The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 7, 1916 · Page 35
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 35

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 7, 1916
Page 35
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THE INDIANAPOLIS SUNDAY-STAR. MAY 7, 1916. Two Miles oLEtfilectedHorae Sites. Build in "~~--~ '·-- .--~ __.. _ (THIRD SECTION) Ask Your Real Estate Broker THESE I--a Located east of Central Ave., from FairfieKT Ave. (formerly Fairground Ave.) north to IVJaple Road Come out. Sunday, or any chiy in the week." Call at T Tassel tmin -Plac.e office, 3050 College avenue, iwd our representative will be glad to show you around. Motor out College avenue, or take College a v e n u e car to Fairfidd avenue and walk- one block _ north, or take Ceneral avenue cur- to 34th street and walk east one block to Watson load. \ No Stores, Double Houses, Courts, Public Garages or Apartment Buildings --Just Homes!-- The Home Builder's Opportunity Nothing like it before ^ ·"?***· of , Ifndfcapel M«tf !f in Indianapolis! \ f ees! ^LTM*, are heavl '- y TM oded : f lers '. terraced, still, others are clear, permitting A large tract in. the conventional style of landscape decoration, center of the best, residence district pro- ^lose to school, close to car lines and within the paved street area! "Hunting a, Home Site" tected by building restrictions. The beauties'of- your Jiome shielded and protected from undesirable surroundings! Every lot in this tract of 114 home sites is Hel ^ % years by the present owners, till the «' · . · i i (* -t -i · r · '. - Watson road \yill be the show street of Indianapolis! . highly protected. city has gi-oWri far beyond it! " · · . : · ' · You need not^wait for the city to grow to you, Nearly twoi'-miles of home site frontage on it is all around you! Watson* road and intersecting streets! In tlie boulevard district! Watson road (ly- ^Fifty-foot frontages;in this addition, including entirely within this addition) is a boule- itig all improvements, $1,900 to $2,600. Tern is vard between boulevards. as l° w as '$25 cash and balance monthly payments!, All improvements paid for by the seller-- / · you know what you'are getting for your »See these sites! They arc offered for sale money. through the agencies of View of ntrnne* to WatttoB Our beautiful iutis- (rated booklet will be ' mailed free on request Thomas F. Carson Co. 914 Hume-Mansur Bldg. Phones--Main 3545, New 952; Residence, Washington 1035. Walter T. White Co. 740 Lemcke Annex Phones--Main CJJ84, New 030; Residence, Washington J743. Hasselman Place Office 3650 College Avenue Thone---VVuNliiiiton 58(1. / Developments m G a P. Occurring Fast CONCLUDED FF^OM PAGE 33. : - New York committee are' · leading the movement In that state for Justice ten of Connecticut's fourteen 1 delegates are- regarded as .suppo'i^rs of Justice Hughes. The latter, it is now believed, will go up tc the oot-venUon without making a. statement of any kind. Fairbanks Factor Here. '' Chief interest in Indiana centers in the chances of Charles. W. Fairbanks, for whom much effective 'work is being done. He has the thiry delegates froiri I^lajia, ils- before the convention. He has from seven to twenty-one delegates in Krn- tucky. It iETsnid that if he makes a : go6a · showing at the start practically all , of the Kentucky delegates will vote for him. Outside of Kentucky and Indiana his strength is W problem. Some of hie close ^ . _ _ _ 160 delegates for him on the first ballot. His first and second choice strength is estimated at from 200 to 250 votes. His friends believe that he will get votes from .several Western, and Southern .states on the first ballot. His forces- are beln'g well .organized and will be In shape to do effective work for him at Chicago. The Indiana headquarters are to be opened at Chicago oh, June 1, but the real Fairbanks headquarters probably will, be opened there by ,May 20. The national committee will "establish itself at Chicago on May 15, and it' Is likely that most of the candidates will opdn headquarters about the same time. Committee Working Hard. The Republican state committee is der voting practically all of its energy to the Fairbanks candidacy. It is sending out letters to all of the delegates. It~is~]iub- lishlng a paper known as the National Delegate. Estimates of Fairbanks by prominent men are being mailed. Everything possible is being done to promote his cause. Tlie letter^ that are being received from delegates in other state? indicate that Fairbanks _is. favor- JlbJbr.