The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on February 13, 1924 · Page 16
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 16

Decatur, Illinois
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Wednesday, February 13, 1924
Page 16
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I'AtiK SIXTEEN. Deputy Sheriff Layman Tells of Herrin Shooting His Wife In Exclusive Interview Absolves Thomas of Cagle Murder, T H E I E C A T U It K E V I E W LINEN SUITS TO BE ; RIGHT IN FASHION Wednesday, February 13,1924 to (Special to The Review.) Herrin, III., Feb. 13.--John Layman, .wounded deputy sheriff and wife, today slve the first Interviews to The P.evlew that have been eiven out slnoo the killing of Caesar Cag-lc 'here last Friday night. Layman lies in. the hospital here with a bullet through his lung and his nurse says that he Is !h serious condition. Layman docs not know who shot him in the Rome club. Mrs. Layman In her statement denies that Or.i Thomas shot Cagle ai is charged. She declares that Thomas was with lie:- i: the hospital at the bedside of l:cr husband when the shots were fired t h a t killed Cagle. LAYMAN'S STATEMENT. "I was swearing in some deputies." said Layman "Wednesday morning to The F.evlew representative. His voice was low for the man was weal;. "They told me there was a meeting at the Home club. I went over and Sheriff Gallisan was making a talk asking those present help keep order. "Just then so-.r.e one rushed_ stairs ar.l said the Ku K'.ux was coming. There waa a. rush for the Blairs. When I reached the stairs Officer Cram was advancing up thf steps with Chief of Police John Fort! behind him. Some one behind me cried "I cut his throat." or.J reached over rny shoulder for Craim "I threw up my arm to ward off th« blow aimed at Grain and some one shot me. I cannot say It was John Ford by I the shot came from his direction." MRS. L A Y M A N ' S 'STATEMENT. Mrs. i-.i her statement said ' that f i v e : n l n « t c s a f t e r the shooting of Caglc the mob approached the hospital and demanded Thomas, th.e men declaring that Thomas was In htdinp -there. Dr. Clack, owner of the hospital, refused admittance to the men and the shooting at the hospital started. Mrs. Layman has not ye; been called before the coroner's jury. John Ford lias been reappolnted as chief of police by Carl Nail, the t w e n t y - f i v e year old mayor of Herrin, elected Monday night In a secret session of the city council. There Is-no discussion of the situation but one of llerrln's two bankers said concern- Ing the new m a y o r : - T really can't i-cir.embu- '·' vc-:- seeing the man." Sheriff's Wife Acts as Hostess to Decatur Men (Special lo 'Ilie K o v i e v v ) . Marion. 111., Feb. 13.--Members of t h e service company from Decatur are guarding Sheriff Calfisan tinee his return to "Williamson county. -While tho sheriff is In his cell In the rear of the building Mrs. Gallisan. his wife. Is host to the Decatur ~boys who are chartered in the c o u n t y jail. Mrs. Callicran is ; an accomplished musician and thr !oys are ha-vlng an enjoyable t i m e . S h e r i f f Gallisan said 'Wednesday morn'.ii:; t h a t lie w o u H not resign '-is oifice. What Did You See? Into Speaks at Noon at Lincoln - _ ' . -;'v : Square. ON DOWN STATE TOUR Opens at Danville Thursday » -. Noon. - 1 Senator Hiram Jolinson will speak at the Lincoln Square theater next Saturday noon. Johnson, a candidate company and hoH h i m s e l f to free a'.r L. K. saw a man ing station and fill his car with gas. then drive straight across the street; for the .Republican nomination for to another station, owned by another j president, will make a down-state trip starting at Danville, where he speaks Thursday noon. On Thursday night he will spealc at Paris. At 10:30 Friday morning ho will speak In Champaign and at 3:3» that afternoon will spealc in Mattoon. Friday night h e ' w i l l be in Charleston. The senator from California will arrive In Decatur at noon Saturday and -will so Immediately to the theater, .where he will speak. Mr. Johnson Is accompanied by his secretary and ' down-state manager, W. H. Stevens. Mr. Stevens was in Decatur Wednesday m a k l n r a r r a n g e m e n t s for the meeting. Johnson v . i l l 3-0 f r o m h e r e t o Louis. Borers Return From E*st Telling: of | ... ;. '.,. . ; 8Tle«. ;/ Decatur men who are fond-of very light colored clothlnr for summer will be able-o satisfy their preferences the coming summer, according to Sangster Plum and Robert Underwood, of Blakeney 4 Plum,'who returned Tuesday night from a t r i p through tho eastern markets--Buffalo. Rochester, New York and Philadelphia, White, cream and tan colored linen suits are said to be on their way for the summer of 1924. The usual Palm Beath outfits wll also be sold but for the real hot days the man who keeps right UP,to date will have linen. This applies