The Paducah Sun from Paducah, Kentucky on November 9, 1896 · Page 1
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The Paducah Sun from Paducah, Kentucky · Page 1

Paducah, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Monday, November 9, 1896
Page 1
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ra S PADUCiI fW VOLUMK 1 NUMHKUUo 1 t rzrf v T lib llinrn - ik i r m viwtnii wmvi vi - - -2 1 Ml nArtrtt rVA clcrtl Im received nnmiltlcrnblvl UOTII DRUNK I HI KKNKX lnnrfm tbnn nnv ntlvcr Demo- I VH i tunUHtt 10 IUO Bl hat - - j -- i a I A Hi t 9 V 9jr m iw y t 3 lV T At Work Plundering mid lug Property in Mor gun County PLATT WILL BE SENATOR AGAIN ltiuuorcd Ijiw Partnership llouhtml and Carlisle Knhbcd and Ilurnud Hopkluslllc Nov 12 Thctnv crn nnd storehouses nt Icedeo wero tlostroycd by firo yoatcrdtiy morning nt nn early hour Dotli were robbed by incondinrios The loss will amount to several thousand dollars No insurniicc That Ixtru Session Frankfort Ivy Nov 12 A to tho dntc of tho uxtrn sosslon It can bo safely stated now on good authority thnt the call will be for Tuesday December I All this talk about tho governor uniting till ho nhnll hnvo been decided upon for senator is mere bosh Ilrndley nl ready hns the lend for the Republican uomiuntion Uiiriicd to Dkiitti likellle Ky Nov 12 Alexander Fecuis an old innn PO jenru of age met a horrible death horoyes terdny lie has been nn imalid for many jenrs nnd jiwterdiiy whilo nt temptiug to walk aniind his rtniin he fell nnd his head struck the grate lie nn stunned and before he was discourod he had been so horribly burned that hi death soon followed Sciimh a Acttnj StranKIy Urooklyn N V Nov 12 The seamen are dwelling tho battle ships In the nnvy jard bore nnd no causo for their unusual conduct Is known It is thought that tho recent rumors of n Snaiilsh Anierieau war may luiZUie nnuiin for in that tne the war would I bo n naval one The work of ro imlrlng tho thiiw here is being rujltod nn fnt n Dosslble and thoJSsy anils n hustling place e i a yi a 5 ditft Tom llatt to the lYoutV New York Nov 12 KxrSonator C llatt has decidwl sojtWHni I ncecpt the Unitetl uhlpfroui this state 1 icr leglsiv turojUBt elcctel is ovurwucnniiijziy ifpimhlinnn nnd Tlntts friends aro In n lnrge majority If hf wanUi to be senator ho certainly wUl get the nomination llatt has been In prlj vntc life since his resignation from United State eennte in 18S1 though lif 13 the rcnricader of tho party in stntc Arretted In St Louis lxiutsvillo Ky Nov 12 A mnn said to be Percy Sullivan n prominent iusurnuco adjuster of this ctiy yas loti nrrcstcd in St Ixiuls The lariinU fonrcrv Sullivan denies tho charge nnd says that it must ccrj tnlnly be n enso or misiiiKou uienmy Tlio accused is a proininunt citlon of this oity nnd er well known His friends refuse to believe thnt ho U guilty LegNla10 CoiitcRiM Frankfort Ky Nov 12 -The seats jOf each of tho recently tle tel Uepublicnu Reprosentntives niii Sqii ntnrahns been vontostcd by tho lUftckbuni people Notices linyij lieen lied nnd while they hnvo not Of DESERTION OF SEAMEN IN BROOKLYN West Liberty Noy 12 A linml of robbers has been oporntiug In Morgan county tliis week mid several thousnnds of dollars worth of vnlu nblcs mid money bnro been stolon Although tliuro is no direct clew yet tho Hheriff thinks bo will soon be able to locate the robbcts A posso Is nt work on tho enso Tlio JoveruorH Daughter 111 Frankfort Ky Nov 12 Gov and -Mrs llrmlloy ware yesterday called to Cincinnati on n summons by telegram that lliutr dmihtor