The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on May 17, 1891 · Page 2
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 2

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 17, 1891
Page 2
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BiSMAKCIi DAIL^ TRIBUNE-r Ertrbscriptkra pnee of which is .S2 per Tho work^yiill consist" of , about be per month. ' SUBSCRIPTION RATKS- '"- "DaUr one month, poutsre paid... - Daib'thm?months, postejw paid ..-DailvEix months, jxwtsee paid ··- T 3aily one year, postage paid. -- -"V'~ "THE VTEEK.LV TKIBUXK," S 1 0* . 3'00 5 00 . 10 00 600 pages, prpfaselyillriEti-ated, and 7 completed .within three years, it being the intention of the publishers to ; jnake" : it the 'most comprehensive ;book" of. the kind ever produced^ The first- number is snggesllve'bf great .excellence, ajid it~ will doubtless prove a... most valuable" ^publication. '-r-So oHe'fecept the"-Book- inaker's.£ubscribers will be able tr eb- Jam the parts,but when the - volume, is "completed it will be put on the market_at §12. ..Taken in parts its cost be only $0. 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Hosea x, i-15--Cora- : mit Verses, Vi,13--Golden Text, Isa. . "2--"Cbiuiueiitary »by- the -Kef", I. 31{ is t-be embankment of Stearns. _ "There ate. two original stories" in the j May Romance, one by W. H. Babcock ; and the. other by Charles Scales. . The nrsL'dealR-'nith. one-phase of life Soulh.vJiiet'before-the outbreak of -the war ;- a'ap^ie adventures » and tragic career of tbo hard-riding- and~harcKlrinkiDg ' ---" j -nessy prove its.-prpmineiief.^ Due/:6f tSese,"" L. lix, ;_-if £t is Romau work,, jwliieh'" i= 'uncertain, ' is t-be embankment of '_ the-, river Thames.' Tbos immense work is quite uq.equaledi'.by . any bf'fhe labors of the modern. English [Compiled from 'Lesion Helper per- j engineers. - For thirty-seven miles along ·ioissiou of H- S"! JlgffowjL publisher, Philadel-. j tfa ^ course " o f r t h e , 'streaur .lofty; mounds pkia.} - .. · ' ' , . I con f ln(3 · the-rfver within. lixed-bon.Bd;; and 1. "Lsrael is an empty vine: he, bringeth offer a ^.^-6 path .to' the .navigator.~ : Oil forth fruit-uzu-o himself.-^- - · . " " -- -- {-gach-sitf e ' "tin- cuuuli- v -'spreadj "but^i-r-ho- In Ps; Ixxx, 'Jrl.l ,- and Isa. v. 1-7, Israel is low the. embankment, and .more tb'au'once - compare-d-toa vine for -which everything possible has been done, but which after all no fruit, or if aoy, only sour hero -- half ruffian and half gentleman- are-interestingly described.: ..The- story of Mr-. Scat'es is a. railroad, story,.^endipj* in a romance, and IB one of tlie best of its class. ""Romance is published jpohth- "ly'for'tiio 'New" York"" Story" ClobTby W. "Hr"Beuton, 30 -East-Twenty-third street, New York, 25 cents a copy, S3 a year. - in the j- yieldeth I grapes. ~ IQ Matt. xr.i, 33-41. . our Lord j Jesus, in the partible of the vineyard,' de- I scribes Gxxl's lov-e to Israel and her treat 1 ." rnent of Him and His servants and Spn."*_ j- S. ''Their .heart is divided.* 3 *" " j "With their mouth llieyskow much love, i but their heafE goeth afterlh"eTf~eovetoti.s- j Tiess^--jKzek. xxxiii, 31). They \yere like.! thise-wbo-triy-to serve- God-and-mummon, j-^--^pioySiTou tkis'unequaled work "ntf t o l o - v e G f l d a n d a i i b e same time love'the · historv re i ilt;es no record."even surest*. the waters have broken through,. x)yer_- spread the" lowlands and 'Jeft desolation around~tiiem. The English bad neglected to repair jiad strengthen the-bariks of the. river, and were- iiidebted--to. the skill of a Dutch engineer for the- restoration of the Roman work. ' -The Thames from Rich- ipoud," says Mr. Smiles, ' f is an artificial _ . . Ho\v m;ir;5~\years .of ce-aseles^ toil, of aeate_ensiueering - skill and .rust"expense s^l-^i 1 ^^ 1 ^--chapters,). world that hates God. 3- "For now they 'shall say, We have no because, we feaxed:.non"the Lord.", ..I !-Some authorities attribute the embankment to the UelS3c~t'rad'ers,"Befo"re the-Ro- maii invasion: otBers even" to the'monks Tiiuiiik: Ayes."Bu*' there~is~;iood-- E Marion CravrfordlB new novel, is the,.