The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on December 20, 1902 · Page 9
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
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Saturday, December 20, 1902
Page 9
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PART ONE IS WORST IN YEARS Terrible Blizzard Raging in tho West. Heaviest Snowfall Since Winter of 1896. Trains Buried and Much Live Stock Lost. Has Continued Thirty Hours and Still Blows. Denver, Colt. , Pec. SO.-- A billiard not exceeded since MB. Is general throughout eastern Colorado and Wyoming and western Nebraak* and Kansas In Cheyenne business Is at a standstill, and the snow If piled In drifts from three to nix feet. 8terl1iir and other towns between Denver and Cheyenne are completely cut off. Cattle arc suffering frnm lack of shelter night a Colorado and Southern SUNDAY REVIEW. PAGES 1-8 BM. OECATUB, HLINOIB, BTODAY MOBHIH^ DECEMBER 21, 1002. he station by their host and driven at ,nce to Wllmtr's home. WHEN IS A GOTHAM POLICEMAN PRUNE? train south from Cheyenne stuck In a nine-font drift on lluckhorn hill and was completely covered with snow. The mln era from Sunrise dug It out. At Llmon tracks are burled under three to thirteen feet at snow. I I.I, MCCH ttTO: K LOST. Mea Compelled to Decert Their Herds. Hugo. *olo . Di'c. ».-- The worst Mlz- xard In ten years has bfm raging here for the litst thirty hours and although the sky Is clearing the wind Is still blowing a gale. It Is feared loss of stock will be heavy One band of L',«oo vheep Is reported los three miles west of Hugo. A Kansas City commission firm had 1,709 head of rattle on the way from the southern part of tlio county to ship from Hugo tomorrow. The men In charge wore compelled to turn the cattle loose on the prairie. NO 8ION OK LETUP. Huron, 8. l.. Dec. 3D -Tho grcates ·now storm of the season was In progress all day and tonight shows no sign o abatement. It Is the moat snow that has lullen since 1WC. HIS DEATH WAS AN ACCIDENT Verdict lo Case of Heavily Insured Louisville Man. Not Till He'f Dead to tit* World. Newtork, Dec. «.-BatroHnan William H. Dudley of the Delancey street station ·ppeartd for trial before Captain liner a-t poltoe headquarters. Tho charge was failure to patrol his post properly. Dudley t«ok his place In front of the deputy coousMoner with difficulty. At times M uied a table to secure * momentary steadiness. Asked what he had to say In hto own defence, he mumbled unintelligibly. "Do you ever drink?" demanded Captain Piper abruptly. Dudley smiled complacently. "Sure. It wouldn't be safe for me lo deny It." How many have you had this morn- Dudley thought long "Slstecn. I think," he said at last. Then he leaned over the table toward Captain Piper and wWs pered confidentially: "Let's «ay twcnlj-llvc 'to moke sure." Sergeant 'Russell look .Dudley to Inspector Clayton'* o f f U e , where a police surgeon examined him. "Tho man halt bien drink-Ing, but Is not unfit for police duty." w:i» the Burgeon's decision. BESIDE HER HUSBAND Mrs. Grant Rests in Tomb on tbe Hudson. ROOSEVELT WILL DECLINE To Act as Arbiter in Venezuelan Dispute. Reason Is America Is Interested Party. German Side of Case Given by Von Bnelow. Wellington, lcc. 20.--Tin- president's answer La the suggestion from Ourmany that 'he act aH arbiter of the ellnpute with Venezuela c,\n only be KUCHBCU! «t, for of-* decline (o express an opinion. However, It 'H believed to be a safe prediction that Jic will renew Irln suggestion thiil the case be submitted to The Hague tribunal. adding ti the argumewt he lias already piuilurpd the fact t h u the United States, 'having claims of Its own ac.ilimt Voieism-la to the a m o u n t of about Iliioiiio IN .1 jvartv In IntcrcM, nnd It New York. I'ec 20 - Tin- body of Mrs Ulysses 8 Grant lies tonight In the sar- cophagun beside that I:: which the ie- mains of her liiiHb.uul rest In thu tomb overlooking the lludxiiii «vrr o n a r i l v at of the funeral train lit J r*oy City the I ,|| casket, jillid high with