Mis Christine M dangerously ill nt tho Conservatory of Music nt Cincinnati power In the llouso to even preenU inaonltiiir rif llielr OWtl IIICII tllC bare given sucli notices the Senate without tho aid of wjfeund money Deiuoornts they Tor the lirht Time jf v i rin P iiCxlugton board of nldermcn for the S Iirst timo in the history of tlio oHyt jm3 a Republican iJ rlty lho next meeting will bo the iirst nmcci1 crutlo tho clccto rmmic olnlm oif bettors ncnrly Is going ccrml toll tho hlndmo thcro will tors from eocrctnry of who nro not urcs did opinion hoM iVHIIC notn Storo Kobb Mt Olive K olllcooftho Wet this town nnd rtor Kvcn were Smith of tho ntlvcr Democratic thcro cotdu bo no Ich tho Urynn Kentucky I hnvo n hope It is i howovcr thnt Smith ill n few votes behind Icpnbllcnn elector bo ttcen McKinioy ky after nil Tho o mid his nssistnnln gMng out nny iro to express nn nd Hunted Nov 12 The m robbed nnd burned is no clue to tho rob posed thntmnnyv 3n V ntiiuM Htolen nnd thnt the fl up nny truce Hint in rfti b mscocry or llic pcrpol olllco of iuo iriuiinu trlbune of erH storo wero t night There ItIs sup nrticies were vns to cover lend to tho itors The wivs over tho nd store Tho loss Is sixlthousnti dollirs Cleveland and Carlisle Allys At IIIW Washington 1 C Nov a -It seems now to no dcltniloly tk tiled that President Cloielnnd nnm bis Urlllinnl Secretary of the TrotVury John U Carlisle will practice w togetlier after March CnrllaloV is ono of Hie nhlest lawyers In tho United Slates while Cleveinnd is n much better lawyer thnn is trcncrnlnv supposed Tlioir olllco would ofj course bo In New York City whcrAI Cleiclnnd resided nftur his iirst ml ministration Cluvolnnd and Carlisle nro ery wnrui personal friends and this legnl partnership is n lilting succession to their political life TOM WATSOVSMrnH Will llo Published In Hi Iapcr Todnj I Six I lioiixiiiid Words Long Atlanta Gn Nov 12 Tho famous letter of w ceptnnce of Tom WnUon will appear blK paper today It Is six iiutiil words long anil Ts thorongj characteristic of tho man SIAltyiNfi Aro Tlumds of People In the lloinbny DIstrlotrt Umdon Nov 11 A sccinl dis patilt from Rpmbny says that In eleven dljlriats of the Deccau nnd Coni an million nud a qnarter of peoile aiVo belicxed to bo on the crgeol starvation ThoJflUutch ndds thnt riots have occuricil at Shnhnbad and Kuzo Mr i V f - boelccUdcvP09Uou ulntion as w 71 tl ir nunUhori work Kvidcncoa nre president to Treaoy succeed unpv y y Umt this grent Jurnl coinuierolal nud Industrial eel- i uTiirnnlkeit In lVaiikllu Frankfort Ky Nov secret session of tlio county t l tint i held hero insv euiniiB vv ii m imvn voted n favor of Vrceiu1 all tho turnpikes nnd nt tin early dr will meet lo ievoy mo vc tn nnnmllllBll tills Cllll TIlO llltlnil innivminof tho members of th court is Hint a tn lovy of twdntvj win I nmusinrv tlio first year whllo not loss thnn ten cent will bo necessary enoh year there after I ff X Upturns from tlTo Sinto y kl VrankfortKovl3 All Sr- 1 r f Jk tuiiinvn seut lurto tho sec EiV I t WuntlrolUniar returns fr RkGINNING AGAIN Irjan to flfUTIUH ftillxcre Ht8p fhis wi bpuak at Lincoln tiU irdi on a New Suhitct J1 Mllinctalllsui Jincolu Nell Nov 12 Sntur dnj afternoon Mr llryail will deliver tw Icturvs nt the Fuuke oiiern hoAsc in this city These nre led to bb his opening guns in the iryeara oanipnigti ior Mtuuoini m wnu II mt Jirjnn nos promisco inaugurate At 3 oclock in the the flrst nddross will ho to the Mary Urynn Club in tho second will be gixen ill bo given under the auspices of