The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio on August 3, 1870 · Page 4
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The Elyria Democrat from Elyria, Ohio · Page 4

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 3, 1870
Page 4
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SEKOM-OV KINDNESS. A^D yrounjv^pK Hced« of klidlnjflili; .'. 'liicj i ltimli''lliiii»oiii bright «ro loiijt; Arc we sowing seeds ol'dl^eoi'd* Thoyi-liall ripen Into wrong. Arc wt sowing seeds ol' honor? . They shall bring I'orlli golden grain i A re we sowing seeds of I'ulnolifloilV Wo ihull yet reap tiitter pain. Whalsou'er our sowing he, · ' "nVaplng, we Its IVults shall ne.p. Woean never ho too careful What the seed our hands shall sow; I.OV.K Jrom love Is sure to ripen, llnle from hate if MII'« to pmw, Seeds ol'goo*! or ill we seatler HeutlK'ssly along our way; Jlut (v glad or grievous I'rnltago Walts us al tho hai'-'e-l duy. Whatsoe'er our sowing lie, Kenplng, wo Hi f r u i t s must see. VOUDOOISM I N TUX AS. Singular Fovin of tho l»lnl .l*hr.c«sy. . Tho nowspapcvsol'Toxashavc ly been dwelling at considorablt! longlh upon tho alleged rites and c«rcmouu's of "Voudoolsin," a 'supposed form,of licathon licliof, assorted lo prevail extensively among tho colored people of Texas. "These accounts originated in the inswno delusions of nn old uugro wo- ninn, who, on May Iflth, announced to her companions, eight or nine malo la- iiorevs on the same farm, that sho had received a revelation that the "milieu- iium 1 ' was to conic on May 2()th. A f t e r iJi-oaohing for a wliolo day to a largo congregation and gaining n i n n y followers, she commanded thorn to bum one- half of all their furniture and clothing, to give away their farming Implements, to cut up one-half of their crops by Un- roots, and to commit various extravagant actions. Tho neighboring whites endeavored to put a stop to those mad proceedings. Tho old woman fled, but was pursued, and on her capture and c o n f i n e m e n t , her followers were suddenly awakened from their delusions, and commenced working on their r u i n e d Holds 1 , the farming utensils having been restored by tho persons to w h o m they had been given. Thov were, however, d e s t i t u t e of food and "clothing, and were thrown on tho charity of their neighbors. Tho insanity of tho prophetess had reached tho pitch of commanding her followers to eat tho decaying carcasses of t h e i r dogs, which, in "pursuance of n previous order, they h«d killed. This last command seems to have been the t u r n i n g of tho delusion, although jtlat previously many of the children and men of t h e neighborhood were, at h n r command, severely beaten, for not j o i n i n g the new sect. This account conllncs "Voudou- ism" to a very limited section, but the excitement might have extended m u c h more widely had it not been for tho interference of tho white neighbors, who arrested the "prophetess, and convinced her'followers that they were laboring under a delusion. K. A. Harrison. For -Supreme Judge, if tho Radicals can find ft tetter lawyer than K. A. Harrison, of Madison--or one that all men of all parties, would have tho same unwavering confidence in his honesty and his j u d g m e n t , we would like to see him nffrninated. The legal talent and peculiar Illness of Mr Harrison for tho station is not loft a doubt. They are endorsed by tho entire bar of Central and Southern Ohio, irrespective of party, nnd no matter who the Radical noini nee may bo, among even tho most J'ad 3cal members of tho bar, Mr. Harrison will receive a support which,based upon the sole ground of pre-eminent lltncss, will bo as well deserved as it must bo gratifying to tho nominee.