llnwcrs was transferred to the- steamer General Melgs, 11 eletachmeiit eif r. S. Grunt po*t of the Grand Army and n committee of the Grant Monument .ism-elation which accompanied the funcrnl p.irty from Washington acting as ese-oit. The Melgs started Immediately up the river bound for the tomb. On reaching Ihe landing place the casket was transferred lo a hi.ime and taken to the tomb, the route being lined by double ranks of police. The body was placed In the sarcophagus without any ceremony In the presence of Ulysses 8. Grant, Jr., members of Ihe escort and a group of officials nnd the massive lid, which weighs about five tons, was quickly lowered und scaled In place, READY MADE CLOTHING ott i i lalm. 1'. r their p,ir;. the powers are against The '.l.iKiie proportion on. Ihe argument t h . l t C.liello v i o l l l . i l e e l l l g h l l y bound l.y .my decision by, but woulJ be 'cert iln lo In ed I'm Judgment rendered b Hie president. It Is mid at the wtiile ileji.irlinent tlmt r how these proportions :tre M|, there will In no backward Htep anil lh.i-1 .in nKrecim m or t.e»me klndi to UrlnK iitiou ,i |i* iceable m'ttlemcnt in the V nezui l.ui troiibli will result from the. pr Men; iicKoU.ttlon.'i. Of c ' H i w , It the president Khould «c- cept the e* nr i which he would only do H« the IIIHI 11 sort, It 1» understood that rtho nc'ititl burdensome wirk of arbltrnt- Inic the- el'lnis would not be tindmakt-n by hi.n pcntoiull.,. lut probibly would I., eonllilid In one of the assistant wc- n tarles of the atattN "department. KNNMANY PENIKS. .Vt tho Gernvm embassy tonight dcnl,tl crnph.itlc mid authoritative- was given the various re-ports flint Germany IK anxious to ac'iulm Margirita. and will work to thin enil In any settlement that mny be aKrei-d upon. Germany, It Is Mild, has never for an instant had dcwlgn* on Mtirgarltn Island or any other Venezuelan territory. Her effert throughout has been merely to obtain ai'tlsfactlon for claims pending ugiinst the Caracas government nnd for od ^g'i^pMi Gcrfnatt, tlon. He also alluded to the pleasure tho emperor Imd yesterdwy in receiving Ambassador Tower, who has made an excellent Impression In official quarters here. CKAFPEE IN LINE. Washington, Icc. 20.--II In stated at tho war department that General Chalfe* will succeed General Young a» lieutenant general of the army upon retirement of Young, -wtoo will succeed Miles. POSTMASTERS NAMED. Washington, Dec. 20.--Presidential postmasters have been nominated 1 as follows: Iowa--William R. Orchard, Gladdon; J. W. Foster, HunVbolut; William R, Boyd, Cedar Rapids; Alfred C. Harris, Eldorado; Henry D. Overtiolt, Iowa City; William H. Necdlmm, Slgourney. Illinois-James P. Jacks, Newton. AL3JES AGREED TO IT. Berlin, Germany, Dec. 20.--A semi-official statement made tonight «ays: "Tho invitation of Roosevelt to act as arbitrator was mado after thorough consultation between Germany and Great Britain. An umlcratamHnff tea been reached by t'hc two powers on reservations attached' 1o tho offer and tho German note, will agree with tho British note on all essential polrrfa." OBE-MIANY'S SUGGESTION. London, Dec 20.--H is confirmed here that an Invitation baa 'been sent to President Roosevelt to arbitrate the Venezuelan difficulty, it «eems the proposal fo ·ubmlt tho miutter -to I1i« president's arbitration emanated from Germany. The foreign office here say* It has -tho strongest reasons for -believing that the president will decline lo act a» arbitrator. Kail for Quarter Million. New York, li c. W.--GuBtav A. Jahnes company, comriisblon merchants, as- BlKiicil today, l.lahllltlei*, about a quarter of a million; assi Is tho mine. TOM'S TAX SCHOOL Held to Be Illegal by Cleveland VENEZUELA IN A PANIC Over Sudden Enforcement of Blockade. Did Not Know and Cannot Understand. Snips of the Allies Seize Merchant Vessels, Caracas Dec 20.