Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on November 19, 1910 · Page 4
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 4

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 19, 1910
Page 4
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HOBBLE SEAL CO/T r-j -*--:y SUFFRAGETTES NOW IN POLITICAL ROW -Chicago Teachers Incorporate; Name and Angers National Leaders--A Petticoat Machine Personal Mention Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Connor left Trenton Wednesday for Hawthorn, Florida. They will spend the holidays : at Palm Beach, going later to Havana 'and other points In Cuba. wil! i visit her i for Musicians and Music Miss Bessie Leavitt of come here Wednesday to school friend. Miss Elizabeth Van- j t . om j new 0^^' which he has Ollphnnt, of West i=tat» ) ,.,,,,.* --T,« ir-minnv." Th« i-hvtlim Martin Mayer, cornet soloist of the Second Regiment Band, iiu.3 recently l Street. ·The Explorer." The rhythm ] !n t h i s march carries with It much thai ! ;s Inspiring in a military march ami j thv hajrmony, as well as th« arrange-j of the instruments i:i ih,e general , I Miss Katherine Addie Slack of i Washinpum. IX C.. a niece of Mrs. _ CHICAGO Nov ' 19---Margaret | Lewis Perrine of (Jreeinvocd Avenue. · miik( , up of the piece, will ijnake t h e ; laley the fighting teacher of Chicago, i went today to Baltimore. Md., where j march a popular one. " In order- that i who has been in the forefront of many ', she goes to act as bridesmaid at the . the men of Trenton who attend the j battles along educational lines, is the t wedding of her friend Miss Anna ; -gjg Meetings" at the,Y. it. C. A., may ; storm centre of a. political f«ud j Dickinson ThomaB and Albert Dean i n 'avs a chance to hear Mr. Mayer's; among the suffragists which is not i Currier, a well known Chicago law- new niarch. the composition will be j without its humor. i yer, next Tuesday. The sufi'raeists of Chicago, many of whom are affiliated with' no 'organiza- | Mr. and Mrs. A. C, Reeves of Green- played by the Trenton Association Orchestra tomorrow afternoon during the early part of the program. j wood Avenue, went to Swarthmore College yesterday to visit their daugh- . ter. Miss Marguerite Beeves and to I boast of txvo young ladles who are the attend the play and football game. i coming musicians .of that section. Misses Rena and Reta Pullen of 809 Walter Conrad, who resides near Bordemown, ia ejspectod daily to re- Tht western end of the city can Berkley Avenue, play the violin and cornet in an accomplished manner, and } . j turn from a trip around the world. i their duet work as well as their solo j " j work Is highly praised by all who have 1 Miss Anna H"U of Prospect Street, I a chance to hear them. They have been who hBH been ai ft hospital in Phlla- i popularly known as the "PwUen delphta for some Wfeeks Is reported to Twins," and "have been t ] be much improved. j Miss- Mover, a cousin of Mrs. W. N. j Mumper, of West State Street. «Avho i has been spending the summer and ! early fall at the Morris Heights Inn. i returns to her home in Philadelphia for tie winter next Wednesday. Miss Louise Hendricfcson of Sayreville, X. J.. is being entertained at the Broad Street M. E. parsonage as the guest of Miss Sechrist. f': ' MISS MARGARET HALY. tkn. decided to band together for political purposes. They formed a petticoat political machine.. When the question of a name arose, the Woman Suffrage Party of Chicago was suggested, but some took exception to this. Actions them was Miss Haley, -it "was then pointed out that if the present body did not adopt this .name some other group would. Thereupon Miss Haley, being a woman, changoa her mind. The more she thoueht about it the more indignant she grew at the idea of anybody else being. th*» Woman Suffrage party. She talked it over with a woman lawyer. She v.-as told- that to secure the name it must .he Incorporated. "Go ahead and incorporate." xsaid Miss Haley. v Non*? of tfaf members "of the new paS-ty was at hand, lut the-lawvpr be» - - - - . . ins a methodical person, gathered lip "'vlth. Miss Katherine Mann, of;. Edge- a' lav.