The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on August 28, 1947 · Page 7
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 7

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1947
Page 7
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THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL.. THURSDAY, AUGUST 28, 1947 PAGE SEVEN Bill Franks to Bid for Tackle On IHini Squad '".. ilJ^A'*.«^ -|;,J§^f^3» Bill Franks CM \.MPAIGN, 111-. Aug. 28-15,,. powerful, former all-state , )r cp -ridder* and shot put champion llarrisbtirg's Bill Franks will make another strong bid for .a vtaitmu tackle assignment on the 1947 University of Illinois football team when drills begin Sept. 'Franks shared the starting,right tackle job with Bob Cunz last \ear and figures prominently in thus \ear's plans of Coach Ray El- .ot 'Bill is 6-2, weighs 219, and ranks a.s a fine defensive lineman. After Ins banner senior year at ilarrusburg high school in 1941, Franks played with Illinois' unbeaten frosh gridmcn in 1942. He returned last year from a Service hitch to play a strong part v m the llhni Big Nine title and Ro»-e Bowl victory. Another Harrisbu/g product, halfback Lou Atar, played with the Illinois Bee team last year and has been invited by Coach Kay Eliot to report for varsity dulls early next month. Azar, 6-1 and 178 pounds, is a 19-year- old sophomore whose work with the Bees last season indicated he ma\ be ready to aid the Illini ti- ~?tle this season. L/IL ABNER She .Ain't What She Used To Be!! AH H-HAIMT A THASS FINE. -BUT YD' WAS ON T flERGE O' M ME *·?-- WHY NOT? VO'V/ASON TH' VERGE O" fi-XS AH WERE W.ILUN' T' ' f,f fQ' ·0 MINUTES^--BUT, ^ NOW r i' S YO'SAID YO' WAS GONNA DIE.'. 1 ; V/MUT MADE Two Minds Wit/i but One Thought!! BUT A DAID WIFE IS NO ml Rookie Is Cards fm ·) /^ rt hr$t Star B SE M3 i^fitxio ctory Song, Hoot Mon Wen Easily cat Du Quoin Roy Poafr Hits Triple, Home Run, New York Wins, 5-4 By CORNELIUS RYAN United Press Sports Writer DU QUOIN. 111., Aug. 28.--U.R --The Castleton Farm s'ake for I two-year old trotters headlined to- I day's harness racing card at the ; Du Quoin State Fair. ! Scheduled at the starting line for ! the $21,000 purse were Wayward, I Poplar Sis, Scot Free, Mercy Abbey, and Scotland's Ace. Four favorites came through on i yesterday's program. Victory Song, world's record holder for a mile trot, won the NEW YORK S K S 2 ^UP_ Maud S.IroUing stake hands down, l\t,\V \ U K K , AUJ,. ^O-- »*-·'· l t l . u ; i n Ui m Kl,»« «*·;,,,, ,,.inno,. Hnnt who need' who need Hamblctonian winner Hoo YOU REFUSE TO TAKE POISON, AGAIN* : -- v ltX3 V/AMT TO LIVE? YOU'RE WILLIMG TO ROB THE. WORLD OF A -·---«" MUSICAL MASTERPIECE. TO . WHIM? 1 ISiSrS sSvXs? s s* * "»S5» *« «** 10 gcl '"""· ,,-·, -, ,,, "'v^r^sr' 1 -" 1 '-'"' 1 First the Dodgers did it; they Egyptian" Stake: bought Dan Bankhead from the , Butle - r (Cameron) i i i Memphis Red Sox of the .egro j McKcnzic King (Fitzpatrick) 2 2 2 American League and he slammed . c , Trliax (Parkinson) 3 3 3 Women Stockholders Elbowing Men CHICAGO, «in»-- Commerce Magazine says women stockholders now outnumber men in many important American corporations. ^ Last year, for the first time, women holding shares tf Standard Oil Company of Indiana showed numerical superiority over male stockholders. Similar changes have taken place in the stockholder lists of such companies as Swift Co. and International Harvester. The magazine says two factors are responsible for the increase n women stockholders-- first, women live longer than men, on the average, and therefore inherit securities; and second, there arc 3 3 3 4 4 4 4,000 Farm Folk Hold Annual Sports Festival at U. of I. i the contestants, are expected to j ' watch the farmers relax. All com-' I petitors represent county or dis- i I trict winners in local contests j ifrom 87 of the state's 99 farm-i j counties. CHAMPAIGN 1 ,. III., Aug. 28--, (U.I!)