-Notification t ha1t1t !' e Clevelanel. O., Dec. 20-JuiiKB Phillips In ·the- common court Ininde-d down a de-rlslon tnda holding Mayor Johnson's tax liiireMti, iii.iint c i m d at the expense of t h e e l l y . lo lie illeca The m i o r enl.itii 'educate the people tin hurcnii to n the t ix question." Men Threaten Big Lockout of Employes Unless Cotters Sign Agreement Framed, Loulmille. K\ , Hcc. IB,--The coroner' jury Investigating the death of R. C Wh«Mie. found dead two days ago, wit a gunnhot wound In hi* hr«u»t. thin aft rrnoon returned « trrdlct of accldentii death. Whuine r.irri-il life insurance o 1SXMMI and n.ul .ippM. .1 tor tSei.MJ* more. A large turn of the hiMiiaiiic. U incontestable. Near Whiitnc'u bo'lv when found, but on the opposite Hldr of a wire fence, wan a shotgun with onf barrel i-mntv and the other loaded and cnck'd. Ills friends and family deihirc Ibn death WHH due lo an accident anil that the gun was discharged while he wan climbing through tho fence. Kvlrli nee, Ht the Imiiifst supported I Ills theory. Itieir being no fruturcs which pointed to suicide. RAILROAD MEN ASK BIG INCREASE Conferences for Settlement to Be Held This Week. , Jicc. 9 -Through the Brother bcod of Itallroad Tralnmi-n and the Order of Railway Conductors 100.000 men employed by the railroads of the west today requests for Increased pay. ·Utoes will nwot Ihe railroad officials during the week HIM! endeavor to *e- ouif- Increases Ihrnigh the same methods wMch bnusilM *ur-es.i 1n the endnseni ·ad flrenen rmiiloyed by the and Northwestern. TlMT* to practically no danger of strike. In ·ono Instances tho men are asking for an Increase of approximately 3D per SAXONY RAISES BAN ON FRUIT That Contains Small Percent of Sulphuric Acid. ATB THE EVIDENCE PoUey C*MFMU geeame K kel awallowed the Bhlp. New York, !Dee. ».-W*en Joseph Kren ksl wae arraign** » "· K^ 1 M*rkM i court yesterday on a charge o t m policy shop. Detectives Fallen aVotl mU tbex «d IK* have mac* ntttmet sennet Wm. because be che»»d "^?t w*!' this way." eVott «Vtaln«d M wo dMbed) Into tbe pteoe thto tme fea« m po»*r ··* «· "· «»«*· «· Wt M. tk lo Wo did not ry 1« mn ok* maa w» w«r» ·mM "Woll. I will hsv» 4« disch»r»s Mm oyr 1-nor will ««ou« It tor -.wo ss*d ·oott. "probsWr w* will c* rsquwt ·MUM. y«.. M Jose** Chlc.iK", Her. W.--^ustom and sprt lal order e l o l h l n g muniifKciturers of ("hlca- who dn an annual business of fcO.OOO,- «, hii-.. lisucd nn ultimatum tha: m - eM wi.l he locked cut leo. 'M unlenn 10 cutti-rj, consent to sign a working gre«ment framed by th» nrms. The troublo Is th« outcome of a vquab- l iM.tween the United Garment Works anil I!K' Hpcclal order clothing makert' nloim (ontrolllng the men working in le trade. Tl utter, number «fifl They cut m.i- -i-UI that keeiw alioiit *,i«iO men and wu- len und chlMren busy. ertlsenR Thlw imslllon was made plain to the ntnto depHtitmcnt by Oormoa Am, bassador Von Holleben last year and'the Washington authorities accepted then and ficoepl now In good faith the assurance made by the Berlin government that no encroachment on the Monroe doctrine * was Intended or threatened by the German »?ovt nurient. VK.\SH:K KAS FIRST CI/AI.NK U developed today that the jKisltion of Ihe French government In claiming priority of M-ttliimemt for her claims against Veneiuela prior to 1S99 becauBe of the settlement thitt hud been agreed upon betwe"ti the two i ounlrlra had n it only apjiealed -to tho Washington mithorUles, 'but that it may tlnd «upiort from the Berlin government. No Information has been received at the state department to -this effect, nor !» It ·thought that in the event that the pros- liknt ili'( !!·« to arbitrate Ihe iHspute h« will he culled uiKin to settle, this eiucstlon between tho European powers. It l» thoiiKht t h a t tlreat Hritain and 1-l.ily ore nuhcr Inclined to dispute, the- right of France for jirlor settlemrnt for claims arising before 1809. GERMANY'8 SIDE OF IT JIM JEFFRIES EASY MONEY For an Amateur in Fight la Montana. THIS MAN HAD THREE WIVES TO SUPPORT No KUfe on No. 1 Mid No. 3 bat No. 2 HM Married Again. Now York. Dee. 20,-Justlee Modetox In Brooklyn heard argument on a motion to punlah Charles P. Btoddard (or contempt of court In falling to pay $800 bade alimony to Nellie Stodrtard, who secured a divornt from 'him In 1800. 