Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on November 19, 1910 · Page 3
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 3

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 19, 1910
Page 3
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t ; -oA*iiJJtaAY,*l?Oyft!vrKKiftfvi9, aa to time, tor there will be no by which they can be Idenflflsl So, also. In cases where damage Is caused by the visitor That this IB appreciated elsewhere the o-tl at No. 120. which the chief justice said WBJJ the *r«atest Dumber the court could possibly lls- pooa oL That will leave 65 cases a» a starter for the March term: aad at that , except Sunday 1 4 KKNT£N TIMES A-IO South Stockton St. Trenton, N. J. 1*1 HPHONES 2200. Either ITlVKe brmnCO exchanges which *h* ne-o, bust- ···.. mriA all A*i\a 4ni«n*c fan w» ctts ana all atpBitnients can be than In "selfish and Inhospitable New j rate It la etusy to se« that the highest Senator L*aviu of ilerc«r County I business of a bank or ·of any other Jersey." Is indicated by the fo!l«wlnK ooun In the State roust soon be so far! sa-8 he will vote for a law that will j large corporation They .are Invested from 'Law Notes." a popular publl- behind In Its work as to cause great perml 1 Trtnton to adopt the corn- cation with members of the legal pro- I Inconvenience to litigants. It IE none) mission form of government, "or any fesslon: ] too early to take up the'Job of d r a f t ( measure thai will allow the people of There Is Tio ground upon which an , tag a new Judiciary* amendment to the j Trenton lo govern themselves wlth- operator of an automobile can claim to ron gtj tu ,j on j out re«ard to what the people of any have a greater rl|?ht In his ua* of the ! other city !n the State need or want." public h i g h w a y than that possessed b y , " * " " ' That means t h a t he stands for local other I n d i v i d u a l s , and It would 8r«ns Councilman Swartz V an advocate, rule r e s t r l r t e l j perhaps, only as to able th *j U (i'^ °'"f wl ^ nes '" . e x ", of the cotnmlseion form of government; bonded indebtedness, and to a com- ous machine he should be com for municipalities, and his experience Pllance with the general laws of the to provide some tangible means, !n Common Council will make his views : State, which Is Irl line with the Btokes- i by which persons Injured could be re- ___. .__ _,,. w r V _ _ ..,,.,,.! Spencer municipal jrn!uraed for lnfefs wou!d carry great weight with the voters. home-rule Idea. I seem that a statute compelling the' when the proposition Is submitted t o ' hav- : Xobody now denies that municipalities bt Options by Carrier, IOC a | o^r, o^automobHe* M^ 'h'^them. as it w,l, he. i:, all ,,r,.ha l .lM«y. ' «hi,h they "can i: ; by m«ll, J5 « year. , to the State for the use of any person . And Mr. Swartz. by the way. would , selves. Fully 01 JifTerent problems to deal with. test settle for them- with all the powers of city government, and are elected by the people of the whole city. With two years' experience. In De« Molnes. "the administration ha» been prompter and the city h«* been cleaned up physically and morally far* beyond. the old order. Permanent Improvements have been secured to an extent not even approached In the paat," and · all upon a tax levy that haa averaged j twenty-seven cents on the J100 leas i "than the average for the eight years j A W-MM.M AT mo A Boutaii «eu'I«rn--' W«»t African, woo la Interested in «·«-- ·ionary work., a num|«r of photo- gnoha. "What !· t"T~ -- w ed the vialtor, gn«ing in wvn« Kt on« of them. "Oh. «i-af« a «\«pfhot '»*«n during a foott--'i . :mrrv«4« at the »t"1ium ·· "ButjJ 1 ** your church no mi-;lon- arie« t* »--"i «mon» ttue people,?" waa the qulcdr- rejoinder.--Boston Transcript. Hewitt--Does the cHm«*e atTM with roar wlfoT Jewett--Thcfi more tbap I'd expect of any ollmAte.