-,° nt of, Egypt, and they accepted- Him--as I reas on to su P pp^fl«6-enerfrue authors of Weat feature of the May number of the ! ^:^±^ "'2:TM±";£? S J~ LTM ^ improvements on the; Thames. feature of the May number of Home-Maker. The story-is of a other nations then.they were guilty of- re jecting the I/jr.d a s . their king. ^ . _ - · 4r"J'Tbey have spoken "svords, swearing the improvements Romans. Similar works on al-.THE Oakes Republican-man's family journalist, and the scenes are laid in Now. - _ . . - _ . . . ·: :--TTC--·"""- ^..cori " 1-v~ ~i""fT-ui"hte"r~ 'York:-5 rhe-studies-are-realistiCT-and--the-r-fcriseiyiri-Tnakiny :L covenant.- has just been increased by _a dau liter ^ _ development . of character in- In chap., in. ^ re. and'the event so 1 pleases him that an original poem, -entitled ''Welcome/' and. ' dedicated to the young lady, graces the editorial j^age this, week. ,. - . " , . - . 1 THE authorities at Washington have approved the contract between Surveyor- General Williams .and R." S,Brooking-to survey the- following townships west of the" Missouri river: 135, "186, 187, 1-il and 142, range 89; 136, 1417 and '142, range 90; 13G and 141, range 91.. development tensely interesting. It is all the ' " * ' ' read that Hosea prophe-. f were - most an equrt^teiHe exist, rii othef n'ar' 6f . Knglanil. and. «ve _have the complaint, of Britons that they were wore 1 " , f l i t . 1 - ' f -r-~ * ·, -r T ' * i --- r ~' *J Li L (111IJ. ( J V J L i n u x J L L C V l . . i-J-i \ - i C C W i l i the better j s ied m the days of Tjzziah, Jotham^.Ahaz ! and e m b . l u k i n ^" r h e fen^-.-ij for being.piirely .American and 'dealinfr j und Hezekiah; arid in II Chroji. xxj-^-10, · haplei!S uativei'were'ttver'tre.- irf-clearing the woods that the , . with the practical life ' aue to-day. questions of ···: THE new. Baptist church evangelical car has been'completed and is to be ded- icjated-Tatr -Cincinnati", to-'day. " Boston Smith, the" noted ijinneapolis preacher, will be in chaige and its initial trip is . along thejrnam line of. the Northern Pa 'good example \ y h e n . h e church-on- wheels idea. introduced the" .THE first annmt: 9 g_of._the North Dakota State Dairymen's 'association, ""·will be held at Grand Forks, June 25th- and 26th. A very . interesting and instructive programme bas.beejr'"a??{fljged and includes most .of the . proimhtmt. Ktpckihen'of the state. : All-the topics of -interest handled'by able speakers;~--Th^ session should--^e-'-well a't-- tended. ' of. .-Governor Burke'.s address at-tht -Yorkto-wn; "library opening tht' Oakes Republic in Sd%s"" "It was 'in 'a pr ictu al \em and the central thoughts -. were the_greatne=b__of the Dakotis, their ^ P roTen W J U U '::/stances wore ad\ erse the growth and : _-''- dt\ elopment possible under certain con :-·.-"."dihons ind wnraiice that tbe reidiu^ of ";.--. ! good books w=rone of the best possible f bringing about the ^desired re- It wls logical mdiconcrse and well suited to the occasion. In 'tHe Maj riumBer of the North j American Eeview the editor hilfills' the promise inade in the. .previous .number that the discussion of" the 'subject of wealth, in ^vhich Mr. Carnegie^t/ardinal Gibbons and others have taken part, I waul'd be cofltinued b y ' , men ·· of equal j feminenco. In the present issue the Eight Rev.. Henry C. Potter, . bishop of New;. York, treats of the "Gospel for Wealth" , in a most interesting- and suggestive ' the subject out and consumed -iiot ._ :ipless natives were e.ver"tfbated by their Ivoma.n taskmasters as harshly as were the savages of. Hayti aud'CuUa-by the Spanish discoverers. But they have outlivEd their we read that Uzziah, alth'ough for j^^vhile trusting in God, afterward - transgressed; against the.Ixird ais God..". Arid although^, J6thnm:did right in the sight of the Lord, ;. yet the people did corruptly (II'Gh'ron. j xxvii; 2). In the r e i g n - o f the next king j the Lord brought. Judah low because of i Ahaz,-king of Israel(II Gbrbn. xxviii,.10), arid eveu the -gre^t-and good failed sadly bti£pre-he died. T 5. "Tire in'habitants^of^Samaria shall : ·fear because of ofBeth-^iven." j '--T-he abpuiiding judgment spoken of ;.in-,- - iu - d s kiU' Q f; thejRoman-engineers, the last clause of- the previous-verse (with ; | ^ Komaiis'built:theembankment, gave" w^hich compare-Amos vi, 12) would cause (. · · both people and priests to turn to t h e i r ; conqureror. . . . t - Mlefore these .embankments" were -made tiie : - couutly-^elow London was an 'immense f e n , or marsh,-over which the'tide cc-=santly.