- stenographers and, With Miss' w ter Park. . - -._ · .·»·., .Haley, tied .the ma^har^d tot | A ^ spiers at the half- ur. Anna fehaw, national pres- 1 .___,,, meetto of the Shrewsbury Re- -William - local manager the Bergner Engel Browing Company. has removed his family to this city and has taken a house* on Edgewood Avenue. Walton Watson is 111 -with rheuma- at his home on Carteret Avenue. . Prior of 606 Miss Margaret Brlest of 115 North Montgomery Street Is ill- Thomas 'H. Prior, of Belrnar, is visiting his son. Samuel East State Street- Miss H. Gussie Johnson, of North Willow Street, Is spending the 'week with · friends In -^"rinceton. Miss.Lois G. Hayes of 12 lumber- ton Street Is spending a week In Mount Holly, the guest of friends. Mrs. Peck of New York Is the guest for a few days of Mrs. Washington D. .Roebllng of 191 West State Street Miss- Gladys. Smith* of Pontlao^ TIL, is being entertained ftr Mr. and Mrs. Henry JanKeri, of Broad Street Park. Miss .Margaret Mldilleton, of Prospect Street, Is spending the week-end the case. Two po- m^r%r^-«;^s, ii a^St i oV ^i- r^^v^ 10 ^ of the society question. Miss .Haley, has put "the jVoman "Suffrage party in an in- from this city. . The Broad fer Chapter of th« - i s impending i n . K e w York ' . arid in. Phll'adelphta. 1 .MISS M E N C K E N ENTERTAINS, j - ".- Miss- Ada H«neken ; of-, 620: Perry ? Street. entertained a number of. frleftds-. home-of the: regent. Sirs. Paul Ii. Cprfc .Wfest State .Street. . " . ..- . - , . WARREN Crosby Wat ieii, pres- at her home -Wednesday evening,. C A Silent of the Present Day 31ub of mock n-edSing was ;the feature of the i Princeton, entertained the . boara of ex-ening,-'In.. which Miss : Casfey -» ; as [ Directors O* the" New Jersey State minister and Catherine Smith aiid Mae j Federation .of Women's ; Clubs " -- befu^e the Trenton public- for t w u years. They bei?an playlnir when they -w=z« eight years of.asre, and each year sho-«r« an Improvement In their te*n!qu« «"ul the- polished rnnnner In which they play. Both are pupils of Martin Mayer and members of the orchestra at the Third Presbyterian Sunday school. Tomorrow at the Young Men'e Christian Association, the Trenton Association Orchestra wUl render an elaborate program of music while the men are gathering at the four o'clock meeting. The orchestra *"»* been doing good work during the pitwsnt season. especially Is this . so in the selections rendered on the past two Suitfaya. Musical director Dunham expects to have 20 men on the platform tomorrow afternoon and the program will be of unusual excellence. Martin Mayer^ the cornet soloist of the afternoon, has been asked to play "The Infl«t"atus," from Rossini's "Stabet Mater»" with orchestral acco»p» llim ent. and he will do so in his best manner. Open'"K the afternoon's musical program with one of Vqnbon's marches. "Explorers March," Mayer; "La Reine de Saba," Gounod: "True Soldier." la-calle: song for cornet, 'Til Sing Thee. Songs of ArabjV Frederick Clay. Thds pro-am of orchestral music Is arranged. Co observe Thanksgiving week. It : was definitely week that the* chorus choir of the Third Presbyterian Sunday school would be ready to sing Maundei s "Song of- Thanksgiving," about the third week in January. · It was found Impossible to give sufficient attention to the oratorio before ChrlBUnas because of the fact that the '"chorus will be called upon to sing at the Christ:- mas entertfllnTnent and will sing, some numbers from Glebel'a "Nativity" and will have- to spend some time rehearsing these choruses." Edward W. Dunham, the music*! director, is taking special pains Jn the rehearsals and the members are rapidly responding to his drilling. The- soloists who will sing In the oratorio are:" Mis. Carolyn B»' 1 ber- Blddle, soprano; 'Albert Spruce, tenor. and Harry L. Welsman. bass. Male voices who would jlke to sing In this work can have places