The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio on August 24, 1870 · Page 2
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The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio · Page 2

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 24, 1870
Page 2
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^ 1 I J K. XKWCOMEH, Kmron. W*«lr\ctrtay, An-runt 24, 187O. l»mocrulic Stuto Ticket. Secretary of State. WILLIAM IUSISLEY,orO«yahu,'«. Jiidffo of Supremo Court. K. A. JEtAKRISON, of MinlUon. Comptrollnr of the Troaiurv. JOHN II. IIKATON, or Holnibut. Member ot BoArd of Public Works. WILLIAM SPKNCKIt, of Llckinj,'. Meinbcr of (.'onjrresR, LYMAK ]{. C'RITCllli'IKLD. i to our 1'ixtroM.s. As has been before mentioned, Mr. NEWCOMI:H is, and has been for tho past three weeks, routined to his bed by severe sickncM). It will piohably be HOIIIO tlnae before he will bo able to give his personal attention to the paper. Ife has arranged w i t h me to take charge of it in his absence. In this connection it haa become ncccsbiiry forme to urg a prompt settlement of arrearages b those of our subscribers who fcuo themselves to be owing us. It take Justus much money to publish tho pn per now ON when Air. NKVCOMKIC him self attends to business, perhaps a litt! more, and subscribe!3 are loipeetfull, requested lo rememboi thii-. They seen to have forgotten it lately. Yon al have money now--your wool is sole 1 and you have do/ens of SOUICCH of rev enue from tlio products of your forms Please don't forgot this notice, and hol| to successfully conduct (ho CONBTITI TIOXAUST thiough the Full campaign. GUY AV rim UK, "Wo bringing the FKEE TKA1K. The monstrous iniquity and injustice of tiic protective policy, thrust upon the people by the Republican parly, while, their hands wero tied and their minds absorbed by a great war that strut k directly at our national unity, a t e agaii doctrines of Free Track into widespread and ardent discussion in the arena of politics. The issue cannot be shirked or winked out of sight It must bo squarely met and its searching interrogatories answered by both political paitics. "Shall tho industry of the country bo taxed hundreds ol millions yearly for the s u p p o i t o f a few favored monopolists? 1 ' in its pungent inquiry. What are the answers relum- ed by tho two great parties? In tho strength of its power--in tho midst of reverses and defeats--tho voico of the Democracy has been in favor of Free Trade. It returns no equivocil, no uncertain answer. But what oajs tho Republican party, even in tho great agricultural State of Ohio? In its platform it resorts lo amisciablo juggle and trick. U declares a tarlft" for revenue "indispensable," in favor of distributing its burdens equally, and then proclaims its championship of a "protective" tarty in language that cnunot fail to satisfy tho most greedy protected monopolist. It thereby confesses its conscioiiMiess of the fact that the people of tho West arc setting their faces as a flint against its swindling protective policy, and attempts to cheat them into the belief that tho party creed is undergoing a change on this question. But can tho party change? For near ten years --ever since tho Republican party come into power--it has enacted and re-enacted "protective'' tariffs. Every session its Congress has bespattered tho statute hooks thickly with "protective" enactments. Tho last nossion was guilty above any of its predecessors in passing laws, to enrich the few at the expense of the,many. Its course was at once the (imost bold and defiant, and tho most potty, mean and contemptible ever pursued by a body of legislators since the dawn of civili/atlon. By its tariff on steel it is estimated that the people aro plundered of $30,000,000 which goes into tho pockets of/o« henchmen of the party,ofwhomMoitru, of Pennsylvania, is one, and who in that body for the