The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on May 20, 1891 · Page 2
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 2

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1891
Page 2
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TBISONE, ~ ng except Monday, at Bia- douveredrb vreek, or 51 BISMARCK DA!L¥ . J '.WEDNESDAY. MAY 20 i»9i Published eAcry-morn _,, ... .... "tr-ck, ^ort i Dakota, is GUver«irby"-carner to Sfipsrts of the citj a' 2j cents per per-moil th. .SDBSCKipnox. KATES Daily 6cemonth.postage paid.i_........"'--.--S 1 00 /Daily three months, postage Jmia ...... 3 W Daily six months, postage paid....-...: 5 00 . aining a£dmmaryof._the ne;vs o£ the.weefr, both.foreign and local; published erery Friday, postage' paid to any Eddies for 'one-jew. Si!;ELS months. SI; three .mouths, J5 cents,- - '. - "1;- " ..' - . - . " . . . _ .. ·' -THE DiiLr JaiBuyz will bo f onnd - on file at the Grand Pacific hotel and Iord-drTbomas-sod- verfeing agency. Chicago, and at reading rooms .andcesre depots^thtonghoat the country. This paper may be toand on file at Geb. FT Tkrn-ell-ii Co'mcany'B Mawspsper Adrertoing Buresn. 10 Spfncc street. New York, yf here adyer- tiSUig_cenrrcts may bejnade for it on the f-ame terms as at the tome office. . THE TRIBUJTE 18 OX JTLK. CHIC AGO--Grand Pacific hotel, WASHINGTON--Consre=sional4ibrary. LONUON-GUUs'.s United States Exchange. 9 _Ktmnd. Charing Gross. -4==== ^-- *· ~ t ClfnnjLcin Keacl A pretty womau ad -- _ -- ._. . . _ ,, . _ . people the other evening oh the subject-of-"^but,.sonie. peflpiurnTtn-oiherwsBe excellent beauty as" an aserifc in the ad vancem_erit_qf J igrains, do..not .seem.-to realise this fact, hersex". "'""" '""'" " "T" . _, 1I nnd'/iilow^thelr "hands a kind of -helpless fe -After enumerating the advantages of .TtrxyV.bich works disaster among.bric-a- -|ersoual loveliness and the hindrances of". brae, and makes many simple "EiSks ab^a homely'exterior she said Ions experience" j ^urdjy formidable.--Youth's Companion. and 'close obsecration went .to -prove^The r -- --;-- . superior successes of tke. plain featured! What Mothers Are -For. · women in luatrimonj- as in other fields o f j A home is what a woman., makes it; a feminine enterprise. Of course, ID uum- ! daughter is, in nine cases out of'every ten, bers they are utterly : disproportionate, but | T,he reflection of her mother.- -Thrtraining j which will follow- it, as-iron follows, a mag- even allowing for that vast difference" the , of the girl of fifteen is shownin.the .woman. ugiy girl has things much -her'own way.i! of fiftyT"'A son -may, by contact capacity for 135,000 gtiesfs. For^ -the World's Fair she- exrjesifi-to have more hotels, with a cap.acifr of 200,000 trau- C. A. PrLLSBORY.'of Minneapolis says ho was once an ant'i-Elaine" man, iut now Blaine is his'firsfc choice for presidentand he has no seconS choice except- the "best and most .available mail. " _- ··'" now General Manager Mel}en comes forth and says there is no truth in th£ report that the Northern Pacific was about to dispose.oi its Manitobabranches struggle for place. She has no means of j the World," said a gentlewoman to me not exactly gauging he?powers,-arid by overestimation often ccmies to grLe.f. Seldom,, indeed, is a pretty girl taught -the.prudence of grasping oppsrtunities, nursing chances.and making the'-sow's ear JUDGE CAI/DWEIX iri a Missouri ".case" decide's that Eaicide cnta. no figure in a case involving the payment of 'life insurance to-the heirs "of the -insured-euicide, notwithstanding the reserve to that effect in the policy.- It must be proved that the party intended suicide when the policy Tvas taken "out, else any stipulation in tho .policy that in case of "self-destruction the policy is void is .of- no"' effect'-. .. -. . " THE Chicago N"ews pays President Harrison the following democratic compliment: "Whatever politicians ' .inay thint;kif the .present incumbent of the ^·-whife^hbuse, tlie people of the 'United '-- Statesiaye every-reason to be proud of the "manneM'n which .their president has acqmtt-id himself :and has maintained the -" " " - - - - - - " " - ' - - '- -" " "i-i - - , - ^ 1 - T - " - i impexspnahty jndjhe.digmty.j fieemhiler'the most trying circumstances during his ^ouIey s Lfms=^=^ssr=^' r ) ocean Tsr THIBUNE ackuo-vledges the receipt,of an imitthon to partieipite in the fes 'traties -of the coming fireman's tour nament at