Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on September 19, 1963 · Page 21
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 21

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1963
Page 21
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Reunion Held at North Henderson NORTH HENDERSON - A family reunion was held Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lynch of North Henderson. The event was held in honor of Mrs. Gust Mallus and her daughter, Georgia, who are visiting in Galesburg from Great Falls, Mont. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lynch and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Lynch and family, Peoria; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kruse and family, Rome; Mr. and Mrs. Walt Dunham and family, Chatham; Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Lynch and family, Alexis, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lynch and family, Wataga. Misa Seaton on Tour of Orient SEATON — Leaving Sunday from the Moline Airport on a plane for San Francisco, Calif., Miss Mary Seaton departed on a vacation trip to the Orient. She flew to Honolulu, Hawaii to join a friend who is a travel agent, and they will go to Tokyo, Japan where they will join a party of travel agents on a tour of Japan. They will spend several days in Bangkok, Thailand and at least five days in Hong Kong. WinolaGroup Has Dinner VIOLA-The Winola Unit School Board members, the unit superintendent, and all teachers of the unit, together with their husbands or wives, met for a dinner Saturday in the Winola Senior High School, Viola. Billy Lilliman, president of the board introduced the board members and each school principal, introduced the teachers in their building. Capt. and Mrs. Tom Mack and children, Kelly and Keith, left Thursday to return to Ogden, Utah, where Capt. Mack is based in the Air Force, following a 3-week vacation spent with Mack's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Mack and with Mrs. Mack's family in Chicago. Mrs. Gertrude Morris and granddaughters, Marilyn Morris and Becky Lloyd, accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Allen of Aledo to White Pines State Park for a weekend vacation at the White Pines Lodge. Muscuminobile Scheduled in Henry County CAMBRIDGE - The State Mu- seummobile will visit all the ele- They'll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hallo Golesburg Regisfcr-Moif, Golssburg, tit. Thursday, Sept, 19, 1963 19 They'll Do It Every Time I WELL-SO 7 LONG,FELLAS/ } GOT TO GET < f HOME BEFORE THE WELTERWEIGHT SENDS OUT THE POSSE/ SO LOMG,EGGN06 SO LON6*" , THERE GOES [THE GRANDEST 6UV IN THE CLUB/4 REAL 6REAT GUY.'/ •V^f EAQOL ALWAYS SPEAKS WELL OF PEOPLE WHEN TWEV CAN'T HELP HEARING HIM« *** By Jimmy Hatlo EG6NOG WILL FEEL VERY Vi , KINDLY TOWARD PAL EAPOIL ' UNTIL IT'S TOUCH TIME IN I.O.U.VILLE /Nl VEAM»< HE NEVER WASTES COMPLIMENTS ON THE H4I50-OF- HEARING/ /WAIT TILL EGGY'S OUT OF HEARING RANGE-THEN FOR ,THE UNEXPUR6ATED VERSION '<?.I9 1ME SPEAK-WELL-OF GUY WHO SEEMS TO LOVE EVERYBODY SWEETENS UP ANOTHER SOURBALL* T*}i«AVDA HATLO MAT VP 'lb SAM STEPT, ri WILSHIKE SimS. HOLLy ^OOO, CALIFS: THE DOCTOR SAYS Doctor Explains Meaning Of'High Blood Pressure' By WAYNE G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. Newspaper Enterprise Assn. mentary schools in Henry County between Sept. 27 and Oct. 31. Arthur L. White, Henry County superintendent of schools, said that Herman Eifert, curator of education in the Illinois State Museum set up the visits. The vehicle will park at each elementary school to enable the students to look over the exhibits, a small portion of the entire collection of the museum. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! It's The Hottest Bread News In Town! NEW WONDER BREAD SEE HOW WE ROLL OUT THE HOLES-SEAL IN THE FLAVOR An amazing machine rolls the dough out flat, like a pi* dough, to roll out tho big air holes. The dough is rolled up to smooth tho texture, seal in the old- fashioned bread flavor. The dough is gently curled, another step to insure perfect texture—texture without holos. mww<% '4 - / * Ji , m M Perfect Texture, Perfect Flavor in every Perfect Slice! AND IT'S ALL DONE WITHOUT THE TOUCH OF A HUMAN HAND! ti WONDER #1 ENRICHED 9* BREAD Mother! There's never been a bread like this before! It's the newest kind of bread you can buy! Great flavor and great texture— and plenty of nutrition! Wonder Enriched Bread gives you vitamins, minerals and protein to help build strong muscles, sturdy bones, build up energy and vitality. Wonder Bread supplies important nutrition to help build strong bodies twelve ways. Look for Wonder Enriched Bread at your grocer's next time you shop. Fresh, soft, delicious Wonder! NEW WONDER BREAD <Plfet, CONTINiNTAl BAKING COMPANY, facwpenMMl m HELPS BUILD STRONG BODIES 12 WAYS