assigned to-them in the chorus If-they will attend the rehearsal on Thursday evening. De- at A : pleasing organ progra^ *·«' been arrangea by C, Dudley Wascto, . organist spf the -Third. Presbyterian Church, "for tomorrow .morning and eventag. .: Prof- W. O- PoleTM«ur te director of the Third Cinirch quartet choir. Is arranglhg for an eyeing of muBlc for Sunday ; evenlng, December which- -wttl be more elaborate than Barber the contracting : couple. After i luncheon yesterday at her Some In a'-:repast, daneirig^-was indulged .in. 1 prtncetbnl' . r ; · ^ - , ·_Among thoie" present .'were \ t f i e r The guests-'were; met.with aiitomo- Misses Rose and Mary. Bennett, Cath- J t "ii es and ah-^enjoyable ride was given erme and Mary Smith, Sara and Mary [them through the town prior to the "Sates. Beatru-s and Mary Foote,fi unc heon During the business meet-" , Anna -Casev,. ^.tlle Clarlc, LHlian De j n g reports, from the various commlt- Cou. Magdalene Briscow. Mae Barber, te e we re read. Mrs Warren -is. chair- , Ada Henck^n. Julia Hencken and Mrs ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH SUPPER. The Church Chapter of St. .Michael's give Its annual- supper man" of theeommlitee on Industries and Ghlia I^abar ; ahd. : ls also a-no.mlaee lor president of the Federation. The terms of the ^present officers expire early ta May and Mra. Warren was unanimously endorsed for^the December S In the Sunday School presidency room of the church The room will bet prettily decorated with American flags.^MISS SCHERBAUM Special features will, tie the domestic and fancy tables. ASK" LINEN_ FOR HOSPITAL. Members of Trenton Council" C; W; B- Xt, Ko 74. ate requested to- sendf the usual Thanksgiving donatld^ of linen to St; Francis-jHospitaT. iURPRISED. In honor of the celebration of her .twenty-first...·;' birthday ; anniversary^ friends -of -Mf«s : Helen' Scheraum, -.of Hllfcrest, tendered her a surprise party Thursday evening. The young folks who arranged the surprise are mem- ·bers of Grace Baptist-"Churph;.'where [ Miss Scherbaum attends. tE PROBLEMS OF iHf: -"A." letter: Jhe Jhank-Offerings of Misfotlun* JiSome f roiftra ; yoimg' -fii^n .·who says he has lost his poaHion, that . he !· to find «nother, and that he doeoiit sea that ho h«x anything to give th«vk« for on -the day of cele- br»*ton th«t IB : eouihig/. It wHI be a. gloomy, unhappy day for him, he. oon* elude*. Homer or Virgil, or some ot- the. old pent* It 'to dtfllcnft to remember Just. on*. h»» a scene In which he th».t*»Tiif offering* of «.'«hipi · - On* woaMn't think they had much to give «»*«M lor, ^ yet this beautiful old '-poetry This yAaig TTIX.TI is piobably Bitting in -ait atmosphere.of blttern»ss.; -He see« no-reason. r for.\thls misfortune _, Doming to him, he la^wllling to work, wing with JUr niythologlcsa :CoiF-T'he " ws doing hla u«-k -well." Why, . celts Is often a most Inaylrlng troth. , -The »«ry phrms«. "Th* »otlv« offerings ' those trho a» «ki«sked,* lias much "te tt-to pondw- over. ' %wuldn*t bo,vi just U»«» tt»"t h« had much to giv* thanks fect*. the «rg off coffee, irith its nerve ticking ef- POSTUM '"JrireV»R«» a n tor. History Is full of similar 'Into spell stance^ which capital letters. -_^ _. Yet out of them hJM;--euie some c*eai- *nd good both for th* on* shlp- and the world. It Is just the case 'ot Uyltig to plan';Wlth our little finite. mind, and when' our pl«nn go- askew of twnMnff we are ruined, when time the g/cat dlr1ii« ...lud Is better for oa alt-at once, without rhynw or reason, Shoujd his -"" -world be r =utnsed ; upside down?-- It^seems to him iinjustl And yet, pefhalw, something far better is" waiting for. him whfch -he- never, would have found, except for this upheaval. Wlae ia he and great, for'It meJn« the poaaesalon of a faith that will lead him to gr=at things. 