Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois on January 4, 1882 · Page 2
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Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1882
Page 2
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fatly Republican. MAOON oo. oroocrrr COURT. WEDNESDAY EVENING, JAN. 4, 1 B. K. HAH9UEK. 1. R. M033SJ HAMSHBR MOSSHR, P^ DBCATCH. 111.1X lidia'B are said to be nearly 300,- The Hoffinan Investigation, The church investigation, in the rm, 1881, Judge Mmith Fro- I CMW o{ Kev . H. O. Hoffman, Will take place in this city beginning on Tues- av Jan. 17th. The committee be- ore whom the investigation will take lace will consist of the following iiembers, traveling ministers of the conference : Kev. M. A. OUO children in Kentucky not attend ing school. THE legislaturT^TohTo met on Monday and organized by electing the Republican caucus nominees to the various offices in both jiouses. GOITER'S brother, John W., of Boston, is reported to have given up all hopes of saving the assassin's life, and thinks he will -be hung within the next sixty days. the month of December to the amount of 812,793,623. Since the beginning of the fiscal year, JulyJ, 1881, the reduction has been %",107,094. THE IllinoTs" Adjutant General's requisition npoii the 17. S. Government for 2,000 cartridge boxes for TflMPAV, JAN. ··" Court met pursuant in aOjounimei.t, Judge Smith presiding. CHANCERY DOCKET. Margaret A. Watkius et al.; partition; re-port of coinmisBionerH approved and decree granted. COMMON LAW DOCKET. Several arguments on demurrere to pleas in different cases were heard by the llinois Jewes, Farmer City, 111., Rev. Jas. Miller, Urbana, III; Rev. J. W. En- ^lish, Danville, 111.; Rev. J. B. Wolfe, Shelbyvffle.HL; Rev. A.T. Orr; Del- 111.; Rev. W. F. T. Spraill, · Wilson ; jury; verdict court. Charles H. FaUer m appellant; appeal; trial for the defendants. PEOPLE'S DOCKET. The People vs. Edward Chenuweth and John O. Adkius; lurceny; defeiidiint ChenoTFeth withdrew liis plea of not guilty, previously entered, and entered a plea of guilty to the first coivnt; and beinf, nuder 18 years of age, he escaped ticmf, | seut to the .Toliet penitentiarj-, aud was sentenced to imprisonment in the count) jail for CO days. A nolle was entered to the second count in the Chenovctli indict ment. WEDNESDAY, JAN. 4. Court met at 8:30 a. m. CHAJJOEBY DOCKi: I 1 . Margaret Kennedy et al, vs. Putrid) Kennedy et al; partition; leave RiiiiiteJ tf amend bill so as to make Man Kenned. party complainant, and report of snip ap proved. tho new rifles has been tilled and the partrido-ps are being distributed to . -- - cartridges are 4, ^ ^ ^ ^ R ^^ yg John H K( , r the troops. , i COMMON LAW DOVKET. H. Brown, adminibtr.itor etc Henri or nie "o i rirfv et id; dobt;moti'mb difendi'nt for 1-r is reported that President Ar- o-mtinimnfe. 1 ,. ... , Ovcrmire Kiiufnian tliur intends to raise the position of pri\ ate secretary to a higher plane by getting Congress to make the salary §4,501" and thfn adding Sl,r00 from his own pocket. He expects to secure th- services of some statesman with political knowledge and keen sin-la! tact. Guiteau's Gab. He Makea his Usual Speech. Guitenu-- I've got through, sir. The marshal whispered some instructions to a bailiff sitting in the dock. A moment later tlie prisoner blurted upon smother harangue and · · · n i his shoul- Guiteau--Get away from me or The Prosecution Closes Us Cas 1'os I M \STEII ( r t N h l 1 . M. predecessor, '"'· -'iirni ousiiltntinii w i t h AM.riif Bri'tttttfr and l'»' J subject *f tli 11 stitr r prosi'cutiu'i-- w i l l '*· ,msU Mr H.m,. I, tit'd II- jui-.tlllil-tl'l '/ HOWF and his -.. have held » attachment; leave to file lute pleiulprrorMiircarot T). .mil Mill. Auril C. Sti-icns -vs. .fiilm 0. appellant; appeal; trial by jury, fur Stevens, lmu Molina entered 1» defendant for n trial. ChiirlfH Mnlioncy vs. Tliomaw Dnvis, nj.IM'iil; trial by jiir.MiondiiiR. \\rdict asirbccd ,it 6200. nrw Mil T-.I . nlic retiring Chilli's. int'ton. wtshivl f t!' - n i l ii-tn- 'i U T.'»;!itr-n .1' ^ "n u n Ii l I ' - n i . i i n III an llnrvi-J il.ikrr Mr- * T Ilimlwii) M n E l l i a llr.uH Ml« F!»w linurii Mi« Kllll llvnun Mutter Tim !' ( ' r u m Ml-t Iiini ( 1 ;\ M I l i - n r y , 1,«H .lullltl.' i h ahum Jnhii i ,, i k . l n h i i 11,1 1 * Mn» Miiri Mr- llllll thin r n i i n t n . but ««- "Mi,,"" 1 l o d e pnrt »t the ciiiiiiiinnd of hi-- m th.