The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on October 6, 1955 · Page 11
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 11

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1955
Page 11
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Worn* federal Aid To Schools Might L*od to Control I)E KALB. Ill If -Lt M-d c l a m o r f«»r federal a:d" bj raising the state sales t : i x , to finance Tk* Doily IUf ittor, Harrhburg, Illinois increasedlaid" to 1 THuntday. October ·, IMS FRECKLES and HIS FRIENDS He said it took 'courage" and j "vision" lor Jov. Williiun (V Strtt- ! _ said school inl!i MIS "sluniM bi- , , · mot at tho local level " '»"' ("''«·«·«· housewife .t«'l""'-l her Hire. ids for weaving with dyes ( napnian said HIP K i - | u l l i ,.n ad made from tho barks or roots* of ministration m I l l i n o i s has mot v a r i o u s plants Rides With Wyatt ALWAYS ASK FOR THE BEST! ALWAYS ASK FOR At Your Favorite Grocer's! Bottled At Home By Your Local Bottler, The Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Harrisburg XXXIV ('raker had said that Brocius' i from the hip. He heard him yell, know he had hit him. At the mari section of the Whetstones, mp at Iron Springs. That't Me*cal meaning to make its field ca Spring* on today's maps preliminary look at the grove sss 3-15. * the other rustlers, now dodging for better cover throughout the grove He beard one more agonized yell. figured he'd winged another of lly moving down there. Wyatt dismounted, looped Ked's reins over his left forearm, leaving both hands free. He took a last look at the (trove and at thc brushy 4ully flanking it on the Whetstone side. He eould not get the smell of trouble out of his nose. He was into the trees, then, close enough to see the splash and shimmer of the spring water in its shallow granite basin. The man on his right, farther- est a w a y from him, came up from buck of a belly-high boulder, winging a w a y w i t h a rifle It was 1'ete Spenec The one on his left, no more than six long strides a w a y , rose up out of the gully brush w i t h a double barreled shotgun at his shoulder ;i:ul blasting. This one was Curly Bill Brocius! Pete Spence was forgotten. \Vy- i att stood like a rock, feeling the whistle and stab of Curly's charges cut through his coat and vest. bringing their murderous pellets ; within the last inch of tearing him ; apart--and yet. miraculously, miss. ing him! ! Both of Wyatt's buckloads, nine chilled shot to the charge, took . C'urly Bill in the chest. He went down like a rag doll, the whole left side of his rib-cage blown a w a y ; Spence had fired three times, ' a l l wild misses. Now, with Curly B i l l dead and Wyatt swinging on h i m , I'ete broke and ran. W y a t t f lathed three snap shots hands. They got over their initial jolt as Wyatt. all guiis empty and knowing he was a fine, fat target caught in the wide open, wheeled and ran for Big Red. By the time he grabbed and boarded the nervous gelding, the fire was coming out of that grove thick as sleet. Wyatt was nicked once; his horse twice. It was high time to break off the Battle of Iron Springs. In that they had been driven off from the spring and had to leave the field without serving a one of their warrants, at least on a live rustler, you could call it Wyatt knew better. He had lost a battle, only. Curly Bill Brocius was dead · Pima Sheriff Bob Paul, h a v i n g delayed as long as the safety of his job would let him. climbed down off the Benson stage in Tombstone just after 7 o'clock the evening of the 23rd. By 7:30 Johnny Behan had the long-awaited Pima County warrant for thc murder of Frank Stilwell. At 7:45. Ringo and his posse rode in to report a blank on their sweep of the east valley. The news of t h a t Pima County w a r r a n t put the starch back into them. "We've got him!" crowed POSiTIOJ THE EAJ4S MAN WARM AGAINST 16ID Vow Can't Win FREE! MvT-FiNE when you buy 3 cans of M I L N O T makes the richest, smoothest puddings ever! · He:v's ;i ' i - . c i I · · · M I f ' n V ' m Uc'hle .".'i votr.