--Statesman. A Pennsylvania negro- went to sleep with his.licad on a railroad track, thu other day. A hand-car came along and ran over him before it could bo stopped, much to-the horror of those on it/ The negro,, however, only complained ol having been waked upland demanded the price of a now hat, or ho would sue tho corporation under the civil rights ·bill. Slander. If y6u"'find ft person pirctilnling mrj- licioiis "reports'about his neighbor, maybe set down as an inviolable rule that any such person is dishonest. Not only dishonest, but from lus infamous disposition dangerous to all with whoir her may bo acquainted. JIo circulate.' false impressions, and tfots people upoi nn erroneous course of judgment ant conduct In respect to others, .which may frequently bo ruinous to their prosperity. It (Iocs a general injury to society, more than to thu parly slandered, as it destroys confidenc'c;. Thu person who is guilty of circulating malicious reports must necessarily be deceitful, and thorc- forc dishonest; ho intfst bo abandoned to every principle of moral feeling, hi ancient limes, when a man was convicted! of being'a slanderer, he was stoned to death as a danger and a curse to the whole community. In modern times there is even, a better remedy than this, to cease all association with such characters. Trout them like lepers, abandon them to their k i n d , which is a social death, one by which they serve as an example to olhors. This rule is observed among all intelligent people, .and should be invariably carried out till the d'sstircd object is accomplished. Items of General Interest., , Tho National Teacher's Association will;bo'holtVin Cleveland, commfanOhig qii'tho 15th of August, and continuing until the ISHh. Corn is looking splendid, nlid tho prtimiHo is good for a very full crop. \Vo have never seen it looking so ,woll at this tiiuo of the year.--Senitua Ailocr- ur. A. journalist who has becll upending a fortnight in the White Mountains says ho has enjoyed hilnsolf Very much, h a v i n g fallen into six riVcrs, sprained his ankle, skinned his Who and neck, and broken llu'tsu ribs tho ilrst nine days. Tho J'omoroy C'rttscent says: " The yield of wheat iil this county is not so largt! per acre a* last year, but is of a bettor quality than has been produced In several years. Tile Stark County .Dcmdtmtt sltys tho Ohio Slato camp mooting Is to come oil on the Canton fair ground, commencing August^:!, and to continue tcft days; The degree of LL.D. has boon conferred on Allen G. Thurman by tha Trustees of .Miami University, this Staid. Tho G e r m a n s ' o f Cleveland held a meeting AVodnesday evening and gave expression lo have sympathy for Prussia, aild u willingness to atl'ord material aid. The ShorilV of Huron county has borrowed a gallows in Cleveland, and taken it to IS'orwalk, whcro a murderer is to bo hanged on the 3d of August. Kiishionablc I'ai'ls ladies wear sandals on the streets without stockings. llennikor, New Hampshire, has an old (Mrs. Straw) nincly-flvo years Old who, in addition, to performing her usual household duties, has knit over twenty pairs of stockings since last October. A Missourian who tried to live in Minnesota has returned disgusted, lid says they have "nine months of winter, and tho rest of tho year its d--d Into ill tho fall. Tho first Kve-augelioal alliance--Adam's marriage in Kdon. Dr. Mendel, of Berlin, has been investigating the cranial cavity. His experiments conllrm those of Kick, who showed that, (he temperature of tho in- 1 torior of the skull Is lower than the gen- oral temperature of tlio body. A few days since a little ragged urchin was sent by rt tradesman to collect i bill. Ho began in tlio' usual way, but Becoming more and more importunate, it length, the gentleman's patience bong exhausted, he sold to him, "You iced not dun Ine so shftrply; I nfti not going to run away." "I don't suppose you arc," said tho boy, scratching his "but my muster is, nnd he wants (ho money," (.icorge Francis Train, tho champion lunatic, will sail from San Francisco on tho 1st of August for China, on his "ninety days' trip around-the world." The widow Of General Thomas has just received $15,501 from a lifo insurance company on a policy issued two years ago, and on which only $1,1-10 premiums had been paid. Sl.Thonins", the new Episcopal church on Fifth Avenue, Xcw York, has engaged a musical director at a salary of $5,UOOa year, and furnished him with aft elegant residence. · , ' : H is said that the water at Saratoga goes through people worse than over this year, and the same is true of the faro banks. One man there has been physiclccd out of thirty thow.wnd dollars