The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado on March 26, 1881 · Page 8
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The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado · Page 8

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1881
Page 8
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r--v--i~--« £?« · ^ ir--*-------s ·»-«* __ -^ SA PL^ A. 3-everlo on the Rrcn«, at Magnolia, 3Sa«a. COLORADO CATTi-3. Dim is the distant hor ion "ar as t^e eye can A Seml-Offlclal Xeport aa to Their condition. I ere -'vc, '" And n ejVel is I D C water with sea 'oam, .ue Ue sly wi .13 a'S at rve. Dancing w i t i joy in sun ight, the jatr_ues . sai- care essly on, O'tr t - e oce\n, a e jp'anct-i in neaveti; each' one, a woiK o " i^s o w n . Knowing not as t a e y ' IHW to eaeh wave, with 'g''atc, nn t en -a.-s 'y, Tia.: tn«a r i : it nicies, u n t i i n o n ^ , to das i on \ ic roc ii3 am i ie. *· t So we, in i h i ocean uf l i f e , eaca cay meet S'jme c h i l d r e n o God; ' ·· We note not t h e i r sorrows or joys, ut Dxsscaca i une by w i t h a n » l . Seaftei' n.y i :u, ; n a JOU'GCV, w i l l t i e s y o v e r h e a d l i k e a i a i c l i , 1 e ai a die w i f i the Ocean. am w a l c a t a e w a v e s ' " ( u n c i a l tnarc'i." jvj ing .tca( ily* . a u t s u r e y, at ie e n i t a c y w i re i c i . leir grave, Juried ilccp t i n c : \ t i i j thco'.d .xni'ii'.er c ; r o 'iow- r r OH e.ii ' h can = a v c . I botrte i me 1 ly i .c w i t h o u t . t r u y j e, i\nc . i. w i l J i n't-rv e cui ve, j _ n l. 'ic a r m s -j( the ^ o e k s , : cave t_c great t u ' c of i f e in - w e r v t . . 1't(ey ^ o f t l y whi-.|i.-r in d y i i i w , as t h e y lie on t ie J e i l h K K K I ' l i ' U a - i h w f t e t W ' · £ "f penc · and c i m f n i ; l u I ng bad ·icvN t · rc-.t . ' t ' arn are re !· - a a u .in j r y -- \t .caving I icir ree, ^ m i t r , ~ .icy ssve! w r h - i t - | t i u c of l i e i r e i n j , as reftc i t h ; tr.u of s t r i f e . w i i ' e a r m - : itty (MSS i n dc [a|tr, -'us use- ii ··-, · Ik-y, to -, t n u ^ t d i e , I lit y ) i^-l !, VK i dsh 1 1 iteccs, n a ast, wi c mi 'an i n^; C' v Wit ~\ t ie \ v u i n , ir sjM s u n u . x t t t i c n , t i e ' o * 'Teal i o' the w i v e s loosed. g 'ail, zu1 rKv., .H i h i - sh.ii. iws arc stea in^, t aeir end ioi n · (vi :' ' t rvrvi sir A ;h'_- - u ' ; ^ n!, · y w u b e l i i n i he wor r , a L ' M I I I J c . i ! i'v ~t my leart, A'nl i»"t: ' ' c "U 1 on the Ocean, 'rvjm tais ..· · I ' l i ' . i n i n g t ('.irt. , \Vl)y t , i . i ; I P [ ! '.-Me i f I je l i ' c o' l a c wftTCb, i ^ v, t l i is . t i ^l^·!I d e a t h , A ' i ' l . i ^ i i n vi t h e i jvuii-. i .uw5, · raw a 'ree \ V c h 11.i ·' · ' · i. ""i. ' n r ' K u u t y i wit 3 i L p e , .HI · ·· i..' 1 !.; l i r.'. A, i - 1 4 , w i ci 1.1 -e t my 'ctt, IUL. a . i _ j i i · i r . l !· i in I y in nifvSrij; , I ' t t t iy ^o t a n t . i 'A N \ . ^ . u y i' ' · r i y u i i . l r 5 .1,', .mi. hue a i r i 1.1 . ', ' · M - , ·Vi.l I . · - r e i A i y .m h'.: l M o m , O i' o v e r t h e "'" ' " '" i M i . l i i ^ C ' - r t; I w j t c i t i e J i r c t , in ils ^ r - u l ' : l · ' , 1 1 , . i i ' . i- i i t . ' i ; i I,;-" my m c s - a g e ? " e r y . t i 'tis '· ! - i. '' ' I V - !