8he wwi to got (ft a week. At he time Stoddard wan earning *» a week. Now ho only gvts 118. Stoddard hiut been married thrco tirow. the complainant being his second wife. Counsel said he wu» helping to jupport MM first wife, who lives In Che«ter, Pa.. while tie Is living with tols third wife, and that since tho complainant secured her divorce she had again married. "Is that BO?" nald Justice Hadiknc. "The law (s altogether too lUNiral In thin matter of alimony. I am against asking a man. to support another man's wire. I will adjourn this motion until Jan. C. In the meantime Jet counsel Ulk Uio mailer over." HONOLULU TO HAVE HOLIDAY When Cable to Sai Francisco Is Opened. sssss JHUU11IUU » u « *· » » · - - - - ·,, . . t |" German charge, 'V° rBLaGBua 'm an day to Join her husband. She Is still an invalid and had to be tTMTM* 1 "^TM"be-1 from the German legation to «hem»- road station. Minister Bowcn and the staff of the-Amnrlciin legation escorted hci to the train. The government officials have shown her great courtesy. ISrillHh cruiser Indefatigable has The made the first pi Ire under tne cnpttirlnB the V. nezuelHii whooncr Julia Her cargo by the liony or fate belongs to a (ierman Urn, ..t l«»hm wWch has lodged .1 protest with the 1 nltcd Stntis consul. I "'·' TWO SUIPS TAK1 .N Though Th«y Knew Nothing oi Ch«mfl» Down and All-hut Out in Four Rounds. Honolulu. Dec. IS, via San Iranclscp, Cal.. Dec. W.-Thc opening of the cable between Honolulu and San Francisco will be celebrated here an a holiday. The first message will bo trtnn President Koosevelt to Governor Dole and the governor's reply will bo the Hrat message sent from Honolulu. MAKING OOOU PROGRESS. Sun Francisco, Cal.. Dec. 20.-TH first nk In the. cable which will connect the lilted States with Hawaii has beer lid mid the cable Bhlp Silvcrton 1» pro- ceding Fo rapidly that it would not be t all Mtrprislng If Christmas greetings vlll bo ne'it over the cable from llono ilu rhrlstmiiH V'p to noon today 1,00 mils were laid. SOCIALISTS WEAKENED LaGunlra. Dee. » -The Trinidad «'h,K,ner S Mciced.s and Immaculada, belonulnc to a French subject, but f l - h ! i " h « V « ""«»'·'·'" "'"·'' "'"i" 1 ,'", '"In* this poit tod.iy and wero B. lze.d by th? Urltish c n i l w r Tribune. The ^J";' "» boat ilcd the Tribune and explained that ,,,, notiricnlion of the blockade had been Blvcn before the schooiu I-H elemvd nn-l claimed nlsu the cargo belonged to roi- elRii subjects. Tho commander of the Tribune refut-ed to release the veio-els. he WHH ohejing orders. Iho of the Tribune today "cut for publication y New Rules of German Reichstag:. But Expect tc Increase at-the Nexl Election. . Wunhlngi.011, Dec. an.--Deputy Consul Hsnauer luis sent the state department rom Frankfort u copy of an official order Issued by the government of Saxony nstructlng municipal, executive and po- Ico authorities of the kingdom to allow Bales of dried' fruit which does not con ain over .13 per cent of sulphuric acid and not to proceed agiiliwt or punish tint nfractlons of dealtTM selling fruit wMch contains a lUffher i«ercentage ·when circumstances warrant the belief that they noted In good faith. This order is based on the finding of the Mate medical board of Saxony, which hold* that sulphuric acid Is not to te In Venezuelan Affair an Told by Von Buelow, Merlin, Dec. 30.--Chancellor Von Huclow received tbe correspondent of ,iio Associated I'roDH today. The correspondent Invoking an Interview represented 1 that a Htaittmenit from Emperor Wllllum's first mtnltter at t'his ttme might clear up any drubt which might exist of Germany'* lurpusc*. Tho chancellor .mentioned that he tlca w»w prevalent In tho United Slates thait Germany was engaged -In tho collection of business debts. Me said: "Among the German claims against Venezuela we gave precedence to thorn irlslng from 'the last Venezuelan civil wars. These claims have not ho character of mere buslncwt debts, contracted the republic, but they have grown out if act» of violence, committed against German citizens In Venezuela, either by forced loans or 1iy seizure of cattle without payment or by pillage of German houses «nd estates. REFUSED TO SETTLE. 