o u s Indy ad- lircrs, is ono of Ihnt clnss, tho stock f which affords a n y t h i n g from a bottle f hair oil to n fl rat-class threshing ma- hino. Ono day a I n d y camo in tho 'o.rc, and approaching t h e swootly por- imed y o u t h , she askod, "Sir, have you ny galoon?" meaning, of course, tho tyle of goods used by Indies for dress imming. Tho clerk meditated a ino- lont, with his dcllcnlo white flngers rcssod c o n t e m p l a t i v e l y to his temples, n d then, s m i l i n g b l a n d l y , replied, "No laain, but wo havo a superior article of ear's grease." Tho lady retreated in istnay, leaving our clerk to flnd out at' is loasnro tho difference between ya- oon and coloixje. ' - . DIED., ;; I STAllU.'-- Iit'Klyfin, ; ' ! 'oii llio Md'Inilalil','Mr. HAYMOMnSTAltii, »({uil HI years, 7 moiillia nml 15 lays. Mr. Slnrr wn« bom In Dnnbury, Ct., niul In |ho your 1828 removed lo I'onnuUI, In tlil« comity. Two (oMiiiiflorwiirdho.bcenino u resident of Klyrln, iiid for miiny yearn hlu vononilllo form him been finnlllurUi nil our olllzoim. »r. SUrr win oml. lonlly n mnn of slrlut Intojfrlly, klnil iiml cour- tuoim In Koolnl Inlorcoitrne. Ho \v»s font uumber ryoiivs u devotud member und moKl iinuful ofllcor of Hie lOplHcopnl Church In Klyrlu, iiml bis presence, \ld niul coiuiHol, will )o HI cully inlsMJd by tlic members of Hint coiiRruKiitloii, , After enjoying unbroken health for./orly yearn ( Sir. Starr wns laid upon llio bed of sickness, ni"l vithic) n few weuki puimsl from us inoit nonr'^ fully. Wo fool tliat a Kood mini Iuvs uiituruil upo rout which ruiniilnuth (or lha propluof Ooil 1'liuy who Wiilkml lx)gullior for inaiu thnn slxtj; tiloiig the jmtlnvny of lift! hiivo lliui* becii hopiirntuil by thu hiind or ilonlli. So]inrntcil, but only I'om tliuo.--[COM. . ' , : ·· OLBY"GOODS; MOWER^ In order to close out Ihclr WHITE GOODS HR'NESSEB.' .'I- Harness Shopt HOC S5c LOCAL NOTICI3S. NKW Goons received every ton cloys lit, V. 11. Snnford's. ' mid MIsflGB 1 Shoes iii every fl, iniiilu to order, and warranted, ut V. II. Sanford's. MKN'H niul Hoys' Gulf, Kip mid Ihipk lloolH, of tho very liontquallly, at tliu lowest prices lit V. )), Sanford'n. DOIJ.AK GAITKHS iind fifty cent Slip- pom, bailor limn over, lit K. II. Simrord's. MT.N'S nutl Boys' lioo'U micl SliouH iculii la on I or. KapnlrhiK 'Inno In tlic best manner ill I'. 31. Snnfurll'i. '.«lf A CHANGK to got Hie ImnoiiN Dayton Crackers lit lint. Wo Iwvo niaclo Snmpii'l, Cl/irk .t Co. ourkOloiiKonlii for nil tlm varieties oforackers wo ninki). They ciinnol bo equalled In quality In UioHtiito. 'fry n pound and bo convinced. They will bo hhlpped dully frc«h fiom the oven. 4U-4W NICKUM, IIKATIIM VS CO. Pomoroy Dny have good »T WILL OJfFKR TO-DA Y, Vlctorln I,awn» nt to mid 1'liiln .SnlnKooliD nt 55: I'lulil iimlStrlpcil Nnlnsooks nt ??