The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on May 19, 1891 · Page 4
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 4

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1891
Page 4
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BISMARCK: - V ·,!-.· - . - . · _ , - . x / " ~ TMs-'Da'te .in History--988--St. Dunstan,' the. arih- - "bishop orCaQtcrbury. ivho ( . -"". pulled, ike devil's nose ^ \J- (~* f f*,^ YVI _='Trithtiottonss, died: born 3x~5;^ v-'4 -r.-as:-'- - : . ' - " ' . 1S3D---Aime wife ._'"_ of Henry Till and mother o} Qneen Elizabeth, be- iicadeu;. .'. ·/-.' Tijeophilus Fishte, 1793--James pher of Samuel Johnson, 1^4i--Sir JohirtFranklui and crews sailed from England iu.;eiurch.of'a northV^st past-a^e. ISffiJ--Battle at Searcy Landing, Little lied river. Ar!;. . ." 1SS3--First assault on VicSLsbur;; repulsed. .'Favetteville. A rk-:._^'f l| ikit. . THE JWBER- MONKEY. ACTIVE DUTIES OF A NIMBLE. BOY ON BOARD A MAN-OF-WAR.. Adjoiriil -F.trnigut's Kxperieuce Under C.oraiziudure Porter--Tlie__Po\vtler Koy's Fla_"and Cassvillc. Ga_ He Kecovere'd His Watch. *^ A. P.- JJurbank, of Richmond, ind., formerly governor of Dakota territory and brother-iu L law of Oliver -P. Morton, exhibits a gold watch to friends, a. »rc-G)inder of Jesse ; and" Frank James" road agent days. _ ,,.. He was- one of a party of health and pleasure seekers traveling through Texas and Arkansas some years ago. crossing 'a portion of the western wilds two open hacks ami a carriage, were used.' Just - as they reached a sc-cluded spot on t,horom.e by Koy Crews--One Boy's Eutliubiasm. The word monkey is a.trimiuutive' often, ·attached by sailors to another word to de- noWa. smaller object of the snme'kind. Thus,we have monkey jacket,. ^K^hort .pea. jacket; monkey yard, a. small yard with -the sail bent, crossed .on one of the masfe a few feet above the deck, for the exercise and iustructfqn^of _ boys; monkey reef, a short extni reef formerly put iu topsails. and shaken out in a free wind. A monkey tail was a short iron bar used in training a carrouude, and so on. _ . . ' - ' . · So the smallest and youngest member of a gun's cre-.v was assigned to the duty of briijgirig tiie charges of powder from; the magazine~tb [7;e gun-,--and "mis sometimes csEfecLa-powder monkey, "but more generally a powder bo\-. -T- " - It is .interesting to know.that Admiral ,T"Farragiit~was once an amateur .poivder -'OZZ J _l.N'G PITCHER. '., tlie . - Uat-iUiiui's Terrpr. - --One of the daver young pitchers o£-"tb.ij._.T^^ Gki^'s" .thi season -is John Shajrott, T ".,_ A .WEALTHY ^Ty'.eRICAN' Er OF JUUN.oJlAKKOTT. " · - . whose -rise to fame iu baseball circles has been of a meteoric character, although the meteoc-is still describing a puzzling in His P^etuliar Actions ^tt.ancl Around :Ont Ballet G i r l s to This Couiitrj-. - Among the frequente,rs:of the scant-een behind the scenes there ·fi^tire'o^an Arheri-. -can, .who, judging* by^Jhe layisU wa.}- he spent, his money, might well have'-TxJen taken for a uijllionaipe.- This man generally nad~"bu"bTs" " fingersT~iib"fc"\ve"r than si^S" . masnificeut. diamond rings, and riofone of these ri\jgs_coul(Liiawi_cost less than £300. He used- to make his appearance "almost every. iiight-at tli.e time the corps de ballet trooped off tfielstage after the spectacle, and mariy of these .dancers were constantly regaled~b'y him with the best champagne at £1 the bottle. . ^ -The way that American threw his money about was-- TO -use one of the ballet girls' " " ·the ITainous"- -- -- . J:ue, tue.iamoustug-of-warsinan' of the Acorn AthletiCjclub.rof Brooklyn, i= a'tovrer of streuj:th!aud has.woh'-numerous victoriesHn 'his long career.-- Since-JS79-he- tas b2en;puJling ;a"the!i-ope. in. his favorite athletic contest, "aud\the-terrific" exercise teurs in the Ututea-btates.,. of .culean build, and has on numerous M!]!] Hbw:LbstT A : ; Great^^IeoieaiVvyorK'^for YOOC^H . - .-. "XfJ/lJJt^r"" c'~-,"l"Tir" "·"" - ~ ~ : ··· °~ ^ ftilQ. Or SKI.F-PEESKKYATION-. AE '..sions'endured: a!strairl of 3,300 pounds for,j -three rniuutt-s.:". - . . - - ; -. : . " - . ' - · , ; ' Gale's earlier- victories are tod" numerous. to" mention,-b'ut hisjjrea^t work has been '· done iti ;tlie- last fe\v~yeafs-. In 18S9 his championship of America.