The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 9, 1900 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 9, 1900
Page 8
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· BROTHERS 97. 99 and 101 N Market St. Every Department filled \vith bargains in dependable summer merchandise of the highest excellence offers exceptional purchasing opportunities during this warm weather. LAWNS. LAWNS. LAWNS. -jujte a variety z f the aul ngle IT, HURTS YOU, i Toe "Elite" Oxford K a favorite. Mfe*iiut3 feole attd heel, ! "-nug fitter, yet easy. ; In Black Kibo KidS2.5O "Fashion's Favorite. 1 T K.J airily lare*- assortou-nt of Lawn-« ha« fi^-u added t very latet effects. "Weoiftrr for vour consideration the largest aud most varied assortment of Plain aud FigurtHl Lawii-s, Dimities and Swisses ever shown m Freder ek, TUP re -*aouot be a single effect but wnat can be found with ns. A }~' tifal line of Lawns in Plain Black, and Black with small Whit* 1 Figures. WHITE DRESS GOODS. Anything *··» may desire in White Organdies from 1Oc to TSc per yard. French Lawns. Persian L iwns Nainsooks and In liu Linon*. These goods we can sell you at a very cheap price, as we took time by the forelock aud bought befon- the advance in order to give you both a better quality aud a ch-a;»er price than can bo had elsewhere. For White Dres materials of any kind don't neglect seeing our stock. READY-TO-WEAR DEPARTMENT. In this department ran be found any color in Figure or Stripe Shirt Wub-t you may de- si/ea an i price-. These goods are all of the very latest .style. We cau sell you a Waist for j about the cost of making. i White Wa*sts. --Our line of White Waists is romplete and the price.- are \vry low. Never have White Waist? been so popular as this season, and we have everv desirable style. A=k to see them. Skirts --For comfort, style aud economy you need one of our ready-to-wear Skirts. We have them in Crash, all grade*, both in Plain aud Trimmed; in Duck, Black, White nrrcK Blne. Plain and Trimmed: in P. K. Black, White and Blue, Plain aud Trimmed. Gotten Coverts, in all the dark serviceable shades, Plair and Trimmed. £ MILLINERY DEPARTMENT. £ In this department can be found anything you may be shopping for. All the latest t shades and newest trimming. Foliage of every description. Work trimmed while you wait by expert trimmers. Sailers of every description Infants' Caps of every kind RIBBONS. RIBBONS. You cau get every shade of Ribbon you may desire from us. Our stock of Ribbons consists of every shade desirable from No. 1, or Baby Ribbon, to No 100 in Taffeta and several grades of Satin. We have that hard to-jet ^idth. No. 3, in all siudc*. Remnants of Ribbons in all grades, widths and color?. See them. New Embroideries, all widths. New Insertings, all widths. New Silk Scarfs for Ladies in all colors (greatest assortment in the city). New Yalencine Laces and Insertings. MIDSUMMER UNDERWEAR. Never have we had such a great assortment of Gaiv/e Underwear for Men, Ladies and Children as we are now showing. Our Silk Lustre Ribbed Yost is a beauty--can't be distinguished from silk--in black, white and colors. 5c.«A regular Richelieu Ribbed Yest, with tape, greatest ever offered for 5c. -:··:· -I-I-I-I-I-H-M 11-H-I* EARLY JUNE STORE NEWS! The coming torrid months will find all mankind seek- ; ing such wearing apparel as will add to their material com- ; fort and happiness. As usual, we have been diligent in ' anticipating and providing for your wants, and you will ; find ns ready in the minutest particular. Choice Wash Goods are here in abundance. The Dimities, Batiste, Lawns, Fonlardines and Mercerized Satines are selling as never before. The styles are entirely new and beautiful beyond criticism. White Goods. Who does not enjoy a White Dress! The wearer fairly revels in the chasteness, beauty and comfort of the spotless white so becoming to most ladies. Our line is strong and includes