---The town cqiild have y a collection of rude.houses seated ground above the'river. _ It seat-.of considerable- trade even Uct-oraThe ^loman conquest. Rut.the ;Proclaimiris ta-'you throngh columns'V;: ; that, ' have -the finesUine of the norttnvest. us" before you CHICHESTER-S EnGUSH, RED .CROSS ;- !ifo- atone i J-he'time couie-3 to die; ~ '.And r.tljhit the inonarch has. IliN kOii-J-iioor or hLj cro-.'.Ti,"^- /He- "\vuuI'J~siV!i'£oro"ne ruorsday - -. . l-"re^e lay his s^vect life; Tiiey .;vre winged^ ., lijce". the viewless v.-in'd.--"-" , ~ _ , ~', "Z ~ Thcsi da\-s that come and zo~ ; -- Aurt--ive-coant- them, anl think of tha end, .,._ , --T- Hut the cud we canno't^uow; : The \vliole world darkens-with p^in -- --\VherLiisunset fades iirthe west---, --* *.""· I give Vou. a day of my life. My utte'rmost ^iftraird-mj- bcst:" ; _--itjonise Chandler Aloultoh in Tenth's t'um- idols,' the gol'deii calves at -Dau'and Bethel, manner; the Hon.. Edward J._ Phelps, here spokeQ of as-Befh-aven (the house of minister to . i n i q u in.j),but-tney'would"find no help. . ~G.- "Ealiraim. shall receive sKiiine, . a n d I^raelshaJI be ashameclof his own counsel.'" Ephraim seems to stand here for the ten tribes, and Lsrael-for the whole natjeit Kphrarm had relied u p o n Jareb the Assyrian instead., of -upoo .Jenovah (chap, v, 13), arid tliiKresuIc- was that che "Assyrian "" that - which served as United States Great Britain during- the administration of President Cleveland, : "discusses Vlrr.e- sponsibl-'-Wealth" with greatr lucidify- aud incisivpness: and .the Right Hon. _ Jeseph Chamberlain, M. P., in an; article ' entitled "Favorable Aspeets of'State So- | cialism," recounts, .the wonderful . im- 1 provemonts which have been made in.'the-f W 6uld receive' Tor city~oTBirminghamrduring"rhe last - fifty,. Ephraim so'highly -prized. years by wise municipal expenditure, and also points out how. the condition of "the people of England in general has improved in the same period. '·*«.". - · . | .-' If you will send §1.00 to the Pidiieerj) Press;Co., St. Paul, Minn., yon will receive, the "TCegkly Pioneer-Press one year, : together, wife a 'year's- subscription - to either the Fa'rrQ and Fireside"or the -.Ladies' Home Companion. - ' : · ' ' . . . -5c :'f- ~ ~ - - . "A neat-and most attractive-little book j is the~editiou of the poems of Words worth, chosen and- edited, by. .Matthew Arnold, which--Harper, : _ .Br.o.tijers _read_ for pub icatiou · is cut off as unequaled facilities for tramc.that_ havejecnree 1 - its commercial supremacy in every age- By. the- embankment the Thames-was confined within bounds; many acres of land were added to the agricultural" chimain, while along- the fine highway of the;river -a- ceaseless, procession of y^sels.of every size and form moved up .and.dowu. Thej" c;ime. a^ Strabp tells us, from the Tpouths of t-he .Loire a u ^ l - t h e Garonne."J-,he Seine and the Rhine- . ·- ." · _ · " - Some were war ships, moyetl usually by oarsi,-.-and-^ distinguished " _ b y their sliarp beaks of iron, and their crews armed, with ; spears and shields;.-some were huge mer chant.vessels, propelled by oars arid sail, iadwi-ivith rich cargoes of eastern manu-r factures, "with- the jvioes-af" ITSlv iiuu~"the As for Samaria, her kin the foam upon the water." .Quickly cut oil as the.crest of the wave which is"gone in a moment. - I n cha.£: vi, 4, the goodness.of.tjje nation^cqmpflred to | ^aresof Greece. Somesaiiinijdown. a mornmg cloud and -the eadyde.w. In , · -^^ £he _ docks o£ L o n d o l j ^ ollld Jas. iv, U,lt"is written: WiiaLis.your life? j _ c ^_ lbfc ,. tin le;[d f u r s and tbe cotli and . It -is even a vapor which appeareth for a | ^ th e,we-st to.the ports of Gaul and little Time and then vamsheth avvay^.' - It ' X - ^ . - " we have Christ as" our life, and deligKtv to:; trust in" Him and do His will,, then, come~. .what'inay, nothing can altect ou'ri.welfare; ";. but t h e ' u n g o d l y when taken f r o m ' t h i s present life lose everything- 'See this in Deflt. x-xx,ri'J, 20. -' " : 8. "They-shall sav 10= the."mouutains, ·Cover u=:.aifd to the hills-, "Fall on us. In-I-KiKgs xii, ;50, the calves,ar, .Dan and BetheT-alre "called"a~sin.