--Smart SeC CLAiK'S ORIENT CRUISE g. s.. -Arabic- lea vas Feb. 4: rates,'' 3400 up. Including shore' excursions'. n eochsnt'ng days. Stopover privileges. Round World Tour JaiL. X; Tr»TM«- Siberian, »»«r. l«; Hiverla In Jan. and Feb.. and 30 European TOUT*. Specify program desired. FI^XK C. CJLARK, Tim** Bollding. New York. v itk The circulation of the Trenton Evening Times for the |r«t l*elve months was up- 4«rds of 20,000 copies daily. Cl«».-r!fftion books open to NOVEMBER 18. 1810. BRIBERY. preceding under the old nyolem. | "Ninety-five per cent, of the citizens of [ Des Molnes are thoroughly satisfied j one-half of the laws j that the ch"-ge of two years ago waa injur7dr % woul"d'be"^a'*resion'a"b!e''ixer-i mak an excellen t member of a com- i passed deal w l t h matters of whjch the U S°*5 change. They would not CO else of legislative authority'. Such leg-. - · Legislature knows nothing, cares less, back to the old form under any con- islation would compel the owners o f ' mission, no matter what partirular ^^ ls K u jrt e d almost entirely by the these machines to recognize .nt all times scheme may !·»· a!.pt»-d: I ' U t u n t i l we reprf--5f-nti«fSv»s of the city or county set authority to adopt the -,,nimissi"! directly Interested. There Is every iheir responsibility, and might be the cause nl eliminating from the streets . reason such machines as serve 110 purpose "in ; plan. U Is not worth w'hile tu speculate t ' thf world unless 1t be to show that I to !«lievc that an effort w!U t e w o r uness e t o s o w t a r candldate8 . their owners can afford one- At least Legislature It is apparent that some legislation isi necessary in this direction · r~ Th New Jersey does nu compel non- ^ 1 * TM " m residents to give a bond, ^ut merely to : of the Starp inti-:idei a bp made this winter to secure leglsla- I tlon that will enable New Jersey i municipalities to adopt any of the 1911 will be a various forms of commission jrovern- ment that are growing popular to ! (guarantee that they ma}'be found in! o f the . w "r« elements or th* prust-iit. voters throughout Some sideratlon." That Is the testimony of Democrats I and Republicans in Passaic, Hunter- j don. Middlesex and Monmouth Coun- j ties, who have observed the working of ' the smaller board of freeholders law, which. In principle. Is similar to the commission scheme of municipal government. Both concentrate respon«l- the country. The people i blHty In the hands of fewer men. The why bear, the bur*-en are more compe- , legislative bodv will hiiv«- l.n-»n olinii- I e n t !0 Deride what is better for them^ | case they are needed CommlBBloner j n at ed. weak men will be replaced by than th« representatives of counties ~t ~t» Muvrvl, until .hla guilt has been! t"mobillsts that New Jersey was j«..-3; and under that rule the per- i nterely In advance of the other states.. old or "popular" system answered well when municipalities were smfijl, and · public officials were more concerned In · 9-·* rtwwg-ed ..trtth bribing voters on -~1c t}oo day not be convicted even pabRc opinion, until they have had importunity to be heard. In which, when they had. secured a corresponding mileage of good roads, would flnd It necessary to pass law* to protect them, as New Jersey ha* thejjubllc will be justified I d ° ne - That he was right Is evidenced in drawing conclusions by the course j^' tne quotatlbn from "Law Notes." by the accused. It may fee! Legislators who blindly pledged them- that has b«en followed parties for many years, can too UMirh to expect that the corrupt i selves to favor th « "reciprocity" plan may flnd themselves In a predicament when they are forced to meet the Issue. 4~ No man wa« ever depressed by finding out that his wife was hi* mental up at once; but that plea. should not have weight In case the of the accused persons is shown. i--» the law, the penalty, the entered In^o by the leaders to «-:ourage and discountenance ther couujtt l»e of money on election day. »T»ij of the efforts to be m»4«» by the i: -. Antl-Bribt^i League to detect violators.