Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois on January 9, 1882 · Page 3
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Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 9, 1882
Page 3
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WE ARE MAKING SPEC! I TBHMS. Per week, payaMe to Carrier, U CU. SUXontlu. " Thru Montht, « MOJfDAY EVEIONG, JAN. 9, 1868. LOCAL AND GENIAL NEWS. To all who think of buying a Watch, EITHER SILVER OR GOLD! WE HANDLE ONLY THE RELIABLE GOODS, AND THOSE WE CAN ENTIRELY WARRANT. We buy and sell by far the of any one in this part of the State and feel sure we can save any one money on this class of goods as well as on the OTHER WARES IN OUR LINE Every one should see our TRIPLE-PLATE!) three-dollar SILVER CASTERS- they are worth FIVE. OTTO E. CURTIS CO., LEADING RELIABLE JEWELERS. l a u ,' A.NJD WALL-PAPER. The first NEW PATTERNS for 1882 just received by ABEL * LOCKE. WE WILL MAKE IT AN OBJECT FOR PEOPLE TO BUY. On Monday and Tnesday, Jan. 9-10, Prints at 3, 4 and 5 cents per yard, and at 6k cents the best standard Calico made. Ginghams at Cost. Cheviots at Cost. Checks, Stripes, Denims at Cost. Blankets, cotton and wool Flannels at Cost. Brown and bleached Muslins**! Cost. Table Lm- ens, Turkey Reds and Napkins at Cost. WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, Silks, Plushes, Velvets, Satins, and our entire stock of choice Dress Goods, Cloakmgs, c., AT COST. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, Millinery Stock, Hats, Bonnets, Trimmings, Ribbons, Fancy Goods, Hoods, Scarfs, Hosiery, Mittens, Gloves, e.,c., AT COST. The balance of Cloak stock at 10 per cent, less than manufacturer's cost. WE ME AIM JUST WHAT WE SAY. No. 10 MERCHANT STREET. 8. G. HATCH BRO. Jai. 7, BBOSZE LAMPS a- \ decorated shades at E. D. Bartholonie.. Go's. MUD everywhere--thin and plentiful. THE sun shines warmly once more. THE Good Templars will meet to-night. All members are urged to be present. AXD still now subscribers for the REPUBLICAN came rolling in by the dozen. ANE now the local crooks will l)e hauled over the legal coals. George Downing, who is still a traveling boot and shoe salesman, spent Sunday at home, TUP. dense fog disappeared during Saturday night -a good riddance. Src that dandy shoe at L. L. Ferriss Co.'a. ONE week from to-morrow evening the Harmonia Club lal jno^uewfll be given. THE county's poor will take possession of Idlewild this week. Fou solid comfort smoke Schroeder's celebrated nickel Bohemian. SEE those magnificent carpets at Abel A- Locke's old established house and learn the low prices. WAITER'S Safe Kidney und LiverCure. 0 -dwlw Tins is a bad seas n of the year for Harry Linrncr'a carriages and new omnibuses. L. L. Fcrriss Co.'s stores front on Water an \ Eabt Main streets. Remember this. H. J. FBEI.MAN, ihe Lovington wife- poisoner, got fifteen years in the penitentiary. Hee telegram. I'Kiti-fSE the official report of the late regular meeting of the county board, published in part in this issue. C. B. Prescott continues to lead in the music business in Uecatur. His supply of the bent pianos and organs is always large, and his terms are easy. "THE DKESSER," the nobbiest and latent stvle hat, to b« had only at uov4d\Utf. B. STINES. F. P. CALDV.r.LT, lias plenty of Lacka- wniuia Hard Coal-Chestnut No. 4, and hto\p. Office with American Express Co. .OrdHH promptly filled. dec30dtf. WE arc indebted to Mr. B. Liddle for n copy of the Iron Age, n. mostmaguificent uvekl) publication devoted to the hard- v arc. ircii anil metal trades. THOSE sleifths at V. H. Parko's art uob- b) mid cheap. Call and see them if you w'antti. take a sleigh ride. Jan4dG C vi,;. at Abel i Locke's for all sorts of iMniscfuniishing goods. Their stock is largo and varied. \TTESTION is directed to the advertisement of the popular New York Store, on the fourth page of to-day's paper. Bargains may be