-r, whose will, in wmrdiiiH'c w i t h t ' i u niw-custom, i-oiil'l not b. '|M' t i nii'd Tin- Cliim- d i j i l ' - m : ! . ' . :.iv --ud t'. ho niin/.i'd nt the hid; "f lih-d iwer cnn. in Amencn. mid » iM'ilei of their · rue- bus ev.-n |.ni|m-"l '" c-t-iblish .11- here ID t«wli t i n - - f i i t i i i u - n t 11,1 duiibt t h a t I n - -i rilling,' in .-it priiitor. Mr . ,1 I l l n - l l t . Step . , I. -M d"d I . ..f I I.,I ··'.) .liMii't.1 llriini i KiHItht Mrt r K i r l n W i:'lnrr T. ( Moii-liiiul Mi" Office at Tli'i-'ilui. MH- ic«k cndlnB Jin '·· '*-'· Milli'r Mi-" Loltif' Mtlhiiuw I B McrccT Wm M t K u r t j Mm.ri-li' Mefirtiw Wm SiNim Mis" Mr.\ Hiuliimokirl' UiilMon Mr- l A l l l n i i Hwrn .1 I. KHrhio Ml-"- K in- !ti-((|-r Frail's Movrn-t M't-'fi' \ Tlmiini" I', A I'urplll Wiikrr Vermin Klnii 1 !- W'lni? Misi Alli'O Warner Goo B 2 Whltebouw Ooo I i Wnrshiim Minn Moth' 1 Witt Miss Mary Wolmnii Wm A Wrfi?ht Gertrude 7cppc LiicuB avan, . Waverly, 111.; Rev. Thos. D. Weema, G-riggsville, 111. These gentlemen are all clergymen of large experience, sound judgment and unsullied reputation. They stand in the forefront of their conference for ability and integrity. Being men of intelligence and piety, they win be influenced neither by fear, favor or sympathy. Both Mr. Hoffman and the prosecution have expressed themselves as perfectly willing to commit the case to them, and cheerfully abide their decision. Kev. W. N. McElroy wiU preside by virtue of his office, but will have no voice in the decision. It is simply his duty to see that the order of the church law is preserved, and decide legal points as they may arise^ The public will await tho verdict of this committee with the profouudest interest as to the result it may reach. It has been decided to hold the session-, in secret, as is, we believe, often done iuthe trials of the church. --Bloomiiirjton Pantograph. THE- early settlers on Oil Creek who were in the habit of slamming petroleum from the, waters in the neighborhood hud little idea that it would in a short tune become one of fhe fir^t articles in the commerce of the world; and those who sank the first wells were equally ignorant as to the commercial importance of the discovery. In August. 1880, the first record of the production of oil was made, find it was exactly 339 barrels per dav. Since that time it is estimated "that 110 less than 8331,000,000 have been embarked in the business. Much of it, especially in the early days of the oil excitement, wore sunk in unprofitable wells, but long ago the Criminal . D. C., Jan. 'A. In Court this mornijig, Guiteau made his opening speech as follows: ''I had a very happ) New Year's yesterday, and hope ever\Udy else did. I had lots of visitors, high- toned, middle-toned and low-toned. That takes them all in, I belif-ve. They expressed their opinions freely and none of them want me hung. They all, without dissent, expressed the opinion that I shall be acquitted. Dr. Gray took the stand, and S-JG- ville resumed the cross-examination t-lap yon in the mouth. With this , ("rtbm-at he subsided, however, and o \ turiii'd his attention to writing autographs. John "W. (initeau was again put upon the stand aud questioned in relation to Guiteau's letter to Senator Dr.ii Cameron. 1 Kaulge- I object, your hunos, to anv attempt to introduce what bears prima facie evidence of being maim Witness had not. in giving his K. P. LVTI.K. V. M. THE LUCKY NUMBERS Ui-i-w Prtzos In the Fred. Norman UHt Drawing on Monday the business became a profitable one, and many millions of dollars of legitimate capital, about one-third of the abou' figure, and hundreds of vessels are UM'd jn the trade, which extends to all quarters of tho globe. Last M-ar the exports of crude petroleum, i or its .'.[iiivaleut, from tho United Stales amounted to 402,592,749 gallons This they will reach the enormous total of 600,237,095 gallons.