^ - · WltSt thle fcmnrledye fhey went into tii* (Ureraeeful business with their eyes open, and were willing to take all risks. -flPl» *--fue reports that its representa- ,, ·ecui-ed Information to establish fact that "there was bribery .In' *tj»;.--3PU*l, Seventh. Thirteenth. Elev-i «nth and Second -wards." and it» offl-' Tiave In their possession other InfoiiUation morally convincing, but not aufflclelttly verified'-to give to tie public as having been established :J*jr- proof." and proceedings "wlpiesned officers of the league, indicates a inferior, though -muny a man been pitched headlong into permanent dei jection br the discovery of the reverse. -- Graham PhlltlpB- '- so*r«»Wbat- general resort to the practice at the la«t election,!' '!· but one way In which vot»- y: hujtnif .«m be broken tip. that.ij by Jj^unfeHins those .who are caught In the ?.f:C£fnie/. : .-"_Ti»e law IB strict enough, but vj'to ilSi.effetCv* it nmst be enforced, and S;.|f-":wlll not enforce itself. For year* : *moaic attempts 'have be«n made, to "prosecute violators, but they have cen- abandoned as goon as the ;, e-Trtt«niMit of- the election WM over. r^ads by mpmhera of one party . offset r by siTMiH«r action iwi«r1t«rg : ln tbe other. At toat the which ._ruin · been *«Veij and .. Impartial set aboat It by COUNTY TAX BOARDS. Edward J. Cahlll. a member of the Morris County Tax Board, who says he Is a Republican and therefore does not expect to be feappolnted, ha» written an appeal to Govotubr-elect Wll»on in defence of the county boards. There can be no doubt that they have done 'good, nor that there should b« some authority to ·upervise the work of the assessors. The county boards nave been In existence for more tfmn four years. By this time they should have secured uniformity in valuation* as between the various *»-«-!hg diatricta. The bulk of tbe work having been done, there Is no reason why the State should longer be saddled with the »· sat jsxpense " in s*'»ries. The Beoretarie* cap take care of the routine work, and the salaries of the a^xty-three members twenty-one boards he fixed In. accordance with the" three or four w«ek«' time they giv* - to the public each year. Tt«j» 150,000 or $60,000 may be laved annimliy. and aupenrislon over the work .of the as«»»sor» be - mnin- tolned. · . . . , ' - '" r "' . , The n*»««sity of knowing:.* little about a of what. It intended Itaelf ; "atiould ^ ofcVlolatlon of. the law. be. re- is" it tHat it wotild aawume the estia'atihg any «vi- ^ = ,·**«·_ "Jbiwught; to its attention, aha if tn^n "ration should substan«»t* *nd -if»-^t th ^ mnlrtns: of -complaints, to #,H.;..e--tIxe responsibility of prosecu- ny one +him found to have aisainst the lass- "to prohibit :on election; day/' Tteeptog lt» pledge. :ft» -effotSa It will iave tbe aop- '^ie;;grea.t. mpjortty In-bothr par- flnda that "there- IB a steady .·iMC»**« i *;:«f- public- sehtiment ;in the direction, v.anA- that It Is. "becottt- ore dlitreptitclile to nion'ey^-for this purpose, and t*"i ti4 di? of relief torn tills abomln- drawing near." ;C6ndl- peistfll ftirtlier improved '- by *»kcm yesterday, «r4 by th« i|«ilsHclt3r. Jthatvli te b* given. In ce--- ?fTTM~* pA}»e~utluna. . This year -the fear . not save the^sruflty. ~-^. --·":- " m W*4»il-'»Um V dispatch ··- -says tBat j. Uontnent and-' decrease of =t "* j Jhii : xrf ; ajfr-Hxrase": is -one- of 'iiaijCt^-tor 1« considered at the |l;il!;o,C:. : oj.;Conaae»» wfejcb win begin » -at many tJrttits is tbe most ue bufden of . onr day.! -It of leisure on the one "h»rd. and of echoi«rshlp on th* Beppller. " . " - . ' ' . · In -ttfOfr^ry- business transactions men .pUy for work when It'is flnijihed; Payments In advuhc*, · on promt«es made to put on the flnJ^Wtig touches, are generally r«g. died, Theiefore the Board of Freeholders acted wisely- in cllrrtrig to ac«^pt the CadwBl»jIer Park txinnel for the present. Witfip a few weeks-narlgratlon'oik the c"f«»3- will close for .the season, and the : f»-lTM -can