^ Twice the same-* year Call's ulefi defeated Davhi Lord's fa-'r mous qu.-ir.terJ' In August, 1600, four- of the best/-New York teams succumbed to Gale's giants. At- the Washington cham-.; pauionship Gale defeated ttte famous shot^ putters, "G-. A.~ J.. Qneckberner, George Gray,_F. L. Lambrecht and J S. M i t c h e l l , i P YOUTff, EXHAUSTED VITALITY £ MATURE DECtrSE,- and all ' - - . gilt; -125. invaluable prescriptions. by. jnail, dOJjWB^seaTed.-.- Descripti - - - ' orsements" us --' en tive they were pounced upon by Jesse - James and his gang. All were invited to : "alight arid Hue--up ? '' by. Jesse "himself, wJio,-with two others, sat.upoh.their horses. ^Tesse's ·reputation as a bad'man_h/id 'gone before him, and the heSlth" w "seekers.'"'were' riot long in obeyilig his command. Mr. Burbank. was relieved of a valuable diamond, a sum of money..and hLs watch and .chain. After all valuables were collected Jesse -called out,.."Isyiereamanlierewho fought for the Confederacy?" . z One man responded that h e ' h a d been a Confederate soldier, whereupon all that iad been taken from him was returned. A preacher ill the. party made life profession known,-aniL-to hint were returned his pos- J-SSsTufcs. Jesse here.straightened- up and remarked: _ _ ^ .; - .:.."--l, ._.,._,._.. ."We are .gentlemen, and do not care to rob defenceless woiiien,4-aritl those fought the abolitionists, or ministers of the gospel." ^Six years later he was killed by ForS. number of watches were recovered, among resell was-this.--Cor- Ghicaso-IIeraldt A " l a t e n t - . F i r e - K-en;,e. _ A^machinist of this city has patented something noveljsin the way of ;i lire escape. The coutrivauce is also to serve SIS.H freight or passenger elevator. ; The machino bus been'tried .on the rear of arlarge -flat .house on West One Hundred and-Twenty-fifth-street. .Theinventor, his wife, several- children;'and two workmen, with nearly a."ton 'of old- iron, were run up the side of the house .from the ground to the fifth story iu three-quarters of a minute, and were lowered again in ijalf a min- "ute. _ .." - ' - . ' · ' . The marhine is run. by oca man,'-who turns.a small crank, and it can carry two ions-up to the top of-the-Thighest building. A cogged strip of iron ; two and one foot_deep, which, serves;, as "a track, is fasteneftTOthewiiHof the.buriding. .On this the car--a -platform, of iron, with. Avails" of the skme material--glides up and down.; ; 'Tt is the easiest thing in T-Ke world to run^it," said the-inventor. .''Just jump on." . : - _ "' - ' . ' . · ; -'.".-". ' - . . . - - - - " -I did, "and we went up the, side of the .building at good, speed/ wjtli no apparent that furnished by the.inveut6r, ' who turned asma_li,crauk, tie end:Of whicrl. ~enterei'Tn."-Ti'eciiii. - rr''loo];i'n'r covr-rcd b'ox on "thci inner side of .the.plat-forme: reached the top-floor. V . - - . ."."". · " - " .':.' %Ve went down. .There . vras.[ a .whirr-:bf-jwheels: and" the car shot! to ward-the"ea'rth ! with, sueh rapidity that M. thought .it- had ; broken lopse.-.": I mumbled "-an":'ex'tempo-"? ranepus pritycr, but .1 "was agTPcablj r "flisap-. pointed, fo_r-the 'inventor by means of the _rrank sloweff'tlre machine", and : we_tLquched the g,rQuiidr.-without .::a-::jar.--.New- York . Herald-."-; i - - · '"'·" -- :-' ~·---^ .-.-..:. "-"·'.-.:- : "-.''';".""-.:' A.Vienna paper relates, an. amusiag in-:, cidentr which happened to a great lady jus: "recovered: from a -long and severe"-ilhiess.. Seated in; herb'oudoir, she was lookrng^over the cards _orcotidole'nce.: that .had beeujiift for -.her :%vhile "ill. -.Among the narties of counts, ;barous. '.and.- -bt'her-"-aristocratic _sympathizers,; emulazoncd. with coroiietsT' and coats of-arms, she, came across a plain card ^vith the simple inscyiptio'n of "Herman Berger:" ' _:- V^ _ .- . - "\ - ' In vain the lady asked wlui JTermah 13er!.- ger was. ^nie'servante\_^frnld not give" her! any other""information.