Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on November 19, 1910 · Page 1
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 1

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 19, 1910
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Weather--Cloudy tonight; rain or snow Sunday. DAILY ClRCULAlaUli 20,000 E s t a b l i s h e d O c t . 12, 1882. Twelve Pag-es--96 Columns. SLAY I WO TRYING TO SAVE GIRL Several Others Wounded In Pitched Battle at Merritt's Road Honse SHERIFF'S ARRIVAL RAIN OF OVERCOATS FOLLOWS TIMES' PLEA; HOPE FOR HOSPITAL Common Council May Some Time in the Near Future Open the City's Idle Building-for Benefit of White Plague Sufferers, Such As the One For Whom District Nurse Asked Garment Soundness of the scriptural advice, i office. In the future should a similar "ashf. and it shall be given you; seek, j case- occur you're at liberty to call on i and ye shall find, 1 ' was nc-ver more j "% his one young nmn . of course, has j forcibly demonstrated than hi connec- | no need for more than one overcoat, j tlon with an appeal in last evening's! What are we to do with the oth*rs? j Trenton Times for an overcoat for an I Mfss Hayter and City Missionary-_S 0 - · indigent consumptive, who is under the care of Miss Mabel Hayter, the Tren- T r e n t o n , K. J., S a t u r d a y, N o v o in b · r KATZENBACH IS NOT CANDIDATE FOR U. S. SENATE So Declares After Publication of Story That lie Would Be Acceptable to James Smith TRENTON MAN WANiS TO AVOID POLITICS to'n Vlsitinj? Nurse. Miss Hayter informed th= fen Men and Women .Woods and Were Later Placed Under Arrest^ and Jailed MOU-XT KISCO, N. Y~, Nov. 19.-In an attempt to rescue a younp girl, who. it was alleged, -was field prisoner in Dan Merritt's road house, between Z»Iount Klsco and-Armonk, today, a pitched battle that lasted more laint have many cases of young men j hn need warm garments. That the coats received and 'those promised may be distributed according j TtmM' to the will of the donors, the Times ] · ' ' - that all donors in- earliest possible disposition to ,-ed and prom- iL-ainst the White Plague Five min-Used. This notification may be given i uSafte^t'he Times ^on the streets {either In person, ^telephone. °r by Fled tO vesterday afternoon. Health Inspector t letter addressed to the-Times, riea TM , S . Fell brousht to this office a -Miss Hayter and the young man who i B once! has received the overooat wish to Considering for Some Time as to Whether He Should Issue Statement Declaring That Ho Was Not a Candidate and Today Decided to Do so--Election Result Her« is Recalled by the Situation. I fine heavy Frank S. Katzenbach. Jr., whose name has been merilioned several times of late in connection \vfth the sent to Mi.. Hayter and. sh.^o^ it J ^t^«^^^-^"^^ aecttolf of a rn]te(1 St!ltes Senator by to the young man. This proved too small. - Half an hour later Mrs. Henry W. Green of West State Street Informed i the Times that she had a fur lined appeal. HOPE- FOR HOSfl l-AL. Besides being a great and progres- vounK man this the Democratic majority in the Legislature, today, over his own signature. made the following declaration: '-- -- - - . . , i B t i c un.j. Trenton is a place where, ,,. overcoat, in good condition, .for the i h m aboun(l8 _ and some day there i l n m not - .. , . a voun« man. Miss Hayter received ^|,,l- tr^r, 1 ^, =1 ^ , nr »h» ,,nf^r-i Tnited States EU-natorship and ha^e a candidate for the his coat this morning and now her tunate people of the city who are suf- nothing further to say on the onsumptive is supplied with a Bar- foJrHjng wlth tuberculosis, and who are Ject." than an liour was fought with- revolvers and rilK-s. When it was over,", two men were dead and several others were wounde-d. Merritt's place is in an isolated section of Westohester County. Wednesday nUrht, "Ed" Brouwer of came to the road house and. . . . . _ ap to the bar. Said to the proprietor: '.by telephone "Vou --. v o u ' h a v e my little sis-i given without " e " You had li«r en- ' which reason ment warm enough for open air life in the Arctics. Between 2:30 o'cock yesterday afternoon and 10 o'clock this morning, the Times received offers, of forty over- sub- Katrenbach was this statement prompted to because one ,-j coats. Several of these came from 1 9 1 I'-.·»»!·«/! br .»»