act. This is indeed A gigantic theft I It then descended to the opposite end of the scale, and laic its tariffs upon ladies' colsets, hair pinn IM hoop skft t.i for tho benefit of a few peddling Yankee*, llemcmber those aro tho latest acts ot Iho party. They aftbrd but slight encouragement of a disposition iix the p a i t y to yield to the popular demaud for Free Tiado. But tho question--"CVm the party change?" is slill unanswered 1 . It is a well known fact that there is scarce fi manufacturer in tho country but Jmi gone before Congress, through itn corrupt and rotten lobby, with his pockets stufl'cd with greenbacks, and loturn- «d mimts his greenbacks, but carrying (|iipf.f Jon arc intensely amusing. make no issue on tho tariff tjui' s,;y they. "We ate willing tlmt every one nhould think m ho chooses." " AVo permit Froo Trader's to belong to 1 tho party nnd veto pvith tho party." nauimous IJ'idicalol What u high privilege IH hi'io ncforded lo tho thoua- aiuli, ofearui'st Ficc Traders who have hitherto tieUil with the liopublluan party, and who lmvo struggled to convert tho party to t h e i r views', to bo thus for- gi\ciiithcir A//I.V, and allowed to vole still w i t h tho parly. With its ponderous volume of tariff;) that levy thoir exactions upon every purchase and exchange, Iroin a braes pin to a majestic ship-- that have enormously onricliod tho ,/cicand Impovoiishml tho many -that have chased otn- vast commerce from the oct-an more effectually than a thousand Alabama* -- liow consoling to the yealous Free Tinder to bo nstamid Hint (he party "makes no *i«we on tariffs," to be permitted to rote with tho party ! ' Hut the linoHaro being diiiwn. Free Trade, as now interpreted and understood, will sweep out of «\irftoiice any party that opposes, and jjivo thq political power of tho country to the party that honestly adopts and advocates it's principles. Tho Free Trader will not long be content witlnho poor privilege of voting \\ilhtbeparty of "protection." The masses of tho people will not much longer ondine that a tariff tax bhall Illeh from them one-half of all thoy can earn or produce. It is too late lor tho Republican party to recover its lost oppoi- tunitius. At the close of the war an abandonment of its high " protective " tariffs and nn honest mtvratwii of tho Union, in place of tho abominations of "rcemn.tructuni," might have saved it. But it, has travelled too far and sinned too gricu.iisly even for repentance. It Tho War Situation. Tho status of affairs aff the oloijo of our / H h n l l last week is summed up as fol- j lows':; will not lay itself a willing sacrifice upon (ho altar of conntrj ; but its uacrillee s no less ecitain, One woul to the Demociacy. Gieat -SSUC3, springing from civil war, and a ong abuse of power, are i n v i t i n g ·, on to p'ru-m and solve them aright. Foremost imoiig these aie FunETjtADKand SIAIB*,. These issues aro absolute, and admit of no tcmpori/.ing, no bargains, no fouccsiioni. Let tho demand ho ade at once, and firmly adhered to, that trade shull bo free, subject only to 'he riyfil oj the government to tax, and hat no tax shall bo levied thereon not 'bi,ulittcli/ iieccsw]/ for the support of tho government honestly and eeonomi- ca'ly administered. Stale Rights are eopordi/ed and perishing Under the ·ule of the Republican party. All the ·psorved powers of the States arc being ·apidly absoibed into the hands ol G'o/i- /'·cs?. Cenir.ill/ation is already far ad- ·auccd toward a Jis-ed nml in o vocable act. The people ai o rii//tt on both these groat issues, They wait only to be 'Ummoned to the conflict by a clear and esolulo voice. Let the'Democracy ,'rasp theso issues, throw themselves ipon Iho people tor support, and tho rfreat and glorious old party will enter ·.fresh upon tho scenes of its tiiumphs, nd liopubliuim rcserved. Ciovernmcnt will bo THE WAK. As we go to press news is received of great battle, in which it is claimed hat the Pius.sians "allied a decisive ictory, jil'ler losing 40,000 men. The 'ronch under McMahon aie completely ut up, and the army is in a disorgani/.