-thau t h a t the individual hail ."been a"jemarkablv L'andscime " young in'au L ;-The : "!ady"s.curiosity.was'!ex- cited,-aiidVshe gave; orders tO-.adiiiit the person in".case "he should", call aga'in: The order was punctually obeyed, and on the- next;day she "-received a^peallv-'chrirniirig J oung in_au, dre-=Beir in exquisite style,-who ·evidently .felt greatly embarrassed: "at tlie , honor5f a"tctt-a-tete with the" siill charming," though some w.ha't faded, beauty/; "I can hardly find.'wo'rds/'^aiil.the lady,! -·with.a.--biush 1 ..'!to.thaTik:;ybu' fo'r "the ±\:m- pathyypu.Ji.ave·ma-nifesU*dfor a : SLrar!"er " · "L_..Deg "your pardon, gracious" lady," tarnniered the damly; .'[butj.rim.the acji cf Messrs-. A. E./tlie undertakers^^ ' t 4. · r -'-',V-_J-^'.-_^-Lldlu Tears.. -,~~ ' ;'- .": Self, coiitrol'-a'monjj women, "has ^ fortu- rrafely come"; itrttf f;ishioii,__ai7d "a heroine cannot expect to add" -rib her charms, either in", novels .'or real l i f e , - b y giving way : to a "sweet sensl'bHity." . . ' · · ' . ' . - - ··"-.' Mrs. . " T-hraie,- : Dr.. Samuel Johnson's friend:^bften : had. as a visitor. Vit Tier liousTi:. a young woii:a:i narned~Spp'hj=^3treatiield,- who-was universilly acknbwl^dged'lo -bo a most .Oscillating yguug woman. She was, moreover"! One ..of those who,- even in that tearful »ge,;--p.rj)yed.^eci(Jediy-lTaniusTa2' : ' from 'her'".h;bit" of - unnrtcessary '^wecpi'n'g.' One day Mrs. Thralejro'misetl Fapny Bur-' ney, who ha;}. iievar-wi-tnessJd'-the^phenoih- ·enon^iat slie should "see- Miss Streatfield- cry.^- As-'-So::!iy wr.s.-'tAklng -- her"' leave Mrs v Thr.ile urg^rT herjp stay.-adding, "if you -go-':F'sh;:lI know? you don't love me as' well as I.ri'Jy Greshani.-"' -- - - Then indeed . the "tears came into.JMjss Streatfiekife" c-ycs" an"d;.~rbllecr- down her .pretty chcE]c-s._-'... . . ; . " . - ' ·-;_^L__^'-~_ _ ' -· L'CoirLe"hee;Mjss i5uruey!' r .called- Mrs. Thrdle in triumph.. "Come and see Miss Stre'atfield cry! : - ~~----f - . . - . · -- . - . The young lady did-not seem to 'be in t h p -least cfTended by "this; "but gently wiped her eyes and became" composed again.-- Exchange. ..- ". .-- "- _ · ^- -; ' . - ' . Reason fox 1 Doubt. '. . ;- ; "Bo is a sterling fellow-in spite of hid cheek.": . " ,. : .-.":. : .--.-;. -. -", . "Cau't see it. ..pan'tjjee if. at': all. .-How a..maa can le_ sterling and brass at "thf- name time is incomprcibensible'.""'-- Mu»- Bey'a Weekly'. : ' ' · ' .-'· - ' " - . - . the sell - k n o w n passionately f o n d o ... Mrs.- -Nlj^ author fa^cl on o out door life, and "spcmcla most of her time .. at Her country, scat, ." Milburn, ou the , oceun Kidc ; of Long Island. troyr--"vV-lu'll iif-.little less tban thirteen years'of age he served under Commodore porter', on board, the United-Skites. frigate -Essex,-.iii.-her memorable fi.ght with the English frigate Phcebe and"ttffi sloop-of-war CheFQi), off Valparaiso, in 1814.- He tells his o\vn story with characteristic simplicity. "During the action," he says, -"I was like E;uldy inthecatharpings, 'ajman on occasions.' I performed the duties of captain's aid, q.uarter gunner, pow. der boy, and. irifact did everything that was- required of me." '" " He then goes on to describe the "hon;icf impression" "made upon liiin by LheTsight of the first: man he had ever "seen killed,, ·and continues: · "When my services. were not required for other purposes I assisted in working a gun;"w'ould.'f uu" and" b"rrng~"fjpwder from the boys, and send them back for more, until!Th~ captain wanfed^TTie to c;irry a .-message, arid this-continued to employ me during-the action." .TIIE POWDEK'BOT'S DUTIES. " Tiie part of a po\vfier boy, though -somewhat subordinate, requires activity and judgment; for while_ hemust keep his gun "so well supplied \vith-p.qwder as not to lessen the rapidity of" fire, he must not allow the cartridges to accumulate on. deck, lest au-explosion -lake place and cause more, destruction than t h e , fire .of : the enemy." ' . . '~ .The powder boy "must exercise great care also, to - prevent -sparks or, f-Fagmoi:t3 of- burning eartridges from- getting into his rassing box--the leather box in w-liich the cartridge .