· ! ' i i n · ' r - r ' L ^ w h e r e s i t , , n I t . .1 i n . v w v t- i ' t f TC, i i - i t I ^ ·!· . i l u g | i i « - n tiiii inur, tacug i my 1 P . j · I - II 'Tl[ T O ^. J . . '. I Artesian "~ )e D e n v e r Tunes ^earns t i a : tie men arc now on the g r o u n c a n c tie too .s reacy or t i e commencement o f w o r on t i t a r we .a :n Co.oraco, 'or which ap^ro- waa mace Dy congress a year ago o* more. Tiat materia. heneit :o tJe state a!ic n^.tDn may resu't "rom this is cjite possible, .inc. t i e , o n . y wonder 13, ..iat tJC g o v e r n m e n t w h i e 1 a i a r o j r i d t i n g m i l ' i i n s for o t i c r sro cc.s siou.c nevier ,iave t eemec. t h i i bi lertie p^au.sisle unti. one o~ Co orai o's senator* T»ro~oseii it. Irst none congress ever icarc o"' the sua- ect WAS w ien Senator I-nl. introduced i t)i at t i e session -jrececin^j that 'ust i is -i. !.assec t i e senate nnd .rterwarc.s jit', on the agricu -.ura. ap- n n jr.Bt as it aassec' itie senate, ant. w e n t t irou^.i tie ioiise| in t i a t w a y . ^' Hi, :rovisions two wel.s are to he jorec in Co orac'o, and the w o r e siou t: iave -een ivel. a ' o n g r o w ; 3u: owinj^ to the 'act t,hat (ieneral le Due cle- sirtc to iave t \c aoring cone witi a diamond cru'. ui c.ri^er to take out the souc i_o-e, anc. tiius e'vas e lim to siuc'.y the o" ic country, a .ong ce.ay as But as :e'ore remarxec ! t ie rrven are reaortec to :e ready wi:i the tods, anc. w o r wi "je^in at once. Tie s^oi :,e-fectec. -'or t ie first we., is at a aoint r.ot . ar-Vom -.«, and tie present intention i» to se ect a site ."or the secorc, eaflt o-" Gree'ey. i ^ Senator .-i.-' having Fa:herectie scheme in ,ie irst p a c e , has ic'erminec it shill noL "ai. of a "air test. Some time since ic sai* l.e Juc u?on Lie importance o" hav» in^ an accitiona a3?ropria:ion of ;=n t lousanc co. arb to enab.e -lim to com ?-C",e t i e two we..s r tie original $20,000 shoi.c prove msu'ncient. '.t was agreec at snou'c he lut on tie agiicul.u/a 1 , 32 jroariation a i l , and the committee mace nat a^aropriation. W^en ; t i e ^ i . went into me house Mr, 3el:"orc mace a .motion to increase the amount toi^, w.iici was ce'ea:ed. Wien tJie en::re 850.000 now appropriated sha.l have seen- exoenced, Senator I-Iu, v^i.l douailess oe to ohtain tur.her reasonaale ap- pro jria. ions, i .» « i 'Mr. Ciar^es Tieadore.'wio recently ap- m tais city, is now p.ayinj wiia juci'ngham company, rlc Is ;2ic ,..*.* r n f -X ft r£-~ · ,«.V ^.»i V, M»Cr VV-r , Mr. S. jc., Wetzel, secretary e""tie state hoarc o' cattle inspection commissioners, senc s the report as to t Je condition o~" our catt.e to tie Kansas Ci:y Indicator: "As ter your request and t lat or" several commission "irms o" your city, I wi., give you my idea o" the losses sus;aieec uus'ar this winter in Colorado among cattle. Zxtravagan: reports o .he .osses and su.