-The increase is caused by tho heavy production of the Bradford region, and the increase of tho use of petroleum by the people of Europe and other countries. During the last six months the product of tho Bradford opinion on the direct examination that the prisoner was sane,,taken into account the evidence of the prisoner himself, but taking that element into consideration his opinion would still be the same, - that the pri-oner is sane, and was sane on the 'Id i if July. Witness was asked if he was familiar with the case of Lieutenant Sanborn, who was killed by Dr. Wright. at Norfolk. Vn.. and replied "Yes, sir; I was sent by the President to make an examination and give an opinion on the case." "How much did yon get for it?" shouted Guitean. "Your idea. Doctor, that a man can't be insane unless his brain is diseased, is rather frivolous. You don't agree with the Saviour. You ought to study up spir- itology, then yon would catch some new ideas." Witness did not believe in what is termed by some writers "emotional insanity' 1 or ''moral insanity."-- '·Kleptomania" he considered simply thieving: "dipsomania." drunkenness, and -I pysomania" incendiari--m. These designations were simplx con venient terms which had been invented to cover certain crimes. ··Insairi- factm-ed testimony. Guiteau--And so do I. After arguments upon the tjues tion the court again ruled against the defense, and this witness .wa* withdraw n. Scoville again brought up the question of introducing new witnesses, and after argument was madothe defense gave notice that they would submit a motion in writing to-morrow giving the names of witnesses and the facts to be testified to. and , shortly introduce a new feature. So-called -'cranks," numbering between forty and fifty, have been arrested here since Guiteau shot the President, most of whom have been sent to the St. Elizabeth Insane Asylum on physicians' certificates. The phvsicians'in each case will, it is said, be'subpcenaed for the purpose of comparing those ca«es with that of Giu'teau, and demonstrating, if the commitments referred to were justly made, that Guiteau must be likewise insane. \TOBTI-NC siwaits Dr. C. K. Sjkc 1C9 Madison ptrevi, Chicago, if lie was not BO utterly oppnseil to atU ertising 1m "Sun; Cure for Catarrh" anil "Atmospheric riiMiflUiU.r," hut IIP "ays they n^cd no They Must Go! 200 Bacques and Dolmans, Plain Beavers, Diagonals, Silk-Lined Satin de Lyon, All reduced to the Best Bargains tlu-t YOU EVER-SAW. th« not supported by affidavit givni; reason why s'uch witnesses were introduced before. Court adjourned until to-morrow. C«ito, ILL., Jan. 3.--A general delivery took place here last night about 10 o'clock, resulting in tho rs- cape of five desperadoes awaiting trial for various offenses. Haz Martin, the city jailor, was approached about 10 o'clock by a female, who presented an order for the release of one of the prisoners confined in the jidl. Opening the door of the jail to notify the prisoner to come forward, he was met with a deadly blow upon the back of the head from a bludgeon ill the hands of one of fhe prisoners,and as he fell to the floor was kicked and beaten in a brutal manner by another. With a yell the entire mob made a rush for 'the outside door, their liberty. i,a ili-i-w a *50 (»i Gfivi nimcnt Bini'l · u I.tulli'S Gold Wntui). tlti-ri- w i l l » ' · ! · · · ' '' til.- ulVlO" i'f ,;·*··! I I M I V f l s ( i i , - pi.' I ' l l ' |iinj; ilnxMi and " '' Iiv Sterling I' I'"" 1 And "Old M'-r!" « inn-. loo l l « ' i- "' tb"i- «ngh mid ac. 1 «in in tli · Union. » t u i f i ox 11 -ni'ii'i'. :m I : '' II ?1D I K ) n J-10 mi DII Tin: i'ii 1 i luiir" v,' \ii». . ll"!' ;IS,IBG 10,08ft 5,501 ·JJ.7.VI 1I1.0BK " i to tv, -I]' Ilirif n . l i b - H i - . I in ~|M-i ii- v»V- -h .lui' - I i i h u - i " SI»\H wax in thi- n-M ti.-iinr. ui tli tinii- »f tli' 1 rollapM-. aniV which h inure thiin intimate^ «''»' ' uv " tin- cuffer« --f .Ictl' 1"M- ""· »'t"'~«" W h«. oinii.- r-rw.ud t" l'-*iO "' t!ll OB«» prove I - iiiii'-h Taliing tin- Bmi'imtH they m-r .nut f"i in \ari.