The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 18, 1921 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, November 18, 1921
Page 7
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SECOND SECTION PAGES »-12 FREDERICK, MD, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1921. ^ ARE WE THANKFUL? We sometimes wonder if we are truly tliankful a* we rfiouW be. when we " S *«'«J still" and consider for H moment the innumerable good thiiiKs Hint come to us «liiy aner a ' \ V e l i a e su nuny blessings to be thankful for; one of 'the creates! i s t h e lar K e number of kind, considerate and helpful friends whom God has given us. W nen we contemplate them, we feel like wiyirife, in the words of the poet: "Dissolve mine Henri to '·%* thankful. for vour Thanksgiving need* ' Libb/'s Fancy California Asparagus Tips--35c can NUTS! NlfS! \ N ew Crop of Fancy 29c lb NLTS! Famous Blue Diamond Almonds--35c I». !b. Nuts r Campbeli s--Smder:s-^Libby's SOUPS--9ccan "--' OLIVES RAISINS 23c and 24c pk§e. Cl -RBAN'l'S Fancy t'leaned--19--24c Dromedary Dates--25c Screw Cap Jars--1(1 I'lcUles, Sxveet, Swir Dill, large size, 'iS- il 5-lb. Box of Eagle. Butter Crackers Only 65c the box Tender Celery--lOc bunch Spring Onions--6c bunch Water Cress--St bunch Fancy Calif, trapes-- 15c lb. Large Ripe Bananas--Me. 35e. doz. Sonkist Oranges. 7Gc-58c doz. Choice «rape Fniil--10c each ·I?'*"" . , , . . Asst. Cream Chocolate Drops Asst. Flavor Jelly Drops Asst. Cocoanut lion Bons Asst. French Mixture 29clb Choicest Peanut Brittle Asst. Mint Lozenges Asst,' Broken Candy Asst. Flavors Hani Drops 29db "Easton's" 12c MAYONNAISE - 25c Best Singapore Black Pepper 35c lb. For- Best Results in Baking-I se "Enterprise" BAKING- POWDER . 20c full lb. can Better CJoods for I^ess Money. 8-oz. pligc. CKEAM CORN STARCH Fresh GRATED _5c^ 25c Asst. Flavors FUIIT JELLY _,, »-oz. fnnihier X for 25c And COFFEE! XTRA 1ROO1) COFFEE Tlie Best 32c PBONE 693 y. ENTERPRISE GROCERY- 310 NORTH MARKET ST. Quality Up 'Prices Down m m ** 4$frt ' WZy f w£ ?//£ ^* fg± Mr. Farmer -*Do you want to Insure your next year's Corn Crop? It can be done by Uniform, Deep Plowing this fall. The FORDSON TltACTOR, Priced at $625.00 f. o. b., Detroit, will do your Fall plowing in "Jig" Time, pull your Power Machinery duriug the winter, and enable you to prepare your Spring Seed Beds when the ground . is fit to work. DROP IN AND TALK IT OVER. FREDERICK MOTOR COMPANY, HAVE i'OD EVER TRIED OUR HOME-MADE CANDY BEST QIMLITZ LOWEST PEICES ' Eat onr candy and Have No Regrets. ISl'V ONCE BUT ALWAYS NEW YORK CONFECTIONERY 11 West Patrick Street. "////////?/.".''/'·. /' C. L CULLER THURSDAY NOV. 24 ·* !· A. M. r wffl ke «t tan f «t 225 E. PATRICK, ST. FREDERICK, MD. The Home of The Ford And Ford son. Bun**, Htraen aad Vehicle* 8*U n mute 8*ta IMfr. 0. E. CULLEB* Prop. ·······wiiamwvramvw ~.,,, ,, Old Newspapers For Sale pldNewspapers For Sal The News Office. Apply a j ^E WS OFFICE. J*^l-M- ·I- ' CORDELL HULL Oordcll Hull, {farmer- repr««»nt«tlv rom Teupeuseeiand Democratic com- nmeeruuti fromfthaUstate, bus Iwen JecteU chnirmaiu of tthe Dcaiocnftl latlooal cooimitHee to* succeed Georg VWta Mr. HnUtwaaUxunn In Over-ton BOW Plckett) canntywTen., In 1871, IP is a lawyer by {profession, aad erred in the