to botli street and golf clothes. and -water. ' M. E. D. saw a dead b a b y rabbit, on iho boulevard on Nortn Church street Tuesday morning. E. J. saw a girl walking down the street with her coat open and a fur around her neck but with no hat on. OFFER 10 PRIZES Ol mm St. To Arrange Regular Playing Schedule. Basketball teams and schedules will be arranged Wednesday evening at the meeting of the girls of the Mueller Manufacturing company In the recreation building. About f i f t y Sirls in the factory and office have taken art active Interest in -the gymnasium-classes which will be held overy Wednesday afternoon and these BTlr'.s will be organized into teams. The women not interested In games CT.H take part In the gymnasium exercises which are given. It is hoped to get started on the volley ball a::mes soon. DEPARTMENT MEETINGS. , A series ot departmental meetings ; v . i l l be held every Monday begln- i inns' w i t h next Monday until men of ' every d e p a r t m e n t In tho factory have Interest From $1,000 To Be Given Each Year. Interest from a f u n d of H.OOO has been offered at the High »chool as % prize to be divided between the boy and girl making tho best oration each year on Lincoln. The donor of the prize Is not announced. Plans for tho competition have not been worked out. ' -- SIIFETY PUNS HEAR MILLIKIN GLEE CLUB. The Mlllikin Glee-Club sane at tlie Fuel Bill For 1923 Totals $5,153,000. OPERATORS Y-OT. I N G Name Division Chairmen And Delegates. Wabash offilcals discover that tlie road has made another recort! In tlio year 1933 In addition to that of breaking records for the amount of business donei' A might good record j was also hung up in the matter of fuel used. .» figures compiled show that l,i 09,- S23 tons of cd-al were, used on the Wabash system d u r i n g tlie last year and of this total. 1,630,555 tons were used as fuel on locomotives. The remaining 79.000 tons is used In power and steam plants, heating: plants and stoves. This Is right close to 4,700 tons of coal R day. MORE THATv 1 1522. This grand total Is ' 300.0,00 inora tons O f coal than, was used In the year 1322 but at' the same time the f i g u r e s show that there were also 1,800.000 more Ipcomtlve . miles ob talned and in summing up the total, more service' was receives from a ton of coal than In the previous year. The road's fuel bill .tor the year was Jo,153,000 for this coal used and »l»ion branch lines ·* lib. concrete culverts v J. E. Crlm, superintendent of tn. Wabash Employe. Hospital ai«ocl»- Uon, who underwent a. very .erlotia operation In the Decatur hospital Tuesday morning, was reported BB Co- Ins nicely Wednesday noon. A number of leading company Burgeons front'over-the. system were In .attendance at" the operation. -It was Arthur Roper and not Abel Roper that received" the' shock at the round' house Tuesday .morning- JUDGE TIKES SCRAPS OF NEWS Six Divorces, and Annulment Heard. Six divorce cases and one anriu.1- ent case were heard by Judge Jaldwin in the circuit court Wed- csday morning. Ona divorce case rid the annulment case were taken nder. advisement. Decrees were ranted in the other cases. , ' SATS WIFE DESERTED. Oscar Wood charged Sfabet Wood ·ith desertion. He «aid ; she left him nd their six children without cause, he was sitting, in the.audience and udgo Baldwin called her to the land. She said that they could not lye happily together arid she didn't hink U right to raise a bunch of ·hildreu under such conditions. She May Affiliate With National Organization. Plans for taking prompt advantage ot tho sentiment aroused for public safety and safety In all lines of life. industrial as well as private, were gathered together. made at the meeting of the e x e c u t i v e c o m m i t t e e of the Decatur Safety Council Ifeld at the Decatur c l u b Wednesday noon. The committee. w h i c h was appointed recently by Mayor K l m e r Elder, first organized by electing J. A dinner will be served In the cafeteria and talks given of Interest to the men in the various departments. About SOO men w i l l attend each meeting and thev \vi;i c o n t i n u e fo the nc.\t f o u r Mondays. E.XTEr.TAIN" OFFICE I-'OnCIi. Miss Helen Martin nnd Mrs. Ear', j KgJeston entertained tho girls of the office force ot Mueller's Manufacturing company Tuesday evening. The j nectio ,, evening was spent at five hundred. Twenty- Klrls were present. Decorations and favors of Valentine* were used.for the party. Miss Louise Brub e c k ' p l a y e d a n u m b e r of piano sc- lection! 1 . It wns nt the m e e t i n g to organize a, c l u b and meet every two , J. Richeson chairman, M. C. 'Nelson vice chairman and L. V.'