J To some persons this may be the atomic age or the space age. To others, it is the hypertensive age. Hypertension (high blood pressure) is increasing, not only in prevalence but also in the number of factors that seem to produce it, or to be closcl> associated with ;t. Certain tumors of the glands of internal secretion, hardening of the arteries, kidney disease, some kinds of brain tumor, and the toxemias that complicate pregnancy (eclampsia, etc.) may cause it. But in the majority of persons whose blood pressure is high, the cause is unknown. It is a mistake to assume that a high blood pressure reading indicates heart disease or a poor outlook for the future. A little exertion, a little excitement, or a mild feeling of uneasiness or apprehension will usually send the pressure way above the abitrary normal. That is why. when your doctor gets a high reading, he is likely to have you rest for a few minutes. Then, when he takes it again, it will often be found to have returned to normal, or at least to have come down to a lower level. It has become a popular saying among doctors that the best way to lower your blood pressure is to take it again. When your doctor takes your pressure he will always record two readings. The upper level, the systolic pressure, is that which results from the powerful thrust of blood into your arteries when your heart contracts. The lower level, the' diastolic pressure, is the level to which the pressure falls just before the next heartbeat. The systolic pressure is much less stable than the diastolic. Systolic pressure shoots up rapidly with work or excitement and comes down just as rapidly with rest or a return of calm. The diastolic pressure is much more stable and therefore more important. When it goes up, it usually stays up, and when it stays up this may be a warning that serious hypertension will develop in time. Many persons whose blood pressure does not come down after a rest are st ; 'I able to lead active lives and survive to a ripe old age, but because in others the hy pertension is progressive and may lead to an early death from ma lignant hypertension, the insurance companies have no choice University of Houston football has come a long way since the Cougars lost their first intercollegiate football game to Southwest Louisiana Institute in 1946. Last season, they defeated Baylor, Texas A & M and Miami of Ohio in the Tangerine Bowl. but to raise the premiums on all persons with a high or even an unstable blood pressure. In addition to the factors already mentioned, heredity may play a part in high blood pressure. Obesity is surely a factor, and the pressure normally increases somewhat with age. Women show a greater tendency to high blood pressure than men, but they seem to tolerate it more readily. Cambridge PTA Roll Totals 130 CAMBRIDGE - The first meeting of the Parent-Teacher Association was held this week in the high school cafeteria. Membership totals 130 for the year, and Mrs. James Reed Is the president. The group decided to obtain a cupboard for the food stand used at football and basketball games, and to secure new drapes for the all-purpose room at the elementary school. Albert Smith, superintendent, and F'rancis Langheim, principal, introduced high school and elementary teachers for the year, and the two officials gave a resume on the work done in the buildings during the summer. No. 5 Public Sq. Peerless Mkt. ON THE SQUARE FRESH CREAMY SEAI.TEST COTTAGE CHEESE 2 29< HILLS BROS.. BUTTERNUT, FOLGERS COFFEE SOFT WHITE NORTHERN TISSUE Rolls DOMINO PURE CANE SUGAR Lbs. NEW RED or WHITE GRAPES ib. FRESH GREEN BEANS - CIDER - INDIAN CORN HOT PEPPERS - SQUASH - MELONS MILNOT 3 £ 29< BAGELS - JEWISH RYE - POTATO SALAD HOMEMADE PIES First YWCA in the United States was organized at Boston in 1866. First Angus cattle were imported into the United States in 1873. LEAN GROUND CHUCK 59' BABY BEEF LIVER, SAUSAGE, LARGE CHOPS, OQl BOILING BEEF lb. J9 LEAN C~NTER CUT PORK CHOPS . C9' FULLY COOKED — READY TO SERVE CANNED HAMS 5 £ $ 3.69 TENDER CHOICE STEAK SIRLOIN Lb. 79* FRESH FISH - FRYERS - NEW YORK CHEESE GOTTENBURG WANT TO BUY: LIVE GEESE - BEEF by the QUARTER FREE DELIVERY 8:30 - 10:30 - 2:30 SMITH'S FOOD MARKET Corner Monmouth Blvd. and Henderson St. PHONE 343-9040 WE RESERVE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES WHOLE FRYING CHICKENS ". 25c WASHED RED POTATOES 25 - 59c COLUMBIA SLICED BACON 3 »• '1.00 SMALL BBQ SPARE RIBS .b 43c RIPE FIRM BANANAS •b 10c VAN CAMP Pork & Beans 2 35c SLICED BIG BOLOGNA 3 $ 1.09 SOLID GREEN ib, 5c MARKET BASKET GREEN BEANS 5 50c BULK SKINLESS WIENERS 3 - $ 1.29 LARGE PASCAL CELERY Bunch IOC REG. SIZE VETS DOG FOOD 6 49c FOLGER'S COFFEE 2 lbs. $1.21 Sunshine Krispy CRACKERS, lb. 29c IDA PAK. FROZEN French Fries 5 50c ALTON CIDER VINEGAR ite 45c

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