!.. FRANK S. KATZENBACH, JR. WILL HEAR SALTER STORY NEXT WEEK Anti-Bribery League Determined to Prosecute Unless Good Defense is Made RETAIN BACKES i TO HELP GUARD j CITY INTERESTS i Well Known Lawyer Will Be Associated With City Counsel in Watching Lease of Trolley Lines PRIVATE CITIZENS ! ALSO TAKE HAND City Authorities and Citizens A l i k e W a n t to-See That All Public Interests are Protected in the C h a n g e of Management of Transportation - Lines to Be Passed Upon by i Public Utilities Commission. ; ! ! i'..unsel,.r John H. ttuckes has bp» n re(Hitu-il by the t ' i t y of Trenton to be i itssticlitletl w i t h c ' i t y t*«.unsvl I'luirles j K. Ktrd In |.Hrk!ii« after the intcrests i of the munleipallty in connection w i t h th- p,-nilin« official c'intirtnatiin "f the ! recent I.-HB^ .if tlie l.n-aJ trolley l i n e s . ' to the Trenton ami Mercer Tract Urn i I 'ompftny. JOHN H. BACKES. Price Two Cents ^ T !*T,£/iVifi DEMOCRAlS WILL CUT EXPENSES City Hail Clerks Will Be Reduced In Minu- ter By Incoming Administration HIGHER UP TO WORK OR QUIT i \ V h - w i l l nssit-t i n l . H-r^i* ,,r .-n y in tr-.ii.-v nK a f t e r i n - . ! junkets at Taxpayers' Expetw»- offers was stnt to the office this morning from Lawrencevllle. This morning's mail brought offers Chappaqua of a dozen more coats, making a to-i . . ,d walk ng tal of 52, Most of the responses came.' «aJ 1 *' . ^ t -- * . , _ ,, ! ^ nn * e,TWO-nt T1.,TVI-h»l-« -tCfrt* l 1O H nun names of donors, a list" of those w h o ) unable to pay for treatment. j Mr. The city owns a municipal hos- make pital, located In .Hamilton Township, Democratic member of Jhe Legislature This hospital Is now used for a few | had suegrosted that he would like to cases of contagious diseases which j vote for him for the Senatorship. and up in the course of a year. The! also because of a newspaper story, j ,, building, erected at a cost of! printed yesterday under a Newark' thousands of dollars, has never had a [date line, stating that the selection of sick person within .its walls. The day is coming when city offl- will be brought to the reallza- that this hospital belongs tp the ture." I*resident Linton of Common Council's Finance ted met lost evenins and il Commit- . ^i.ied t» accept thu n- ·iniendatluti of Mr. Uirtl jo- people of Trenton, and not to any set of city officials, who are paid ser- r. a z e n a c tory to Mr. Smith, who will control the .majority members of the Legisla- the AotiiKrihery Leacue stateii today that there hao. been no neart in the matter of the en ajfalnst C'ity Clerk Hurry K. SfUter ' wlti for bribery at the polls on on the part of the lettgue Mr. Satterthwait said U , _ . . had not been withdrawn and wr.iild he ' Baekes's eenvral con,-epti..n prosecuted unless* Mr. SiUtt-r shows a-; ters nf such mas-nitude. he had already ; that Mr. Hiu-kes b« t;iken into the · change of i l;asc Thr . l a t ^ r is particularly _ f a - j action tak- ! miliar with tmlley l'-,aislation and j th nimn-rous fr;in-hise nianipu- . GAIN CONVICTION FOR FOREST FIRE State Bureau Achieves Notable ';';; Legal Vicvtory in Burlington ""* "V County Case Are to Be Eliminated and Other Reforms Also Brought About for bribery at the polls on election day ~. lations f '_ : Company. Mr. Satterthwait said th- c o m p l a i n t s ; owlnjr t the Street H a l l w a y " tius fiict. us well as t- Mr. : y, of mat- if he ever returned. 1 Getting: lip, young BroOwer,- -its, he " brushed tne- dirt from, his clothrs, .shouted, ."I will come hack and I 'get my' sister or some "Late last night, word was sent 'to r. the place that Brottwer, accompanied. ·. by his father, anfi several friends, were · o n - t h e way to Merrltfa: The lights; were turned low. the doors .barru-aded and the inmates waited.* Some hours later-there came a knock on the door. When it was opened, Brouwer's voice was heard: ·: "Send out my sister, you _ , or there will be something started.' This was the signal for the to -commence, a n d ' i t lasted until ons side of the building had been riddled. The fighting continued until o v - " * of overc affl?cted^ afflicted Ever since a week before- election Mr. katzenbach has had under con- ^ siilftration the question of whether "orj ffl - - - - - *-- -s noti Keari. him i Hart.' mbers of nty, kindlv furnish us tlie sizeftims. will have use or an Institution I K ave out a statement tnat.tney would tne complaints v.'a man I which is -now decaying because it is I abide by the popular choice of Mr. J tee ac tj an . It we sufficient cause why they should not , been quietly retained by a number be.' The president .of tlie. league PX- ; prominent ritlzeiis iT the city .who t plained that Mr. Saltc-r came to h i s : were particularly anxious tn prevent. yesterday afternoon and asked j a., confirmation nf . t h e lease without j i that no arrest be made until he b e ; iei^aJ assurances that promised im-1 (heard In the matter. It was t h e n ! proi-Piiients . in the system should be j 'agreed that the city clerk shoulif. !e speedily pro.v tiled. 