- d condition. '«»:, . ( i ' j i , i 'Tho left wing of 'thqiPrussian imhy, following lip (lie victories ol'i Weissen- burg'and \Vorth, had passed tho Vosgc» mountains, had takon Nancy, aiufcwepo pursuing the scattered, boaieii and" retreating corps ot McMnhon along the lino of the railroad to Paris, mooting no "opposition worthy of the name, ,The Gorman eon tor, gaining simullanoouBly* the victory ol Saarlmiolcon, had advanced at oiuo upon Mot/, where the French con tor and chief army under Baziiinc, had iniulo a temporary rally, and Inking Pont-a-MoiiBsoii, on (ho railroad lo Paris, cut offMut/. and Ba?aino'saruiy from all communication wJih the capital.'' ' Tho French army around Mote, llnd- iug their communications out oil', and thumHolvoy separated from AlcMiihon's corps, perceived that to risk a luttlu at Slot'/, would bo ruinous, and that their only hope wasto fall back upon their re- servos at Chalons, hoping to form a junction with Mi-Million there, and to light thq decisive battle w i t h some hone ot victor};. Therefore, leaving a sum clout foixb to garrison tho vltattcl of Mot?, Ba/nino's army atlwmptoOl to retreat. Aa their railroad was cut, thoy took the common post-road to Verdun But tho frormans wore too quick' for them. Crossing thu Slosolto, 1 above (south of) Mote, thoy fell 'upon the Fi army west of that city, as it was crossing the Moselle at the commencement ot its retreat. This was on Sunday morning, tho 14th. Tho history of the next five days is a confused mass of battles,, or rather tho details of individual portions of one vast and continuous battle. Wo shall not attempt lo bring order out of this chaos. Tho smoke of 'the conflict must l i t t before wo can understand its particulars. But the general object of the French was to effect a retreat upon Chalons; that of tho Germans to cut off anil capture the entire French army. The Gorman plan was a bold one, and could only have boon successful with a victorious and exultant army to execute it. The struggle lasted five days days, and appears to have extended over a tiactof country nearly twenty miles square--about tho area of Cuynhoga county. We hear of tho dif- feient affairs at Giavellotto, liorny, Stars la Tour, and so on, but these are in realilv parts of one battle. The con- tost of Thursday settled it* After terrible M.uightor and varying MICCOSI, tho Prussians have again" decisively triumphed. Tho Fieneh have been driven back under the cover of the fortifications ot MoU A few, to bo sure, broke through and luai-hod Jitain, twenty miles north-west of Mot/, on, ilit: road to Verdun. But (he mass ol'Ba- /aino's army, and, it scums, Ba/aine himself, are (.(ill at Met/, their retreat cut off, and apparently powerless to escape, The result plates the Germans between Ba/aine at Mel/, and Chalons, thus utterly separating tho two halves of tho French army. , i The losses of this prolonged contest must have been tunible. Those of Thuisday alont" aro set d o w n at forty thousand, an-1 in the whole contest it is probable that notice t h a n one hundred thousand have been placed Aow dn combat. sthoiio rfhvavs. Ot Mister Bioaohor pe cast I n t o (hat lake If I am vlfkod I or shust close py oi\ near to, f sliusl near enough/to po c o m f o r t a b l e ? O'l I h'opqn you loll ino^lfslialPpo cast shunt py a good vay off, an'd 1 vill pe HO glad I was hero to-nlgliU The oilier lutihago is that vlchoalrih, plomrod aro thqy whoJo th'uos.cominiindinents, tlmt thoy may have right to* the tree of l l f u and outer In through tho gates into tho city. 0, toll mo I shall gets Into tho oily nnd ijot shust close by, or near lo, shust near enough' to s6o vat I hiiVo lost and T sh ill bo BO