I ai^o, and thd.t there may be no misundprstandiiig about the matter, Messr= BaU Hector, McKendrj-^VooQ hall, C mtie*ny and other sports ire here ^tj notified that the invitation is accept ed and that not onlj the IIUBLM, but_i large porhon of Bismarck's 'nopnlation are keeping the date in mind June IGth, 17th, ISth and 19th ___ THF supreme court of the ""United States-jneets on Mondaj neit- to a.n nounce dec siojis, liter which it Will all j.onrn to the October term More cases 'have be°n disposed of dunnj"tEifa term th in anj other term in the history of "the court, the number aTteadj being, ooo, and the'decifaions to be handed down Jlonday ·will probably mere ise this to 600 ' T*he organizahon of the new intermediate ip pellate courts is expected to relieve the 'supreme court of two-thirds of., its work and thus allow it to reach c ises pending for sever il yeirs" , - -- \ in xi J^aj 's lap at dinner, becauseshe , into another- to Icugrne i th° handle " Jhe-j it. pa.-v5i-)£ tho gra-v j boat with her inind on ' epd of the iuaiuii. thuo forme 1 is screvs exi " " · - - -- . i - - m**, a, tb-rA-iued -perture 11 o ^ e e n d of a jlionzont I pL-te, m d l n t o tr- 1 otn°' - tm l of ! the pL»te is sere red a. pole, also obstructed j THERE IS NO NIGHT, $m - W-T^^T^S^ 7'^- y ^r i ^^£^^^afi j^--^f^ tire last chapter of 5T stor^, and. does not notice that tipping it. Presentl} sue" helps to butter, with, the 1 same .ajue express on in her e'ses, and i =eudb th- bit, -nbich she attempts to cut ! from tne hard pat without looking dt it, ! fly ing across the table. " i "Did it spot -\our dress 5 "'she ?s_ki her j sister; "I hope not, biit, of . course,; L_{ couldn t help its fl\mg off .I'm. sorry." she is of a. series 01 ~-e lions *CK "°i to^,et0er, ( Tne sections of tLe pole _-ind brj-sli iut tulle- ( are prefei-it 1 } nxaue tubular^ so th it the t ]5arts rcuu IK as ir^ht oj po ;iblel--New i York (Tbnitcercial Advertiser, THE GIRL...THAT : WINS." j though '"to -prevent the same^ thing from . " - -- -- -- - . : - . . · n " p-Tiin. - -~" f ' ·'.-.. " . A -\er Good XrJtlc. Bui the trouble is precisely that . On "a dry day rub with a brush" qr.with not ~ very sorry; at least, not sorry. happenin, -the hand a thin piece of "paper, it will be- "come" electrified .in Ji short time and will } - adhere ,,tp- your hand, your ^ outlive^ his early is_nece-ssary,^ she" said, to take_pgwerle^_i_hoinconfluences--a-daughter-raTclj-doesr maids^lro]urT:'hoSi"to".cfrgue. . . . She njay make .a misstep.' Indiscretion Watch thecareers of two belles and wall- may b^to her a necessary teacher; but4ier flowers from the opening "of the race, -i'i'he "! early -uomestic* training will, manifest' it- butterflies invarjably start out hampered i.self sooner or later. ,A mother's.jvord, a duinesiu; p t u v u r / u , ujld at face or; your j "j'ou .ivill i thick i for example,. i · and you will see that as with sealing wai," ' glass, s u l p h u r or. rosiu .this.:. card can -at-tract liaht bone-s (small pieces of cork, etc.). Balance, a cane pn the back "of a chair" and. wager a n y o n e in the audience that, you .iiill .make it fall without touching: it, blowin'g ouit(0r moving the "chair. .^L.11 you need do is to dry the card well t before tfie fire, rub it vigorously with your 1 -sleeve and put close to otie end-of the cane,- 1 is T.O night, fo Sartnesa to eiislirond The worlds in' sable cloud: A saadovr f?.lls, and. proves Jiow e\cr\ planet moves Iu ses. of UgrJit;. --One day's eilulKent tide I'lcm's on.tbjrbngh ages vride; 2s"ich.tis^v3x?a plajiet's own. And darkens it alone. There is io -night; ~ O «iuJ,. God'i'f 5j.ce benign Is e ; thine;^ - God'.j Jove zuakes radiant day Whiie thou art in tho ivay . Of Truth and ?isht;;"-:.-.. . x Ki^ce th.ou'the~Kod!ess vast. ^ ' Bring Rarest Flowers "V ^ \ \i/i^ jii^-.-^i^L^^ N^r.e^rfx./ I Pj T^/^T^"?^^ ··.·'JWvVvJ net, uutil,:havinj; lost its equilibrium, the · cane wil] tlt_flo.Qts;fihlircbjDan»: The PTxauows are thine o\yrL, Anil darken thee alone. ·- There is no njjjnt, ' ' · -~ .Xo nJsrtifc-i-if-death" to bar - -, .;._·'··""- U/e's ull transcendinTM star; . "-. ": 'O Lo-v'e. wtry nwurn.apart^ The cherished of tHy heart H'ath found the Light .; - _._/·_ · " That caifls this shadow Death: Life nWer yefc-.drew breath. y.t" . · To tread the valo alone; ~ ^"T'liis shadow is Life r s ojivrr. ---EdwaroT Gleafauii Spencer in Youtli's Gom- panio'n, . ." - _ . . - . ' , - .