The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on December 19, 1902 · Page 11
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 11

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 19, 1902
Page 11
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FRIDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 19, 1902. THE -OBCATUB REV1IVW AT THE SYKDICATB BLOCK GROCERY YOU WILL FIND The «dlble». dellcacle*. trlmmlnga and other thing» for your Christmas tr.dlnf. Bcclnnlnc with th« bivalve* we 4»n take you through the m«nu an« not mlM a itn«le number. Her* to a llct of (om« offering* that are eaionable and attractive, coming an they do at «hls time. ORANOES. gonorax-From Mexico, iwect, »!»·· from 3D cent* to Juicy. 40 ccnti bright down. Florida).- Indian River Bright* or Ru»- ·ell. Thln-iklnned and juicy. Navcln-From California, largo selected heavy uredlem oranges Tangerinet-The Kid Gktvc oranges. Orape-fruH-Bcvrral MIC" «'f fully f'P« fruit. Nice for lirrakfnxt. CIIIUBTMA8 TREKS. The flrnt lot l» hcr«-. More coming. Price* rnngo from :So for a itmall ircc and up for a hlii tri-i-. llclly. t-vcrgrocn. mlii- lletoe. holly wrc-iilhM. etf. Our price* on tin-ill' wl'i 'b« very low. NI'TB. The Clirimmnx stocking mtmt luive lln filling of iiKiMirttd nut*. Where el«e Hi U.IN city can you fftid ·urn « nice n»- Hi.rlnv-nt of "II guaranteed new nul* to ·M-|«--I from a* you can ut the Syndicate Hlock Grocery. New j*ofl-xhrll almond*. mift-Khvl) walnuts. Klrphant mlxi-d nuts. liecanx, filbert*. Hrnill nuts, 15 to JOc iMiiir-d. Bhdled Nuts-Fruxh, elenn stock of the highest grade, almond:-, jrcans. walnntr 80.MK THINGS TO IIICMEMIIKK. In arranging for your Chrl«tmns dlnm r at Hfieclal prices : Crcmo Flour-Thin flour I" Im-miiing In popularity each day. Still «t II per 49-pound rock. · . ' J Hi Fruit Jam*-- Hlclii'llcii pure fruit Jams In ono.pound gl»M «»corled kinds. Xe Jar. Oenewre-- Pure fruit In tins, per tin lite. I'lirc Fruit Jelly-- Any wind you may want, guaranteed pure, put up by Reid. M unlock ' . l'k' H 1 '""" Honey-- A very fine honey. 20c n com*. Boiled Cldfi-- For 1'hrlntman eooklng. 30c- :»er i:u»rt. IVvlB-- rilrnn, (.range or lemon |eiln. t!io rxtni fancy slate khwl. »* pound. Maple Syrup-- Itlchelleu ut $!.'i r . per Jtul- l(.n. the vary fluent! sap maple. R., Islnx-Seeded nilxIrtB In packages lOr; S jHiunils loose Muscatel rnbtln*. 9u; 3 pouiids hulk seedless r«l»ln». Sc: fancy Malaga cluster raisins, ffic. Cleaned 'umints-a paekiiKc* for 2Rc. Chrrsr-Rvcry kind you mn think of. Plum Pudding-- One urn! two-pound tins. .T and Me. Mlnre Meat-nulk, lie noun* FIIKS11 OY8TKR9. We will have all our oysters next week direct shipment, and can guarantee tho hex! bivalves. Standard, Select and Ex- Ira Select oysters In bulk. Extra Select and Now York Counts In ?»"". A REQUEST. Order early. Forethought Ix n great help In keeping worry away. If you want everything Jiml right »f the highest ·limllty and towexl prices c«'me to tills store and place your order. Prompt !'it mi m 9m BEAN PRITCHETT, 946 ». lUlo St. B«tb PUM» 148 PEOPLE JTOU KNOW ·I'iie ViinilHlU system lost 111.675 o^rat- Ing the Peorht division In October. faptaln K. \V. Burliee. the editor of the National IJiiardsman, the piihllcatlon devoted lo the Inter, sis . f the nallonnl guard. Is In the city v i s i t i n g Oloml Art h u r J llallugher. Mrs. A A. Telly and sister. Ml*!. Weaiherford. were called to Tuscoln y«W- t-rday hy a telcgnim stilting t h a t their father was dying. C" K Akers will g» to Arkmisa.