the Trawling Mens Urynn Club nnd tho Urynn Homo Ounrds Admission will bo free i A 1HG bUCKKSS Rlciiin Kchiilt u Good Thing for tlik TenneHsee Ilxpolttou Nablllc Tcnn Nov 12 The result if the national election which insure a safe governmental flnnneinl policy has restored conlldenco in this siition nnd brought cvidoncos of renew C I business nctiuty The Tenmco Centennial Kxposltion is now nfc nssurod suocoss and no such enterprise over had hotter and more eneoiirflgimr jirospects Tlio work cf erecting build ings and beautify ing tlio grould has gono on steadily dos piteiho oxcitoment of the political OOmiaigll Ullll Vliuurs uii uiuui tatt s nro nmaed at tho extent nnd jcopool iuo cnieriinso una Hpiuuuui appearance of tho great buildings Tho enterprise has steered clear of debt nud will bo pushed forward with redoubled energy and Increased PTiuniilituro to make it tlio most icaiitiful ami the compieiest on ever held in tho South lhero n constant demand for spaco for hiblts coming from evory do in tlio Union nnd from rcigu countries lho exposition ill open Mny 1 1W7 nnd Is tho determination of the anagement to avoid tlio mistakes of lher expositions nnd hnvo every- MI wi in tin n m mimilnir dm hi lw - I1IIIL1 4lllHFIVw ii- ll fl thoolcction njul there is mucus - ullovmiCs lobrntlon of Tonuesseo Centennial 12 AtMvenr will bo ono of tho most notnblo 11 uuiinrco rtlnry om the Y Siflcilbii Tho indication Atkewret bo farns tnbulatcij it KftWwr3tuciWcaH i jrJliR o 5 Vy9 f yrTV 6 IriteTBh ash balnnco 32 two 1207030 CQUtWitnil BiiccesBfui occasions in the new vir ern oi prosperity nnu uusinesa ty which is promised by tlio renewal of confidence nnd tho manifest spirit - 11rl is ttniu abroad in oi progress iiiiiuu the land ilry vti r now Married In Louisville Tho marriage 6f Mr Jns L Wuhl of the cjty to Miss Dora Mann of Jjouisvirc took place iu tho hitler ciiy last uight Mr Wnhl nad nnd Mr Allio Wnhl nud mother nnd Mr John Oehlschlnei r arrived ut 1210 tliis Jftemoon torn oulsvlllo FYou shuld Bee those gouts w cm - T k i Venues Bat ixew uncKei UwSoiUb Seooad street 3 I v - nnd litlr l to VnliH lint Their I oiids Woro both hlo sobcrs Judge Arbor Dny next Alondny November lGth will bo npjiropriatcly but not ilnborntcly observed by tlio Puducnli Public schools In tho pnst ftv years tlio pretty nnnWrvsnry rt Itccn commcmornlcd but cover s a large scale rt This year the afternoon will be dc A ted to tree planting nt each of the bi school buddings There now dot thtmnrlous yards many thriving little trees thnt were planted on post Arbor days The high school yard seems to be the worst in the city and few of tlio trees lulve flourished on account of the soil which Is largely clay At other schools however few of the trees hno died except nt tho Jefferson building where all aro dead Rain interfered with the outdoor exercises last year on Arbor Day nnd this is one reason why no elaborate outdoor programs have been nr rnnged Supt MclJrooin conferred with Presidont Lang of the board of education this morning nnd it was decided to hnvo n proper observance of Arbor Day nt nil the schools They A SET Hail a Had And Time of It Rloody And lndg Sanders Decided lio Was to Hlaiuo Judge Sanders trietl to point out tho error of his wny to Will Doyle of uarknome hue this morning in tho Hjlico court I used to talk to your brother this way remarked- the judge but he thought lie knew better than I did and the result is lie is now in tho penitentiary for life nnd came near otting hung Doyle grinned and displayed n gash on the