The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio on January 17, 1906 · Page 16
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The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio · Page 16

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1906
Page 16
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[ T , n. OVERCOATSATC05T We are offering our entire ine of Men's, Boys' and Ch'.id ·vercoata at cost. NO MANIPULATED PRICES BUT ACTUAL COST. This will positively be the best opportunity of the ea-on a flue overcoat for yourself or the boy. Ton mast see the goods to appreciate our price** The Sword artbe Crusader A Broad Hint The town of Broobtueadow was bnllt Oc two adjoining contiguous plots In a far western territory- It was not · large town, the Inhabitants numbering not more tban 100 families, and nearly all of these were original lettlera. The j * DANIEL FREESE 547 BROAD ST. EL.YRIA [Original.! Centuries ago there lived a crmsader, Sir Geoffrey Burgess, who was noted bctb for hlc bravery and his piety. Ilia katreu of the Infidel Turk was oomo- thing terrible. Prom fir*t to last be £ carried toe tame aword, one of thoM ;: immense weaj-on, that have long ago S* 0 ?' 6 of Brooteieadow did net en- 11 pawed out of date. Every time G*of- ~^8« "wcomer*. Thej were a hai,l | trey Surges* killed a Turk be filed a notch oo the blade of this sword jut +, beneath the hilt At the conclnsioa of 3 campaigns there were notehe* sufficient to reach on both edges from ttM biit to the point Sir Geoffrey returned from the Mr- Uncle Ab--"Wei!, ah'll t,.' yer rite I h e i e , .Mistfih Jackson; it eath crusade and was making preparation* for the eighth whan he was taken with a fever and died. He wu bnrted with great honor* In the town IB which be had lived, and a fine headed sort and did not take kindly ttf mushroom growth. "What gaod would It do us," said a citizen to one who asked what iuauctinenu the people would give him to settle among them, 'to get In * lot of stranger*? As we are, we don't need any gov'ment except on special occasions. No. iir. we don't want strangers," One day a settler came to town who did not ask permission-- a sleek, oily ciao who coald absorb information as won't take marble monument waa placed of th«. "Uentt,-M tte ·on ««*· up vater bat * u j i ^jvc, e f never gave oat any. A few days af t*t ( | many of dem fat mackerel to make a \ wb ® revered him over hi grave. tor- hundred." What Saved Him. John Arthur was called upon. :o ia.-ve some reoairs on the roof of the J mounted by a statue of him. I Two hundred years after Sir Geof- 1 frey'9 death Mohammed II., the great I sultan of the Ottomans, invested Conj stantinopie. and after a short siege the | cross which since the time of Cons tan- tins had surmounted the dome of St (.Continued from Page One) BOARD OF P U B L I C S E E R V i C E r.\n Salary of "Members $ C n " | 0 c Salrry of Clerk -CO Ol' nme building, at a height o: gophia was replaced by the it 123 iee- He c'.imbed up -ind be Qn the very day of this change a O'ler^ronii, AS he was storm swept over Sir Geoffrey's arnive JOHNLERSCHCO. · I JANUARY CLEARANCE | SALE SPECIALS January Prices with us are always low and a "January Special" means an unusually Low Price--even for Lersch's We have too many DRESSING SOQUBS and know that to* sell them all we must Out the Price Deep and a bolt of in tl^ree r ^ Incidentals Tanitoi s I peal Advertising 50 ro 150 On 50 00 ,. l i n - 's i"* held him fa i.^bm ns,' rent Ins :atue e-.; e:vj^li cc · o -,-v'. it · As he T ss.oa of Ue-a 1 i ka jut s au^er at tie f i l l of the C'ir.s: ^2 c ty, and the fact that his statue reaialued e^eu was taken as evidence of Ins iudesiL-;^ Petal $1175 00 i;ei(: 'n "No, § 600 00 . 