^A -HUNDRED--YEARS · -due their charms. Not ope injthe list" is ever-quite able to resist. putting her bright" eyea against- the. adamant strength of money and the exalted range of tfl-lent iu-an early oy-ThTT quiet fireside, has been recalled by many a woman years-after it was uttered. _" "I. t h a n k God that my.mfither told me what other women have been taught .by long ago.. : This, my friend, is. the tribute which your daughter aiid mine should be able to" pay-to o n r memories lon^aft-er- we are-gone^. The world" has a,sharp way of T teaching its'truths to it girL" Is it not far i A wee niaideu. was coming a^ong Yonge street, and as"I paused to look at strtne of;j.---.Alice .Hynemau th"a;gay goods in a shop window I heartl: t-he.'folloiving dialogue: " ;' . · "When will I TEiTTtevolutionary Mothers "Were Help- 'j. fu.1 and IiiventlTe-Women. hasn't .jet rny catiay, mamma?' we'll get it-some . .Rhine, -writing-upon y' 1 in Mrs; ^feyer's in-' teresting co'nlb'littJnn "f ' "Woman ork in America," gives this pleasing picture of tjje varied'"of Yankee women in the. Bevolutionary period: . . ' . . · · · '.- . . * ."Whether it was out-door life- into ; feome.semblance of a silk purse. Her better r then, that\lier m o t h e r - s h o u l d - t e l l comeliness she regards as a 'magic-lamp, I her with that sweet and.sympathetlc gnice onU' needing a bit o'f burnishin°; to pro-.j and gentleness which only anuothef knows? auce--the-fairy_prance, palace an^ 'all,-in a i The flowers most beautiful-to the eye and -flash. Of w h a t - u s G j - t h e n , the dull plod- ' sweetest to. the smell grow in good soil. ding, imperative for her plain sister? Alas! -the flimsy little structure is built, on the sand, waiting one strong wave'of knock the flimsy dreams ioto^a cocked-hat. "IjOok'aboiU- Vbu and. count the number of faded,-tiavarted beauties.yoiLknow wJio are imbittered-dependents, or else-^laie in life have picked up a broken" stick' in" the shape of a-iartner "to help disguise their The world's noblest women have sprung from good homes:--Edward t?".. JBok in Laflies'^ilome Journal. ' other day, wlien" -.--'-But. you s;lid today, mamma," replied the little onjsin a carious tone of reproach. 1 loo"ked-'at jiiem. The little baby fuce j -led b the American womeu of the Eight- was'full of^entreaty and surprise, and the_i -eentfi^century, or the wide awal^jritere^t older, harder,-anxious one unmoved by the i circumstances obliged them to take-in the reminder of u promise unkept. · | concerns.of the family andof men: whether -It is a pity chat-promise's should be" as | the stirring times in which-they moved or lightly, made "ami ;is seUiom -'fulKilletl as! the deferential attitude of men stimulated they too surely are. Poor.-'little frizzle" 7 "' them'' things that the women df_other bangs -ivas learning", a lesson" ef distrust, I nations-were not doing, it. is ^certain that .nhd the little heart was over.young to profit the Americ;iii women of a ' c e n t u r y ago. In-il.--Toronto Mail. -' . KJ - were far, in advance of their timSrfh all "Pets iu tlie where "there are cats- and dogs things^except,:'." knowledge of. light ture, -wjiich. the circulating libraries Europe placed wirhin. the.-'reach of women and -birds app.ears not only ft be a placc"^ nere . :md aswircity'of books^denied them crippled vanity. "In fact, so frequently is -IJub^s Dress. ".. ' ."If there is'one item more tha'n. another which needs the attention of tho schox)!- | mistress or -reformer it is that.- of dness. The common mode .of clothingi:ifants_to- where kindness rules, but to be a well peopled place. It .is full of life a certain, happy commotion.-, which . every j movement. in:tke3. ,It seems iuuuy_limes j the home-that a house of comparative stillness and quiet .Goes, and if "we are in a state | was more of a gain, than-a -_women. time, tjj think, is iroqnently )S : (j a y j s a survival of -ancient superstitions-! of health thab does not cause our nerves to this the case.-t.hat between sixteen and _| ;m d-.igno-mt devices." Tlie-fashioa of rqjl-.| be disturbed by'noise and going and com- to i prefer .'to spend our davs " here. "That this lpss,.by_giyin _ show_n,iuxt-.he energy with "which they weat to work-iji.helping to build up the nation. They engaged in mercantile affairs with such success that,_it ; is said, 'man}' "Boston" fortunes-owed their rise" to. women.' The active interest ta"ken-by them in politics twenty-six only extraordinary virtue or j - j a t, an( jagd - ti"htly round the body'of Y ing, -we . talent ever saves n. belle -from grievous ?l-."thV infant; what an ignorant custom it ! ih'such a house "rather tli.