^erintj o." cattle Jave ap aeared in papers t!iroughou: the entire coun.ry, [near.y a ways oatain- ec ,'rom very reliah e sources} w.iich las on.y'jeen a repetition o-" the ^rumh. ing e ement that we have aeen treated with every ,.iarc winter, since catt e las :a~len the position o" an industry in Co.orado. As tie smo/te clears away arter :ie ha.t e to revea. i.s carnage, so tie catt.e men who have heen ac ucgec bankrupt year a "ter year, await the passing away o; the storm oe-'ore they ca cu atecl u ion l icir losses. "Tie maximum reports lac Lie .osses rixec at 50 oer cent win tne thermometer ahout/^7 u 3c.ow. As the mercuria uic exnamec, the grumblers' Drains contract- ec. unti tiey cou'r. see t i e .osses crop rom 50 to 20 down to 10 anc at ast stf 'ar -'or^ot t l e i r^, as to cec.are that i" we didn't soon ^et more storms the 'osses wi . not exceec S -^er cent; anc I 'ear he"ore the irst o, r next '_ uly they wi.l claim t i a t l.iere were no losses at a . , save a -ew o'c cows, w i i c i ay tie natura. course o"events had to cie anyway. "Tie number o- citt'ein the mountains nurriher perhaps double to wnat taey die a year a^ro, and the .osses are next to notiinjj--a -'ew in Souti l j ar and in the canons eacing out on the "j.ams. Next we have a s:ri} o" country rom -"orty to line o" .he state to the South T'.a-.te, and a'on^ the Dase o' tie mountains. Tie country - y i n g Detween the Kansas l j aci"ic rai road anr Ar'/cansas river, "rom t i e mountains east as 'ar as a .ine crawn rom .-\iver 3enc, on tic ansas .''aciicto north o" r orse erect on the Arkansas, and the country houncec ay anc Detween the mountains, Arkansas ant. ?urijatoire. T'.is was tie c r y country, and wiile 300,- cxx) catt e DC onjjec id t i e cescrijerl country ast ,Y ay, .ess t i a n loocooheac remained in it when n» w i n t e r set in. At least 150,1^00 weie movec. out o' the state on n e w t a n ^ e , .inc. a n o t i e r 50,000 were t r a n b errci t o t i e m o u n t n i n pnr c : a n r . VA'I es e a t ' y in the s.en^oti. Out o the :a' x n c e .) arpc p r o p o r t i o n , as K a;.e in " . t r a m i e , i o u t e r , )ou^!ns a n u !·",. \\^o cour.tici, are hem,.; 'ec, on i.-.y and straw niisec 3y i r r i g a t i o n ; icrh.ips ten to i'lecn tioub.niu were cri tec .ate (too ate) in tie season eaM i n t o the ^jrass Je t. ".·ls'..mitinj tie numher of catt'c re- m a i n i n g n t i i s territory at 50,000 leac, tiat were alternated. to De win:erec through on t i e ")r. Tarvner exDeriment, anc l i tho ier cent, o' loss at ten per cent , whit i i 3 ay -'ir nigher than any oss t i a l e / e r wai n o w n je^'ore, and we live 5,Oij cear c a t t e. "Next we have t le country 'rom the ce- s c r i D e . t e r r i t o r y east anc. south to tie state me. :.'ere f i e rams "e . in orcinary good season and in abundance a'ter they cicl set in, anc in conser uence this section o- the country hac a very .air crop o," grass, anc the stoc in t i c main en'.erec ;ic winter in gooc sh.-oc. " .'iis section had ^00,000 ca.Le waen Lie winter set in anc is entire, y on Ue plains. In case o r a lard winter the catt.e cri't -'or hundreds o'" mi es, un.ess impeded hy some .oDstructions as tie South Aatte or Arkansas river. iere UDon Lie very'Drin' o" these rivers the advance o' tjese immense hercs is stoppec, and the very nature a n d ' a y o~' Lie country centers anyt.iin^j w i t i i n a cistance o" a hun- crec miles n o r t i , nortiwest and west UDOII the north han o' each o"these streams, anc as ,ong as a stream or severe weal ter lasts, tais stock is he id here hy the river in ''ront anc tie snow aan'cs he,iinc tiem, nikes cri-"tec oac' and or "orcec across tie streams hy .iuman aid. V.en stationed Lie Artansas here