Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on May 27, 1928 · Page 19
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 19

Decatur, Illinois
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Sunday, May 27, 1928
Page 19
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OECATUR HERALD SUNDAY, MAY 27, 1928. DECATUR HERALD 19 ke Cream is One of Best Desserts Because it is Easily Made, Serves Easily, is Nutritious, and is Cooling MEMORIAL SERVICES TO BE CONDUCTED SUNDAY IN CHURCHIES)F FARINA Water j Ices Are Best for Hot Weather, But Even Ice Cream Tastes Good on a Hot Summer Day in Illinois OLIVE M. YOUNG James Millikin University VOW that warm weather is in sight, hot desse ceptablc and the housewife thinks of cold fr to top off the dinner or luncheon. rts are not so ac- frozen ones to use Of course wp niny prefer to buy Ice cream or ICPS, but pvon us good ti they arc. many times they do not come up to real home made ice cream. There arc so many simple easy Ice cream freezers on the market now that it i pally Is not. NEWTON HIGH SCHOOL IS TO GRADUATE 55 NEXT WEDNESDAY NIGHT FARINA, _ vices are to be held in several"of "th'e churches, Rev. C. L. Hill will preach «peak at the Keens Chapel M ly 26 e n i I S o vv'ill beheld church Sunday Thomas Lacey, aged 90 years ts 1 Ver se in the Methodist May 27. Very serlous condition He has NEWTON, e -Commence- make ico for a small family of five or sl.x. M/iny of these freezers do not take much Ice, and as the cans arc made of very thin metal the mixtures freeze quickly. Ico crcfim Is nn Inexpensive food, the making of w h i c h requires bui liitle laboi. Because of. the ell rat m g i c d l c n t q used In Its manufacture it is highly nutritious These I n g i o d i e n t i make It a very palatable dish, and for this reason and also because it Is sweet, ice cream is iibtially served as a dessert. With Meat Course Certain sherbct.s and water ices trc sometlinea served ns an ac companlment to tho meat course. Duilnjr hot weather It is desirable to serve sherbets and ices Instoa.i c( no crenm because they arc les.3 noli In fats and because, being made dom f r u i t juices, they sire cooling. Inexpensive Kqulpmcnt The equipment for making ice creams and sherbets need not be cpensl\(. A freezer of the less expensive varieties having the outer can ot metal, Is good and lasts iciy well If taken care of. A vvooil- rn mallet to break up the ice and o h»dvy bag to break It in, or a vvood- tn riox or i sniiill wash tub with wuo-len bottom. Coarse salt can be bonqhl In largo quantities vry cht ap Regardless of the flavor or kind ot icu cicam to be nuule tho proportion of Ice nnd wait are three lo one, w h i l e with Ices and sherbets we i/iny use two to one. Most people prefer to use tho three to one because it gives a finer texture and . . . . . . . . , .. .,,,. - n c e much work 1 [ 0 j m p » t exercises of Newton Commun- " V conducted n l nnd Chop Ice Fine Have the ICP fine and mix well »lth the salt before putting around the can. It you weigh the salt and l e tho pioportions aro eight parts c/ Ico t n d one of enlt. In turning the rrank on the freezer turn evenly and constantly it you ulsh tho best results and do not think It necessary to H u n as long ns possible. It will continue to harden «fter it Is packed. Ixt Ktnnd To Til pen As soon ns tho mixture is s u f f flently frozen, take off the crun and wipe the top carefully so tha nosdlt can get i n t o the inside of th ran Then icmove tho dasher r.m icrape off the Ice cieam, Paol into the can and covet well Ihon pack in salt and Ico and le I Ksntl for several hours before eerv Thii ilpen.s tho cream nnd {really Improves the flavor. Different Kinds Thoie are. two kinds of Ice cicnm ttif plain or Philadelphia