. Shade, secretary-treasurer. MAY JOIN NATIONAL- Mayor Elder presided and a f t e r some discussion it was voted to investigate J u s t what was necessary to have the Decatur organization come a member' ot the National Safety council and the advantages which would come from such a con- Back on D u l y . O f f i c e r Con Doherty',' who has beer. o o n f l n e U to his home by illness for several days, was "-We '-o r e t u r n to Tuesday afternoon. First Signs of Spring In Decatur. Signs o' s p r i n g h a r e made '.'.icir j .-ripearance- at tlie Decatur o f f i c e of t'na state free employment bureau In t h e form of e a r l y inauirtcs about farm help. W h i l e only a few have been received so f a r It is expected t h a t as March approaches the n u m - ber will Increase. Sunshine also b r i n g s a sudden In- orcaso In the n u m b e r of -alls for women to do hou?o cleaning, but a ralnv or even a c l o u d y day,. sliuts it r.ff completely. REV. G. S. BUTTON IN PRESBYTERY Tonic* from C.lrBrd. Knn*., to Lincoln. I III. Chur.-fc. G. S. Sutton. I'll. D., was In 1'ecatur Wednesday where, at a special meeting of the Springfield Pres-' I'ytery. lie was received Into this I'rcsbytery and soon will be Installed as pastor of the First Presbyterian church in Lo'ncoln. I.'r. S u t t o n comes from Glrard, Kan. Dr. Sutton is well k n o w n in Dce.i- l u r . havlnfe been general secretary ot i h o loca-l Y. M. C. A. a number ot ycar» a-so. When in Decatur. Mr. Sutton was known m "Going Some" Sutfon and wa. inuch surprised to be Kreetcd by that name when ho stepped Into a Decatur business house Wednesday morning:. Decatur ·*», Let O. To O. Remain. rrotesis made by the towns a'nd cities along the present route o£ the Ocean to Ocean highway from De- citur to Indianapolis are viewed with sympathy by Decatur citizens. The proposal to change the route east out of Decatur to follow the new hard road to Danville does not suit Decatur nor its friends to the east and Eoutlieast. \ The present Ocean to Ocean highway is short, straight, direct. That it will*te paved and mad» into a hard road within a short time Is as certain as that the state wide system will bo constructed. It gives a direct east and west route. It serves a territory in which Decatur i« interested for trade reasons. It adds one more to the routes which will divide the heavy traffic which makes use of the highways. There Is no really good reason why trails should be consolidated and traffic congested on a few roads. These cities and towns have been loyal to the present Ocean to_0cean highway for the ten years in which it has been advertised and established. Now that the paving of the route is within sight, even if it is not to be done within ths next year or so, the route should be maintained. It serves a territory which is nat- business partner with De- Or, motion cf M. L. Harry th. mayor and Tom P i t n e r , commissioner of health and safety, were made : committee to take up this subjeo w ' t h the national orsantratlon an., perhaps make, a call at it. headquarters In Chicago when they arc there. 3000 TO HELP- Mayor Elder said that l-.e had now .v~natures of nearly 3.000 men on his list of those who agree to report infraction-, ot the t r a f f i c law and it was suggested at the meeting- that the cards on w h i c h such reports arc to be made bo so printed that ob- s.rvallons oi onythir.B dangerous to person or health may' be reportccl- i broken sidewalks, dangerous a.sns. | practices - I n j u r i o u s , to health and the '"'Those At the m e e t i n g W e d n e s d a y i:imer Elder, Commis- Pitner, R a l p h Moore, K. Wood T J. Maloncy, M. C. Nelson. W Shade anfl M. 1- H a r r y . high school a u d i t o r i u m Wednesday and made R big hit with the songs which they will sing In Chicago next woek. Encored, tho club returned to sing "Mllllkln Loyalty" while the audience stood. The school was led In yells for the college, and the club members responded with a. cheer from behind the stage. The auditorium was In charge of the\ Student Council and directly handled by Paul Offensteln Its president. It consisted of various faculty members giving their views on the stealing evil and then the proposal by Lew Smallwood. a. member of. the council to remedy the sltcat'.on by the system ot monitors, which Hie council plans to establish soor.. SELECT "GRUMPY" CAST. The cast for the. play "Grumpy' lias not been definitely selected bu 1 some parts have been, assigned and others will be soon. It was necessary to make some minor changes when Ellis Arnold wlio plays Dr. McClnren was called to Herrin wjth the m i l i t i a Frank Campbell is taking that part The race for Mr. Andrew Bullivan "Grumpy" has developed Into a Iio contest between Franklin Bear an Franklin Wait. Tho following is - t e n t a t i v e selection o? the cast: Andrew Bulllvant--To be chcsen. Ernest Heron (his grand-nephew --Carroll Conner. r.uddock (bis valet)--Roger Yode Mr. Jarvis--Walter Johnson. Mr. Valentine Wolfe--Haldon Bit Dr. Maclarcn--Frank C a m p b e l l . Keblc--Basil Green. Mcrridew--To be chosen. Da-.vson--To bo