no coujt savec hundrecs i r not :iousancs of cattle this winter hy crossing tiem. T_ie es.imate o" the numher o: catt e Liat cri "ted on .ae Arkansas this win :er is placed at -'rom one hundred to one hundred ane. Tty thousand, in a distance of one hundred mi es from Lie s,ate line west, we tate the ."ormer. Tie irnmher of cead cattle 'rom 3ent's o'.c. "ore to 7t. Lyon, a c istance of "or:v-^ve miles, and where ay "ar the heaviest loss is, was p,.acec some :en days ago, hy ac:ua. coun:, a: 1,500 head; we wil. a.-ow it 2,000 icao. At same ratio 9-" loss, r rom state !ine to Bent's 7orc, a cisance o' 105 mi es, we Jave ^.,725 cead cattle. On ^ie Platte we h.ave 1,100 dead cat.le in a distance or" twenty- ;wo -"rom Ju.eshurg, or state line, oy actual count, and re- portec to me o-ncia..y. This is by far the -icaviest loss in :his sec:ion and in Co.o- raco, anc .ess c eac catt.e are "ound in going wes; of this point, ou: taking uje same ra'io o' ^oss 'or '.he entire distance t^at catt.e may ae found, on the ?.at:e, and we have a .oss o- 5,000. losses "aside -'rom .hese streams and in ;he sec- j tion under no ice are but a trif.e. TJC jrreates: oss, and in J ac: nearly al. on tae Arkansas, are .joseca..e dri5;ec iate in tje season ffom Puexo coun .y cas-. anc .ast year's 'trough ca.t-e. Tne cattle dead, on tiie · ?i atte are» in a great rasw. can sa'ely say tiat -rom oneK.urc. to one- -ial" of .jcse are | owned in Wyoming, and cri "ted on Lie Plat :e, and Droperly c.on"t come under the losses o' Colorado. Scarcely any Co! oraco raised steers are r oun|d c eac. To sum up those Bosses, we ine 1^,725 dead cattie in Co.oraco, [ess the Wyoming on the ? atte]. There are in Co .oraco 850,000 ^eac ot catt.e, fix the -oss at two and one ha.- per cent and it gives up wares o: 21,000 head, leaving a margin o r over 6,000 iieac. :o ae scattered over the country thsta.l repotts agree to show that very rewi cattle have ciedin. AY. my figures and es:imates herein given are in favor of :he htious and dyspeptics, anc whi.e this article may call brti some cri:icism -"rom suc!i,vho have .ost :heir a ,, as is tie case in a "ew ins:ances where tar.ies atienrat to hsxc their ca'tie during tie winter, ~ wil. say in "ustice to myse! " and the catt.e incuStry of Colcrado, thax these conclusions were arriyea at hy an un.imitec amoun: or" corresponcence and stucy on the suh'ect, and :hat it c'eais s'.ricly with Colorado a!one. Cat:le as a ru e arc very poor, aid whi e we may expect some more hardwea.ier, we may yet su~er ruite considerah.y, out wkaout any "urtiier . osses I wi!. venture to say that my .repor: on .he inspection system o-' .he sta.e next "iiue wil. shew an increse of aee" over .ast. season." :. CARDS. . R. h . OUARK "* *"IiXING 3XGIN'23";l. He ports on Coal, ... _. Iron, and ?issure Yines. Consu-ts on :he wor'ting and management of yines and Ores. 3xperr. on Mining Questions hefore the Courts. Co-oraco Springs, Colorado. ^« "* r - ~^~ A 'OC JT71 J/TL rs to ~-~/x' M. -.H-i- ^- ·*» ' f TTORX^Y AT LAW. Memaer ~J._ S.^ JC^. Law Association and Collection Union." Otice, Room 2, Wanless xoc , PLce's Peak Avenue. 56-wt'. ·» f " *~ ^ "t" ^i X. SKINNER. II. .'EPPERSON. H \" i" -*^ ^ A" ^ V, ~r*. , , i Q ^ ^ ' T " ^ 'w i^«. ,, H» ,.