1 given a chance to present his side of.; . HEARINU OX Tl'ESDAY. I the-matter to the Executive C o m m i t - j x , ._. ^-..;.,,.,,,. !,,,,, ».,,,,,,' «-r»,i. t., v f h « ' tee of the league, as the making of The State Btiard of Forest Park Reservation r,,mmis?i.m-rsi. n nh State er Alfred Ua.siuH as the active utor. ha* j u s t u on an important it-Bat in an a-tinn brought in recover a pt-nalty Or a violation '.' f the act to prw-.nt for-st fires. The defendant was Wa!:-r ,S!"ai) of " I h«ts- worth, Hurlriigtvn ' ' t u n t . "ho -ww« charged with c.-iusmu a iir" whi'-h burned over 7,if" *;-r-.--s .if f'-ir'-st in four townnhips in f'.urUn«t'»n f ' o u n t y . The rase was trim!. i.ff..r.-- .Iiisik-e ft :·. pUtns "f -r.f ritttoerallo : in th** el;-, in'-j^'l* 1 the ahoH- :± n u m b e r - f expensive clerk:.- ! Thly attltU')" on the pan of tlse JBL- J c n - i D n e t-ounoilmanie majority has ajv- | p-ir«»iy suff-Tfd r." «i-rious setback, 1 .is ;h- r*rsuli ·? thf- recent effort .6C' · !!;·· R.-.j-ublicAn !«ari*rs ti sacriflc« tha 1 , *Urn.-ih-u3«? st-"--A-arr!sh!p in ex th-.ri" h---a'l-" that are threatened ; i irti!Wn'~"s :LT^ in course Of. i t?^.tivrr, th4t--A'i:l .'-l.rninate - ! th* iui«:*:arits and dtp-iii*--* in the chief; rr:'.jrji«'i^ial dep^irtni^i^'?. u'here, it-Is th^(- ; :rir-a '.f tit*- lle-mtycrasji to compel thef : R- ;.-jhii''3n r h i ' - f ^ "s;^t on the- joh** '. ;ir.-\ ;i. i tufiily- r-rxrn th^-ir. salaj" f-s B-y t h i means a c ( ?E3MraJ}te reduction int : needed for the neeUCU IUJ «.«-- will - ceit»t- of same ..^ .-.,. -- .----* -- t - . j j , one will get j pleased to send one to him, of to your! the city can provide Sheriff Scherpp 'who had learned of the threat to attack .tlie' house; reached the - s a teacup's conuats- . r , - .. m r - j n f ' « B M nf th« '· popular cftolce Of iur; i tee actian . It was thouirht that Mr.'i inK "'"''' , , '' P J · n n m o v l r e »he' tuberculosis. I.'pon 're-) not used for-the sick and needy, who Marline to the extent of voting for SaUer m ig]-it be heanl la-st nisiit but I 'uJP m r,L, '...."f tho «v«f.»m Thmieh : we will be only toolso urgently .d«mand such-a home as the latter in the. legislative caucus, because of other enKag:eni«nts by the ·· X?' - ' r ^ n :»." K · » - - . « ,vi h ^ i we will te ,oni ( . . ., ..... jn ^ instant ,, rteotedt . but su ^e s tins that in the commiuee memhera ^a meeting will i Tr.-nton wjll then be _ r c pre^nt^d by ; event of the ftgrht becoming an open prob ably not take pla,-e until -next j i l r - »«ckes and Mr. Bird, they h a v j one they would Rive their votes to Mr. Wednesday night . . . | made appHcatfhn for additional tim« in Katzenbach. Mr. Katzenbach was not Mr Satterthwait wanted it rnadn'- whi '" h to I' r '-P ar -' ^^ presentation j aware of the. identification of his name i p lain that the league has not moved " f lh " city's, side- of the qufstivn anrl , with the Senatorial discuslsnn until j on e iota from its course and firmly b--' Tuesday. Heccmbw 6, has been ten-| the statements of Hartpence and Hart j n e ves .that it has a case asainst the \ l ?-li vo !\ a 5 r£0d ." r '^ n - ._ : . · . . j- appeared In print. expected to he saved ~t«: b^rs of the Demo- ,063 WORTH OF. - NKW BUILDINGS IN CITY DURING WKRK Windsor the warrants have been Building pertnits authorizing new work to the total value of $28.063 were issued .during the week closing today a. dozen armed; As the lightS in an automobile., accompanied by half 1 Building Inspector - Edward B. G. · _.- - _ i -__ t · ,T:i»"mi'1rto · A'c .fHf» iiP'rl-T?; i * · · r3 , __ - - - - pazicock. Of tb,! $20,000 Is-represented ~by a five-story brick ware- House for the Trejttpn Enk · Glay and . . of the auto were. sishted the attaclc- ihg-party fled, and immediately - aft err ward the back door of the tavern flew op?n ad wo,mert4nmateE s.gatteT.e4 into thevVo'oJs thkt'lay in the.rear. ^ the sheriff "reachefi the. scene he. one .man lying deaa in the Pushes in the front yard'.. of the tavern .-and. ·knbtheF. s'tretchea; just -inside; -of" the front door. The latter was quickly ^* ----- ^,. r -- ~-~ - - Wentified. as Tames - ; a ?ou S in_, . _ bf the. propmtor. The other man was not' recognized and is believed to - have anJ 1 *' .'came ffoni Chappaijua ' with the .attacking., party. PorcelalD Oarnpany on W. J. and J. H. Morris are thei bond- ers... . . . " ; ' - . . . - - _ . - - . , . . ' , .City Engineer Abram Siwan. . Jr^ transferred 21 tracts of real estate dar- ingr the--week. The records of the -week In the. offlees of the Building Inspector ., . . , The-she-riff. and'.his .deputies" scoured" ."the woods i ana-arrested .ten, badTy;' -·frightened men:.and ..woni*n who- Had. escaped from - the road -house.: -ail - -*-efe taken tn. White.Plains arid jailed. '··--'-· \yhat: became "of-: the. Brower; girl is liot known,;.1? thought; she Joined -Iier'-bijoiher; and wept "with him. V . D.eaf . o wiier ?