already. Misa Phclpst, whose success b'ogan w i t h "Gates Ajar," is said (o bo making more money (han any other American female writer; find yot during her PICTUJS'-- Is it better to your PieturtJS be soiled and crush- than to o to .Tolla Slpc, IHulutW,, , .,), ,-In (,'om-, vs. , ',, ? moil VloIiH In .mid for tbrt It, 1'. WIlson/TieromlilhO'Cniml}- ol^'T-oriiln 1 arid - Btlitiiif;)hlo,r .,i«:i- ·· I l I K H I l I l l lUlfl!IHllll)t . . . . , . , . _ . . , , mid iji'iiUi «C New Voile', wlll.lako notice timli i'm tlioIKl'tii iliiv id'SIai'iili, A'. I). llffl), tileliln petition In llm t;oiivl,iiVoiiwa|i|,'.n'Hiiliii«t s|ilil:i!i)lVnn'nntv. % «atv Unit I'orlh tbat'Hald rtofom|iiat IK Indebted to 111 in In (lie mini of }300, balance 1 duo' (nr'iu pi-omlsunry note, wllh IntorcHtoii jl.ltlO··from HopUmihm 1 1st, 18(11), to January., M, IfflO. mid liilm-ni| oi),f)HW frmu nnd imorsiildliUtiilimod'diilu.' Tho-plalntllfalKct In Bald action .canned to he attached curtain pro; iirtv, rlKhlH, iiri'i!llV.aml^o'.d9j)Ohii|fln( to »«M. ·^{ftpllb-TURAL WORKS. defendant, In the-Hand*,'of10.,' K. Munsoy, of.Am hctut, III suld comity Hlllll'CS Of till) C a p i t a l Jiiiiiii, In si'ilil coimtv m' l.oraln, mid i-npueliilly UK) ' a l i-lijuu of incorporation known iiv," and will askalnr'det'(l Court tfiHcl!'thosame, to upplv llm pnlcooiM.'iiMiwfllcluiiltlHircof, to mil-: Isfv sm-li JndKUiiml us ho may obtain -aKiilniM. said defendant In Kaldullon. 'riioiiijlemlanl Is rciiiilr- lid lo nniiwer said mitltliin on of. bolero Uio third Blilimlay after the mil day uf Jtini), A. I). Wjl; llyN. I,, JOHNSON, bin Attorney, ill Emporium- of Art aiid get them ele- gantly Framed? I THINK NOT! ·le'nry Havens, pin 1 ,' ) In llm ('.'(wrl. of Common vs. Pleas,In and for tin) county Julia A. Havens, deft.) of ".drain amistatotif Ohio, rpu U said dofendiliit In hereby notllled thiit nn tlio , 1 I l i b d a v of June, A. D. Itffil. Ill" mild, plalnllll tiled bis peti'tlon, In ·liulil't'niirlYalloKliiif tlmt'on or about-the ,-fourtli day of March, A. u, IWVI, the plalnllll'pniThassi'd of one 'Jlnrln Al. .Parsons, two acres of lainl, situate in Uio'tdwnshlpof Ainliorsl, In said -county.,inscribed ivi ftllli«va;!'liirt'of lot mnnlier rirt-tv'lhivii'frfcl), West of tliu roiid loading smith from ftplirnlm 1 Tower's., mid'bounded'north by lund fovmorly, owned by-;li»aaii ·WiitniiiriiyiJ */ A ..,.el'.li lim north l l n u Si!;', ,r'ndn j and went, by a lipo'ilarnllel to the roiid'-r'TiiilH', oonlulnUii? kViil lu.'ivH of ground, and tfavij illvuclUxn] to ImUMimik' and fSceniedllo lilm n iliMil tlii'ivof; that llmdc. feniliuit. I Inm the wife of tl|0 pliilnljll', for Ihu.inir- pOHo'imd with the Inlwilvliir ilulVittut tlio])lliulll'of iho t i t l e to and estate In land,, fraudulently caused siilil dtvd lo liroxoi-.utol to her, without Illci linowledK'o or I'oustml of tlio nlalntllV, nnil pi'nylnK Injunclloii restraining the iM'uiulaiil from convoy 'AND 1I1MPEB AXI1 'J'lIK , . . ' : Tho3,(0}Vl;:H A.ND lilKlii'iit'inwliartliiiil h l t l t l , and nil CIIL iiiamilMKlii 1 ")'!.' perfected hy Iho employment of (lie Ic In model *lyli' and., fmi'i l«i' In no ma . and l» nnwnflun'il tidliv imlilli. . , Anivlia .()«) iiiniiy.Jioliitw ullHilpifi'liirllv n\'viillii'ni, l l i l x Mtii'lilnn prc-cult, Hi liillnwIiiRi l.lKhl drafti limit powur aiii(i'lllrli!in'.y ; Krvinluin IVoin ulili! i l r a l j liliO.pi'i.'Miiiru'iii llu' mvk ol' III" U'Mlil; KaKii and I'olivuilli'ilcu In hanilllllK «'hO» In iplii'rallcn ; (..'lil;llllllly "I" n'i'hniiiri* of iiiiill'Hi iVdaplliiK II liM-vury di'Nn'liitlon of urpm, ami In w H u n r t Ili'y wi'iilliuiyiind ndinlralily | t .itliO)l)lirpifiiif'lii(;uMll/NW).AI:A(;illNb.: I t w I I I Mow f/nlKitil CHIKS ivllfl " tloii US l''ri , aild ; tlio MUMO ua*u and p and lio niiiidouiiy m' (iiilil, Dint -'Ihtf t l l l u ' o f itiild land ' ' pliilnl.111' and l'i)r Hnnli ''d t'lirihor rollul'iiB o i i n l t y may appiM'tulu ..... -· ,·/ - / , . ; j i i · ' *· . Thii di'li'ndaiil. In roiiiilritd to aiiAwor mild iinlldoil, on or hi'l'iiro tholilth day o f . l d l v . A. 1). IMtl. · ·' · - . . . . .,. ' i ·: . I I K N I I Y ' K A V K X K . : / . tt,\,. .lulinmni, rlalntiit '* Attonioy. iW-tlw J.12WE XY,. c. SHEET MUSIC; MoulrVmir, O'nas ntitl Cords/CliVonios, i ' l i r n v i n s ifcc., tit No. 7, BeWitt's, Block, Up Stairs. Klyriii, ( ) . · - . . · · · % - , · : . S1M3CTAC.LHS.