125 OC V. and added" an eight-penny na:L" Engineering Engineer and Assistants Furniture and Fixtures . . . . 125 OC The Compositor's Love Song. Stationery 25 00 p* cor ic ' ·» i'h me an"* be my love' Incidentals 100 00 · Xone love you half so well. Of a'i the types of girls my pea-1 Total £ 1 -?5C 0* Street Repairs f%y Roll $1500 00 Material - $00 M too's ' 50 00 Crocks "00 00 Total S2550 00 Street Cleaning PRV Roll .lleOO 00 Equipment 1*00 00 Total $3000 00 M Nonpareil I'll set VQU up in luxury. In diamonds you'll be brave, 111 be our faithful minion---ay i'il be our galley slave. I'll give you proof of love galore All feeling else I'll kffl, Ann niv life's record ail sha'l b- Tb= copy of your will. The coirpos.tioa of this love "W'nl revsr out be wiped Al'houch. the phrases of Us "ale Men teem Quite btereo'yned To siocl- a home I've matrices. Arid even plates of 'm." Cemetery Pa Roll § 350 00 Aud « P will keep this house in pi in r Material and Implements . .. 200 00 11 the ''devils" come not nigh. Upon ni\ breast my head display Total .S i50 00 I d $n in fona caress. And ;oiir form with tender force In my arms' losing press So come with me and be my love. Parks Pa Roll ATaterials Total P3 Roll Materials Ton tracts .? 350 00 . . 300 00 Sewers \Ye'U li\e in bliss sevanhic, ' 9 gen Qg When oace our two hearts join as one' you a weapon handy?" In union typographic Another century passed. The cru- / j fades if unsuccessful in freeing the | holy sepuicher brought about a corn 1 mercial Intercourse between the west 1 and the east. There were Christian i merchants in Asia and Asiatic mer- | chants in Europe, but never was a Turk seen in the town where Sir Geoffrey Burgess was buried. Some said that the Moslems knew of his reputa tion and dared not profane it: others , that the shade of the holy man guarded ' the town and kept them away. The knight's sword was haatied down 1 from father to son and at the close of the fifteenth century, when Columbus ' was trying to hud a passage around , the globe to Inaia to facilitate the trading ia spices, hung in the hail of John | Burgess, a plam cit'zen, the tiue having been lost sight of. One day John i Burgess was sitting in his hnu5e when the uoor opened and. a man cJtue hur- 1 riedlv ia from the street. He was a 1 very soldierly looking ruan, wearing i an armor not at all hie that in fastuou. The invention of gunpowder was then beginning to put armor aside, and what 1 was still used was plate, while the , stranger wore chain armor. , "Sir," said the man in a dialect so different from that used that Burgess 1 could scarcely understand him, "have Burgess cast a glance at the sword of the crusader bli arrival a "shingle" was hung out on the street bearing the Inscription "Anthony Waxem. Attomey-at-Law." Brookmeadow thus far had no professional man except a doctor and u parson. The introduction of a lawyer was considered superfluous, and the question raised whe her Mr. "Wax em be allowed to remain. · What's the use a-doiu' au\ thing." said old Honker, "as ^- '! do -felf? If a iawyp- c:.i !i:.:lvt- -i ' , .n' -n :' i -ipunun ,. e;i:--a Iv ' s:.:-- e" i " U ' l A e . V op E.CXI u a s held m g^etu ic^ u 1 ': i. t 1 '? tov\-u, acd ; \\-is Ce.Hlcii th:; t'ae lawyer sh 'U'd -. t L.e iTo-'Vr-J n . t. V.'hcn Mr , T , a\eiu had been in Brook- meadow th r ee aiouilis no citizi'u hnd g ven him .1 t\i«e, and it wns not be- L'eved that he had had a case. He had sjent much of his time away and had boen seen by se\erul of