Ico crcan "id the custard or New Yoi k Ic c*cim. The Inter has more body anc *i!l stand up belter in serving. Sometimes a little gelatin H addec I' Ice- cieam to give It body anc It f i o m melting so fast. Mud "the commercial Ice cream has gel ' «tln and a large amount of starch TM H to help hold it up. If fruits arc added to Ico creams I "ley should be cooked with sugiir I or they w i l l freeze solid. Fiesh f r u i t s would be mixed with sugar and-al| '"ed to stand an hour or mor M'l then added to thp cream mix- '«"« when it has been partially I 'rojcn Condensed milk may bo used in Juklng ii-c c t e n m nnd mnkei a moat wlicioug cream nnd one richer Lhun "Plain one. Junket h alio used In making ic-c | 'Kim. Tho Junket tablet Is added °« milk nnd Ir la allowed to | "agulato, then this Is added to the . "» and sugar and the mixture J ''wan, Tha result Is n. very sitooth, j '"Icato Ico cream, not so rich as a Wr» cream ono but especially good | t e t small children. Philadelphia Ice Crenm On« quart of coffee cream. "« and half cups of sugar. n» teaspoon of vanilla, you wish n slightly richer Ico | J[»m. add two well beaten eggs to 1 mixture and strain before free?/ New York Jc« Cream Qn« quart of rich milk. One-third cup flour. Ona cup sugar. Threo eggs well beaten. 1 Pint cream. | cup sugar. ' ' the milk, beat «ggs well, add . ' and flour and mix well Pour J little of the scalded milk and r5 atl(l this to t h c remainder of tho ""'«· Cook u n t i l thick and smooth. T iff often. Cool. r ° the cream add the other cup '""gar and the vanilla. Mix with *'Wld cii-tard and strain. Freeze, ""Ions flavors may be used with Wednesday evening, May 30, in the school auditorium Fifty-five st,, dents, 35 girls and 20 boy s will re-" colve their diplomas. Prof. p. C . Summerville of Kansas r "^yan university, is the speaker others on the program are lufman, Rev J. W Gillespie Miss Orthea Trexler, Freddie Knight' ;,,"' Housei ' a»d Rev. John Honey The annual baccalaureate sermon will be delivered Sunday evening in the High school auditorium by Rev. E T. Carroll, pastor of Grace Methodist church. Others who will take part in the services are James Kaufman, Rev^ J. E. Spenser, Furhman Leo andJRev. Edgar Beckwith. NEILSW~FUlJERALllELD IN PATOKA THURSDAY PATOKA, May 2T-Funetal , clv Ices for Margaret Neilson, who died Tuesday afternoon after a year's Illness, were conducted at 11 o'clock Thursday morning in Zion church by Rev. Ralph Willis, assisted by Rev J. M. Smith The body was taken to Brownstown for buiial, Maigaret Muriel Neilson was born near Patoka March 29, 1912 and passed her e n t h e life in this community. A year ago she developed tuberculosis, from which she never recovered. She had been a member of Zlon church thc last two years. Surviving are her parents, Mr and Mrs. Chris Neilson, two sisters. Juanita and Fiances, and a brother. Kenneth. Her grandfather, A C. Frandfield of Brownstown, is living. PLAN ^ IN HILLSBORO SCHOOL H I N D S B O R O , May 26-Commencement exercises will be given Monday evening in the High school auditorium. The following program will be given: Vocal solo, Miss Vashti Veigler, Oakland; violin solo, Jantha Hall; presentation of diplomas, Luther Black; address, P. C Somer- vllle, Sallna, Kan.; invocations and benediction, Rev. D. Ross Fleming. EAYMOND failing health and confined to hI, bed for some time and his condition now is considered grave. A part of the time he Is unconscious. tv,» o ai ' d r °^ d mectln B was held In he Corner Clothing store one nipht this week. Route 185 was under discussion, which if allowed -will be an outlet for the people of St. Peter and Loogootee. Route 142 through Farina Is well under way, the slab is to be la d soon as the bridges have almost all been