-is carried. As-a precaution-, th'o passiug'bqx on-being presented for aTres'i cartridge must be carefully shaken over a tub of water, to empty it of anything that might communicate fire.. · - . "~ An TE-xplosiou 7at~tlie-- magazine p;issage "\vfilflil be likelj- -to communicate to the magazine itself and blow up the ship. History furnishes a number of. of ships blowing up ; in-battle. VDie case of the .I/Orient; the ;llags!iip of tlie French fleet atiiie battle.of tlie'Nile, w h i c h - took .fire a"nd"6ubsequentrj'"hri'ew up, gave rise to Mrs. liemans'-_beautifur poem, '-'Crtsabi- anca.". ; ! .. . - - " - ·- ' . -The experiment .has-been made of-stationing "crews of boys at the gi-eat guns of a _ vessel-of war-lt'ojiiiscertain- how far. by .^__^__^_j^ r ^___^___^_ ..__^-,, ^ ^ to sav, would certainlv "Drove to'a high. =tate~'of- efficiency-: TJie results . werejre'ry satisfactory".1 -"---"-'--"-'--·'-·.- : ""-"·'-, ! - " " · '.'. -'--" ;;'KAPID TVOHK.FOR nofs; :,"" : : The pieces ; .tp'be".· hamlled^were the.Dahl- gren smoothbore, 9-inch gun, weighing ia: round .""numbers O.OOOvpb.uTids. .-The iron: carriage., weighed-1,^00 . pouudS, -.the "car- ·tridge 13.--and ;-.the -JpadeiJ^»ell. T8 : pqiinds,.! making a total wei.ght of the giin to be run out to battery--not : countiug liietal-sighte and-··side-tackle:.^blocks--more .than 10;000 pounds.-' Each of the 16.l!6yi r -whb form the. crew.of a;'.0inch gun""ha"d";"G42-!po"unds'"to'- handie. - Tfiis estimate does, not - include the powder boy himbelf.: ~.. , .----·"."·-"v ;. ; - After^_a few months' instruction at' Jbe battery a series- of j competitive-.exercises was instituted, and the-resultdfemonstrates: the potency-,of the-.drill./ Tie first day orf the"'series,, the- ship being , at sea/and the-, battery prope.rly.secured forlieavy weatlier,"7 bn-ithe d r u m be.atiiig to general quarters\jj.~ 9rinch f g u n was - cast loose; -'run in, load-'. ed| run .ouf. .and -fired in': oiie miuu-te and - thirty-seycn'seconcls.' ; -": · - . ' . - ' - - -_---'-'·*- ·-On -the day fblldwmg, for a ;test of ac- curacyr-c/Dmbined with a rapidify: of "Jire, a 3-inch - gun was . fired."'four., times at a regulation;'target. ~TEe .time"of -the first. fire being recordcd,-the j^uriwas loaded and fired three.inore^times, and the'time called at t h e . f o u r t h fire, the.interval-^being o n e minute and for.ty-eight seconds.; ; . . ""The ^;shbt-struck.and cbmpletelv de : molished. the.-target,, distant front. SpO to" 1,000 yards..' The remaining "three *shots Were -fired \vithou.r"much regard to accuracy. - . " ' : ' . :. ' - . " · ' " . ' - " ' · - ' ' . - - " " " _ " - ' T ' " . . - " . - · .-On the third da'y of .the series, .the "guns"" befpg secured for!sea^-the s.Mp 5 s".company.: -witho-clr.'-grerious-warning, w;as called to .arfers : - : a,^little after niidiiight,^ v^-heii -a qtiarfers ^r^ch" gun--handled,: the 7 previous ases, entirely by boys--was cast loose, run". in, loaded," run out and:Jir(;':i : (fche;.shell"'ex--. ploding^-in^rci'''-^!^!*^ a'nu "ergrit-'sec-: pndsv cbtmtifJgVfrom", the. ff?st tap .of the. drum. · - . . - . - · . . ....-., '·"."-- " . - ' _ _ . . Now, the statement that the calhto qiiar--. ters. was"; : "without previous ; "\vaming,-'-- must .jbe t-akei^-Avith-.-some ^qualification. The crew; knew that "night_quarters" \vas . -one o'f the eSercises belonging~tT»-£rir:series,-"" but no opej^save-tlie'tbhiiiuininTig officer," knew : wli;it night or. at what hour of the night tiie summons would come. - . - . , ; . .- . Every, on'e^w-as Jau'.the-qiii ' of course.:; Mpreovef',-the powder, bo'j-a'i'ku'ew tli-at"s-ilcf~ cess in the.cpnip_etitio^dep'ende(Lin u grea measure·on-thc-proniptTsupply of powder;; "Tiii.3'idea" vras-so fully impressed .on 'the ruin"d : .of_-one powder trKbnkey,-;is'we shall., call-"him. that,\viie"rrit5vas:iiis_y;itch-belo5Vj · instead-of repairing to; his : haramoclc,~:a3" a'nj'well ordered powder monkey would or-jsiiould _do, he preferred .'rather to pick out a soft'; plank^on'ttfe.lower deck, near the .entrance ."to the magazine; passage, so that-when the hour .of trial came he would be cru" hapd to, receive the ..cartridge first, handed,out;. __}· · - - ·· : -.