*· I'liiliiJiiconoiiint l'.',','c. I'lulil nml Striped JTnconeti nt -0 nnd Wlillo)'li|uucnt Jtc TO CLOSE A LINK OK DOMKSTiCS, 1 CMC I'rliin, per yard, nl If, 10 Clues 1'rlnti (cliolru hlylc») nt...,10c t! llnleiTlclcnnl I3«« ·! JJnle-i JlHH'Kniiltnit u, I2;c 1 Dnlu An)nrlciin^)ilrliiiKftirlp!s nt.)2!io, !l ('imo» (\ nrk Lincoln) Coltnnndni.ina 'i llulu* rim 1 Urown 1,'oluiiis lit . ... fl.;c t! lliiluH Hn.ivy titnndurd OilUink nl..I!IK'. TO CI.OSK A LAKOE 1.IXUOK NOTIONS A N D I'-ANCY GOODS. B.OO!) I'uro Unen HnndkcrclilolS nt Be o.ioh 2,GOO IMirn I.lnen )Iiiiiil-»tlUliul lluii'l kurrhlofu nl l,:M Ocnt'B I'ni-Q Unen Hemmed llimcl. kori'lilofs nt I8Jc ". ' " "ln» (Kood wiiilll.v) nl Co per p.tpor. fdi -. - · Off" ·J.OOf) Dozen 69 yard* Spoof Silk at 5c onoh I.WKIclozon 100yards Spool Silk lit ICc 11,000 Do/on well known make of Spool Cotton in :ir per npool Wo arc htlll Milling our C U K N E MAHK1CD MIXED A N D POPLINS nt IS; rent* per yiird. The abovo j?oods will nil bo uM lit Wholnalo or Kctall. niul at tbo price* in n from K In W iior ci-nt below johhliiK rale*, (lio'c wlblilng l/ avail themselves of lliow extremely low prices mum cull noon. HOWKU. JlIGliEE, 239 Superior Streel. CLEVELAND. BLACKSMITH JNO. J'rlnts from (!},{ to VIX conls, 5®-Tho large q u a n t i t i e s of Fletcher's itoiip I'owdors Hold by Illi-hunl Hell, Iho Ocnornl \Kunt, Is evidence of the IncrennliiK domain! fov thu artlclo. Jlctivy Black C.?rqs Grain Silk i'or ft 50, wniHi H, nt 1'omuroy .t~JayH. !I7 apcct was but the natumi tuibuto to his many noble qualities ED. F. POPIM.KTON'.--Tho Democracy of Delaware aud Licking havo nominated Ed. 5 1 . Poppleton, Esq., to ill! tho vacancy iu tho Ohio Senate caused by tho resignation of Hon. J. B. Uubboll. Mr. Papploton, wo boliovo, formerly resided In Elyria., and is a brother of H. H. Poppleton, Esq., who is so well known among us. There is no- doubt 6ha/t Mr. P. will make a worthy Senator, ns ho has all tho necessary ability,'integrity mid hoivehtv.. be finished. Promptly at the hon'r'time was called,, and the clubs adjourned to supper, oxliubcrant and Avon downcast.. AS Uio score stood, Elyria came o.ut victorious nearliy two to ono, and of couuse was exultant accordingly. No, Iwl feelings, liowcvcr, were tntor- taincd by cither clnb, and' after supper tho men cnmo together with tlio best of feeling,, and passed the evening in social cosamnnion. ·· · Tho return game comes off a week from next Saturday, at Avon, when doubtless a flno game will bo witnessed, as both olubs havo opened their eyes to tho fact that they possess some weak points, and many good ones. ' The weak ones are to be remedied, as far as possible, and tho good ones improved, so that the return gamo will bo all that can bo desired by Iho- most particular admirer of tho sport. i Below we gjito the score:' A-- FIHS1 IKNINO. TEAOIIKIIS' CONVKSTION.--The Lorain / o u n t y Teachers' Institute mot at Avon \ugU8t 22d, and closed Friday evening, lYugust 20th, 1870. There wore 121 cachors in attendance. The instructors vcrc: W. D. Hinklo, State School Com- nissioncr; Col. Do Wolf, of Toledo; )r. N. S. Towii'Oiend, of Avon; G. N. Jarrutliers, of Klyrin; and Jlcssre. Moulton and Adams, of Oberliu. The ollowlng officers were elected for the instiing year, to w i t ; President--G. N. Ciirrutliers,'0f Ely- Vice President--II rs. L. B. Mcrriman, ofAmfierst. j Secretary--Miss L. E. Smith, of Ely- 1 ·ia. Troasuror--Jfr«% Boughton, of Graf- on. An Executive Committee wiXs ap- lointod, consisting