^_While God may beai 'ong \ \ i i h ^in lie^ivill m_due time One of North -America's Gre;it 3Ie«. -^^^--" · Three-fourths or ' more of Sii--John A." Macdonald r s political career has been spent· in oflice. His»su'cccss.'is due to no mtre" cleverness o"r tact or personal m;ignettsm, "though he possesses alt theses qualities in extraonlinary degree...' UT g^asp of j)ririci- ple's and perfectioirof practice he snfpilsses ' · most British st-itesnien. He is an omiiiver- "bus reacluri auTl rlie first destiii-ation of all .tlie "new ijooks rec9"i\'eil at thc'"l?arl::in"ienfc- arv libravy a t , - O t t a w a is'at hrs bouse. Sta- dacona. I i a l l . " The adroitness,- therefore, with \vli.ich lie shapes.'his policy to .tho needs of t h e h o u r is not wholly due to in- spir;':tion;- it is a result of vast-knowledge "and^nroforind exnerrence^ . . "^'- . -._ The- fascination he exerts on all with whom "lie comes'in contact; is remarkable. "-One in a^fage will go to feim determined "J;o h a v p - : i r enl-with John A.". H e - I s re- -ceived 'by a man of striking prrse.nee and easy, chivalrous manner, who begins by t a l k i n g - o f the weather, digresses.-au'd discourses, tells an anecdote for two,'ami by ani by co.mliicts his. visitor to th(jdooY : --the object-of his visit not so much as mooted! Tlrt the art of charming away hos- .tile oFTinconvehieht"deputations he- is an- mat'ched. It is srfdom indeed-th^.fc-such amiability and charm, such an -airy "veil .-of--"sweetness and light/- have concealed so great strerigib arid decisioii_oi character. --National Obse'rver.' --' ' . _ n the necessary for his perishing soldiers iu- Ger- rd the immense stores -hu'drew from "· .it when.famine prevailed oii the continent show the'general citttrvrtuon and prosperity of the island. -His GOO corn Ships .were, histilv bnilt iu tlie forest oT Ardeuue.s ." . Hurr'.-. Self Control- . ~ * Aaron Burr w.-.s by nature and.r.ra?ning a man of extraordinary self control- ".Ha allowed no circumstance to throw him off his balance. An anecdote-told by KuThs Choate" to .the late '_ Richard " fl. D:ITKI. re-corded in 3lr. Dana's "DiarV,'' Tllnstnites .the callousness which a.ided Burr sn greTit-: 'ly in controlling, himself."..Severa-T j-e^irs -after iha-,rle ith of- II imilton -1 ilin 1 bj Burr in a duel--HU'rr "visited.Boston, and r-i of the railroad ·-- "-. commissfonerb EIAS that both the-iorlh ;:7 =ern Pacific ind the reit Xorthern . . - ro4ds h r v e i^reed to mike i rate of. one '._ "Ifare for the round trip to those desiring' ; :: -':to,ittencl the'snnudl enc impmenroT the 'state nnlili i Si Devils Ijike _^ It is e^ '.'. '."pecteU a large number will a\ail them ' -/selves of this reduction and put in a . ·"..--.- tveek on the be mtiful shores of the sa -'".' tame waters, where the sotnerj i s supero, r *-.-":_the fishing excellent the boihng_elLg nt ·'· '-.'· and editors ire thumped regnlarlv once " a week. _ ·· ' \ s i x t u r n s o u t n o t a single plac e in t h e s t i f e his taken id-vinta 0 e of the ·srool market law enicted last winter -Y-Bismirck Jamestown Lisbon Bdthgate .-'.'.""--all ha-ve wiAel concluded that tney . --crnld not run the r^k of loss bj hre, theft O£L is the atfcornej general said " "thevniust It is to bo^rPErretted thit .; such i construction had to bo placed an the emctment b% the"st lie's legal ad ' -nsei- but is hi"-opm on dot.a not-seen! ]to be qi thtioned by attorneys at must be the right mterpretition Probahly the - next legislature "Can reuicUj"-tho tr The fifth paper m The Popular Science = Monthly s illustrited series of 1 he De- - ·volopment of \merua Industries since Columbus mil describe r l he Mauufac ture of Wool It will ippe ir in the June number, ind tiro writer is S X Dexter-, iSTorth ~se5retar\ of the Xationil \sboe-i 0 Isi lei thou has* sum d from the d nt, of Gibeah ~ Tlie e rhe-st storj j i G i b e d i is la Jud., ·c-^ "where _ t l n --tnful people Bailie? twx I (;ie it A leroi les over tho^e \ lio « mt,3 tht j sin put a\\ i\ The sense of tin 1 ; verse | -faeems_5o be th it oecau=e God in mercv re | dtion of wool minufaturt rs,"-and BDeci il "strained Hu « r-ith Israel instead 01 be ng igent of the Fleventh Census !y_His ^oodne^s led to repent mee o n l v in ind po^ ;iWv landed only