'For these acts of violence no redress whatever woa obtainable from tho Vene- xuclaii govern.-ncnt, the latter flatly refusing to settle the qucutlon by diplomatic dealings. Consequently the Imperial government was to Its utmost regret forced to take the matter Into Us own considered In all cases detrimental health. to Dftvl Qucjnstown, lcc. ».-Mlchael lavltt arrlvwl hern today on board *ho steamer I'mbrla. lie was given an enthunlutlo welcome. CAMPAIGN AGAINST CONVICT LABOR To Us iMMfnimted Df the Man nfaotoran' Indianapolis, lad,, Dec. »-D. M Parry, president ot tbe National AIM elation of Manufacturers, stated tonigh that the association, which I* th strongest Industrial organisation In th world would this winter Inaugurate campaign to do away with convict labor In the various penitentiaries and would work cheerfully with labor to bringing about this reform. tarty favors state ml* national road bulldlnt M · ·otattm tt th. problem OamiMl OompsTi and other leaden who have hotn heart from «n wtboniaUe M Mt at ta tk» Hullo, Mont., Dec JO.-Chiunplein Jef- frle-s tonight lost a ucclslon til ;i four- round contust with Jack Munroe', after femr rounds of 'tho fiercest lighting that Butti- has seen In name time. At one time 'the champion went to Ms knoe» and' a knock-out looked possible. Jeffries and his manager had posteei a forfeit of 1200 for any ono to stanel against Jeffries for four rounds and Mimr^e accepted the challenge. At the end of tho fourth Munroe wate uMll ready to light. Munroe Is amateur champion of the Pacific coast. Fltzslmmons II.IH posted a forfeit of $."00 to put Munroc out In four rounds. BAD WRECK IN CALIFORNIA Fifteen People Reported Killed and Many Hurt. San FmnchK-n, Cal., Die. 31.--A mcnsaso from Uyron Hot 8)rlngs »ay« a rear end collision' occurred near there 'tonight In ·which twenty-seven icoplo uru reportcJ killed! and Injuted. About fifteen were killed. r-.nnsel official nnnouncem. nl of the llickude Th ! charge il affaires. II. IT PIlKrlm-lUltazrl. spent two hours on shore hire today. He was recognlm-d but ·not molested. Mmhime von 1'llBrlm Hnltazxl arrived thlh aftrrnoon. She very III and hud to be carried to hands, "Tho first Btcp taken as a compulsory measure against Veneiuela was the seizure of 'her men-of-war. AB this measure hud no immediate effect we are now blockading Venezuelan ports. This block, ado will have the character of a blockade of war and we shall therefore make no dtsthwtlon as to nationality of neutrals, but we do not intend to issue a formal declaration of vwir, Germany ami England having agreed for the present only 'to blockade the count and not to take any further measures of a hostile character agalnat Veneiuela except In case of unexpected emergency. "We regret the necessity of a blockade and we shall certainly take care that as little Inconvenience and trouble as possible ·hall be caused by tt to neutral trade. WILL TAKE NO TERRITORY. "Of course, we have not the slightest Intention to make any territorial acquisitions !n Veneiuela. In that respect tne Uttfttt States government «IM momtlM ago received from us explanations of positive character. We «re thankful to the Unite* States government lor too toou- Mo It takes to brine about e. settlement by arbitration. We think «. fair ·rr*a*e. meat might be reached to *bat way." The chancellor added that tbe not* to Secretary Hay yesterday «ooeptlnf the principle ot arbitration wouW to supph- mooted by another tomorrow makmc M «o to*, fom ot Khttcav, RENEGADE NEGROES Are Carrying on War Against Uncle Sam. Washington, Dor. 30.