- WHY:'WILL. YOU White Finn's w; ANT Watches' .Of b'urvlKii anil American mnkus. Independent and- Quarlov · fii-V-tfiid WiiU'.lio. 1 ' of the ,. .best Foreign ni'iikcJ. STYLUS OK Pqrfeqtly.on Rough and Uneven : · " ' · ' · " · · '·.··'·: '-i" 1 ^':-Surfaces. As ll Ili'liper. il Is, I'MliiK KJfOM' ()f:(.'ll.i,A'l'l f ).'" and oilier lU-fccIn I'niiinion In Comliiiiiil 'PHI'. IIIMtNH COHN-'I'I.A'STBIl-l'iiW been Impr0v«'d and perfw.U'd, and In of Iho kind yi\t luvenlwl. · . , . · - · ' · · . . ; , ,.' Tlin Comiiany'ls iirdpnriil to do all kinds of l-'onndry and Jln'i'.hljiory In the hertt niniinui---lo order, · rlur Ui any .Mnchin Wiirk--Tiiriiliiff, llorlnif mid Flttliij": Ca»lliiK . AND- llKAPiEUS -llKrAIllED ON IIORT i\ OTlCIv K-S" CAfji.i i'Aii) rfijujiiU I/ION', .., · · · . ..llii'riil lndni:i'iui'nl«ariii)llVivd Mi-illclcnl ngent* tnm-t in Ihr m l o o r i l K 1 Mower mnl l!«'api'.-nnd ill' Corn Wnatcr. ...All liillj;n aiUlivj.»ijd U llm Sijcri.'liiry iirTn.M."iiMr will rm'lvi- ininnpl iilti-iilliin. 'P.' \V. S'Ajit'SMI, 'l-resldent..', X..'«. tiluriw,. Vice I'reilliWnt. K l y r l a .Ohio, Kelo'imry M, IKTI). N. f,. ,1'IIINSON, h'eerelnry. .1. 10. llld.ioKS, TreaMirer. '.11 If IYRI A'Tc AND Y ; . FACTORY,' Ladles, Kerry 8pooii. Snttnr, Croinn, ,te., I'lrkln ajul MI nl I in' IMII-US, Uake niul ITrnlt Knlvus, N a p k i n I!liiK»', Child's ilet.H, ,\o., . to. Klegant ; ti /''Li TED leu I'ltehrrs, M'nlor ami C'ri'iini, Cuke, llread and Knill ISasl;t'ts,:i)lini(r and UniAKfiuilC'iistorn, (iob. lets, t'ii]s t'jiiil Kiicelviu^ and .liaskeU, Jtoi|uot llolilnri, itc... ,t«. "Khij/untToilntSuls,. Jewel Cn»es ' "Wliy is il, my son, Unit when yon (Trop your broad niul.biiUoivil is nlways rm l.lin linl.l.V'i'nrl Kiln?' J on tlio biitlcrc'd "1 ilon't know. Tfin 8ti'0iij,'ct)k sidn oirgfit to bo' up, and this is tho strongest iuittcr I linvo-over seen." "Hush up; it is some .of your aunt's churning my boy." 'ilJid she churn it? The la/.y thing I' ""What, youvntnit?" '·No, tliis butter. To make tho olr lady churn it, when it is strong eiiougl Jo churn itself." "Hushi Zob; f have QMoirnnicTi worse in tho most aristocratic IIOIISCH." "Well, people ol' rank ought to cat it." "Why people of rank?" '"Cause it's rank butter." A. Yankee'ono dny asked his lawyoi liow an holruss might bo curried off "You can not do it with safety," said tho-counselor; "but I'll toll you what you may dt. Lot her m o u n t a horse and hold ,a bridle-rein; do you then inoiuit behind her, and yon nro safe, fpt she ruiis away with you." Tho nnxt day tho lawror found that it was his own daughter who : lm(T run away with his client. A'lady at Mpnto/.uinn, Iowa, has tho thosmallotit child on record. It is two weeks old, nnd weighs only two pounds Still'H te'perfectly hnalthy. Kconomy is a characteristic of tlio people of lowii A^smnll Long Inlander is forced l»j political 'defeat' 'to- wlioel'his sucoossfii compotitor,,a raombor of tho Fat Men, and wnlghlng nearly H09 poumln, govor- n l m i l o e l n a wlioolbarrow, preceded by a brass band.' 11UIX YOUK KYES.IGHT ;iy using Common (.Slusses, when yon cnii LAZAMVS ERFECTED SPECTACLES school ttays she was considered t/tc most stupid in her clttss. , . Tt is stated that a young man fins made 1 in ciigngomcnt to drop himself from lie now Jifi'iigarn Suspension Bridge inr :o tho river beneath, n distance of two hundred fuel, Ml tfio 13th of August next, for the sum of $10,000. The Funiau (rials nt Canandaigua liavo ended; and all tlic prishnoYR. have been found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment. General Starr gets two years at A u b u r n prison, Colonel Thompson gets the same, and Miinnix gets one ycaiv Silence prevailed when the doswi of the rtiicterS Wa's uniiouiiced, and at the close their friends crowded around to say farewell* A number of r'oorutl's for the Frnssiuir army are reported to have 1 tefli Toronto. Al AViudfiiTl, Indiana, orr the 20th,"n ilivughlor of William Dunn, seven years old, was liitallybunic'dby the