of E. V. Moulton, ")borlin ; Mr. Weaver, Wellington; J [}. Pratt, I l u n t i n g t o n ; Miss Sarah Stroup, LaUraiigc, and Miss Marshall, Avon. I.OCAI. COMMITTKE. MissEnima Bnrdett, of Avon. Miss FrankIc Saragc,-of Ainhcrst. Miss Amelia C h n p i n , of Brownhclm. Miss Julia G i l l u t h of Brighton. Miss Emma Tcniiant, of Camdcn. Miss JJosiv Warner, of Carlisle. Mi/is SnrnliLlni'i of Columbia. Mr. I'M ward Philips, of Eaton. Mr. Ashley Jtawson. of Grafton. Mr. Joseph Ilaskins, of Iluiillngtou, Miss Mary Whitney, of Pitlsllold. Mr. Charles Shuldon, of Pcullcld. Mr. E. F. Adnm*, of Russia. Miss Linn Kacc, ot'Tlidgcvillc. Miss Sylvia Bradford, of Rochester. Miss Sin-iih Ilackctt, of Shctlield. Miss Rose Baker, of Wellington. The following preamble and resolutions were adopted: WIIBIIKAH. The Lorain County Teachers' T t i w l t u t c met at Avon, August 22d, 1870,- l/jcrefore, Jtesoloed, Tliat we tender our heartiest thankn to the good people of Avon for their liberal hospitality, that 1ms met us on every hand, and for the klud- l'.y interest they have manifested in our success. Jievotced, That we return thanks to the Trustees of the M. E. Church for so knxlly allowing us the uso of thcii license wf worship during the session af the Institute. · , JKesofaed, That our acknowledgments «ro duo to-onr'President and all the instructors, who have labored so oarncst- lv for our benefit, and through us for ih improvement of our schools. ' jResoltfcd, It shall bo onr constaift endeavor to exemplify tho results of tho Institute in the. s'chools that may here- ivftor be comrnilted to our care. llcsolved, That to those teachers of the county Who havo not boon in attendance, "ivo tender onr condolence, and assure them that tho half of their loss cannot be told. Resolved, That this Institute is under especial obligations to Dr. Townshend 'or the vory valuable ami entertaining nstructions ho has afforded us during his session, mid that we hereby extend o him our warmest thanks and grali- uclo therefor. Jlasolvcd, Tliat tho above proceedings be published in the county papers. L. E. SMITH, Secretary 'pro tern. Boll is Iho General AKCIII ror-Vlctcher'K Soap Powders. 3oMBTiiiN« NKW.--Ladies Fine Pur- ncllii Waterproof Cinltcru, for itiinnicr wnrc. Cull I A.M'proparcd to do all k l i u l R O f Jll at ri'iiMUKilili'. Kites, and Invlti- all UIOMI UK anylliliifc done In my line to xlv mo a call. Rfegf- Work warranti-d to i{lvi!b.itlifaclliin. J liiivufor sale, as heretofore, all kind* ol'hard ind hofl O O 'or Stove, (jrKteimil Illnrkhniltlik' une, which I am dlhiK chcnpei' Ihe itame iiuallly ran lie pur- cbnveil or I'Ni-wliiTi'. N WAONKIl. Klyrln, Ki-b. 1. IK70. I8.)y and oxiini I mi Ilium. COOHWRI.I, ft Co. SCUAI- InoN WANTKD.--I will pay the hlKhi'Kl market price far wrought Iron Kcritpi. 18 N. W A U N K K . B©~Flcteher'8 Soup Powders arc sold by llnltlwln I.nundnn A Xclson, und G. D. Wil- Iliuiib, orln unbroken pucknRC* by lllrhnnl Ilcll. ITcavy yard-wide Sliceting for l'4J.j' centJ. nt tin- moro of ronicroy A Uuy. !V7 A PKIMK Necnssily in every family for wnalilng nnd olonnliiK rlolhci Is nclclicr'K Soup BOAitiHNd IIousv..