--Advices from Manila iro that bands of ladroncs, led I'y negroes dlscharsed from the «rmy, arc harassing the rural population. Tho ne- groes aro teaching tho ladroncn military tactics and plan lo wipe out the constabulary. People arc upi.Tetenslvo because of the withdrawal of troop*. IS the British" consulate, when- she will remain until the in rival of the training ship Btoch, which will take her to Wlllemstad, Curacao. BLOCKADE DOES NOT Mean Allies Do Not Believe in Principle ot Arbitration' Berlin Dec. 30.--Tho Nord Deutse-ho Zeltung says the declaration of n blockade of Venezuela was made tdmultnu-:- ously in Berlin and London and doei not conflict with the accommodating attitude of G.-imuny and Great Hrltiiin towards the United States ate regards u .solution of tho Venezuelan eliffiuulty bj arbitration Moreover, says the paper, It previously known In Washington that adherence of the two governments In principle to the Idea of arbitration docs noi arrest the coercive measures iigre-e'd en nnd which arc sanctioned by international law. WASHINGTON BimPRISKD. Washington. Dec. ».--Consul Smith a Port of Spain, Trinidad, cabled today: "Venezuela blockaded." This Is understood to mean the blockade has already begun and completely snystl fled the state department as It conflicts with the date In a notice earlier received from London, namely, Dec. 25 CARRYING WAR SUPPLIES. Hamburg, Dec, 3).--The German' steam er SlbcrU will well for Venezuela Dec 23, taking a complete crew -for tho cap turo of the Venezuelan cruiser Rcstaura dor, besides large supplies of ammunition und coal and u numbcrof nc'w officers for tho German squadron. BANKERSJUEAR SHAW On What Might Be Financta LefcUlatlon. Chicago, Dec. 20.--Two hundred Chicago's most prominent business me were at a banquet «a the Chicago Bank cm' club tonight. The chief speaker wa Secretary of tha Treasury Shaw, who ad dfosscd tho club on "Possible Flnancla Legislation." His remarks wero warml received by tots hearers. In addition t Shaw, a number of local financiers dellv cred short addresses upon financial top Ics. CHICAGO DERBY Will Be Bon June iiO and Will Be Worth 930,000. Chicago, Deo. 29.--The Washington 1'ork association announced! today that the American derby will be run Juno 20. Tho total -value of tho race IH 130,000. LOUISIANA TRANSFER Celebrated on St. Jjouhi World'* Fair Grounds. St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 20.--The nlnoly- ntnth Anniversary of the formal transfer of tbe Louisiana territory to the United States w*» appropriately celebrated at the World'* Fair administration build- In* this afternoon. Tho building was decorated wKto tho flag» of all nations. Speeches were m*d« by several prominent m0B '- BAJ UUOK VOR BbOOKAiDUR. Fort of Spain, TrinWa* Doc, ».-Tho BrHtohj stoop ot war FWMome. wJilcli was sent to command the entrance of the Orinoco, to toard ««rouod near Barrancas on *tt Itft taak of ttat rtv»t . ·TOLITAB. Bullivan, Ills., Dec. 20.--Frank Edward of East Nelson wa« 'here JYlelay. Jamos Mooro of Gays was on ou street Friday. William Rhodes of Bethany was her Friday on business. Attorney 19. J. Miller went to Tuscola. Friday afternoon. James Foley of Dalton City was her on Friday. William Harris of Terre Haute here Friday calling on old friends an acquaintances, A. T. Wright of FlntUay was here Friday on business, iohn Alexander has sold his saloon William Batman. · SULLIVAN CHURCHES Tba subject of tho sermon at the Bap 1st church Sunday morning at 10:45 ("The Lord's Supper." At the Christian church,' "Is Christian ity Waning?" In the evening, "Tho Wise Men o{ the East." A th« 1C. B. church In the morning ·Ths Good-bye of Satan." In tb« even Inf. "What Christmas Moans to You." There iwlll tie an organ recital at th Christian oborift on Dee. W, conducted b Hiss Helen Bmyser. As lias bean their custom in yean pas tho CbrlcUa church will nold their an nual roll call on Dec. 31- The electlo of deacons mad «lde« will alio take nioB nvi oxnt. HEWS EVIDENCE Against the Coal Roads Is Asked For. Lodge Would Admit Canadian Coal Free. Congress Adjourns Till After Holidays. Washington. Dec. 20.