·- Cfoslej '. Machine:- Com- Tiatiy, ,btiilders; ^seoneirete : addition to WWIe : ' Out of : consideration : -for ^traJHc. .bbthr waebn arid foot through South. Stockton Si«*et layiag v o| .the iiew concrete: - pavement :ln" frottt ; of State: y3tiseet Metho3ist: iBpisbopal Cburch _on .State; f. Strefeftand part=«f the way aJaag-.tbe "church ·-fomirty-' on -Stoefaoa .Street held--ap; ifor, aixso "t. two weeks; ^ :, l^ three -weeks ago -th%: flag-, of -t3ie mJiUail. church pay«- er0 taken trV tor'heree the ; n ^ o W n -at' -iJDiCK: ^Wften ; tfee : waa ready to proceed; with 'the .-work. Jt -WM- fpimd- that 'OiV;.lea for.Thtrins ' 'the concrete for;the giaewa.ifc;:if placed in .\Stofclctoiiu Sfi Wock the" jnnctton - - i * : - S t ' ' ·' fv euient 'i " " " : - - - - - - ihe CJty'"Hjill sidewalk of th* Stockton Stres* «We' «f tha -; biHJffing- -- --,,,,» i b« hi * laid the concrete 'b?a» and i'iifcr" of "biiU'Hng' - raatfTiAj ; ; Je*t Just ^joon«b rooui ft* wagons tp"p» l *« ' S»»t« SUeot toto/Stodkton OlJ -*r*U Jo* h« beci; OEA0 RABBI K«vv 1ft.-- Rabbi A. i * * ' of /the Here» of PhllAdelphfa, and at the of Almveth Cfiased 8»iiiiro«ue, died .-j* h»-*^i.e hai today.-- H« d'-" TM3iai : for t»«:--1lj In tW* city. Bora in- Taarteh, flfti--imy. flTiy- years jap," Rabbi Er»ch- ter ««ne to *· .loa *Jieti S year* old . , Into- h« «-- ·"· to thte DAMAGE *UiT CONTINUkD, . wilt of ji"n« against Mrs. France* H. tu4o" of Flwnlngton, to recover $6,000 for' tnjtulv* sustained by iKtng nm do»B by an aotomob)|e tABud and Alvcn by the aefen«'*nt r iirfll b* con- ttnn*d in Merc« Sujjsni* Co^.t Monday befor* Judge Lloyd, , * rARMER* ali,4 «TQL,CN. " -" O«or B c Vannest, a farmer, "of Ch««- terfleld, NJ J;, notified the pojlce of the Second District Station that one of hi« hired men left the farm yesterday afU. boon and took * valuable hummer- 1 t-» with him- City r . Engineei- are excellent ones for this -season of the year. PERMITS' :'-.': Tjhe -irriportant bTiUdlng ; pernilts.folr low: .· . . .: ^ '. '* --" Trenton Ftre Clay and '··'PoisSrfafn Company:, owners; "W, J; : and X H; Morris, builders; bire flve-story brick building for ja- warehouse on-- JDavles Street, to\cbst $20,000:' ersey .State;' School ' the boiler house at School for the Deaf, to cost $600. t Superior Fire Lining Co., uwuers; John A. Maher, builder; two-story frame addition to plant on Oakland A. venue to cost $5aO. ' · - ,. . Mordauht : Kehoe, owners and twb t*o and one-half story brick to -cost $3,600. .Edward Reeger, In the waninE days of the campaign, however. Mr. Katzenbach finally concluded not to get mixed up In the sued and the arrest: will n Senatorial situation, as it 'was · devel- ! made" some time' today..' oping at that time. He felt then that' further discussion of the .subject would be inimical to the best interests of Ur. Wilson's candidacy:\The election returns resulted, in the ^defeat of the two men who had mentioned Mr. Katzenbach as their second cholfco for Senator. AsBemhlvmah, Allan Walsh, w-ho-was a candidate for a second term, and who had comlt- ted himself- uneaulvoeally to the support xrf :Mr. Martinet wai.are-eJected_ hy - . and; bnlWer, "low: . one two: and one-half : story . ftame dwelling on Broad Street to tsoat $2,500. '.-',' ', - jFtKAT/TT. TRANSFERS; " 'The^ithponant i-ealty ti*JiiHfer8: folw: : -.-"" :' ' ' - ' " . ' wtniaw M. "Nutt :and wife to James Hamersley, .property ort Edgmeire Avenue, for $3,2QO; ""..." F«tdlnand Neuner to Benjainin for. property on Williams. Street, for $1,000. '^red S. rSernberger T to .Royal ~F. Johnston, property- on Rutherford Avenue . for $MOO, ' · ; · - - " . · ' · ^Florence Edl . and others to Isa'fth Martin, property, on' Ingharn Avenue ·for *2^oo.. -.::.-,. -', .. -v ".·-'·' '···"-'--.-·'-:·.·-'- · -· Nicholas and Susanna "Vogel to Mir cnagl "and Barbara If amann, prbperties on Biuiaett Ayentie f or $1,200;._ : . df 24 Monday / Tc* of ; tie ; witb. (the } 'Association 'i^at W: 3ff* o^cioclt'-Jnitie;- tiit Cliurchi -Montgomery, and . Btanovet Slicets, for tte^puT^M^f'.drgaBiiijig a permanent councJL. " ';; \ -. -·'- ?i.Tliik:councll Twill have :chai«B of -or? "dlnaabna ind like ce/eiponle«.-7-* ;.: '::': · TE9i::pt tSe churches iWBr : :-b^ «n^ titled" f o. ^presrentatipn^by its; p^ator ' " - " . Following "the prganJ3»t|oti: :of ;lne council ;there: -will b^ -*t meitiftg; of fh«f Tisn ton Baptist Ministers Association. ;The. Rev: "Dr. W:? fc idaie; paatdr: of *he , QMyet ; Baptist iChnrch/ this- city; and ~ tBer=Rev.;..D*; : S K.