* this evening to look after some Hind !)'· bought In that Htale. Attorney O f. Adams went to Chntn- palgn this mnrnlng "n buslneM. I'arker lleall and wife of Warrensburg w.» In the city Thuri«l»y. (leorge llmieh of Bement was i Decn- tur vlnltor Thursday. Mr and Mm. Harry Herbert of Maton visited u few duyii with their uncle. S. 8. Meek, at 13S7 Bast Lcnfland avenue Life's Lighter Hours ,,,,.. B V R I ' B I B B . Miss Anna Ward was pleasantly surprised at her home at 1M2 Ka»t Wood street. The vcnlns wiw spent In (amen, music und danelng. The music wa« fur- nlshed h; the Knst Knd Olee club. Dainty refrcBhments w re set-veil. Tho»e prewsnl were Mbs Anna Ward, ||uic| Chrlitlan, Kfflo Olasgow, tMamle White, Anna White Nellie Burns, Mrs. Wullett. Martha 8hleld». May Ward. Ktta Wallelt, Ilosa Walletl, Harvey Holland. Jnme* C'aw Howard Cj»h, Jamc* Ward, Willie Ward. Ixm Moser. Kalph Hott WIMIc White. Frank Ward. A mock §ho»t was one of the features during the evening. A few nclectlom were given on the graphophone by Ixin Mow r. Th« affair wan arranged by Mh»« Hasel Chrtatlan «nd Ro»a Wallell. LA8T THIS TEAR. The Ia.t dance of tb. Amity club'. MMon thl» year w«» heW ···* »'« M ln the Quart* »n»ory. The *uice Now Ye»f« niaht will b« » bi« ««»lr. Interesting Work of Pupils Wood Street. SPELLING MATCH THERE. Other Christmas Exercises In Schools. The exvrrlm-x at the primary room at Wood Htreet consisted of ChrhUmai Hongs and Chrhrtmni RtorleR. Kach pupil made Vwo glftK to take home. The pupils mud* a Christmas ntene In the sand table. A pine tree tn In one corner of the table. Thin tree In tilled with preRentH, which c insist of orangeH, applet), stars, docking*, etc., made of colored piper; also baaketi, ileds unit boxc* made of construction paper. Thi-y made a Inddcr which leans against the* troe. ready for Santu to mount. Santa nan arrived with hln »lej full of glfta. He la drriwed In bright raiment. He nan alighted from his xled ami In atatid- Ing with both hand* f u l l of present*, lie In giving hln reindeers orders before hi- mounts the ladder with the gifts. II:» sli-d IR nlci-ly decorated -mil his reindeer look as If they might he gojd travelers, The room was decoratiil with the gift* that tho pupils made. 8PKI,I,!NO MATCir. There i^'ero somi- readings and songs In the Hrvdilh gnmlc at the Wood strict and a «|«lllng match. The whole room of forty pupils took p;irt and Florence I'age Hpelli-d them all down. FIFTH CtltADK. Hong--"Yes" 'Tl» Coming." Hreltatlon--"Merry Chrlstr/ms," Diir- ward Kyle. Mi-citation--"Tomorrow Is Christina*." Guy Taylor. Recitation--"Santa's Helper," Uoyd Hunter. Bantu's Helpers' Drill. David