--About 4.000 farm folk took Vegetable Dyes °-? 1 ' r h ?n- CamP V S i 31 r h e ^ n l VCr " I D - vcs of vegetable origin were Sg S^FSltfSirS'^F' ^ *?£ ^^J?^ Biggest event was the "round ' TM n ' Tnc . *f. re obtaincd " the robin" soft ball tourament with - TMTM iy ' Wltl ? tne dy ? r TM erel - v col ~ BY HARRY GRAYSON Sports Editor fiui\.i».uit ^vu 0 u. v..TM -- --- , .jji- a Truax (Parkinson) !a two-run homer in his first major Ace Flver (Mahonev) , league at-bat. So then the Giants TinM L_ 2 :06 3-5 2:07, 2:06. ; bought Ray Poat from Baltimore., Du Quoin gtatc Fair Stake: - They were desperately in need Hoot Mon ( p a l i n ) l l ,of pitching and it was worth it | Wav Yo ndcr (Cameron) 5 2 [to take a chance on the big 29- Tvs ^ Hanover ( W hitney) 2 3 .year-old righthander who had[ ,- , s Pride ( E r v m ) 3 4 ,been up once with thc Cleveland Time _ 2 -04 2-04 2-5, 2:04. Indians and then dropped back to A , SQ ran _' Nvmph Hanover. .Baltimore. Poat reported ycster-, McMahon Memorial Stake: .day and started against the Ca d - | Friscowav ( F i sz patrick) 1 ,mals last night in a game St. Louis The Refl : esher (Parsh all) 2 |wanted desperately to win, for . d (Wingfielcl) 3 i Brooklyn had been beaten in *e, , y , (Mahoney) 4 j afternoon and the Redbirds had j T j me _2-o5 2-04 la chance to gain. j Also ran __p 0 ~ p lar FDR, Atomic |Mi/.e Kits Home Fain j Bomb. Navy Hal. Tital Hal, McKin ' The Cards were off to a 3 to 0 j ney Mite, 'lead before the Giants got i n t o , Maud S Trot: gear. A single, a double and an | victory Song (Palin) i infield out scored one run, and , Westfield Girl (Fitzpatrick) |Poat tripled home another. John ' £ nac (Whitney) ^ v · · _ _^1 1 * ·*!.,. *..!*·» J-Y ** i rt inH rrt~ O . r\O / I TM more women working now than ever before and they are investing surplus funds in stocks and bonds. room sou oaii ouramen w - 158 teams playing on 21 fields ' ! ect ; n f/ ye P lams and /°°! s m in order to pick a champion by to-' b ? fields or forest s an d boiling them morrow. For those who don't in watcr - The rnn s c of color was like soft ball, there were 37 other vcr - v narrow, being confined to red, events ranging from square danc- bme - yellow, green, brown and ing to hog calling. black. Variants in shades were About 20,000 persons, including Qu^e limited. , ,, . t , . j ' Mize singled in the tying run and TVTEW YORK--(NEA)--The Cardinals this season have been couiue* ^ po * t hR a home run to put 1 1 2 2 3 3 out oftener than'Lou Nova. The St. Louis .Nationals got off to a start that was unbehevaoly bad. Dead last approaching mid-June, the World Champions gcn- erally were considered as nothing O r~ ~ ~ ~ . .. ; j - - · That sent the Cardinals to Pnila- |' then Poat hit a home run to put New York ahead to stay. Mize's 43rd home run gave Poat the winning run. Unlike j Time--2:02 4-5, 2:01 4-5. Stone Age Stronghold In the interior of northeast New Salt Consumption The avcrjsjc American eats hia weight in salt every 17 years. Kenneth D. Cummins Attorney At Law G E N E R A L PRACTICE First National Bank Bldg. Hairisburg Pho. 942W i; Keaster Rug Upholstery ·Cleaning 503 W. South St. Phone 859R Harrisburg ' Klrby Vacuum Cleaner Dealer Complete Tax Service Accounts Sen-iced Regularly. Income Tax Returns Prepared. 221; E. Locust. Phone 166R COLLECTIONS Placf ihK? past due acccunts, notes and bad weeks with us. V/t coll-cl from anyone, any- ^vt.i-t ti-n». Xo collection, no charge! M. I). Neslcr Collection Agency 302 E. Walnut Phone 113 MOTSINGER AND ROSE Bonds and Insurance S. MAIN ST. Phone 655R '*xt J. E. "Pete" Rose DR. D. A. LEHMAN EYE, EAR, NOSE, THROAT Glasses Fitted 203 North Vine Street Suite 4--Harrisburg Hospital GOODRICH TIRES Passenger, Truck, Tractor HARRISBURG . TIRE BATTERY W E. Poplar Terms 174R1 ^^a,^^^^ _ ^^^^ ' ~~ Insurance Harker Miley AGENCY SALINE COUNTY CREDIT BUREAU CREDIT REPORTS INVESTIGATIONS COLLECTION SERVICE p r«ett Building rhone 678 SEE John B. Owen, J. P. I f ' / i S ATnSw T»l /»-tmn ^ S. Main Phone 655W ---- ...