be.rrenalredi. .'We' : have waited many years for. the fhnhel, , and the railroad company ca»i .afford to" wait- a weeks for, payment, especially since ; It .has^not'ytt fulfilled Its contract.. With the money in the county treasury, the Teaks ;.are: apt. to be repaired at the earliest opportunity;; if it 1» paid over now, -we may be compelled to wait upon the convenience :at the repeated* experiences in; the past * have taught us wht that "Bear your uoas; never drag It. -- St. Theresa. The' - News -suggests that fronf next That'ls - Th*- lowrf- branch' ie tbo t .the: membership Js reduced t*st or Quwe mPifon. dollara a ~*/-*nt" fee saved fn official »aiarjes, * tfa» people will ~be better served.^- ·ONDfNGT _- ^ j^--- r- m , __ . - - -t - TO ; Luft '-·tviLjoblle law dAred by .the T 1 !**.'! nd A*l«nttc* cvuutte* agitatora is one f " ft-^ZKJQ*!'tVld^Qtj| tO COTOQ lto "'' »-*ti tar^'ltTciltfA tlm« : out a lloeiiM or tdgnln -wij^E. property registered Stat%" Th« license Is to ifjl»l* tfe K«w J«r«y Dtborlti«8 to "j » rtford of the visitors and see - they do not ovciBtay th* "Hmlted V* «nd the object of the power of work/should Tfte begun at, onceVon" the Public- Utilities .Commission' rate?"iii.ii.. ing "blU -which, both parties have pledged- thernBelx-es to pass. : The -advice is .grood, but. why not- extend it to bills of 'all kinds? Prbbably eighty per cent, of the measures that are Introduced could easilF be prepares and presented- during the first ;Wo T Hx - e«ks of the session, and thus th« two .houses would nave work to keep 1 them .busy from the start. . The Inauguration will Interfere next January.: but. there '-Is, no good reason why. after thai Is out jf the ' way. "Oie «erious work of the session should not be taken up. and final adjournment reached b -Xjie middle of March.'',- .': ' .." . _"- '-·:'-.:·-'-'- ~:_ ~~ '.'. '-. ~ .' - . --. · * ~ Cnitftd Sta'tra Senator -Kean- thinks the pripular" endorsement- of Senatdrtal » to snaWe the to '"-* sv »tsltor who may injure p*r»on9 that win »· put by the p- is proposed, US .out of consideration the i r '_Cit ; ""«ncJ« i N«» /J4*y *r»cJprocltr' '~. acc«s»lty fnr a reeara oT the visi- t^teria; anfi ability to re»£h them if neces- «« JUBtlfy the retention of the pa»oMj in -the If non-«jil- to. aime In law, whl«* ; Inrw *is of AemtR sr» to be ;·*!! b» UM fo,,,uaity of . iglst, atlon It to *-v, any Hmltatlon at th? primarJes Is "clajh- trap." and he does uot 6ellei-e the .Democratic, party Js to select Mr. Martlne as Senator because he won th* hDor. Mr. Kean. cannot consistently take, any oUier view. He refused Franklin- Morphy's Invitation to enter the contest In the Republican An^erplanafion of his refusal may be found In th-p fact that the two poiWican candidates In Union County who favored him ^t-.Tf. defeated." white the candidate whv was openly opposed to htm was f more chara-tnr, and lobbyists twenty, thirty or fifty miles away. sen-ing their fellow-citizens than by wlif not be so much in evidence.--. T?VP IVs Moines fystftn, according to ' desfrp for sain for themselves or their Newark Star. ^ Mayor James R. Hunna. of that city, j friends. The proof of the pudding is in t h e ' obliterates ward lines, ignores party! The commission form sounds good eating RcUer wxit ^uiail th"? et'dinK · P"li'U'B. at'olishes lfi,-!slative. execu- i and Passair and every other munlcl- of the se.sion before starting "to hand ; t ! Y e aud J«'^!al distinctions, and sub- | polity 1« the State, should be glvten ,stitmi»s a board consisting of the · jxrmission to adopt It--by popular out compliments. At least, wait until Mayor and four commissioners, who vote, of course: for such a radical after the election of a United States manaze the affairs of the city as a ' rhan'fte should not he made imleOT the Senator. f hoard of directors would manase th» ! ppnple 'leslrp It.