1 If h« can give the thank-offerings of the shipwrecked before h* know* that th* I*nfl ,.to. ^whlcTi h» h«Ji come Is one o«c»-flowlng with ,Itk »twi-honey. ' - - - - - - . He .wants to shake off the doom-and the bitterness, to realize:that the infinite mind csoi plan-better :.than h e j can and to step out into a world bigger than the one he ha« yet- been in-, and where opportunities watt on all sides. .Good to there for him, AD h« needs to do ia. to go forth in tho rtgtt spirit and take, ,lt.'"Not a »iar- row falleth,"- and man made In the Image of his Maker is cared for better than these.-.." - · - - Menu for Tomorrow .ii.-i|'" Kr-jit r - - r - ; i ! w i t h S' '-· i ''"·. j f{. ' N i ! : . - ! , · - . i t - - . : ' I ' l N N K H ( ' ; . ar ( i i i * i ! i S ' t . i j r \V t i l "U- H:u-i H u l t f d -\ :'! I ' : I ' . , T - . . r n Fnf,. r v ' ' * r.\;- ' . * . f R . - . * : ) ' ,t . · T -. V . r l - i . i t : ; I ' - . . ! · : « SAYS ENGLAND GAVE WOMAN HER SOUL Miss McMillan Also Credits England With M a k i n g Woman i Luxurious Creature vr:\v Y I : K x ·· r " ?-'. ::*; f i' ' t h n - t v - :·--.- ,'. cnv' ! . r t h - · ! "";·. « -in Sn^ r t ; - - ' - j r u r y Id..;. ·:( -xti- A P R E l l Y BLOUSE AND HAT FOR M A T I N E E W E A R With afternoon suita of worsted, mohair or velvet, women aj* wearing blouses that match "thp rotor of the suit; but often the white lace blouse that did service. f'r ilressv afternoon occasions last season- appears, again under the smart little over-bodice^ of chiffon -which is the fad just now. One of these over-hrdices Is shown here--a dainty marquise model of navy blue chiffon, handsomely embroidered and braided in a d^slitii that emphasizes the shoulder- and sleeve lines of the peasant cut of hndlcp. The smart hat Is the newest Paris notion In flatness, and is made of bliu-k velvet with a band of Oriental eznbro'idery In blue and gold and a shaded blue wing slanted In a new fashion across the crown. CHAS.PETIEW AT BAT TRIMMING MEETINGS ARE HELD BYMflTHERS'lLUBS The meeting oifth* Mothers' Club of l l - 11 r-.- .1 S-Siid-.* · i.- s, F t t K A K F A S T ' - ' r c . - i i - v i t h Sujrar and Cream Ka.-.m fr-ain Mut!' I . J ' N O H E O N n . : k ' i M a c a r o n i w i t h 'h.'t'St-. F * u r S.-iut-.-- Drop Cat · PINXKR. "i'!d Sliced Ham. ?.5ashi-d Sv.-,.. ( .t 1'otafoes. H.-ik .1 (miens. S\V'--t t'i. k!*'*l Pp,'ich«?S- K ; t r i n a P*idiHn£- '. JEFFERSON SCHOOL HAS PLEASING FAIR i i - w e d h«-r revolt fr'irt; tr.-j.: r . - m i l l i o n ; *.'.·.*·· h v r in f a r t , a 3 - » - i ! " Th;* is t h - - -'{.!: ; ion -f Mis'* M:iri?a.r' j t N ! - Miih-.i! of lvr,_,-:;uul w h r . hux '-urn*? to Ar:i-rii-:t h'-r n a t i v e r o t j r i i r y to Itn:- · jr.- lid'j.-r Ihf audplces of t'r.-- f ' l v l c r'tjruni. ' ' rphAii"iJ at «n ertriy age and forc«"l ta rriaK' 1 h^:r own way in th*' worM · ·.- M the tor^m^si a u t i i f - ' r i t t f ^ in Krii ; i t j : « J nr. t h * - ^ · l u c a t i n r i aii*j n.-^-Is of rif'Tt.H t j i f l t ^h^. f^'-fjlnu of n*- ¥ d *-hiI^ *!c»-ii U.-.-UN i n i r o d u c o d in th* 4 Eiteliah Miss McMillan -onfc«eH t--, !"-!ni: ?4 S'lfTrairist b u t at sh«- sn\'a 1 t h . t t -A r.r:'.-:i :.« r^^r'atislt'l*- for th-^ Cadwalader School day .afternoon and was was held ye»ter=- at- The superintendent and board 'of the State Street M. E. Sunday School gave a social last evening -which proved most IntereBUiig. The lecture room of the church was decorated with corn stalks and pumpkins and on the platform a sheet had been hung for the shadow pictures of "TheK Knight and the Jjdy." The characters were t«Jt»n by Mrs. O, J. Oswald;. Mrs. . John Shilling, Horace Thorn, Hugh Barker. Fi~"lr Barber anoWJohn Shilling- Miss £*. -Blake- had *ci»Tge of the entertainment and Miss Jane Hlmnan prepared the sketch. At the conclusion of the sketch, an amual'ng hat .trimming contest wns _ _ _ . held by the men Ten -minutes wore itory of the Mothers' Glub. -Ruth Har* JW ***- ./ *^^ .. ^^ _ , ... .-_ _, ^,*_a i^.-.- \.t »'_: _^i Fr.i_ m ^i^n ! i . r:t'-;.-in ma*1f fur women." iy h*-r Uv-orv. '-i.q sp*nt for worntTi. Hhups iir- r l U v f w i t h luxurloua t.rua- ! m'-nts fnr t h ' ' i r adornment or for th*^ i d t ' i . ' i r i i t l o n ·? ih. homi-s In which th^-y · f u l f i l l th-- a n i i a h l o d»-stlny us-domestic 1 pels. ' - - · Hut th- .