The Paducah Sun from Paducah, Kentucky on December 27, 1904 · Page 4
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The Paducah Sun from Paducah, Kentucky · Page 4

Paducah, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1904
Page 4
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hi c SHE PAEUCAH EVENING SUN TUIWPVV o1clMnlln 7 1001 Sun EILY IBLISHING CO sot asd Editor ix Gtncrtl Micisei N RATES N lsuulI ler a m iwr mamtarY Y SUN ll 10 Dot fJ ot tW LY BON paid ION Pwluckh ler TiL araon No S Oseorsa I scarp loot nrtiroaso roc D AT ran roux > Ca ranT FCF3tIIII 7 fol T1OV STATEMENT 891 Nov 162890 898 Nov 17 2890 900 Nov 18S887 903 Nov 19 2885 892 Nov 212877 2882 Nov 222862 j878 Nov 23 2857 t628S9 Nov H28i1i ° 2898 Nov 25 2867 n 1912 Nov 2C 2859 lci906 Nov 28 2868 trl8 S Nov U28tG 884 Nov 302866 Ri 74949 month 2882 speared before me trton general mans mrms that the rculation of November < Tbest or Ills IIYHAR rr Public lit 4t Jan 22 p efnlt an gtt eremed to do In re Ie1 l my heart to etI I Vave devoted rsed myself to Imo and In U thoroughly thoroughlyckene Amerd < li and Wednes ofjj liurrles tonight send j ndjnoi 4t 1 IT n Hnd utterly sense nentatlnE Christmas eat fld be regulated lesMJtnjjtlful young girl ad tdi by the nnlnten en Vs less uncalled for en t t of some person o rocker In her face gre fljSiever see any such cou 6 ° nsfor yes they gut o mrlstmas le a day for gto e and not for hideous reside explosions and gangs ynHceless boys and half e an pen shooting huge fire treend Roman candles some of andnlght put a persons eyes out c w off a hand A year ago on Years a young man was shot t killed In Paducah by someone ho had abused the privilege of making a noise by shooting a pls itol loaded with bullets The only way to eliminate the danger and annoyance Is to do away with the way Christmas has been celebrated here jn the past There Is not a lady who went Chopping last week who will v not heartily Indorse this Almost a week ago the boys who of course F cant help It and must be boys be r gan the danger and din They do < riot know better and It Is tun to them but the public peace convo i nience and safety are more or should be more than merely allowing the < youngsters to have a good time and If they dont know better they should be taught Towards tho approach ol Christmas It became almost Impossible to pass along our main streets or go through tho shopping district without being In constant dread of having a fire cracker or torpedo ex plode beneath ones feet or In ones face The boys do not know any f better but they should bo shown The youth and grown men who even went so tar asto throw the fireworks Into peoples faces ought to be fined or sent to Jail Tho Lexington Herald always In teresting and sensible says along this line l t t5The pitiable > accident which hap 7 pened to a young girl Saturday night z J t 1i lIis attracted more attention to the 0 outragemrq custom of celebrating i 1f Christmas by setting off every sort of fireworks In the crowded streets of 1the city than has eer been attracted i J 41 before It often need some such terrible object lesson to make us realIze that something which has been tolerated for years should bemust be stopped besloppedThere There is no Justifiable excuse for the custom which resulted in the terrific Injury to that young girl Mixed with the sympathy amid pity which every human feels for her If a sense of outrage and Indignation at the criminal carelessness of the person who threw the firecracker which blinded her and at every other manor boy who Indulged his selfish desire to make himself conspicuous and obnoxious by setting off fireworks on the streets during the holidays It may be unjust and yet It It natural that every one who Is guilty of any act similar to the one which made that poor girl spend her Christmas In darkness which turned her bright future to gloom should re celvo some oftllo condemnation which he through whose act her blindness came deserves Jt is dim cult to write with proper restraint of the scenes which were enacted on the streets of Lexington Saturday night and which were repetitions of similar scenes on every Christmas Eve for years Firecrackers torpedoes Roman candles every sort ot fireworks that could be used to make a noise were In evidence It was not boys only or mainly who were guilty halfgrown and full womenback grown men and women black and white were doing all In their power to make the night hideous and the streets unsafe It Is marvelous that only I one serious accident happened I that only one person suffered an irreparable I Injury If there Is an overpowering desire of any large number of people to make a noise at Christmas time they ought to be put together out In an > open field and let to make what noise they want