-min the orderly } -'gave, 6ven_bafore-. the revolution, some rep-, lyin her aspirations'. - . . -- _ / : ] w a s a n a _j s ! - It-nrighfc be a breaking iu-for'.;" and decorous emptines-sjaf.a-.bouse without i. resen.tative.-yvomen to joumpJism^ Out of" Parents, frienas and flatterers onlr/ag- : th - e tl{ £ t lacing of" littler-iris; -to come,- but f pets. . The house without theoris likely to i gravate the, caseV_ foretelling the^ Jainpus fj]r , boyg : ,f^' g11 hjppr^rl TO ir-3~^pH._ni^lyT-~;.-4K-^]Ki^sm:iJliout clyldren, too, since chil- therefore look for the explanation farther, j dreu"\vill h:\ve their pets in-some shape or - a - u i f m l--it iu'u -belief that ^strengthens oflief, aud usually as maily as they can tue - b -. lck . Some say that it keeps the bones Ucompass.--nai-per's - 13azar. "' in Ia6 . ei a n d othcrs that T,vithoutit the [ : · · -- -- ---- " -· · ' _,-' marriage tllat- nevertjikes place, 'nTn3 ^lis" conraging honest efforts to entiir Von anv serious busiiless. \6eguiled into believing nature_has graced, her with rarq_superior - ; .ity, what wonder she. despises 'her" "leg^i- ! mate sphere and yearns after the miattain "j able?" And, sadly enough, those dear, de- ' would bur^e. ; I ' . . stl . an g- e th;lt ITatuf e shbu'ld .be thought - We .A Palatable Dessert. "think most- housekeepers ;vrill iip'- to have done -so bad a job'on iium:mityT - hold us in the assertion that tke "average . . . . , - - - . - - , ! - . . . , - - sirable p. -Lilies. she, is trained to ; Hcr b r u t e crcafc}on appc:lrs to be sent into 1 husband" tires "\f- . marriage .-is broached- hiemg 'awsy to old,-oh^for3 r of that light hearted hare, deluded bv u n d u e .confidence i n - h i s natural spe'ecl, frisking away. the.priceless moments,'--'while a dingy, unlovely mud -turtlt. ci L« K \ icvonoiibh up to the \s in "rung poji T Icir si Jitt-dne -, ind 1 thor ongh nnderstandinr^df ·.t-he'sitnn'ff.tois-is to be lialfAvav to 'the goal, and "this is «'hat .the wall, flower has in her favor.. - Xo rosy s p e t t u h - , c m f u L. lit r M ion no sug ir nlums- j ide ht.r- ippetite--Tv^-cpt iietrrsron-i- .neverlull .-the seusejf dutv. : aud who will sa\ she is w i t h o u t tht-Tiump Laid --Illus tratf d Arneric in _ - quictdy-of sweet desserts, meringue, custards,'corn P' palates.' - T h i s is natural, when balfy cntHi, there..\v;is :il\V5fys--.tlIE-; calls unmis^tftayiy lor ._ po_=ibilit\ that i pin jyis stir-tins in him ( Gtlatint, « h i l t irot highh u u t n t i \ i n it AKcPit c muot but cau,se_naia djid illeftects self, is i n -- e x c e l l e n t medium to com ev on his he il h 1 Ims-bmcigLd intlweightt-d. ' nouush je t to-a flagging appetite and if : a trick ofj loving Cinderella in:fli B . sum : j the "world ; properly made, and to thrive'] mer-time, and when .the seriotis- -business i wilhO y t bandages^ '-Tms band is always t r r c h -Slid- 'the like with Jins behind and in old das .I -, baby Jiijs, behind, and in old days, "criGJtT" the- seveuty;eigHt newspapers published in the colonies, "sixteen--were edited by w:omenv an'd all ; but .two"of theuf"_chauipioned-. the" causa of lib'ei : tj- and justice. - The first .papef'to publish "the Declaration of Independence w-as edited and printed by Mrs, .Keid. ' - _ . . " '-' "- '·_·"" "In medicine women-confihetr-themselyes to distilling herbs into remedies which it wvis said.'conld kill; or cure --vvith-.Triyjbf the . facuity.' In the practice of-midw-ifery his~Rob- med to 1,300 , wiThoiit . losing dowrijwi h in m v t , irmi nt, if bib hvu, at -j 'soake 1 it. ill"it is in spate of hib clotl es nd with hervi odd i 3 ainst him -- Ad^ Gone in JLI i.e.= "Miller Ma.., iziut " "V\ li SJiop Girls Don t ^\iarrj Sale'smt-ii Some old pni 1 o=nnher has said th it in ood w i n e instead of \\ater a i i t n on i it. u ilf an orjnge allovs ed foi e ich i naif pmt i will be found to rnakt. i uutri tious and Topelzmg c ish- -VI lewhippecf cn-iim. i in excellent accomp immeut. -- \ork-\\ oild livered patient 'The. inverflive faculty, so, distinctive- a trait in the characterof thdArnerican man, was also a. gift oT the \meiiutn woman How-many' women ""were inventors will ne\er be k u p n n is t h e \ timid^v sjuelded uheiride uti \ b hind men_ lh; IT '-.ud to have been the t is£-.