-,,«.· of Sold will ffii'l for th-' sum*; p*-a5*^n* that th« j?old«*n ug". wa.-* . tu Itcnorani.'e and larkn»ss. Womiin : has no part In these brilliant epochs, j Unless .shu Is given h»r share in the j making of '-Ivlifzation. civlilzatlon will ! fail- - . ' Mlas M-cMHInn's er»-atpat hobby.' however, la thu physlc:ii, trainms " f ; children as the condition precedent t.i their higher development. . "Th« d-- i velopment of th« .:hild body" she sayXi "la the tunlus of th^ instrument necc.s- i sary to the production of "harmony." .-''·-ai i.'t rt-'iiiily -.1 m- m 10 waJ.k In. in th« shap.j of ornament la also . =-ins.-* fastening- fnt-rrnous, br^it. ew f-^iture. :· There was a largo attendance at the opening of the annual fair of the Jefferson School hist evening, and It la eap«:ted that the attendance will be even greater this afternoon and evening. The rooms of the -school building ar« decorated and the various nooths filled with dainty articles, which are being disposed of for th^ benefit of the echool. Miss Isabella McCormlck and Miss Alice McCormlck have charge of the Ice. cr«»rn, while Miss Anna Brother has charge of the cake table. Miss Hazel Bennett and Miss Bessie Pouner preside at the sawdust pudding and , Miss Addie Cufiberley and Miss Mary .which are so tiny that bany cards are THE VERY LATEST IN MUFFS. LATEST IN CALLING CARDS "The niMV miiCff? rw« l a r ^ and tre fancy In 8tyl».~ j a y ^ 'Trace itaret (Toulrt In W n m a r / j Home ^knion for Xnvember. "Thcr ara b1n«l w i t h i-Tnt-Tilerisl" chiffon, vel-- vf-t an'l silk t". fa'-r. -q-:tte a namb«r ; o f ' the ?naart?;*t se-ts have the loag. stole aji! muff mad** of piaije^l 'chiffon:; 'with r u r bands. It 13 -«n «- _ ,,, j celient way to roak* over old far 13tO« Cautng cards show a decrease in j m«dtsh nectc scarfs and muffs. · " - . size each year, and this year they are! "Furs nr- tnaniauiatvi this .season. smaller than ever Women who n k « i n » u « h as a fabr! i i to keep up to date arp."carrying- cards j *y no larger than those" by meh, charge of the fancy j being printed with men's names. Bagon have table. Miss UHlari Locke .and Mies Eva Foulkfl Adelaide Johnson, Miss tended. Mrs. J. Hollies, the president- dlapog of cajl dy and Mtes Sarah Phil- presided and, opened the session with , ,, ba ^ charge of the flower booth. prayer;- This was followed- by wer w h l ! e ga^jg ^3 ipmonade are dis- fburth grade pupils, who sang a song · pnesa ,,·( by Miss Jane McKe»- Mis* ' " R*. v nolds is directing the music- of praise. 'The Lord is My Sheppard. Mrs. George Williamson. Mrs. Snow aid Mrm. AAam f Steohm. Edith Fell gave a reading on Thanksglvlhg preparation, after which the/ treasurer's report was approved and accepted. Mrs. Hollies gave an Interesting address on the meeting at Riverton last May. A rising vote of thanka was given to Mrs. F. Plttenger ipn her-hie- . . ^..-.-jf NEWLYWEDS. allowe'd for the work and a prize v.-as given to the most artistic trimmer, Charles Patte, Miss Elizabeth Thomas, W. Hydes and Dr. H. Thomas entertained with music. . The refreshment committee was headed by M!KS' 'EJdtth Wood. The primary department was also looked after «T"fl In the basement -of the church a catidy bunt, blackboard drawlnar ;»nd other games were indulged ln- LADIES ARE BlSY The Toung' of St. Margaret's . - - ^ any he has. -yet given. Tall ila'en Morgan of New conductor of. chorus cnoirs : and jaraslcal festivals will -rfslt ^tate Street M.; E. | Sunday School at Its regular- session on Sunday afternoon. Mr. Morgan and Professor "Mueller, organist -of State Street Chwclw are f ormfog the chorus choir to BfBg daring the nnnlversary services In Deceraber, and- at tlie regular sei vices of tie cimrcb thereafter. · Paol Ambrose, leader of the Monday Musical 'Clubv Is bringing, the cinb up to a high standard and the concert which will be given on December 15 promises, to bs a .good ont^ Roland Bourne, organist of St. Mi" Guild of -All Saints' jDHurch held tfielr weekly meeting last even ing- The making of fancy articles has^ been staiied with thef.