shoot giant firecrackers orpedoes Roman candles sky rockets or anything else If they hurt themselves or each other it can jo borne by the community much better than If they blot out the light from some sweet Innocent girl going from a hard days work to the home of which she was the Joy and light If there must be such a celebration next Christmas let all those who desire to take part In It be confined In the potters field for the twenty four hours before Christmas and Indulge their desire to make a noise to their hearts content An < T also let every one who hoots a firecrack er or torpedo or any ftietedrl ol fireworks off down town bo sent te the rock pile for thirty days It Is I Impossible to estimate the loss In 1 mere dollars and cents which the merchants of Lexington Buffet through the barbarous custom The country people hardly dare come tc town do not dare come for several I days before Christmas unless the y can come on the trim or have an I old perfectly gentle horse to drive No woman whose dally labor for dally wage does not necessitate her beIng out after dark dares bo on the street after G oclock for the last few days before Christmas Christmas I Eve the stores had as well be closed There are ordinances enough already to stop the habit It they are I enforcedIf the police force will arrest the first man who sets off any P sort of fireworks down town and the police Judge will Impose the limIt of fine and Imprisonment on hand l m on every other who Is guilty But It would be well to have one B other ordinance one prohibiting the sale of fireworks of any sort making It an offense punishable bj fine and Imprisonment for any onto e offer for sale any fireworks of any descriptions and wo hope that the general council will pass such an ordinance at once while the memory of this Christmas Is fresh In the minds of every citizen Tho Herald has sounded a timely warning Stop this sacrilege of the most sacred holiday In our calendar before some of our own citizens are maimed or blinded for life or killed If such a thing should happen the whole people would rise In their might and demand a Christmas without flreworlts but why wait Why not do it now and save someono nn awful misfortune or an intimeiy death T deathAside Aside from the danger these fireworks are a wanton waste Hundreds of dollars worth fire exploded yearly In every town and city to gratify a savage taste t for noise and glitter The money spent In fire worka In Paducah every year would bring gladness to every poor unfortunate In I town were It spent for something good and useful Instead of to waste In somke fire and nblse o New of Ilrotlivrs Death Mrs M D Nash has received news of the death of her brother Mr rn Thomas Powell at his home In l Washington D C Christmas Subscribe for The Sin THIRD PROMOTION I IN THREE MONTHS 1 Mr I S Cotyi Night Editor of Now York Sun Hun Charge of An Entire Crwf Who Rot Out the Early Ktlltloy of the 1uper ALSO WIUTKS DIAIKCT STOKIKS Mr Irvin S Cobb until a few months ago managing editor of the Paducah NewsDemocrat has made 1 good In New York and becomes a most creditable addition to the Ken I tucky colony of newspaper men In b Gotham He has Just scored his third promotion since he went to tho metropolis flow being night editor of the New York Sun a paper that has no superior In the whole world for reliability and literary perfection tionMr Mr Cobb a month ago was promoted s from the city desk to t which he s hud been elevated after only about a week of work asa reporter Ills ability was at once recognized and he was given the night editorship lie now has charge of the force h which prepares matter for the early I edition of the Sun This edition goes l on the street at 10 a m and In New i York newspaper parlance the crew Is known as the Lobster trick They go to work at 2 a m and quit work at 8 a m when the regular staff takes charge i It will be good news to Mr Cobbs many friends and admirers In Padu cah to learn that he has had three r promotions In three months In addition l to his regular work he Is contributing regularly to the Saturday humor page of the paper stores of southern dialect which have been widely copied Mr Cobb has arrived and his friends will with him further ad vancement THE AFTERMATH A Nu mEn OF OFKKNDKHS UK FORK JUDGE MANDRILS Koine Received DNmliwala While Others Did Not Deserve Them Ilollce Judge D L Sanders from I every Indication had a merry Christ man Ills disposition towards the offenders before him this morning was ere e dismissed as a Christmas gift white taker white Tom doode white Ed I McDrlde white and Homer Wil flame colored were all dismissed for drunkenness drover Childs and Martin primes white employes of the DatesRogers Co at Tennessee river bridge were carm Judge Sanders remembered