completed. MEMORIAL SERVICES IN PANA SUNDAY PANA, May 26--Memorial services for the Grand Army Civil war veterans, Relief corps, Spanish-American war veterans, Veterans of the World war and kindred organizations will be conducted in First Methodist church at 10:30 o'clock Sunday mornlnp. The scimon will be by Rev. H. F. Powell. Members of the organizations will attend in a body A special program of music will be rendered. Shopping Bats with Beth jjWith an Eye Cocked for What's New and Interesting in| Decatur Stores She Finds Considerable to Write Home About Dear Mother: Decatur, May 26. JASPER COUNTY WILL SEND 18 TO C. M. T. C. NEWTON, May 26 -- Eighteen young men of Jasper county have been accepted for service this summer in Citizens Military Training camp. They are Maynard Honey, Jesse Wells, Cloise Maples, Perry Riley, John Dougherty, Clarence Cummins, Eugene Barthelmp, Lowell Drake, Eugene Hill, Earl Huff Ross McClane, Edwaro' Rohr, Charles Wolfe, Edwin LOP, Lester Wolfe, William Jones, James Kaufman, Glenn Stanley, MAROA HIGH^SCHOOL PLANS COMMENCEMENT MAROA, May 26--The annua commencement of the Maroa Com mumty High school will be conduc ted Tuesday evening, May 29, in the opera house. There aie 33 members of the graduating class this year The baccalaureate address will be given at the Methodist church Sunday evening and will be delivered by Rev. Ernest Tumner. I thought I was going to have an awful time finding graduation pres- in his enta for the kids this year but after hunting through the stores there were so many attractive things that I almost wished I had more to give Mrs. Andrews was rather disappointed that the girls were to wear caps and gowns in the High school commencements. She did want Joan to look the sweet and demure graduate, but you ?Jnow how elaborate everything Is she gets for the child. Now the girls will only need a simple little white frock. Most of the gii Is are getting them made with a full and ruffled skirt with little "rills or ruchings m lows so they can wear them to the senior parly. I.OVELY FJvAQUK FOB GIBLS' BKDROOM OB LIVING BOOM You know how artistic Joan is, veil I got her a darling plaque for her bedroom wall or she can even hang it in the living room if she wants to share it with everyone. It is made of a sort of imitation ivory with a carved "dancing nymph" expressing all the abandon of life's carp and the freedom of youth. Tints of blue sky, and colored fruits form a background for the figure. The figure is positively perfect and the hhadings will blend with almost any wall covering for a background. LEATKEB THINGS FOB THE BOY GBADUATE When I got in the leather department m · 's I had a hectic time ey AJcp had in her own purse that determined her choice. Some day mother when I get rich I will buy you one that took my eye. It was called a "vagabond" purse I think perhaps because you could fill it full of things to last a week almost and trail off on a nice excursion. Made of fine pin leather in black, It had an inner pocket that made it almost two purses and it was lined in soft French grey silk. It would make the plainest plain Jane look smait. The one Alice bought was really ultra modern and she was i little leery that her mother would think it too advanced. The versatile zipper is used to onen and close the bag which is as flat as flat if you keep things out of it, if you know what I mean, and a small purse Inside has a zipper fastener too. Both are made of a soft pliable brown grained leather. Another brown had unusual line. It was oblong shape with one corner sliced off and finished with metallic bands in gold and silver. PBINT SHOES BOTH LOOK AND ABE DELIGHTFULLY COOL Alire is determined to keep cool this summer so bought a pair of Indian piint shoes. They are