The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio on August 18, 1903 · Page 4
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The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio · Page 4

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1903
Page 4
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THUS CHBOyiCLB. TUESDAYi 18, 1903- PAGE CHRONICLE DAILY AND WEEKLY PAPER OF CITY OF ELYRIA ELY POWEfi BLOCK DAILY SUBSCRIPTION RATES. ....................................... Week, by carrier ........ ...i. ..??????????????????-????????????????????"????????????????????????????????????????????????* ; V* Month, by carrier ...... i ..............-??????..????????-???????????;-??????-??????????????? aS I erYear, by mail ...-- .-..............???-???-?????????????????????????????????*???????????????????????????????????? WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTION RATES. ????* C??py ..............-.........-??????"?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????"??????-?????? t*t Year ....;???...................-???????????????????????????????????? ?????? ??????????????????????????????????????????" ???ia Ifonths ..............-..????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????-?????????"* cent cents cents $1-50 flHBOW BOOMEBAM8. Popolar Sjort How0??ia tto Capital City. .'' '.,.; Valk*M. ttmi Hurl the Yet t* l*?air Them Kri??r?? t* Toj'??, t?? cents! $1.00 ..50} . * -* OV- - .??; i i?. UTTTMTP ......................... Editor ... Jf. ,f\ -J9U JKJvXu, ......... .............????? WILSON ROGERS, ............. .Associate Editor and Manager 1^ D STEVICK, ...........??????????????????????????????????????? .Circulation Manager OUT OF TOWN NEWS AGENTS. JbfcnKroeck. .... ..F. 1. Seder. ... Qep. Heaienwav. Junction : ???????????? -North Anihe st | .... Wellington Ofuo Call up the Circulation Manager if you don't get your paper. His Home Phone .is Elyria Telephone Befl Telephone ., 373 30 REPUBLICAN TICKET STATE TICKET. Governor, ............... MYRON T. fiERRICK, Cuyahoga JTor Lieutenant Governor, ..... WARREN G. HARDING, Marion. For Auditor of State, ......... WALTER D. GUILBERT, Noble. For State Treasurer, ............. W. S. McKINNON, Ashtabula. For Attorney General, ........... WADE H. ELLIS, Hamilton. For Supreme Judge, ......... AUGUSTUS M. SUMMERS, Clark. For State School Commissioner, ...... .EDWIN A. JONES, Stark, For Member Board PubKc Works, . . . . .GEO. H. WATKINS, Pike. SENATORIAL TICKET. For State Senator, ............. .GEORGE H. CHAMBERLAIN. COUNTY TICKET. For Representative, ........................... R?? B. LERSCH. ForRecorder, ............................... C. E. TUCKER. For Commissioner, ....................... H. C. WANGERINE, For Infirmary Director, ........... ... ...... WM. C. PRINDLE. For Surveyor, ......................... LESTER A. FAUVER. EXERCISE A LITTLESCABE. ': A St.. Louis Judge made a decision in his court yesterday, that cer- lafnly will find a responsive chord in the hearts ui" ail people wiien he! discharged a man who had made a motorman of an elettric car stop' V for him to get on. The judge said: "any street car motorman brought ???/???before me to substantiate a charge of passing a passenger on the .Street corners will be fined the limit of the law." ;. 'Citizens have rights that are paramount to those of. the- street car v jfenipany. The next thing to being .passed entirely by the street car, is to have it continue by the crossing from 10 to 20 and even a greater number of feet in the dust or mud and compel a passenger to wade out - .ito. it or to leave the car. A little care exercised in this line would ; meet .with hearty approval. v * An earthquake is reported to have visited St. Louis, and lasted sev- ??? era! seconds: But this is nothing, there are certain men in St. Louis who have been hit by earthquakes repeatedly in the past months. : Cleveland has 450.000 people, and according to the census report, there are only 3,659 watches, namely: less than one per cent of the peo- iIe of that slow city carry a time piece, if we can believe their report ;to the assessor. Throwing; boomerangs??? hot the political ivtuu, but the real ones ??? is com' ing to be a popular sport in Washington. or rather iu the suburbs of Washington. for boomerang throwing in large cities is nearly as dangerous as riue practice, says a report trom that ciiy. The Washington Boomerang club, with a membership of respectable proportions, has been organized, and grounds for practice have been secured and the yew sport is in full blast. Tue men who have gone int* the 'tin sny s r^r?