his fellow townsmen ^.t different times at tin frame shanty located at the county seat called th* 1 courthouse. But since he had no law business and no prospects of any, bla early departure was looked for One morning there was a surprise sprung uu the clu-eos of Brookmend- ow. VThen they gathered at the pobt- ofSce to get their mail the postmaster handed, each and every owner of prop- ( erty carver! out of one of the- contiguous tracts on which the town was built a note bea-ius oa the corner of ilie en-' velope the n a m e of ''Anthony TVaxem j Attorney-at-Law " The recipient? of i these notes w«re lufonrod that there wiis a Saw ,a the title of the original tract ·nhp-cjii then 1 property was l o - j cated. Ur Wa^em had p:i_kel ua the j flaw and for a consideration would J give a qul^'lai'm deed ro every lot. If | this was n,it satisfa^rory he gave no- j t3c* that he wouH begui suits of eject-' All 50 cent Tennlt an* S*cqu*« new.. 75 cent tertms flannel tacque* now 29c 39c All SS cent and $T Eiderdown saetpiea. now $1.25 and $1.50 drewing ucquet now 49c 79c All better numbers from $2.00 to $4.50 at exactly Half Price. Tnese are the greatest dressing Sacqus values ever shown in Elyria. Our entire Line of Fa!! and W i n t e r Shirt Waists at Greatly Reduced Prices All Tennis Flannel Underwear at Closing Out Prices Men's Tennis Flannel Night Shirts at GENUINE BARGAIN One line at 39e equal to goods shown elsewhere at 50 to 69c. One line at 49c Compare with anything shown in Lorain County at 75c or more. January Bargains in Every Department. John Lersch A Co Tuns hair the dozens of ow had be^u eucLr a by the mun whom they had been w .· ung to see starve or depart. Thf-y were not an excitable people, but evory man left the postofSce wuh. a lowering brow. That Plate Glo«« r The credit of the invention of cast- In? plates of glass belongs to a Frenchman, who discovered the moth- od about 1GG5. and the mode then adopted exists at the present day with but slight variations. France monopolized the manufacture over 100 years before It was introduced into any other The Talking Machine Store .? 200 00 100 00 . 1000 00 ..$1300 00 A Good Thing. ''You say her father is anxious to taie \ou in the family?" Total To pay Certificates of In- , debtedness |2555 00 Bridges ; f^abor and W^terials . . . . 5 100 00, Contrartp 600 00 j and asked: "For what purpose?' But the stranger without reply went to the wall where hung the sword and. taking it down, drew the blade from the scabbard, ran hia thumb over tha notches, thrust the steel back and with both blade and scabbard started for 1 Anxious doesn't express it." "How did you achieve that?" -I let him win a hundred from me. ^"dMT^dW'tte'bM^'^eaiwa t poker last week." | j^g a plaything. Now, Burgess had often lifted this heirloom and had found considerable Odd. "Well, now that's a funny thing "What is?" difficulty in doing so. When he had Total $ 700 00 o Pay Township Trus., rent ? 375 00 Light 5000 00 Water Works Department '·Miss Paaaav wag an old maid be- hon * * U P on * wail he had been , , ". . , ... . , flb iged to call In a neighbor to aasist fore she married, and now that f' QT - * *^ husband is dead she has becom c JOUPE: ·witlow." ..iaries attd Fl-dvneb §lationery Incidentals Total Labor Materials Total 2^00 OO 1 200 00' 100 on I A Wise Die ''Great guns, Maria! Do vou mean i Silm. When be saw the stranger take it , down with one hand and carry It like a rapier he waa astonished- Indeed he was so startled by the audden appear- i ance with its strange armor and features that f jr a timj he sat not know- to do. Presently curiosity Services $2150 00 .? 