so light and look so smart with the fluffy summer dresses. She got a linen ON THURSDAY EVENING . school alumni was held Thursday evening in the basement of the Meth- adies' aid. Frederick Blauth, presi lent of the alumni association, con 'ucted the business session, after which a program was given with Dr uh F. Corley of Mattoon serving as oastmaster. Those on the program were Fredrick Blanton, Morris Lowe, Mrs Flora Swengel of Neoga, Bean Swen- rel of Neoga, Miss Helen Henderson Miss Ada Blauth, Miss Wllma Simpon, Miss Mary Dell Simpson, Fritts impson. Alumni and members of the fac- Ity made short talks. Tho High chool orchestra played throughout ae evening and during the serving f the four course banquet. LOVINGTON SCHOOL TO CLOSE MAY 29 LOVTNGTON, May 26 -- Grade chools will close on May 29. Gradation exercises will be conducted in grade school at 2 o'clock Tues- ay afternoon. urse oo made very tailored In a nxture of bright red and grey laid. We saw a rather unusual immer purse made of visca, yoj now the stuff that hats are made mounted on a shell rim and nished with a ring ornament. They ave them in green and red. BETH. // Sleeves of Your Dress Pucker and Seem ''All Wrong 9 Perhaps You Have Them in the Wrong Armscyes Both Sleeves for the Same Arm Is Another Mistake All Too Easy for the Home Dressmaker to Make By EDITH BHYNK James Mlllikui University. "£O DETERMINE which is the right and left sleeve, fold it through the center lengthwise with the sleeve seam edges together. In the shirt or middy-blouse type, the armscye edges coincide and either sleeve may be placed in either armhole provided there is no right and left finish at the bottom. If one side of the sleeve is only, the top curve of the front and the back lie in the same general direction, the high side is the back. The underarm and sleeve scam will also be continuous in this type of sleeve. armscye, having the right or wrong side of the garment out, depending on which side the first ccam will be stitched. Pin the highest and lowest points of sleeve and armscye together, and pin the sleeve to the quarter points of the armscye so that there ' seam will b e placed about one one-half inches in ront of the underarm seam. This alter type of sleeve is almost never found at the present time. Place each sleeve in its correct Rare Type Sleeve is only s)lght ful | nesB in the low- If one side is er half of the sleeve. very much higher! Place the pins at right angles than the othento the armscye edges and pointing , and the curves at toward the cuff of the sleeve. ||the top do not Iio Hold the sleeve side of the ie«m in the same gen-j toward the worker when connect- eral direction, the ing these points and when basting high side is the the sleeve in position. Hold the edges in place with the front. This sleeve left hand with the thumb on the sleeve side, ease in the extra length of the sleeve by pushing the fnate- rial in place with the thumb while basting. Bind or finish seam with notched edge. You of I. WHEELER PUPILS TO PRESENT PLAY fh* tonchora for tho Ru mond G o m m u n I t v High, .school litno all been r o - c m u l o i e d nnd u r n in follows. \ \ . M. R u n y o n S 2 2 J 2 ' pu m o i u i i , _ v \ . ,;. Campbell 1 6 1 7 7 , M a i v M a n n i n g , 1 5 ^ 5 5 ^ iielnia Kllnglcr, I j f e d o , T h o I l l i n o i s P o w e r L i g h t C o i n , u l l ! lloM a d e m o i t r n t l o n In f l s n o r rone c o i U U i p to bo c o n d u c t e d by M i s i Buena \ S u i e K r o c m n n , Homo e ' o n n m l s t . ot tho West- l i i p h o u s u V.lcxtrlu Miff. C o , VNodncsclaj J u n e b t h , at 2 oO p. in. In the C o m m u n i t y t h e a t e r , Raymond The e i g h t h B'ado preionti "A Perfect I i l t t l t ' Loose", a comedy In tlirco ft li, In i ho C o m m u n i t y thonter, May I'D, al S p m. M u « l c by Kii.vmoml orchestra Mrs J. . Oriag wan cfillocl to St. Liuls on account of the death of hei cousin, M l i s i:mmi Roepple. 