glat 1 vas horti ' tonight!" lie Hat down with tho impression left On many minds present that It would not do to take tho Bible for only what it clearly says. , j , I) HUGS. Men, Wanted. ' 'The grout want of this ago is men- men who nre'itot for mile; men who nro honest from oontoi' lo -ci re urn fcro nee, true to tho lieaH'ii core; men wli,o will condemn wrong in a filoiid or, foe, in themselves as well as others; men whom consciences ni'o as steady 1 ils tho noodle lo the polo,*' men who will stand for t h e right ii the en rili reel t|io l-i-ayeHs loiter men who can loll the I ruth and Ipok the w'orld and the devil right in Ihdoyo; men that neither ling nor tlinth ; men who'havo courage without shouijug to i t ; men in whom tho courage ol everlasting life runs still, deep and strong; inoii who do not cry nor canoe their voices to bo licui'd on tl\'c stiooU b u t i w h o will not fail iloi'bo disr couragod till juduewiqiil bo 8ot,,in, ( |he earth; HIGH who know tlic^i' incsaiij,'!! mid i f l l It; men who know their own'miriness, men who will''not llo; men who aro not to la/y to work nor too proud to bo poor; men whoarc,williii(? lo eiU what I hoy have earned and wear what they have paid for. Those' men nro to move the woild. N O--1 Doolie Ultima, 0-ip.UftlihUii r.mimlon . , NulronX i ,' i, ' i · , ' - , \ ' T H C A M C R I X p ) .IHlUG^'gilBiflCLKS, ,;' i. ' ! , ' ' ! i Medicines, Perfumery, Brushes, Paten Medicines, Dye Stuffs, Use. ' ' i i i Pure Wines' and Liquors I'or Jlsd Articles o-'irtta ey-l'i'Moim) nitf-nllim j Klyila, O , Ki'ti 1, 1871) 1'itfi 18-IJ A mini wno ·acquitted of tbo cvlmo of Reduction, at G'incinnali, on tho ground tlmt tho lady in question W«H twenty- Co iir fc v cars of age, and, then-Corn, capable 01 judging between right And wrong. At wluit point, the a t t a i n m e n t year, could tho charge, have boon sus t a i n e d ? T'!I' !'i h ,'ll l- . l( 5 ll .' 1 """''! lnr "" UK- j JL iirnlly Unit lio lm» on hnnil niul wil mi-iii- KOI l mntm to ago, antecedent to of the twenty-fourth LEGAL. DIVCWCIS NOTICE. Mm) I.lllu'j TOIIX I.IM.KY, or.IniUon In , , V,,, \ wi'iH-omit'-m.inikson, miiisuiii .loin J.lliiy 5 olillililjfiin Is imlldrd Hint Mm v U l o i i l l i l . u n thi'SBtll iTiiv iil ( \pilUR70. llU'd i iii'UlhMi In Ihumill u of thu t iLik of tlio tmiu of ( u i n n i n n 1'ltiw, \\ltlilii uml luHhocoiililj oflofiiin ami .stiitc ill lUliio. UK inljl .lolin « i K w i K c l ill ilut\ nliii -\riniii! i i u u H \ , iihil nk lit; that Hlio limy li« illvon-oil iron) tho MI!,| .lolin l,llli' . wlilUi)n,l!tlnii shall «l»uil lor lieu). On Saturday m o r n i n g hilt, it seems tlmt Ba/aino renewed his a t t e m p t to bi oak through the Pnissiun army, and retreat on Oliulons. He has, however, been again repulsed. Indent), alter tho sti ngfjlo of the list week, it has bet oine IniDos-ilblc for tho French at Mot/ toes- cape. Me \ntimo, the Gorman l o l t , u n d u r the C i o \ \ n Prince, have almost unopposed along the hue of tlio Purls and Mrasbui g i ail way, to V i t r y Ic Fran- . InpT Hi tliu ni-xt turm of nalil Court, Uiituit A.|)il|!!l), IbTO J MVIIKS, liui Attorney . M A K Y J,IJ.M:V 88 i)« SIIBRIFF' John llonlli, 1'lnliitliT. SALIC. Tin- htiilu 01 Ohio, Boots andShos ilwilpllon, Wlilrli lie \ l l l lorniniiirnil us ' miia mnl In n Hipui SHOUT NOTlOKi Cull unil PMinilnc hlr woik moiioni*iliKii Weil ol Woostn's D i n g sum... , LUCAS N K W I H I N M ) 1.1} Jin, AUK K. 1H)J 17 i, m New Blcksmith Shdji ; HORSLEY HERBERT, tlff, ) , . - . . . _ . . , 1 01 Illll Coilllt}, US AlnioiulC Wooil, Dofonil t ) I'liriiiunt to Lite «iiiininni|nl m i u i i l u r o l k i i l u i l l i u i t u i l 10 inn fnnii tin* niirl of Common 1'leiis In anil lot said comm, In HUM ius ( »r.lolin l l . a t l i . 