had by going there. Oivran* on the half shell-big nice oncri-at .MILLER'S LraoH ROOM. G d-t THK party who tired Amanda Kitchen's sfnw bed in tho third story of theold Decatur Bank building, on Merchant street, has not yet been discovered. V. H. PAKKE opens out this morning with u nice lot ot single cutters and two- horse, two-seated sleighs--nobby and very cheap. Adjoining the tabernacle. ,Tan4-dO " THEBE will be special religious services at the United Brethren church this evening nnd every evening during the present week. Rev. Trueblood, the pastor, extends n cordial invitation to the public to attend. MIT.LAKU llrssELL and Frank Beall, whose horses were stolen Friday, went to Lovington Saturday on a hunt for the thief, but they failed to find him or learn anything as to his whereabouts. Eussell arrived in the city this morning. MICHAEL FMNN, tho young man who is indicti-d for the murder of Geo. Shoemaker, in the I., D. * S. roundhouse, some months ago, is at large. He left Decatnr soon after committing the Heed and cannot be found. THE Mutual Union Telegraph Company has been granted temporary permi?- sion to erect poles in Chicago until they perfect their underground plan. An office of this company will probably be opened in Deoatur ere long. Who will be the manager? THE W. C. T. U. meets every Thursday at 3 p. ru., in their room over Mrs. Hamsher's store in Central Block. dtf STATE Secretary I. E. Brown was the leader at the Y. M. C. A. meeting yesterday. Will Glover acted ae organist. The attendance was excellent and the exercises of unusual interest. You had better cut out this address-"Dr. C. R. Sykes, 1G9, Madison st, Chicago," for you may need his "Sure Cure for Catarrh." 3-d lw LARGEST and most complete stock of clothing in the city, and offered for sale at jobbers prices, wt CBHAP CHABLEY s. Os the fourth page of this issue will to found an interesting article from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat of Saturday last, which gives in part the object of Juy Gould's visit to that city. ON Friday a trade was consumated at Tnscola by which Sumner C. and G. M, Glasco., of that city, secured the ownership of the Tuscola Saturday Journo!, the consideration being 82,830. The Journal; which was owned by the Iftte John T. Williams, is the leading Republican paper of Douglas county, and will b* continued as such. TEE Champaign Fair Association, alarmed at the immediate prospect of foreclosure of the mortgage on ite beautiful fair grounds adjoining Champaign, on Saturday voted unanimously to give its property in trust to a committee of ten, who would pay the debt and become its owners. All stock becomes forfeited unless the holders volunteer an assessment of 100 per cent of the face value. LEAVE orders at Cote Bros.' drug store, at the New Demine and St Nicholas Hotels for Lintner's carriages and omnibuses. Also send ordew by telephone to the office on South Main street CaBs made at all hours of the day and night Passengers and baggage transferred to and from all trains and to aH parts of Oe city promptly. Sov29-dtt AMONG those who so prdmpUy assisted j Steward Magee at the recent conflagration at the county poor farm, was Superintendent Barber, who hurried to the scene from his residence, over a mile distant, as soon as he saw the flames arising from the burning buildings. When he reached the epot the fire was raging so fiercely that he could not get within 100 feet of the doomed buildings, but he did not remain idle. He at once aided Steward Magee in removing the patients and paupers to the Renshaw school house, and as quickly as possible seut messengers to Decatur to communicate the news of the fire to the county authorities here. By Mr. Barber's prompt action, and also that of Supervisors Hill and Freeman, Sheriff Foster and Overseer Newell, the homeless paupers and patients were given comfortable quarters in this city