--Passalc Dally News.; Senator Fielder says he Ls a candidate for the United States Senatorship, If there is to be "an open race." There was an "open race" a few years ago, and Benjamin Gratz. of Burllnston Bounty--he of the red necktie and Impaired mentality---was an announced candidate. The official F*3ords do not show his namev among the "also rans." "Dr; 'Wilson himself is a teetotaler, and his associations have been such to lead the^pnblic to heUeve that he IB oppoied to the liquor traffic." says Waterways Wisdom WASTED KFFORT. It doesn't take half the effort to smile over a trouble as it does to tell i all about it to everybody you meet. "Every merchant, every lawyer, i every physician, every man of every calling and occupation, lives upon the farm and is Interested In the cost of transportation of every bushel that Is raised on the farm. But that Is not all. The manufacturer can not pro-; duce unless he has a market, and he can only sell" what people can afford the Camden. Post-Telegram. That will j to buy; and If you will increase the' no doubt be news to the Governor- elect · Abe Martin Who nosegay an* . some tto foil? b» t policy. qle fpshlonetl Jreroriliim .leaf; a. fuchsia straight life is amount that the farmer receives by lessening the amount that is to be de- , ; ducted for .transportation, the. farmer: being, able to buy more, the rnanufac-" t : turer can manufacture more and the! laborer has more demand for his work j to produce what the rest of the people; can buy. Thug every laborer in the; United States, is -vitally interested in ] water transportation, for It means | more money to be spent for what he i nas to ^produce."--"William Jennings j Bryan. N . - - - ... i PLAIN TALKS ON FLORIDA Mr. I. I. Moo4|, one of the State's early settlers, gives valuable facts The greatest interest is now . manifopted ' regarding Florida, and fhoupnrjrt* oY -people are seeking information pTtAlning - to this wonderful stat*. Mr. I. li Moody,one nf Florida's early settlers, has recently published "Plain Tulles On Florida." which are Instructive and give important information, about Florida anl .Florida, lands- facts that you should kaow when you Invest. Mr. Moody tells about axteslan w,ater. Hay subsoil., potato lands, celery'lands, etc-, etc- · These talks are sold for Ji.OO, but ih^r will be. sent free for the asking when writing- .to ^ BCTTNEEL, DEVELOPS!KiNT CO., Bunneel, Florida. In a few days you will sit doivo ] to Thanksgiving dinner with your family. The butcher, the miller,, the f »- - mer, will furnish you the materials from which to coiv struct it. But unless you're a "raw- food-faddist 1 ' -- it's got tcf be coolctd. It ought to be well cooked. That's where "Silver Ash" coal comes in for a job I Give it a chance to show how well the job can be done when you've got the right coall Be good to yourself- -- ~_~ ' // there's vne day in Hie year when you*re entitled to enjoy perfect freedonf from ~kitcfieti worries over fires that just simply V ''won't burir,i or .else ".. burn out before you knft'Oflf-^-^ That day is Thariksgfbinefi .'.: ;-·._"·· just 'phone You to be 60 or 70 or more. Do you want to work hard for your living EVERY day of your Jife?^. Begin now to provide for your future comfort Secure and keep in force a Prudential Continuous Monthly Income Twenty-Year EndowniUnt Policjf. At ffie end of twenty' years it will pay you a monthly income as long as youJive. Payments will be made for twenty years whether you live or not Ask for rates. The c Prudential At th« opening of ihe term of th« Court of ^Errors- and Appeal* on TuS»- day. there were 186 ea*e» on th* H«t for argument, and It . \ - decided to Why not upend three evening* sach week with us "this winter. Tou might double your ,«ai!ary v* others have done. r for Ton Months. Steward I *rge 214 EAST STATE «t . w ls the Religious V Af / ^ A Life Necessary! 