-ii-! w»y«, uml pilling ll'i-m nil tnui'tln-r, it in niBili' to lippwu !li"' '''ere wri' n KIHH! niiinv u n n e inilhuiis in Irencim than mij' 1 " 1 ' l ' V t r ""''K 1 TIIF royal fmnilv of Great Hrituin 11 foitnigiit ii};') observed with the I j-oiemnity the auniversarie-. of | tlie deaths of the prince cnn-ort and the Princess Alice, which, it will be remembered, fall on the Mime duy, ·hut of the prince consort belli,; this M-..r the twentieth and that of the. third. The memorial service was held in tup mausoleum in the grounds if l-'ngnn.r«, a short distance from the Windsor the ca^tV. At its conclusion THE ruliiiK '·eu-.ation nt \Vii.liing ton now IH the reported position f Ocn. Grant with referenc" tu the Fitz John I'orter case A w.-ll fmtn- dil rumor exint- t" '!»' · ^'-c' thnt Gen. Grniit bus n-f. u'K t,'-""' over the papers in the Porter rii-.-. l.-geth or with the cimf.-dcnite r.-p-irt- bear. ing upon the point- nt issue, and thnt , ho is lirniU ponvincod that ;i |,'rent ! wr\ng has bivn done to IViter. uml thnt he ought to U- \indicated. The attitude of Gen. (ir:tnt on this qiies tion ha- created quit' 1 " iliirrj in nrnn circles ATI »M v'- great show, or cotton exposition, l,si-d on Saturday, with upproprinti- . rcmoni'-s. The peojile of Georgia, and of the southern states generally. lire ripi-ctnu; won derfn! result- to flow from this real!) great exli-.l-iti m, and it is toU- hopod and VKT children jilaced f iramorttUes. around the sarcophagus, and an hour later a large number of jxsrsons, including region has largely decreased, but recently a new oil field has been opened, which is beginning to supply this deficiency. The chief trouble of the oil producers during the last ten years has been that there was too much oil produced, and the price has fallen to a ridiculous figure compared with those which formerly ruled.-Nearly everybody in the petroleum trade' can remember when CO cents per gallon was occasionally paid for refined petroletim. and when 33 to 40 cents was the average rate. Now, if the refiner gets 8 cents per gallon he thinks he is receiving a fair return on his outlay of capital. One pipe line already carries the oil from the wells to tide-water and another will be finished within a year. This and other improvements will reduce the cost of manufacturing, but it is hardly likely that oil can be sold at much les- pr'ice to consumer than that of the present time. -- Philadelphia Pi, -. P.vrn succeeded in making herself verv disagreeable at Cincinnati, and demonstrated that her tongue can frame other than sweet sounds. What she said about her sister artists was not only ungenerous but spiteful, and her attack upon Miss Cary was as ty,'' siiid the witness, "is nev.T trmih- mitted any more than cancer." The examination progressed w i t h tedious detail. In tin 1 effort to extract something favorable to the defense, counsel renewed the attack upon the witness again and again, and each time was m«t with evasive or qualified replies. Filially, Scoville, with some impel tine-nee, inquired: "'Can you tell me. Doctor, how many direct replies you have given mo this- morning?" Answer--I don't know that 1 luue given yon any. I propose to r.nsw er precisely in my own way, Mr. Scoville. I am under oath and I propose to give all information bearing upon the case in niy possession, but I do not care to drug my personalities into it any more than possible. The prisoner meanwhile had observed marked decorum, at iuten als gazing out of the window, but most of the time he appeared to be busily engaged in writing his autograph upon cards which were handed to him from the audience by attendants. Scoville desired to put in evidence certain tabulated statements from the CHAMPAIGN. ILL-, Jan. 2. - The Champaign and Southeastern Railway Company have completed its line and ran the fuvt train over it to- dav. It is a branch of the Wabash. connecting Champaign and Havana, and Champaign und Decatur branches with the main line at Sidm\. and will cawj most of its bnsiiie-* \\est of DecMur by this place ST. AI.BVSS, VT., Jan. a.--The' prohibition crusade, which resulted in the closing of the hotels here, will probiiblj ei.d in a few days. A peti- t'on was circulated to day asking proprietor to reopen their hotels, and was p"i rally signed by the business menfwho I'faiin that their business will I). 