-with the cotnon gin Credited t m o u g h all tjie y e i r = to J. i"\\ hit ^^«sins " : ^ ^M^ ~ "^^^£*l _· J ---FO^"THEJ3RAVES OF OBali ORDER -EXTRA- COPIES "OF OUR Decoration Day Edition ' ' ' ' t'Wili;BeFin ; ely-1ilfistrated. f - ONE FA C T /.? WQ RTH A THO U^ * V r . THEORIES. -. The. 'Equitable L'ife. As.'Society is the -strong---- esf. company in tlie -iuorld'and 'transacts-the~laroesf. business'- -^ ' *^ * - -"·--- Assets, ._-_- . "-.-. Surplus,:- - · .. «. - . For particulars app^y to_ E. ~- B ~~~Win~s~ki'fr^ Jiinae-r Dakota agency', Fargo. I '"tffcPacl ; " ' BETWEEN' . l ' Dickinson," IVIjiudan, Bisinarck, , 'Oakcs,. Fareo, ' -^ AND-.ALI/PCINTs- nine /cases : out", of ten:, when . a man: was- thic*\u const iutly in the societ\ of one i wo'n m hi. wouM end bv r n a i i \ i n g her i But ther TJ.C ;o Tr rt- exceptions to this ,,er- eral iule~ird i notable one is to be found among tb~e cl i»s of shop girls wlio irti eai plo\td i n the---bi^ retail sto e-^ up to\ n G lid che in in i^er of one of these (-stpblish ments 1^ is a popular ide i~with the pub Tlio Tjivin^- Ilooni^ Hit greatest blc sm = of i sm ill cou"ntrj house i^^ l i \ m g room It should be fitted up =iwtl^»xnt airy bits of f u r n i t u r e \ e r \ lew diaperies, ^nd o^)0% e ill el=e it should h a \ e ri ippcann-ce of conifort T h i s c n p i s i r - n e iccomplislied a t a i e ^ they work c-,er\ d i y . b u t moderate evpen-e if one has -a little taste | y ost of t h P girls'who inarrv and o r i _ n i d h t r N o w iuaj there are so m!i tes from'"aclass-'of menwiTo'are in some mam pretU t h i n g to m ike i room-look , pther and more r e m u n e r a t i v e busiLe^s ch r m m 0 \otlun,g isjnore effecti\( and | . The ^f incl -p^i aeOidtTTo-' this is o bt serviceable for a light.covering to the floor f o u n a i. n the fact that the srirl-, soon be of plain m_ram c irpetin.j J^_ ome im bued ^ith sensible ideas in regard filling, AS i t i s u s n i l h ealled [ to the life ot all w h o h a \ e - t o w o r k for a \ n e\ ' i t it c.ud iimplt isaoii 1,0 ivt_ u the h i n d \ l u t e ind l -cnoo h 'ter ae cie c sioil il djsh "w i^hjtig % inch eonies to il most all hot ^ekeeter- i c_qtwl p tts of \ n i L ^ ~ r ii.iT~\ atcr It is a ^cod plan t j 1 et p a bottle of i t n r e p a n d md slandin 0 in the k i r r t i e n elo et "\\ ish the h inA^, first thorough y in vs.arm water w i n e "them dr\ Lid rin^e thoi-ou^ulj in the y ixture thai ( I G r e i n c pon"ei of _^ f, JNi- w i d o w of Gene^il Grt eno of There is nothing better than the service on The Dining Cai Line, Through Fatal Sleeping Cars Daily gry select their IN terntonil davs it was PHstomar\ --for^the territorial pfEcirs to allow counties finch abatements, refundments"and "-cancellation of taKes 33 the various boards ~~ of'countj commicsioner saw fit to allow There TVBS no law for it, simplj a time honored precedent The present administration will not iccept this territorial imheritance, aiid the'anditor hss : issued a circular'."to" county auditors calling their attention, to a fecenfopfflfon'of the ~~ attomey general · on-the -siibJegtrin"whicH' he says that county coiiunislioners have no authority iif law whatever to 7 abate, cancel or refund a tax:when once levied. Their "only authority .or" control over- the assessment or collection-of taxes ia that : when kitting as a board of .oqualiztion they may correct .the assessment. When their duties; as such board have been completed -.and. -. the assessment -rolls] placed in the hands of the'cottnty. auditor and.the taxes levied and extended, there fa no power to stay, the "collection: of such taxes, penalties and interest .except in a court.of xiompetent jurisdictibu. Tho only : ; atatenienTs""or"~canceiralions; that will be allowed on taxes levied .for lS ( K).or su.bscquent'ye-ars, will- be .those ordered by the", court under. the~-pn : visions of section 56, chapter-132 of the Jiws~of;;1390; .;ThelBt ate j; auditor., also, holds that_S200 eseaiption," provided in r the llth .Eubdivision of the 1891 - amend-- .nieht to section 5 of the laws of-1890- will be operative.this- year---after .July _'lst, and thaS200 mentioned will be", exempt, and B'houl^^deducted'"after /such.?'assessment, has "been reviewed by.the town boardx)f review, the village board or city_ council (as the case may-be)', and - equalized by the county -boaxd"of oqualiza- or ingrain _ id_m ill colors I he prettiest are the soft shades of gr lys "browns and ,-,re ns fcometimes a border is acfUed, but itrre U l \ not needed and oiiij adds to the expense iThe^cuftaitis".should, be of dotted S\viss muslin with ruffles tied back with apple green satin ribbons - A lar^e nearly square table for the center of the room can be made of pine The legs ma.