- l . . i j n - i iVo! i n i d d i i i R s . And .1 real bargain for your p n e k i · : ! » i . ' A ! · ' · · · i:n !:.i'.',r f M\ -T Fir. · ! . . m i l v budget. Clip the coupon now before you Pn(Ii;.:n; - c . ! . . . - . , ! . . 1 . \ . : : . . i : . i l . i ' t i i i i . t i i i s · urt i t . Try My-T-Finc m;ule the smoother, richer \ mi! .. !.· .'.· .i..'c- ··· .t. 1 : '. · -in r.. · ; t ! · : ' · ! · .'.ii'. · .··hlii'it u ay -- today! of M.!:-. ·' I ' i - M . I : : . . I '. ·· - i . i - 1 c - .1 ' \ v ; . v ^l^ [ -^^ Just cli P ^^ FREJE coupon t.,,, ti,.- |...,i,i.n:. '.M:h M:!m,t-"it' and take to your grocer today Mllii'./' »i:.(i M v -T-r'inc are ;c perfect pair fHKK f THIS COUPON IS GOOD FOR 1 PACKAGE OF MY-T-FiNE Pudding FREE ( I n s ' n n l or Rri/nlnr any flavor) \vhcn you buy 3 cans of Ml LNOT TAKE THIS COUPON TO YOUR GROCIR TODAY! »··*·'·'· · · · " · · " · · · ' . · " · " · ^ . · · · . · : : . . n r ; . - " ·.'.;.'· ,'i,:,",5r., A-*ft MIINOT COMPANY, IITCHFIJIO, lii. By Merrill Blotter ( V( (ft MING MF You No Like? I SAID GET OUT.' 4 jx-K^iVI · · ""' LISTENING PUK.pOStS - - · A MERE SNAP Of we MOW WHAT YOU SAYIM6? ALLEY OOP MILNOT gives you more nourishment than whole milk--at half the prin! wrrrr havr aiuinnl lh«1 makr H Ihr rnvy *f tht w«rW. fie Seem' You! By V. T. Hamlin "Yes." said Johnny Behan. "we sure have. When Brocius and his i boys get back, we'll make up one big posse and take out soon as there's light tomorrow." "You mean Curly Bill Brocius? . You deputized that outlaw as a I legal part of your regular posse?" "Not only him. but John Kingo. here, as well." "Are you crazy. Behan?" Bob Paul looked around the room, first at Johnny Behan and his big scowl, then at Johnny R i n go and his wild grin. "Likely I'll be fining then." he nodded softly. "For any fool can · plainly see you've caught and killed your man already." He had just reached the door, w h e n it burst open to admit Pete Spence. Pete was white-faced, showing the yellows of his eyes, half-staggering w i t h exhaustion. He didn't .see Bob Paul, who stepped quickly behind the door. "They got Curly!" he blurted. "Phin Clanton's got a slug in his leg and 1 got this one in my arm." "Shut your idiot mouth!" snarled Ringo "Slow down, make sense. Who got Curly?" "Wyatt. Him and that shotgun of his. Both barrels." "Curly's dead . . ." Johnny Behan barely breathed it. "Dead!" Pete was still seeing it. six hours and 40 miles after. "You've got to protect me! I'm done w i t h hunting Ir.m. I a i n ' t going out no more, you hear? G i m me a cell, anything! Just so's he can't get at me like he done Curly:" "It's w h a t y o u w a n t . m y friend." Bob Paul said, stepping quietly up behind h i m . "it's w h a t you'll get You're u n d e r a r r e s t . Pete " "Wait a m i n u t e ! " Behan u a s on his feet w i t h the challenge. P u t ting Spence safe a w a y in the Fro mont jail where he could be t u r n ed loose next d a y . and l e t t i n g Bob Paul have him to tote off to Tucson, were two mighty different col orcd cayuscs. "As long as w e ' r e p l a y i n g w a r rants." nodded P a u l , "try this one on for size " He threw thc document on Bchan's desk, eying him flatly. "For the murder of Morgan F.arp. Good in any county in Arizona." (To Be Continued) NEWSPAPER WEEK The Big Window Pakiitan to Prru. thr a\- \mcriran home is Ihr «.yn»- hoi of luxurious li\in«. F,\rn siih a frivolom I'. S. toy as UN rlrrliir train wa^ (hr srnMtion of a (nrri^n trarir fair rrrrntly. H'ithotit HM* tmn«iKt*tM main bearing of Ihr American prr*« with il« report* on what'* arw aiMI lu a«lvfrtla«« !· I* nlMw the mjy l» Ml«iiiiii new HlGHMtbi j ~._ ^ YOU CERfAINLY x-rf.,".,, . ARE A RE^LAKr/ .c^UZ. IT IS *·./'5V-.., 0-Z 9 2 6 He Is, Eh? IN AWFUL / MENTAL cUV.JN'G. 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