1 serion-ly injured by the ac tinn of the Citizens' Committee. BARGAINS - ix I Men's Underwear, ( Min'sHobier\, i Silk and Liuen Himdkeioliu'tt, 1 Ldimdiied and rnlatindried Sb' t-, Men's Gloves and Mitts, Men's Working Slurtj, And Men's FuniK'iintfGoudsgenerulh, j3j,r IK. CncAr STOKE. E \ E R i T i i i M new and lirit ola 1 -.-,. Satisfaction aV«,i.\s gi\en. at Cheap Chaili-'!= Square Dealing l'l.tuin; House. Bdivtf. Tnosu nnh:ipi.\ petsoiis who sutler from nervuusnes-B and d.. =iii-i«i,i should use Caller's Little Xoi ve rills wln.'li are made e\pr«^U fi.rblivjile-s nervous, djs- viepti'' sull'cier-. PiKV i") cents, sold bj all din^'ists. « Honey, (loud C'Xtracted ^liite olo-vrr lioiu at Dec 31 did OUli U A U G A I N TAIiLK TO--TAINS AT 1'uK^b.NT inndozfn colnrc I and b .1 I'TI I ir.nziM l.i lent T S c o n t - s n n d SI.13 511 dozen iu^t '--lite 1 n i l Hii 11 N.ipkui'- nt (1 di 1 . -,0 d-izon lull 'a H" · ''"'""· " " 1 "·"· ' 2") ill 7.011 f u l l 'a " " " ' - ' ' ' ' · jO ilnZL'll f u l l ?4 :lt :-.Ti jO dozen f u l l 'i llm 1 , r! i". Hone\ C ' o i n t ) l } u l H - " i c i M i =. M n r s c l l l c s Q u i l i « ?1 '·'··'· H K l n / t - l i l i l l K O I n n . i " ! H m k'lmu'1- i l l " . 1 1 por pair. ijidu/.t'n lari-a- f u i i y f 1 C i i i n . n I'.'iMMt., ,.i cent' pci pair. 10 dozen ail Inn 11 I n " ' 'I (IKi* lnv, i=, cents, V l i l n / n K n i t V i u i i S o '--, ~"i in 1 '' 1" r V""' A 'IITKC l"t i'l U n l i l ' i'.' ! ' ' i ' " · i'i-l'.^ 40 New Liglit Sacques and Surtouts, at lower prices than over before. 20 Sets Genuine Mink Furs (muff and boa) at $10 to 525, ALL AT ONE-THIRD LESS than ev?r ofiereii in Decatur. Do not fail to fee th« Best Corset for $1.00 ever shown; our former $1.00 Corset reduced BIT F, ONI EU to 75 cents. u t i f u l i.:v(.'. ' K - ' - . X. gant I/. i 1 ' -, all pi ici-, ! to ?'J {· !' .!!. h.i. Aii I Hun itvi'5 O iisr. , y l e . l.:i.e Ihuikirehii-i- Iroui SI to $4. i 3 ei- S i l k Huiidkucliit'fs from 25c to $2 Li, rn " " ftctoSl. . i i k i : ,, ( I - l l l l l . \ F i l t ( . l l - - . ^ ' t i i l - ' 'rli Ku K cf *!mi'C proi i Ills c'lilinuatittg. Wo carry the Largest Assortment of n AII-WI ui \ p i n : u i ( n t - 1 l,(lllO Mini- 4 I I'.K'ili ' " in .11,' H a n d - t i n hi 1 rid 1'rini · I 11 )' c n l l i i i i l l . f n - l i . i f - . .it l"i» x l l n t w n i ' h w i l l l - " I ill-lit x r LI i r pom f ' j i u, i.,.,- , ' i r - K U ' - Q ' CKS, JEWELRY, SILVERWARE, And NOVELTIES in our line in Deoatur. Our stock this toll is VEKY LARGE, and embraces mnny Stylos found r.ou r hero '·]-·! S . In . ln» Follrm.ri: °',' ,', ' ! ' ii Wl'O U l l . i u i , p W h i t e " Wlnu. h m f " Fnlatoi -, per liii-ln B u t t d . p C T v i n i i n . l E^S ll r l i , ' Z l n ! I l l ' nips per l i i H h i ' l . per li'Mil i p \u i' " =i ..i. ..'ill bo Represented. unjust as it was uncalled for. No one ever heard Miss Cary say or do a disagreeable thing, and profession- rivalry with her has never descend- annual reports of witness. From these it appeared that of fifty -four cases of homicides by insane people. seven were by persons acting under an insane delusion of Divine authority for their acts. At the request of the District Attorney, witness described briefly theso cases, and added. "each case was one of marked insanity, independent of the homicidal net " Recess. After recess. Dr. Gray was asked n few more questions by Scoville, when the district attorney announced the conclusion of the examination on the part of tho government. Scoville walked over to the dock and conferred with the prisoner a Tiiu fart thnt the new postmaster general is IL 'talwart has given certain editor- of the feather-head persuasion some concern, but he has recently uttered a remark regarding tlr,' conduct of his department that may have a «oothing effect. Yvhen asked by a New York reporter whether he should put any but stalwarts wiicnt, i«;; on guard, he replied- "I do not calculate upon interfering with any of the employes of my department except in the public interest. In Republicanism I do not recognize any Mich dibtinctiou as stalwart and unti- ] stalwart. The questien with me will i ' ^ ' '.''V 1 '-' be: 'Is th" head of a bureau rosolut"- ly and efficiently discharging the duties of his office?' If he is, then he is the man for my money. If he should not be. stnlv.