-n :r"y t:;^cj2;c j??ii ac. aiiu'h of a boomeraag crank as a base- j:*l! orauk, or a fishing crank or a golf eraiik, Awhile ago, Prof. Walker, pi Cambridge, England, who has been ia for ueariy every kind of out-of-door sports, went to Washiegtou aad told some scientific men there ihat he knew no better tun than boomerang-throwing. and that in addition to the physical exertion neoessary, the training given the eye and nerves was a little better than anything he knew of. More than that, Prof. Walker had some boomerangs with him. and he touk the "gentlemen to a field In the suburbs of Washington and showed them how the trick is done. The sport took instantly, and tie scientific men went prowling around lumber yards looking for white. ash to make boomerangs of. Jt seems that a rude Australian will go into a store and buy boomerangs by the dozen, but that Is not the etiquette of the game as imported from Cambridge to Washington. More than half the skill in the sport is in making the boomerangs. It is made of white ash, steamed and bent into the desired shape. Of course, the Washington players are not expert boomerang makers yet. but they have got along so far in the. art that any one of them can make a - boomerang so wonderfully constructed that no mortal can tell where it will go when thrown with great force. After awhile,, through the exercise of much patience, they hope to get the business down to so fine a point that the boomerang will do what is expected of it??? describe certain .movements in the air and return to the feet of the thrower. Until skill has been acquired on the part of the players, boomerang-throwing is pretty dangerous for everybody within a radius of some hundreds of yards. In the hands of an inexperienced thrower a boomerang may go anywhere except where it is expected to go. but wherever it does go it goes with tremendous speed- When the boomerangs thrown by the Washington throwers come to earth they go into the ground so fast that it is often a task to pull them out. Were one of the things to hit a man or even a horse a painful wound would be the possible result, and should the blow be upon the head death might follow. tl* German* for their Until talking Md aoter conduct in general hotels and elM- wfctrt. It declares that they have come to be known in Italy, Switzerland and other couBtrie* frequented by tourfets at "the noisy nation;." and that U is chiefly on their account that the buiic er?? of hotels are being compelled to make sound-proof doors and walls. WOMENWORKERS 111 JAPAIf. t* ??*r*** ???* V??rV ?? Water Bill. London has a water bill which is not paid to the water company. The casual statement was made in the house of commons the other night that London paid annually not less than 1150,000for water which had been put in the milk it dranK. The quantity of milk received into London every day is approximately 144.000 gallons, which retails at 4d" a quart. The rate of adulteration is 15.2. Fro* \Y!irhea five A Geneva (N. \.) boy went home crying the other night, saying thf t he had seen the devil. A party went to th* canal and off the tow path pier??aw a big. fci'ceu uumsier. Someone had the presence of mind to hurl a stone in the direction of the apparition. The frog which was killed weighed five pounds, 'tis said. ttttad Hw oounter beneflotot Edition and th?? Clitwrettr. Thomas A- Edison is a bitter enemy of cigarettes. Ou Friday morning he found a package of cigarettes outside of hi* office, and posted the following | sign: "A degenerate who is retrograding toward the lower animal life has lost his packet. The same can be had by applying to the storekeeper. A Soeial Mimtiiniit. "Why don't you try to be of some ??se in the world?" "Mister." answered Meandering Mike," reproachfully. "I'm one o* de mainsprings of industry. I'm one q' de feJ- lers dat keeps de taxpayers industriously hustlin' to run jails an' police forces