Sheila- liiirgcr. Kvrreit Cloyil. Durward Kyle, Harry I'rathei Recitation--"An Address to Santa." Nina Howard Recitation--"Chrlmmai« in Othen .undM. ' Willie lUirke. Unity and Mistletoe Drill, sixteen glrln Recitation--" 'Twiis the Night Before ChrlKtmas." Kdlth Muy. Recitation--"Christmas Eve," Hazel Cole. The Story of Christ, nineteen children. Rfcltiillon-"l,lttle Town of Ilcthle- hem," Hubert Mill*. Hccltutlon--"Christmas Day," Oon- c-vii-ve Jones. Hong--"Christmas l.ells." SI-X'OND IIRADH. Simg--"I Will I'nilsc," school. Reading--"The Christmas Story.' Bong-"W.hy Do Hells?" school. Ri-cllntlon--"!hrlstmao Song," «-hool flnng--"Carol, Sweetly Carol," Kchool. Study of Miidonna*. JACKSON BT11EKT. T U R K I C A AND FOt'R II. Song--"Angels' Chorus," school. Hi'iidliig. "Tli)- Story uf Christ." "When We Hail C-i Our Sttu-klnKD.' Nora liookir. "A Di-ar l.lttlr Schemer," Kuth Flail- r. "At ChrMmas Time," I.ulher Russell. "Christmas Thi-.iights." Norn Hunker. "For Christmas," Clara Mann . "ChrUtmas Hymn." llcrtha Adam*. "Santa I'lniis." Karl llrcwer. "Christmas Tree." Orvllle Klrkendall. "Chrlslma» enrol," Florence Fisher. Ch'«nis~"Hang I'p the Ruby's Stock- Ing." l'.i Chapman. Daisy Harnhart, AdrV O r l f f l n K n t h Itoney, June Moore, Hornier Starr, Flnrence FIshT. "Christmas Wish." Charlie Watkln*. "That I c i ' i i d f u l Hoy," Cecil Irf'c. · I'll. Cliiid JextiM," Andrew Murrrll. H o l o - - M l c k i - y MH.iii." Cec.ll 1.CC. Sc.rig- "Away In n Mnnger," Ni'ttlc Saiulerlhi. Ada Stone, Mary Kurtx, I lialsv nimihart, Mamie I.ovc, K u t h ' "Tin- Foolish Turk." Ada Stone. J "Two l.lttle Stockings." Jensc Logite. J rhoniM-"llllnols." Frarirls Cooper. Ani i l n w M u r r r l l . HI x Fowler, Alhi-rt I Smith, (ir.iei Dm lune Mnire, Her- I nice Starr, Daisy llarnhiirt. Honx --"Christmas Star." schonl. Song--"Jolly Old Kt. *NlrTiolas," (li-ace Dunn, Fannie McKlnnry. "Chrlslmiis Carol," school. "Chrlslmui) Without Children." Ailn Stone. "Christmas Kve," Ida Htiinsiil. "A I.lltlc' Angel." Oraec Dunn. "The Qlail Story." Daisy Burnrmrt. "Christmas Is Coming." John R'iy. "Three flood Chei rs," Normu Flint. "Tho Six Holidays." June Moore. Wr- nice Starr, Hiith HOIH-J-. Ailele D r l f t l n . Franklt- Williams, iterllia Adams. Solo-- "Santa Is Mistaken." Hernlco Starr. Quartet--"Twenty-third I'salm," June Moore, Bernlce Starr, Ad' Ic Ctrlffln, Kuth Rone;-. Llttlo Mis!) Snowflake," Lucille*" Ar- chi'i'. ' "Bunta Claus." l l u n l r p Starr. "Dolly'D Christmas," Ailele Orlffln. "December," John Knntts. "A Christmas Hahe." Funnln McKlniu-y. "Christmas TTohlun," Muck Ray. "Christmas Day." Mamie I,ove. "Merry Christmas." John Brown. "Bunny Christmas." Kva Chapman. "Christmas Itefleetlons." MetU 8«n- dcrlin. Bong--"Now the Day In Over," tchool. iSiSS«IISiS8li588il8Si5S^^ ONLY 5 MORE DAYS ······iMHHHHH^HHHM^M"BM^BVBHHHHBiHMBHBBBM"iHMHHBHM^iB maKC me uiggcst in me history of our business and in order to do so we propose to make a general reduction all along the line. Come early and avoid the rush. Remember we carry nothing but up-to-date gentleman's