«.,. [or State, or Drivers' License, ^'lections, Deeds or Mortgages. INCOME TAX Complete Stock of Washer and Radio Parts Prompt Strvlce On Repalrc Hobson Radio Electric Service phone 174RX © TcHorcd and Brief Styles. Fine, Royon Knit. © Perfect Quclifry u!l Elastic Waisrbond SHEER, Hl-TWiST, SEAMLESS RAYONS ALL SIZES. NEWEST SHADES more than a staggering parent club of a decadent empire. It was the end of an era, the baseball writers said. The blokes in the red blazers heard what the boxing boys call the doleful decimal--and with some finality--when the Dodgers took three straight on their last invasion of Sportsman's Park, skyrocketing their lead to 10 games. T^HE plucky Cards bounced back ·*· nicely while the Brooks fell off, yet were definitely dismissed by the majority' when they dropped two games at Ebbets Field the other day, which put the" Brook- lyns six-and-a-half lengths in the van. ! In the clubhouse before the third j game of the recent set in Flatbush, Eddie Dyer addressed his athletes "I can't bet on ball games," the manager said, "but if I did I'd bet you'd win this one. You're on the floor and you have to win this one to get off the floor. You're that kind of a ball club." - "I meant it, too," says~tnanager Dyer. "This is the gamest of all Cardinal clubs." Dyer's Demons plastered thc , Superbas in thc third game of thc ,1 series, won the finale on Whitey ' Kurowski's home run in the 12th, , after big Ralph Branca had shut j them out and held them to one hit , for eight and two-third innings. Poats Poat s delphia -vtthin striking distance, foftr-and-a-half games off the pace, 0 . He limited St. to eight hits, including runs by Terry Moore and II T i l l I V V J l i 11IV. A 4 J L ^ 1 * W V* t * V f c * * » « - . v * " - -- - ·-- - - ....... - ^ match-! Guinea -- called Kaiser Wilhclm's Phone or come in ar.o ^ 4 i i « A V v * * * i I _ » . . . - *TnM**rck v*ntif ti Woshsrs, v a c u u m cleaners, ar.d other new appHcnecs if.* time and money. and ,,th spirit higher than a TMTM G ^ 0 £ HarW'^heen crirnfTp c norm w~ ~ _ j _ . j Land before it fell to Australian authority -- the hcadhunter and .the cannibal arc still to be reckoned with. The big Pacific island has . , T I J O C Vjal UiiJ.l'JCl. A 1 U L L V i^* v - % . « , v - ^ . . \ \ l b t i . J . 1 1 W w*to A t * v - 4 i » v * ^^.«..-. raUesncad. K ,,^v, I was the loser as the Cards stayed ; been called the last stronghold of The Cardinals arc a loyal bunch, l . s B r o o k l n . Mizc - s h -haircd too. "I'll never forget this asserts "While we were dead, last Jifnc 1, Sam Breadon flew to Mr Breadon is first of all a fan He asked the veterans --Marion. Musial, Moore, Slaughter and Kurowski--what wrong ·six games behind Brooklyn. Mize x the stone age, with its.b.ushy-haircd, i now is two games ahead of Babe tavJsced natives, its tree dwellers j Ruth's pace as Ruth set_ a home | and its fighters with stone clubs run record of 60 in 1927. _ 1 among the more advanced bow-and- Ewell Blackwcll, Cincinnati s am)w champions . Fortunes in gold, great" righthander, be'came the f loa a uer to get 20 wins i e a u c l ° b 2 scat- doesn't know in the giound.' he'd have listened, and I'd been out, but they stuck by me from first to last." protected hj m in the : ,, , an error Augie Galan's gJ£ d »J rovidcd the - shipped by air, have come out of the territory. Petroleum «and other ( wealth is indicated. Plantations of j rubber, coffee and similar .tropical products were thriving before the Japanese occupation in 1942. let us finance your purchase of these end other needs. Yo-' ! l like our quick, friendly service. F / \ . K^,.t$ Loans up lo §500.00 y m . ,-TM;,, rt ,.i,r,c Stanley Musial is the quiet hero ,TM n | TM n *' , a of the Cardinals. Under