- Ki'- EJacttes 'Sot HlghtBtoftii, will open a discussion on the:subj[ect of "The -: Decline of IMs- clpline;in ; .th«i ' " DESgRTHJM ei» tsf County,: foimerfy. of --this city, thiough' James 3. : McQoogan. has filed ;in the ~ Court, of -Chancery - an in«wer-.-to .Hie. suit filed /by Mr* Sarah T-". SHy«a,~ hi«».-W:lrJe, - of j this :-cl^r, _fbr atviorce on ".the grounds: df, desertion. Mre. -Sflyers said -that: her- husband, whom she married to : the. seventies, deserted her In 189S; She M« -for. the dlvoree and malntenanc*. Sllveia de- nle« ttfe charge Of doati lion «ad sets up dflertkn opdn the part of his --wife." H* ask» for dl voixe and a denial, of his ·wife's " plea, for nralnt»««Knce. Opposed V Deptrt^ : : : Oytn Thereby as Ajidltor .' - : StetftAuditpf; WHIiam ; fe Drake, "is congraitlatitig ,himself .these , days r ithat h.e : puCip: i- fight* Jeaf 6r : two back against the -re^appoin'rrmet of one of Sis- : 4epUties, for It is-diie -to'thfi^- jBif it -Wp^rowi)" Wilson,; as |bvernor, ll be unable to displace.- him with. _a Democrat- "-:· v ;-. ;'/.-:--"-..- ..:" -.'-·- ~\--'' '--'-"· V " As head .Of: his "State- J3ep|u. Uuent of Acconnts,' rK ^Drake's salary: ;fs.; $5,00:0 a/yatr'and the tenn:iS;-flyer y«ars. His fptmer-term was due to empire Jn 1913, and" this ? would have .^brought '-. : hfan within the. ; three- year ; te» m /of; Go ernor Wiisoh- ;A year or so/ago Gov- «rhpr . iPort deslrea to re-appoint Theo- ddt«. : B4i'-fjrtrin.:-«B" assistant "iwidttoti but" :'Audftor VDr^e-.. opposes "4ihe;:,:ap- poiijt»etifc "'Gdverrfor; fort Toaile this appolntnienfc :· nevertheless, and; tJie flgbt-"pBt np by Mr. r*ake led to a delay Jn . his ow^ re^appoitttment. . His iHWie was hot aent to this .?M«ate, "but tie Andltor was flnallr- n«(!m r ed again «a an ad interim appointment '·:- laie -next winter- Goyej iior Fijrt "J -Uiake'g name to the Senate and he ·was p .ptJy conflrmedv .. By : . this year's delay.^ however^- the- Auditor's term- now : stands so that : -tt wjB. not tuplre: until January. ZS, 1914, or about two -weeks after "Governor^ Wilson, -win gtt out of office/ - - - ·-' - Slr^. iSrake , waa 4«nghin|r about the situation 'at tlie "State Hoase' f t day or t«vo ago, and he said, that 9ometieu« It pays to flght. He -is only concealed now that a Republican Opv*s.ii6r **a1l be elected to succeed Dr/WUson. -' . i«E JlUWCIHtlL EDli.OK . To the JBdltor'of. the Times: r . -. . .: '-.-·-. -'Slrj--Pei»nlt me'to «otit«ny t congratulate yo« upon the ."JTnnliElpal BnHdtng Number" of -your very excellent,paper, co^y of which has Jn«t r-""c!ied me.'. Tne very excellent work yon and your colleagues are do- tej te order to .uphold ; the sentiment for a ^Greater TrentonTM win nn- doubtedly ' be productive t»f petmanent good. Again congratulatlns you, I -w»v. ' ' · ' , . · ' -*-.-'- Tours yery" truly, , , C. W. SUMMKRFTRT.A Secretary of the Philadelphia MerchpJits 1 and Manufacturers* : Association. ' ' - · - * : ' . - . - . Philadelphia. Nov. 17, . , - city clerk. of Hamilton Avemio, I the Peace Ch»J-l«'s P. Smith -rrf Bur- ' liriKton, H e ' f o u n d Sloan eiiilty.. but . th«- ta^xpay^rs. . · owinff to -miticating. ru-i-urnstan-.«.-s ; The h-j;.'.ivfr members of th mly lmpo.sp3 tli» m i n i m n r h !in of f." 11 j crati-c maj«fi:y in th*! n«»w gx State Forester fjiiskill r* ! i^ards th+Vr^-- .; b*dy arp tasking nf ha%'ing a. suit as-a «!«mpl«-tp. vindication of the ' next W^dnfisday nh?ht, at which. forest fire law. | o? the crians-*?s. n«v considered;. According to th*- t-virteh'-f-' in -the : ilkeiy be -mold'.--! l a t n .-ifQnste ?, case S?loan burned a lit of brush on his ! Bat sufficient deflnits-ness Is at tbi» property in Woodland' Township, j ttrise apparent to: insure a matw*»* April 14. 11*10; April l*» v w i t h a hi?h :· r u t in the s*t;ar" acoitjtit. wlnd blowing, the ilisastrous nre hroka ' · Among - the first · cfflces 'to he vaeri out 'and burn^f! throuch the Stato For- cated axe those of assistant Street com-est it- r»t -the. trial missioner. assistant treaaarer the -In the'matter, of Frank McCabe ofh vhe ' r *£ !t ] s charmer]., that .^the yars^jar j t n n V t h e nrfi orietnatefl in' the locality -$1.300 -!tirksh;p' at the crematoi wn* " nf thv lire started hy'-Sl»a.n The d*?- \ a clerkship in thp oompt-roiiers: office. . a.-.:.r«'' KotwHUjstanding these fesidts, gossip has still.