--'\ - " He slept th'ere-for'two uiglrts,-and parf^i of the third.:,".On the third night he was/ to-reap t"he re_ward.o£ hia devotion" though, as the event proved; in part only.: On the drum sounding for night quarters, our. lit;" tie" hero was at 'hia post, p'ossess'ed" himself! of'the first ,cartridge,-aud startled--for his gun with the nimbleness of.his riice.~ ' · . -But so greatr.was.the N emulation, so in-' tensa.the excitement, that some boys of ah - intermediata" crcwitheir spy-it of n%-alry' quite overcoming their sense- of justice. ua.ui{lTL tlie poor Uttle-fello-VY--'-orr-tneTflyV 1 " as it were"; "downed" him, took the" car-; tridge from his'box, passed it to the loader 'of their own g u n - a n d thus won theorize, '--Etar Admiral S. ,B. Liica "in Youth's Companion. · - · , : ' , . ; . - ' ^-- ----- -~ --o -i --..~.." 0 .^. aoouc, w;is--To'use one 01 tne oaitet girls curve...across th»-fl«ivi^s, and shows no j language - a caution. He gave' costly si.gns of-bein^ "slugged^ toward the hori- .zon and obsctuj' thatfelentless batter; pro- fessjonal ball two years.agot with the'Can- ' "andaigua (N. Y.) cJiib. , The^ season follo'win'g -his- remarkably good work, assisted by thedeinaudfor^ood men -which was caused""by the great baseball war, pushed him up higher and gave j him a place iu the New York National 7" -at -public gardens, and" lived ' ~ ' : zzr jewelrV enough to stock ..a shop, and -many ol" the girls received some verj- costly trinkets from his hands. Htrused to hand away thcsc_v^luables- with Js.."pru)cely air," and spent, his money freely; every one. in ~tho . place received^sorjaeviung-- from, his nouveaus , . . , , ,, , - - . .., . ---^.-~ sort of tiling tallied exact!v with League club. JIis speed, science, resources ; .popular notions of- 'American aud couimand of the ball made.him a very ! - · 1 Vc'tluable pitcher. -His drop curves are the terror o f m e n a t t h e Bat. , - , · Sharro'tt Is J ft. S in. tail7 weighs 15^. pounds aiid was born at \VestTBrighton, SI., twenty two yearsTigo. Manager Wright, of- the Philadelphia Lttngue team, has:of t"nr-r- · of. the Press. and Toluntair'tWUC I testimrmlala -.'of the cured. I I | I _ L . 1 NQV/ Caasttltetion in person or or maIL' T fa-v mcnt.- IXVIOLAIJUE BECKECY^d .TAIN CUKE.-'- Address Dr.-W. IL - TnePeabbdy ,3Ied!cal Institute, No. 4' Bnl- THYSELF orFoBtOfflceBo^lMo-l .Tbe Peabody-lledicsil institute ^or^b^iio^iual,--HfT-oH. (Copjrijhted.)' __ . f ens, Jjebaaon; O. / t -"^ . c'nrsHiin 10 days. NopartillcnrTO. Or s- , · ' ' the hall, resp.t.otiug the position aud riches " of the--"American Prince,'"'"as the"ballet girls-termed the stranger. Some averred that he was a "silver king" from Nevada, j: "others a great ranch o"\vner from Texas, ! while others were sure ..that lie was a. pig late been_eiHleivoringto g et,Sharrottaway |. sticker iu a big way iu Chicago, from "the Giants.^ _ _ " _ . " '1 J^r.'.-Silas W. Steggs himself said"uothin ·-"" . "" .". I about his antecedents. .He left the --- --. -- DRAMA-TIG:--NOTES.- ' · · - --mighty jdoliar"" to "tell lEsTowii .* - ,"" " \ _ ·'T.V3 i QfPTl Tnr\T-f · : You.i~s Merrily" John R. tiie pitliner's husband, einpb; the report t h a t he is- attempting to brin. about_ia reco.riciliation. He reiterates hLs ·statement . Chat tiie--whole, trouble was caused by his wife's mother.."He'--will pul_ "My Sweetheart" on the stage next season! with Annie Lewis in the leading role. Marie Ilaltir 1 , who recently went to Lon- do.n.and stepped into .~Ger.ald.ine "UliSar's _-^vas seen^i.ijoxe lavish with his money in the Alhamb'ra canteen; and. as tim'e passe~d, and this man kept coming and going, his face beca-me a familiar one at thij Alhambra., - .'". . . . " .i- ' ' - . " · " · --'IlIPUKTiNG A'lilG COMPANY. With; the K!:iiiager,the.lai5£c:Frederick |^ .Strange, "\tr. Steggs-mainta'iiied a close in 1 ] timacy, andpne night "he opened his.mind i to him. The Ijoudoh -Alhambra- was, he i assured- Mr. Strange, the most splendid PAJ.F. . . four of the most powerful-men in America in the individual tug-of-war contest.*. The same day Gale's team won the'-charapion- ship by defeating the fcinhatrans^--Not long ago they also worsted the Xorthwest.