\ be wound with the "material used'for the coyer, which should be of a soft grav tinted velour It should nearl} touch the floor and bs fin ished w ith a n irrow gray fringe For the lounge go to a reliable furniture store and get a good one with the best springs. "It is cheaper in th'e.long r u n , ^ The-.very lo'w.brp_ail:-divan_-_co_uches..are' the most comfortable, covered-with velour (to match the table), antl_iheaped ,np with · three or "four big 'down or German' feather pillows. he th^t our feniale-cmplojei.hna husbands [ The -,amt p u p i r a t i o n is feood tc remote imonj; tht_ men in the, store w i t h w h o m f «tams from tne 11 ind rue. ^ Tne d uutiest stockings t o b e w o r u b j a bride -re of fine w bite silk, with meri il liorr of Valenciennes 1 if e «·( t irr the instep, the design t; B ing one ot o r i n g e blossoms £he t-re is f r i l l as the pro\-eim tl cobweb h'owever. -When.'.oue is going to save one'-, wedding LjO« n ind weddm.z f u it i-, j u s t as well to h ivc the beautiful ^tockijigs to £,o^vith it so that the next gcnerationzaay set j u s t w h a t mamma wore o^. her w ed- dm ' d i\ . V g il '-oori finds out ill ibou the man'who-works'.it the s;ime counter-^yith~ her, itid knowo that he earn^ but little more than .she does herself.": Matrimonial, bliss on i '-al ir\ just sufficient for one has no temptations for the aver i^e shop girl"" --2vew"York Recorder. : F6r, Pure-Govornment. The machmerj of ^ro\ eminent thefinan cial interests of the nation ha\e received the chief thoughts of men Ihese are im portant but there are other interests^ as much greater than these as the boyis more valuable than his clothes;-....These' interests require the united attention of "the. wisest men and women. ^Beginning our political work/as-we haveavith the schpolballot for the children^ -we now. ask ; the municipal -ballqt-to keep the. surroundings- o f . home -j- pure and sweet, to-protect ^rhe _, T . , , - , ... I yond the school house- 'door. To unite .the -The chairs rnaybe_touched up with green r bes t elTbrts of all for the Wimon good of ; .. t .r Jjgn-gj :-It is a cool and Tjlen'ds""riicely'"with~'{h"e" gray. " A reading lamp should be.on the center.table, along with, .numerous .books and magazines." r. If .the table is sufficiently large, have a rjlotter and 3vriting materials at one end,'with a high back /'chair before it. -A-'large-jwlm'and a bowl of roses, some .pretty .'tint,, petnate what they have founded. ^To man, no woman^can alone make and keep a cpm-- : plete home; together.they can and do. -The state should be:bnt a larger home.^Mrs. Mary I»: Doe. ' · - . ' - -.-".' - ' ; - Pranklin county, Texas', was badly damaged b y a cyclone. ' · . . " · -.-·' IJearded "\Vomen. ~ . - . etchings and'photographs, or reproductions r Bearded .women Jhave existedr.-at.4ill of water colors in white and-oak frames on periods of the world's history. /Herodotus the wall, a nest of four oak; tables in .a'cpr- ; has^ given '-'us ."au:-aecoUTrt of. -Pedasnes, ner of the room (most .convenient'_for tea.- Vabove Halicarnassus," ataong whom 'the and serving -refreshmentsxm), and a set of-" chin of the priestess of : Minerva regularly low;-wlde bookshelves," with a few pieces of budded wTth a large heard -\yli^n ever "any bric-a-brac on.the top; an_ old rose silk or . great public calamity impended. Awoman cretonne curtain oh a'polc-across the front, anffthe result.will,attractive summer room.--New York Truth. 1 : _ : . . " " . - !__/-."_--:· I.,".: Clumsy I'inger-r. - _ ' - . _ "It is of no tryrng'to sew,! r s"ai(^a girl in. her late teens; '1 am so clumsy with a "needle. My stitches are an ineh.long!" Mamma does:my mending. .She-says when Ido.i_t iTiysL=!f -Tny.thiufjs that sheis : ashamed to let me wearthem." . - . : _ " - · "·-JBut if the mother-.were less self sacrific-. ing-it is probable that a-few hoursi practice -her.'direction would easilj^ reduce .clumsy 7 stitches to "a respectably; small fraction o'f^an inch in len.gtli." _ 'of Copenhagen, Bartel Garetji, .had a beard' reaching, to her--waist. Gharles XII of Sweden hruT a female grenadierin his army who. possessed : the "beard as -we]l_as the courage_.of a man. Margaret,.duchess-of Austria, aud'governess of the Netherlands, had a large, \viry, 1 stiff beard, on which she greatly prided herself.