0 I · 1V1. \ -. JL \* Third address in a great series. TOMORROW AT FOUR WILLIAM A. FRKKMAKI i F, D.D. SPEAKERS Great Coat Sale Today \ , $20 tlaid Back *Coats, senii=fitted, Shawl or Storm Collar, Gray, O x f o r d , blue, . " * ; · . ; . seim=m 15 $25 Seal Plush Coats, full length. Satin lined through- C Today, . . . run ten 19 $13.50 and $15.00 Kersey, Melton and Mixture Coats, $ in scores of pretty ^ models. Today . . sey, ivie 10 Otir Holiday Liiio of LcfktKcr is already In the cesea a magnificent display of superior articles for men and women, handsome enough for show, purposes, but. of practical use.; . · ' - · · ' . - " / The .stock has in it some novelties, too; quite out of the ordinary whose receptifta on Chrtotmasmorning will be the signal for'an out- gouring of genuine dellgbt andTtindest.remembrances- We Okpnoiolly invite women to see these goods, because BO many of them a^re. exactly, what men like. Something .of the Assortment Something of the Variety v Playing :Cards, in cases. $1JX. to Trsv-JInj Ctdc*v t»*5 to fllOO. M«n(our« Seta; .BOo. to $5. Coitur Bag*, $1JDO tV 94m Jewel Cases, $1 to J3 ·uede. Necktie Holders, in novel ideas, 78o. French Clothe* Brush. BOo. to WWrft. Biooms, with leather h»ndle«. In stirrups f ? 00. Medicine Case*. 78o. to 15.00, Desfc Shear*, In c-- ; rrJiiWrrg- Cups^ 50ci to 93.50. Flasks. $1.00 to $6.00. Pigskin; JeweX Cases,; folding," Ehavlnp Mirrors, 50o. up. Sewing Baskets,$5.00. Traveling Seta for women for .gloves; handkerchiefs and -.veils/ «5.60 to $00. ' MlUtary Brushes, ft.50 to $6.00 pair* Leatfier Back Ha'r Brushes. |1.00 up. Tip, SHOP FOR C. F, Stout · 38 £. State Street . Tli«7 DO - n Nie* T^i-p at YariVa, of the Quality Kttie t«1t in order to Tf»Ve buyers acqu»iT»ted with them. To most womeiv «peciaily to those who T»ty with care,- tte fact that an article is sold at Yard's is sufficient to recom«ieiMi it. That is one of the situations we have tried to create. It took years to do it, constant watchfnlwe** on the part of OBT bnyefSj and a determina- tiomiever topnthefoie a customer anything th»t cannot measure ap. to the JTard sts'n^'trd. These gloves are worthy of a place upon onr shelves because *J»ey I^O so me«ajw». They're the "world 's best and -most desirable gloves for cold-weather wear, and please through sheer serviceability. *w hints ITS to sofls : \ ^tpe ^OT Walking OioTes the conect for the sUeet in cool weatfcff^ heavj^ weight, and in several sJ*de* of t*n;/l-«^«»P« Several qualities, too. H.OD, ^?F, fi» r f?oft. , . ^English .W*lH«g fflove*', in blj»"V, 1-clasp. serviceable. - ft SO F"*^. I Silk-lined Mo*1«a 61o»a, in grey; 1-clasp. Black 3Moch« fl JO. Ffeece-Uned Wi»**nBg Qlovts, in browns; 1-clasp. $1.80 jV v " Children/I Cape or W«ulli»g 31oves, tins 1-clasp. S, P. DulmAM A CO. Trenton, N.. J.. «ta.turday, Nov. 19. 1910. Your Entertainer for ' Tonight Mr. Louis J. Winsch, the Tenor, of Philadelphia Another "Trenton Evening Times" Sale Prom the iaaiairee of the Tim ) say 3 o'clock this afternoon, nntfl t ' closing time, 10 o'clock. We do fMp, ever so o.Tlr"i, m«Ve these »wnoTin«;ements of spovjial sales, so as to test the efficiency of certaiji of our adverti«ing "·». Women's Long Coats, $3.98 They're good, full outs, and the popular models; they're of sturdily woven stuffs in ijanii- jroughish effects. Moat of. .them ; showing faintly on the rfUi-fsce j wideieh, shaded-like stripes. They [are worth twice the price you wifl [ pay, easily. · i Women's Flannelette and Percale Wrappers, 98c These,are_F«ll made, amply full cut ·vrrappers, and they're worth $1.25 and upward. Novelty Ffesh Veilings, 19c They're silk, and there's a £ood line of colors, they're not ends, either, but ample'jquantities of all colers. " · Kid Finished Lamb Skin Gloves, 59c There's only tan and white. Most warfted kinds, though. A full line of sizes. As dressy and as good for -wear as mpst kidskin gloves at a dollar. ' "" Hundreds of Linen Doylies, 9c and lie Hem^titch J ed heni^. drawn work borders. They will make-a par 7 ticularly attractive addition to your linen supply for Thauksjriv: ing. espeeially. 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