ou the southern ' bhore If we illon them i burden of lOQ-MIr D ^ e r e a x of fealem paid him -one ton= e,ieh i?hev\\ould equ il the c-ip u itv F a t t ntions Ihe \ isitor^vv_os taken ·of ^itTelbt six Umbrn--Tjrr-Ltnini5--durf-HBostoif-Trhpn n n \\ hCFC « hi' leirrrcrc b-TTP*-t'---opql 1 tlH. tlie so lines iL _ ' O n l y 'a. Piece of ChaK iew neojjle 1 nov w h i t i wouclerful ob- jec'- a. bi of c i ilk is vt hm examined under a micro cope T ike ^ oiij 1 m f e bl idtTand scrape oft i httFeot the loose po\\ der uitch iton i elein ^liba shje and pnce thy, on ' t h e s t i g e o f i ^ood t iblL mieioseope Uae " qu rter m h objreti\e l e n s aid i l l u m i n i e *hc field A th i cone of Tigl t from the c,onea\e --ide 01 11 e reflector, Ihe powder will beseen to'cousist of a cqnfused mass of beautiful t m \ shells m m \ 01 thtju of the most curious fwrmi-. A better «i\ however is to rub down a I oruiau o£ ehalk w ith au old toothbrush in a tumblor hali_Uletl w i t h water It \ou. desire- to prepare se-sTral slides rub on ab.out v t-eJ^nodnful of-the powd^i Shake the tunibei.- :briskl5v3How- the sediment .to. settle'for a'lirument" and then carefully pour oTtuc i r i l k j lookin D water Kepe^it thi~, until the 'water rem mis clear.".and vouXwill .then ^have left';"in,"the boltojn oul peifeet shells or lir^t, p irts o r shells "laki up 'i smi.ll j)lneli"'T3f Uiis deposit spr id it c ireful/j o\ei trie Center of i ^ l i.i slide Drv o v E H ~ a l i m p nd if j ou w i s h to preserve the blide for fuwre ·"^c TJJI it n, C i n a l t b Us un i re^s.m_, out the b b ~ies of ur b t n a i h t h e co\ er glass. ? If intended--for present cx- imiuatiq_n__y_p^U21i[ i y omit the mounting. allthe families of jfis-3notified I ' ' " " mbie. i .1 J: _." I I S IITH who for the p ist eight \eir=;h s been tha guide of the- able '- Mai \ille Jfnbnue lr»s sold the sime to -Messrs Divid ind Eugene Linn ^he new proprietors · 1*0 saij.^ to be new^pa ~ per men of experience andTvill undoubt- VecTrp "maintain' the previous high -stand-- .ard of;the paper. Mr..Smith.-cloEes^his "-. vfdoln.-t.he/ following" words: "May all our "friends liaye- 'lonj| years. .,01 health - arid prosperity, in thisi^gloribus land, of- ·North- DUSbta, r_a,d. when tlie fmaL sum-" - nions coms to . : 'join .tho -innumerable' caravan' mysteriously- to , that.'bon£ne;\Yhe-nco no traveler-. returns,' . :niay. Saint Peter \vith a smile, of welcome bo^ready.'at the ;Goldea Gate' ah"d "hand ;''. : every "NbrtlrDakotan-a check .goqd-^fpr all Hme to co^ue and tht freedom of " - T . 'homo over -there.'-''- "- - --.- - ."the t-.lllLK. ^_ .-'. The latest enterprise in the lino of lesi- : . .-jsography is "The". Amerjcan 'Dictiona . -of Printiri{r"a_ndBpokmakiii'f,V' "'wnich is .· to be issued fn'-qnarterly parts by .How, :" ard Ijockwood Co., 126 Duane._.street, . ·· '-"Sow-York, and presented without cost to ··"""·"·all subscribers of their woll-knovrn -trade ( /y "~?TMjonrnal, tlie American Bookniaker, tlie Fulton street dealer in ibi.rds.aud .am- rjC5~nrrr-' "i~"tr i(le irrc bamelf ons. These-Quaiut little ^creatures are. affected p.t 13 people both m md out of the 400. Thtrcost of a."chameleon i s ' f r o m . t w o to five'dollars, according to tire SeiKoii of the year. .They are brought _ from Mexico, Mid the" location from" wliich -they are taken - i s ' . k e n t a .strict secret. --.The cha- eleoT ipp r» a I \ feeds on- ur is tliej ire nown to exist for months without taking food .or water. . T h e tame'.ontSs, "however, "-·HLcagerly tike a fly or si"nalL : insect from Uie hand-of tl,eir..r/A'ners. -. Those- peop»"-,vho -affect.fchameleons :is. pets'keep the little- creatures : in a box, the bottom of divided into diiferentlj colore'ii . sqaare-.s,. . When the charaeleor, moves'-from one portitnl (if the J o x - t o t h e other he changes hfs" color in .conformity with, the squares ou which hC is resting. -Hence ;LS a siiow pet he is -interesting ^nd calnable^-^Xe'w York Xe'ws. . . . ".--' . ·epent mee creased icesiu 10. "It is in mv desire that I should "cbas- -^ise them ' -- -Ihe Hst cliu=5 of fhis-\erse is in the R V~rrinsisted \Vheu thev ire b o n n l t o their !«o tr nagreabioua referring no doubt to Dm ind Pe hel a.