-vlaw of holding a fair eariy In December. -The -work for the support of a poor family will be atarted shortly after the holidaj-a. W. R. C. SERVES SUPPER. The -women of the Aaron WUkfs Post Relief Corps served a hot roast beef, supper to more than 300 persons last eventag in thS Post rooms at Broad and .Hanover Streets. Banners, flags and mottos -were tacked about: the walls; rlson recited the history of Thanks giving and Virginia Howell entertained by telling of Thanksgiving. A song was sung by the Fourth Grade, entitled "Plymouth Rock:" Then followed the report of tho Sanitation Committee, of which Mrs. Edwin -D. Cook is "the presiaent; and of the- BanV.lng- System Committee, over which: Mrs.. Jjlaton Satterthw-alt presides. A special feature of the meeting was a discussion as to changing the name of Juvenile Committee to Child's Welfare Conniitttee; It was carried. : - Miss Anna M; Fell, principal of : the Cadwalader School; talked of her visits to different schools and. the RECEPTION .FOR Mri and Mrs. Alvta S, Brewer, who were married November 8. on -.their return from their honeymoon Wednesday were tendered a reception at tho hom'e of the brlftegrotitn's parpnts, Mr. and Mrs. Willis L. Brewer. 104 " !"Chestnut Avenue. The parlors of ;!R - - - - - 'Even conservative women are carrying cards measuring less than two by thre« inches, so that in the case o f ^ deep mourning card ther« Is only suP fictent blank spac« for the name. The smallest .woman's · card measures tw^ by two and three-quarters Inches; tho larceet. three .and three-quarters Inches by. two and three-quarters inches, with four sizes coming between. . The pastebpart Is of jmir yfnedlutn thickness. -Th« stiff c§M : If out of date, . ; - ; - - biv Where fur: scarf's are n-'it' rom^'rieci -IT*S *^ult« plain. In «r» very !jne' ami" -x-ldf. .-arrying owe ; the I-PCUP. t«r t;-.c. Ions, f l z i scarlwhlca: had its orison in t.':ft satin affairs "seea-;/ at the Fren-.-h ra^es las', suniiner- Soin»?- of the new m u f f s are fancy In sbsjWiy satin or ve';-'*--t. -' W h e n made .of .Jhir . alone. th«y -^rp u«;iiai;y in d r u m «^Hp«;.: and ar»» vftry blsr !rul«ed. The: ·ca.H*»fl "granny" murf-s, hut are lareer than t h d bif «hapes carrlaa-- the s*»flate l i t t l e .iadies of our grana-: mothers', and fjr^at ETandmothftrs*.-: This year preference is 'given to the i shaded old English lettering and the 1 black and shaded Fronch script, the! Chestnut Avenue. The parlors of ttte-J latter being the very latest style. ·'- i f f Brewer home were prettily decorated j The size of the lettering is regulated j At Fountains EJsewhero by Odess Brewer, the well known decorator of S. P. Dunham To. Mrs. W. H. Jemison rendered several 'by the length of the name to b« graved and th* size of the card is reg- plario selections during the evening. ' A ulated by the length of the name/ idea ia announcing the birth O. W. Brewer, Walter Large and Elton i of a eon Is .to print-the usual baby Stryker were ushers. . ^ card with "His Royal Highness" u n - I derneath the child's name and,. In the corner, *^At Home Every Evening.^ LIliLEONLY-LdNELT discovery of. the absence of many' chiidren /or lack ofr clothing. · -- - · ' · The gueats Includede relatives and friends from'Trenton, Tl$»svllle, Har- Ungen. Flemington, Plttstown. Thre» Bridges^ Rtngoes, Bethlehem, Stony Point; jantnersvUle,; Revere. Refreshmeijts were served by J- F. Hancock's Sons Cbmpany. P A R r FOR -ANDREW DORWART. chael's Church, "been , throarfa lllnesn to play at the -cnuren. CharleS Chapman Is snbsHtiiMjig. A concert -will be given November 28 to *«*oclatlon Will for the benefit of the Woman's ^change. A pleas- Ing program is being arranged. Philadelphia talent will assist. During the services at the Central Baptist Church tomorrow the follow- Jng music wiU be given by the