left side of his check which wns inflicted by n hatchet in tho bauds of Vina Hell last night near Niiuh nud Court streets Oflloers Singcry nnd Orr wero called and found Doylo performing tho acrobatic feat of jumping out n window glnss and shutters to tho contrary notwithstanding May Francis Caldwell Isadora Herring nnd n few others of odifer ous repute seemed to be nfter tlio recreant Doyle One had n poker and one a hatchet and according to Mny Francis Doylo hndn club nnd a knife but no time lie could conveniently dovotc to using them Tho mystery surrounding who hit Will Doyle is ns great as the Hilly Patterson problem as uo ono could be found out who saw it and Doylo himself wouldnt tell Hoth Doyle nnd the Hell woman were fined 10 nud posts Judge Sanders iuformed Doylo that If ho didnt stop associating with such women soonoror Inter they would kill him or lie would hnvo to kill them Is a Papa Tlio following from tlio Murray Ledger will bo of interest to the many friends of Mr llufort Guthrie the well known drummer ft amm - 4 v llufo Guthrie is a mnice in the selection of feathered songsters as will bo seen from rending nn account of a littlo transaction which occurred yesterday llufo has a now bnby at his house and although It is but n few dnys old ho is unllv lookinu out for something to nlcnso tho little ono llo saw n boy riu Had Fiolliing About i ncir tcrsons see us exclaimed Robert Roth child In Mnrshnl Collins1 olllco this nftcrnoon about 2 oclock nnd nt this juncture n pint bottle of whisky partly exhausted wns removed from Ids pocket after strenuous remonstrance on his part Rolhchlld nnd his comrade John Dcinpey nro umbrella menders nnd wero drunk on tho streets with their bundle of handles annoying n great ninny people They were nrrcstcd on lower Court street by Ofllccr Win Whcchs nnd when senrched nothing of vnlue wns found on their persons They wero ordered to tho lockup and ns tho ofllccr stnrtcd below with them Rothchild mndo another frantic grnb for the bottle nnd then submitted ARBOR DAY Tho Schools Will Observe Utty Momluy No Klnborutu PrcimrntioiiH Itolnj Mad Ilooor InC nro on tho streets trying to sell what ho called a mocking bird Tlio very thing thought llufo ns he nsked Hen Schrondcrs advico about the matter Hen saw that the bird was web footed nnd hnd nbill n foot long It wns n kind of mnrsh snipe such ns Hon hnd often kiilcl while out tnmo turkey hunt- iig Hen nil vised him to buy it telling him it wns a lino bird and a singer llufo planked down n silver dollar and purchasing n liaiutsomo cage carried tlio bird home Imagine Ids surprise mid consternation when his hotter half told him with u withering look that that thing wns not a mocking bird nud that ho did not know a ennnry from a peafowl llufo had sulpo on toast for dinner and has for salo a nice bird cnjvt a reduced price rs Tho daily Sun In the cltylQg t0 mni aY wtt rm Mf iiropous jl All IntV lltliffU iths An vmnr I i w iir i i niwJi i i J W1V t C ll rlngor JADUCAJI KKNTUCKY MONDAY N The flown witli i liotfttsluin p o nnd iron trrtiM tho r a rms t ynn IJl A UK nti t1 nt lull V HISTORICAL SOCIETY- Vfipinbor of tho Something New lo be Started Tomorrow Orgiinier From City in tho Miss Prances Chnlln of llostou is in the city for tho purposo of organizing an educational extension society uudcr tho auspices of the University Association Tomorrow nftcrnoon tho teachers of ths publics schools nnd all others who desire to join the aasoclntion will hold a meeting at the High School for the purposo of organizing Tho object