^associated Mr.' Katzenbach's name with "the Senatorship. Today he decided -. that it was finis for him to put. a. quietus on the" talk that he jnight be able to step in and- eapture the Senatorial honor at the sacrifice' of Mr. Marline and the repudiation of the- direct primary vote. A-monK his friends-it Is understood that Mr- Katzenbach intends to- keep, oat of politics as ; much as possible In- the future and devote, .himself to the large practic of law which "he enjoys. ' .-· ·'·' : ;'. - , '·..- -:-- -. - -' : . FINE 35CENTS1NDR1 pictures fr ; .m the wall, shake the china ; i.-1.-·«=:? and ' "therwlse disturb t h e ] np.ierhb(rhool at all hours "t the'dey ] ami night. -wfT** the first persons t o ) realize the neceysii-y of having a hand ; l f ,, j shmv .p,j that ' ---- bad made fort's to extinguish his. fire ftnd sup-. |., · extinguished before he It is a-lso possible that the salary superintendent of the- crematory will be redue?'l from JJ.SOf to $1 V and bad. joints'in the.tracks, th" loosp a n d - i j uneven rails" and worn-out ties com- ! · ! bice ti make it an absolute nec«wsiiy ', that, the city ;iir state should afford t some roli'of, · · . j Thus they souerht the counsel of Mr, Backes, who will now appear also .In the interest .d£ Oyster Boat Supplies South Trenton at Low Price --A \fVaterway Advantage Maurice River oysters, fre-sh from the -world f amed oyster beds of Maurice : River and Maurice^ Cove, 'at. 35 cents a hundred are rampant in South Trenton tod lay because of the coming . thar other saJariea --will . b« sliced** in his opinion, j though triesf minnr p-uftailments that the 1 forest fire law holds i riot as yet been ratified.- - oTie responsible that has started^ Assistants in the nfflee'of the dl or caused to be started, a fire from I engineer.- wiH -likewise.' be reduced: nt which a conflagration has -spread, j number, and thus i t - w i n .be seen--that and as the defendajit failed 'to show j aeivra! thousand' ij-!»a:rs .will be im- nnvi other manner in which th* big. fire, i mediately, pr^via-ed -In..- these aeverftt brush fire of the d«fpndant. ' j-lo'rl-y cnunciimen can be todnced to- , As no Interrtional negligence was j accept the -caggestj.-nis of -tnose shown the 'minimum fine was Imposed;! have.-been' su-cf?ssfui in njlotlngf that ; .The StatevPtorester will prosecute all '-cases nf tffls kind which occur in the Mrs. Ma. A. F. Miller of· IJerth Am- hoy has through her solicitor", John A-.- U''Trejiton of. a. Maurice River nys-j'ilontsonior.y., fljert' thte mornlhs .in. the ·ter 'Boat laSen with »,000 of - the -; Court, of "fThancerr a" petition; for a ; di- choicest bivalves obtainable in South j v.oree" from, her husband,-. John -Calvin Jersey waters. - . - ' . . ' ·' / I nillpr of this ity. ' The" "divorce is :As..sppn- as.. this boat docked at . ,,,, ; th ground of dt-seriion;. ' - State. . Bgrnocratic party to victory. 'It is believed that when, the Democratic 3 ; i : : ence.;spread .rapidly, and an. less than i ^,^' f -, y j us t ice of .tfre- Peace''Jos'eph' Rours dozens of: families. livens.; i t ^f n ^.. juja. jived together'until;July}; -together which ..will, -be the -first cauca* of : the majority .siHc; the late election* ' iluyor Madden. .Chairman Etwln ET Marshall, of the f*'iiiiiti" ExeeuU*e Committee, and Counselor John H. Backea will fe in attendance. If their ; advice is .accepted" the Mayor -puill most '. likely set the pace for^ine; fathers in · the future. i Th* city|s chief executive will prob- ..-· ·' ;-.; · .-."" . .-."- ' J ahly -bet-given power, through new ordl- ^ ·'. . - - j n:tnce^ toMUl such vacated ofSees a* After one w«ek. of work in Trenton {are.; fojin"(5. from, actual experience, to i a·'rscruitl-Bfr-'.-'o'fflcer "fpc the U.ntted- requlr fiUlnjt-^-C'f TJo.urse.^with tha concurrence :of Gfliinci!; .It ^wlll also § .-along'.the,-river.-rront". had . o y s t e r s ; 3 3 v.issV.:wMn, .it is said; ..the flpfend-: U-npugh tovlast-them-for a - wc-ek..many.j ^ c ) est?rl ed fi is -«.-|fe""arid.ncv«r. coh- ; r ,.f-pu.Fchas;ere..;trtk-insr.--away- : ,wlth-- tliftm.; tr j burt . d . a ,,vtJiins- -to her. support " ; las many as two :hondred ..- :f t h a t - t i m e "" " " ·"· ' ' " - "-" 1 I .The .oysters were. : ;.sol.d ;fnr. SS'icentaV , Irs ^[^ res!( -, ed rrt ; this rt t,%-- --p r i.U'hnndred_,.-jnst as.,they : liappeneji- .to :^ Iarch ,,(·. this Tar,.ji'hen sheirlir r oiitij; .men" t* ^iocuni;- ;iylier.e. (hey^ .will'.begin .-th^ar careers as. soldiers,- . = . · ' - · . ' - . " : :·.-'-· · ·Th:'r-srrnits.- Wlii V'nt away today | were.WHfiam A- "Bryne^Jr.,- of Ruther: ;rford 'Avenue, "Herman Ahrendi-' nf Fair" mariss Stokes Not Surprisect " ;; '·· Act ; ,. atbout the State. House - who are fffto«ly;; to- formpr; arranged; throagh local, legislation, prevent t3ie ' of ' 'duties dernarid their -'daily" ,;nce. in theiif City.Hall: ofBcea, and It is declared tiiat ihere wiH; tx 1 no of; the -.