weave. UNTIL XMAS, but those five 'days we intend to make the biggest in the MEN'S SHIRTS We IIHVO n shirt nvwte of tke llnost I'enang. hand laundrled, that retail fur 11.50; tht-y HIT a little milled; you r u n liiivc them for one-third off. Another hit regular nrlvr- 11.5)1, with 2 p ill- cuff*, ut A regular "· «hlrt at We kavi- others at each II, |I.,V and CHHISTMAS NECKWEAR Thin ID our opei'lalty and wo have no lu-oltancy In saying If you will call we ' M i l show yim the largest and mom up In date line In Dccattir n .25 40c $2 CHRIST MAS JEWELRY We have tile l a t e stick pins I"! 1 the l i u t l n n s i'lc., at t tliliiRs In I new Ascolx, uff isasrs $1.50 XMAS. UMBRELLAS We make a Hprclalty of ' t h e very llncst gnw'.eH '" '"lorlaK, Taffetas, Sci'tse Silks ami I'lilnn Silk. The handles an- n a l u r a l wiuid. Ivory, hum. pearl, sterling ullvcr and His. golil. eui-h »1 ti $5 BIG CUT IN HATS The colcbruti!.; Koclol };!.*i)) hal at * YoumHii's jr. gnidr $2 grade at KM gnuie lit · · · $2.95 $3.95 SI. 50 $1.95 XMAS. SUSPENDERS Till ti;i inie In ·' hox at M "tf, ?1 and pi-r nal» -... XMAS HANDKERCHIEFS At rcduoed price. 0 An fleKant 1,'ic w h i t e hrmstitched an,i hand lanndrloi.1 haiulkeri-hlef OCn K'i at 3 1'nr ZvU A i-i'Kiiliir l!."i- Kradc, Initial, put np 0 In a box, no at i,i off. PIT box 8Hk l i i i n t l k o r c h l i f.- ' a t lITn.!. 5it«j. 7Sir and cach pair GLOVES Baddlor Stltclltr SI.50 for Dent's and Peri-Ins' c'le- I h i i i K Is tho them at si (ioll 1 K lovc'S :K r«r :ilitl (1; others :il roil'iiccd prlceM, We and . Hediic«d prices 111 l-'liiniK-lletti rohes nlid pajiunas, .Vic, T.le. Jl, J1.5(l an,I COLLARS ilo/,i'l| III 1' ti $1.40 CEO. W.HARRIS, 149 MERCHANT ST., CENTRAL BLOCK. B8S3S5S§fi:5:5-S:2 HATTER AND MEN'S FURNISHER, CHRISTMAS CAPS The largest uiiKli titi to date lino 1:1 the city HI 2Sc, 5(k-. 7.1c. IN MUFFLERS N u w In your chiiitee l clirlHtniaH present cheap; IJ.L'r. ninfller ut .......... buy i kind $1 t i u a l l t y $1.75 $1.50 98c 75c 50c 25c HOSIERY FOR XMAS. At me. I.-M-, "»··. r*-, 7.i'-. ff I r« * I :.'·". and |i"r |.ali , ^I.OU In t h e finest lotyptlaii cotton, llhle and Milk. D u a l i t y ·j-aci .*.*ct fllffonl Huth- s, I,ester Hi-Mini!, l.«-s- l.lnn I Hi Id-s, lOarl N o r t h !'"l school. M i l l i k i i Bo, " Mil Vo- At Ibe meeting of th» O»catuf »l«dlc«l ·ocMy BM* »'«nt »t «b» offle* of Dr. B. 3. OumttMA tlw pro«r«ai prtnt«d yeil«r- day afternoon wa« c«rrl^ out Dr. Mc- CtalUnd-i P»P«r wai followed by «n In- lerMUnv dlgouwlon. A l»P«r not down ,* in. profMm WM f.»d. It "···«»· .unicatlon from Mr*. Uen.. In wfckh lite ..*. tk» afnbu* «f tb- «-toty · »··«· InV Dr. Will C. Wood ·»*· » t«vl»« o Ik. MW tkkw ta mmtm* ·*« ·"· r.porud ta th, «-- I Journal* To Mr. aad Mn. O. H. ktachtota. North Jordan ««»»«. Tbunday. Dec. · 'ER 8TBEET. IN MISS TRAITTMAN'S ROOM. Oiienlng Song--School. "Christmas Greeting." Alice Bernard. "Fred and His Bun." Evprctl Williams. Bong--"The Doll* Who Are Coming for Xmai," fourteen children. Reading-"The Night After Christmas," Helen Smith. Reindeer Bong--Eva Murray. "Christmas Eve." William Doddi. Dialogue--"A Chrtotma* Clan." , "A Chrl»lnw« Bong." Zelma Llndity. Finger Play-"8anU Claui' Joke," ·ohool. Cloelng onc. Mhool. FIFTH GRADE. ··Welcome," Lester Rehllng. Song-' Merry Chrlitmgi," Walter.'Ds- viM, KlIKClle )!l.iilt n i u f f , Hurry Ki-a l l a m t n a i i n . Shockej. 