^ ta ^^ _ / V -" gf '66'S c.r C Co '"'aC~OfS. (Bridging a S:ecia,ty.) Hoom i r , We ls-?rewitt 3."·c,Colorac:o Springs dwm 28 C JCHX CAMP3ZL.L,, [Successor to lie m CamobeJ.) I* TTORXUY AT LAW, O3ce opposite 2 ^."i. ?aso Count? 3an/c. cwm lo tt ,,,.,,, -.'I 3 il ·vr r/» ; ,-" --fc) V - A KlnOearsed Si. J amcs' A 'arigand in Vnessaly jas la;e y guisied jimse '." jy an act o- unusual /fineness anc srood, A s'aort time ago several scioo. c ,i .cren were carriet nan ay name Ja.a:aos. v ive o- .'iese cai.cren were 'i su'Dsec.uent y restored to lheir "^ents on payments o' a aeavy ran- A_ persons owing me notes or accounts past due wi.. p.ease ca.. anc sett.e same immecia.e-y anc save costs. G. S. Barnes. w e 12 .-" IRVING ;^ ?residen:. 3. y. CROWELL, Vice-?resicent. Cashier. A. S. WELCH, Ass't Cashier. ·4 5 1 GOI.O3.ADO cross. Irving :-ow7ert, 3en\ J. Crowell, fames M Si_»a us, ,,. ? f .--umorey, Yorlt Corrcsponcen:--Chemfcal -.tonal Bank. | * Co -actions i Estate of Aed.'. Hanc, deceased. ~HE undersigned raving seen appointed administrator _pf the estate of Fred.,, Ha id, ate of the- County of 4J Paso, and State ol Colorado, deceased, fiereby gives notice that he will appear before the County Court of El Paso County, at the Court House ia Colorado Springs, at the March term, on the last Monday in March next, at which tune all persons laving claims against said estate arc notifiec and requested to attend for tke purpose of having the SLme adjusted. All persons indebted to said estate axe requested to msEe immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated this'aSth day of February, A. JD. 1881. ' W. B. GASKILL, Administrator. lo Prov.cLe for -lae Appropriation of ~j© Seventies of ~lae O:.~y of Col- orac-o Springs, Colorado, for -jte il Year, A. D. 1831. i ·" -. - rx Be it orcUinci by the city council of the city of Colorado Springs: SECT.ON i. That the various appropriations from the revenues of the city to deiray the necessary expenses and liabilities thereof during t ie year 1881. shall be made under the following respective heads of departments viz.: i. General Salaries. 2, Police. 3, I'irc. ,), Public Grounds and Buildingb. 5, Water Works. 6, Streets, Alleys, Bridges and Ditches. T, i/uilding Fund. 8, Miscel aneous. SBC. t. That the following amounts line cr the several heads cf departments, respectively, are hereby appropriated out of the revenues that shall accrue to the city of Colorado Springs during t,ie fiscal year, A. JL». 1881, viz: G E N E R A L SALARIES. City cle rk $600 City treasurer 200 City attorney.... 300 FOLICB. City manual's salary $ 720 JST .Tjicj-V-i AN ) :-;o\v o. I:N .\ . _ ^ ,-., -^ ^ 4 C CSA D r V 1 ' V T 7 V 'T J A\ ^ J _ U JLA i^" ± JE-i O O L JA 1 Ji Jll ^ i O"' TM7£ l.A'lV.b'-" M H ' i . L V i r s r; i.ie3' Coa-,8, Wa mg .""ac'cet, "J.sters, U j U t - - ; - . i - - . ) . i n t . i ' ^ , , . _ ; . BICAUTIFCL-. GOODS ; -- / - -, ~T* · · 11 r i · f \ . . , , . ~ WL.I . r. t i f ' ' , .4 ./ i i , . "*1 . ' l / i ' ___]_ j_, ress J o.jncs, Wmoi t i n t - uo. oii^ j. 1 it-,ic.n V ^ I K C . ! ! ! · · · . . . I ' l ' . ' t i i v . r j - u i Trie, 3c.lP( lU'^ ")~ ? i l i u s , (--i v /'- n i i . } J - i ! , ; ] _ - , ) M M : Ging.uuus. h ' a t i u tic .^yrms, Jroc.ul^ N','u-, ,] ao v U i ( . Jo "!]