-, t h e t « o c e n ter-j of their idol worship _ H e u r l l ehastei them that He maj win th m b lei to Him =elf li w h e n He 4 i \ » in Amos n 2 You onl\ h i v e I - k n o w n o f the eirth therefort I \vill puni-Ji joj. for ill vour niqtiities Whom the I ord loveth He chasteneth" (Heb. xii, G). 11 I will ji 11 e L o h r u m to rid_e Judah shrill plow ind I looush illbreak hi-,eiodb The TJ, V siv^ I will set i rider on Fphraim I he people hive been unsub dued,Jeft to themselves,, enjoying God's goodness to the full but rebellin., dgunsfc Him. B u t ' n o w if thev will" not turn to Him. He- w i l l ov" tlieir.enemies iiubdue them p 12.. "So\v to 3 ourselves in" pigirteousness re ifi ip ,nu rev bre ik up \ our r illow ground. -- --, Ihe exjiC-SMon fillow ground 13 found onlv Here t l i d m ler iv J buttho_simeword is found 111 one o her place %tid transl ited till ige tuch 'ood is in tlie tillage of the poor b i t there is that is de trrjed for v s a n t o f j dgmeut" (Pio\ xm 2 . ) It is time to seek t h e Loiu t i l l lie come --mdTarn r t= htloJbne-i ! ,H-Uf)Oit vou The righteous. Lord lovethjuLiiteous ness (Pa xi T) ind the -n = huousne^ ·which He loves and r^quirt.-^ of H people He provi tea for them IS 1 nou'-t; trust in th\ w i v in the^ muHitndc in. t i - i n i g h t j m e n ' And tl refore thev reaped iniquity ind ate the friiit of lies." On sowing and reaping see Gil v i T b Hos MII 7 and con trast John i\ % \s to he ft I^ of our wa-vs and thoughts see Isa. Iv; 8, 'J. '.-LtZ-'iTlierefore shall atumuk-ariseamong thy'people, aud a i l - thy fortres.-fs shall be spoiled." ,,Their .Gol and King is tlii-" Princej of Peacel-tho-Lord will bless Hisiieoplc with peacpf lie .will spiak peace-untb -Hi;?. : peo-; pie (Isa.:i^r-6r-Ps^xxix, 11- Ixx.vv, S): But "if.they w i l l not have H i m , and choose- lies_ instead QI t r u t h , they mrist; accept t u m u l t and spoliation-!**. the.,cons"«que'nce. "The ver-V-names-or our"iiibcler:i argosies re the It m - r T t t it her-, ^i Q l r mce-^ior-- - I sculpttii^ iIr_D«vereuv h ippened tr c- c h ene I iwrencc m Hjrper s f~-,i 0 ht 01 i"fust ot Hamilton Tne t h o u g h t flishe^,icrobo his nu i d t h it r* in mi^h- 1 " not c.ire to be confrontei 1 w i t h the si^nt of the fe iture-. of the m in lie h id slaia Bui,iio Bui r w is undisturbed He alit) tipnd the bu-,t and althou_,h Mr D p i e r c u x h i d i i-^tir-tivf Ij turuKii awajjje will ed up to it ind -, ud ijr i loud -one, 1 Vh Here la r l L i u i U o n ' / Then pisnin., his fingers .aloim .ceruKu lines of the-.face he iddud, i ii?re"v, fathe ilton s contemporn-fc. g-i possessing a_ poetic mind. orders -promptly attended tbi " , "The largest L_ X ment in the city. ^ the latest patterns' in = gilt, i embossed "ani -'-plain papers. Send for samples. \VEBB -. -Bismarck, iS T 6rth. Dakota; Frisby ! Pure Drags ._and - Ritts Eopnlar pruggi$t, i i- A. complete lino of School* Books, Sbitionen- Sid Periodicals. MEITDETTHALL, the florist of the Xorth- west, can EurniBh you vrith thp CHOICEST. of Flowore for -..WiddingB,---Parries, Funeral?. and all-other purposes. .Large. - assortment "office bedding find house planta. Choice ^ower seeds. Send for Catalogue. Telegraph orders , Jor foncraft promptly filled. ; MENHENHALL_GREENHOU$ES, Ave.- South and ISUi i or C-itS" Store, IB Pourth St. First Ave; South and 18th BL MinneapolisJ1JDI1; . gpo^ons of fe;, ; W.e are now jeady to deliVei- and make rn'Tifp'ipf^ for "flip yullildlio lul tllu - -For family ussvat Sl.Sr.oO and-52 . - per month. · Wi.iViT 01 issue" ace · - .. .tickets or weigh:-Will fill yogrjce---- -: chests and keep :them full with the · best-of ice. ' - ... ~r Bisiiiarck/Cpal: and.Wood. CoY' M P SL V1T.JRY", Jtsent j H ^ Inu USA ND THEORIES | " ^V.hat-is there in' the ftiture-for-.t-he"-eon j I templacion of i m m ^ h o « o r k t - ou a sal _r\ w LS s l e d ot i r u i n w h o t r n p l o j - , |-men bv m o t h e r m-m-u ho draws i salarj ind tlj inks God The emolo^er suggested to tlio-inquinjcj-n it if i ^ood s l ^ i \ v s o b b e m E j d r m n t h c r e t i p u n t _ m i ^ i i t m \ e . in a paid up 11 f e insurance pojicv Hedidri t d o i t biit he ini^ht h a v e added md then ' die I h j i 0 u m c n f , could hA-sebeencar Hed a bt~k f u r t h e r had the sal iried man* said I I)elie-Tc i m in oil i «=ii irj « ho is jiotof i provident disposition"and whusees, th if eveiituilli he nius become i pHTfper in ^ettin^ is mueh excitement and satisfaction but of life '-while- youth, activity in d i goo 1 s Hrj prr\ nl"- u-, pos sible 'This idea of perpetual economy for twen- tv five or t h i r U 3 e i r b t o sa.