'Christmas Kvi Mabel I'lilim-r. "S.illla'H Helpers." Lclns .loi.Ian "Old Santa Clans." I'eiu-l l l . n n - r . "The Kaftli Him ( i n - w i i old," Wrljjht. Son--"I'lirlHlniHs Hi-'ls. "Christmas Slocking!'. Hams. "Said Tulip, 'That 1« Whit'.-. "Santa Clans Is Cumlim," law. "Mi-rry Christmas." l-'reil Mi N. II. "No Stockings tn Wear." l.lun lllcki-K. "Christmas Carols," Willie Fahay. "If You're Good." laster llummiiiin. SOUK- "Santa's Slelghbflls," Julia ISess "flivnt:i and His Reindeers," William Hradshaw. "Christmas Morning." Adelhi-rt Cnovcr. Christinas jtii.tHtlons hy W i l l i e Hcn- (liTsun. iMIIllkln Williams. Willie I.aru- hi-rt, Klniev W a l l e t t . liurry DecUrni, K. Ciladfcltcr. "Holly," Julia lluss. Christmas Hulls in costmne. representing six different n a t i o n s with d r i l l lolse Cilllns, Hasiei lOdwnrdB. Jean Kern. Kilna l l a r n r l l , Flossie I.OIIK, Ni-l- lle Herkley. Introduced oy S'liita. Jr.. Willie Faliay, Song--"Chrlnlmas Time Is Here," school. "The U l l l c Chrlslinas Tree." I.elah Thompson. "Christmas lias Conn 1 ," llessle l l a n i - r . "Katie's Wants." Allren Marsc. "ISuod Night." sehnr.l. S10CON1) A N D T H I R D IJHADKS. ChrlHtmus Acrostic-Orvllle Perl, Roy House, Marshall Oiirrlsnn. Victor Travis, CJoldie Wallet, Myrtlo Kern, Edna Smith, Ktlii'l Cornelius, A r t h u r Kramer. "Olden Story." Aaron Ruckor. "Hiippy ChrlMtmas," Rvx Terliuiie. "How Dollle Spoki." ..MiUKiiet Sheehy. "Hung I'll the Iluby's SlocktiiK," K v - erell Carder "My Dolly." Kdna Smith. "House Whrrr T«'d l.lvis," I'rban Mi Di.nalil l.ntliei (iardner, John llirt, Lonlse. H'l'K". l.ela Mciulc-y, Mary Iliicker. Klhrl Mcformlck. "Santa Clans' Joke." Mnrguvrlte Ahrumv. "Dear Dolly," Kltlle Oordanler. "Satltii's Helpers." J a m t x Rodgers. "Two l.lttle Btocklugx." I.eota Hal. "A. Christmas Wish," Willie Moraii. "Chrlotmus Worry," Marie While. "A Letter From Santa." Margin Kalglit. "HHll Chimes," Myrtle. KiiiB, "ChrlHtmas Kmbli-ms." Florence Vlek- "Santa's I'nrly"--Kilgar Murray as Santa, Harry Davis, Unice ' Draper, Jamitt l.ahounty, Arlle Tallintt, l-'ri-d Ferher, I.vota llalloii. Ktigcno Hlckes, Gladys McKay. P R I M A R Y . Christmas Hymn. Ueeltallon-Ix-Hllf llarni-r. Recitation--Ralph Wamsley. Recitation--Mai li Cotighlln. Recltatfon--Leone Mittlu-ny. Recitation--In-nr Hummiiii. Reeltiitlnn--Louise Votaw. Recitation--Lydlu Fcrl«r. Song of Christmas. Concert Recitation--"A Giant. Stoek- Inc." "Dolly's Piece," Thereau Ruthruuff. 8ong"-Relndecrs Coming." Dlstrlbulkin ol Chrlstman baskets. "A Note to Santa," l-Mtia Klinhci'lalii. SOUK--Four girls. "The (linger lln-ad Man," Albert !!"