--Senator Jones Introduced a resolution today directing the attorney general to transmit to too senate the evidence presented by William R Hearst in his petition filed with the attorney general and directed against tho coal carrying roads. The resolution went over under the rules. Representative Hepburn Introduced a resolution today a»klng tne secretary of Mate for an itemized statement of expense* of the isthmian canal commission. TO ADMIT CANADIAN COAL Free If Canada Shall Do an Well by UN. Washington. Dee. 20.--Senator Lodge today introduced a bill authorizing the president to remove tho duty on coal coming Into tho 1'nlted States from Canada whenever tho duty on coal from tho United States going 'nto Canada shall be removed. After a session lasting three hours the senate today adjourned until Jan. !. Today's session wac largely given up to an address by Morgan upon construction of the Isthmian canal. The senator declared It would lie to the Interest of the t'nltcd State* In resume negotiations with Nicaragua and Costa Rica with a view of utilizing the Nicaragua route, for the reason that, IIH he believed. If wo Khould continue to depend upon the Panama route we would ncv*r Iwue the canal. A numliir ( lilllx wcie panned and the conference- report providing for payment of expenses of tho strike commission was agreed to. The hist Reunion of the house befoie the helld.iy recess wan very brief. It lusted only long enough to permit final action upon tlit bill to defray the expenses of the strike commission. No other business WHH trnnsaeted Thu adjournment todny was until Jan. 6. DANGER OF D18EAHE of daily l!c:llu, 1 ' C -'i -Sot-Lilltt mi-nilx-rs h,. i-Me-lmlng held confeienccs his week over the position in which tho - a l l y Is plae.d ly tl" '"' w rulc "- 8lno ° he cre.illon of parliament the Socialism uiilel sa» anything In the house they leased us all utterances were prlvil- ·ge-d and not letluckable under the "li'S najeate" or seditlein PHI-UK-aph« of the lenal code. KO that dining th« last yc.irs jf m-vcro repre-sxlve measures the Bo- ·inllslH wen- always able to express their ililnions freely and the rclchstag printed f and circulated their speeches. While such privileges aro not Impareil Oie opportunities of taking advantage of them under the new rules arc limited. At the pleasure of the majority It is Misslblo to Introduce and pass any me-as- use III two elajs, the rules providing; a day must clause, between the. m-cond and third readings of the bill*. The Social- sts fear the majority v.111 change the. election machinery or adopt a measure on the eve of the general elections that will limit free agitation. HAS W K A K E N K I ) THEM. The leaders of the Soe-lallsts consider the power of their party an an opposition |)urty is much weakened, but they ha\c nt yet decided on a policy to follow. Tile- majority ill the rclchstag will In all probability limit the debute on tho budget, hurry it through and dissolve the house for elections in April. Hcrr Bcbel thinks tho SoclallHts will Increase their relchstag representation from 68 to M. Herr Bcrmtitcln thinks fifteen new members are certain to be elected, A party manifesto lust issued asserts the increased revenue froih tho new tariff will amount to 152,600,000 yearly, of which $43,760,000 will bo from agricultural products. The official statement regarding tho forthcoming budget estimates receipts from customs of 1903 at U5,Om,4M, a decrease ot 12,750,000. This e-stlmute was made under the existing tariff. Excise receipts are estimated at $80,750.000, a decrease of 13,126,000. Receipts from stamp tax, bills of exchange, bourse transactions and lottery tickets Is fixed at 113,260,000, a decrease Of £175,000. From New England Cattle Will Swot! Be Over. Washington, Dec. ax-fiecrelary Wilson believes the danger Of spread of foot and month disease irora isew England, Where it Is epidemic, to other states has passed. "In u few wei ks." sal-1 the secretary today, "we will have destroyed every animal Infect i d w i t h or exposed to the foot and mouth disease." THIRTY DAYS Without Pay Forced ou Commodore Hall. He »t a Key to Uncle Mail BOXOB. KONTICELLO. nuu Tviiunui u. jfcivAiutuvr u^ *» mm were here yesterday. Kthel Uoldtrap of Whlto Heath . the city Saturday. i Montlcello, Ills., Dec, ZO.