·' division of cltjr time- ford -Avenue, "HtSrman Ahrehdi-' nf Fair"' or. = tne-.-oi-Tision; or-, city -time- oet»^ft Sfr.r«t.;and; tsvJK Morrison -of ,BHstsi. i^e'busintss infee^J 15 ^"^ 3 -^ a hundred;and frorii .60 to. 7,0"· 'esnts a. ; : handred-ifor culli .'" -.. .'·- ."·· j". The'skle. of "tlit-se choice -ivvssters at. ; .i price-.-per hundred" 2» ; cents lower; than any kina-of. oj-st'ers, can -fe'..niuijlit j. fn the local:mafket was due : to the fact . that"-t)iey were.obrrftfglit" to: this city:' Grbyernor. Stekeg'are; somewhat ; exer;f By water framsjjortation -instead .aj£;l)-:j ; ' - ·-'·" ; - . . . - - . - tne persist»n ; the -effect den has ·instead .aji .'i j · .oysters ^T«m f; will attempt" to:upseti the" dfrect- pri- j vcjik-Ii -rure UOOO; to a rp»ry; resultsV by :ag7'ee{ng- tfr.^Influence | - j n days gone by oyiwr boats from }'- . . a. 4iumher- of, soutfijjefsey JRepublican I MaurI G e River-.: frecitiently "vsame to '..'.Wj.;' leglsJators to. ·_ refuse :-Io- abide, -by the j Tr4ntori vrtth'oj'sU-rs, Iwt of-late years tfiiipt": i charges" of aiding;, in" : a n - a t - : at. ifnla\vful v'pting. .'Johji "A-1 ^. e - atriumfer ."of - applicants "for ad-j leadlira -.-^ the-, local: Democracy -mission' to i'ftW.-ar-my ^ were rejected j: Etck · t o toave :*Jopted by-;..the inco»lo« because"-.iff'dfeffftTV.e visifim...-"-"-.- '- '. j council;, Tfie same watchtal care . .The-nicraizJnS" "vv-iVrk- in'" this -district! b* ejcerciaed^tney say.,lnpicklnff ^ .- is ; hf-ati/3-d bv Maj»r ; - WilJiam ·Wp"i s ^i;.^"e. 1 -: i onilngr : ae*dten be- : l-Secorir! j.r-rirtert-States .MnfaGfry, iv.hose (tweeh. the leaders-aiai-the- f«tfier» ^ in Philadelphia · Ma^'r Weiee^ i^nanie.srof .airCandidate» wul oe- c«w«fij rScySan having been Wni"- J'n ;:Sreti;and; .selectioos .may possibly 1 "-- -"-' " -~-" reiinade.:.:·.:; -"-:-..--"-.-*-'-'.. .-:-.""- in th» 'j.lie«n -a e'Uizen tit.rtfis -State- since" ,he l.tists .of-r.^tndQda^tes. ..except that th^r -^"attained": his. ysajuriti -a^d i 'hayjng 7 --iivrf.!-are;-lonBer-:^ari--']ast" -Saturday when. ' ''"* ' ^ 'nee-.early--.boyhood; - --^-" -V 4 soroe:^^^.bf -^th -hflTriea ;-.were. originrfly - - - - - - - -- --· -: -.j published, "in-- tfii8i--Tijiis3- - ^r-i'nose 1 in vud -"i"lea3--ior--tlifi- larger. vO^HcftS- to- dte ^^0 t johnv T. :^cClain"-ipr.VSaperlT»tfiw8^ *l of .fh¥ CremaTory.,an4! Alfred lu T"«r-. .Jior for *verseer. of :e Poor, wtth » tjjiostiiof even, racers-for the Custodian- t j ship of the City HaJV and the clerV^tiilp f r t o the . Kbv. ia.- J JuBtice.of r ttjci in- Jersey since ea ' employees* · Senator Ifean, who. iike Mir. 'jBainJ. -refiwed to subin't:.himself asia'^candi- date to a ^popular vole, also continues .to "scoff at the. dlrocf^aWmaiy law. :-.'-. ', toni.-fri: several years. ^RS, "at ;-?oOO : . fMf each. j"vw.asf;"f»irn)shftd. TJi4: justice's "action: fo!tv«ri|:a 'luriher' hearing";-of^ the; case;. '" .^Cl^^ppleases nopod- s "safd Seni- ij^ 1 ^^^ *- Btor XeanJn, dlscussliig "t6e "prusireftts'4 special Gr.ani -. Marijne wihnrng ovef -th«--Legr .mdletmcnt ngAlnst 1--- -- -- - . . .i-.....^. u .,,.·,-» »»%· Kiiture to -cis side in.-the; fight for worth Schenk for the attempted mar-j U U N N h L L T N Am ED AS "·-'--' i -.": ' .United States Senator- He said hei: de ^ h ,. pojgonlnR. nf herhusWanri. Johnj DIUCTD U A D D H D nc-| rr AfCT -did riot, believe that -the .Democratic f o. Schenk, the millionaire; p^j-ker.---Th"«--!. -·-..;.nlwtn--nflnDUn- UCLCUfl I t partr."'seas in duty bound:to select Mr. i-ljiaictniem -pTepareti. .-"'hj". -PrdatcutEpsr i; -"-.;-' ; " - " . · _ . ^ i Martine . as ;- Senator because- of hfs} ^ttorne'v Handlan contains fise counts;: ". " = : "" ''.·"'.:"-· jtuccess at .the primaries.. He'also said; Three t)f the-counts charge hiar *vitft : -Governor. L Fort: yesterday : named i fieiffldjipt believe _that .Mr. -ilai-Hhe ^(jnjinigterjnsr poison in" the-food and SI)avtd · Balrd of Camxten; Captain;Sih-'! would CTE the^ next XJnited Stites Sen-. -^~a*-i~~ '~? . *,**·*· ^iVettftt^/t .trt-iri o t-- «-,_;^.;. ~v -t^..*,**,. /**«.. A _A ^._^^ -I : Kelson Jacfeon. - . ^ _ f l l « J In ««· ..tor«*t.-l^Kery i 3 filed in M« , lUnited States District: dcsurt to tha ator. VPT»eH-a-«kel if he thoaeht Senator- James. SnrfthOof Newark woaid be the successful candidate, he replied that he aid not know- . " : ^ j The Senator "says it is too-early to: talk about his plans, yet, although. he concedes" his toga to a' Democrat. *' He says-he has yet another" session "of the Senate to attend, and that is as far'5s he has thought the present. He believes the Legislature is The only body which is authbrized by the-constitution, to make the selection, arid until the constitution is amended he ·Will recognhse nofothe^ authority. "^TOKi-^? NOT StTRPRiSETj: : =. Kat-Qoverhor-StokfS, when asked today abbot the attitude of Mfessers. PaJrd and Kean on the Senatorin! question, : -sati that»be -did not fcfiow f how they s**rW'. After being told of.