immediately. PROF. FERGUSON, a stranger in this community, gave an exhibition of his skill as a musician at the tab roller skating rink Saturday evening in the presence of a large number of people. The professor accomplished the remarkable feat of playing upon five different instruments at one time, and made pretty good music. He used his hands, mouth and feet, and gave a fair imitation of a brass band coming around n corner. The professor is advertised to play again at the rink to-night. JCDOE SMITH did not arrive in the city to-day in time to reopen court at 9 a. m and during the forenoon a large number of witnesses who had been summoned to testify in people's cases stood around in the court room waiting for tho ''exercises to begin." Among the crowd were eight or ten young men who hailed their friends as they entered with the queer query "Hi, hi! Are yon nailed to the cross?" Two Decatur business men did no: "fill up with spirits" Saturday evening and kick over signs as reported. The van dalism was perpetrated by a journeyman tailor and a journeyman shoemaker wh were out on u little lark. Little or n damage was done- and the signs were re placed, as commanded by tho officer. ALMIONSO PRIEON and Augustus Caz lett, members of the^Assnmption Whisk; Club, wore arraigned in the United State District Court at Springfield, Saturday on a charge of violating the revenue' law by selling liquor on which the Government tax hmlnot been paid. They plead- otlt e, ed guilty, and each was fined SI and | costs. TnE next entertainment at the op-era house -Rill be the appearance, on Saturday evening next, of "Hick's Original Georgia Minstrels," just returned from a two- years' trip around tho world. The troupe includes 27 genuine colored artists. From PlUe'e Peak. The daily Hejntblic, published ai Colorado Springs, Colorado, within 5 miles of Pike's Peak, by A. H. Gorman, formerly of this city, gives place to the following editorial mention, under date of the 5th: The Daily Republican, of Decatur, 111., one of our most valued exchanges, starts out ou the new year with new type and other evidences of prosperity. - - -. ^«*^ The Poor House Question. A meeting of the voters of Friend's Creek Township will be held at Argenta on Monday, January 16th, at 1 p. m., when the matter of building a now poor house will bo discussed. The Supervisor of that township, Mr. Van Leer, will be instructed as to what course his constituents wish him to pursue in the matter. A similar meeting of the voters of Whitmore Township will be held at Oreana on the same day, at the same hour. Another Big Purchase. The other day we made mention of the fact that Mr. F. F. Randolph of this city, had purchased- the D. W. Breuneman residence property for $14,000, and now comes the news found in the columns of the Mattoon Gazette, that Mr. Randolph has made another big purcV ' The Gazette says he has 1- · oal Bros.' flouring mill at Charleston, 111., for 81(1,000, and that possession will be tfivcn on Fob, 1st. There must be a big "spec" in that mill or "Ran" would never have touched it. $7"OO.OOO. Danville News, 7th: -H. C.. Townscnd, general ticket and passenger agent of the Wabash, St. Louis Pacific system, t-.i;, s that the passenger earnings o£ the Wabash road proper, in the year 1881, were the largest of any year in tho history of the road, being in round numbers S7(W,000 in excess of the cannings of the main line in 1880. The earnings of the other division controlled by the W., St. L. .t P., show «h increase of nearly 8200,000 over thcwe of 1880. ^_ (Jitizem, Note the bargains offered at the New York Store, and remember they always advertise just what they mean. See their adverfcement in this paper. A Post Mortem Held. The attending phyRicans held a prat mortem examination last week on the body of the late Jacob W. CoUaday, Jr., whose death occurred at the home of Mr. Henrv Martin, north of Dacatur, as was