- ern University team,, champions.' of..the.. west. Twice, however, Gale-^ men have j been bested by the ex-champions of the Varuna Boat .club," of .Brooklyn, with EL Barrel as-anchor. --Of-the quality, of his work it is unnecessary to speak here. "!LS wonderful success .is the best co;amentarv.t-hereon. 3Iilwaul;ee's ^en- Theater. Notwithstanding the fact that.theatrical property has, as" a-.mass, fallen far -short this season of" paying a-re.isonaEre.interest "bjr""fnc""i"''.r'S'f- j, vested! " S'l-'re are many- Pye ·"«. IB prepared to offer" HanV-Insuranrr . On. growint; Krain thn coming eeesuii i- the old.reliable St. Paul -Fire'and Marine Ins. Q- At lower rate than ever.before, for'cBsh. Fire aiid Tornado Insurance. Also at favorable rates. _ At the old stand, opposite Depot: Frederick-.GL Maeder,-who recently""died in New York city, wrote '-The Canuck,'" McKee Rankin's iinique-^ad" somewhar successful play~"Alr. Maeder was also an actot-of considerable abilit}-. - · . Gharlie Hbyt expecrs to make-S50',000 out of^VA_Texas Sceer'"'this season. · - Augustiu- Daly has at f;ist bought a drama : from. an'American playwright. Its""Ada Rehan," and it, w;is written hy Joh-n Ernest" ..McCahn (whose clever verse has made his name .familiar to read- erb"3;ofi])eriodicals). in .collaboration with Mr. .Nugent,"_. R o b i n s o n , - e d i t o r , of Once a Week. _Robprt ifantell- h;is purchased from" the same autlidrs7a : one-act -comedy 6illed ""A. iTessQ'n .in Acting," .and" they have been cornmissipned to write a. three- act comedy Cor Mr.-/Daly during^the _'suin: · " " ; · " " · " - · " - ''-" ' ·-' '"' ' ~ : ing concern if conducted on the same lines as £he London, establishment.'. . j He (Mr. Sic-ggs) had -'made it his business ! f j to study the management. Iu so "doing he had spent "his nioney, freely; ^tliat- did not .matter a,'cent; he'liiul an object in"view which.would repay him every dollar.".-_ proposed "tb."hirrisel_f. to erect in .the cft.y-o'f N-e^w^rsark a large and palatial-building, £3 be called ttMi'NeVv York "Alhambr;ix"Alarge ! j_g_um .of money would"be required,.-.: He -had .enough arrdTo spare.--One.favor he begged - of-tafi.-AlhiHu'bra du-fsrfors----jiermission.'. recruit^his stall among^the mibor members of- the.'Alhanibra compriuy. i . ;No:objectio.n w-as.Taised to this proposal, .and when jt'.wasnoisedabr'dad those o£ us who- desired to:better. our '.positions ..'were-'. greatly., excited.: Mr.;Stegg5- lqst : :a...^hne. in making-Iris air;rrrgernents,.anri;-ivej5taa ; .: tions,w.ere au.once..opened with all manner'. Square Garden since Nov.. 1, 1S90, have been $145,000. · T.he.-mter"prise.'is capitalized at £2,000,000. " " The '_- building . isV nearly." .com-' pleted. . ;. . "-·.-;"."."' '-'-.---=-.--"-·/';· ,-".· V-".. ··-'-'- '.Pauline-Hall says-of ti'ghts oTi_.the st.'ige: t"They musble worn in comic opera if iu is to be successful. -. There- should belio. delicacy"; a b o u t . ir..;.Iu. fact, the. _qutstion" of delicacy does not come i n . · ' r . " ." : ·';; Amateur.suorc irr Bn gland is .said literal Fy" honeycombed wi til essional- ,-Jsm. .bXerj^so-called-amateuf rider of'-uo'te "has his";bpokmakei% "rides ,accordiug to" the .'-'bookie's:' dictiitibn and gets a : share" of the winnings. .Thcramatejir rules are vio- "laterl "with" even '.more: impunitj--thati- : they ;are : iii America. _i-." ..' -""·-;·:"!...''': .' "--.-·,; er. ,the'famous"T?iulaL!ulphia'. pro-. fessioual .w.ho - holds a dozen 7 or_ more: ;irn= pftrtant -recordii, .will return Joy t.!i(r*"path tjiis season. ' . Hc'.savs'jijh-itt-Tso many professionals- haveXrecentTy been"reinstated : by ' the :U. A" W. that he" has: half, a" -notion to CHECKERS'" AND .CHESS. --^ Checker._Problem'Xo. .110- -By "cred Kin.' " - - - - - - .,*" -· /-^ ' - ' - " - " " "-".. '!Riack--2^s;s,;i4ii/.iyiys:: ? :^^ ^o; 10, '22, 35, 30, 31 *, :ZL_' '--' , - ' t*pjay. and .win. .'. " ' · " . - " : · .Chess"' "Eroblcni : No. -110 -- " Rv Artimr ' '' ' . _. liic'k. -- .Five piefi^s. · . . . . . : . . - " . W.hite--Ten. pieces.- . " " "SV'hite'to play andm'ate in three moves. Checker ~ : "White. . 1...23to'18 ~ '.' 