'Hit' U o m a n a club m e e t i n g to be held In tlio homa of Mis P t M i l Loonrnd on J t i n o I f t . has boon postponed imtU Juno 8 on ac n u n t of A l u m n i iMiirinct. The rommonr-oment ert'lclsen of the R u \ m o n d C o m m u n i t y lllt'h y r h o o l w i l l bo held on ! r l f l a y e \ e n l l i t f Juno 3 In the C o m m u n i t y t h e a t e r , ['r Hudson, president o f n h i u k h o i n u n h o i s l t y , In ( J a i l l n f l l l e . w i l l be t i n t Hpuakor mul tlio subject of his (hirers N. "Thn U n k n o w n Soldier" Kev. I,lnden l.aa^ivell, po.itor of the !o- nl Pi eabytei Ian c h u r c h , i v l l l go to Alton n Sl.iy 30, w h e i o ll» will d c l h o r tho Mr. and Mrs C l i n t o n Tueker aro taking ispek'a \ a r a t l o n In J.lttle. flock. Ark Mr. Tucker la cmp^ed nt tho Ktogrer fe-ioceiy torn h e t e . The L c i u l K t i of the j?rar!o srhool sa^ e L p a r t v Tin sd M f ^ o n l IK at the h o m o of M i nnd M i s Roy Helneko for Ml',3 Mabel 1« u h o hill been a te.u-her In the « h o n l for tlio rust t h r o e e a i i Mini Eads i e \ p e i t t n i r to f i n i s h her fcchool T\ork n C n r b n n d n l * next w i n t e r M i l . ( ' h u r l e y H e l m of ^ V a p f f n n e r prmpd ,\ ednc^hM horo w i t h her d u t i f f h t c r , Mis .'tank Frb ke. WHEELETi { May 26--The Wheeler High fechool pupils will present their play, "Cranberry Corner" al Yale Saturday night. CASEY Mr and Mr*i K-u n j o n d Tanchpr returned Thursflny to t h e i r homo In O.ik Park i i f t o r a - \ h l f c horn w i t h lili m n t l i P r Mis. Dufftv Fa richer and d n i i R h i c i Mat Jorio. M i l HMgar D u r n a l of A k r o n . O , has ar- rlvprj for a \ i s l r and Mrs I f a n y Lni Mrs C M o r f r i n I n d . I T h n r n ^ ( s i t i n g her ton. K e n t II. SI or tran and f a i n i l j . Miss Lula fl»r IK r haw \voi k a^ a s t u d e n t nur 1th her parents. Mr. nf Tivl lanapolli. r t u i nod to hor In Champaign, EDGEWOOD Mr Rnd Mr« Charleu 'Beaslei' f r o m E f - InKlmm passed Thursday w i t h E. E. Jonton and f a m i l y (' M. A l e x a n d e r passea vv erlnendav e n l n f f and Thursday In Florn. w i t h lil.s l a u g h t e r , Mr* Thomns Naben nnd f a m l l v Mr. and Mrs. Goorfto I Banks. Pr. and r». J (i A l l e n mid son r j l l l .Ir Mrs. !·,!- n e r H o f f m a n and g r a n d d a u g h t e r . Marv mul Ml» n o n n l o Kood n e r o E r f l n g h a m visitors Tucidai. , , Leonard Slegfled find d a u g h t e r , Helen, era called to Green Crock, I'rldny e % e n - nir on arcount of nerloin Illnesi of tho orfner'i d n u K h t o r . Mrs. A u g u s t a VVorninn Mrs Siegfried has boon t h c i e the lost ow woekn tftklni? rare of her Mrs W i l l i a m O o e d k n l g h t from rhlcaen nine Tuendny e%emlnir to care for her mo- her Mr" l.Uora T C a w b o t h n m . w h o li I I I Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Donaldson passed a visit hero w i t h her father, Geoigo O u r n e r Walter Gross has gone to Ttoewe, Kan , to visit his son, T\ho Is employed In the oil f i e l d s there. Russell " W i l l i a m s o n , -who lin«? been rm- p l o j e d in M i l w a u k e e , "U'ta, haa returned to his home In t h i s city Mls Mai Ion John-Kin and A classmate, M h i r.ela niurelt. a t M l l l l k l n u n h e r s l t y In De atur h u r o gone to Peekhill N. V , they h a \ e e m p t o y r n o n t for the summer at a m o u n t a i n resort Mrs A. E. Click and con Eugene h a ^ e returned from a v l n l t In St. Tjouli, M o , w i t h her daughter, Mrs Frank Anderson Oorothy Scott, who hai a position , ChlLREo, la liera \ i s l t i n g her J5. Scott and famih father, . Mrs. Jlortha Hlldebaugh has returned to her home fn Manhattan. Kan a f t e r a KPV- oral m o n t h s ' \ l s f t here · u l t h her sister, A l t * Otto Ijiike and o t h e r relatives. Herbert Baikloy, who liaq been omploved in C i n c i n n a t i O. has arrived for a i l n l t with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William BarlIe\ OoorffB 7ennedv nf Cnvlngton. Ky 1s here v l f t l t l n g his sister. Mrs. Saiah Kelly and f a m i l y M r i. C. T/. Th r»rn pson and rlaugrh ter. Cttaco of I n d i a n a p o l i s Tnrl , came Wednesday to A I-sft her shteis Mis, V i r g i l Howe and Mrs George- Spnnce Miss Kdna M, Flist entertained Jier bi Idfiro club Thursday e\ening i in her home i Rast W a s h i n g t o n street. A f u l l mem- b r r " h l p TVI** In attPiirlaiiLG Prices ware « mi b\ H diva id. Turner, Jr., and Mrs l l a r r v Huston. A s u m m e r lunch concluded the evening WESTERVELT ,'hursday In Oecatur. llowov I.vbarger ivent to Chicago Tuea- ,av ino'inlnK. where ho has employment. j n N a \ c , -who has passed tho w i n t e r n wliH-hrster. Tenn.. u l t h hl« daughter, iri Oma Shahnn and f a m i l y li hero I s l t l n e rolathes nnd friends In tho com- "rio'vf'nnd Mrs. Wright Spurlln passed Thursday In Olnej. Ither of these recipes. If you wish hoeolate add a little more sugar. Maple syrup may be used in place f some of tho sugar and nuts, fruits r other ingredients added. If this 3 done the Ice cream should bo artially frozen before these are dded, as too much freezing spoils He taste. The f i r s t Finance day of the TIPH- eon- ferpnt o o a r u t l l bft ohsenpd in the E\an- eelli-nt ('limrll on Riindai May 27. Miss R u l h O r i n i m o loinnd her parsnts h o l e Wrdncidav. n f t c r complotliiK her sclmol work In Pralrlo View. Mrs. S. Coffman -was railed to Shelby. Illo ·WednMrtay ni nui-se tor Mrs JSlmor L o f f m a n , w h o li q u i t e 111 Misi Fvebn Ijockart is Buffering: from maitoid trouble. . . . . 13 F. Shrtrle li still confined to his home because o f Illness 1 , ^ , 1 Mri Walter Wllion entertained the members of her club In her home Wednesday afternoon. Many out of town Bruests were prwnt. A Girls" 4-H S o w l n p club was organized Tbjirsdav w i t h Mrs. Uorene Dannebergsr The Fa'rm Bureau association shipped a car load ot hogs Monday. " STEWARDSON MlM" A n n a Huhbartt ot WInnotka came Thuisdaj for a vlalt with her parents, Mr nnd Mrs. William Hubbartt southwest ot '"jlii G l f f o r d Terry ana r h l l d r e n h a \ e ret u i n e r t to their home In Kansas City. Puilley Vorls leturned to Chicago Wed- n e Mr* 5 'Orpheus Rolev and Mamie Holcj motored to Becatm- Wcdncsdav. Ml«s Tiuth McNecse i c t u r n e d to Stewardson Thursdtl^. . . M I H Pixie stiaw of Kam^ev arrived In steivanlMjn Tliurfcilay to v i s i t i c l a t U c s and ''Mis' 1 R a l p h . Blue railed on Mrs Oren F.lllott Wedn*(day evening. trying to decide whether to buy Art a bill fold, clothes brushes, match box cover, or a writing case, know he is going over to U next year so I bought him the writing case. It is the most distinguished thing, m two tones of brown the finest pin leather, it almost bioke me but it looked so masculine couldn't resist it. Those match x coveis are cute things too. They are what they call Venetias leather, like hand tooled leather, .inted Their purpose is to take :he pool room appearance out of the enny box of matches and make it ook aristocratic. "Truth In Advertising" WOLFE FURNITURE Co. 246-248 East North St. AUTOGRAPH AND MEMORY BOOK IS PRICELESS LATER Betty wanted an autograph book so I got one for her, and oh how I envy her these happy days and how -weU we all know the pleasure she will get as she grows older and laughs