700 00 1500 00 .§2200 00 Station Expenses Pay Roll . Fuel an4 Light Tools Supplies - - Total $"900 00 Water Works Extraordinary Line Mott rs and Lands 150 0 0 ' t o tc ^ me t0at you want a^o^her new; moved him. and he ran out after the hat? "Why, you've got one for ever} j man who had borrowed his weapon. tl?v in the week now." 1 He was nowhere to be sefu. Burgess "Yes But I want one for Sundav."! ran down the street and, turning a corner, came upon the body of a man of swarthy countenance lying on bis back, and standir-- up from the body, GHRON- lit-e a shaft to ma-k :t, was tbf sword of Sir Geoffrey Uurse^s. A crov, d soon githf-re r i Inoludmg the watch. Burgc c P, who Ind first come on H. A. D y k e m a n Guar?ntees Hyomei to the ground, told ho --lory of the Stran- Curs Catarrh or It Costs N o t h i n g . ger taking bis svord. but he was not bel.e-, ed. The wat r b took him into -- -- custody, and he v, as thrown mro prison to a w f i i t trial for murder y*t*3 L-'JiiAX-C * IIJJ ii I W »T C. L ILijfc, Ui L 7 T . J, 1.11-1 I. j evening a group of prominent citizens i -assembled in the meeting house and | c*n»I« *f M«TB. appointed a committee to have the rec- j ^ flrst of ^g .. cana ] g of M ars" wai ords searchvl with A view to deter- j tecoveetd in 18T7 by Professor Schla mining Mr Waxem's position, and i f ; u , a3troilom er of the Royal ob it was secure to take such measures as were necessary toward clearing the i title. j It was one week before the commit- · tee were nady to act; then they went; in a body to Mr. Wasem's office. That gentleman, being perfectly confident 1 serratory at Milan- The LETTER TO THE ICLE READERS The teeth are the only bones of th* net protected bj the periosteum- latter Is a sensitive membrane, if the teeth were covered by It of hia legal position and believing that; ftve ry time they touched a hard sub- they had come to offer a compromise, j ttance mo»t ezqnisite pain would b« though he received them arbanely, re-' occasioned. solved tiiat he would not give an Inch ' -- ~ from Bis original demands. j ·!!»** c*Bdi*»tick». "Hr. Wasem," w the chairman | silver candlesticks were knows la "we have taken lega.1 advice and fiud , Britain as early as A. D. 959. that you are right But these people { -bought their lots in good faith and will Aa Old Sayln*. not pay blood money. Many of them I "To pat a flea In his ear," to Indi- can't afford to pay, and if you insist cate a sharp rebuff, IB a proverbial say- they must be turned out of their i ing found ia all languages having * llt- homes. Now, we have decided to give erature. up that part of the town the title of which you are interested in to yor^. removing all the houses to the othc; , tract. Will that satisfy you?" ·aid the lawyer. r ; oo oo t ]00 00' 1500 00 oi Th" Cip 111 M. v nf -h« T ' al r i o i b U s a mi 1 - /-·aM o| ( u bo'' oi t n · 200 Oi) T w a n t to tell vu- i - ? i U - i ^ t h a i I 1JOO 0 0 ; t v \ P i so'u an^ hiiu- U i a 1 z?v" (fiQ dp 5,nrisf i ^ f i o i t l m T -T\or.i r i \ \ l i r . ca^e was so plain lu? rounscl uvb.-rt-jok c K y , and tvLeii a into vi ho at him t half oame be wa-j an advo- Gibbon. Gibbon's face was full and red. Lats tn life he became exceedingly stout, and his features grew flabby. Only eriLg the proDos.tion a bluff ^hen interested in conversation did he · "TA ith one proviso," continued the show indications of the bright intellect | char man- that the property held by that conceived and carried out the you i to be j^a for a cemetery." greatest historical woik ever produced This'uhr provision somewhat by the unaided labor of oue man. piiz7,H] Mr. U'lxem. _ ~ | ,T- ^ «**·" C r DU h^ht Thorea^^U^cbyeaMn; cha.rn.aa. 