--llcgular boarding ·mi nt nil times bo obtiilni'd nt my IxmriUiig hotmo. onii door south of Mr. Wnllm-c'H cooper iihop. "Sly J X M E D HOI.flKU. WA-iTKD-SixriJKUlnrbiKirilers. Applj as :tbo vo. f. imvo a ninety-five dollar Whcolei A WlllwmSe-wluK Muohlno, In perfect order, (nenr ly new) whlcfi wu w 111 wnrrunl HIU! n-ll for |«5 00 U, U. FISHKR .t hON. AVOOJ/HN MILLS, To Farmers and Wool-Growers tt i C LAhCKN'S JIUOS. WOULD HKSl'KCTKUI.J.y call the altvnllun of farmcra, I ft al) on tin) Hiiriioo.miililiiclniilriMi In br.iiu.h(;», · , Shop Opposite Iho Wanhlnglon Hou«c, on Mnlo Street. lie keeps on hiuxt n Xorli of H A R N E S S E S , I IIIIH.HS. fX)M,AIW. Wliri'S. nnA nil nthcr »r. tloli's In l i l h l l n u of lHihliiw,8, miirtc from thn b«»l material niul by IjObt workmcnthlp. Ho will alto promptly attend to J'M-«ons In wniit of Anything In hl« lino will b« fa\oroi| with the louv«C living IMUM. 3»-ly I'. 0. CKOMMXO. STOVES. 3E3. iTlii a l l k l u d o o f , mil thu public In Koni'ial to the fai't lhai lhy have ni'llher pain- nor cost lu relit anil liuprme ELYRIA WOOLEN MILLS! have heard the most favora- bin cnnunondaUniK beslowod upon Klatcher'o Soil] rnnilcM. lt.s usofiilnohii nnd value U nttcstcl to !} nil who use It. WACfONS AND D u t K i l K S Foil SALE.--. hnvo on blind n lino stock of nrvr nnd soaoiid-hiuii nud UIIK«|P«, which 1 ulfcr for unlo 01 rcnuonnhlQ terms. Tlio nbovo Wft«ons nnd JluK nro of Um very host make, hhop on Mill Htract, below Stnrr't utoru. 18 N. WAONKII. IlHAI, ESTATB KOIl SALE.-^I OlToi 1 for Mile, nt rciitonnblo prleo, n lioiisc und lot on lodl utrect, also, u number of other vnlunblc lots close to the business purl of the town. Thobcwhodoslrc business lots, or lot» for dwclling», will llnd these to bo very deslreublo ones. |21J N.WAOXKK. ._,}. Waldeck, late of tho flrmof Wnldcck Itcwlmch, hits Connect n pnrtncrshlp with Win. Sne,ircr, nt tho old stmid, whorothn l''uniltiiHib«« l .nO! H In nil Its brnnclieH will hereafter lie cnrrljil on uhdor the llrm nnmo of Snenror t Wuld'jck. The public nro insured thnt no pains will bo spnred to unnnly tbcm with furniture of tho Oust quality, nnd lit fnlr prlfcs. 2:itf And nrc nowiiropnr(*(ltocoini)ctewltb nn vslnblhliinuntof thi kiiul. Tliu.v h u \ u uln imi'iiud h A L B UOUMS on innln mruvt, opjiosltu Jlt-cbn HciilhC, onudooor «c»t of Whllo .V l-'inii, whui'O nil k l n d h o f their nianiifnciuri'd K"" ( l« '·»' I"' li'i'l l tlm lowest si'lllnif prli'ei. Anourl';ii'llltli"fwiimii- ufncliirliiK aiu inin'h bi'llcr, w fcil hale In b!il»« thnt wucan eiipplj 0111 eti»(oinvri, on ©laox*t KTotlco, WITH B L A N K E T S , Flannels, Cassitnereit, Satinets, Jeans Cloths, Covcrtct#, Figvrvl Carpets, JCnitthiy yarn, and Carding ' and Spinning, COOK AND PARLOR STOVES, Manufacturer and dc.dcr In Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Ware. 1 )KltSON'S In nci-il of "itovi't.. Tin. fopi)or ami Micot Iron Wan-, will llnd a coni|li utoclc nl ·llr^llr('. A n d n s to prices, N O mo U lomilniil "l to bo midi'i-sold by any cnublihbineiii of thu :lml. HOOFING, SPOUTISC, ETC., to oiilor. ftay I'laee of bwlncM, lhr(« N w.'slofthelieebcllouiie, Main Kln-or. Klv. l»- Ohio. j;, A. I.AHOOX.' V.