that the et night was very bad and stilted that thaB W R Murrell white was fined jaiy 1 for carrying a butcher knife concealed cealedI I The case against Herman Oaston colored charged with stealing 25 from the firm of It O Dun was left ryopen openFrank Frank Wilson white was given pelty y larceny Other cases were James Hayden white drunk 1 Sam and Louis Coporal white a breach of the peace continued Ar thur Dunn white drunk and dlsor deny 30 and costs Robert Caldwell colored breach of peace 10 and costs James Frfant and Houston Wilkerson breach of the peace continued continuedTo To Go After Prisoners The requisition papers for CharleS Henderson colored who Is In Jail at Memphis being held until local po lice can go top him for alleged crimInal assault on Bessie Illoomflled colored are expected tomorrow and when they arrive Officer T J Moore will go down after him Twin Boys Mr Harry Young son of Justice Jesse Young has received a telegram from his sisterinlaw Mrs II p Turner of Memphis telling of the I birth of twin boys Mr Turner formerly lived In Paducah being a hollj ermaker In the L C shops and both father and mother are well known In I the city I OLD BOREAS COMES FOR ANOTHER VISIT I Rainy Weather Suddenly Turns to Cold Heavy Wind rOanl Illsc In the Hit rr with Resumption of NnvlK Linn In Hljtlit I ItOATS AUi RKADY FOR HTKAS A 24 hours rain was followed by n sudden coot wave this morning earl and brisk winds made It almost Impossible to carry umbrellas Pe destrians not only had to get wet but ran the risk of being blown away and many of them were earn frantl rally chasing their hats Wallersteln flag pole did an unusual stunt which happened to Ira witnessed by a number of people Puddenly during nn unusually heavy gust the heavy pole cracked and splintered and breaking In two went straight up for quite a distance and was then blown over some where en the roof Little damage Is reported by the wind which made It very disagreea ble to venture out The steamboat men are all look Ing happy this morning for thc rains are reported general and a boating stage from ever Indication Is c Sm Ing In tho Ohio Tennessee and Cum berland rivers The river rose 7 feet at Kuttawn In the last 24 hours a well known river man stated this morning and nearly a foot rise at Paducah A big rise Is reported at Carthage A bOltIng stage to Cairo Is expected by tomorrow and when It comes the Dick fowler will resume trips to Cairo Reports from Plttsburg arc that f000000 bushels of coal are proba Uy on their way down now The rise above has been larpt and wlll bo still larger The four Tlnonths drouth U I believed to be permanently broken and Already some of the river men fere predicting an 84 stage The resumption of navigation will I I find oil the boats In l good order naO I ready for a prosperous season The fall In temperature In Padu < caU > since yesterday was team amax + Imum of C2 to the lowest this morning 36 The rainfall according tc I Government Observer Bornemann has been over two Inches a good rain I fall i fallThe The wind today has done a greal t l deal of minor damage there belnf much complaint at the telephony of flees of trouble on the line which It 1 I always the case however during high winds Two of the citys street lamps fell I during the forenoon one at Klghtti and Clay and the other at First and Jefferson Sloth made a loud crash and It was reported one man came near being struck when one fell but he was not hurt and his name was not known knownI11li III 1Il1ItNIL Foul 1lny In Kunptrtrtl Sty the 1ollriv Old Town ltd Dec 27Mack Nlmrack his wife and child Anna end Massaun Cole Nlmracks > slster Inlaw all Slavs were burned tc death In a shanty An explosion of coal oil Is supposed to have caused d the accident Foul play Is suspected by tho police as Nlmrack Is said to have had a considerable sum of money on hi II person yesterday Two of the Slavs I members of the camp are said to b o < rclsslng BnHcrlbo for The San I i Subtle Fragrance ext I pressive of tbeperfumet car ned In ocr stock There is none of that rankness so often found In the ordinary cheap stale extracts retftjtnelovtri will gnd a varletyof odors In our perfumery cage All of the popular esUbllrhed odors and the new creations are liere ii 8 OEIILSCDLAEER Druggist Sixth and Broadway PHONE 63 I I t Y 1 Yr1 STARTS PETITION Ti > Secure Rclraino of Nnn Inttcrwm From New York IrlMin Cleveland 0 Dec nMn C 11 Jones of this city has started n petition which Is to bo circulated withall tho rapidity possible throughout tho United States and Canada praying the judge In New York City to quash tho Indictment against Nan Patterson Tho petition reads We the un dersigned do firmly believe In the Innocence of Nan Patterson charged with the murder of Caesar Young and respectfully