- Wanted," "Just W h a t laughter. "When Santa Corned," Mae Johnson. " W h a t Santa Claiw Thinks." W U h u r n .lolni Arnold. i' " S K V K N T I I C.RADK. · 'Pettyjohn's Temptation," I H I l l e w)| . ' I l i u - k w a l t e r . i "Santa's Had." Dolly I l u t h r a u f f . "The Night Ili-fon- Christmas." Kllm- lielh Pagan, "The Kve Ileforc Christmas," Catherine Ho|tp-. "The Night After Christmas," Alice Henderson. ·'Bong--"Christmas Kve." schiol. "Santa's Secret," K d l t h Rlchhnrt. "Ni Slocldngs tn Wear," Marguerite Votaw. "A Visit from Sanla C'lans." ("atliorinc i V. "I'ndi-i- the Mlstleloe," Stella Satifor.l. "Snow Flakes on Christmas Kve," Dll. lie nueliwalti-r. "Kris KrhiKle's Snriirlae," Kate Ciar- rat. "Samly clans." Calherlne IInp|ie. Sinig-"Tlic chrlHtmiui Tro Soiij; "rhrlstina:- Sotig." SCRAP^OF NEWS ( i l . l ' I N N COYS (HIM-:. Two l"',v: i.M' I'. K. l i l ' l l l l were .voiler- ilay seul to the orphans' lionn- al Sllel- b y v l l l e . Tiles.- l . t y s ami t h e i r sister were found in a house which was l n - i n n movcil ' o i l a lot inn-chased by (he Wabiish. lie- '· inn Poorly p r o v l d i d (-r and e v l d i ' i i l l y neglected. Yesterday Ui-v. Mr. Slacker tl'e M l i n o l H i h i l i l i ' e n ' H home a i a l aid KH- ciely took t i n - boys t o Shi-lhyvllle. t l p l r I'alhnr having sltiiieil a release In Ilic society i'-f all a u t h o r i t y and control over t h e hoys. The l i t t l e girl Is .still at the A n n a 11. J M i l l l k l n home. t i n - Aiv.nle wagon;;, wh.T'waM held Wi-diii'sdiiy itventng In lln- -theast l u i r b s of the elly, h;i N not f u l l . ed I'roui the f r i g h t ! lias h up NOT OVF.R IT. McMlllln. the driver ree(»\-cr- sustalneil. N o t l i l n n I.Ml" I'l l-CL-ovcl' the Blolen money or deleci the h ilil-up men. QI'ITK 1I.L. S. tliiHklns IH iiulti- ill at his N o r t h C.dlegi- street: He became so 111 Thursdiiy afternoon In his olllee dial lie lllpsed Into unconsciousness and had to be tak.-n to hl» home l» u carriage. S A M P I . U SA1.I-: CLOSED The CotiMrcKatloiial ladies' "snmplK sale" WilcS doHcil Wednesday night. The st. iek of goods which was left «-.n hand was storeil a w a y and a s.ile will he given SOUK- lime noon. A neat num of if one of """ w: '- s " ll " 1 " I'X '!"' ladles at the sale. ucliool. ( UJ.CCII FOURTH GRADE . Song--School. "Tho Dolls' Letter lo Santa Claus," Theresa Lindsay. "Chrtatma. Nl«*t," Ruth Hall. "Nine and Big," Stelicl Winters. Dialogue-Ruth Hall. Ada LaBounty. Edna, Ktmberlaln, Annie Grebe. "A Letter to New Year'*," Mcne Abram*. "In Funnyland," Clarence Blckes, Bong-School. "Dorothy's Doll," Maud Blmmonn "When Chrtatmu Time Comei 'Bound,'. Luther Ballow. F I R S T A N I i RI-X-OND URAD'-TS. P;o!.v i.r t h e Slii-iiliei-Js ( l . u k e L ' : K - M I Hi'i and grade. "'hristmas Hyrnn"--Flrst wrade. l l e i - i t u i l o n - - - " 0 . L i t t l e Town nf l l ' - i h l hi in, ' vci-ond m-aile. K -Iliillon--"Ciirol. Christinas Is lien VMaei- W i l l i a m s . ii -.·!! i'.I i!i--"The C ' l i r l f l m a s Siory." Hd- wanl Uunn, Willie Keowi:. Iv.lll.i Asliley, W i l l i a m C,iov'. Kiiiu--"Carol, Swei-i:.v Carol." secoml Kiaile. RecHallon--"The First Clif'.stinas HOUR." Ityriin Kaza", l-'loyil Yocki-.