\\yrla. Oct. 50, iwjli. ay At iirioi'i lower thnn KaMem Shodily UcKxIo cun be piiKliiwcd. Wu will idso mnku.tlie above gaaa* lor our ciii-loineii-outof thi'lrown wool, nnd foi their uri'Oiiinioiliilion have appointed iiRcnU lit tin llowliiK iilaev., w hero they may li'n\c their wool id hnvo me jtoodi- u-tni ncii in our risk, \ u; XOHWAI.K-- M. Keller, op]osllc Amorlcni) llllliox--1). it V. AnilrtH, Mcifhants. WEU.IX15TO.N--lloljerl K. Koblniton, Depot red, ono door wou of Turlcy A Otfdeirn llukcry. O u r t l m n k s i o r piislfavois, nnd willcll yuur pit ronago In future. CIAbCBSS 11KOTIIl:R8i for Fletcher's soap Powders. «. TJurntiam.runout B . ( i , . . , E. iliixtol, b. Webb ...... W Thompson, b. 1'alkner M. Walsh, l. l''alkner.. J. 1'reliblu, !-. w « lj b. ; . . . · : · · · · · · · · · W Wiisliarii. «. byE.E. WiUlauw K. S. Moore, not out. T liiwrowo, h-lnilknor ............ .1.' Lewis, bw J. Vc iV"; ........ · W. llon-hvr. b. Kalknur Soap Powders avo an lii(l^|ioiislMcavtl.-lo for honso-clcanlos, wi-hlflg AVON-. I J . " Ot)l, II. Jl W v . l^_ DESKHVINCT CHARITY.--Our townsman, N..L. Johnson, Ksq., wns waited upon Mond'ay by a very black nnd altogether unlovely feminine Fifteenth Amendment, who anxiously solicited a twonty-flvo cent stastipy which she proposed to dovoto to tho vory worthy cause of' aged colored relative from Virginia to Oberlin. · Tho money was paid most willingly, mul hod Ihe amount been much larger wt cannot see liow Mr. J. conld have m fused when ho considered for a momcm how completely practical'was- the plan of the colored lady. Certainly, toy al means, start subscriptions for such a object. Tlxe heighf'of- every' uegro'a ambition in the'country, should be, am undoubtedly is, to at last find refuge in his earthly paradise. Tho in 3t invit ing inducements are hold out to them-for the sake of all that is cleanly auc nnmiscogenated let. them settle-in Ober lin. 'Bring around ,your subscriptioi papers. ] t is tho cheapest mode, of col onization TVO know of. MARRIED. IIAWK-1INDKK.-August 10th, 1870, by ,Wn Pultorhou, ,1. P., I" Cnrllslo, Mr. Grovo I). "~ trt Mlsn Ann SI. Lludcr, both of WellinKloa.- Pomcroy Day arc selling Gro- rles of nil jtlmls. _ ^^ _____ Fou SALK.-- I olVer for sale, on roas iiible terms, my house nnd premises silunted on ic corner of Main nnd Cedar streets. For further nrtloulnn Inquire ontho premises. s - B®-Flotcher'8 Soap Powders havo ac- ulrocl n popularity surpii8i.ln(,' "very preparation Its kind Iu America,^^^ jjQ5- Pomoray Day' have added to iclr full lino of Dry tioods, ivlurgo Block of Gro orlos. 37 THE MARKETS. L.YUIA MARKET i K roon,liorinsln. l(Wluter)t i! (Irlcd, pnrcil and cored 1 00 ' pared and'iincorcd, per ih,. inrioy, per bus hitter, per ft Icanh, per bun ,· · · · leeiwnx, per II). liickwhont, per bxw Corn, per bus (now) Corn In tho enr Jhcesct por Ib., Jlovcr Seed, por bus JIilcUeiiH, dresiiod, por Ib ieitn, per clown .. .· Fronr. por bbl Flax Socd, perbn» Ildea, (freon, per It) Hlden, dried, per Ih Ilaini, HmoKed, per Ib , liny, por ton ,·'···,·"; }X m IOKS, ilrewett, per hundred 10 00 ',anl, por It) Jj[ nt», por bun (now) Onions, por bus -.. 