'V corpse wiU, to «,« t-metery. and WP ha,, ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ June ^ Sept. 1 and Dec 21 all depute that f^oipso ned." continued the corpse with which to -metery. and WP have m orci^r f do away with u refereuce to the title ould be the person hold- Total Totu 1 ( -ati'l T o f a l Public Serv'fc Fund ^^l"-, w Total Ai T i""ij"'''!' 1 ons ! n r ' l «!}i ] G j O r « 2 H O n u n ' , n c a t a r u a l t r n u h l o g Van e"-* |i "^\r · i ' h p f f-c 1 -'" 1 tlir- t r e a ' i . r.t 'n^'stLnt ii 30 ? ill p; f ive in T.' i c r, ^ s if h"s to r a? 1 - of f s Prr-onf ;!··.. in FT 11 i; I \ rot ·MI - 1 r n , T r m in ' r i r ' u ^ a ,n i n r , sold OT l.T 1 TiOn- ^ n ^ ^ T ' ^ P f n '"'n^ ns in a cr\te and o[TH-(Xl to defend the accused Burs°-.s g.i'^e it into I 1 - hands. The afhoro/C' cullpfl for t!:e body of thf m u r " l r : i-t! man to be broxigbt into ?oiir aufi when th s wn^ done, piac- '25 hisr h'ind in tLf bdir, r, nicb was blicl; and trader!, LP ilr^.v oat a paper that L:iJ bf-yu Tin- » i! r d there. Gp'ju- in" it, no "-lio"-^! Arabic "Tbe man i= ,: 'li-i-n -,--d 3L the a'lvo'"'" ' ^ . 1 si: n b .1 ing ,iu uud'-uured right to occupy the property " A.s fi" rha -man snoke The Aloe. The aloe Is th p - o l u c t of a tree In- The best dlgonnu? to e» uf ti countries, the last woru? Taueties are 5ilid to coran Erom Souti U O l r b s -· nn 1 ' he carried under America and T!J Baibalos islands, iii an old newspaper ^^ very fiae i u a l l l l ^ are grown elsewhere. Iris i nb(ut twenty feet of ii'l of v,li]ch was a ncosc · LaJ !·;-· this hire caugbt "'« argument and turned '.odi"a;i'm an'l ot'enln-j n* ..-, " the f.(Ko' r "iuTU -uc'i' · i f e J f"r 'imoiro-v .iftt-i- Life Innnrnnce. Accoiflsng to an DnshOj tiie oa.i.e--t life ab3unn"9 policy which p.irt^ulir^ have bc^n preserved authority., *· o f 1 $ | * d ' To " a k e a H i r-n. ·: ] r.fl SOT- . n ' r to * } isvir, - ·') ' "0 " K ' cirf v-,-, " -i' ' /\u"s f-.r-op. Th? followir.s; c r.. ",f?- tion ·!·-·''j K "i-vc r n Mr. .Tr-nl^o;! an'i the oliJ ilarkoy." ? r r. TaeksoB.--'Well Uncle Ab whrif luck toi".a.y 7 " L'ndc; Ab--"Powrrful good Mr Jac^ KOD; powerful good." Mr. Jackson--"By jove; those are OT c i'-rnt"' 1 on · a II 1 O'T fnr HO a f i n ..j ) of tae r^r ' n a ok- fj r ':n tnn iien-l to tae - i ;ted one of the coin \ V i x r m would prefer t o.-p^ b.3isr!f:' was made on Ji:r.e Ore of mpman. c v.- cbans '' in Lor, n on fOS'5 (.;=· Su to be t tin m the e rlying Titbin Bulwv T - . - r ^ n ; - erf a an UT'' . i n Ho !· - 1 a cor'r^c nose t:nc!v and beavy, dull features. 0 =U'_' or an i;vi so · or I will refund vour rao^ Allows our fnitb an f-y. This belief in thr \irtn-* 5 ? or Yours very truly, H. A. ' ).' air- R'vn d. ·· i . ' : ' i r T'e rr] - vo i " to ; i (· hi o n K tjt from Hv.^ as \i ra.iy. Burgess, ! 'i.s 9wr.-'l, /.Iways da' i l t e " the murder of the Turk he disco^sre'l another notch or ALMA SWARTZ. tbrv bcl 3 \heaven Hi w-ho rec-^- c: clare'J tlint n proir.isc;: rbal the corpse 0:1 tiipe, and the con:- Tlic Gnlf of OJif The gulf of f"-ii'foruia wr,s Qi^t Mar do Cortes, then Mar Bermejo. . ,, former being in honor of the conqueroi i , Iho next mor n ,ne 1U » r ^ ^ ]ntter on ar rant of tl36 closed and »lu- I^roi t _ r __ ^ color flf u? *· «» THETAlfillMPMSIOEEWIJ to bo seen. He had takrn tc*' hint and left on the miduiglit tram. HOPE The literally translated means "Red Broad\vay F. D. V/ITT. Prop. OppT Bank St. Phone Main 252 «ea." H'Vt

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