organist- Morning -- Prelude, -The King of. Love MyShepherd Is," Gounod' offer- to, x, "KJnnelled," Sehulz-Welda; postlude ""Air A.U D»uphin," f KoeckeL. Evening Prelude, "CaiitUene;" Th. Salome; ofte« lory, And"te, ,*rom Sonata, op. 26, Beethoven; ~postlu4e. In G mnjor, 'WV y. Sudds, MADE f60 feY PLAY. It wa» reported at a- Jnee«n» of the pastor** comw'tte* of th» Central Baptist Church, conducted yesterday at toe home ot Mrs. Nellla Lee^ Street, that about »80 was netted by the play recently given under the direction of the on -----"·-- and thai th»:supper- served netted J16 The n«-.t week at the of Mra, N. T-nnijlng. of Ewlug St. eel. / " MISS GILL ENltRTAlNS, Miss T HeIen St.' QH1, dansnter or 5tr, and Mrs. John E. Olll wHl ««ert»*n tms afternoon from 2.30 to 5 o'clock, at her home, 831West - Staw Street Tddiy will be her eleventh, birthday and:the little.;hosts** win have sx her guests abotit a score of :her chums from the State Model School. The GUI " J be^prettily decorated'and a . prograns,that will keep the little ant* busy has been arranged. --- - - · . Clear Brains and good spirits come nalu»JIy whoiHie\8tpm«ch is qp to it» .wuik, the liver and bowels active andihe blood pure. Better cort- ditaons always follow the.use of BEECHAMS PILLS The following members o£ the .Relief Jjn nse _ Corps participated in mnklng the affair a huge success; Mrs. Margaret Mathes. Mrs. Jennie- Sparmaker Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Annie Bennett, Cora Thompson, Mrs Lulu Mrs: ^meeting ivas adjourned to meet second Friday In- December. COOK MOTHERS' MEETING. ·jT, e ; A party was given Master Andrew th e I Dorvrart of 327 Monmouth Street, 1 Thursday- evebbig in honor rtf his-fif- .teenth". birthday anniversary. ; The At .the- semi-monthly meeting of the Coote School Mothers' CluB yesterday afternoon president. .at the hohie o:f the's Mrs;. William Wooten, Sfil East State ; Street- Mr*. WJIllam Kretz of the Children's 'R«ceiv1rig Hbnte, delivered an -Interesting :aildress.on "The Need Kt the.-Ch'Uaren'a..Home." The following program was render" ' . evening was spent In mustc and play- Ing games. One of the features a planQ\reclta/ by Miss -Violet Burgher and Master . Whlttlesey , Seorles. ReffeBhrnentsiwere served, after '.which the guests -went home, wishing -him many happy returns f of the day-. Those (present were. The- Misses^ Oertrude Ilo-svarth. Helen Runyon, Flossie Acker, ed: -Ylollri .sold, ^Master "Arton '. Wln- stanleyi piano solo. Miss Charlotte SandhofC;'piano ;duet," Master Lester Wlnstanley and Mrs Violet- Burgner, Alice _ Howarthy Jeanr nette Dorwart, ' Ruth Dorwar|. also Messrs." I^ewls Kelly; Andrew ""Ttor- Charles Water- f wart. Frank Beers. Harold PIppltt. Clifford Reed, Willlard Befrien, Horace Ifs nice to be thV'OntR One. · Your mother loves yon so. ·; when people w-ant to borrow you . She..hates to have you go; Bill when she goes away herself Or ladies come; to catl. It's lonesomeMa th* grarden . :Ajid It's lonesome'In-th« halli . · And then you warit Another/Oha -To .laugh'at--you:and say. -. "Little OnJy, little Lonely. N«ver mind! kefs play!" It's nice to be the Only One "When" father's hom» at nlfffit, *" But It'» lonesome In the- nursery"* f Wfcen he takes away the light. You; think how- ccvzy Tw6 : woiil-d Another Jttti« bisd: And another IHtle';plllo-w And another little -head; Ton shut ytvur eyes and think think Cntil it's aJmo«;t true ·1-lttIc ©nly. IJttlB, L*meiy; Here's a Twin for yon! HORUOr The Original and Genuine MALTED The Food-drink for At fcaJaiiranf^ hbt-^S, aM Deficipus, invfgoratiiig and Keep it on yonr aideboar :."