1'lalntlir, ami Aliii.inil (' Win,! Oi-iimiliint 1 «l»ill iiroKTi^tosnll nl iiul. Ill Mili^ nt i l i p i l m i r u l tliu (mirllliHMii In l . l i l i a , Ohio on t i n - ! l i l i .lay nf *i*iitnmljui, A 1) 1S}() at 2 » i Im k |«. m in itahl .1.1), tho Ing iluni i llwil roul oHtntii t(i-«lt -Sjliiatnl In tliu t o n i i H l l l i ) ol T.a(!riUKu, TOiinl) offxii-aln iiiul*)tnt«ol Ohio iiml k n o w n IK tlio «i"it l u i t o t a ^ t r l p o l lunil o f l u p u t ) u.'rc takoti Irorn HID norllt part of lot Humliei ten niHl t d i n i i t n l i i n r i u o l l a n . l , Ijiiunilul iioith l» tin lilt nf timn-ililp l i n e i-ustlij I l i i ' l l n u o l (.rnfttiii to««»lil|).Houlli lij t h v o o u t l i III),! in iilil t n u i t ) m ii-i, iind wo-illn a line fm (·niiiij/li nnin the i-ast lino anil uariillol thviuto to ivntaln ono auo of limit mul no nmri A|ipialsi'il nt $r0 Tni-inn ninh on tint nf inln. M-MH'IION I ' l X K , ·jlitriirl.oialnlo 111} rln, O , AUK VI, 1870 , (/ .roilSMON, J'lalntllV'n A i t } in thoir stead a tariff cnaotinont "protecting" his peculiar cialt. Show us a manufacturer who produces anything that is produced more cheaply abroad, and wo will show a tariff act passed for his special bouollt. Thus hns the Eo- publican party built its pyramid of "protective" tariffs, lofty as the pyramid of Cheops, levying its monstrous taxes on over rouu THOUSAND different articles purchased and used by American consumers. Thus hns it given its solemn plodgo to. the manufacturers and producers of TUOUSAXDS of different ai- ticlos at homo in consideration of money counted down, that Free Trade-shall not, while that party is iu power, interfere with their profits or monopolies. Can thoy break this pledge? The least disposition to violate it would biin.-- tc- thoir feet hundreds of thousands o/\ 0 - trayed monopolists, whoso accusations and revenge would shiver tho party to utoms. Thus tho party is bound to tho policy of "protection" by cords that even a giant could not burst asunder. While It lives it must live upon "protection," and to the end that "protection" may perish, tho party must Ih-st perish. Editorial Notes. In the class that graduated at Wil- aims College^Mass.,in 1832,consistin_ f over fifty members, there was but no Democrat. Recently four members f tho same class casually met In Clove- land, and three out of the four are earnest opponents of the Republican party. The Allen County Democrat wants to publish a weekly list of births us they occur in the county. lie* impatiently asks, "Who has the courage to report first ?" "Wo timidly suggest that it isn't stiictly a question of courage. lion. E. F. Dickinson has been ro- norriiimted for Congress from the ninth district, by the Democrats. The Radical nominee is Mr. Chns. Foster, of Fostoria, who was selected on account of his being tho only Radical in the district both able and willing to squander his substance in so fruitless an endeavor cois, which is nearly 'eigh'ty miles west of Nancy, by rail,'and oiily nineteen from Chalons. It is even repotted that there is lighting at the latter point, but (his is hardly pi obablc rts et. However, now that lia/ninc hns boon prevented Irorn accomplishing his retreat/ a Gorman victory at Chaloiih and nil immediate maich upon Paris aie almo-l inevitable. ' ' The rumors of tho dcntli or insanity of the Emperor and of the flight of the JOinprobs, are, of course, utinph of, tho wildcat soi t. Napoleon is at Uoims, about twenty-five miles northwest ol Chalons. ' as will prove the effort to deloat Mr. Dickinson. Tho Jinqttirer informs its that II. Clay Gooding.ltnclical candidate for Congress in trie First Indiana Distiict, pnrts his hair in dho middle. Wo have tho authority of the philosopher Josh Billings that when a man combs Ivis hair in that m,au- i i c r i l is a sign that his head is easily overbalanced. In Gooding's cose the weight of a greenback from the hand of a lobbying protectionist will incline his head with an approving i-od nt ,any of their " ring" schemes. A