-artisin will not save him " I"!' )'""' Sn/iti, [n ColIi'L. Tc.l, Liird, HIM on ·iilc", |n n - i i i i i i ' H.iL'i)n, brcakfiibt " HIIPI=, pnr imiiml DrlodliL-cl. vi'i- i""i» ' Ajiplco, por b i i f l i i l , . Omon* . .- · SWLi't P'ltmoi '-, !· r l i l l - 1 ' 01 PRESS ME AlW A"'d all G-.-,pds t Cuaranteed Jitst £;i-- Do not buy anything in our line until yoa have xeen our nlock av.d loomed our prices. s j /"^T""!" 1 O /^^. bOTTCo., RELIAOLc JEWELERS. f^\ DECATUP nnnl cml pi i t":i Ml O l n e -oil eml Dccatin " corn, oats H.ij, pniirii-, per ton "' Innolliy " " . B.iled hnv, " M - V) 10 S't.Hl =.; .u i ? - ID ( 1 Jo .lli tl .'."l b to 10 111 HO no.'to is no H.-O in lH.K:,ill"li. tins' ( omml'.sion l at 1 p. ni ! i . i l o - l l n j . few minutes. seat he said, After returning to his "Your honor. I am tak- tradesmo'n, were ruVnittod j eil to peisonal jealousy. A reporter n. view the mausoleum. | called upon her at Philadelphia, * ! wllOVfl i Miss C.vnv captured Philadelphia ;igfiin Friday night- by appearing upon the concert stage in her travel- * . . , i · where she sung Friday, and she told Wm that she had not read the remarks of Madame Patti, did not pro- ; their fondest o^pectntion-s may be realized. Tlie information diffused throughout the rountn. and mow particularly in the northern states, ought to benr ru-h fruit in the near fntnro. Th" old i-i^rue in the Bonth ha! passed awaj. the (.'hit.ese- wall idea ha* boon ovi-rthr-nui. and tho people nre fust coming to realize that in this age of tho world a people cannot be great nor pro-perom with-! out adopting the cosmopolitan ideas of the day. The south will be more prosperous when it*, resources and the possibilities of its economic interests become more generally understood The days of sentiiucntalism and sectionalism arc fast passing ·way, and are giving place to the era of material activity and indnMry ing ilveBM, with a plain linen collar mid no ornaments, and singing with her usual sweetness. It appears that she lost her baggage, but instead of making a fuss about ik and postponing the concert, as many performers would have done, she accepted the situation, and gave the people all the j i'iiji\ ment they could nsk for. | THE Pall Mall Gazette not take much stock in Mr. Elaine « letter .u reference to the Panama canal, ;md proceeds to discuss the matter in this wise: Mr. Biaine's dispatch, like most of the late secretary' 9 utterances, is full of "sounding brass." Of course, if the United States means to repudiate the Clayton-Bnl- wer treaty altogether, well and good. We are not going to war to enforce its maintenance. But what will happen then? So far as warlike opera- ations are concerned it is England, as tlie power that posseses tho strongest uavj, which will benefit, not America. If we are free from the obligation to respect the neutrality of the Panama canal, we can block it with an iron- dud against ah 1 our enemies' ships. po Skirt*. We- hwre »bout 100 splendid skirts, fi-U mod fumer'i .utin, which we offer nt Aooteost CHEAP STOBE. 2D-tl*wlw If the American government intends :o fortify the canal, it is in for a very costly, a very dangerous and a very nnrernunerafive piece of business, which will entail annexation up to Panama, and perhaps beyond it The Americans may repudiate the treaty altogether, but they have no right to expect that we will consen to a revision -which ties otir hands while it leaves them free to do wha they please AHTHCB is said to havi spent a wretched holiday week. Joe Medill, of the Chicago Tribune, a] hides to him as the "acting president --lower-case a and p. This is toe awfully awfnl for anything.