2. . 30 to 25 : ^ : ; .. ."·'.· 3..H to "'.) . · · ' - . : : --- 4^^-- G-to--O-and-wins . "Chess problem Nc, TCK5: White. ' " ' -'_ Black! i.. 15 to 29 2.. 29 to 13 -' . , 3 . . ' 5 t o H ! . ·'J. ..Q-K'K S '- ·' . J1..Q-- R s a r n a t e ' L . B x P '·. 2 . ' . K x B MENDEI-TEAIL, the Klorist. of tile X o r l h west; can fnrnish yorr with the CHOICEST o£ Flower io: Wedding^, Parties. Funerals, and all other pnrpofo.s. targe asFortment o£ nue"! ~. bedding, and " house plaatt^ Choice flo"wer seeds. Send for ' Catalogue.^- Telegraph" orders for'fnnerale promptly filled. MENDpHALL GREENHOUSES, Aye;. Sonth and-18th KL "i St.---':" .:. .-:. I'make u" AllJ:hese p'eqple""6ro:ss the-Atlantic iri:tlie. same ^'essel:-'· What 100; ballet girls "and a.number.of ;bai"maids were to do dur^" ing the:time"';the place:was building."never-.r.i r seemed:to b-i-thoughn of.- '. . .":;:-' ·»·'--'-..""·];- . : . ~__· V -_.-· -':- '.';;"'.THE BLlorJV . : - ; ." _ -.-·.' : ' .·.-H6wcvev,-we..."all.«l).elievet!'"we"-shotild. be I .new an"d expensive -playhouses going up in- paid;,T.ip, work or-.not.. -I.-w^;is one- o f - t h e - t-he bi s cities: Oi;e of- the latest additions ·officials Mr. Steggs: had: engaged,^ aud,,of;_--Ta the list isaSMilwaukee/and Jacob-Litt./ - course':f:l3'ad to giye-up-tha. place-theld^u-.-l.^vhose name las been well known. irj- "'dhi-' :der the AlHiiinbra directors^ ; I: did sorasT^matic circles'f.or years, is thurprohioter.^Itf :-was promised a^rnuch: better plact; in .New : ,;;£ called the : Bijo!i, : aiid the'.accbmp.anying .Yorki . aief4n-ttT-ivf-,.set; out : -.Uie'. A m f r i c a r i i _ ca t gives a. gooa'idea6f."its .external appear- -gaye us 'a-sumptuous break Cast at:the : Gafe ..j -ancer ·-" ~-y~'· ~ - -_ ;; - - - - - "- ' . r-- :T ,;-.-.'. "de"-I;Europe.' Thtf usxc d:iy". Vvu.'.went to | "j : · ' -·~~;~-~:',~~-~^-~^.~~-':- : .- . ":: '-··· Liiv'e'rpbot. 'to .embark: ". .Mr.; St_egg:-r- fi~jd taken berths f o r " a l l -bri.'-li.oard^'a-.Ctibard-l t«».prlvate inirLjj^K. You c-nn. tlierefpre, do be"UEr"wftH'ini;tbaE v.-ith :L"dealer.' Carrla'^es*--- ,";: Delivered Tree" of^Cliargei- tu rrti points In tHo .DniUVd Sialei- Send iorTllustmted Catukur 1 ^: CHAS. R A I S E R , Mfr, 62T64CIybourn"Ave., Chicago. IW. . . - - - . . It is manufactured azj a powder, whicli can Eb pvcn , in a Rla33, 3 crap of coffee or lei, food,." liclcnowlodgepf thep.-itient. It^siibaQlutely-^ , nnd "Will :eifect a permanent and Epcedy . , etlicr the patient is a moderate : drinkcr or an alcpholic wreck:. . It }iaa ^)een Kiven in thousands of caa'eo, andin every instance a perfect cure has fol-. lowed. : It nfrv-er-FallA. TheByatem once impre^nat- saii;m:- voyage, thong-h I noted; witk-surprise'.- that,; making sacrifices tEat count.'- They scarce~ the Americau'hacT partcd.with all Jiis,cost-": ly ever "fail.; panny-Richardson: .is'nbt" the lT*~5p\*rt»"l j~\~- ~~ "' ~ - ''-'-'-' " ' _ · . . ' · : " " . - -~~- , . ~~v -»^-_'.^. *-^,-.*--~"T^ ,^-*-*-^_ · c » ~ V u ^ , i : _ , " ^ "gn-atest" b.itterin the business,"but there are-few"Svho are'as scientific as he and none who excels him.-!. He is always"willing,and helps! daily to r u i n .his batting-record. He lyfjewelfcj-. ." -.- - . . ".--Mi:.--STEGGS -DISAPEEAIlS. -"."'T: - "VVTien": we ."arrived: at.Sandy-Hook Ste. went on .shore tcVsecure, so lie s;iid, lodgings allat"the.Metropolitanau(\otherho- :-; : carols"tibsoiuteTyrnoShin''?!-about his record,-. ;tels_:All that clay we waited for a.message. "and.-there"'isn't a .man".playing -!ball who" from"him, but rione c;ime.- The next morn-- '-f ee hi_ivorse over a;-;misplay : than he".does, irip several,of us 1 arided and inadejour way "-This does not seeia.consistent;.bu"t:ir. is, for to.the Metropolitan hotel, and, to ouraston- ' from a -lon'g : personal laccmaintance with ishment and dt=triay, we learned - that..uo. -.him and two.seasons on the road with the person qi-."the.' of Steggs was staying -giants I feet justifiedin- stating positively, there, nor did jthe' hotel people krrow any ] that^Dau's-grief oVer'ierrors", : -reriuently sliown -in. various, ways on .the field Snd -the* hotel on6"gf--tiiIii"iV:uiie. .