l*uz/lcd Dutclunun* · A Wisconsin secular paper contains the following good slorj : One w h o docs not believe in imnior-, sion lor baptism, Was holding a pi-otrac-j mm I REMOVAL. HOWER H8CBEE, MjiMo II I TX'OUI.I) ii*i|ip(inilly n n i i n i i i u c tn tin* r n l / . n T » nl Utriiln i-diinlx Hint llnv h i x i * IxniKliI mil t i u l ) i i » l i i i i i o i It I 11(011 un Main blrii. I »li, n Hit} \ \ l l l i i i r i \ i i n l l l a i k i - i i i l l l i l n - r l i i ill It,, h. ox. J.tiMiKii atlcntlvii tull lu Inuil to lli'liijt both Komi priiclli al inuhmilci || 1( \ ,],, naliv«lta(i lo K'laranli-o n n ( l r i i l l o i i an lo wiirl and |iili.i.s w K I H i U M . I . I Sl-.l*O£it DRY GOODS. f 'BALDWIty, LAUMDOW NELSON. "" ., W; olcMili-Fi«d letriil de.ild-, In ' ' , ! Foreign and Domestic -Dry Goods, .KK, \ V A L I , I'Al'KH, HOOTS A N D ijLIOKS, OHOCEftlKg. *" UAIU'KTS' HATS AND CAPS, OILS AND PAINTS, Agrftcultu*al Implements, Etc. o t lx 1 3MC e t o o wont:, \V. K ' -i- w , v n v n n v " ' ''A ".M)OX, I). ('. J t A J . D U ' l N . ' L. 0. 20-1 y MI u A I.AIIHB STOCK or Spring and Summer Goods, (iOODS, J) '' TK J A I ( ( i " P A R A S O L S A N D U M B R E L L A S Him H i r. 1 1 or 'LOTUS AND CASIMEKES. n.OTIIINC, M A D i ; TO OUDKK. Ill We lmvo added .1 full slock of (,, oce, Ic s, *, hi,,, H m 1)c boM ,,,, dl(l|l , as the Jgash Paid for alljCind of Produce. Closing Out Sales ! C A l t l U A d K S , C L O T I I I X O . Mcr lJ - ? - a -^ l O. ll I), Inn- III, IV, in mil,, H u l l \ I I K I I , M i l ,,,,) * I s l l l l I I I I I M - , ' \ U ]!»i\,'||| I I I , U I ilmiij; l u l l mot i m n,in i' H j M l Ml N N ,\ to , 171'n'i l!o\\ |il. I- r I.M i a, i » " niton i I, i\ Tailor, |», | ilc (I ,, ,,,, ' "' Will llinlo\a AUGUST 30TH, ! To flic r.nrtfc nnd Commotltmis btorws, ' 233-240 Superior Street, ted meeting, and one night preached on t h e subject of .bnpiism. In tlio com*,e of his remaiks ho said/ some believe it neeccssary to go down' Into'tho watei, and come up out of it, to bo bapu'/od Bui this ho claimed lo be l.illucy, lor the picposition "into,", of the Suripluies, should bo rcndi'rqd diflpvontly, as it 3oos not mean into at all limes'. ( 'Mo- SOH," ho said, "wo nre tol(l,wont up into tbo mountain, nnd tho Savior was taken high, mountain! etc. Now 'we do Hero is an incident which casts a little light on tho extraordinary suctcssof Mr. Boutwell in paying off tho national dept. At Charleston, S, C., six'paeka- gos of tobacco wero recently seized and sold by ordoi of the U. S. District Court. The proceeds wero $31.9.1, of which the District Attorney took 820, lire Clcik $9,75, and thoMnrehal S5. The remain. :ler. -W.1G, was soloirnlr ordered to be lald into tho U. 8. Tieasury I o aid in paying off the public debt. \Vlio w i l l low bioulho aught against the- efficiency of tho internal Iloronue- Department or tho ho-nesty and economy of the present Administration.--Statesman. Tho innocent airs Kepublican politicians put on in talking upon this great Wo admire moiit, pluck and cunnhr". Jut what man- who can rend and writ can fail to see tho brass in tho-'Trussian plank of the Kadicitl State Convention ? Strangers to tho situation, tho builders thereof have subjected themselves to the disgust and ridicule of every intolligeiH Prussian in this country. A Massachusetts farmer snys ho can al ton his sheep on steam food for ouo- tiiird less expense than on dry feed, and got one-fourth more weight. This tho result of five cars' experience. is not suppose that either went into Iho mountain, but unto it. So with going town into the water, it means simply go- lug down alote by or near to tho^water, and being Impti/od in the ordinal'y way, by sprinkling or pouring." ' lie carried tiro idea out fully, and in due season and i style i closed'his discourse, when an invitation was given for any one so disposed to arise and ex- pi ess his thoughts. Quito n number of tho brethren arose and said' thoy ,worc glad they had been present on this occasion, that they were well plenocd w i l h tho sound sermon they had jnst heard, and felt their souls great blo'ssod/ Finally a corpulent gentleman ot Teutonic extinction, a stranger lo all, aioie and broke a silence, that was almost painful, as follows: ' "Mister Brecchcr, T idli 90 glad I vash hero to-night, lor I has hud explained to- my niin't some tings dat I never could pnliot peltno. 