- Of late?years' Albert, "duke of- -Bavaria, reported having a young-lady governess in his'household who was- the proud£ssor-pf-a .very large black .beard...--St.. Louis Republic.- ·: -.;·-· ·'·-.". . - " "\VIndo\v Cleaning tirn f sh.^ ' -. ." r -A brush with :which the upperas-well as ^/^i.the lower;sashes of windows/may be read-. Another'yo.u'ng lady, admitted, the other" ily cleaned, and with which the outerfnces day with a : laugh .that she: always darned_ : of the. panes may be- as', easily cleaned as her stockings 'by. drawing" the', edges of the .the inner faces,.has been patented./ If this holes, together \vith. the thread, because 'much needed article of .domestic -economy weaving-it -in .and out. as her mother did ./should be f o u n d to' f u l f i l l ; its promise its took so much more time and care." -'" .--' · j inventor,-who is a lady, will, receive the .Girls lit this-sort belong to the untrained grateful 'l^ianks of .a large section^f: the or .the -i'lZy class.'-.. But the. careless aro . commnnity, ^or dingy .windows . rtre a -quite, as common, and pe.rliap-S_rnorCLexas-.Lplague alike-.tq,tha^e-who-h;v.vo-to--clc^u- peratinL'. * - ".- ' - " j them and those who h'ave to the "Oh, 3 : m verysoTYy, but you know I al- ! curtailment of light which they entaU. ways w ly the Ihe t o i \ runs that Mrs Greene a n a tive.of Hhode. Island, and. familiar with the vvorl ID^S- of the mcthor torge belonging to her-iu bajjd s f ther,. set her wits to work ·while visiting'her -G.eorgia : plantations .to lessen th labor ol cleiusiB 0 he c o torr_ \\ hen the difficult} -svas soh ed she per Trtitted Mii-^Viitnev to claim_ the patent through fear of the ridicule of be"r friends, and the loss tlf soci il po ition Vv hieh reeo 0 nition of her w ork might IIJA t c ntailed " NORTH A N D ST Infants lii-ve a_ipontaneous Inirror of isolation \ \ h e n t h e j \\akc the^ look not w i t h ina unng eves but with seircrwng 'Bands, seeking coniacfe -It Js_a mist-aken kindnt-ss to surround them -with oft, smooth ti^suC-i onlj Thej need \anety, and ifrri in-importint incident to i baby when" his - hands .come in contact-with a new substance. .Itvpays to. b u y _ the'cheap, fine basting .cotton that comes in spools of-a thousand yards each for fn P cents Tin basting cot ton is not only, cheaper, but it is : fine and not as tightly woven, and therefore better not as tightly woven, and therefore better .' , . . -^- v " - " · = - ? - - , -~~ 'adapted'to its purpose than thread"-" that is .Wash,-wipe, and vaseline baby, : and tafc better made and coste'five. cents a spool "of 1 TM"up happy ev8ry :, and-ready for ;jde and cgsts five. cents a spool or | 300 yards. -.It is not - f i t ' f o r any'other pur- "pose, however. · . . . . - - . - ' · . _ '. , apolis^alone shows them holding the. positions of pianists,. violinists, elocutionists,, orato rs,_- physicians, , e'vangelists,~'artists,' . Commercial travelers, wood carvers, teachers, s'teubgraphers, .typewriters, boofckeep- -ers and manicures, to say nothing of % dressmakers,-milliners and storekeepers. " - Hpvr ti-_Give:.Bab'j- Castor ;OiI. Do n_ot ^ u t bab3 a dose e % t r \ time hejs constip i eJ If t h _ bov^elo do not m o \ e at leist onee e \ e r y dij something i-, needed to make them. After a hearty me:il'inilie moruin^ liv thp babj on the_betl oi^TcMch, takt, oft tlie diaper and pi ILL i « urn VLWS paper ind a b i t of cold cloth n n d e r him, and let him kick tor t while The warmth, liberty and full stomach \ \ i l l prob^blj cause th' If th-"j do not, dip i plug of common white soap in castor, oil and gently move it -up the passage Baby does not oljjtctto taking oil i n t h i s way,'andit works likeri" .charm. . The.trouble-often is not so much 1 that the child -is'"constipated.' as'that the_ lower bowel-is"not- strong enough to' perform its office md. bj oiling t h e passage the movement is easily 'effected... Xowwipl; the bib j gpnth with the cloth and remote yv ith the newspaper to the kitchen store, , ' · - - - - -, . '. - . - . " - - - - . - -'--r^- take a 'sound sleep. ", As soon as_baby,'s back is strong enough' to allosv-him to sit up place .him on the "chair cOmm0de"at'p'r'op'er'timespanfl'habits~ of-neatness will be soon formed -which will relieve "you, of. rnuch^ disagreeable-;work:, ( and the child . be Ies3_"liable .to", attacks .of sickness.7--Cor. -Ladies' Home Journalr , ".Miss Marguerite Merington, the. president of the alumnae of theXormal college, .arid professor" of Greek in the college, is -young and attractive. She and her sisters ·were graduated at t h e Xormal college a t . . . . the same"timi(KinS'j,hcyJare stated to have j regions-of hfgher abstractions 1 and.