\ e i u o u _ , h to carrv von through ten or fifteen - \ e i r s p j -old a_e ind · sal irv reduced or no income a ill isallv.roUr, because when it "cornea ', to dt. ith and burial the cost of the thm_, Has to be met bii't once, and if one does-riot lea~ve ehbugli-Tiehind to cover that expense there ! s- auorher'-fellowr the p u b l i c , to do it Jor"him-.V---Detroit Jb'ree Press. -«. poetrj . hm "Ham rodil for The. Eqintable, Eife Society 2S the ny in fh ~uo? id mid transacts the lai p-est A ctirious example -if ! o\\ nio i a re Kcarcri m b cTenolo,-,^ %\ob fore^^i ilc t-1 ]/»ng- i^o is f i a m s h e d in L report :if~£ -e- cenr le"ture ot Professor I V i ^ i n ITc ZVIomiUiiii -I't-aks Com ji:irocl Ihe ATps eontiiri t^vo pe ikb ibouu-1 ~ rv » feet, .six or seven -about .l-l.OOO.Jeet^aud iii :ill about "thirty which are reckoned among tL" In^t" C!TW p r p k s of the" w o r l d * The ·Himalavas. on the other .hand,. ; or, rather, the linn t u portion of th it r i n _ e w i t h \"hich we iro f imi 1 ! ir i ont un peak-, from -39000--fc _doAvm . rd "Morf tT"in,_lJfj_ n i \ e been mca-suie_d t"bit exceed _01)0 feet-in ".height, -tied-it is computed, that Uiere i*-i t i t i-st o OOi) peal -, in t n i L ^ i x i t range that ;are over ;In,000 feet, and that Uiere VP not IP,-, rh in 2 OOi") th it vill CK cied ths SO.OOO-Jootlimit.'-^St." Louis Ke; public. " Ivnife-Elude froan His s^ Geor- M it Iden who live*; i i I tv.jiohi^ h i been for bixt"eu ;r ^ e ^ t L t e ^ r - years aillicted witli .a -terrible cough; a n d , I \"wr-s believed to l)e catarrh; Wbiie, I batiiiug his face recently he -blew^oufr of^ · his left nostrrl'-a j'ir.'t-e'ot'kllife"blade abotnT an inch long. --It-.looked like a piece ^jf bone. When t h e " outer "cnvering'iva re-moved, however, it. -proved-to be a pjece,of- a steel knife bluil;.'.; a boy^of ten yciirs a ncj{ro boy s t a b b r d . h i m in.'the left chock in a boyish scrimmage He .did . ijittic. linowii -of Oiir A r c t i c Province. "· Kocmany yeiirs public interest lia.s cen- Tfcred around the most remote ot" .our pos- i=essi,ons-aTid"Tifany are. the tales, related-of the wonderK of Alaska 1 ? scenerj-. ; Examining all tiie" data extaut. today'^^ry little is f o u n d outside the- beaten tracks--tfiat ·!:£ those portions \vhe-re the 'tourist .steamers Sfiaily.. KQ. If you look /in air-" ordinary tpxzettqei^theresult of ' y o u r , search-will be that Aliisk.'i covers about" 5SU,000 sqir^Q miles, is rich inmi l ier;ils:arid -fur bearing animals, ha^"large fishing interests,-~iin- vuense sno\vy peaks arid, hnge Kliciers/ .The" clLart^-«hr)w-fts r coast linean.a.5reneral "way, b u t tlie viterior-iB almasb-'-i"fT)lank.-- -»f. B . Kerr in^Scribner'g. ' . ' - ' · - / . - . "hail sba'll.Mvetp away the refuge of lies, 1 not kncnv " t h a t - a - p o r t i o n of uiu'ljlaiie-was and the tvatciv.shall-"overflow:.the hiding - ' l e f f c i p his cheek:--Atlanta-Constitution.. place". (Isat xxviii-, IT). Happy the .one -\vhov ^ ..... __--..- .-.: : -.- " .-can truly sa.y, ".The Txrd is my rock : lij; '.'So .-."nail rJetherdb-u-utO""xou"DecauKe of your cnc-.-it wiekeuneas;- i n ' a morning shall the king of Israel utteriyjbe Ctrt off.'C ·-"While' t h i s - h a d " a literal luTiiiiinent a few years laterf we are c;irried forward in thought to the Rreat fuL'illmentwheu "the prince that shall Qomc," "the man of sin," ."the one rcominc; f n his own name"' (Dan. "Lx, 26,-2T;.II'Thei"S. : ii,-3; : Johii v, 4v!), shall make the seven years_covenantTvrith Lsrael, break it ;:fiei'_'Uiree". and a half years, and brins-in thv; time of .Tacob's. trouble, after which - hc.^thc - be;Lst of Rev. -xi, 4-ti; "xix, 20) sliall go."C(J- the lak"e of fire, c u t j o f f in that moi-ning whejv Jesus shall appear in power niid story as Israel's..-Messiah, and thcn-f)!iall-He briiii; iu--cvcrlastiiig riRht- eoqsiiijhS (Ps. xlvi, 5, margin; xlix, 14; Ban. 