0, I ish so "'lad't thnl, into doom) not mean inlo.nlall, put 8hus.t clow py on, near to, for now hi can pcliof miuiishilitjgs vot I could not pel'ef pol'oro. We rout, 3Iisler,Jjreaeh- er, that Tanlol vas cast into th'e ten of lions, and came out alil'ol Now,! nebor' could petiovo that, for dc wilt iieasts would shust eat him u p - r i g h t 9ff;'put now it ish Icrry clear to my mint. lie vash shtist close py or noai to, and tit! not get into tho ten at all. 1 ' O, 1 Jt ish ao glat I vns hc:-e to-nightl"' ! " ' "Agoiu wo real dat''do Hebrew chil- dien vas cast vntb de fii'Hh furnace, and d a t a i r n l w i s h look't like ft peeg 1 story too, foi they would have peen ponit u p ; p u t i t i s h all plain to my iniu't uow,ilor they weKe shust cast near py or close to t h e firrsh fnrnnec, 011 vns-ao glat I vas here to-night r" ' ' ' ' -And den, Mister Brcaehcr, it iah said dat Jonah was cast ito the sea and taken into tho whalosh pelly. Now I 'never could boliovo that," 'It alwayeh seemed to mo to bo a poofj foesh story,- put it ish nil plain to m y m i n t n c x v . ' Ilovashnot into tho whalesh ipcll/'at all, put shust) shumpt onto his pack 'and rode ashore, IK .ipnonttn tiioir pro-ont lomiion. -micro tllo «nlc'mipiivorti)ox.hiiMtn( nil iimcs n ciiuito "'"f ««"""'' ""''"'i' of DEI GOODS! I i , 1 HOWJEK HIGBJilO, ClcreJand, O ( W IO i AC, t n v n n u t n r i l K l/11-.IKi-^ I in} iinlln- aluik wt ( .iiilauxn, At , \ s i l l K l l , t ,, coso? i Hie tiert Itf3 J. A. TOPL1KK fi-FJENT 31lnrclnrSt.,N,1.or3fiW.-ltliSU.rinclnnntl,0. If thoy want tlio niosrpopulnraml Ieslsol)/mS mibwlpuoii books piilSlliiliod.nml tlioiiS»"«/fc eralttrmt Hyml foi-olroulam. Tlioywlltcoityou notlilug, nnil rucvy IM) ot grant benefit to you. HIDES, c. Budd Rankin, i i j . M / I , Donlors In 1 ' i '/ . J?elts, J''(ir#f\Pl(fstcrmy n * * KucpiaiKtnntr*. on liaiul u ,. Unuiorllfl (yiilt nm| Kill Lciitlui, 1 lulling, A,r tock if rinm-li ami nnil bolu , JWIIM) ....,, r,nim 'm\n ' i mi oixi TlHU JIJl)(, ,I!.IL, I t ij tnc fll|;lit.|it'ni praporMoir, fvr^hiUi \,Q,«lll pi fa-r ' DKUGS. A l l ( l , l l , 0 l i r l l l M l \ j l l l n l , ||, ijj, , I i.mli.iiisii IKt of 111, h 't \ n i f l f i N i i MI-.I inn. K M I|K ui,. .,,,,,,, ,iu t l i,ii,,, 1'iV i, "'",'/,, ',""1 '''"'"'·' " K I' I'llHK "'I'M* I' i i n . ' l n n i i h N.-^sinpoi j\lili all llin.o h n In., |,n n - L . In ul itii/ns In i l i . - i n i . r i .i.ii K.firfloi, x ^ i . H i n i i , i h . i n i m , A. i .Ii I . M I N \ i l i t i i l - . i m u i . v . M i , i , . , i , r t |,i, '.VI , ' " I . 1 " 1 1 ' ' " ' I l l l l l r f M H l l « I , ' 11,1,1 l l i l , I m . k o , f-'n u \ tin, Mail,-.lliL-i t i i a i i t . i ' . | i i . , i n i i x l n i m i l l i o i i i niiis i. I.D ]· KD\\ 1:1 I. \ i o , !·,,,. 1KII.-I-. \n |l) I' I l k Itiltt \i-« *ioll» I I I . * I ' l l K l i j i n . (,.,, ) /,,,,,/,,. | M | t , | M U 1 ,,,, Mju .,,, ino, M;S · I In- n i n i M (, ]· U m u l l A i , , u |,|,|, -MI, , Uil lntii,..tln» iml \.iluii,i,. I , , , K |, ,,,, .in t l i m l i i l T i i i i o i n i m n,| |i !,,( !."",' |M) «l-li«' t« m U i i i U f tin Hi ,lh . n i i l s x s t p m n l i .ilh l i i x t i i l i n i,, r ,i i '"" '"··""'I'lUi'-l HIM nnil "I tin I I U l v fin llii: K.i-.u\|rii,]|tmiul iinnii \ ·· PROMPT. HONORABLE.' ELIABLE. l t , l A l' 1 ^ \\ \ \'l I I ) In ovi i \ ^((^ town nil,! · v 1 i^'i- irti (IK I t i / i s i nml tnosi ll,ilic 111 UK- i i i i n i M -- ().NJ,S i UK- It- iilnift l'.i)n)s nnil Kxini".