1'otatoct, por bus (new) i'oachos, pared, per In llyo, per Win..... Salt, lino, por bbl.. , Salt, cionrso, por bbl Shoulders, per Ih I'lmolhy Soeil, per IIIIH i'urkoyH, dressed, por Ib Tallow, per Ih Wheat, per bim (now) - Whent, por 1)116 (old) » «{ Wool, bcr II) 35 1 CO 30 (0 75 ·IB W 7BO 1'J 13 t00 ·JOO 6 111 111 M O O i no nu n if, 2.10 3X 5'50 M 8 1 40 Tl 900 . 700 · '!i . 13 !ro w '. 45 ! is ', boo . 40 HIDE, F13LT, AND FUR MAR KKT. [Corrcetetl Weekly ly Budd A Knnkln.J W'ffij^""":""?- · 7 I grnby damaged, % J« p}y,' C b'llnt. 1BT® IB "'salted . \* 8 , 1 2 FOR SALI3. SPIRITS. lint for f ale -·I PV11K ARTICLE OF PORT Kor inecMcinnl purpoises only. ThH Port Wlno »nd J!r«inl lime IK-I-II pronounced by i-ompetoiilJudjr- ei l.) be ihu iiuiehl nrilclo they have CMTexamined. Hear w h a t . ) . Laiij? Ca^eN, M. I)., Anid Ural nnd OiniiiltliiKCIu'iiilslol' (In! Clcvcl,mil .Medlcul College, snyi, of thoin: fiKVr.l.AND.Mavn, 1$80. Mil MANYru.K-lVarMr: I have Mibmilted U) a thoionxh and cniviiii ani.l.\U the Bam- iiluof 1'ort Wlncuind lirandv \ou tent me, us Im. Inir Irom (lie hoiueoi' ll;uii ,t c'n , Xcw York, and Hnd them both u MS nerfcrtly fiiw tram all Impii- I'll leu anddeleioi'loin, nKonU. 'lilt- 1'iut J eonnlder the iinivdl, hoftest nnd richest n i l l r l e n C Ihe kind I h.ive ever eviiinlned. It, as w.'ll n- Hie lirandv, It won worthy the coulldenco ol Ihe medical profemi- Ion in all CHAOS where moh Miiiiuk'ntt, urciouutr. cd. In addition,'I would say that I have fi\y\iicnU exainlmvt ^oods fi-om the above hoiihe. mvl nlwoy. I'onml thoin ol' the most lellablc rhartttfUCi. ' Your* very ivniieetCiillv. J. I/ANci CAh!KI,S M'. »., 1'rofo-hor of Chrinlilry, Cleveland Metllcal Collego · Off For Tennessee! H AVING determined lolrcmovc toTonncwo, 1 otTerfrtr siilo the followliip valiiabli 1 properly i Klvrl.t. viz: One undivided linlf-lntoresl ol the ill! known ns tho BRICK PLOUERIN MILLS, Vlili-lihasnliirnowliole'iilenml lelall bii-.lncw. In n lip top repair, niuliufcn) n riu-o chance lor a pio- Itnble investment. Also, V BEAUTIFUL KKS1DI3NCK, C'oiwIMIni'of n tine liouje nml oMlliullillnir.. wllli Iffht nnd «inuiruir ni-ret irt Inml, covcwl with nil ·iii'lotlon o f l r u l t mid fchrubbery. Al»o, \ A C'llOJGK DAIRY FAltM. ·onlnliilnirI3Tj norevof land, hltiintod foiirinllo', lorth of Klvrl'n, oir tin- I'lniik Hond. Said fiirm HID two living hprlnip, two Kxd orcliaiils, sixty larcnoftlinlnir, n good itono rjunrry, a Kood liinii inrn and two log bousi'S. Tcnn easy, nnd miule known on application to the |)i-opvletor.' P. S. An rlmvc determined lo settle In TenneH'- see, I nni»l ncco-Mirlly elosi- up my buxlness In Klyrln without de-lay. All who havo nccounls nKitln-l the llrm of Chapman AcilbMin will present them I'or payment; and nil who nro Indebted to mild Inn, are requeued to settle the Minus by the 15th of Augubl next, or (ho claim will bo loft lor collet!. Jon, JI./,. CIlAl Al A. Klyrln, July llth, IfflO. ·l-t f HACK LINE. Elyria and Graftot Hack. ITMIB undorniKiied would aunounce to [lie travel; Ju Intf pnbllttlhnthe. isninnliiKa IJAIi.i HACh IA',N'Kbetween KlyrlnnntlUranon,nnd l» prcpni-e to carry pniNi-UKcrit to nml from either plnce li lime to make rnilrnacl connccllonk. IK Of DKI'ABTCIIK.