^/efia.cded and that there 'will "be a 'Bin^^BJimCiisaasaLfeiajAM^B^f^^y^ strong senffmenTTn nr^elifTFlilthe cvn- vention. It Is not maintained' by, Jils friends that he will occupy a command- Ing position at the convention but they ·say that he will, be In a position that will make him a desirable and probably the logical choice of the convention when thg break comes. What his friends are doing now Is to prepare for the break. __TOdwardJjj._HoJffman _of_ Fort Wayne._ newly elected Democratic national corn- mltteeman from Indiana, was in St. Louis yesterday making arrangements fo~the Democrats from this state who will attend the convention. Hotel ..reservations were made several'-weeks ago by Senator Thomas Taggart before he retired from the committee. He turned over to. Hoffman all of the. plans he had started. Senator Taggart and other well known Indiana Democrats have engaged headquarters at the .feffer-/ son Hotel, which will be headquarters for the. national committee. A large n u m - ber of rooms have been engaged at the American,' Planters and 'other hotels for the benefit of Indiana visitors. The Indiana Democratic Club will have a special from Indianapolis for which Bowman Klder and others are now making . arrangements. They cx- pcet to take several hundred Democrats from here to .St. Louis. In spite of the fact t h a t there will bo no contests at the St. Louis convention t h e r e " w i l l be a large attendance-of Indiana Democrats. New Plea Made for a Father's Day Observance Mrs. Ida Eastes Cory Urges That Evening Be Set Aside for Head of Household. BY MRS. IDA EASTES CORY. The home is-oiir most cherished i n s l i - RalplTLemcke, of;'in'(iianapquV,""is' de- j -»tion. Its'. Influence is. the. strongest voting practically all of his t i m e to arranging for the Fairbanks specials to the Chicago convention. Free Trial in Your Own Home-- , Eureka Electric Vacuum Cleaner The Eureka wcigHs*faut 10 pounds and can easily be carried anywhere. .Save your carpets! Broom bristles wear and tearjthe _ fabric. Air suction preserves and brightens it. t In using the easy running, smooth gliding Eureka cleaner, the power which lifts out every speck of dust and dirt is--AIR, one of the gentlest and yet most powerful of Jorces. In using a Eureka electric cleaner there are no bristles to tear the nap and fabric of your carpets. The air power with its steady, upward pull, raises the nap of the carpet to its p r o p e r posi- . 11 o n, lifting o u t and devouring e v e n dust particles, and restoring and brightening the colors of the fabric. Leading carpet manufacturers give it as their opinion that the use of a Eureka electric cleaner will double the life of carpets amTrugs. Various attachments enable you to cleatvj'our walls,, furniture, portieres, tfushlons, bedding, radiators. It's flue to keep a house clean if you let the Kureka do the work. . ; * . Telephone m for a Free Demonstration in Your Home*. Tdrms ilF Degired SANBORN ELECTRIQ CO. : Opposite Y. M. C. A. 309-311 N. Illinois St. Phones; New 1550s Old, Main 1O17, 1018. PHILADELPHIA, Pa., May 6.--Of all American preachers "Billy" Sunday is now making by far the most money. At one time the Rev. T. DeWItt Talmage held file ^recordr--Thts~celebrated~ pulpit" orator got $25,000 for J 00 lectures in England. He earned a great sum by syndicating his .sermons. Dr. Talmage was as | i keenly active in , the pursuit of what I Washington Irving christened the Almighty Dollar as is the Rev. Mr. Sunday. The great London preacher, Charles II. Snurgeon, was of a different .type. Ho once Informed Major Pond, who wanted hjm to lecture in America: "I am' not at all afraid of anything you' could say by way of temptation lo preach or lecture for money, for the whole of the United States in bullion would not lead me to. deliver o n e ' s u c h lecture." Later, when Henry Ward Beecher made a lecture tour In England, Mr. Spurgeon gave him the cold shoulder. Major Pond, who managed him, said all force in forming the character of our c h i l - dren. Within Its atmosphere Is the germ of all t h e i r Ideals. Whatever beauttftes- widely 'separate in'fluonce.s presiding independently over lli»." lioimt life. That our children may Im taught" thai fatherhood und -motherhood . lire, i n separable,- (IVa.t lli'fiy imry'fiilly%rt'ii.l|/e th;ri. the love, responsibilities and d e v o t i o n 1 of f a t h e r a n d . m o t h e r ' f o r t h e i r children arc, ono, let us, w i t h equal reverence, express our love'h father find mother on Mother's day. I/e(, this one day t y p i f y tho utilty, har- ony-iuid perfection of tho home l i f e ; ' a n well as 16 honor arid saireVify fatlrerhood along with motherhood b y ' keeping tho morning .services ' In our churches, on Mother's day, in, remembrance of i n o t h - j « ^ or's love, then dedicating the .evening j ^p; services,of Mother's day to father's m o m - \'ffi, ory .as Father's eyenim-. . , . \ v ; ' These morning servier liave, by cus.- i /,/''·, torn, already bc,co,me m. cd to mother ' 'ty nlone.. Let t h e m r e m a i n i.iichjiuger]. Tho i ';/',' b r i g h t , hopeful hours o.f MIH day symbol- i ^, \'/.c, her unspeakable love f i n d tendcresl. | v/-.% care for UH In the morning of our \\tr..'\'-/% Evening Brings Memory. =Jr_Ue ovp.n1.tiK hours arc Just as rev-. temperance orators, was earning $30,000 a year on, the lecture platform during the last years of his life- As for books, Mrs. Mary FUiker -Eddy got more money out of her Christian Science work than Mrs, Harriet Beeeher Stowe received for "Uncle Tom's Cabin," or than any other author ever received, for a single work. her children 1ms been made stronger, and all motherhood has become more sacred by, observing'Mother's day! The womanhood, wifehood, motherhood and home Itffi--of-onr~natron--havn been n; Its Influence. Love unexpressed grows cold by neglect. Our thoughtless failure to tell father n.s we do mother, that we Idve him, places him- under,a shadow in Hie homo' life. By our silence we lead the children to believe that t h e " character, responsibility, und devotion of f a t h e r h o o d are Inferior to those of motherhood; that father's love and Ills Interest In their success and happiness is not a/j great as that of mother's. Responsibilities Divided. A semblance of t r u t h is given to these Impressions by flic necessary division of the home responsibilities between the father and tho mother. Tho mother's constant association w i t h her children, anil the f u l f i l l m e n t of her duties " w i t h i n the home are a constant, revelation to them of her service and her love. As the wage-earner, the father Is taken away from home. Tlie children can know of but few of his disappointments, of his sacrifices, and but, little of the arduous 0 the fine soul in search ol: expression, wealth of treasure. Responsive as the wind harp to the. wind, its wonderful meehaii- iHin has an. alrnost human understanding of - e v e r y mood. In the Steinway's J;onal f i n d s its perfeet w i t l i s v - j i i companionship »t the, twilight hour,.witir ;p sweetness and'flawless Jwritv. · ' .'/. '·".,'inan- the feeliiur nf t r a i K j i n l l i t y and sc-nirlly «^y- ' J · ship the tSteinwa^ is as near pc . , . s hu- the feeling which ills presence Infused i n t o the homo circle; above a l l , Ihese evening hours -arr e-lwtHow td-by-fftl-I i er-s-a^vi ;e-!tn d-eo u-n -M-\ and o u r - p e r f e c t f a i t h Jn his ability to guide our first' f a l t e r i n g efforts to cope w i t h the outside world. No one knows so-well as f a t h e r , how in 1 this-life's contest'lill tho strength of hi« children's souls tried. -His experience enables him to banish' from t h e i r hearts doubts and fears and tno gloom-of defeat, to' restore confidence and to Inspire them with renewed anTbitlori to moot the next day's-diiiles-oouragooiisly. This evening, bour, this united f a m i l y circle in the t w i l i g h t , Is,tho Jewel box of the .home l l f n r Cimrdcd by n, nuithor's loving coutiKcl. Hindu strong and prt-, tected b y . a father's loving wisdom, tears of d i s a p p o i n t m e n t and f n l l u r e placc-d w i t h i n Its kccjilng aro Un-ncd to pearls of hop'o and faith'. W i t h i n Its cover IH held t h e lovo, the inspiration and the courage w i t h which is greeted tho dawn