chosen. Virginia B u l l l v a n t (Mr. B u l l l v a n t grand-daughter)--Catherine Coftcy. .Mrs. Mnclaren--Helen Ilawvcr.. Susan--Go'.dlo Fcsler. The date of the play has been s for March 21, and P.usscll Landri has been appointed as Business Man these figures do' not inc'.ude the coal ored In huge- piles along th 'stem. While 300,000 more tons o ial were used, the cost of the 192 ipply was cheaper than the cost In 2S. This Is mainly due to the fact ,at for V part of. th» year 1922 ailroads had a. hard time gottins oal on account-of a miners' strlk nd In some cases It had to be bough t enormous prices.' The fuel bill in 933 amounted to about S per cent o roads total revenue for the year SHOW WRECKED AUTO. The. wrecked automobile. In irhlcft George "Tplllver and, Oharle. Cullom were killed early Monday morning. has been,- viewed -by thousands ol people since It wa». placed .In Central park Tuesday. The commutes o^ the Safety Council had the wreck placed thera as a warning to all drivers. ' ' ^ B.EINDE'HS HERE. Dr! Fred.P.elnders. of 'tit, Pulas'.it, a. candidate 'for the Republican nomination for the "stale legislature from this district was In Decutur Wednesday visiting among friends and meet. Ing the active Republicans here. PUO.II MOTHERS. The Pugh School Mothers Club will meet Friday afternoon at 1! o'clock. Afothers of the club will speak on WUiat the Mothers Club Means to Me." Miss Thles of the high school 111 play a few selections on a Ha- -aiian 6'uitarl After the program a oc'.al hour^B-ill be held for the nc-,v :em'bers In the club and teachers. TO GIVE IMrs. Alwyn Baker will given a lec- .jre Wednesday evening at 7:30 In he palm room of the Hotel Orlando nd will also give a play. "King Ar- t FIGHT BElit ffttl Operator! Voting. abash, operators all over th ystem are row voting to elect thcl espective. division chairman and als heir delegates to Ihe annual O. R. ~ ·onvoncion ·· In Cleveland soon. Ro 'eech of Be'.r.cnt. chairman at pros nt for the Decatur division, is a : :andldato for re-election and Is be; ns opposed by O. C. .Nash at Brooklyn. Veech Is also a candidate or delegate to the convention for he north and east end of tlie De- :atur d i s t r i c t w i t h ore opponent. On :hc south end J. E. Tiorncy at Tay- divorce, and all «he wanted was a right to visit the children and have hem write to her. She said that she s now keeping house far a widower n Nokomls Who has four children and. who used to work for her husband. "Wouldn't you .ratiher live -with your husband and your own children than to keep house for some ethe: with four children?" asked Judge Baldwin. "res, if we could be 'nappy; but we can't," she replied. Judge Baldwin took the case under advisement. ASKS ANNULMENT. The annulment case of Victor setta vs. Mary Fuller Kosetta^ rather complicated. He asked tha the marriage bo annulled on th ground that sho had married HI w i t h o u t f i r s t getting a divorce from her f o r m e r husband. He said he didn't know she had even been mar-, -rled before, and W.ien he found out that sho had and .had not secured a divorce "he left her. In the meantime the grand Jur ·has indicted him for living with her without being married to her. and ,he 1, about to become a- mot ,,, and hur'9 Round Table" The a f f a i r is pen to the public. HUMANE SOCIETY BOARD. The board of the Humane Society wUl meet Thursday afternoon at 4 ·clock In the T. W. C. A. bulldins Protest Meeting Held In Tuscola. OFFICERS E L E C T E D Frank Page, Hume, Named President. D e t e r m i n a t i o n to nmlco n u t r o n s fight f o r - t h e retention of tho Occu»* to Ocean trail along the roui» t t now follows east out of Dccnlur »t cast as far as nockvlllc, liid., «'«« decided upc-n at the protest meolliiK held In Tuscola Tuesday Jilght Mini an I l l i n o i s - I n d i a n a Occuti to Occuu Trail association wn» organized t" stir up Interest along the route n n d to make the fight at Iho moellng of the national director** ot the Occim to Oce*n association w h f n It 1« held In Decatur March' 13 und 11. A. M. Kenncy ami W. C. SUirr represented Dcotur ut Ilic mirUtiis In whlcli every lou'n n l o n R tho rout* east of D c c u t u r to C l i r l n n m n ' a l a o l'.a«l represent n tlvcs. K l g h t y r.M-.n wi;ro thorc enthiKslasm, was s h o w n { Is a very Important meeting and] to n o l j , ]la ,-oute fin It iaid she wanted Mr. Wood to have a. tt In urged that all members be present and on time. HAS OLD~FA31ILT PIPE. B. C. Whlttcd, 1445 North Monroe street has an oM family pipe arrame- ed fo-r'alx stems. The bowl looks like » «mall baked bean dish about three inches in diameter »nd two Inches hlgli. A. -T. the funeral A. T. HILL HERE. Hill Is In Decatur to attend of his father Bdwwrd HIIL who died. Tue**day afternoon. orvMlle. O. wandlrtates. and Xash arc has charged h!m witli lllesitlmate parent age. and ho -Is under