The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 7, 1916 · Page 28
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 28

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 7, 1916
Page 28
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THE INDIANAPOLIS SUNDAY STAfl. MAY 7. ·/' AUTO TRIP IS IDEAL VACATION Worries and Cares Incident to Railroatl-^ewr-s-^nkwwn U. S^Ttucks in Mexico Driven by Employes of Packard Firm, Motorist Who Goes When and j Where He Will. - ; · - : SMALL CAR IS PREFERRED Machine Which Will Carry Five: Comfortably Is Able to Travel! Over Any Road in All Condi-, tions. THE A R M Y ' S ASSISTANTS IN MEXICO. t o ( l i e f l g h t from U l e J e f t \ i ] } \ f \ " and 'iierhanles. who acr.oin- i the base at ' · o l u i n h u p , X. M p a n i c d t h e " f i r s t s h i p m e n t of Packard ' i n x f r o n t . The, t h i r d f i s ' i r e t l i o factory to the H o u t l i f r n . I n tho front, .row IH H. H. .toy, now h a u l i n g supplies Horn ' o f - U i o Packard M o t o r 'Car C o m p a n y . With t h e ' t u n ICK f r o m · b o u n d a r y are nf t l i H y e a r ; p p r o a ' - h - ,,.,,.'.._-..--_-__-.. - · ·; ---,-.--.--.;.".i Ing plans f o r t h e i r M i m n u - r \ac;i|.|on Irips are. begun, t l i e old q u e s t i o n of how · ad where to K is "uppermost in the minds of t h o u s a n d s of motorist ·-. .The -average car owner, - lin-ause of the, fact that h© gets the Bivalent amount of pleasure and comfort, out of h l K c a r - i n the Summer t i m e , h e s i t a t e s a b o u t , leaving It behind w h e n he. s t a r t s off to the mountains or wea shore. "The motor car because of KB a b i l i t y to 'get. there' rnahos almost, any k i n d o f : a vacation trip possible," declares J. M. i Block of the ttibHon, c o m p a n y , who IHIH | covered v a r i o u f ) p a r t s o f ' tlie. I'nlU-d States, C a n a d a and f o r e i g n ' c o u n t r i e s ' by automobile. ' '· "Seashore, mountain!-', i n l a n d lake;' and rivers all can be. seen to the best advantage hv t h " motor t o i i r i . H t . ' w h o goes his own way and maker; ~'hi: own time without h a y i n g to d e p e n d upon a railroad schedule, or be. b o t h e r e d by t h e "delays and inconveniences to w h i c h t h e average tourist Is subjected. · . , "A small, l l R l i l . car lilu: the O v e r l a n d Model 75 is. (lie. t y p e of m a c h i n e preferred by m a n y , persons who p l u n to upend t h f d r y a c a M o n s In the m o u n t a i n s . These smaller cars can t i ' n v e l over roiiKli, hilly roariK and i;el ' t o and from places Jnuoh easier t h a n the. big. heavy machines. In f a c t , t h e small l i ^ h t (.-ar bus every advantage over |t« big brother when It comes to m o u n t a i n c l i m b i n g . I t s light weight e n a b l e s It to pot t h r o u g h noft, sandy spots where it would be folly to drive a big, cumbersome Truth Is General. "The same is t r u e , of rough a n d rocky roads. The ' l i g h t car t h r e a d s i t s way over the bumps w i t h o u t , d i f f i c u l t y . On hard macadam or a s p h a l t pavement (lie big car is r i g h t al home, but out in t h e Country along i h o h i g h w a y s and byways where tourists most enjoy themselves the ftmall, light car has proved Itself tlio most practical for general use. "From one to five persons can t a k e a vacation t r i p in tin Overland Model 76 and enjoy every - m i n u t e of t h e t i m e . Their vacation starts from the 'time t h e car leaves t h e house/ In a d d i t i o n to be- Ing out in the open a i r and t a k i n g in points of interest, the t o u r i s t f i n d s t r a v e l - ing In u, small, light car inexpensive." ~ SCRIPPS-BOOTH HAS NEW GENERAL SALES MANAGER MITCHELL EIGHT HAS NEW DESIGN / '··- . . In Addition to; Changed Type of Body With Different Features, _, _ -., f ~ - -, Car Will Have Many Little Conveniences. , NOTHING OMITTED IN MODEL rs of Hyatt Firm Will Gather in Convention Soon The managers of tho per vice branches of t h e Hyatt Roller Bearing Company w i l l gather {it the general sales offices at JJc- , trolt. May 18-20 for their nrst~aimutil con- TJ i · ' u \. ventlon: The. business sessions . w i l l be. , devoted to talks by officers of the cotm , pany and to conferences on engineering, | sales and advertising matters..