'ix.34; Tsa. xlv, 17j. ' - . · : ' · - - . - half . - . " - --A K:imly Lock. * ·- A^handy lock. is novr u^cd upoii'tritydes, atSj^hests-'and boxes. It weighs - about u pound^'-a'-rwl-} although not ' much large/" tiiau ;'iscop.6iderabj.y thicker. This padlock'is a combination, and!is fitted with a numbered 'dial, very, much irkctho.se_ used for safes and vaults.-- Xejv York .Commercial Advertiser. " ' " . - ' - . ' " . - ' . . ' . '. - in 1GG3, who "attended' a meeting, of the Re's il Veidenn on MJJ 23 of t h a t ^ e a r ^t this meetin., it was repor^d im ng otherthing^~i that the.germinaSiTJ'n of insects-does not arise from decay:; -for.the/in- testines of aivanimal and other parts-*vh;ch-, easiH corrupt haMn 0 bi en placed in a ^liss closed with cotton wool so t h i t r n o fly or.other animal couId enter', b u t .only ·the air "could penetrate,-they had" been preserved for six months without rnag = ot or othc r thing being ob erved This is il .mast exactly the experiment of Pasteur in the preseut-keneratujU" tint in the latter expenmerft not only were insects and othi r-^jwiimals; e\cluo"ecl but il^c the.mieroscopic "vegetal-germs, -which" were utterly unknown menter.--- Satiire. to" the earlier""experi- nale--\\ b-v do yon put such horribly perrurued·stufiTon."y"ou"r"lj"!riT?L. It's t;noug)r to 1 mjek aiij OIK o v e r BrmUle---To keep from catchii _, eold Huh 1 Whit good doe-, that stuff do Assets, ' $riy,-2j3744 ·Sur-plusj ' 23,7jojff Fo) -p-ai ticulai s apply to ~G"~ B* Winsh-i-p) manage,* North Dakota agency, Eargo BETWEEN. DlcKlnRon« Jlandin, Bismarck town. Xeeds. Minnewankan - Oakes, ILL POINTS! ICast and . r Xliero,is.aothing better than the service on T 1T o Lmu- ; Ithas become, the -style now lor men to remove -j.liiir hats in .all sor.ts oi! draughty jjlacea when there happens to be ladies present but when I t,ikc ofT mine r they always bejf nie to put it on again so as not'tb-"take cold;" ^'Hum! How-much is N"ews. -^.. - ; ,' Time to Hurry. "Show-man--Sow then., ladies -and gents, · don : t delay if yer.. wants to..gee the ..fat/- lady in 'er prime! She's -jisc bin- jilted by.-t.ha 1 skeleton gejitleman, an' is.talcin' on so that 1 she's losin^.vveightheyery hour'!- Tpmorrer, she.-wqn't be.worth seein'!--London Tit- Bits." '·";, .. '-.- . - ... ;.. ; . ··" · - TlirouglrPullniaii Sleeping Car. Daily NORTH DAKOT A N D ST.:PAUL-and,MIN^EAPQLIS. PiisaiiiK -throneh "Minncsnto, ^N- Montana, IdaHer-Oreson and Wfishingii"' comptete cqniptment of f airman pai''C Hp ' cai^, first and second-class coachtj, i J tonriEt acd free colonist sJecpers. a^'F 1 dining cars. - ' --· . · · - - :.' : .A .Slipjicry^ Opinion.' "Amateur . Actor--Well,, what did you. think ofm%- Hamlet? ·_. - - _ ' ."Candid priend---Er--um--well, to fell;;-West, in tha "United.States find the truth, jf. I'd -been the"olcl'iuan's ehpst ""' ' ' .-wnkL-'J yon.'--puck. TUDATIPU "TIPITCTCI Arc eold at nil «' n P n 5 °'- TM. . l l i t t U U U l l - i M f c l i ficesof theXorth.-.r;';!^ -"J fin Kailrdnd to points North, "East, iroai.i ·: ,TT-T'.,T . .\ . -T-T- . " . _ .a o t - J ,, r.. I I .fl n r.f! .'1.' ' ..TrOEE S.GHEDULE Train No.- Train · , ' ." ;." ;,. A Prccatitiaii. /.. . "Wliat do- v b u - d o , witli that .baseball · " "Why, Johmiyjs;-very' b.-vd'.sornetimr-s-, · ind tlie only closet I havo to sutTZ hioi^up in is where the. . : iire.serves are. I p.ut_the wlijk on him with 'a lo^jk, and the ppe-- E^yes.arasafe,"--Harper's Bazar, . - : Stialy These Out.-':'-'.- .. - ' - : - ' . T h e \ f a m i l i a r · f|tiery,- Lf" DTckjy father is Corn's son, \yhat' relation- is Tojii? i is easier of solution t h a n - t h e , oEhg-r'one f T,.;., closely allied to it, which,runs as fottoWS:-| ' f a i n A man staudiug before a portrait says listers AntJ brothers have.I none-- ·_- - Yt^ that man's fathdr^Ts myjathtr'a son. " " What relation is-the_speaker to.'the.per- son depicted in thc^ p o r t r a i t ? vine Answer 'r..' West Bonnd.---'- 9:25 ay m. Bound - '.12:15 a , . · . :05 Nfi^4; East-Bound · is often givcn-that Jhe. portrait-represents 'the"speak'CT himsaltV-when. as · a · matter ot -fact, it represcrite:filiix;Speakei''3 son,--J York Tribune. ' · · · - ' · " - · v - · ' " " Forintes. Mnps,.TimeTables ... inRtiori apply to Agent,' Northern at Rismnrtk or . - . "· " Gen'l PRse'.W Ticket Age " . " " . " ' . ' . - ' ' S T . PAUL, lEWSPAPERI lEWSPAPERl

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