of tho society is to tako n complete course in tho history of tho world beginning nt ancient his tory and ending with current events Tuo indications nre according to Sunt Mcllroom that tlio orgnuiza tion will bo completed with ti largo membership V m m i im i ono couui JOHN NIBLETT Blows Into lnilucnh Agttin Only to bo Ntibbctl Arrested on Informution Thnt Ho lx AVanted la Illinois John Niblctt with ever recurring regularity drifts back into Paducnh as tho winter begins to dawn John came back yesterday and be- i rosiifiotnl fonrlf ociifla bnve not Msitii nn r Tnnin in ciicmisio L VllllllilMll - JUI lf V 1if llnlANt1 THATS WHAT HEr rvJr Has No Diploma Troiii an Aiuorl can Medical College BOTH SIDES OF THE CASE 6ITEN Dr Albert ltcrnhclm recently of Hamburg Gcnnnny who accompanied to America tho remains of tho Into Mr Herman Well hns located in Pnducnb nmv rented Dr J G llrooks old ofiec on Fifth street but is fctuuuiering considerable difll culty in securing a license to practice nnd nccording to the authorities will bo unable to secure n license nt nil In Germany nu American diploma is not recognized by tho Gcnunn lmcdical authorities and this led to n discussion of tho matter at n recent meeting of the American Medical Association nnd it was decided to re- cognize no German diploma but to icquiro all foreign physicians to grndiiato from nn American school or else bo examined by n board appoint ed by the proper authorities Tho Kentucky bonrd of health however has adopted a resolution requiring all foreign physicians and surgeons to flrst graduate from some Amcricnn medical college before practicing in this country Acting chairman of the county board of health Dr J Q Taylor stated to a Sin reiiortcr this fore noon Tho matter is this The state board of health hns adopted resolutions renuiriugnU practitioners to pre sent u diploma from some Amcricnn college before granting them a license Dr Ucmhciin has u German diploma but hns never graduated from nu American college and consequently cannot practice here at nil Could he not bo examined by a board of competent physicians Dr Taylor was asked He could sccurn no license on nn examination of any sort wns the reply No doctor enn practice medicine in this state without n ini froui the Hoard of Health nud the latter will Issue no permit unless m i gnn selling tnmnlns Last night ho was arrested by OlU ccrs Singcry and Orr for house breaking Tho chnrgo is au old ono committed at Metropolis about fifteen months ago Niblelt cuino to raducah hut fall after n gratifying interval of nbsbuco and wns shortly afterwards pinched for stealing turkey out iu tho West Knd and selling it ior thirty cents Alter sorting n term in jail ho wns rcleasod but soon drifted rlcht back ifin nd x nud it Itiiorimv was ono dny received tbntNiblCT Hmited ovor In II- a bo fc Tfc r - 1 li - iBftfc u i - j w - 1100 hnttiofnWlginuiv in ihulT Athw uuuit iifj h uyn nirm lltll Had Tim i tl M plyn ncsijc V3 iTOcniji JrCr graduation from somo Aiiau 7 lege and a certificate of good moral character I have told tho doctor that he could not practice here without complying With tho requirements Dr Rcrnhcim ha opened up his ofllce however and seems to be confident that herill soon get his license while others nppear equally as cer tain thnt lie will not The case may yet del elop into something interest ing lho doctor was never in this coun try before nnd of course is ns fnrailinr with its laws ns many people who bnc lived here nil their lnea As yet he hns not learned to talk English well but