an" Tings." ??? Washington Star. Florodora Cigars, 2 for 50.. at Elyria Candy Co. - In Japan there is no bar erected against the employment of women, iju any Industry whatever- provided they show their capacity for the work required. The usual wages Ihe girl of that country receives is three pence a day??? about six cents. For that miserable stipend girls not only labor hard during working hours, but permit themselves to be wholly isolated from the outer world, just as if they were in prison, a hospital or a nunnery. Thus they are entirely in the power of their employers, the least scrupulous of whom tak^ an unfair advantage of their helplessness. Thanks to the initiative of the press and to the high spirit of a few wealthy tiron, a strong and lurid light has been thrown upon those dark places of Japan, and redress is already in sight. ThA Ms?'''?:?.'?rcvr o* ilic uiikaJo'a rv^lm is Osaka, and it was the terrible state of things in vogue in -the mills and works of that city that first attracted attention. The slaves of the southern states of 'Jlorth America had n better time than some of the wretched girls j of Osaka, the product of whose labor { was thrown upon European markets ???' at nominal prices. Happily, the guild | of weavers have now set to work tc better the lot of tbese*helots. and it's efforts are being reenforced by government employes. Curiously enough. Jr. the higher call- j ings and professions that require skill; or scientific training instead of mere- manual" labor, there* was hardly any) field for woman's activity. Thus, in i none of the ministries of government j offices was a woman to be found as a I civil servant. The respet-table firms,1 of merchants likewise rapidly excltid- i ed members of the fair sex. refusing to employ them as saleswomen: only. in a few cheap bazars where the work i was very fatiguing and the pay utter- ! ly inadequate were women to be seen; But here; is now Tbe flrm of Mltsiai. the en, for example??? one of the wealthier In Japan-A-aas just decided to take on girls. ??? ' ???' ;. : . : For a considerable time past worn en have ueen eugntfetl at railway station*! especially in dealing with paasenK??r\ traffic, and now the Sanui linet which had hitherto eliminated the / female element, has completely broken with its traditions, and In future the passengers by that company's line will be looked after by women conductors, and. perhaps, women controllers as well. The crown-prince of Japan takes a keen interest in this movement, which aims at making life miserable to the future female subjects, and he has b*guri by setting: an excellent example. He has married but one wife and has. allowed it to be generally understood that he is and intends to remain a monogamist to the end of his days. ~" v One lniln????M??i???if. Prospective .Purchaser ??? What inducement do you offer that I should buy a dog?" Canine Dealer ??? Why, lady, if yon buy a dog I'll learn you how to whistle so you can call him. ??? Boston Post. VtMnr. Th?? total shipment of wine from the island of Maderid amounted to G:i9.000 gallons last year, valued at $S95.9Gt. Large quantities were shipped to England. Germany. Russia and the United States. It is suggested by Prof. Pickering that the streaks which radiate from lunar craters ??? one from Tycho is 1,700 miles long ??? ere caused by pumice thrown out by the volcano. I)!*(nrb1iisr *vre*t Potato Iu Arkansas it was found that moving, priming or lifting potato vines decreased the merchantable yield. The time and labor thus spent was unprofitable and probably detrimental to the crop. D. LEWIS COMPANY ELYRIA, O. Remnant Sate Saturday, August 1st NEWS A CENTURY AGO. How the Tfm??n TVeated Sack ???? Exproted In- The great accumulation of Remnants, Oddments and Broken. Lines caused by the tremendous selling during the last thfee weeks will be put on sale at prices to close them out quick. A railroad is planned through the Island of Luzon: who know.-* but ivliat tlie great "Iron Horse" with i-s long train dashing over the count:. ry will have more civilized influence over the misguided Filipino than almost any other factor. /;j ???.'