Fourth regiment Ton- icssce Volonteerilnfantry during the tpanlHh-Arooricu^watT'wIth the rank { captain. WIDOW CHARGES BOARD WITH BODY SNATCHING Cost Her $11.25 to SaneHos- From Blssectlon. PhlladftlphJa, Nov. 18. -- Because Oo considers) Mon was given to the fac Unit n legnl hollduy intervened, thus u xielay In the delivery of tin tolling her of the death of bei at the Phlladelphln Hogpita for Mental Causes, Mrs. Helen Deinin gcr, "ir 43 West V.'lldey street, was obliged to pay $11.23 to the stute iiiia- toiuicul bonrd to secure the body of her husband, John Ocintager, and stive It from dissection. The ptisinl from (he hospital wn« mailed to Mrs. Delninger November 10, hat on nccount-of Armistice Dny illil not rwich lior until November -12; The foriy-elglit liours specified .by the law ·s the. leiigtli of time bodies are kept frt the hospital morgue for reclaiii itou' had llurrefonc, according to tho :iii:itinni'-iil hi.ard, expired. John Con iiers, the undertaker, who claimed Hie body for Mrc. Deininger, said the body bad imi lii'cn kcp' at the hospital the sn«?cified forty-clifht botirs. !iit li.-ul been removed at the end of thirty-six hours.' If thee- is a new law giving the aimioiiriral board * right to claim ·bodies at the end of thirty-six hours." Mr. Cjonners said, "It Is one that has never been published. The law of honrs may have been put through, but U so. It was put through the legislature In the form of a sleeper. We undertakers have been flght- nc efforts on the part of the aaatoml- cnl board to have the forty-eight liours reduced to thirty-six for a long We. ik» not 'HMiRider it fair to relatives to have their kin wind up ·n tin- di?!«ecting 'able without giv- ;n:r theni a cbani-e to identify -the Mrs. Delniuger has 'two children, 2 ind 4 rears old. Mr. Conners rlaitns hnt it wa* n hardship for her to pay HIP $11.2T. that if the body had been embalmed there would n«»t be ranch for complaint about the" price. . he claims. -K-IJC" the body arrived at his undertaking rooms. It was In a horrible condition. SCORE ONE FOR TENANT Landlord Fineo and Sent to Jail For Lease Violation. Vrr YorV. X««v. I V - »!·! l l i f . ' ' ! . V . - - ' i : ~ - 7 1 i.' · V ·. · ~ ,II- i., ]nv ij«. in 11)-- .in '« cr-Tn- - . J1 ] H . i ni.*" 1 !' '.11 . ! · · · · }·'·· ;'iv"} hi f u l l - ·- I ' . rl! o-c!:jhl ; e-^ r* Ti It"- ibv I.TV. .Tia?. ,\ ^ - ' I n ' i- 'In- ^TIVTIII ' of Davies I I I . "v 'ir;«ir IM\;.S. U-'-.s. i« r r i l i r s l l r ill ':, · ;· lifijji/- oyi RJrcr- ]'iiyi-i3n5 were !n wita ULSTER DEFIES GOVERNMENT ·i.. i ',* · · * · North o! Ireland Firmly Insists on Its RlfMs. TABLES SUDDENLY TURNED Lloyd George Pacific* Sinn F*ln Oifty to Encounter Bllliaercnt Orangeman. WnUnl§t« Back Prtmitr. London, Nov. ia--Ulster's reply 'f.» the latest British government C ' t u j - ' munlcntlon on the question of an Irish sijtlletneut w«s dollvered at Downing street. It Indicates thut Ulster stands firm In the nttltude she lias taken and will not submit to · anything; considered t violation of her rights. , , Complnlning tlmt the govornin^6t lm« fallcil to mnintnin .secrecy roghnl- IIIR tho nogotlatlons, the Ulster r«»p- re.sontutlveg tlil»eat?n to publish th^ correspondence. Tho Ulster cabinet raenjhem who frn incd the reply announced tb«t JliPj might be prepared to enter ], Into informal conversations with the |jtMfeJT- raent, providing their doing «o wonl'l not* in any way commit itheni to ac- coptnnco of a single parliament Wr Irclond. A * UnlonUU Indorse Negotiation*. Liverpool. Nov. 18.