^( ''t His 1)111 i;,,,,,!). K | u . m , l \ ( . | ,,..., lllMIM «-llo«l.j|| m Olll 1)11 III Hi , ,| t - n i i i s - i , i | i),,|| f ,,i on* I nil v ,,(., |, (il)|1 ,,, i IOIIH « - , i - l . ) liluKo-jr.ui liiilllil-.»iir,*niii.,|, ,l,,l, m,,| ,,,, I I I I - - I M ( ( . M I I iidiiMint . ill ullar I.UIK u n-, I iailoromlilni-d , tl Boy". s 'iiil fm ( l u i i l n i - . and rn-i* ( hid to DjeS(uffs ( k DcWKt Ulock, Elyrin,' i -itotkoc ,1 J l /. '...j V' I M i J I U A ' f / rt IVrt^/lii 1 ,. 0|i|Mis(lo TOl'lift'' f'wrliiso Stnmifm-loiy, Jfnln ) Btrc'rt,. Kljrlii, olilo (i ID Ui t IS, 1WW , , i» I! ' t i r l\ I i . ,'* r i p!Ii:suli%rlbor, l a l t hlnMcnt Itfafliu*, nuxt dooi JL to tlii), Uakoiy, kcupi ou luiiul tho ,un Uost finality ol J ' ' finality BEIJF, " I 'I ThniilgliiUm irtcftu lio i»cm|SLH to do his licit to of tho i ulilfc u ' "i '·' ' Kb. 0,1870 , , M . L 1 8 l l , j WHITE LE4D, \ ' Paints, Oils, c., 'jic,!^ selling at deduced Prices. Mnj,18(V) ;n v MO_NEY./ {?«!?. INVENTORS ii}Jii ·--ft) in u n» II B-SHAWVAf^Mc" l.miSili''"","' '"\ |,C ril "jP tn "''' Impi'i'lnl i'l H TB13ATMENT. _i_ Manliood: How'Lost, How Kc- Ktojred* 4 , fcTiW'I'Wic'l, n now o,illt!on oC Di Cnlyur- Sonilnul T Asses rinpo' mil tuni I1IC1I I l l , s iiipo- m, iloiitiil ami l'h)8ii.»l Imnimclty, linneill- oiiN to Jtiiulii B o, etc i also. Conmimptlnn, IIHV ami l?lti, Induced by Kolt'-lwlulgeiu, v 9T »e\\ · H't . ul ('\triu nKUiie -Price, In SHEARER WAIDECK H AVi: on Ii.iml Ihu 1iiiffujf slock of 1 tliu county, coiislsllii^ ol i^JitdiK* ml C)iuiii!)ui Fiuiiltuio v s To thoie nmict Palmer Son's Cough Syrup NJ!;R^·OUS SYSTEM. T ~ , i V", :·· "I onvclopo, only 0 CPJI(», ,, lie ciilclir.itud ni-thoi, In thH mlmfiiibloessiiv cloiu Iy (loiiionati atcs n-om n thirty'din tosufiil piiuit c(!, Hint tlii! iiliiiinliiK co'isuqiioiiccs ol «oir- UL 1 ! 1 , "I"' 1 i I? te"Wlt.nllS'pured w'ltl.onltlTo tin.!- Hlinplo, cintuln, nnd oir«ot«iil, " thu upDllinlloii ',»^ 011 ' I '»' ( '! 0 1 0,1 vash so glat I vash hero to-night. 1" "And-now, Mister Brcacher, i f - y o u will shust explain two moi-e baehages of Seripturcs I shall bo,.O so happy dat I vasb. h-oro to-nighH cue of them is- voro it saisb do vicked shall bo cslint u lake that purns with flic and prim l)yniiMiiij of,which it Ills i omll tlfliinmv ·ivory unlloror, no nmtloi whii.,., .,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, lmllv!" y Cl "° llllll " olrelH "'P''. Privately, mid imil ' B67""J 1 lil».r,ooliiro HlloiiUVbn liutho lnn!,ln of ov- 01 y uiith nnd ormy IMHII In Uiq lanil Mont, inuloi ill ess. n n plnlii onvoluna! t ftliN- ntl- ' I oroiy SOAP, i( rtat jlijM'«.i0'»t|)ii|(l 1 ouiBcoli)foriiU'LoiiK' 1 'o'i,'tw|oi,!o"i n 58 1 Also.TOE CULVi;UWEr,Tj'S"JInrrlnKoOnliio" into t'rlcoSDconls. Addiuss tliepuhllsliiin,. ' illl- ' ,,-t, CHA8 J. U K t I A ' B A C O j 1111 '-' Bovorj, N i w Yuik, 1*. 0 Bos I 580 'BLACK RIVER HACK. V V '*£' P^NNINOftAM UUN8 A JJAM J O I I S T I T I . J I M VI'MI K C.lnllln l^~ \ c Millinery tfnd Dross. making Eatablishmont, l Miil.M s i f «M. h 11 h mlTv )HK-d i, Jo 5 lo ' ilnrpu «!no,rs Jn nil I , t i n inchon, LI}') .X Bonnets Repaired, to tlio si-loctlim lo ix-cehc »llbtrnl AVERILL'S CHEMICAL PAINT . . . iimio ilurnlilc anil cinsllo i in lliu bPHof »n\ other puliit It vlUnotpctl. , n , ,' rtl , cll ' llk ,"' ,''hlK Paint will taut toWr mil thu Ih k i ,l,lt e u.,,,i \ \ n lmvo l.lovoi .tl-lf '"'JK IW K l 1 ^'lln.'!l^ill Ililly piiHoil'ty lime mid Cull iiinl »ic. · · * A BROADWKJ.I., A ( ;I-I U. PAINTING. R- W, Todd, ouse, Sign and Carriage Painter, i:r,YKiA, I K l»nl««\» r«ml (u in Ilio ~JL In. un IICHO! his l)iisliiwiK,mchiui iloiiHU. up I.HHI ki- , I'll I n 1 1 ni,', orn.ulilK, I'lipoi All ymmplly BUoudW l» n r; '3 J \ 1 · i 3 1 * * .) I

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