bond. Division Wobasli business on tho Decatur division Tuesday went bacl; u p to :S5« loads and 10S1 empties. Espec- ally rotlce'atile at this time is the bin egg movement. Tuesday! twenty carloads of etrgs were handled on trains into Decatur and It has been r u n n i n g almost this heavy every day. The meat movement was good wltl forty-seven carloads but the butter, oleo and lard movement- Is down to almost nothing. Th'e 'merchandise Whether a man can guilty when the be innocent and at the same time will .develop wnei, the criminal cases are. tried and u n t i l they aro disposed of Judge Baldwin Is withholding his decision In the- annulment case. OTHER CASES. Edr.a. Manlon was granted o. divorce from Rolla. M'-lon on the wa* sivtn a ring on the Again With Decatur Pump Company. Arthur Burks, who was for * n u m - ber ot years connected with tli« Decatur Pump and Manufacturing Co., but who severed his connection with th« concern last year when he re- 8icne4 as president, lias returned to Decatur and is again -with the com- Ho went from Decatur to tho Trane Co. at La Crossc. Win., but Is again back with the company which !tc organized some years ago. nnd miK-li · tho flB"lit i now l.'il'l out rather tluui permit It to b« changed to follow K o u t o 1". tho hnrrt road, out of Decatur east to TJanvllI*. OKGANlZlf. A f u l l organization of the Ullii"!?- Indiana, association wns made w l i f c officers »" fonows: President--Frank I'.ige. Hume. Vice-Pro..--A, E. Snelai-r, Ohrlamnn. Sccretary-Preus. -- JJsmor Morrow, Chris-man. Representative* of the t o w u n akin* th» line, or member* of tlio bonrd «f directors cf tho association-Scotland--A IViertjIngritm. Chrlsman--A. C.'Tucker. Hume--Mr. Sta-rk. Newman--Harry Baxter. Murdock--Fred Murdoek. Cii.rna.rKO---It K. Clukc. Tusoola--EJ. CollliiK. Plerson--F.lmer I'lercon. Atwood--Edward Lciivitt. Decatur--W. C. Starr. MARRIAGE LICENSE A marrli*. ll«n.e h». a St. Ixul. to It.lph* enrt . . D«c«tur. Tlnlr n « m f « do not »PP«»r the l(C.'l cliy dlrccmry. Hurry WELFARE HOME GIRLS DO WELL They have seven ground of de» hildren. ased from ward I four to sixteen years, before tha last baby packed up and l o f t ar.d iu ager of the a f f a i r wf.h Mr. M a n n as the f a c u l t y adviser. HAVE LUNCHEON AT ROOSEVELT J. H. A. W. HUNTOON TO GIVE ADDRESSES I'lcli! . S e c r e t a r y f«r Anxoclnllon for A d v a n c e m e n t of Colored l'io- ftle n«re. I A. w-. ' Huntoon. one of the field secretaries for tho N a t i o n a l ^ Associ- a t i o n for the A d v a n c e m e n t " o f . the Colored People, w i l l bo In Decatur MciMhrro of IloBr'l «·« B«l«cnlion Vl»- lllnE Cafeterias. The members of the board o-r education of the Decatur schools and n. tew others were guests at the noosc- velt J u n i o r high reboot cafeteria Wednesday afternoon. These visits Thursday and w.lll give two addresses movement has gotten back normal and reached 130 cars Tuesday while the coal movement Into De- ; cntiir was -207 carloads. The Tiif-sony 'cattle business of the Springfield division Is ,much lighter however and amounted to about forty-six cars. The m o v e m e n t of various k i n d s of metals I n c l u d i n g scrap iron, f a b r i - cated steel was t h i r t y - t w o 'carloads. _ -. V\ ( I B M ··"· flnllroad Xo«e«. - custody of The local lodge, ot the K r o t h e r h o o t l . CHANGES ct F..\ilway Trainmen will have » ^ jO \ A TK. Skidmorc sjiccial entertainment f o l l o w i n g the regular business mceling Thursday night. Feb. 'Jl. The ' b u s i n e s s meet- w i l l start at 7 o'clock, a half hour earlier than usual and this -'II be followed by-some vaudeville acts, i A f« w weeks was born he nover re- ituhv E Lewis was R i v e n a divorce- from William E. LewU on t'.ie ground of h a b i t u a l drunkenness. "° TM w h i l e here. He w i l l speak at 2 In the a f t e r n o o n n t the A n - cliurch, and that ad- o'clock tioch Baptist dress wlll speak East Xorth ill be f r e e Implicated. Paul Kelly, 632 East Condit street, v-as arrested Wednesday morning. It Is claimed that he was implicated with HolUe Boyer in the burglary of to cafeterias'are b e i n g tnado to give the board -and others an Idea ot the e f f i c i e n c y ot tho work dono In them. Present at the luncheon Wednesday were Superintendent and Mrs. .T. .1 I-licheson, H. M. Owen, P.ev. and llrs. R. E. Henry. Miss Inez .1. Bender. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. 