| the luuiors concerning Mr. Rnird's intention to help Mr. Smith and of Senator KfJin's slighting lemarks about the primary tew and Mr. Martine, Mr. Stokes said: ' - : . - ' "1 am not surprised at what you tell me. It is just -like them. -The New Jersey Republicans will have a mighty bard time to rehabilitate their (Continued on Page Thrs-) Scifenk:; and temptS*! to food and f-^-^ t -her hustjand, ".John. O {.- ne i pe^ry ofl.-AtlantJe-- Cltv and Fred-t l.wp- chari?'' hftr with at- LfeJcfc \V. 'Doniietly;:oTTront(Sn as New* adrrnnister. arsenic in: hfa! jerse-5" Hjelesates :in the annual conrj ediciiiai - ·; ."·- " - .'.{yentlon- of · i-?-.e .Natjfmal felvers and '·, EXPRESS TRAfNS TO NEW NEW^YORK HiccbtJGHS kiti: PREACHER KHarNirs C» : be held ; in Washr 1 * · · month. ; --.""··;.-'--.'---'.--'~-..' ASBt'RT PARK, X, J.;.Nnv." "tft-TJa- coriscioos four days from an attaflc of hiccoughs, the Rev. J. W% Ix«ig'h!!n of Belroar. a retired Methodist minister. !s so weak that recovery -seems ImproKabJe. He is SI years oM. : - Fvinr years aga he had a simitar at- tacft. The pres«nt one started after A spell of cougnine. Tweity-five Yewi im TrentoB . Bishop CXFarreir gave a lecture on Ireland at th«- Taylor Opera House, for the benefit of the Parliamentary Fund. Among those -present on the stage at the time of hts address were Major Donnelly. ex-Mayor Vroom, ex- Senator Bteckwell, ex-Senator Taylor. the Rev. George Stanger, WIlHam Dolton, A. J. Rtder, B. F. \*e; H. ?S. LJttle. Fathers Hogan and. Smlth. TOLSTOI NEAR DEATH ; ST.PETERSBl.-Ra,Xpy. 19.--Count itJclally oj-h«J " - " - t" Nm-; 19; for tl5« new.- 'sfliedaJe.j.^ i showing the arrival and departure S.the trains I Station In ^ ) -T1*it»-*5 n rift j b COlr I Brothers, 'dry -goods. of this city; showinK; fhat thefr HabUt- -ti'es are $3L7i5W ansl. their assets J?,- OSft Oniy'Jl.SOO of the liabBittes 4S»e secured " debti. Of the; asset* J7.0W Ar-1 comprtS«s the stock in trad* at llw store*/ 82" -ant SS4 /"South Bre*4' Street and on Northl \Villow Street Lewis 3f, Cougteol"this city has been appointed'" by. Judge." ReHstab. aa re- 'be^of-1 ce^ v ^ r *°* *^ e frnj? T* e appraisers of the stocJc were J»mes;S. Iessler, I»i- Toistol is being kept "aHi-e"-*y"artincfat? WlMr fftc exception M-add«d.--.traln»t* ?' e ' : *' evll! ''** d -- A1 5^^.": : *? v .^ 1 ?-. ineans and ills end seems to te a i the .most important feature is the fact! The.firra Is composed of Benja..rfn question" of only * few hour* ' - ' "~ J T ~" '^ °--"-- «..-- This was the word received today from Astapova where tlie famous author ~te dying in the hut-of a ralJroad ; operated. . There will be a total of trackman. The Counts heart action j eighty-nine trains arriving at or de» Is aefclared to -have become so weak j-parttaK from thi- new station on Suit- that it is only kept up by constant |day. C*n week days IIS tritins' -wfl.-b* 1 ~4 that twenty- ftve- ; express trains 6e-i and Joseph W. Rohlnson.^ Murray, tween- t!w Pennsj'lvania station In New ! OrtfBth A Messier and Philadelphia York and Stret Station will be I credftdr* brought the bankruptcy suit. - j . T*T^_TM " «]ti - Vi.» '-- . *^!j.^» _ " j? *f*liA. rMtHnt^-ly^^l. T*«^»T»*ft« *-»*»)r?lfrtv« iW*T*" stimulation and he Ss repeatedly unconscious. '. - ; ; RICH GJRU'TO'WED AVIATOR. YORK, Xov. 19.--The engagement of Comtc Jscqnes de Lessens, the French aviator, to Mtss Grace McKen- zle. youngest-daughter of WUllajn McKenzie. a mllllonftlre railroad man of Toronto, wap announced here by Comte Bertrand -de L**s«p». brotlser of the aviator. . operated, 61 WestbouhS and 55,-eastbound. " : . " . . - . --" FREEHOUDERS ACCEPT ROAD the newly-built stretch of road on Brunswick Avenue, from Plum Street '. to ^abnakonk Creek, was Inspected; \ j-esterday afternoon by the Board of The principal creditors For wages, tenaSilWrstetn; $12; 4 --- ' Berktard, Rose Robinson. $12»: Abe Silverstein, t»ll " " " " Rob" ;r" $300; May Robinson, $240; pro"'" note for *i,ZO« payabj* to. th* Street National Bank., endofut S. Robinson of Bridge Ferry Streets, this city, and _on South Broad ~ x, Trenton Oat men t «."" ^lurray, GrifUth j-eseray e . Freeholders and accepted. The, road [ JM9.58; M. H. Roblnyn, $7»«. M.JJJJ built by Russell _ Kloj_kner, U»,lfjjto» · note of $ 30 Jn contract prtca being- $9,9S8.07. ilJtt 4 of

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