·£'( , i'rirrs, j ^ r 1 . j/.i Our Xr. j'errisi is now last, ant', irom nov/ on ilitu'.uyi '.' . · . r; : ·· ^ i \\ · " T^ us \V_CZ.-slLY Invoices o ' t ' i ^ MOST D.1S .\.A ! J I ; ' ; ' ', ;.' i '; ~ S . a n d u e 1AT1-1ST MV".Vr Lb i n r . , . - - ' , .:···. . 'i ,, _.· n r '_^ u ,J_ J _ Dj __ r ' ' a C % V UlOD xl manded, were re'alnec. One o- toe three was the son o" a Y.r. Cassavetti, a i:t. e aoy in whose -a:e general in.erest was excited, anc who nas reginec his liberty in an unex3ec:ed manner. A Wai.act, helong- ing to the aand wiicn had captured Ue boy, took a "ancy ta him and determined to efect his rescue, anc o e i n j ^ c ' t witi two otners o" t ic a a n c t o g u a r c the c h i c , IB-"ound an oojorlunity -or cirryin^ out iis aenevo ent intent on. 3ne o' JY'IJ- ancs went to get some hread anc anoner e . as ee-. \Va ac_, taing advantage o" tiis " a v o r a j e mon-ent, Droxe t ie ncec e o-" '. l e ^ u i o ' ;ne DAndit and ca. ec to ITC rhi a \o come w i t i iim. The itt.e c.i'Hive, not unnatural y imisuncer- stancuirj t i e summons, oe«;an t(j cry. Tfiis awo'» tie jrigancl w 10 was cs'.ccp ; hut us j.;un was use ess me 'ie iia\)peu lie tn^^er in vain. . I n t i e meantime tie Wai ac-c managed, to escape will t ic hoy 10 \.tssomo..\, wieiicc ic was taken lome ;-y some -riencs anc an escort 01 so.ditrs. Of course Jalar.uoj is dread "u .y annoyed at tie a v air, and iJ -c ^ets ho c o" the Wa. .ac' inlencs tb ma-ce an e x a m jle o-' him. Contingent fund 300 I F I R E D E P A R T M E N T . Fcr gen-rral purposes Si,500 Klie wa-den and chief fire department joo PUBLIC GROUNDS. Improving anu keeping up g 200 I WATER \vofcKs. ', Interest pn water works bond- S7,2io Sinking fund i 2,000 1 b l R B E T S AND DITCHES. ' Street ilonimissiouer '. $ fio Repairs of ftreets and ditches i.auo Scavcuf^er .. 250 Kepjuin(g mam ditch 3,000 Kmldmg fund y-) Are still yj"-/- o" ATTRACT.VM A.s.7:C",^S, in (ireat V:inc!,', f i . : : i J; (-sr te'H 10 50 jer cent o~T ^ Prices. We lia\ c now , , e r , e , , a -"uli 'ine o- '.he OL- AN1J 1;:-:1.1A1;1Z _ m a k e of I ' f i C A ' in Sheetings ana Siirtin^s, T.iese are the L.iecpett, \-:cause -ar the MOST '. JURAlill-: (',00175 u-cd. IP AT 3SV33Y OXS TC IXSPSCT C'J3, S^O3X. Very Iies])ec"ru..y, S A *ja ,**( «f."y «»?? f-n 5 ^ ^n/ i .Sj O ··HSCEI.I V N E O M S . gj st itionery. fuel and lighib. J =00 . . . 2^0 1,500 Election (Jolleclicn of revenue Renti Gas supply fiv «trei:t l.uti;» 5. Conti*i;cnt fund i · m_ Interest on w.itrsnlb for i 3 o i . . . . .-O.. 1\ · ,ed and approved March M t h , i'.ii. A I N S W O K l ' H I I K O W . V , -- M.iyorpio tcin. Attest A. A. M, '.',·: ' \ . C " . : y ( . l r.. J _- Locals. cents per Imp fnr first Insert. 51: five cents per line fir each subsetuen( insertion. Advertisements to go in every other daA. or on certain days of the weelf ten cents per me for each Insertion. ! 're-em jtion anu .ionestead a;p ications anc final rjroo^ papers can he made at County C ert's once, £. ?aso coun:y, u 8t'. s.-.:LOH's COXSV.V.?T:ON cu^z. Tiis is aeyond cuesiion Tiost suc- cess^u. Cough Mecicine we I'.ave ever so.c, a ew coses invaiahly cure tje worst cases o r Cough, Croup, anc Bronchi .is, whi.e it's wonder ul success in the cure o' Consumption is without a para Ie! in .he _iis;ory o: mecicine. Since hs 1 nrst cis- covery it aas aeen so.c on a guarantee, a test-waich BO other medicine can stand, I : you have a Cousjh we earnest.y aslc you to try it. ?rice ioc,' 500, anc i.oo. I your Lun js are sore, C lest or 3ack t ame. use Sailoa's ?orous ? e .as:er. Price 25cts, sole hy ". 