distress- j Cubs Beat Dodgers ing circumstances, the. . Donora ; The Cubs, revolting after eight Dandy lifted his batting- average straight losses to Brooklyn's Lefty from .133 to .300 The rise coincides v.ith the spurt-of- the Red Birds-- 188 and last, .202 and the Joe Ratten over a two-year span, whipped the Dodgers, a to 3. Bob ^ Schcffing signaled thc uprising n thc sewed club out of the cellar for the first 'with a three-run hoir-i time on June 13, .253 July 11 and ! first inning and the ·";. .. the outfit fourth, .282 July 25 and ; it up with three more in t :e sixta the team a somewhat distant sec- i inning. ond, .300 Aug. 10 and the-side only , Lce Handley .battc " H all his three games out. 'team's runs as the Phil nosed Musial's large shillalah is not | Pittsburgh. 4 to 3. Hit Hyiblc i\ the least reason why thc Cards | u ie fi rs t jnning sent I r '-e run- left Brooklyn with 45 games won nors home and his grounder in out of the last 59 for a percentage , the third scored Charley Gilbert, of -.763. I?! who had tripled. The -Yankees ran tbcir American League lead to 12 1-2 games j w i t h a 10-inning 7 to 6 triumph over the St. Louis Browns. George ! Stirnweiss' second homer of the Now Showing Shows Each Day at 2, 5 and 8 o'clock ADMISSION: CHILDREN 50c ALL TIMES ADULTS: MATINEE 74c; NITE $1.20; Tax incl. PRICES CHANGE AT 6 P. N./ (PRICES SET BY THE PRODUCING COMPANY) I day was the winning run. He Another doublehcader will be | had hit the^t pitch of the game Plavcd in the Harrisburg Church wr a tou oa D ci. Softball League tourney tonight. Bob Feller, given supcib sup- CHICAGO. Aug. 28-l*.n-Em- The first game oi the twin bill U port by the a ^veland Indians ory C. Perrv, a consulting engin- scheduled to start at 7 o clock. won his 16th game as the Indians ecr, revealed today that he heads In the Opener it u i l l . b e First nippca thc Athletics 2 « l. All a group attempting to buy thc Methodist vs. Presbyterians Ihe the runs were homers-by Hank St Louis Browns, or some other Methodists have won one and lost Majcski of the A s ana " an ^' l r" · baseball club, for possible trans- one so far in the meet, and the wards and Ken KeJJ nci of l he I - 'fer to the Pacific Coast. Presbyterians also possess one-,dians Cleveland pulled Jive oou Perrv said that Richard C. -.ictory with one setback. Probable,We plays, two shoit of a i c c o u - , Muckerman had turned down a ntchers are Method^, Davenport: to help Feller over the rough. $1,000,000 offer for controlling in- Presbyterian, Catiin. ,spots of a six-hit \ictoi. j terest in the Browns but added The First Baptists y.ill iakc on Rcd sox.-Tigcrs Split , ' t h a t negotiations still were under the Eldorado Metnodists mi uioi -\ Vash in«ton got 12 hits in beat-1 ''way. fmale, and lhe ; contest should D e ! i n g thc chicago W hite Sox. 6 to 5. I "It is true that we have consicl- .1 close a f f a n . In lhe r last_n.ceiin 0 , M i c k c j , Vornon% w j t h a double a n d 1 ered other major league ball 01 the two teams, the ''fl' 1151 -, 1 ml ^ ' iwo singles, and Gerry Priddy.' , clubs." he said in a 1,000-word i squeezed by tnc ^W 0 ""^ '°,;; U v itiv two hits and two runs batted , · statement, "and it may be true roth were tied for second pU.c~ ^[- , cd thc winners. t . . . · , - T ' . . - tUr, s\nA r*f t*Trv fll'tit h ^ l . IvO^G i^ 1 LOY - MARCH - ANDREWS Friday 6 p. m. - Saturday 6 p. m. 14c and 40c STARRING Franchot Tone Ann Richards exccutjvi week "will have some bearing on what we might decide to do." Thc executive council, compo:^ ed of Commissioner A. B. (Hap py) Chandler, American League President Will Harridge, National League President Ford Frick. Frank McKenney of the Pitt- ! burgh Pirates, and Leslie O'Con '] nor of the Chicago White Sox will confer on thc west coast thi- ivvcek. They will inspect Pacific , Coast League property and dis ;i cuss thc league's application f 'become a third major circuit. If the council cecided to tip 'the PCL's classification, it prob ' ably would disapprove the trans | fer" of any eastern team to the coast. i Perry's statement said he offer led to buy Muckerman's 160.000 shares of stock in the Browns for $1,000,000. He said Muckerma" had wanted "considerably more | than our appraisal (of thc team and its properties) warranted." Baptists vs. winner of ton^. 