explosion of n caii ol'ooa'l oil,whJu)9ho'Wiu}-tfsin'g" to kfiirtlo » Jiff. ' The Hon. John Lawson, fornierly Representative in tho Ohio Legislature from t'tillipolis, Was accidentally run over by a train of cars iil^Cnillicothc' and instantly killed. Ais head was severed from his body, and one leg was out ofiV , · ' . . . ' . ' . . :On Sunday one hundred and ilfty Chinamen on a plantation near New Orleans, becoming 1 . dhmllufletTy aoixo'd- Cninrning, tto Cfii'n'cso contractor, and held him a hostage. JIo was released by tho police, and tlio ringleaders wore arrested. SevenJy-fo«r years KgO last Saturday the lii'St steps were taken to lay out tlio town of Cleveland, and now she lias bo- eomo a oily of nearly, if not quite, n hundred thousand inhabitants. On the 22d of July, 1SUG, General Cleveland sailed into tho Cuyahogn, from Corr- noattt, with a small surveying pa-rty, and hiiidad at a point, which'is now the foot of Ujtio.n Lane, The n'oxt 1 ;diiy July 23, lio commenced l.uo worlr of laying out (ho village. Two workmen were, killed Monday in 1'oston by the fall of Uio Lowell Kiiil- road grain elevator. It is reported that three others are buried iti tlio ruins. The two dead bodies Aver ecovered. - l 'VIIK BKST IS TUB WOK Ml. Tltuv aro'rceninnicnded hy tlmFiie,nHv,i'ovim:lty. ol'maferlal, hrllllancy ul'llnlsli, and thelmlrimglh- oiling mid imyervlng powors, In whleh limy nxeul all uliiei'j. "f fi'oy lust irnniy years without, e.hango. and iniHorvn th'ueye. '1'hcV iVart'oi'iiy hu uhtuliiciT In. K r . Y K I A , (JUKI, hy . · · . SfESS'RS. S. B, WOLCOTT SOX, Jdwolcr.t mill dun'ejii tn I'ani'.y C!«(Ml'*, si»o up- pointed Agents lor this pfaco, ' No puddlors uniployuil or mi JiLXGlLw TA1.ILH C (JTLKR Y. Tlu- tlne'sl brand of ivpi'y-IIani.Ued Knives, iilalml uml p l a i n , w i t h or with'unt boxes'. Klegiint .lewel- vv of llui styles. ltroo'.lles| ·Kni- Kliijtrt, lll'aeelels, HiiiK's, Seal, Kegurd, friendship, Clianub I.Oi'kets, Six.., a. . Pen Holders, Upsk, PneltKl findTivsi'ntatInn; (Inr Cold IN-ns are of Hie llrst q u a l i t y , ami I'm- Ili'xabll- It.v, itoi'iiltility and |nilt*Ilko'Mrtni'^s I'linnnl, In- snrpnssvd. A l l pens win-runted.. Kk-pint t'lm-ks in (jri'iu variety, and sold cheaper than al anv otlr- cr place In the county. ti LEG ANT SPOUTING. KLFL'JiS. WooflVr'llio Miiyiiiird ]lrcccli-7xadln(r IJllle for sain, ami rei'innmi'iid It. .ttr uur. RIIK'IOIIIITS as the UMe in ii.-'e, and -iviirrunt It to do IKJIUT work limn any olhci lillleiiscd, nslnp .tlm Same wei'^/ft of powder and'bull. Tbrsn Ulilisdo not jrul. onl of oiili'i', ai'c simjile, easily inana^iMl, and liave the. advantage of. iou/,/,leloadi'i¥ -in cheapness of am*, TOinltloii.'iw tlie nsoi- Is cniiblcd to select hls'pow- diir ami Imlfs. Snot liarriih can'be used with this arm (hat cannot be Heat for slngli; iranu'i. Spnrtlnglt'lilv. !J(' Ivieli.barrel, with aopCnd- . , iik'i-s, " . - , , . . -,·",, · . - . · , .^10 ot rtifiVtrj. ii-ltf('i!lc!''ntlnj,''.s'Kh'f, . · . ' , ' . " · · 85 IX) S.-mii 1 '. Hi Im-li i.u\Vrel, wfil' a^plSndiiKC.s, · ' fS IX) 'I'ni'Ki-l Uille, ;13 do., with filevalliiK .si^M-, " .JO W · Kli-gnut good? In cmlKjiw v.irliir ' co ilA.NUl'ACTI.'UKIl.S AND UKAMOJIS IN ; : ClftARS, 'TOBACCO Q:O 351 rn d'nily'iwoivin Now. floods, r.oinprisiuj,' Tisa, ColVco. H^'ii rs, Siirdim.s, Pi,-kli-s, (.-iili'i-. Vlm-Knr, Ae.. .·'. Al-i,, a intiliclnal imrpune.,,, w« urn inaaiiliictnriiiK, dally, r, Sv'run Soar ALL KINDS OF CONFECTIONED Y J inN.rziiS OSS,lr^- ...... '""' ........ ·"'""" ..... " MK ·HEWJN'G, · SMKfNGv AND PLUG TOBACCO i (uiiHliinlly on Imnd, all kinds of Mf nml ·I'ni'kkh at nali! ,u nmnnfai'tiircrs' jirlees i-lurw priei's. Also, i We ere riH-civIndian «U3Lc5t..-'3C3oaaa.©stio I'l'ulsliiii, Flpl, Oa(p. I?i'niie«, X:mtc.i;nrrnntr!. (.'lir. n , Xiinnnrcll Snr , . - ·-- ----,'"·«'· A'K»ichl'Sfji'tinl'lits ol'J'Ipcs, TIIVS and Notion* iti-iv i,-ii(i.- various styles, In lar^o and small i|iiniillll«s,.to ;1 ii|lt.liusioiir«ni! ' """v «TM l ""· lllv ,My · IffA AVOK-KJ3J" felyrid ·· Italian' MarUl; 1 '; Works C (ml- w'llh't?Vo'll. l Rl' i'rioSTj illruutly oppn. situ Ilio IlMvIm Iliiimo, wlinrn Ihny wmilil he i.