-"' .- - -r^--We .returned-to the vessel i n hoxMis^Mr. "Steggs - w o u l d ·'return/'but "he_ncv"er came __elsewhefe, no connection .whatever ior appetite to ^tlHt. " : . SOJLBEX SfECtriC CCi-f-Solp P. _ · - - : · CIN'CTNN'ATI, OHIO-**, -sa.jjago- boo^. of partjcular3 ttoe..,To-!3t; 3 ·"""·""-.--FIiANK- : FllISBV,:;AGent; Bismarck;. Picture Btfot'arrt sect to anyonesddre^ir.^ - C. E.HrR?:S * -CO...'.--:.v ,. --- ,.- . . . - - . - . . . - . . - . , - ··-«" -is record." -He is a'hard^ loser, and back.-Here we were ma, strange country, ;· simply^ gets "sore" uimking-tn ; it.--his mis- ,and what to do ..became :a.pressiiig queS-| p i ai .LmajUose t.he,gam(", and when it does' tion.- ".Itwaswell for.Mr. SteggS hi could ;Mie.;siio"t'"a plBa-nt companion for several not'be f o u n d , for, tho-ballet ladies were,-in- I-;, 0 , irs ji-p-p-fjc.-:. .: ..v: '.'.-_·; .. .''".'·_ furiated,. especially so" the fine young wo£u- 1 '.-' . . . . . - ^'' -- ' -- ' ' '-"' T h i r d "liuscnian 1 -(Tlidrles T.. Ileilly." * : A.jiasehall. nl.'iyer who has attracted .·much.- -attenti.nn i n - the;press : of late" : is eharles T-Re'illy: lie has proved one; of thiMjones of contention betw£ieu the League an. -\v."io .was .to .have..been the ."premiere dp.Hseuse.'-' ""· - - - - - . - ' . . - : . ··'_._' -\.rf~~ - The. greater" p:rrt of .these women,-were'.' sent back to England, by the consul.- Some of the meu alsoTeturiied. Some of/us, including Mile.-"Blank,.determined to st;iy-iu New..York. This huly at qnce.obtaiujL'd an. ..engagement at- Niblo's Gardon in the spec- .tacle of "'-The -Black. Crook" (afterward- -produ'cfid."at" the. Alhainljra;. The writer obtained employment on the press.' -" --. One bitter cold night^in.tlie succeeding 1 winter I was p.TSsiiig -through one of the streets at no great distance from the Bow-. ery-wheu -my attention was drawn to the-- painfurspecOicle--al;is! jis.conffiion nowin . J~"e\v. York as,.-in Ijo.ndon--of a nujnber of. tramps waiting."outside the police station for a. flight's shelter. I do ; not believe'!. ever seen" such a mob of. wretched- objects as was gathered there that'nigbt. -..' "."." "''' -~'!Oue"rnah'i"n particular Was a'riibst. pitia- ,ble object." He wadressed iu filthy rags. held together by a number of pieces of string. This-iua"n's;" r Ta"ce seemed familiar to s me,"but when and where I had seen him : I could riot remember. -I-icuked .at. him ;ale\v_moments-before I recognized -him; he was nou'e.other than'the q u o n d a m " millio'nairaV"Silo3 W, Stegg!,, I called him , out of the rank and asked him how he .had -"7". ' CHAT.LES come down so low. His story'was a strange and Association" in the- p'reseut '·unpleasant'-' one. .:-". "..-:^^ . .-' ; ; . ^ ' ness.'- Reilly played third base for the Co- He had two years before inherited £80,-. ·-. Itimbua club : last : year, and signed with '000, bequeathed by an Tincle.who had been t h e m f o r ' t h e pressnt season. '"When'the a merchant iu San; Francisco. . JJnused to : new baseball warbfoke out he 'got a r bet- thQ^control "of-money, he:Jiad;placed his-' ter offer from the Pittsburg League" club, "fortune iirabank .and- began a round of "and concruded to-cast fortanes'with ,-dissipation'in-New. York-.' Jrom; the- Em-,, the Smoky- City boys. - The courts will net pire-cjty he passed over UtParis, and -after- as umpire in-the.matter; . . - . . " . ' -._w'ard caiiie to London! In these three cap- Reilly..-wnra" born nt Princeton, N. J.,' itals this irKi'dman.hhd' actually ^acconi- twenty-four years ago. IniSST' he'c'nteresJ' _plished--the_ieat.-Df.,.squandering-.£SO,000,- tho^professio-naTlists, and has since played. in eighteen months; -When lie arrived in . with the Savannah c l u b - o f . the Southern" !New York Silas W. Steggs hnd lost all. league, the Eau Claire club' oi : -'-the North-: He landeu^with five dbllara_in_ his pocket; western league, the St. Paul club of the. Western association .and the Columbus. beyond thjit small sum he hj.d not a cent.. --·Cnnmlinr'i' .TAnrnnI -_ .- c · l . team:' : -prce, Send': by postal; order if possible.; ···,', : -

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