recorded in those columns. It was stated in that notice that Colladuy had died of enlargement of the liver, but the caube of the enlargement was unknown until after the post mortem was held. It was then discovered that the deceased had received several severe blows on his body in the region of the stomach. Those blows the unfortunate man had received during last summer. One day he went into Mr. Martin's barn and two fractious mules in the stalls commenced kicking wildly. They got Colladay into a corner, and would have killed him outright had not Mr. Martin entered the barn in time to sava his brother-in-law. The injuries then received by Coiladay were not considered , serious, and were treated as slight bruises: but a few days afterward the injured man began feeling unwell, but the cause of his illness was attributed to other causes than the kicks of the brutes. He became worse i as the weeks and months went by, and finally he was compelled to seek bis bed, upon which he remained until he died. Bemember That the New York Store was first to break the regime of high prices, and shall always be found in the lead with good goods and lowest prices. Buying all goods for spot cos7i,they cannot be ·under- sold. Spanal inducements during the next few days, previous to stock-taking. Examination of bargains solicited. | Respectfully, | POPUIAE NEW YORK STORE. I THOMSON'S patent unbreakable glove- fitting coreaU, at ths CHEAP STOKE. Big 18. 22-d£w2w The Monument Fund. ,, Mr. J. J. Peddeoord, as agent in Macon xranty' to collect her assessment for the jarfield monument fund, will soon hare his 8200 collected and ready to send to dr. William Reynolds, the monument fund agent for Blinois, who resides at 'eoria. Subscription papers are in four ifferent places in Decatur. At J. Millikin . Co.'e bank one dollar each has been subscribed by the following lamed persons, making a total of 852: Parke Hammer, Theron A. Powers, lames Millikin, M. Goldburg, B. Z. Tayor, B. Stine,D. F. Hamsher,S._W. Johns, S. E. McClellan, Ed. L. Martin, J. W. Bntaan, A. Doren, J. H. Wfkoff.P.K. Shull, C. M. Hurst, John Hatfield, C. Chenowetb, Charles Laux, Blenz Dan- eisen, John A. Brown, J. K. McCtelland, W. R. Wise, Jason Rogers, M. ijnstein, 0. E. CurtiTj. G. Starr k Sou, C. Minich, ·Unknown,' 1 David Givler, John H. Bixby, D. Martin, R J. Simpson, E. W. Moore, Miss Gussie Gorin, W. C. Johns, John G. May, Arthur E. Kinney, H. E. Foster, W. A.Barnes,G. E.Morehouse,Z. Bonghn,J. H. Pickrell, Samuel McRoberts, C. \\. Tvner, D. F. Lewis, S. F. Greer, George Priest Co., C. P. Housum, Geo. Huna- ey, E. D. Bartholomew Co., Jerome Anderson and Samuel Anderson: At the Decatur Postoffico 812 have been subscribed, 81 by each individual named ielow: Capt. Lytle, Wm. Dodson, F. \T. Hardy, 1. J. Halsted, D. H. Heilman, J. K. Moeser, W. J. Magee, Samuel Tibbete, Dr. S. J. Bumstead, O. N. Bramble, Dr. J. Leslie and W. C. Bullard. At Peddeeord, BurroTM i- Co.'s bank 825 have been raised, 81 from each of the following named persons: James C. Lake, John R. Race, Ralph Garfield Mills, Jno. K. barren, W. H. Prestlev, James Dingman, W. C. Outten, B O. McRevnolds, Albert Barnes, M. E. Schroeder, Charles Buehl, W. J. Quinlan, M. P. Murphey, Thomas J. Abel, Thomas Andrews. T. T. Roberts, H. B. Durfee, M. F Kanan, S. A. McWhorter, A. J. Irwin, Joseph Brown, J. J. Peddeeord, L. Burrows, L. L. Burrows and W. M. Boyd. At the Decatur National Bank 822 have been subscribed by the persons named below--81 each: A T Hill D. W. Brenneman, C. M. Allison,'R. D. Block, Geo. W.'Bright, E. A Jones, James Freeman, John Quinlan, Frank M. Young, Frank W. Haines, John H Bravton, J. R. Locke, F. F. Randolph, W. S. Grabbs, D. L. Bunn, N. A. White, L B C. LoffingweU, James W. Haworth, M. Haworth, L. L. Haworth, George D. Haworth and Wm. E. Haworth. So far Sill of the 8200 have been subscribed. Each person paying 81 toward the fund will