--J.onVC!l (1 o, Klyrln. dally, at ODD A. MM Depot nt TlilK OP DKl'ABTl'ltK.-J.onvm, (he HoiihO, Klyrln. dally, nt 000 A. M., Dc M.,ri'iiehln««ronwnlnllmuU winncct with I presii Train nnd Hack going Hmilli. U'livc* Ciiallon about 1000 A. M., ........ E l v r l n i n llmoto ronnect \\llh Inilnn K«|DK ····· nii'd West on tho }. S. and M. S. road. Fnro eai'h way, M) cents. ,,,,,·,,,...· julyl.'TO TOM. HKOWN. HIDES, c. Budd Rankin, Pealcrs In Jlideit, J'cto. Jfttrii,'\W«stcriHg Jlair Sail, (fcc. f Keen coimtantlv in hand a Mi«-k of French nn uStlc Calf ami Kip Skins, llnrncrt and hoi Leather, KlndlnK", Se- WANTKI). 10,000 Hides, 100,000 Sheep Skin.', 60,000 I'oon Hlclim, ' loolooo Skunk Skins, 1M Mink. *r«. In proportion, for which we wi pay the l,i«hc»te«,h prices.^ ^^ Oiipotito TonllfTH Carrlnijo Manufactory, Mnl fctrcct. Btrln,0hlo. Out. 12,1W3. Kips, srcm^ ·· dry Calf, green. Deacon . Fells, early November. Coon.Ko.imrgo,.... M- " Ismiill .... Mink, Im \, , 8U "" 1 ' u 9"'' Jtuskrnt, Cult nnd winter . jllnck bkun«, cnscd Striped " · While " qwossiim... . . · · · ; lloiisoCnt lire) Few, So. 1 «rny " " 1 17 M 75 SO 70 ·50 85 I 25 7S 1 10 ·10 SO 1 G (I '" 10 1 (K) 1* SO . 15 1 00 .'* M ) 80 j 300 s o o GO M 10 10 19 25 W STILL AT WORK. W ILMAM K.BWLKY, Tailor, would ro*pci fully nnnounco to the public that ho Is )ir pared to do all kinds of work In hU Uno a» ro««o able rates. Cnlllngdone on i-hort nottcn, and wor wurrnntotl. Shop on Mill' stvuo», north of Stan " l Myrlii, April IS.!»« M BLAOK RIV'ER HACK. W N. CUX8HNGHAM HUXa A PA .. *liaek between njnck Ulver »nlJjJ Ibavlnit Muck nivor onoh-murnliiK «t 8oel»«J t ' « ilviniHt Klyrln In llmo for tho «.30triiln«l?jf ',% rotnrnlnir, Icnvis Klyrln on arrival ol ihj« « J Ha will urouiplli-ultond tu any Mid nil ei)."» *ntrmtwU nls cure. CARRIAGES, C. "\VKLIJNGTON CARRIAGE WORKS hnvv on hand 'INISIIED OPEN BUGGIES TOP BUGGIES, SPRING WAGONS, PLATFORM AND F A R M WAGONS .if a mi fact n red from Iho VERY BEST MATERIAL And by *killful nml experienced workmen, nil f wlilfh can be bought nt tho VERY LOWEST PRICES Given by the/trmJo nuywhoro. AII work warranted. Wo ask Ihouc In want of Bungles and WKKOIH !· 'all nt our ilmp. nnd exnmlnoourwork Iwforo mnk. i na nnrchntoii. Wo nro locitlfd on North Mnlu irect, when- wo will always In. found ready to lo. ill kind* of ,. mlr ]| ml . ]m,A-I A SMITH: Welilniwn, ,Vu K .!Mlh,J8«l. -SMy TAJI.OKING. SOMETHING NEW! DONT FAIL TO UHA1)..' W i: would inform llns tho rin of Klyrla, nmli tho nuhllB In, wo luivo cm- ployi'dthenorUoc'tor \ FIRST -CLASS TAILOR, And nro now prcpivred to ninlio nil kliMr of M KS and HOYS' CLOTHING In tlio vory .bc'tf : S W pvlces that cannot fall to suit lioo l hjt w ill m * in with tlu-lr patronage. Wo Iwvc i»)«o oo niw.a large assortment of SPRING AWD SUMMER OK OUH MANCF.VCT'URri Also, an ai8ovli«ent of HATS AND CAPS, Klyrla, Mareh.29, 1870. SO-flm TiOUSB ANB LOT FOU SALK. . li '·; I* 1 t; t u ·; '4 ^ '* ·\\ :iii i -1 '»$ ;: ' P . 'U '.1'" y - Ji'j iSUi 3!S' KWSPAPERl .'SPAPERf

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