--George W. Teats and William L. Alexander of White Heath were here Mrs. was In . . . . . . . Nan Taylor of Hammond and W. W. Belts of Burrowavllla were here on business Saturday. Master In Chancery R. I. Tatman sold at a master's sale the Lux farm of 160 acres west of Bement yesterday afternoon to Herman Bauman of Mllmine for mt per acre. A. W. Lux or Lovlngton was here on business Saturday connected with the master's sale of (he Lux farm. James Harding, Oscar Baker and J. H. Taylor ot Willow Branch township were here yesterday V. Downey of Seymour transacted busl- ae s Jiere Saturday. Charles Coa Is in Chicago, The school board baa decided to nut In steam Jieat )n the north school building. Coo ft Milter have the job. Notable* Hake Cleveland, O., "Dec. SO.--The fifty fourth annual dinner of tho Ctorelane chamber of commerce wan held tonight The guests of honor were Governor Nash Adjutant Generals Corbln. Young and Ohaffee, John GK Mllburn of Buffalo, and Senator Honna. "A Century of Statehood" wms Clover nor Nasti'e- subject: "The Army and Its Needs" was General Corbln's. "The Army and Commerce" was General Young's "The Commercial Bodies and Their Rela tkms -to the Trust Problem" was John O Mdlburn'm and "The Chinese HUlkrf Bx pedttioit of 1900 and tbe Present Realm o tbe Sultan, of ftihi" was General Chaf Ham's Commodore Blioilv Hall IB taking a vacation of thirty days. This Is *, Christmas prewnt from Uncle Sam. but It IN one the commodore, doesn't appreciate. Commodoiv. Hall Is In command ..f the mull schooner on rural route No. 1, and on a reet-iu cruise he lost his key to the government mall boxes, three or four of which aro on his route. I'ncle 8am didn't like It and Saturday ,'ommodore Hall i.cclved orders t» go on the retired |lit tor thirty days without v»y. I'odlmtister Calhoun received a copy of the order and with It a statement thut the commodore might bo as- Hlgned to duty again if he found his key before his thirty days arc up. Commodore Hall Is vciy anxious to find that key and If the finder will return It to ind When the'carrlcm on rural routes are given a key to tho government mall Boxes tho key Is attached to a chain to ,.» ..» ,...4..~ i* but Coming a yard lessen the danger ot losing It modore Hall got tired of pulli and a half of chain out of his pocket ^ order to ««t to the key and he removed It and carried It In his overcoat pocket. appeared and shiver his timbers It has dlsai Is tl He says nowhere""about his craft. went. . If hi: ,. be says he will he knows where It has gone over the rigging from stem to stern and Is positive that It Is i Window Ulan* Goes Up. Pltteburg, Pa , Dec. M.-An advance In price of window glass to the trade was announced by the Jobbers' association. Just why the advance Is made whc n a recent order for glass was placed at a fraction below pi Ices ruling last season Is not known. The Jobbers under the last contract secured u 2fc P«r cent reduction. ConcreMman Becoverinf;. Madison, Neb., Dec. W.-Concrcssman Robinson, who became 111 with appendicitis Wednesday and whose condition became alarming, has so far recovered that It Is believed ho will get well. i Bert Mad Warning. Bert Hurdy, who Hvcs next door to Conductor Bears, where tho telephone tiro occurred lost night, sat up all of Friday night watching his telephone. It wan puffing- smoke like an engine and he was afraid to go to bed fewrlng that the houso might oalch tire. H» examlnod the ·phone, but could not tell whore tho smoke oame from. Ho know» now what caused It. THE WEATHER. Chicago, Dec. 30.-The weather Indications for Illinois for twenty-four hours follow: Fair In ·o»U; rijn or · BOW .j» north portion. Bundey fair, brisk to hlfh shifting winds, becoming northwest. MOB. NEWSPAPER! N E WSPAPER

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