13vans. COLORED PEOPLE SEEK PLAYGROUND J. 11. PollnrO Aldrc*»c» I.ovn l c r l \ m e e t i n g for Hie · . p u r p o s e , of f u r t h e r i n g the plan, for a recreation center and 'play ground for the colored 'peopia of D e c a t u r ; was held Tuesday afternoon In tho Knights of Pythias hall In East Wood street. J. will be followed by a reception. . In the evening he at the C. M. E. church on street, roth meetings \ and open to the public. WATER CO ANNUAL MEETING MONDAY was R i v e n a dl Good Orado. IK School--3« "·" In All the «lrl. "iir"th« Welfare Home r as«d with unu.ually hUb -ernrt*. th. lost iwrn«ter wan «n lntTr««lln(: fact brouuhl out at Ui« monthly m e e t i n g "I board 1n the T. W. C. A. V edn»»- mbrnlrr. Oilier "port, .now t h a t homo entered two :»·«· durlnr tit* unrt lt.ntln.ed flv.. Thor* are »l ,,,,:,,... ihirtj-tour rhllilr.n Jn the liein. anil 3.3ns mealj were wjrvcil durlnic m o n t h . Donation, received d u i l n a - Clothlliir--X.irmxn Laundry Mr--*- T. H. Mannuoll. lira. V* . the day th« inonlh J n n u a r r Comiiany. T.. K l a W P Mr«. .1o»nl Cii^n. 111. I. H u n t . Mr.. D. C. «""'· ' \: Mr.. O. A. Wrlrht. Mr.. Arthur JfeN.M'. Mr.. ».n T.It. Mr.. H. n CU,. ,r. Mr.. t t n r r y other u n k i n d a her' maiden nam Mnude Gerns A f t e r the vaudeville w i l l be orchestra j f r o m Grns on M. Pollard, field secretary for th Playground and Recreation association of America., addressed the meet Ing. · | -A c o m m i t t e e was appointed to Kt i?isnatures for p e t i t i o n s to » - ' - ' . ' i i ie Ben Fisher store on North Water -treet, having, been seen together just a- few minutes before Miss Gcnt- slcr had.Boyer arrested. IOWA SOLONS TAKE VOTE ON GAS BOOST 0e« Molnei' la., Feb. 13--W-^The loVa houae of wpre»entatlve«-»asscd "by an uiianlmoui-Vot« a resolution awalllni recent Increases In the price at ··Milne and offerlne th»,;hearty Buppttrf«rtl»«'"tat«rt?. the president In a federal 1 Investigation of gasoline ' urally 'catur. It will tap many o£ the north and south paved roads which are to be constructed. · , It reaches into a territory which Is now not adequately «erved by railroads to and from Decatur. It will, when it is properly improved, make accessible to Decatur much territory- to the «ast anrT goutheaat which is now almost as remote. In some seasons of the year-- this. 'being one ot them -- a a ^ i t was -in the duvs'ot the pioneers. Decatur wants the Ocean; to Ocean highway route as it Is now laid out in the interest not only of lts;gopd neighbors but also in that ot-Jta. 'own business. a play ground here. F.ev. P. pastor of the Antloch- Baptist Churc! ,vas elected chairman of the committee, A. U Nlckens. vice chairman, an " .Mrs. Geor,rla Plerson secretary. There will be another nicetlnp Feb 2^ In the Knights of Pythias hall anil the committee will ctve'Its rcitoit. MEETINGS. F. Stephen Decatur Lcxlxe OT9, ·*· · A. f.--Meetlne -at-Eldorado temple nt o'clock Wcdneaday evenin». Staled third :3c«ree Ameriean an Au»lll«J-y-- , mr .-- » -- . ------ . - . .. mooting Thur.dny afternoon 'at 2-.30 In th rroilc-* nc-iite Se«-Mrrd From Stock- lintdem. Proxies for. the annual meeti'.is and election of the Decatur Water. SUD- ly Co.. arc asked b y - t h e o f f i c e r s ot is company so .that they may bo In .-inrd by the date of tlio a n n u a l meet- ig which Is nest Monarty, l-"eb. IS. T-'ia pro.xie* are wanted merely to «sura a q u o r u m and those who send n their proxies, it they attend the fiectlng. cancel t h e m by t h e i r attendee .when they..can vote In,person. (Because so many ot the larger lolders of stock are au'ay. those who ire nt home nr'e nslted fo mail Ir ·ire proxies to assure a q u o r u m . R. N. A. CAMP HAS VALENTINE PARTY :;.lili-n Crown M*nih*r» Vo(c to Or cnnlr.e Socfal Clul.. j. Following: the regular meeting o loldcn Crown cftmp, P.. N'. A., Tues day night In Woodmen hall, a valen tine parly was held for members «.TH friends. .: About 250 people attended Music wns furnished by the Wood i orchestra, and refreshment were served by a, committee o women. .. The camp .'voted ;to orjranlzo a so clat club tor the.members. A meet Ing- will ba held" In the"near tutur for the purpose of'organizing. O.' A. . R. hull. E«.cn member quotation o r . Incident -about tin .*.- «. »,:_ ' coin atiU Wa.hinjton ^ : · · · ' North 'Am.rlcan Union--M«Une rwday right -«t 7:30 In the-K. of .C.-hal ' areat Light Lodg.. No.-MOB4. A. F. .n A M.--Sp«.!al meetlni Wednesday nlsh at 7:3ft «n. the..Masonic-Temple.. -v ; Booster Court. No, 4S5, Court-of Hono --Mc^tlnc W»an««dny night at-t,:S». In .tn G. A. R'.:' hall. Kollowlns . the v burtne. oicetinr thcr. -n-lil be an enteVtalnment .riiislc and danclnpr. The n f f a i r will be for msmbnrs nnd tbeir families. Several A. F. E.'s ( a u t h o r i t y for expense) are now comirc from the Wa- l.a-,ti general o f f i c e s for w o r k , t o be done nt the Decatur shops outside o f ; t l i e ' r e g u l a r , shop work. Ore of t h e s r i i, for the. rebuilding of 200 box cars nt tho T.-.OOfi and 70.000 typo and for b u i l d i n g t w o mare c.-iboosn nirs. A c c o r d i n g ' t o President Llihrson of e American Train Dispatchers as- ociation, that association has won a i R ht before Hie Interstate Commerce ommlBSion to compel railroads to piit h l e t dispatchers and assistant clil'fs n an eight hour day the sumo ap rec- dispatchcrs. I-Tcretofor. thn rali- h a b l t u n l drtinUennoss. lowed to resume her Maude Sccrost. tho gi She a. divorce ·round of was al- n n a m e . '*-,"·'·.