*. j The cities that w i l l be represented 81 t h i s conference are: A t l a n t a . Chicago, San Francisco, IJOH AngeleH, -ffr'atll' 1 , 'Boston, N o w Yorkj M i n n e a p o l i s a n d D e t r o i t . "\Vr~aTrTltlore Inte.rpsted t h a n we. can t e l l yon i n - t h i s ' c o r i v e , n t l o n and in the good - - - _ . r%i i we e x p e c t - i t to accomplish,'-' s a i d - A . K. Has All the Equipment Shown on j-,^--j- yv»«TM W^^ ' t h e h e , men meet fn y u r l o i i s p a r t s of ttie c o u n t r y and It. also Is i m p o r t a n t , t h a t they know find a p p r e c i a t e w h a t tlie, e n g i n e e r i n g salfH ' u n r l a d v e r t i s i n g d n p a r l i n e n t - s u,. I r i s h o r t , i t w i l l be u 'get-Inn e e t i n ^ t h a t w i l l ' p r o v e o f benefit all around. "The e x p ' e c t a l l n t i is to m a k e t h r s e con- fwiii'on M n n i i n l affairs. 1 -' A H p e i l a l e n t e r t a i n m e n t program is being arranged' for tho hours when t h e will not he In business session. Cars in the Recent Automobile Shows Paid for Through Savings. . : W i t h a new typo body f e a l u r i n g H t o n n e n u cowl, .disappearing a u x i l i a r y t»ca(s In t h u Kovon-pftHsengcr, totmeaii l i g h t a n d locker ' c o m p a r t m e n t on t h e I n s i r u m e n t board, tho Mitchell-I.ewls Motor Comp a n y ' o f , Racine,; Wls.; 'Is c o n t i n u i n g the e i g h t - c y l i n d e r model that d u r i n g last fall met w i t h such universal favor. Tlio radiator higher nml deepcr^jwlth Ilii removable oven baked black enameled fiheli; Htrengthcns the appearance Of tlio f r o n t ' e n d ' a n d nilsen the. l i n e from the radiator to'c'uwl I n t o a triore, nwecping effect a» It. rounds off Into the body. Tlie second cowl romove» the last J a r r i n g note lo the eye in the c a r r y i n g out $ the f u l l streamline, effect, for _il_ ·"smoot'hs out t h e ' d r i v e r ' s seat, i n t o a p s i r t of t h e , body itself and at the same t u n e provides « compartment for the auxiliary sent.H In the Heven-ppSBenger which all o w K M h e m lo bo folded back completely t l i e i r . i to !e t u r n e d back and n;-iecl as a n e a r c h l l g h l w h e n b u c k i n g up on a c o u n try road at n i g h l . Easy Access to Gear, The loiilw' a r e - c a r r i e d in a tool chest. ( h a t fl'ts down u n d e r t h e hood between the e n g i n e and the frame. The ftea't. stools, as well as tho floor hoards, arn removable,.-and t h i s fejiluTfT provides, easy access to the r u n n i n g gear, t h r o u g h e i t h e r t l i o front or t o n n e a u at all times w i t h o u t c r a w l i n g down u n d e r t h e car. Th! New M i t c h e l l K-ight w i t h this up- h i - t h e - m l n u l e liody design is sure to .uphold t h e r e p u t a t i o n a l r e a d y established by, the cars now. In operation and with tho added completeness of tho body e q u i p m e n t and d e s i g n ' I s sure to meet w i t h great d i u h l i c , f a v o r . , ' In lino w i l h I h e unusual progress being rnado at the Mcripps- Booth fiictor.v u n d e r the new inan'aKement of .Cjarencn u. Booth eometi tiie announcement of the, : appoln(ment of William B. Ktout lo the position of general sales manaser, taking tho place of II. H, ..Spear, rculitned. Mr. Stout wiifl first k n o w n an e.iiKlneer lor the Keripps- Booth c.ompnny during the design period of l u x u r i o u s light roadster for which the organization haw become famous. The originality of the ear, with HB wide appeal in a new Hold, made tho-Kerlpps-Booth company at onco H factor in Detroit motor car circles. When tho car was ready for d i s t r i b u t i o n Mr. Btoilt was In charge of advertising. Serlpps-Boolh advertising w i t h i n a your was as much, t a l k e d about a m i copied an was the car, this, too, being accomplished from an appeal of o r i g i n a l i t y a n d - a new Bplrit of progress. H(:rIppH-Jlooth_affalrs have, been entire- 1 ' *]f reorganized; t h e .new b u i l d i n g Is completed and production u n d e r a new system Is now under way. Changes In the organization are only an Indication of extreme activity at the Hehlpps-linoth plant, which offers great promise of a record production for this plant for n e x t month. OUTPUT QUICKLY TAKEN! When tho new tube mill was built by the Tlmlteh Holler Bearing Company it was thought that ( j u l t e a~l;TfgV'per "eehl- age of tho output of the. mill would be available for sale to the motor car m a n u - facturers. Since the - n e w mill has been in operation, however, the entire output 1 as , been ooniinud to the bearing company and the. T i m k e n - D e t r o l t A x l e ,'um- Mtiy and, nueoivllng to Mr. lOlv, secrc- · tiiry of tlio Tlniken Holler Bearing Cotii- 1 'any, It IH not believed now t h a t they «I11 bo able to spare a n y of the t u b i n g ' · I * this year at lens't, the d e m a n d for 1 wirings and axIeH having luc.rcustul to · ich a. large extent Wheelbase Lengthened. The r i g h t - c y l i n d e r "V" type motor w i t h mi ··:;" bore and- Vi ftich stroke remains i n t a c t "In t h e same chassis, but the'wheel- base has-Uocn lengthened two'lnehe's to 127 Inches to accommodate tho additional two-Inch length which 1ms been added to the Hate - Improved canjilvA-ty springs lH dU»!U~lwtaed..tor. -Ujfl««r CIII-H j o muno of the "eaHlest riding cars in tho W T h l B "V" type engine retained to jiowp-i- the newerjnodelJiodY ! f Je«LPtJL« f !: l a b l i s h e d some very unique performance records slncu announced early last fall, n o t a b l y t l m record of. 17.9 miles to the g a l l o n ' o f KHBolIno and a J l e x l h l l l t y that, p r a c t i c a l l y C'limiuo-Lcd all necessity for the tihJftlriK of geni'H. . Result of Savings. Tho new Mitchell Eight, w i t h the prestige, it bus already eHtablishoxl in operation, -will havo tha new body design, I n t o which. ,has been built all tho little, conveniences' and ecfulpment Rhown on tho best. rnodelB exhibited at. the recent New York and Chicago automobile shows and those conveniences are a part of ext r a cost, for they are all paid for t h r o u g h the 10,000 fiavlngB In m a n u f a c t u r i n g , coats made possible hy John W, Bate, the efficiency engineering expert, In hiw t h i r t e e n jiejuiH_aSidesl6tier_Jind..builder of M i t c h e l l Ciil'H. · . N o t h i n g In thlB new model, .which sello for $1,45(1. at the factory for the three, live or seven pa.ssengor, «e«ms to have been omitted. The heavy metal robe rail In replaced by a neat leather strap; t h e r e Is a-ooncenled elciitrlc light in the-rear- tonncau, and a locker compartment s u i t able for road maps, goggles, and gloves, under the driver's handa )n 'the Instrument-board, and-It locks with the same key t h n t locks the iRtiltlQii and llgliting Hwltches; the headllghtft are a u n i q u e f e a t u r e of- Mitchell conetrunUon In. that they operate on "ft hinge which allows CROW-ELKHARt WILL HAVE DRIVEAWAY DAY THURSDAY Owing to the scarcity of f r e i g h t ' cars mid the i n a b i l i t y to get Orow-Elkliari cars fast enough,· (Colonial Automobile (lonTpfffiy is planning'--H^l'iig.^drive- a w a y , day at the factory, in EikhaH, Tuesday. Crow-Klkhart dealers ' will Jeave Indiamtpolls at 10:50 Monday morning over tho Hlg Four, arriving at Klk- luirt lit 4:4^ p. m. _ There they will be met by ' t h e factory .force and will be t a k e n " t o . n hotel, w h e r e ' t h e y will he guests of the t'row-IOlkhart Company at 'dinner. ' The c o m p a n y expects "froTTT seventy- live to KM) dealers to make the t r i p and bus jirni.iiKed to drive a w a y seVenty-livo cars. The company -'has i n v i t e d dealers from the e n t i r e ! c o u n t r y , m a k i n g it a na- t i o n a l d r i v e n wiiy. M a n y persons, were interested Friday l i l u l S a t u r d a y an t h e Colonial A u t o m o b i l e Company parade paraded K I k h a r t streets. They read w i t h jBurprise the banners an- n o u n c i n g the kerosene