has a limited vocabulary and is learning rapidly He is a relation of tiic Messrs Hcrnhcim of Louisville i - -T - ltll t t ht irrVppMT m i w ur m - 1 1 r r mm b mm uu mmwj h immmw tfU r fir i VJ - Mm r t k MMrt vT Vnia tir i mni Wl 111 niiKK mirMiiiw Hi m i nliMl at C lotnl i nri tUCHtJtl t iff I iBlrr Iniini i i Tt M i V lilllK IT - hmnlUhnl aaknto ij InkcrLtoi noon XII- Mf ueeiiiiv i i SS r TS ll w vr rr dilHlM tH - tut rt VKMm 4iH lh MM1 v ule TemiIfcBt month nl IT jm w hfjrTJjtii nsked hiiniil wU nnd he A y and nuotVnr tXmr Tli urn flil lid 1 i eb month COtinlypKYW lMiwtrtlnx wcntdowBiV 1 N t niili Incidental Lrir tf11 110180 10 4 lmrtlNW A mnn I siih wns loukO li cimd str third Satunlu J udgo R 1 r uiniiiir au mwui muain mwihhi After n J NOTmr H ai as he wfng i r nesscs Jtiai by i iIrrtnKlnbriVsu j llerlttlnn Mrtm U nrov Duet Mlmra iXi i lui IN Ijitira la Jtld llte ltolvwl Ihi19 u llmrflcUi to Man lliuoillll UlnC tltra II J lUomnml Ju ii lr Iter J 11 Itlclr3 Alexntidvr reply ii former Deed to Aftoii Heights lOht Messrs M Bloom and wife and K Loeli and wife toda deeded to the Aftoii Heights company for a consideration of 20000 the tract of land composing Aftoii Heights in thu Wol Knd jMWect ol mi A similar deed was previously made but lo3t before it wns recorded The duplicate deed was recorded to day MAKKKTS ltiHirtsl Dally U luc cratn CoupAry CiitCAiio Nov 12 December wheat opened at J to i8 its highest point was 80i closed nt 80i b Corn opened nt highest point wns 25i at 25 7 Oats opened nt lJh point wns lJ Ss b nnd 10c b January pork openul 800 and closed at S80V Lunl opened at 130 at ti5 Ribs opened at SIS J 7 ntSI00 Jnnuury cotton opened and closed at 8787 8 liar silver Gl GEOjTO HENRY GREIF EXPERT JIOHSESIIOEH bOLTIt rOUUTll ST Expert Trnck Shoeing Snddlo nnd Harness liorsos a Specialty CARRIAGE AND BUGGY REPAIRING KRSIDrTOK OVItB SHOP For An Easy Shave or Stylish Hair Cut of J M Juoii i j Ki Sniisos See Mr Jninos White 729 Washiug ti U vr lk onor jjThere will he services nt 11 a in bnbir tie elmrch Judg rJohn Hamilton who moved Mrs lis society in tins tity was the lnconicruvJpkiusville K last laugh t Attorney Houb Leaf club Xo 10 will the defendant wns and Mrs H riiilll plied to which tluuh trot liila nttoruey rejoined Thcie nro llvo mor frnmnmllUnlU Wl 0rl nel M L ln 1 later to testify ngni Some oueskl UrVmi V T A many children he luvt e be didnt Mslu heeV0lk lf Tn nuny wan nu aim orteiHe Csin lAMC OVlVi 1 bonrit V r Monty Drawn Out in 1SJ Amiln Deposited in Hank LoulftMl e Icwt Tlio pauio of 18SM must be ovor at hist said Mr llishop of the German llnnk Saturday nu old lady brought to us for deposit n package of money containing 31900 It luul on it our stnnip with the date July 18 1803 uubroken She had drawn it then and put it away but after the election concluded it would he safer in the bank than elsewhere and so rot in nod the money in it original packagr duimTicatc dihd 25 J it and closed its highest closed at ROT LT THE TAILOR Will make you a Nobby Fall Suit Overcoat CALL ON I0 TO liiiriu I 4l A V u i - DONE TO O J RYANS BARBER SHOP JH0 of u a Horse Shoeing yiion i 222 221 Co T Between Sccorfv K fyE For An Easy d Jna or Stylisi C5 JAS BdYANS BARb 105 RUOADWAj Nice Bath ncm in ing w 4mr 4W ummsmt a 3fe5 VVSIIu1 Third nud llroiulwnj - t - X If you want tho best coal in tho city you can IllinoiR Goal Company who handles tho celobratoc PROPItlETOR Paducarf - Bottling UELEGl ANTJC ARBI AGES -- UIRIT CLASS DRIVERS - j S CENTS AWEK1 J BEEGDOLL AGENT CELEllll STiiD LOUIS OBERTS BEER