···'·:-'..',. Ple««» GalMr. -TM err 111 Edwards;, seventeen, an Ernest Shafer. agred nlnctc»n, wh stole an automobWe -valued 'at, 119 from George Florea.lead ed jrullty I the circuit court Wednesday mornin to'a: charsro ^of.-s-.rand . larceny an aslted; to'" be ^placed- on probation ..ur . oails have Rotten sroun.1 the r u l e of ,n elpht h o u r lr,y for all dispatchers ,n the itrountl t h n t chief illMi»tohers R nrasslsTanU were' o f f i c i a l s of t road and dl,] not come .mder tho rJ Kovernlnff slralsht dispatchers ,ompul«ors-. this r u l e V o»M aff«c · (Vabash at D e c a t u r and practical ST PAUL'S FUND REACHES $25,100 Ornmn. Mm. 1'nul I.yo"- l.-OOO. ,\. C. Animann, .M«ro« -- 1'orly-flvo John Cox--HOT it eholcn «|inlo«, erf am (or R '.1 U« ehl!dr«». I'l-ank ll«all-- S|* chl«'*«n.. '.«'» «i "MTU" If. If. \ClM-About nn po tivn tiinl. corn rriloh, flv .Mr*. It. I. Hunt--Uirre c-»nly rant Sunns-si.In «chool, tliroilBl. f u r _Oii" «!««» 3»Hy. "tie t w n « i i n r l » im.olii*. on* P . K. H. Tale--Twelve pnillnln CftliiB llldli wi:tlool n H f o t ^ r l t t -- T v o incnlic.l IHitnlotK. f l f l u f B ** smtill a m o u n t of m(n^i«roiil. Ini! C'"'iU"»"--TM'' V,-. W . K l t » f ^ u n r t thnrrU-0 .1 M a r l o n , ' O , Feb. 13.--". ". Moor., ·ho wHll I,. 11. nt'iidh ot Sulmn, Olil". urchaned (hn Marion Bur f r o m ·resident HRrUlriK, ti.diiy denied tin Ir vr.. ,-..nni I'lfd w i t h '"· In n. u t t i t e T n e n l li«'t. "If t h n Temtot MI.HIH i . u i i d i nnil.t iav6 manll'iil""'*' "'" Ii»r«:liai». "f '»· 5!ar ff.r If.DU.OOO, wlili'li wim Ilifl l i f l i ' e liilil for U. Hiey w o u l d I m v n f o u m l I' i very (fi'J«l ItarauU 1 .. lnl thr,« did "" l ,uy it. "T!io outitrvl "f b d U B h t by L- II. Hi'J'l n i l l v l i l i m l ( , t h f t Hni-'l n o l d l n i r 11 l«r«i' i.h« c o i n i i a n y . ^ B || W r, 1'iiUl f o r o k l e n l u H y , tum mi.l myn-'tf Mt t l n r i l i i k i f n a l u l c X.UM u t i i - ' t i i i l o f ·Im-li I n \'» n - M U i ' d H n« '.v\.i It I i . w h l i M i (In 1 "". "'* n r v c r l«.fn i i V K i l M l t l * ,.r Mr. "ll.'Kl liavo nauj louw." V n i n l c r l l i i · ! i i v r * M i j r , V n i u l v i ' l l p 1 In r o i i n i i S t t i l " U n (\\n flu- iihii»i-:f HXl* hu "·.uil.l n i u - 1 - l y i l ' ;n|.e.-i s 1 "!" The St. Paul's o . fund reached ».o.W" money coming of this money an f u n d wont ovor the t h n t the s-B COO nnd it m:iy mornintc with some more In but the roaln part nolve Is over ns t h e top. H was thought f u n d would KO to do t h K t yet; l u t IMrlty Mrs. tr.'il« ciilloim brick railroads. President . T K- Tau«lft ot t «H and S. E. Cotter, vice president id general manager ; ( VlcUU of the thren l' 9 to be Held In the 1 . . C. A. Tliura- dav cvenltic. f'lans w i l l so finHhtnt: of tlie Paul's church so i-.liurch can be useo. 'orwurO soon f n r t h e n u d l t o r l u m of 8. t h a t Ihls part of ilic t h r o u g h ! WILLIAM ENNIS OUT OF HOSPITAL ·4 Momr M«ry ITJoUl.y-- Kls" *'"" K'ti»il Mtirplwy--On» fnUI. «l« lioloi. tor lU Mr.. ·\)r«. !«ry nucfcley 11. «'. K h a n -- Th1ri hangrr*. in.dnRltiP.. M. 1^. J l a r r ) -- KI.'.Mrlrt Icnitlon cnrrt lyr lmMll«l A FTI.nd-- nnu "f oo CAl'K, ·«·. lor p n l l e n M . Mr«. JnniiU M o u n t s «tiS MM. l.lvlnoton-- I'UI nlnlliMl lili.ierl.l null ·Srm, ' .l.mlllt ' lircthri-n '·liiirch. tlirU-.isli Truolilouil-- M i U n r l K l mill lliu'l" " i o rrp*rtm»nl-«u lo^-i-U. "|Ml,.. -U k«vM.f.. I'-M«. ... tn-n Hnlvi.., on* «p..un. l « » culiil'", i . M . niiul JOHNSTON DENIES M Mi-Af!n,.-« !.hr,ti' "il l"' L i l l l y »' a I . l . i i i b l t u ! . .Mr. i1 Hi'- Ni ' I " " M»nlitoti I,, t » ' K r c t » » r -- M . l v r l H Mn, «!«« fork., till* cm« of K l o n n « KANSAS APPEALS FOR CONGRESS AID ptllttt Mnn carry orchestra MAYOR ELDER TO I i l l l ! l » f t i -. I'.- H.\ fi.r 11. ii't ui/K.i* aw i A I i cr«rn r*llM MAN rn RFALTORS ALLEQED GUN MAM TOREALTUR5, FOUND Trlt ul of four ba KK rs as'^econd No. r ou s at 3 o'clock nexcSunday morn- en r o u t e . to Detroit. The special the George White Scandals - t r o u p - a n d the Conouctor-Fr'e'd Vincent of the T sh-passenger run between Dec. Wabash-passenger rim u^u.. =-,. _ - a t « r and Effln B ham, expected to return to work Wednesday afternoon a f t e r h»lnir off ilnce Feb. 1. ' i«.AH.n. Wabash extra br.keman wh o iw.llow«d a I.ln ^Ile at work several days^aeo. was able to return to'-work. "* Owlns to the absence daya of Conductor Wal Waba.h passenrer run Nos. tw has been Feb. 19. . - . - , , . 'iTlie .Wabash .i« maklnr plans for 'rebulldlnft'or replaclnr about a dozen .'of Us^small brld««s on Its Decatur '" foe tv.