^oil to soo" all their. oM ciistijiiuivii, unil many new ones. . ; .'riVnylmyu' u very fuU stoolyVl' ^ CLOCKS, '·and · Jf '#/(. T-,"-} '"-· ' '·' · · · ;·,-." ' "· inn A/fib.; Kiiivlinishi.'?, Combs, i'nlilc.itnil'l'oBkotOiit. lory, Vi)i',kel,luioks ( .Scissors uiul Ha/.nrH. Paiuir and ·Knvi'.lojiuH; l.'lns, ·Ki'OtUuc/.U'liroiiil,,' iicco Emporium. Worker and ilcnlcr fji', . ; ftmeiicaa and ·Italian Marble, West Sklo, I'ui'k, bblwuun ISuobc House and \ ' Town HuM," V.ffses and Mantles,' ·. " l-'.xcciili'i! front the best designs and choicest'm»r- .liimallly of marble, prices' iind':Xvorli:Miiiishli)i ''I will not be surpassed by any Jlnrblo Works In, the country. . - - · - :.- , ; : .-,.- :-lV 5113ULO, Klyrla, Feb. 85,187U.-- ' . : .: .^-::,'2SU';, Joll31 'Of 1,1) respectfully Invite the attention of thu people of this vicinity to ' ' i Jove and -Tlawar ; e Store,: ;-, . ; V ' . ^ , ' : , ' » - J '' v · ' ' ' · · ' · -X 'L!''' !i ' Mliln Street, HI,YKIA, nearly opposite Tosloillc HoU'iiropiire'il to do all iklndcof-worR 'hi Tin. Copper^ Client tron am) /.liio, olrshort' notice ami at moHt rousonulilo tunns. .-. · - : . · · . . . · . lie kenpson IninU'n large 'slock of o o sold'iis uhoap as llm clieapiiHt. . , ... llftY" All kinds of ilvtu] liunnnt or tiikon In ox- mnce. ' ' JOI1K T,AN If. Klyi'la, Nov. IB, ISfi'J. 7y , BB I'AFDhv 'A.'iWnllaiio't'o . any pornon who delects ami liliirilllics'thlofor thevcs In the act orstoallii£(lumberTroiiV my CoimJ er yurdSliop. IB-tl Chlldrcns' ,,,: · , I I I A4,WOl ; C^T,A SO*,,, SlABKET. i ' i " , · · i .;· ,' M , 1 / i V 1 , 1 / i ! , , / . ' . ' ! rplfK nniloi'iilKnail would vcspoctrnlly' announce Ji to tlKH'.ltlOTiinol'IflMA Xliatlio lias openeil 11 miw Meat Market on Main struct, opposite Top- HIV 1 * Carrliijfu I'nctory. wliuro he will lio happy lo niuuk his ft'leiule aml.all who may -1'nver hlnn with vlioir palii'uniiBu. Nohu lint.tlm ' - ' . . -. me!it\vin,'li«'liuptr-jnv'inni| l t\v!ili:li will be sold al n-M , llm lowest nun-Mi price. ·ss-y XITE. liiiirniullo WuDtoftho C'otH't'-IlfltigO, on thoBtato I'onil, inside the Ccn'pfirntlon.llituU, Tlio llonso Is lii'gooil condition, nnd contains nil the modern liu- wrovuiiieiilh, ./I'lun'U Is iifKOOd' 'HrnllijOrolianlrnti iiichc'il.; Tlioso, ileslrhiK to piirpliiiHOiit pliico of this ni'Knpt Ion, will llnd this arare opnonnnlty to in- vei.ti] "lurmcuiwy. , Apply.on tha-l'reinlses.'.:..!, 1 i , .:,,::._. :.·;,., I: .·,,-. ' , i-'KKnKlUCK.U'IOE.! , , , . Klyrla, r ill! 13 )lroetors;of. tlio BlnckJilrti; V.iiloy 1'etro-' JL loinn Cpinpiiny, from the present Inillcntlon oi'oll In tliolriwcllni' niwlsiih'lo to % re-'t\ilO aiijl thoroughly test tliein. The »tockliolileri)'nro oiirniiStljM'ciiuujto'd t6: tii'u'ul' nt tho ollluu of L, ll. Smith, Kslii.'.livJ'Jlyvla/onU'liiii'iidayi Jnly S8; nl'10 - ' - · -- · '''·' ·· . . . . . By otdor of tho Hervotiiry. Elyrlu, July II.ICT). VAX J10UTKX. "'Maiiufiiclurcr rcrs an'd, in - ' · i . l / . nig'mid .Smoking Tobacco. i'ilE" Imnd. Also/Fino Cut . ' y^'"- . .SAVE PER CENTAGE«® All'ordevs foiiitl aticnded'to; ;-provision' ;::i Store '^ - :'.···'·"' ELYKI'A,·;', ' ' : tiea.h^ constandy keep a fiill.'snpply of AMILY' .Of tho host kinds, an'd ntWlowesTprlBcs/sftch nVCFioicn Ten'-* bpices, Butter, Ch'obso',«Kg,r S) j^l,, Vegetables,: Caii'dlca, YCoro'scnc Ull X; .CrOods-purohnBod at this establishment.-will be pro^npth^ delivered to'cnmnni orsi in any pjjRtof^UjpiyUJa^yir.Itbont extra blmrgo! i lcl | voloa to custom (A -Ti°1870 - plvtrol "*S 0 isVcspcctrullysoliciled. - ' , ' .E. C. PAYNE r'P u ' V . · · ' ' . ' . · · ' · ' . . ' . . . . ' . - : gGy r on short notice, iSiiic'iiuur;: 1 ;;-; ;; I 1 8'"OCl, O p p O H i l O ' t l l O A Ce) 0 l ) vatedF, i o,ici, Confbnna.our I K.INI A . ,M -I.JKI A M I..-W P. M .'...9.8(1 A M' VJ-I P. M . . !I.!W p. f WKSl'KKX: .l» A. M : - 3.55 P. M .-.!· MOUTH-, VIA UllAI'TON. . . 1.00 A. il , . . , » 0.00 A. M . ,m A.-M B.I i All the nbnvi! nliilln airivc. nml depart dully, OIITI1 ItlDdlCVIU.K. ji, Tlmi-i-dayf nnd Mnliiiilny*. O . i r t A . M . - '· IJ.flftA M ILACK I t l V K I t . A V O N I.AKIC. SUKl'KlKi it J . A K K , M H K K K I K I J ) A M ) CIIAXDAIJ,, 'I'lU'fidaj s and MitlllilaVH. Lake Shore Railroad. A l l n n l l ' i ( ciOI.NC. HAST. \ r r o l i i i i i i i i b i l l o n ·olnl (,'hliMKo Kxpn-sli C U l M j WI'.hT. Arrommodntlon 'i-lid 'hli-iiKo Kxproi.ii I'yll'il.) I'Xpl-l-w n l n i . k v M a l l ;...' · (I OX A M . H.I!, .. ' , 9,'lli ,, . 