\, Aliuon Illmls. hecU.ilioii--.Mi-, and Mrs. Santa. I'lalls," osc'ie i t u n t h e r , M a r K H e r i t e \\'alier. R r i - l t u t l o n - -"Mlxs M u l l e t , " I'.osa "'y. lii'dtatlii'i--"If S I I M ^ 'laus XI lil Stumble."-Hurland .Mnrls, 8oi]g-"Chll(lri'ii, Can You Truly Tell?" Ural grade. Recitation--"Hang I'p the lia'liy's «tm-k- Injf," Mar.\ p Adeline Wilson. · Uri-rtalloli--"(.Map 'he Hands." Mivt gi'.ide. Recltullon--"I.'lay. O l.ail." Kilna .\.li- ry. Hccllatloii' -- "A Clirislmas Wish." Clmrlcs Iia»hlell.-:. Winnie llnrrih, Alarle Haggcti, .Willie Mur.'iii. Rtrlliitlon--"The Kirn Christmas," lirst grado. Ilecllatlon--"A Chrltunas Piece," Kruesi Kvi.-n. RrclUillon--"yiille Like a Stocking," Waller Si-rci-ton, Iteeltiitlfin--"Christ max l-lmbli ins," l)er- tha Ilinlson, Song-"Ke.lnd''er Coinin-K," ilrst ,-ruilc .. CHRISTMAS.. )· Make your selections early while our stock is complete. Holiday Headwear Tlic most complete line of mcr.'s popular priced Hats in the city. Soli; agents for the "Elk Brand" Hat. Latest Shapes $1 to $3 (Contlnnrd on I'.IKV h'lx.) A Bad Inheritance. A little girl out in Oregon when seven years old was stricken down with rheumatism, and the local doctor said it was hereditary, u the other members of the famil y had it. SheBuffered from it for five years, until a friend who had been cured of the disease by Atb-lo-plio-roB recommended this remedy to her. The doctors had tried five years to cure her, but Ath-lo-pho-ros did it with only two bottles. These inherited cases are the hardest to cure.but Ath-lo-pho-ros will do it, no matter what the cause or the conditions. Atk-lo-pho-ibs f^ Cure* All Kindt of I \ RHEUMATISM 8«M by DruHlrtt, JtooWrt Stat Free. ., »w m*mm. f»mi. Holiday Neckwear The largest and most complete line of tip-to-date Neckwear in the city. Panel Four-in-Hands, Bows, Tecks, Pulf Ties, etc., of every description. Just the thing for Xmas. presents KC UP Men's Silk Mufflers in all shapes MC to S3 Gent's Gloves, for dress wear sec «e si.f0 Underwear, all matcr-als SOc 10 S3.00 Fine Sliirts, all the new creations 50C to Sl.»0 Men's Night Robes in great variety SOc to Sl.iO Complete line of plain and fancy Hosiery IOC to iOC Men's Silk Umbrellas, another suitable gift SI.SO to » Hundreds of other suitable presents for the man Fine white tllnmnnd. $29- STUDY The Jewelry Question. Don't buy J e w e l r y haphazard. Look lliui-oughiy and buy n you lintl the place where you can the vi i-y best, most slyllsli, most x-- llable jewelry for y money. know this IK Hie place and we w.iut the groini'.) 1 We convince you Hi.-I w* are \Vu I n v i t e y o n l i » prlci-H. then will bo time compare our guods and in w i l l he satisfied. VV« show o a our goods uny , n i i I n i ' m l to buy ·»· not. mle fellows. ·0 The New Store- g YOUNG'S CLOTfflHGSTORE · JJ7 NORTH \VA't BR ST.BBT m . Opposite MILLIKIN BANK Open Evenings until y o'clock* EVERYTHING NEW. 101 Stick pins sit with trimlne diamond*. $4 to $15. Jenison Augustine Reliable Jewelers, 121 R. WATEB ST. E WSPAPER VSPAPERI

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