of another day. your consideration: You ean buy ;i I;, i. in way, with all its superior worth, at r a- moderate price and on convenient terms.' Write for illustrated literature,. Father's Lovo Guides. A mothers' lovo holds her children close labor ho pprforms t h a t he may give to to ,,,,. ,',,.,,.,, ( . U1() fl , nn w i t h i n t h i s tender o r n n r t i i rn'n ijmrtrtr-rtrrtrk mi th»im protection, education and happiness. , , , ,,; SEARCH T U R M U R D E R E R S IN", i That onr children may be taught this | einlmico tH«y look o u t . -won. life,, w i t h CDA^CM mnoTU lo c « n u n p - l ' o v e and t h i s devotion which lie g i v e s / t o ! hearts f u l l of hope. A f a t h e r ' s Jove leads rnUv£tN Nun In IS rAIUUnh them, tim- "- - · · ' -- · ' '·· · · !l11 " KKG1NA, Haskatchewan, May 6.-- A I ones, that the love already, existing be- se'areh of several years for the' tribe of twncn the father anvUilf. children tnay bo strengtlK'iied, t l i a t all fatherhood may bo hold more sacred, t h a t a great ^influence, S. Street Eskimos reported to have murdered two American explorers, (leorge (ind Henry has failed object, here today of- the expedition · of tlie Royal Northwest Mounted Police, which undertook to run down the Eskimos. Thelon Is in the northern part of K e w n t i n province. Th6 report, dated Feb. S l n K t , Indicated, however, t h a t . the · searchers hoped to get in touch w i t h tlie tribe tjiin sunl- mcr. They believed · the .Eskimo's"to be- somewhere near Hudson Hay and about 500 miles north of Thelon. If the supposed murders are arrested before the. fall If will be tho summer or fall of l!)l" before the expedition can get bnck to dvlll/atlon. . Street and Hadford were conducting exploration work In'-northern Canada In rough road if life, them out uipn t Under tho magic his i n f l u e n c e mountains of discourage-1 merit become stepping stones to richer Uprights S500 in Mahogany case and Upwards Grands $750 in Mahogany case and Upwards Direct Representation though silently exerted, may go out to J () .VS, higher aspirations, ( a.nd .new sue:JH each' evening he opens for his t f i c gates of l l f o ' K activities, and to them - t h o d a w n of a more t h a t ii "Father's day" be observed. Attempts* have already boon made to establish a Father!* day separate from! glorious tomorrow. Mocfiuse of s ' u s t i i i n i n g -poMvr M o t h e r ' s day. Proclamation;) issued j « father's love has for his children, for now and then, here arid there, Hl^ve met i nl's .'home and for the home l i f e of tho w i t h h a l f - h e a r t e d response's . in o u r ! churches, giving to the movement only I ' ^ nation . bocti use we Jove f a t h e r und w a n t 309 N. Pennsylvania Street , ,.;.,,., .j,...,... v.x-fc..;.- -y-.'N\\XV v\V^'\»V \ v \' 1 . v ^S^S^\ 1 «!iSS^\W!; ,:;;·;-.;. ·- ·:« p a r t i a l success. P a r t l n l ' succe ' host we c.'m ever hope' to achieve from this custom . which omits t h e basic prin- ciplo of human life---* "·i-onse'craied u n i t y let\veen f a t h e r and mother, . l Widely Separated. I'ubllcly paying a tribute of . , , , , , , . -, ss Is ^the i to ' a c k n o w l e d g e our love for h i m , let us ' , ,n i l n t o , tlu; , l ;Y" lly (! . lr '' ln °" . M o t h e r s day and m a k e the, e v e n i n g *erv- -- |PCH TM n ' f * 11H Mothers' hearts w i l l be h a p p i e r , f a t h e r s ' - j.hoartH will be, filled w i t h a new joy and : a deeper reverence for. fatherhood, t h e , 1 white flowei; will speak more eloquently ! '° i of the purity of a 'mother's lovo if be- ! mother',' -iw our churches, on one S u n d a y , ! wide we' wear the rod rcse wlitise iiright 1912, when, according to word brought to Li.,, n wf ,,.| { u or m^nilm n f t i r w n r d r c t i e a t - I beauty reflects the strength Of a. father's civilization' by, an , Ksklmo. they were t h e n . we»i«t. or in nins a i t o i w a i d Jf^ 1 ! love *, ld wc tn)1 ), ot ir mother and f a t h e r we love t h e m on "Mother u duy and Father's evening." speared to death by tribesmen' with whom they had an altercation, . . ,,· , , ,, ., Ing the oiime expression oMove for father, Implleo that lather and mother are two oil are admed quotations Financial and Market jPn|fe , . .

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