3*1 J. M . K;M (im.vif n'liM-r ' ' · li'.^.'O l':XI'IIK';S.l,.;ise» ( l i ' v o l n i u l »,BA. M · H'/p ai I'.lyna ll.SHI.- N o r n i i l k T.9l,Miimivvlll«' IJvtU', Kri'iniint. arrive,at'I'lildlu 1IOJ. ' ro'r.i'no nxi'iei*w (.·.-i\r, :ii.viiHmi!i.:iA i. M . hl»i/pliii(' III.all HiillmiH liXM'nli' nliii-lcil nn,I l.'liIi/i'Vtlln; p.i-r l O l v r i a 0 4 ) , 'Olicrlln ,| ft}'' ' n r r l H ' . in. Tnl.'d«i7 1', V. M. ['A'.IKIC Jx\l'ltl« Ji'Bii-p. Mi'Vi'luml.'!»)p M.. (·(njiplii^ at Itwiva, ICIyrla «:*), Olicillu' 1 Norwulk-'.l.ll, .Miiiinn'vlllr, Clyde, Krviimui' ni-rlvrs ill Tfili-d.i I I . . I J I ' . M.. " l( M., M.|III|IIK ill all kliillom-; inifso, Klvriu:,M Obi'i'linhflli; iin-|vi'« ill Tnli'ffo 11.10 A.'M ' SAN^it S K Y ^ M A I I , Ii:i4\i'ii Cb-vi-lnml I.U', P.M., ( K I I N l l f:AKT. : A T L A N T I C liM'ltlihS leaven- Tuk-ilo 8110 A. M . Hii|»al Kr.'inoMl.i.lvdi'. Moiiiiii-vllle, Norw.-ilk, Oberllii ftW. Klyrln lUI't. Uurea. ntrlvii, nl C l i ' v i ' l a i n l 7.1.1: li'.'ivi'S i.'li'Vi'liind 7.-J5; nrrlrr.i a i t:iiiiaiiii.r l r, P.M. DA y i-:x i-itiiss i.-.ivc* Toledo r, w A. ,11., unp- m t.liiiniv. I'ri'iniiMi. clvili-. Iti-llcviip. M«iiir,ir. vl!!v, Noi'U-nllc "IV 1 , Wnkifiifali, Ollrrlln !i.W, Mlvi-in ll.:l, l|i'i-i':i, arrivi-t. at'n-Iaml IILVj- IciiVi--, Cleveland JI.SO, arrive* at llnlTalo 5.W ACCdMMODA'I'IOS feavi's Tnfr-rl'o fo.V) A. M «ii.|i« nl. nlUliilliiiii., ii.-iN-.i'sDlH.'rlliil.Offl'. M.. I-!! i rlii CTi. .-in-lu'i. »i cii'vuliinil 1 III I'. M. :('lii. i-lthmil l i x i u f - H 1,-MVi's I'li'veJnrKl -I.OU I'. J(.. in-rivi". :ii lliilliiln HI.·!!'. M, .. X K W V()l!l K X I ' K K S H IfiiYi"-'liifo'ilo I'M P. M.. o b i - i l i n y.l.'i; Dlvrln ft:.'l; ajTlti- nt cjorc'lnml lo ill, l^'.iri's Cleveland !/.·'') I'. M.: nrrlvt' nt I t u H . - i l i i A . M . v l J f . - K V M A I L leavi-s Samliisky l.m A. M., K l y r l a s if, A. M., nirlvi-* ,".t (li'vi'laml nl [tim. H»l HII.KS wlllhinl /'he Itrttnd f.i(iiri/r.-/)f)ul!f~ f '/'i'(tck Jfoitlc- von New W, Boston, Altaf, A L POINTS Y O K K A N I J X K W K A N D T I I K Oil Reg-ions of Pennsyivanfa . THIS K A I I - W A Y K.\'rii.\J)sVKOM fi:,'! Hi flEW Y03K, 3?i llilrt; to fii:\v VHRK, « man. IIUNKIKK In .Vi:\V Ml!K, 100 .Miln. Cl.K VKI.AN11 in KK\V YOHK, W» Miln.. CIXCiXXATI (« .VWIV YOUK, W!,iliKSi /yn is ntox ij"-i!2 to ti Milc» (ho ftiiortcsi UtidlC. All t r a i n s run illivclly iliiiii.t;li to Now York. fUtlf"M M i l , 1-3 Wliliniil ' Troni a-i'l iitiar .him- 13 IffVO, TrnfiVs Vljl ·avi\ In fo'miivilm with Wt^torn l.lmf, id Pit;o\\: SKU' ^ ' i t l i K I.\Y HXI'HI's. loaves (.'invlnnatl at I l.'i I*. M.. (S:iiuid:iys cxoorti'd); CU'vvlamt I'rotii Ail.-inlli! and Uivat Winters Depot, by i.'oluniliiih, ().. (inn 1 dally, (Satiirday«exr«'itrdi, al H) :H r..M..ltiil]alip H u m Depot. cor. KXI'IIXIIKI nml .Mii'tilKMTi WtiTi'tii, hy N « w York t|nii'.dalV (Mimiiu^ i'M'cp f 'd), at "AID A. M, A'rrfn* it llonnMlNVilli'li.W A. M.: Kni'iim-luinim 4.3« !'. M., iDliu-l: Tnnior'ji ~.-K I'. M., (Sup.), nnil nf- rlyts In New Yirk '.l.Jii) I'. M. Oinnwts at I l i i i K h a m p t c n lor Cooperflowii, Allmuy, f!1'l Ilii- i-cli'liratoil suninivr report, Slfanin S|frfiVn»i nl l.iv.-u Ill-nil with lii'luwitix','knwnnnaiui'l Wi-f li-rn If allnwi. and at Jor^BV l.'lty w i t h MM- nlxhl 1'Ixpro-s Tr;''ln Ct New Jcnoy lhi)liviit I'm- I'ldlad.'lphla. li'i'pliia; (,'oai'hos nro all.vliod 10 (Ills train nt c v d i i i i i l . riinnlnK IhriiiiKli I') llDi'iU'lliivlllv;, ( l l i i i i i k r a l ) ; ; i i i i l i n i \ v u i i d Improvi'd Drawing i.o,nn c VKI.'II,^ ,-iri' attached ill DiilFalo, rimntnn IliMugll ) Now York. . . KX I'liKSS M AIT,, loavofl 1 Diinkirt tttifttijnhm 1'c- pot, ami Uult'alo, via Mini imd vmll6Vni.Usvi:io, dailv. (Sitndiiyii I'xi'opli'.l) at 7.IJO A. 3t-i arrlvlnjf fn N'.-.w I'nrk nt7.0U A. M. ·· ·' ' I.1UIII'NIN«: KXl'ItMSS .(Dully),. Tfiitvcs Cln- '...|r )'. M.. arrives* nt Went .Salem M. (llreukitiM) . IvnvoV ;lovcliinl · i-Innatl fi. H) A. 7.M A. M.; l.i'avlll.shiiW.IW A. M. (BrcnkYn."