-- Dat/tn Jouranl, :t. read them, and hoped they would nev»r be alluded to again in her presence. She was sorry to hear that the rnad.uixe was displeased, but was uot conscious of doing anything to cause her displeasure. If she had unknowingly offended s\w was ready apologize and be friends--and u she told the reporter to go home and say nothing about it, which, like faithful reporter, he did not do-, nt gave us instead another evidence f jfiss Gary's calm philosophy nud wet-t disposition. Fon the amount of business trans- eted during 1881, the most prosper- .u- year the country has ever seen, he failures were remarkably few, ieiii" o,5S2. involving liabilities lightly over 831.000,000. The fail- ares tor the year previous were only 4.735. with liabilities of ?65,000.000. Che increase is small in proportion o the enormous growth of the vol- irne of trade, and especially in proportion to 4he number of persons ngaged in business. Compared with'lSTS, the showing is strongly the advantage of the year just closed, the failures in that year being 10,000, and liabilities $231,000,000. In the year 1881 only one person in even- 140 engaged in business has failed, while in 1880 the proportion was one in every 158, in 1879 one in every 105. and in 1878 one in every sixty-four. A SUIT for breach of promise is being tried in the southern part of the state that is exceedingly important in view of the prevailing epidemic. en somewhat by surprise by the ac tion of the prosecution in not calling several witnesses whose names have been given in as witnesses for the prosecution. Theso gentlemen, being employes of the government, were in a position to know something of the mental condition of the prisoner about the time of the shoofing of the president. I do not know what action in the matter the defense will wish to take, but I will inform the court to-morrow morning." Dr. Bowker. of Kansas Cit\. was called by Scoville. The witness met Mrs. Dunmire, atLeadville, Col., and conversed with her. She said she hud "entertained grave doubts as to the mental conditior. of Guiteau at the time she obtained her divorce, and thought at the time she had better defer the divorce proceedings, and await some further developments in the mental condition of her husband." Clark Mills, the sculptor, was called for the purpose ol identifying the plaster cast of Guiteau's head. At the first question, ''Did you make a cast of the prisoner's head?'' Di- vidge objected to any reopening ol the question of insanity, such as would be involved by the identification of this cast by this witness. The question of insanity had been gone over direct and in rebuttal. The prosecution had already admitted the genuineness of the casts. That was all that could be asked by the cle- JrsricF Hon\ri: GILAY is nut only ' learned iu the law. but also in litera tm-e and in mam branches of science. He is a positive Judge, and sometimes an arbitrary one. A distin i guislied Massachusetts hrajer w a s ' once making an argument before him. and. Vihen stating existing rulings on his subject. WHS peremptorily" interrupted by the Judge. -.jfj.' . the law is SQ and so." said he. giving the points as he be lie\ed them to be. "It is the law now. your Honor, but it i\as not until yon spoke." wa.- the quick response. It is narrated that Judge CilH Hi Wheat- $1.2.-.',,Imi,*1.2il'SFpli;tl .7'. March Com-- 61'i Jiin;dP4 l\'!i; (ili'j May. (jus- 11 F a n , 11 I'M); l'i May. Pork-- ;nl 72 'in: l U i 'iQlMi; J17.1J M.irc-h; Lard- =11.00 Jui.'. II 10 Fcli; 11. '1 M in h. OMON -.-Mf K mi " Ilivs-nntiniitwi n e e i p ' s J U - n . F'n Com - " Oats - " .. Hje - " W i n at, --Hi; ('urn. U C.OT- i;rci IP 'l'*^ 111 . 1-il.iitiT " - - M 1 P M I ^·3 Wl.'ilU Wlii-iit- $1.41 M.n Corn ' ' Win i t - » Cum -i)o SS-M NTH ; O i t i , W; l(\o, ·- Toi v:no, Jan 4. .) ', j H 1. !·!.'"· SM.iu-h ICE OVERSTOCKED, AND St. I.IKII- .1 111 ). !· J; 'l.'JT' a IV), -- M'-li .11, ' s " May. D a l t i i i i ' re, Jan 1 J . I n n . S l 14 'i F c l l l J I f M."-.!i n -- ' i.) in: '.2 , Fol); ~,~ Miy. Tlie XTRAORI Gray subsequent!; explained to the (; f0f / s . Suitable fOl lawyer in graceful terms that he had ·* spoken hastily. He has been always read) to acknowledge a fault convinced that one existed. when Old Gurn Springs. Plr-Meianb and all others who liavo tried it recommend the Did Gum Springs wln 1 .- ky as far superior to an oilier for raedi- cil use. I have in stock a lnrre invoice of this excellent brand es].eciiillj for medical use, which I am soiling at a low figure. Why go t'i druggists and ]«} an exorbitant price for an inferior article, ! when you can g.'t )i'nf ln]'i"-s f'i. !,»lf | the money? Tn ihe O i l ( ' ' i n Sj.r.ii):-, and T am | Mire Min will (;,.