???". ????! ' -,fc*:'??l????l;j?j'|;J[*! The Mansfield Shield states that there are 40,000 Four-acre Republicans who do not wish to see Boss Hanna sent back to the United States Senate. Those kind of Four- acre. Republicans have never voted the Republican ticket nnd never will They exist in the mind of the Shield alone. It seems that it will be a case of irresistible force striking an immovable object, in the Democratic State convention. Zimmerman is sure of enough delegates to nominate him. and the Tom L. crowd are 5, eertain that their ?latc can't be beat. Two objects cannot occupy the '~~??ame- space at the same time. There is trouble ahead. It appear* that the Democrats have already, planned to gerrymander the state, if they get control of the legislature. The amount of harm that a legislature can do in the hands of the enemy is almost boundless. The state has just gotten out of debt, it is in a most prosperous condi- ??? tton. and the verdict of the people of Ohio, we believe, is to keep it so. An interesting instance of the man- j ner in which,, newspapers have developed In the last 100 yeafs^is now being furnished by the London Times; which, since its centennial anniversary, has each day printed a quotation from its issue of the same day 100 years ago. At this period in the last century Napoleon Bonaparte was fcusily preparing to invade England with an immense army. Ons can imagine how a modem newspaper would have treated such a "story" as this. Here is how the Times referred to it in 180": "We yesterday received the Paris Papers to the 3d instant inclusive. "They continue to be filled with Addresses to the First Consul, and offers of gun-boats for the invasion of this country. They also contain directions for the ceremonial to be observed by the Clergy of the different towns, which is to sanctify the reception of the First Consul. Among other forms j the Bishop of the place is to present the Cross to him to be kissed, on his arrival at the gates; that Cross which he so grossly degraded and insulted in Egypt, by displaying it as subject to i the spiritual predominance of the Crescent. "Accounts from Dunkirk state, that the preparations making for the expedition against this country are on a very extensive scale. It is said, that a Camp of 100,000 men is to be formed near St. Omer; one of 60,000 at Cherbourg, and another of 40.000 in Holland." Remnants of Dress Goods Remnants of Silks RemBants dfJMuslins v Remnaats of Calicoes, Etc. Odd Pairs of Lace Curtains Broken Lines of Hosiery and Underwear, Etc. There is to be a hot fight in the i.jih senatorial district between ??; Stang, a Sandusky brewer. -and a former senator, Judson, the .Kepttbfican candidate. The Anti-Saloon League' has been working for SlAng'rf nomination in order to make the tight a clear and definite one ???f Ike Anti-Saloon League's issue, and it will be watched with considerable interest. .-.-???", V,A . .,/ V ??? ???' ' ' ".- ???*???"??? ,,-./;e-' '???- ' ???' - ' ??????????????? : '???'-???; '"' H-;^ vWlwrther the group plan submit ted by the commissioircra will be in O??ireland is uncertain, but the necessity of having a cen- in easier access to the business center and the cars, ia one proikrnnccd ncr!. l!ir.t - 'i-^iror notices on his "entrance to :ehy ??f Ihf sUle. Rui Tom f.;s !if,*t:iity has already hcgnn to any, ipprfivcnu-nl . that c c.,n .,r.v-v.i to m-.Ve potiric-il ,-uf- l?? wilt rfo. D. LEW I S COMPANY of *H It is only in tropical stations, according to Charles Nordmann. that |ny effect of the sunspot period upon mean annual temperature can be detected. From the records of 12 such stations It appear* that the annual temperature varies with the sunspots. and that the coldest years are those of maximum sunspots.??? Science. Art *ff Algiers baa its Pompeii??? the mined vclty of TlmgaUln which a number of art 'trr;i!??nre??. have reiciitly urn. found. '!'(-?????? -v. il! bs ?.?tf'?,-l to t!r f.oir.-.-e ct-Uftc- Ison? 'a F iris.??? Loj:.:on Mtr?? *. Mew Grocery If you want to select something good 'to eat why not buy from GEO. W. SAVAGE, 3O5 E. Bro*d Si. whose entire stock is new and fresh, dtrictly fresh eggs and bntter, bntter- tne, milk and cream. Agents for Magnolia coffee and fa. Telenhone yonr orders. Quick deliv ery. T??l. Home 783. image serial: 8199248 image serial: 8199248

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