--By an oref- whelming majority, tho Unionist par-; ty In HufNion here, indorsed with nsr* : tnln reservations the, negotlatlon»-oow in progress between tho British gov- rrntnenl and the Irish representative*. This attitude won expressed br aft amendment, to a resolution, moved My Oiilwjir! .Tohn C!rAt:to!i, member of pnV- llament for Iluthlandshtre, calling upon flip conference to resolve thPt iv settlement of the Trlsh qriestlon wnn acceptable which did not respect .absolutely the position acquired by sler through the creation of a ,er*'.Parliament.' The ameridtncMit. to the re.tolutioft the piirneKt hopp.-thnt "cow- t wllh tl1«* 'supreiniicy of ihj" . the .seourlfy of the «*mpirr, lFi»» c»'! given to ,j"l.«fer and the Jjnf*'- f f U f t r d i n g of tlif Iniejust* of the mitH«r- Ity In Rn^ith Ireland, a solution to thi* Irish difHculry may bn found In '!'*· funfi'rwK.f ' mm- In pnigr««««. \v{ii-li ·.vill br'in?,' ponce to Gi-osit Britain ntyl Ireland ;iinl strength to the V-mpirr-' Lord Jllddlelon said the fomt»;pr- clal ami landed classes In IrvWti'Tl in. favor of n settlement. If hfi«- s were resumed, be declared, ttifr would h«v* to be tlv"* times as powerful n* at pre.vot nn| the po$toflice$. mil ways and bank* would have to'hft closed. .' |. ACCUSED QFFIRIN6 A CAT Four Men Said to Have Mad* It* Civ- Ing Torch With Gasoline. Pittsburgh. Nor. IS.--Accused »1T "praying a pet Maltese ,Tom cat wllii gti=i1Ine from · blow torch, then f^ iiiK the nnfmnl, Rny Bftsk. chi««f uf police of Westvlew Park:' H. B. King, wealthy garage ownei at Wesfvieinc. and tn-o of hl» e-wployes were wi4e the defendants In suits filed by' Hff- niane Officers Buch and Ferguson. The Informations were filed with-At- lerninn Young, of Wood's Run. The cat. .i pev of Mrs. Anna who lives near the enrage, was glm*«t burned to death.. As It lay on,, thy rear porch of the Polzell home, n hn!- et from the revolver of Chief of T^ ire Qnlgley. of Wwtvlew. put an end it?! sufferings. All the men arc charged with y to animal!". According to he cat was taken into the garage flu*, after Its fnr had b*en drenched gasoline, a match T«S applied. wild shrieks the animal ran fmrn th» carage, a living torch. D.i.«J»lng «o he rwir porch, the cat leaped ajsiji'st a bed sheet on a wash line, wii-cn ranght fire. Members of th* h"ns^ hold extlnirolshed the fire bef«rr tt gnlted the porch. *' SMALLPOX ATCOATESVILLE On* Case Oi«eav«rcd and Victim ft Iwtotcrf. oat«5villc. Nor IS. -- A · m«» «f mallpox was Oi5f«T««KHl h?rr. Curtis Rwrcr, S5. wlso makes r»n»» trith the family of Bojid. Sc^viwi and Ch«4tTHJ he ih*«art *? the hn-ine«s dl«?rlrt. It. r»r. J«!*7»h Scatt«rr«od. ff ' ·»r rrnK-.TCo to ni ion buIWiny mi th? ««««Viri* of tbe taken ' n v*rrin»tc .i|f t Is !. Tori; fh* g IP.«S space than a on hf.wlins a-lpy ^s a TT-W KMMfc hi ·hich ball? arp VnMcd aloni? « orrn ,-i?aiT«; a curved hack * into wbk-h s» b»ttn !hs: W- .7^rkar.'« ch- m nations J n* , V.: iNEWSPA'FERr EWSPAPER

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