receive a handsome certifi- Tne Circuit Court. Business in the Macon County Circuit Court was resumed this afternoon at 1:1)0 o'clock, Judge Smith presiding. A number of motions were entertained and the court announced his readiness to hear the balance of testimony in an unfinished case. State's Attorney Johns announced that all witnesses in all cases against Mrs. Elizabeth Davis would be relieved'from further attendance at court until Wednesday morning. The judge put a P. S. to this notice by saying that witnessess in all cases who had been subpoenaed and failed to come in court on time, would be attached and fined heavily as provided bylaw. Col. H. W. Eowell In Luck. The many Decatur friends of Col. H. W. Eowell, of this city, will be pleiised to learn that he has succeeded in obtaining an important clerkship in the office of the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives at Washington, D. 0. We glean the information from the columns of the Washington Evening Critic; which says: Mr. Henry W. Eowell, of Illinois, has been appointed to service in the office of the Clerk of the House in place of Mr. K S. Doughty, jr., and Mr. Samuel F. Gumner, of Pennsylvania, in place of Mr. George S. Chilfou. The Colonel was aware of his appointment to this position before leaving Decatur for Washington about two weeks ngo, and he is now at his desk at the ^Tnfional capital. His duties will be somewhat miscellaneous in character, but most of his tune will be devoted to keeping the financial record in proper shape. Mi P. Eowell, who is still in Decatur, is making arrangements to go to Waflhing- iiiKtmi, and will leave for that city within n mouth. The Colonel's ualnri is "bout 88 perdny. " Grand Change." President Gould, of the great Wabash line, whose preferred stock for some reason or other is now quoted as low as 68 and a traction, is in St Louis, looking around like the active general that he is. Many speculations have been rife as to what he would do in case he became the chief boss of the Wabash system, and we glean a few points from the Globe-Democrat of Sunday, which says: Heretofore the Wabash, St. Louis Pacific Railrosd has been operated under the direction of three general superintendents, namely; T. McKissock, St. Louis; Robert Andrews, Toledo, and W. F. Merrill Chicago. The policy of the road has been changed, and the superin- tendency wiH now pass into the hands of one person, Col. Robert Andrews being assigned to tie position. George H. Daniels, general ticket agent of the Wabash, sent in his resignation yesterday, and the ticket and passenger departments were immediately consolidated under the management of H. C. Townsend. The freight department has not yet been reached, but it is probable that the changes predicted will be made. PERSONAL MENTION. John p. Lichtenbergor, a merchant of Sangamon, was in the city Saturday. Pr. S. C. Ham, the Argnita physician, was in tho city Saturday. Miss Lizzie E. Lukeus is quite ill at her home, west of the city. Frank Boyd, formerly the proprietor of the "English Kitchen" in this city, has gone to CarluiviUe. Charles Montgomery came up from St Louis Saturday and spent Sunday ii Decatur. Rev. F. W. M.iMi.n-1 luisleft lln'city leaving the same night he had that col- , iimn card printed. | Judge- Smith arrived in the oily thi*-- ; noon from Champaign, and registered nt the St. Nicholas. Elder J. Z. Tyler, of Richmond, Va.. is expected to arrive in Decntur this even- j ing, and will preach at th« Christian ' Church to-morrow (Tuesday) evening. Charles A. Ewing and "Glad" Gorin have formed a copartnership and will furnish antiquated jokes to tho anxious millions on application. Send 11 and 13 cent stamps to secure a spi'ody reply. Miss Irene Thatcher went to Knoxville, 111., last week, to enter the seminary nt which so many of Decatur's joung ladies have boon oducatid, and she writes to her parents that she