carburetors with w h i c h Orow-Klkhart ears are -equipped. The ('olonliil Autonjoblle Company claims the cars can burn a mixture of two-thirds coal oil and line-third gasoline, m a k i n g the price for fuel approximately 13 cents. VELIE HAS EFFICIENT FACTORY. "MafefloT at tlie~VeHo factory In Molinc, 111., is received at one end of No. I B u i l d - ing, is passed through inspection, blacks m i t h and machine shops to stock rooms; (lien to the assembly door, palnt'-depart- ment and final assembly without takiir." a backward step. . On the assembly floor has is individual work, to do ajid IH,- theref hnliTHoIely. responsible for the resul' bin labor. Here Is found factory efllcie. at Its highest state and as a result Velle Hix Is distinctive In workman; and performance. The Secret of Long Mileage is an open book to users of Eacine Tires. The extra heavy itrips of tough rubber on the tread are the scientific strengthening' of a tire built throughout to give 4ftsti»iN^5a^JiJ^^ Racine--The Par!eet Tire combines th* utmost riding comfort"With absolute security^ EePtsts pjunotures -viid blowouts, 4sjc^ooper about the mileage guarantee. THE TIRE MAN O PE · ··· 219-221 W. INDIANAPOLIS DISTRIBUTER OF RACINE-TH! PERFECT TIRE CINCINNATI DAYTON St. COLUMBUS HIGGINS-SUTHERLAND MOTOR CO. 544=546 North Meridian Street Indiana Distributors for 7-Passeng-er $1,235 6.PasBo«gef .........;... 1,085 Roadster.....'......' 1,085 Prices F. O. B. Detroit Six-cylinder Touring BiK-cylinder Roadster. Four-cylinder Roadster. 815 305 some g0() ^ lin0( '' cll .pi e d territory i'or these lines. Write or wire i'or particulars. Horse Shoes are Not Overland "75" Delivery Car for $595 Do You Know-- --THAT an idle horse costs just as much to keep as a horse that is working? --THAT an Overland Delivery car covers three or four times as much territory as a horse can cover in the same time? --THAT you can purchase from the Gibson Company a Model 75 Overland Delivery car for $595.00 F. 0. B. Toledo, and that* if you desire, you can pay for this car in small monthly payments? . \ , . _ · ' . · . --THAT it is not necessary to take any considerable amount out of your business to provide yourself with this dependable, profit-increasing equipment? --THAT the Gibson Company supplies 24-hour service, 365 days in the year? GIBSON SERVICE--Service that really serves--that's what the Overland owner gets. Gibson service means that you will receive the maximum of use from your car--it means that your car will be cared for at your convenience and at your leisure. THE GIBSON COMPANY Motor Row Indianapolis Branches--Muncie, Logansport, Vincennes and Danville, 111. Cadillac Eight Shown Able to Beat Express Train in Several Races " Hepeatedly,-in . various' parts of the country, stock models of the Cadillac jjj^it have wet fast road records, racing ., o _ fptt^^rSfflWH^s^atesr- over dangerous mountain roads and' level plains. One o f . the early achievements WUH last June, when a car, was driven AnBeIoa_tp_.Saji_Krancisco_ln Most Reliable Way to Test Auto Tiires Is Through Practice It is not always the safest rule to gauge air preBBure by the tabulated' figures gen- _ _ . :ompetiUori with tho 'Southern Pacific's fastest truln between the two cities, known as the Lark. Most of the Cadlljac s irlp of 4.92 miles was made Irt the dark, at. an average speed of better than 4U miles .per hour. Tho train was beaten by a margin, of 1 hour and 35 mlnutea. Soon afterward came Word of tho car s feat- In beating by almost tWo hours tho t i m e over the 125 miles from Butto to Mlssoula, Mont., in the Yellowstone trail relay run.' This distance was made In » hours luifl" B2 minutes, at an average speed of 32.3 miles an hour, as against tho best previous motor car record of 5 hours 40 riiinutes, · : In quick succession followed the race from J Denver _to_ l.'heyonne, between a Union Pacific "Special train and a Cadillac Eight, tho train-traveling 112 miles to the Cadillac's 1.1 G miles, Nevertheless the car arrived two -minutes before tjio.train,.hav- ing av.eraged about f() miles an hour. Next, Indiana c a m e ' i n w