( pure, hand-made '-"!','·- l'islcj ii ,'i" bettor. I 1, I!. CITS-. ! 14 Merchant St. ' . JOHN H \ . in a recent address. is reported to ha\e said: "Take a bright intelligent, clear - minded twenty one. without M for joining either almost sur« to lio- The plaintiff was a good-looking girl when the engagement was made. Two years of courtship passed. Then small-pox disfigured her face, and the defendant declined to marry her. He claims that, in view of her deterioration in personal appearance since he made the promise, he is not in law or honor bound to keep it The decision has not vet been rendered. young tbllow of any special vi'iis parly, and he i Ropublica ooni- a fense. After further argument the court ruled against Seoville, and the witness was withdrawn. The prisoner undertook to read a letter, as he claimed, from an old friend of President Garfield, in Ohio. showing that public opinion wa 1 making in his favor. Judge Cox ordered him to be si lent Guitean--It shows the state of public opinion outside of this court room. Judge Cos--Be silent Public opinion hap nothing to do with thi^ casa Guiteau--When I speak I speak to 50,000,000 of people, not to this little crowd in this court room. A Happy Restoration. PuHTLUfD, Min., Avig. '2."j. IS^l. H. H. WARXCH Co.: ·Sirs-- I most heartily recommend your Safe Kidney and Liver Cure to all biifferere frtim un- nary difficulties, tense to its use. T oive ray jiresent exis- J. S. MiTHETs. IF you are tired taking the large old fashioned griping pills try Carter's Little Liver Pilh, and take some comfort A man c;m"t s,timd even-thing. One pill a _ ^ LEAVE urden, at Cole Bros. 1 drug store, at the New Deming and St Nicholas Hotels for Lintaer'R carriages and omnibuses. Also send orders by telephone to the office on South Main street Calla made nt all hours of the day and night. Paasengers and baggage transferred to and from all trains mid tn all parts of the city promptly. Nov29-dtf TOYS-- =tiit e v r i y me. SLEDS, WAGONS, ROCKING HORSES, MUST' CHE CUPS, DOLLS- V 7 ASES. F U R N I T U R E - A w,, 1'' i LIT, STITK? t i s, , , c t from BED ROOM SETS, K.·_.,,,· EASY CHAIRS and ROCKEES, ; 'h, 1 Fill 1 1 \s n r f i ' i i t i \ ( ! in I)i ca- j tur. i RATTAN ROCKERS and SEWING CHAIRS. Beau f au". Dscornted TABLE LAMPS "j 95CG1 t d . w o i t l , » 2 . a n d i.undR'ds ·j| o f i i e r L i m p 5 c q u i l l j low in price. CHINA, GLASSWARE, CARVERS and PORKS, POCKET KNIVES, ROGERS' BEST PLATED WARE, BASE BURNER STOVES, foi Decatur Coal, and in fact almost Everything you may wsnt for House- fceepfng, comfort, beauty, and utility. The whole page of this paper would not be large enough to simply name the articles to be had at the very lowest prices --yes, REAL BARGAINS-at DRESS 01 ELL! i I, i . . r v i i ' i ; as wo do an excessively Large i : i to .i!"- I -Ml.ei)c.t 30 DAYS BARGAINS! ent Off GOODS, r"iu.t ami Complete Line of 1 AND DRY GOODS ( I o n adap'.'d f-.r winter wear, CLOAKS, CIRCULAHS. SHAWLS, HOSIERY, Mammotti Stores i?. 20,18?l-d8rwtf CHILDREN'S CLOAKS, UNDERWEAR, SKIRTS, CROCHET AND KNIT GOODS, GLOVES, FftfTTS, C., C., C. Our R'-ei'iit Ruliuii-m-, and Guicral Mark Down are real, egitimate, · ant' v.t fi..n convince any intelli- M \\e «·!! i''l · '".--'* of e'T.ds VASTLY !n n' hai-'llv i - ) - . . ' '}' '.ui tc-'-i.ds arc wconrl to . O coniu - r v, h M t'uc-y are. and oiir jmr t d with siiiall , , -- nw-.-arv in onlir to rfduee clock, or r-xp'-li-ui to forte tales at the latter end of a ^on, we are alw^ready to lerourj.a.ron, and the^mmnm- t v genuim; Mid geut buytr t l CHEAPER than any h-i'i-v: As regards qualiiy, v. i-' none, no matter where tLey Tlie market i- open to u- We are at ail timrs . - . ii)g fatiiitit= (qual to the best. piofits, and when we hr;d it at , large REAP THE BENEFIT and cvny article marked in plai" »" 1|i! reductions are indicated in a similar manner. Oar goods are ail fresh, and this ypar'. inauufacture early infpection respectfully solicited 3n(1 WIthout fi K uri *' aud tbe and styles. An . ^^ Cheap Store. Merchant Street, Decatur, Ii!. SOL. M O R I T Z CO. of an; we o goods O i; TKl t h ' \ _ O V vs A o

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