is highly delighted I with the school. Amos Baim has retired as editor of the Decntur Xiindnn Klt'b', and C. R. Spore, SWEEPING -OF- DRY GOODS From NOW A False Statement Corrected. In view of the fact that it has becd asserted and circulated in the Cross Roads district that the Teacher, Thomas W. Jacobs, had indiscreetly allowed his pupils to know what the questions were to be at the prize examination held during last u inter, and particularly in reference to the spelling examination, we, the undersigned, hereby certify that we were mem- Iwrs of the school and that such statements arc false in every particular. Miiry Honry " ~ Oliver Phillip' Willie Prlct- lillKh Oilur' Luther Phillips .Iiihn Wnrtl John Mitchell George Mitchell Liumi limi'ly the "reporter on HIP lly," is now in full I ehur^e. Mr. Spore in a versatile scribe and has plenty of determination. He will doubtless make tlie Ulnri'- n Hueys, and refill 1 with fortune or its equivalent. I Rov. Dr. Ruler, pastor of St. Paul's j {Univorsahst i church, Chieajjn. who has oe- I eupied the ['nivprsalist pulpit in this city, ! has given notice that lie will, in»ido of i three montbu, resign the position he has | held for 22 years. Dr Ryder ie now [ 60 years old, and wants rest. Tlie name of Dr. Thomas is mentioned in connection with the prospective vacancy. Pard Noble, who deserted liis lucrative "posish" with Manager Haines to take chances on raking in the golden ducats in the great and wicked city of Chicago, was i heard from this morning. He has anchored temporarily in Milwaukee, where | the amber beverage is BO plentiful, and favors us with a copy of Peck's funny Still, of the 7th inst. 3. A. Boynton, of Monmouth, ex-president of the Illinois State Firemen's Association, arrived in the city on Saturday, and remained here over Sunday. He has been wrestling with a severe attack of neuralgia in his face, but was able to converse with his friends in his usual pleasant manner. He left for Monticello to-day in the interest of a Monmouth manufacturing firm. Joshua Kaylor, who resides four miles west of Decatur, was in town on Sunday at about noon, and appeared to be very much disappointed because the Wabash did n it run a train to Oreana, eight miles distant. Kaylor wore a pair of gu m boots and carried a nice pair of leather boots wrapped up in paper under one nnn. He said he must reach Oreana by 4 o'clock that afternoon, Iwcanse he had agreed to be there at that hour and marry Miss Matilda 0. Priser; and the last seen of Joshua, he was making rapid strides for th» home of Matilda. He probably got there before ilari. LINN SCRUGGS, COURT HOUSE BLOCK CORNER. December 31, 1881. Luurli Good Jnnif 1 ' Good liosa (iooil Ally Wnrrt Liliic Ward Hnrvcy Moor" Mnry Mo^re Ellen Bail- Frank Bnir Dora Curler o Burning Laura Etherton Emma Etherton Wm. A Moore. Ettic Henry Nora Smith Charles Smith Aliee Itoso Hattic Jacob? Mathena Joeobi Carrie Jacobs. August Ncbo Charles Jacob* Andrew Smith Thomas Pmith Perry Odor rha lei Itoie · Mattie Burning Susn Wroy John Wrav Ida Ko^o Kid Qloves. We have taken special pains t.) procure a first-dims glove, a glove that we can safely warrant, and retail at a dollar and a dollar and fi quarter respectively. The former, the Le Grand, at 81.00, is a first class glove--first-class in every way, and the price, one dollar, less by far than any glove of equal quality was over sold in this burgh. Our three-hook genuine Foster GlovB at $1.25, is unexcelled for the price. W« gnar»nte« all these goods. Big ia OKBAP STOB«, 4--dAnrlw _ Notice. On and after date (Jan. 7,1882) C. R. Spore, Esq., will assume publication of the Sunday Blade. All bills due must be settled with him. AMOS B.UM. dl* ^ For Sale, "Christie A Barnes'" abstract books. As exeentorof the will of Wm. CantreU, deceased, I will sell the above abstracts to property in Macon county, at public sals of personal property belonging