-«nty Walmstey from 'een'oeca'tur and 8t. Louts, that 'Job "bulletined for bids to S A Y S R A l R E G H T TALK MERE SCREEN -Monmoutn. II... rob, «««»«" farmer, have shown .Urn. ot rebM- lion I,, .ome western .late, over l.v- .llon increases,' politician. h»ve broiirht forward frel»:ht rates which hav/ "fl.PP«d aro^, rural r«- The member* of tlio D c c n t u r t t m l - lora a.toclalion will li«»r ulioui Y** c^tur'» |lan» Tor imlillc I m p r u v e - ments. p a r t i c u l a r l y In r*««ril lo tlit! iropoiid exttnulor. o( lh» newer* ·rom Mayor I51mer Bld«r. Corporallon iounsel t.ce Uol»n4 and MorB«» O'Drltn, city unr'tiicei-, at t^«lr lunuh- ·on In the.V.-'M. C. A. bulldlnir Tliurs. ty noon. The olty n f f l c U i s wnr» ««Hti1 !)' «'i" officer* of till HMOdatlan to (oil llmm «omoth!nK about wliul tlir t'Hy Is planning to do. . clons" to divert attention from ttxea, CliarUi Dillon assUtant to the ena % lr- nmn' o'f Ihe Wiwtern Kallways comm l t t e e . c n - public rolatlonsi declared '.n an iiddrcsa. Hi l ^ n l l n , I't'i.. IS- w u r d l.'.nttliaii, 15 s" p U t i X * I Y l « l n t ) ^ l ' * l ? U l Mint tiiftll n l i l i « . t y *i o n r l y U t i » iviTiiHtij I Hi i l t « n o n l i i A » i t - r i i Tltn lnaj' ln'il IK-m i RICE DISTRIBUTION EXCEEDS PLANS BORN To Mr. anil Mm. in'ill iVnioMl. North M»pl« *ir«et, KM.. IS In (tin c«tur «« M«'n" Oounl* tio«rll»l » To JH.", ·"! 'TM. · )lll " i WIUl». limirim*». »V»i. (». l«l" ·»»·- Til Mr. and Jtr». l'r.m.-l« I r « l r o u i « .1. t-Vli, H, « ···wul IKCK naintti BrniiV K u t t M l i mtr in ti MM; iltl" tin l' l i t * I" jiril.1* ,,, f,,, ;:·* n o t i , h e e n recovered have protested oeainst tho construction of b u i l d i n g s on ground under whlc/h bodies are supposed to be burled. O n l y temporary IrjiMings are b e i n g permitted by the g o v e r n m e n t p e n d i n g the completion of the reconstruction prosrram'. , _ · ' - . ' The protests are- being; made l)C- craise of the traditional Japanese custom which'mattes tt a d u t y to .have at least, a, nortior rvf 'a relallvc'r b o r i y fcri ' pu '-ia 1 .. C h i c co r.-l. M r r . 11. Mrs If-irtmnn was fornicrl Nell Hill of Di-c.itiir. , Mr. and Mr*. -\VIMiam B r i t t e n cicfllo Feb. 31. nnd :.I,1C011 C»)Utitv Mr. liid Mrs. r.aurht*r, m Decatur Charlex T\*. Todpr, IClV Bast M a i n . Kcii. II. n non In D c c a t u r ana Macon C o u n t y h o i p l l i l . To Mr. ami M r * . I.. It. Gocl.c:. M v'e-t P.acliarS. Tel). 10. a tUi--Ehttr, In Decatnr and Macon County hospital. To Mr. and Mr». R. E. Cnrr. 747 tVMl Cushitit. rcb. li. a ton In Decatur and ?Jacon County hospital. To Mr. und Mrs. Glenn SImpwn. 788 Weit Cuthlnff. Veb. 10, a son. in Decatur and Macon Countv hospital. To M r . ' a n d Mrs. r-awrcnce Moltla, 1505 Enst iycti*t, Feb. 0. a dauitliter. · , .. To Mr. and Mrs. C. 1j- S m i t h , 388 K o r t h N i n t h street, rcb. 10. a aon. II* ham oeen named Jac,: .r.lncoln. Mr(». Smith Tras for- vni-rty Jtl3 Sstcnr Dold. . ' .To Mr. and Mri. TI. A. Kisfr. Cant Eldor-i.lo. rub. 7, i duuelitcr. the 4 been Tlamed Bc't}' A n n . ASPHALT PAVING ON MAFFIT ST. Uo.M Irapro.f TrntM K««t \Voo T« Clevrlaml. Paving of M a f f i t t street f r o m East Wood street to Cleveland avenue is provided for in a resolution i n t r o - duced iu the c i t y council m c c t i n e Mon-'-.y m o r n i n g . The resolution p r o \ u l c s f o r ar asphalt pavement on a concrete base. thirty-two feet wide, and the estimated cost of the improvement i? put at » The cnsinecr f l o u r e d SJ.83 per square a i d as the basis cost for t h e work. The public h e a r i n g w a s set for Feb. 2i nt 10 a. m. , SENATE APPROVES NEW RIVER BRIDGE "Washington. Feb. 11--Tho United States senate has paused the bill authorizing construction oC biidge across the MIsslMtppi river cpnnect- i n ~ 'vThltcsIdd county.. !n.Illinois w i t u ! C l i n t o n c°unly, Towa. ^ m INTICT \ V a s h i n s t o n , Teh. H.--Se.cret.ii; WecUs a f t e r a l u n c h e o n c o n f e r e n c e with Trebldent Coolidne d u r i n g whiclil they discussed the l^oblnson r«so)u-jl tion requesting- the president to *"''« for the resiKnatlou of Sec: c tar.' D c n b y made this statement: -So far as I k n o w the c a b i n e t «!'' remain Intact." "Adoption by the senate of tint Robinson resolution w i l l in my opinion, e f f e c t no change in the s i t u a - tion." Mr Weeks baid. "The senat* is authorized to c o n f i r m n o m i n a t i o n ' of cabift«t o f f i c e r s and to try t h e m on impeachment for wrong doi Otherwise It h a s no a u t h o r i t y the t e n u r c ' o f o f f i c e of cabinet nu-m- bers " Tcllx of An4l-8a1oo« !.*«·*·. Facts of Interest about the Anti- Saloon Icasrue were told at tho ? \ « n l u j service at the First Prc.sbvt 'ian church S u n d a y by "T.ev. K. CKniMnjfer. vr\u attended a ine-'.' of iliat bxl l a s t week in Chicago EWSPAPERl MEWSPAPEJRl

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