Of St Louis In kegs ad bottles Also various tempcranco drinks Soda Pop Cider Ginger Alo otc Telephone orders filled until 11 oclock nt aiht during week and 12 oclock Saturday nights Telephone 101 loth and Madison Slrccta PADUCAU KY h Successor to M J Greif WALL PAPER WINDOW SHADES V to TTnCTrn a rnm7ivrmTrikT rnn rr a Di1 ai IJClH ilUH A J JDJXJLJJMi Aia UMn Pornnr Thirrf nnrl Uoohinnrnn Qfrnnf jrjiauiouuiiiDi i in i u aim iiaoiuugiuii RTtir Hr A t x j mkk lirm mmmr C j iHfcwiavuLS f j iwaitsukx i7 I r is nouia not iorceiiw WjNpOW SHADgl ADKINS COCHRAN S rfBv ft V vl Fl WmmW L h l s at 8797- i sA WM a I W aim ciobco h i j y and closed U J at 8788 I lnrTSy ria n i i5 v v H T TEN CENTS A YY ST - LOUIS AND - BIG - MUDDY - Cffiiraxr No clinkers no dirt but pure clean coal Our Egg Goal far excels all othor coal for grated or s tovea Our Washed Pea Goal beats the world for furnace or cooking Wo only charge one price tho year around Th poor got their load of coal as cheap per bushel as the rich their thousands of bushels Try our coal and you will use no other Lump 10c Egg 9c Washed Pea 6c BARNES ELLIOTT Fropnotors Illinois Conl Company t I t w 3 lr -ml I M r m aiitvrnl Seltzer Water Orange ii Mr i 9 J1Z v VS A I m 41 gar r Picture Frames aid Mouldingrf j JOG C0U11T TlEEi MUUJIMIIIII III llMIi mi iL h r lllln nt n nrfi t v- i i KmMF a J I afs A Glatiba i Livery Feed and Boarding Stables o wyi r m v m - m 5 v- u vr a- i - wBEfSLSSj V X5 MiHUHW1v 9 Af Vta 35 shoes WE J PHJJnering 200 and 250 fcey aro up to for the money for - vl IiCE AND BUTTON date and tho finest In tho city Shoes Bought Of Us PollshidFREE T r 33i BROAjO I ig Elrange 840 - It is wonderful how cheip clothing can bo sold by us Tnko foi Instance Overcoats for 810 Wo sell a Genuink IvKitsicr OvmcoAT blue and black silk sewed and Italian cloth lined cut to tho proper length with velvet collar Other houses won der how wo can sell such n garment for tho price thats our t bushier As long nscy re here you can hayocholco for 8810 Cur regular stock of OvcrCtwfla is laruer Grander and better V than nny previous year w tlJlilTiiYVAf5 MENS CWY WORSTED SUITS 840 In black only round outs bquan cuts and double breasted cverj thread wool designed iu lho correct 10 nud U7 fill nnd winter styles Nico enough to wenr nnywhero that business suits nro worn although a great many men have bought them for Sunday use only Ask to see our Clays at 8 50 RnYQ WCC DAUTC The latest newest and ni and whiter weights strh groy nnd brow n mixtureU J bert Suits with iloubljfi nnd equal to tho bestfQ storo for 81 inul fil J WKLLERSTE Advertisers Ta 1 I I WW mfm A IT H WH uia kv k mwmBmWmt fff iJl il i I 1 nl f 1 at VVi 1 Jfl VtnunB v Puil llCJ if IUwMi kzj9W v v i t t A r mmm Z3mwmmmm mm MtfrWmsmJ M w zr wmwv mh 4 iVN SEGONp siujjsJ53Way m i mmwT T tkM I 9mLmwwwwmWm9T1 ljrjm WM mwmmwmmmwmwmWmr JF trKV IF mwwwMMmmmmmWimjMmm mI f -V m tin La lAiia 111111111 mill lim n jriHH tr m m 1 mt mr - i - - - w MiaHiiHBnrTnBW m m m w m wmw Mmr m IllM I i VV clHfuTlNeinB wlSSMfc M mr njmavAMmwrnkrr am H03a3rWDWrcr sfc Am in f mm m mwmmm m T wwrnmrr y w - j w hw h e h iifr mmmmmmmmmmmm ti 4 iBPtu IKmuhIv bianco LA A fr m rrmimik w j mmr T i ii a k - tWm iMilNClB l it iVXiCacncrs aim pnrrons as possioio im ioimawi w - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi m im w t m I imwM i i - mw Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm iLommortiui it uavuius vp5ut waoi 11 W I fc MMMMM 1IH IWff JkwMmm WMmmvLMm HBBIH

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