i t h tho usual result--fast .train beaten by a Cadillac Klght. Tliis was between. IndlanupoliH ·and Terre Haute, the car making the seventy-two miles in · seventy-seven minutes, against ninety-one m i n u t e s for the train. Another-California achievement of recent date was tho Ixis Angeles-Uakers- Ileld round trip in 5 hours, 40 minutes for the 260 miles, breaking the record of a twelve-cylinder car over tlie same route by 1 hour and 24 minutes. Opposed to all these records of high speed, and emphasizing the ability of ti»e car, is the slow speed, high gear test of a Cadillac Eight in Seattle, Wash. There the car averaged 1.8G 'miles per hour for 1,211 feet, requiring 8 nilmitt-s 83-5 seconds to eoy_er._ihe distance. MARMON MAKES GOOD RECORD. Twelve and a half hours actual driving from New%ork city to Rochester is considered rather good time whcn_Jhe roads are in fine shape and it certa'lnly is exceptionally good when the roads are bad. Late in the winter A. C. Davidson of New York purchased a Marmon 34 and one of his Hrst trips was to Rochester. Notwithstanding tho bad condition of the roads, he nmde the trip in ' remarkable time and writes that h e ' n e v e r put tho machine In second speed after leaving Yonkers. - --, . -. .-.ssteaaa^rr-^'^feyiEa cording to F. C.' Mlllhoff, general Wes manager of the Miller Ilubber Company, Akron, O. . Prevailing conditions, weight of car L -welBlirof^tlrOT'and coiistructloh cff tires vary to such an extent that It Is -almost lrnpoBslble"-tt -ascertain what the nlost advantageous pressure is. "We find," sys Millhoff, "by careful observation on our test'-cars and testing machines that.the most reliable method of determining the correct air pressure is to disregard entirely the Internal pressure of the tiro and depend on the dls- tentlon or displacement, which is to say, the bulging of ;the tiro under its-.load. Measure tlie top of the tire In its normal .condition,where there Is no road pressure, tli'en Inflate the tire to a' point where it will measure about 9 per cent greater ftt the bottom, where the road presuuro~or tho weight of the car Is tllrectly applied to the tiro." AUTO MEN INTERESTED IN TRACTOR EXPOSITION HERE Indiana 'automobile enthusiasts are interested in tlie exposition of tractors which will be staged In Indianapolis tho week of Aug. .28. , indications are that more than 100,000 persons will come from Indiana to attend the display. Every type of tra.ctor will he displayed, and. many teats will be given. It is probabW that a site west of the city on the National road will be obtained where more than BOO acres will be plunged. The tractor Industry Is closely allied to the automobile field, say the "motor leaders. Thousands of persona are expected to come to Indianapolis In automobiles to attend the display. The exhibition will he given under the auspices o f , t h e Indianapolis Tractor Club. Members of the club have been-, working for several weeks in an effort to raise $5,000.for publicity purposes, as this sum Is required by-officers of the national as-" sociatlon in charge of the exposition. It Is believed that the amount will have been subscribed w i t h i n a short time. Arrangements for the display are being rushed by members of tho club. BRAKE ON KJNG TRANSMISSION. The brake system on the new eight- cylinder King differs from ordinary construction, Inasmuch as the emergency brake acts on a drum at tho rear of.tho transmission. B EFORE we decided to sell G J Tires, we made a most thoroiugli investigation. Finding that G J 'G' a. an anti-skid, tod had also shown its extra mileage qualities by standing 'up_unde£_ the most severe sort of road tests on thousands of cars, we felt that in the G J we had a tire that we could · stand behind, knowing that it would make good. It is because we have Investigated G J Tires and are certain of the values they offer, that we recommend them so highly. : 4 It is because we know, that we ask that your next tire · be.a Gr J. Trademark Reg, U. S. Pat. Off. HEARSEY-WlllIS 339 N. Capitol Ave. DISTRIBUTORS

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