1 ^ ^'^^p"^^^"'Five runs in ·ist game. Second game: rir. ? t a "'- ^ .^.^ {}mc Qn Djck i.ristians vs. wmnci ot tonight s Wakcf :- cld . s doublc resulted in a ,'cond game. . 7 to 2 Detroit win in the opener. Since thc grass is cut a i thc p^. prank Ovcrmirc ha( , n n o . h itter t l l « * ... 1 » ,, , i»%l(- ** C * » ^ _ " 1 * 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 I I'l l l l l ^ l W I I » » \ ^ t i t l l ^ i ntests as both v. ill be ciosc and ·.lercsting. The li^hlint. i- also ·^proved and is as L,ood no»v as has been all summer The tournament \\ili end next · uo»»on s iinirsday. Thc playoff uarnc \inl . . -. Rav Poa(- ,obably be on thc l o l S o v m , inc.-1 Jjjjfcr^ ^f 1 ^,,,^, Leaf!UC - 1 J - · \tart hit a triple and home run ~~ and batted in two runs \\hile wtchins thc Giants 'o an oi«ht- hit 6 to 4 victory o \ r r Brecheen and the Cardinal';. Today 2 p. m. - Fri. 6 p. m. - Sat. 1:30 p. m. 12c and 35c OUND-UP'TSMi FOR ACTION! ,3r. Louis Workers Awarded ci an *-3~"~ ° ·J I 9*#\J ST. LOUIS. Aug. 28-"'H'--An Illinois Baseball rd provided in an i QQCUQ Results c 27 end in? a !·*- 3 strike here today car and bus ,· *» (11 V(l~li «-,wvw o v » ^ ^ . v v ,i operators of thc St. Louis Public ]} v United Press . VcstenlayV Kj-sults orvic-c Co. a S1.30 basic hourly Belleville 212-211-020 1M2-1 J «e rate. Mattoon oon-Oti.) 032 .-. 9-. This was 22 cents more than the Michaels. Lo\m. Crum: Hecms. Dyeing Industry Today America has a dye Indus- This was 22 cents more man mv Micnneis. i.o\i; try that is unsurpassed, and its ( ) ( j contract "rate, w h i c h included Ortoski. S m i t h ( 7 ) products are the equal of any pro- , 3. con t incentive bomix and 7- Marion 000000000 0- .i-4 duccd by other nations. Its annual 1 2 cents more than the disputed \Vcst Frankfort 0-!0010-00\ o l(.-- milhon .'.ward of a rump arbitration and Faika-: Wild and · oard, precipitating the --trikc a(- cupp. 0 1 0 9 UT the union member rosined. ,\H Vernon 0100 lx"'^,. o!«"^ The board reported today it Ccntralia i:i ° l0I °: ot /0 ; ) ' Jtl , tonsWercd $1.30 "thc minimum peters. G o r d o m 4 . Litt'e(S) am required" to enable the op- p a n kovits: Ktm/.le. K(i':ar(»), ami "the normal cjacclu. !j production of over 120 pounds of dyes consists of more than one thousand different t^P"^ which adequately meet the demands of American color-consuming industries. There anc complete ranges of colors for dyeing cotton, linen, silk, wool, rayon, paper, leather nnd many other materials. Industrial Gas , The Fora Motor company's River ,i.d n $20 increabO tor i Rouge plant uses enough gas in oi-.e . oners, lo jjive them l* | day to supply a city of 5 million · ,;o a month. The- arlntr.ito,. ! people, according to 'the' Encyclo- mod demands for a " ' " i - a t o r s to enjoy -·andards of American living .vnerallv recognized." The award, retroactive to .Ian 1 also included raises for 5)00 ( i t h e r Public Srrvicc Co. omploi'S po:i- ,-, of (U 1 ·Jo- Today's (James Mt Vernon at Ccntrali..: Il!oville at M.ittoon: Marion at Wost F r a n K t o r t . Cut War Production U'a'r Production hoard estimated »' a t icient vis.on held back war BURS '.iunny cartoon Vera Vauue Comedy |j pacdia Brilannica. About 50 millim l;onr wci-k, containing the ( d . i , '''^,,"''.:''.^ f r o n 25 t o - J O per cent. l i cubic feet of gas arc used a day. .-Itf-hour week. ' j 10 __L_JJL«--^m^m^ ! "· ·( ,* ? i ·-· if ',-}

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