7i. Robinson, , e 16*. . n -- AND -ANALYSIS. .be jro'essijr in (.barge has been instructed to atlcnc. lersona. ly to suca work ab uiuy je sent in y t je ou j ic. Lots t" ore, weigiing irom one ton down, wi.. je cruaaec. anc. bam^ec, anc a . icsu.ts wi.. DC guaranteed. A -portion of las crushed ore wi.i je reserved when rec_uest is mace, so tjat taose w JQ cc- sire may caeck the wort. Tje money rcceiveil .'or assays »i_ be refuncec, anc. n'so the caecx assay paic. "or, i : tie resu.ts ojtainec oy any reliable assaver ' not conitm Lie wor t cone at Lie Co .eye. Samples may oe .e. t at the' oHce o" t^e Si.ver Wing- Mining Co., over j'irst Xational 3Anx, or ! arge ots at tie College. Sampies sent ny mail or express wLi. receive irompt attention. nstructon ,n Assaying wiu je furnishec. at $20 J or a term o'Liree, anc Ue cost o" material usec hy Ue student. App ication may je mad'; to W2£. ST3I3 JY, 3. yn» -·'ro.'essor o" Mining and .V.etaliurjy, Or lo 12. ?, T3XXZY, President.. dwm 30 3m Noiice for I?ib".ica,7lor.. Nearly 6C'C Xiles i.i Operation. T J C Great Q u i f « c , Safe n i ii, ! ' I M . I I ':« '. i Bus'ress anc ^ e s s u i c ' .-.vj I A ' T^ r% T -- · T*, ·*· ' ·*· '' A . . A R X E S S , ie on.y route . ' -" Choicest Scen.n- i · rae3kjya- Gorge nu-^ Grai, 1 : _. Xani-xu, Pike's Peak, ..--.: den of ~ao Crods, Xouu- raent I?arl:, ]3 onc!ae4 " ' r s *-?a f4 · . f r i ' ,' ;i .: ', r ( a, ,- inter .! - i i " i - :· - \ j . l ; V . .1- ^T S1'^ L: ..i, ; n K i , \ - .N.V; /: .'Ric.-:-i. \ «· 2 ·- a\»* i LAND ( "FitE AT PUBBI.O, Coi.o, I 1 March 3, 1881. ^OTICE is lereby given that the following-named set- tiers have fi ed notice of their intention to make final proof in support of their claims.and secure final entry thereof, and that said proof will be made before the and ex-officio clerk- of El Paso county court at the county seat, on Saturday, April g, 1881, viz : George W. Saunders, homestead entry No. 17.10, for the w , se sw ,'.i ne ^ sec 30, tp iz south, range 68 west, and names the following witnesses to prove his con'- tinuous residei'fce upon and cultivation of said tract, vi/; "ohu Scott, GeorgeiSbarroch, Sr., Lee Hays of Sumnm Park, and R. R. Taylor of Colorado Springs, Col. David Portis, homestead entry No. 1237, for the e ne and ne J^ise %, sec 23, and sw }± nw ^ sec 24, tp u s, of range 67 w, and names the following witnesses to prove his cont.auous residence upon and cultivation of said tract, viz: _ohn Stay man, 'ohn Ryan, liavid Guireand Henry Guire, ol Monument, Kl Paso county, Col. \ Reinier Steskens, D.S., No. 3793, for e ,»,' sw i x ' nw % s.w % and se )£ ^nw % sec 34, tp a s, range 64 w, and names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said tract, viz- Isaac Turoug i Trams llutux ;· i )'«3'.vev -eacv' !c, £ V!oro anc Sar Anioi o VIA lolorado Springs, I'tfnttiiou, 1'ue- Mo, Canon City, k'ontii A tia8,j3ueni Sista, Hicti.. a w b- Jai I - r ·'«· r ' -e Jv. i ;_:.;, .": 3. ' TJC connection at- S^utii Arkan.-as wii^ stage? via Yars.iaj. Jjjs.