everything desirable--Organdies, Batiste, Swisses, Persian Lawn, Mulls. Silk Finished Lawns, India Linens and the popular Thick and Thin Cords. Shirt for everybody. Every lady wants a White Shirt Waist. Yon want the be^t. Ours are from makers of almost national repute. In every respect they are thoroughly made, fit to a nicety and the taste displaved" by the designer is sufficient evidence that he is pertect master of the arrangement of cords, tucks and insertings: TSc up. Also an elegant line of popular styles and colors very cheap. Madras Shirts ^ for men in unusual patterns--garments that are up to date · in every way. Hot weather Suspenders, Thin Underwear, :: Fancy Hosiery and the latest in Ties, Bows and Imperials. ;; « '· Recraeed Prices on Parasols and Fonlard Silks. f. O KEWSPAPEKB OUD N E W S P A P E K - CLD S OLD -·';· OFKt- Me PEB "Mansisk"Slyii. Mac* la Kibo Kid, Brown Kibo Calf, and Box Calf. Hand-sewed w e l t , extension edge, tow custom heeL Queen Quality OXFORDS Gim-r Styles tor btreet, Lress, House, Outing. B, ROSENOUR SONS, The Co»t of EtttrrtttlnlttK Philadelphia. June 9--It will cost the citizens of Philadelphia more than $200,000 to have the honor of having the Republican national convention meet here and to properly entertain the hosts of visitors expected during convention week. All the Republican clubs in this city are making extensive preparations to entertain the members of visiting clubs on a lavish scale. Each local club has a certain number of out-of-town clubmen to look after from the time they arrive until the moment of departure. you Ufcfe uotll life tweoz** oaf look »t*2e ot "br«ki»e !u" »io«' Trrupmif of our \ 1CI K I D SHOK8 *ad roar :ir««l*ol«» wilt dad »2.«rv*t. Tbcj «re itj» n*«t««t, txM tilting | auc loe£fe: wcaiDt *boe« wora to.J,y j J«. ii -- We ja»t rewired * aew lot of D A D I la*tttate ttuMM all *lx«,h«iMli!i»-te»ii4 =»«y j on tbe lc«e, fur htrl wvtl «3d ecmiort. | 0oljr»l.?5 »t GEORGE A. GILBERTS, 16 North Market Street. EXTREME'S TROUBLES INCREASE Claim* HU IUr**l Act» Were All the K*a)t of Xrrly. HTOA, June 9--The troubles ot Mr. Estes G. Rathbone, former director of posts, seem to be increasing. The auditor's department tats thrown out $15.000 worth of vouchers, including $«,uvu worm ot DUIS, wtaefi have been paid twice, most of them at Muncie, lad. The Fidelity company has been notified that it will be held responsible on Mr Rathbone's bond. Mr. Miller, the manager of the company, and Mr Rathbone have held prolonged Interviews during the last few days, but no decision has been arrived at regarding this new aspect ot the situation. The authorities contend that tli* Fidelity company is responsible. Mr. Rathbone's friends insist that C. F. W. Neely deceived Mr. Rathbone, who signed at Neely's request, without knowing what he signed. Corrydon Rich has been placed under a $20,000 bond as a witness in the Neely case A letter has been received here by a friend of Neely saying that, If forced to return, he will show that Rich is a liar nd that the latter received as much as he (Neely) did. n 11 n i H i * n i i; i i n 111 M i n i n n 1111111 i 11 i i r m » I "fit flrirt 8f Fyrnite is te Ttoik of Giii)," I EXTENSION TABLES. No more trouble with the leaves of yoor table. The Homer Roll Top' Table, you have just to pull it out aad you get ibe *ize. One like cut will only cost you $13. it is 44-inch top and finely polished. Others with very heavy legs up to $22. It will be a pleasure to show them to yon at Carty's Furniture Store. fyos 42, 44 and 46 E. Patrick St., Freri'k, Md. t-H 1 1 t 1 1 1 1 1 i i i n 1 1 1 1 r 1 1 1 H 11 mil 11 H-H r i i-i 1 1 1 1 1 t- CLOTHIERS. HMMM»t»MM»»» TAILORS. CLOTHING AT 1O PER CENT. OFF. Semi-Annuai Sale of Clothing beginning June 1st, at 1O Per Cent, off for Cash. Our stock is full of the best made goods in the market. Try one of our suits and be convinced we are leaders in our line. Specials