and crys over the memories. I saw some awfully pretty "line-a- day" books and memory books with hand tooled punting and designs on the cover. I bought a double picture folder to send to Bill's boy He writes that he has a girl and h» sounded enthusiastic enough about Open ~~ Monday Evenings until 9 p. m. it to want to carry her picture around with him, and you know hn would carry his mother's on the other side. DESK SETS NOW TO BE HAD IN PRETTY COLORS My purse was beginning' to look rather slim by the time I got around to Sue and I did want to get something she could keep for ways. You know those desk sets, they are not really sets, just the fountain pen in a base holder that serves as an ink container, have always been so expensive but I found out for five d-ollars in stationery department. The base is a fcoft pink maible effect kr.ow she will love to put on desk. PURSES NOW TO FIT EVERY KIND OF PERSE It Efems that every time around I see a new kind of purse. I went with Alice to buy one for her nother and we thought it would be pie to rick out a purse but I tell you it was only the amount of mon- Attractive Low Prices on Suites! I turn Special For Today TUTTI-FRUITTI Brick lee Cream A delicious combination of five choice chopped fruits mixed with chopped pecan meats. Pint Bricks Quart Brick* 30c SOc AT ALL DEALEBS Phone us If your dealer does not gel! Stewart's Perfection Cream. BRICK ICE CREAM .holce of 6 different combinations Pint Qfk« Quart C / \ _ Bricks OUC Bricks OUC The Decatur Ice Cream Co. I-HOMES--Main 368-- Main 263 Best Grades! Lowest Prices! Easiest Credit Terms! If spring house cleaning has revealed a rather urgent need of new floor coverings, here is a timely opportunity to secure new rugs at a real saving! Choose here from the largest stock of good rugs we have ever shown at one time. All eizes, and in qualities that you may depend upon for the utmost in service and satisfaction. Below we mention just ' a few of the attractive values awaiting your selection. 9x12 Axminster Rugs, many choice patterns, Monday 9x12 Axminster Rugs and Velvet Rugs, now only . . '. 9x12 Heavy Pile Wilton Velvet, fringed, newest patterns, only 9x12Axminster Rugs, seamless, choicest quality, select values 9x12 Domestic Wiltons, endless service in choice patterns 9x12 Genuine Mohawk Wiltons, all the newest patterns, only 27x54 Velvet *·! QC 27x54 Axm. Rugs, fringed $ A « t / V Heavy pile 27x54 Dom- eStic Wiltons 9x12 Gold Seal Cong. $1.95 $7.95 $22.50 $24.50 $29.50 $39.50 $49.50 $69.50 $2.95 $5.95 Hundreds of New Patterns-All Sizes To Select From 3-Hece Frieze Jacquard Suite at Only $125 Here's a sensational feature value that we secured for you as a result of a very special purchase from a well known maker of high grade living room furniture. It is a suite that would ordinarily sell for considerably more. See this value and you will realize how exceptional it is. An Elegant New Bedroom Creation, $145 This suite is an example of the exceptionally artistic values you will find on our floors. A suite of real distinction of design, made up in a delightful combination of walnut and mahogany, and three piccen priced at this low figuie for a, suite of such outstanding merit. An Exclusive Design! Finest Quality, $165 This is an outstanding value in our showing of the finer grades ot dining room furniture. A very distinguished design made of beautifully matched woods and with construction features that Insure a lifetime of service. Eight pieces are included at this low price and conveni""t credit terms will be arranged if desired. w E T A K E Y O U R F U R N I T U R E I N E X C H A N G E fch: to m I TV; I 41 i M NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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