·· Don't travel without It. A quick lunch prepared in a Take no fanita tioTi. In No Combine or A f Wn of Beauty la a Jor D R. T. F»ttx Oour»ud*s Orl»nt»l Cream or Magical Boautlflar. i. (use- - L4inora tteeo, v ini.u-u xieijicu, nvicsm Here s a Twin for von' Owing to renovations that are beingiDorwart, Walter Doivart and Mrs A- ---Margaret. i«e Ashley. In Woman's nsade to the Cook School and as theiDorwart. homeaipf .the members are entirely too f small; for :ihe meetlngsi- the make :arrBngements : . to hold; culb' will] the nerctj" __ _ Slover, Mrs. Catherine Goodwin; Mrs j meeting In the Sunday Schorfi rooms o f ) Lillian Burd, Mrs. Annte Sines, Heirs. Alice Hazlett, Mrs. Rebecca Bishop, Mrs. Lldia Brown. Mrs. Emma. Smith, Mra_»Bertha Tebeau, Mrs. Jessie Wll- coi, ~Mrjfc Margaret Hlndleyj Mrs. EHa. Taylor. Miss Elizabeth Hlndley arid Mrs: Florence- Holcdnibe. Wilbur Church Thursday ber 9 A N EW SI UK BRA I D, The \\oman who-wants embroidered Decem- I effects, but does not !lk* arduous work, j will welcome a new siik braid that [loolcs like chain'stitching. . A design IS; j stamped as for ordinary embroidery tand the braid is- se»et on the outlines The; ladles'"Aid Society of th« First: by 'hanrf. / A f%w";ftlllng stlipes or MADE f400 AT SUPP£R. . . Home Companion for November GOOD COMPANIONS. It makes no ; difference, "in looking back: feve years,;.how you" have be*n dieted or. dresseid;i whether you hav« been lodged on tho first ffooJS,er tt-e attic;"--.whether- you- have had gsrferis | or baths, good cattle and .horses, have | been carried in d- neat equipage "or "In! ·,,*»««« n ^r«H t i m ^ m »_L »H«lTJflPn i \PrtP»17«aiJl)B»Sb^.wW l "if. E Church met yesterday afternoon- French knot centres Increase the effect t a ridiculous truck thf-se things 1 to receive reports from the supp*"- - nm- 1 1 f hand emhroMerv "Th»£p braids come| forgotten so fiuirkly and leave no *f- « »B^U^E. uiootnu rsoji-rciriii 'mlttee. It was reported that tfiev' jn tf!ors to match most of the new ' feet Bat-it ^counts much whether we FLORENCE WISHHOM, «t«Ai C.J-UL- i dearea. more than-$100 at the »etor.d s -tii;s -of dr.-s« maj-eriaT Thev are i hare bad gfjod companions In The women of the Florence Mission J annual election night supper Mrs A. J -«pocaKr effectiie on pongees and , timP. almost as much as -«hat thank the Needlework Guild for a 4o- j J. Tarns was chairman of the ttwn- j^hantung-s done in self tones have been d-ning--Emer«tn nation of garments. jmlttee. _, -* ! THE TIMES DAILY Pl^ZLE'PICTURE A PURE PRODUCT OF A PERFECT PROCESS Bak C ocoa Is afcioKilelj pu/e, i«»!frfui, and deHciou»- d, Get ifte gtJiuLie totth out trade-ntufk on ike package 52 IFTMECOAl YOU BURN Leaves too maeh ash, Vf» cnatftig :. "y«o =raore :thaa it ought, ilucn ash n«m« lo«? 1= ri4 service, anJ a higher prte« .than- W;50 a Kin, AVe -iiandlfi a cpal that nsr- er cllnkered -:. and . burns up more -'cioinpleteiy tS'an }m.o*t coals." leaviag the; sm«Ha»t juantit ot wasts behind! It Ielrvcred clean, tcjthoat dirt or ^late. at the cost «t inferior'coals. ROBStT W. ItRSEDY CO, ~t1»rl1S*·'% Siat* St. , Phoita BJ» C. W. Updtfo. President.- RobHW, Kennedy, Sec'y an-i Tr«»s. . C. KR EtAKRR 0. 178O Dorchester, M» - · · . ' " " · - " - " - TttANKFCLC -" , . - " " " · "Tfs good to know that football halrHow very thwikfi)! xr* should be Win show tn« srame old fashion. · In trolls It Isn't roatten, Just shaken down- without a care Xor draped wlt-h fturts_ In xerrac Anfl. rea^v for the rtashln'. swjrls. ·s · Nor puffed, nor Ironed, nor ratted! Find a Willie boy. . . * - · ·.ANSWER TO YE8ilER0AY*3 Dpper rlcht oera«r down, in cl»th«» -id pillow. jBSji FII cents, B9P «0ll«$ and M.FFS AT WHOLESALE PRICES YOU KNOW US. EIGHT YEARS IN THIS CITY MAKES US THE · ' - - · · · ' · "-·"": ORIGINAL" · NEW YOM FIRWE8 ted with Any Other Stores Be Name; Oar Only Store Is 224 SOUTH BROAD SHEET Hot Connected with Any Other Stores Bearing or Using Our *. Name; Oar Only Store Is l-,o Do.i- «f Snttt. OPK!f EVKYTXGS. \EvenU5nJ!y yon wi'j come to haw "me make -your-"laJMt-made sntta. Why not" icome .how ?.- FuH. selection ot cloths for suits, long x«its. etc, LC.BORrtELLI 163 EAST FRONT ST. . Designer, cutter and t*tlor of any g»rment for vronwrt'* wear. F,«»i Jeiiey Wbitint. in *· rough, 4clb Fitsh Jeticy Hake, rfresi«d, 5t ft IRVING D. BANKS 153 N. BROAD ST. Both Fhsnts.

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