^'aflortl; t -.c iliuitesl, i_uic:cest anc easiest rolite, over t ic -c:t roai s, to Gutimson City. 1'gdn, ,Sa^uai,ae, Ouray, -^a'/ce City. Ru.y Camp; Juttts, Gothic anc a., points in Ue Gunnison country. - Tne connection at A arr-osa wi'.ti stages rorms an easy anc' direct route, open twelve months in every year, to Del j Xorte, Ante ope Springs, Wagon \\ r jee. Gao, Saguacae, Uur-ni- SGO '^.E. \ ' r c ' · y 1 " 1 ' ' . - ) " "I '. » , t t e n .ar.c-, T.g.i, \-^-y o; , ;.(· b ( lou ,j c . xo i w V . i t - . i ul '. ,;-ai! ! i .^aiu. ..- .\ ,. i One l i r i j ; it MV nn e, -!\ y c r u , ,,U j ( l U e l l ajove p . s t e . n . X 1 · n v i . C ) n e ' i , ; h t bdy m a i e , i i h t r n .;-i,i's hig'i, sx years o! 1, Jur.^- h. !y, ! L n c - m a n o anc t a i l , was branded N very l i n h : -- m i y nut show. , _ i? a )ovc stock strayed front rne .ast rutrt- mcr. ] w i l l pry $15 per '.ez-i !r. r t.ieir rt'.uru. fc, the w and w K of-se M sec 4, tp 178, range 64 w, and names the foUowins witnesses to ftroveLia continuous residence c San n coun- , . btage conn^V.ons at Canon City ami '"exas " Abram Voorhees, D S., No. 5536, for the w K of ne j£ n 34 of nw"%, sec 15, tp 13 s, range 70 w, and names the lollowing witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and culttivaion of said tract, viz: William Ake, E. Copeland, W. H. Winchell and Reuben Wiochcll, of Flotissant, El ?aso coanty, Col. Walter R. McMurray, D. S., No. yfl, lot the nw # of nw $, or lot 4 o'"nw )i sec 4, tp n s, range 67 w, und names the fallow! ag witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon anc cultivation of said tract, viz: W. A, Bonnet, Weisport, 31 Pase county, and George W. Frost, Daniel Reese, and D. McShane, of Monument, El Paso county, Col. Jacob L, Besore, D. S., No. 5035, for the sw Ji of nw $£, sec ao, tp 12, south of uange 03. w, and names the lollowing witnesses ;o prove jis contmous residence upon and cultivation of : aid tract, viz; ames E. Fmley P. O'Brien^ William Beaumont and K. S. Savage, of Colorado Springs, £1 Paso county. Col. , we ras . ?3^D BARN DOLLAR, Register. Stages at 15. Xoro lor Tr nidac, four mi es. ostani. Dice^t connection at ?ijejio win t ie Atchison, Top'eka Santa /e ^ai.roar 1 for a joints VAXE, CALViR'L' GO'S PAiNTi UN' H A N I i. ' _______ | n ^ - - T g r . - s Q -7 v ^ « -- A a w V « j _ C ^ j i - . | ^ , -UKALEKS IN .N C;^TH, ZAST SO Oj^-Ci.'jiC AN- JJJjJilAx"! FOjL SAL3L . - j - A goot ;ODCC Pnnce me_o__^ deon,CM:at) or cash. Address iJoo, ' ,. gr --- .^.^. b CJSA5l3rS, w m L. -' ~» O .=l SAL^-acris o: .anc, fracec and ^ uncier d:tw, aa-f a m, .e soutli of Goloraoo ' * AVB. - Palce Sleeping Oars, Heolining; Caair Care, x and O^servaLion Cars On cayligat trains tjrouga tae .-tuya. Gorje. Tjrowgj tickets to a_ prinapal tpoints norta, soutj, east anc west, wit J rates always as ow as :he lowest. Jul. information on application to Loca. Agen:s, or lo v a'. Managei. Gen', "^cke: Aj;em. SASH, DOOHS,. B^l OfEce and Yard, North Tfjou Sueet, comer H · ir i. COLORADO SPRINGS Our Ie»«iiptlve lUastratec. Pr co Ust, No.»9, of Dry Goods, eto^ will ba iaiaed about Starch 1st, 1881. PE oea quoted, in Ko. 28 will remain soodmym that date. Send as your name early -as copy of Ko. 89. Free to any ataresa. 4 7 i,i

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