!) ; Moadvlll.-ll.'JU A. SI. (Dhi.i); Dnitklrlc j.flO'l'. ,M.. Ituil'alD'.'.W) I 1 , ^r. A r r i v e s nt llorni'llsvllli) il.lfl 1'. M. (Supper), ami nt Sew Ynrk7.(W A.'M. Connects nt K l m l i a \vlih Northern t/i(fjil Itaihvay fur \ V i l l l a i n s i i n r i . UnrrlnlmrifjiM Ili W'liiilij al iloiwy. t'ltv w i t h Miniif Train of XIMV .Icriv.v llallri);nl fov P . . . Jtlrk l.«0 ]'. M., and .. 1'ork nt 7.1K 'Ho«iin and New Kn^lam! passeii((WS, with tlielr liadjj'aye, nro tree of ehnrgc In Xov York. Tim Ijest vetiUlatOd and mo«t luxorlons Sleeping i oiK'hes In Die worM accompany all night tndin on I l i l s l t n l l w n v . ' · . The Krl« Knlhvav I'oinpany liuvc opened n new I'erry IVoin Iheir .leiev i:||y Depot to the fool of Mil street, JSnw York, thus ·enabling pni*seiiK«r* to rcaeli I ho upper portion o r i l i w elly without (lie ex- lonji? and aiinovnnce of a street car or.oinnlbiii iransfer. · Theeonery aloiiK lln intlrp, ronlo'of (lio Krlo uallway Is of lliemosl iili:(.nrisiinennil bcnulll'ii'l charaelor. AilmlivrsfifNniui-u-HlmiKlcii, Inndny-. llxhl journey over Hie .line, will llnd In II* rvi-r-. ;haiiKln«rlandsi'iipi.'s subjects of eontlntinl ailmlrn-. lloji and Intfn^t. · , · ' · · ' ' feS"' llapKnuo ohoi-ked thi'ongli, ami fare r.l\vni'.v as low .'is by any other route, . . ·Sft"- Ask forli.-lii'iK via Uric llnllwav, which cnii he oliliilnci) al tlm principal Ticket Ollb-es lu the Wcsl-niid .Soutli-West, ·L i). KVCKKR', ' M W M. K.'BAUJV. · Gen'l Sup 1 !. (ien'l J'asn'rAu'f. Book Bindery, Worth Amhest,, 0. T.r Dtylcs or work In my UnOAvlll he 'lino «P . In, tin 1 In'sl sun'k Hint '('.'ill lie proemTM!, -lll'l Hnnv ihnn tiny oilu-V shop In the country, qJirtw' th« licst style. · · , Mhitiucfnux of nil kiwis, Music mill, OKI: Vitality lillik'f ro-lioiiiiil, . ·, , , . i : Oiili'i'rf for lilmmiff, Ae., will be rcc«lv«l 11* S. »· \\ Olivia's uucl nl tliUollta).:; · A ;HA'nsOMK ,KULI..(JII.T TIIOTOtiKATII '" J\J,W;,M, . ' cnly Vull-il»'«U lvlon'i«)w,'«tfii'P ost iW cents, A«lili'C*s : ' . " JI-:o. KICNSKIT, Wiulswoxlh, Ohio. RAILRO'AD ·LUNCH .ROOM., T llIC UmlonilKiioil IHW luavolulnfonn the 1'isb- llelhatho, linsopenoil u · COVFKK AND LUNCH SALOON In ·IJp.Wltl.'K tho depot, wli'M hlH iviencis will Uml Ulitt ruttdv to 1'm'nlnli a luncli At al' hours, lie :I|MI kti'|)s on li:nnl, for ftimlly ami me- dli'lnul pnrpii*i-ii rholi-0 Ale.'I'orler, Clilcr, Win" ClKnrs etc. lie liilcml« kooplnjf n llrst-clnss IIOII.M'. mi'l thoso desiring imytlihlu In hln line will Uml I' lldvanliiKCons ta «lvu lilm a cull. , JUncl!i,ltTO. . · .. ,., .,,. A.T.,WKD«B. - ; . - ' . = · · . . ' " ' · " ' .1: f w i t h .VnrnliiK IvxpiTi-H trains for floston uml New Kiigliiiidi'.ilii'*. · slei'pliiK v.o.'it'lies are attnchi'd to this 'Irnhi nt I.oavliul,ill-it and at Kiiilitlir,-runnlrt(f »)¥rnii{h to New York \vlrti«n»rhKiine. ^ I C I I T rlXI'llKSS, dnllv, (f\iTT,layi! p'xe6plcil), leuvi's Bnil'alo at ft'J.M'. M., arrive* nt.Turner'i P. M l'irk it.). New YoVfc rrt.».WA. M. i.'»iiiiii-.ii at New York with sieaAitrii .(intl nf. lernikin trains for Koston ami New Kngland cities, . CIXUSS ATI KXPUKSS, dally, (SuttdM-s *tf(-pt- i-dl. Loaves riiKlnnatl at, 7.«T A! M., iir- rives at West Salem i.Ut P. Jt. (l)|ni-. l.i'uvos cipvi'land nt .'!.:« P. Jt.i MeadTllfn ntSPt) I'. f. (Sinipor); Dunkirk nt 'J.Wl'. M.i lluiljiln nt. 11.811 P. M. Slops at SnJqiic-flannii tit 7.5R A. M, (nreakfai-t); Turner's nt I.Kr 1'. .M. (IHue), and arrives In Xew York nt»,JO I'. M. 'onni'i-ts nt Klnilrn for Wllllanisnort. Harri- ImrK^ind tliv.NnitU; illOwe^o Inr ijhurn; nt Illnah.-implon foVConpnvluwn, Albany and the I'l'li-liruiei] Miinmer resort, .Sharon rtiri-lngs: nt iireyi'iiuvt lor Xuwliiirjtli utid Wnrfl Jrk, nud nt NewrYorl: Wllh evening trains nnd itunincv* . for Itohton n n d N e w Kngliindcltle*. · Slci'iilmr Coafbt's arc attached to llih train nt llnil'nbi. I'uiinlnitihronKh tKiiM|iiitmnnn, nnd a', ).«ivlHslmi'K, miming Ibronitb toNctv York. %,'"( Only Om 1 .Train'Kasl on:iSniidav, l((iitfn«CI«i'l.iiiil , ,Tf . at.7.8-. A. .M.j Jinll'iiront t: JI.. ami Dun- 41 M *! ! ,.·$

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