-of her ·1' . . - . - / . . ' Tho-Xeedlp. ?_ How often have I blessed my ne_edle for. reselling m e - f r o m the temptations which assail th? other sex! 'Bright "aud-innocent little implement! Whether plied .o ! .ert.aster ful luxuriPfeor gaining the poer pittance-o£-! a "day, t h o u : art- equally the.-friend'- of 'her whose visions tend to.wander .among.the- l^acific Ooast Trains ing through MinnGsotH North Dako a tRna, Idaho, Oregon 1 and .Washington --carry coinpliste equiptment of Pall man palace slIMs cars, iirst land second-chiKS coaches, -.Pallnmn _toarist nhd frc» -colonist blce!erbV and elegant "- THRODGH TICKFTS ^,0 fie Railroad to points North list *onth and ha tha United States and Canada. TIME SCHEDtTI/E o, I, Westbound - 9:25 a. m, .Tram No, 3, West Bound - 12, 15 a m Train No. 2, -East Bound - 2:05 a.m., Train No. 4, East Bound - 8'05p.-m, . For-ttates, Maps, Timo Tables orbpMial Info mstipn-:apply to Agent, Northern Pacific: K. n. at Biamsrck or _" CTiAS. S. FEE Geri'l Pass, and Ticket" A sent, ST. PAUL, Frisby ' IPnro Drags and Drag " HnndrioB, ret- The Popular.' Edition- yt - ^Standard Novels. A cbmplet(UiEe of School -. Books, Stationery ana --Periodicals..^ .__^_ anaio£aes ioha, Errora or »rPE. among -them carried, off their class. all the prizes of whose-thoughts are pinned" down" to. the treadraill.of^ thy minute .Amid the minor blessincs-of woman's "lot'thon- " " " " ' " ' " ...Awoman on a school-board seemsMn the"; shalt not be forgotten! "- ' rig"ht"Tlaco. At .home the -.chi[drcn-'A-edu-|---^ t j ti ..^ rjTlre _ aTTrt - jp^-tv.v ^ cation and. training are ^enerali.v left .in 1 ~ on -^ r . st j]i -the hands of. women, and ''.'inexperienced ' men" should not- have the entire, say about the pnblicls children. " 7 · ' ~ ~^ " ·-·'"Lucas ilalet"'is'.^th"e;'nbm de -plume.of- Mrs." Harrison,, the clever ^ woman . w h o wrote : "The Wages o£ Siry" a novel which has been much; discussed in Titerary^clr- cles. Mrs.Harrison" is. a daughter of the late Cangn Kingslej-. " ; . - " -- ... Constant,!He Diiers, the beautiful queen ·who-;.in.' the.-Thirteenth century wedded a" Doge of Venice, so ejicoura'gcd-.'the luxury of -lace wearing among Venetian women thafrshe came near t-o prec.pitatiti'^ri revo'- lution.-- 7 . - · · - - . - · ; .- ' · '-, . ..^ ,.'.:..·----:--- y --,Irs,-v\*«fioBcsah"b is not,. as .commonly -supposed,'S sister ;o£ ; Walter Besant,; but his sister-in-law,'having married a brother. ' ietP'thy fairy wand shine lend an ambitious joy to the pla.ythings"of the girl; still.-move unconsciously under the -glittering smileiof the. maiden plaifning thy : triumph"ant results; still beguile the .mother.whosc .thoughts rove to her.'boy on tire disfjirit ocean, or the "danghter_vatchihg by the sick"bed of oner who has hithertotoiled'forher; still'soothe · the long, .dreary moments of f a i t h f u l love; and.thougli a tear sometimes ".falls oii-th-y shining point,' -it-ahftH--- not--gather the rdsfc " of despair, since employment is r thy owrier.: --Mrs. Lilman. . ; ' . . ".-.- .". -'--..--.- a butter fingers,", explains calm- . 'The handle of the new brush is" made in; of his'in 1SG7, w-hen she 'was . t w e n t y years young person who spillsu two or more sections, one section screwing..| old; "' ' ' . .- Green Peas-a la-Franchise. ' -"· Boil some very young peas".till done .-in ;p!enty of salted spring .wate'c, then strain "tiff the^vater, add a bit of butter; a, green onion, a-pinch--of- sugar-nnd--a-ver-y- IittJ.e salt,- a n d r l u t it all stew gentlj'for a few minutes;.-then add - a spoonful r ^or two of 'cream', mixed with the yelk of an egg, and serve hot.- - - - J . - ' : ' l i^^^^T^I'T^^'F^ aisfflpiis,-'.. "^^^^S^- ; :'fo§,-i' ; SH'- -··"w .-^(^Mt^'i^zvl'J^^ft'' r " M\,w% 1 k."-.S »· ! l - f c - ^ *-v1 - - 1 ^ '·"N NEWSPAPER!

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