request you to quash tho Indictment for murder against herMrs Mrs Jones is the woman who started tho petition praying for the release oT Mrs Maybrlck from the English prison and which on account of Its wide circulation In this country and Canada was responsible for tho public Interest manifested In the prisoner which Anally obtained for her liberty nCI WAR Itiiyiilon I T Tliiralriuil ullli S l < rlniin Trouble Fort Smith Ark Dec 7Worll has Just been received that a race war Is Imminent at lloynton I TOne United States marshal has been cut seeking to keep order The lat est advices say that at this writing the negroes appear to be In the maJority The white people have called upon United States marshal at Mus kocce for assistance and he has deputized a body of deputy marshals which left for the scene of disturb once this morning Report says that some of Jhe leadIng white families are making nn effort to get out of noynton Serious trouble Is expected and the Frisco management have made arrangements to have the Okmulgee lay over crew and coach held In readiness to carry Deputy marshals from Okmul gee to Iloyntou IloyntouOot Rrnn on till Itonil R M Wakefleld of tho A H Smith Lumber Co will go on the firma I road after January 1 for tho firm lie has been bookkeeper and will be succeeded by Miss later Smith I111s1 Helena Carroll of St Louis Is the guest of the Misses Richard son of North Third street Mliw Car iroUV mother was formerly Miss Km ma Kay of this city and has many friends here i I Miss Halite Hlsey has gone to Law l I renceburg Ky to visit It doesnt take any grit to grum ble I Hub crll > e fur The Hun 10 TO TEXAS Onewny Colonlxt Ilatr Drrrinhcr 11 anil 27 VIA COTTON BELT ROUTE On December 13 and and 27th 1904 the Cotton Belt Route will sell onewojr Colonist ticket from Mem phis to points In Texas at rate of 10 tickets good In chair cars and coach es The territory to which these rates apply Includes Texarkana Green ville Paris Bonham Sherman Dal las Ft Worth Wichita Falls Ama drllld Tyler Corslcana Waco Marshall Palestine Longvlev Hills boro Brownwood San Angelo Aus dtin San Antonio Corpus Christi Houston Oalveston Beaumont and Intermediate points Wrlto for map descriptive litera tune and any Information concerning rates ratesW W C IKKMUt O I A HOT Mnln St Memphis Trim THE BIG FOUR THE BEST LINE TO INDIANAPOLIS PEORIA PEORIACHICAGO CHICAGO And all points In Indiana and Michigan CLEVELAND BUFFALO BUFFALONEW NEW YORK YORKBOSTON BOSTON And all points Bast Information cheerfully furnished OB application at City Ticket Office Kt Four Route No aj9 Fourth Ave 01 write toI S J GATES Ocr 1 AItt Passenger Department Louisville Ky r I I r ill Spend the Money You Got Christmas Here k Ifs r Many of you no doubt received gifts of money in your stocking Christmas and we wish to say we r arc making attractive offerings in our various lines for your benefit benefitx Shoes forr everybody r III Lendler Lydon u The first person bringing the correct translation of this rebus with one or more na of prospective ouycrs of a piano or otgan arilr be given the Harp of Divid on exhibition in our window 520 Broidway 9500 will buy a new Upright Piano at W T Millers 520 Broadway WT MILLER D H Baldwin d Co a WP PAXTON Pre R RUDVC Uler P PORYXAM Ant Cashier lWP l Citizens Savings Bank I r IThird I and Broadway I 4 I CAPITAL AND SURPLUS 140000I IDlRltCTORS I DIRECTORS Jamel A Rudy P M Plihftr Ceo Co Wallace Oeo O hart K P Ollioo W K Ps ton P Kamlelter B Parley R Rid WI 15 Covington Invites the accounts of all persons in need of h k 1 facilities I Open Saturday Nights rJ I J Interest Paid on Timo Deposits I i See LagQiiiarsino Ior CHRISTMAS WINKS and LIQUORS Carries the largest assortment of imported and domestic goods of any house In the city Telephone 332 I IN Ni > jinclldiitc Mr OilY Nanco tho undertaker stated this morning that ho wishes to make a public announcement that ho did l not Intend to run for coroner Thero have been MI many of my friends asking mo about tho office and If Intended I running for It Mr Nancu explained that I thought I would announce that I Intended to devote my entire tlmo to tho un I dortnklng business Mr James Olaubor and wife and Miss Joslo Alvey went to nndI I town this morning to vlsiut < i > visit Tim Prize Winner Tho 10 In gold offered by Tho Juke niedorman Oro nnd flaking Co for tho highest amount of cash 1s register tickets between tho dale of Dccumber G and 21th bus been awarded to II F I McGee of Mechan t Icuburg tho total amount being 1 8322 ii i I + England has moro doctors propor I 1 tionately speaking than nay country s InKwope For every 106000 pery sons England has ICO medical men i Germany 8 Switzerland 42 and Russia 1C i r 16y a + Am

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