for Saturday and Monday. A full line of $3.00 and $3.50 Trousers at $2.50. $10.00 Flannels at $7.50, only a few sizes left. B. H. BLACKSTON SON. 36 North Market Street. Y. M. B. o. D. i JAS. E. WALKER CO. Now that summer is here, Hot Weather Garments are needed. We can confidently promise you will find no better stock than is shown at our store. Another thing, you will find no better prices than we give you. An endless variety of Dainty, Thin Dress Goods, at all prices. Laces, Insertions, Embroideries in great profusion- Parasols, Sun Umbrellas, Gauze Underwear and everything needful for summer and hot weather. «· * ! JAS. E. WALKER CO. I * If you need a Japanese Porch Screen, see ours- They » are good. »9«*1 ······»··«···»««·' Thos. H. ti \l I [fl CENTRAL DRY GOODS HOUSE. Toilet on Second Floor · i l l I I I I 1 1 H I M 1 1 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 H 1 1 1 1 ·! ! H-H-M-I H ! 1 1 K M T | M*Ju Broken. By » brwk in the gas n3*in oa East Third street yeaterday absnt 30.000 f eet ef gas bM been Icwt, leavicK the coin- aay'« s-npp'iy nUber low Tn« damage m bri^jt r«vmired M rapidly as powible. The Local Man. Mr J. E ^ T« for t 12 lo ncro. 71 arc- CXcii, per b«tel, , 38 cent* per touhel; MW u u. V, S. P. B. W. CUBES ALL CASES OF 1IQI6EST.IOH, CONSTIPATION, KIDIEY TROU8LES, DIABETES aid BRiBHT'S DISEASE, LOOK AT OUR READY MADE WEAR FOR LADIES AND MISSES. Muslin Underwear. Corset Covers, from 12^0 to $2.50 each. Muslin Drawers for Ladies, 250 to $2.00 per pair. Muslin Drawers for Children, i2)4c to 300 per pair. Muslin Skirts, from 400 to $2.50 each. (Some extra size for stout ladies). Linen, Crash and Pique Skirts for Ladies, soc to $3.50 each. Ladies' India Linen Waists, from soc to $2-50 each. A Special Tucked Waist just reduced from $1.25 and $1.50 to $1.00 each. Full assortment of Waists for Misses, soc to $1.00 each. Two Specials in Hosiery.--Men's -Hose, wortK i2*^c pair, our price, 3 pairs for 2$c. Ladies' Black Ribbed Hose, worth i2}4c, our price, ice per pair,"3 pairs for 2$c. Men's and Boy's Colored Shirts, from soc to $1.00 each. Look at Our Premiums tor Every Cash Customer . THOMAS KEMP. (XXXXttOOOOGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JUST ARRIVED! 250 Pairs Ladies' Black and Tan Oxford Ties, which we are going to sell for 99c per pair. They have solid sole leather counters and insoles, and were made to to sell for $1.25. We guarantee every pair. ONE HUNDRED PAIRS MEN'S "BICYCLE PANTS. Your choice for 25c per pair. LOWENSTEIN WERTHEIMERJ Head-to-Foot Outfitters. . QOCXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCXX)OOOOOCOOCXMOCXXOOOOOOOOOe6u 11 H I M !·!· I ' l l I I t 111 M I-M M H III M M M I M M 1111 M 111 I KAUFMAN'S. STRICTLY ONE PRICE. :: TO 49c $6.OO Ladies' Skirts. Just received a job in Linen and Pique Skirts, Plain and Fancy, purchased at.50e on the dollar, to be closed out from 49c to $6.00 each. 2,000 yards of Torchon Edge and Inserting, a rare bargain, 5e*per yard; worth 8e, lOe and 12c- Men's Soft Bosom Shirts, Plain knd Fancy. Ouxprice, 49c. find 1Qn Gents' Tecks, Bows and Club House ally 13u Ties, 15c and 19e; worth 25c. Men's Gauze Shirts, worth 25c, to close !! POLITE ATTENTION. S. C. KAUFMAN, 10 S. Market Street. art i I-I-II-H · · * I I ; « ' a '.!- * 1C ;; D · · u ( Re*. Robert I* Patterson says: "In 4 · etvta* mr unqualified endorsement of tho X-R*r Headache Tablets. I feel that I render a personal service to anyone Tfho mar thereto be induced to use them. They cannot be surpassed as a remedr for headaches." Sold by whole- tale and retail drnnbts. ERNEST HELFENSTEIN, INSURANCE, I 24 W. Patrick St., FnMrt,M,£ JUST RECEIVED! A CARLOAD OF 1RAND RAPIDS CELEBRATED Refrigerators and Ice Chests. Cftlt and Examine These Goods Before Purchasing Elsewhere. W. H. B. ETCHISON, i SmJittj, 10 utf 12 S, Markit St., Frri'k, Ml, Telephone 122.

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