to said estate. Sale to take place at the late residence of said Cantrell on Saturday, Jan. 21, 1882. MICHAEL ELBON, Ex'r. Jan. 9--difcwlw Lost. In this city, somewhere between G. W. Downing's residence, on North Main street, and Eoach McBeynolda' store, on Sunday, a black cashmere shawl, which the finder will please leave at this office, and reeeivs a suitable reward. ja-dtf Cash Purehas»r« Will find it to their advantage to respond promptly to tlif invitation extended by the popular Nev, York Store, through their advertisenvnt in to-day's pajier, or they may mips the best bargains evrr shown in dry goodt*. E\"EB¥THT'O new and first olnps. Sat- ialaction always given, at Cheap Charley'i Square Dealing Clothing House. gdiwtf. Wa keep »v»rything in our liu«; low ehoes, high shoes, big shoes, little shoos, broad shoes, narrow shoes, fine ihoai or coarse shoes, and il yon waut any othsr kind of a ihoo ws will order it for TUB. W* »im to please. Call and §ee ua. D««12-dtwtf BABBBR * BAMB. I» you want mill feed, »om or oata, yet ·an b» inpplied at SWUfcKgn'i. DM. W-itwtf ^ Cloaks and Dolman*. The beat goods, th« most stylish and elaborp.tely trimmed germenta, for ih« leatt money. S«« «ad pric« them. Big 18. Of*t.T Brcrat Decatur's Largest ONE-PRICE CLOTHING ESTABLISBHEHT! - Corner of OLD SQUARE under the Mantgemem ef T TT 1 T T TP "^5^" JLjiJZLi U X^* i j THE FRENCH GUTTER. Thin Establishment is tlio youngest of all the Clothing Stoiw ii ·*»- tur, and still it i- me Largest and Finest of ite kind. SOME THINGS WE DO HOT NEED TO BLOW MOOT, DBT Stove Wood, st McClelland's coal vsrd. Send'ordere from Cols Bros.' drug ·tor*. 1st.-- About the space of our Storeroom j {*«««« one giant* oue, that it is the largest, airiest, aul bntt lighted Clothing S»l«ro» 2ml --About the winding stairway leading to our un-etEirslIwiliMrt Tailoring Department ; because we see nothing on it to blow about. 3rd.-- About our increasing business ; because we take it as a ntfcwl consequence of our endeavors to please our patrons. 4th.-- About our Large Stock ; because comparison will tell »»· » ^About the quality of our stock ; because the eating of *b« 7th our guaranteeing every article we tell ; rule of our store, made known in our first advertisement. DIED. In Txmg Creek township, on Sunday, Jan. f, IMS, Miss MOI.LIE COITEI. iwctl 23 vears.'.augn ter of E. CoppH. In this city, ou ^HUUQJ, ._-·«·· -, -- -· fflnt =on of \Vra. Newton, np-d t months ;i MI ij. «-'-jJf· ·· IE thU city., on Sunday, S» ? , 1TM%** '"' MAEKET3 BY T.SLEGKAPH. The I luring Qu'/fct'.lonsutJfcinwiter 4 R'itUnt ConuniuiiM Roonu, at 1 p. ra. Tu-dnv. CHICAGO, January 9. Wheat-tlJM'4 January: 11.39* February; tl-TOH March. Com January: 62 S February; 63^ March; 673i May: 87;i June. «a»-M*JiinJ«ry: ««February; WKMay. -part----January jSlT-SeFebruary; I17.TO March. Larf -- January: tlLMi February: ttfcfTi March. tTSIOS STOCK TARDH. Hor*-Estimated receipts, 28,000; Sundays receipts 37,023. BaxM*. Shlpmenti. CarL"**: Wheat 28,125 37.331 « Corn 1W.093 75.7S7 »9 OatB 77,756 52.162 !« Bye 3,** 2-" 13 " NEW YOBK, Jannarr ». ·Wheat-tLtteash; »Lt9S Maren. Corn-rTOH January! 75H M»y. In conluiton, wo would call your attention to the faot that TMIHP4BTMEIT i, undor the pwonal surveillance of FLEURY,the French Cutter. All Goods are made at Home (not in I he wholesa1ehofB in th« and sold at popular pricf-. Kg- Our GENT'S F U R N I S H I N G GOODS DEPABTMENTi stocked with the beRt Goods, adapt^l for all clawee of Trade, ·«0ur Department of HATS and CAPS comprise* the stopb- wellas the nobby stylos and m-ommemls itaelf to the old and yomg. |g-The TRUNK and VALISE Department in.consUntlj kqt«w ^REMEMBER OUR FAIL STOCK, in every DepMttaeot, i. COMPLETE, and that we endeavor to be worthy the name given to M · LEADER OF POPULAR PRICES. NGH CUTTER, SQUARX. ' .eatur. N«r. U. 66l-4»wtJ

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