The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado on March 26, 1881 · Page 6
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The Weekly Gazette from Colorado Springs, Colorado · Page 6

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1881
Page 6
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-· r ~~ 1 ''TT 1 O A f "~' J--I - M_|, O/\ _ 1 ----- Drama. Our Public Library, To the hhtor of M- L r az,lte -- How the -n a recent num jer o-' your ~»aper . notice tae "o o w m ^ ^ , - 4. "Tae Leacvi e Ciromc.e says: 'Co.- Yes'ercay's C fr oraco Spr-ngs r aims to e c- turec anc boys are no.ntng i enti: ec to tie apoe.-ation o - t n e Joston of aave not muca chance Co.oraco. Penaps it is, Dut t ie-"act t ia: MAZBPPA. ^ is occupiec The fature gre.U-ess o- t i c p ace is assatec. Slores o " e \ e r y cpscrip- Boys Present Byron's tion, grocery, .cuor, -larcware, c.otamg, , 1881. /'~OM f 3UL etc., togetaer w i t i Din s, wi.. be opened C l t y i V j 1 1 as soon as bui cings can aecrectec. As a " ear ' i; ' omc.e says: "^eacvu.e soon as pre sses not imi a:iv i i t ^ \ · ~T: i n d , m £ AS ere a t ' iid o je in s ' a v t 3V wou c acvise a - materja CRn lere a newspaper »,. rnencs w n o can co tie DUXIC .Drary Mere is reep.y in cea; TM me o ~ seeing a man grounc UP in a * to come .iere at ouce. -fsteyinec-o anc in danger o- co .apsinf, coes not ' '^esamg mao^e, --' : " ' jV-orc ,ots s(rc on Ciccaae avenue yes- "eraay anc -ie cJemam. -"or Mem is cai.y increasing. Terrttory. - -- out i - a e y c o u c see be Me town o-'Me soutaweV.. spearcmuci or tie iterary caaractero" suca a sigit in _^ae coun-y Mey woulc . ^ . t le a ace. * never res* until they run one o' -heir num- DZJKTyo, 1T3W MEXICO. "Waereas, Me -'acts o-'tae case are taat aer tirougn a inning mi. to 'see low tae ^ a ,,.,, , f ,,, _ t i e present aarary is in no cnger o-" co 0 r tain^'worte ' -l»*»Tai ot m Paso-ae coming Town of Uw lapsing, anc tie present ceat amounts to _ °*. exact-y $SS oo. As to Deing Me Boston o- One o :ie Doys nad seen Mazeppa, Co.oraco, aren't we ? " waen I-'anny Louise 3uc ting lam was iere Permit me to correct t i e "ongoing anc ^e-'ore, anc ic got taree or 'our o- lis aoy 1CO - contr 'Dutes to :i co.umns o" tie 2ive w i a t " uncerstanc to DC a true state- companions in a Darn, somewiere way UP ment o-'tae matter. Tie .1 Drary in cues- on --ast Sixtii street, t i a t De.onsjec to a tion, n o w n as Me 1-1 Paso C o j n t y LiDra- c.airy Mey aave somewiere up Mere. r , owes its i i r t i and contmuee. existence ^rom w i ^ t we can earn--not laving Deen to Me-"bretiougit anc i D e r a i t y o - ' a r ev/ provicec witi a c o m D i m e n t a r y ticet-- o' our morepUD'ic-spiritec citizens--nota- ~~ie p ay Uirirec out raMer more start ing a y, tae a'e Mr. D. _^uss Wooc.wno gave t n a n instructive. - , .sn t Mr. Sm ' T exoects to i o n oce s r J^awu. :ime Mat Ue nominations tain a capacity o-" Ity tonb. t" ?any, at Go.cen, are^ing tieir Caar.ey Walter aas aou ^^ a Met.ioc is". sme ter aa c. wi. , DC a'j.e -;o tfea: a .arger "Spiscopa. cjurca anc s*i« ic is no* aappy. c - uan 'i t Y o- ore. T.iis is a good mcica- A corresooncen: a. Demin?, |Xew ^ex^ W.ia: wi. t ae ais next ven-.ure-? tion o r a -ive.y season, _ie ou. ion output wi._ ae tae -arges*. t.iat was ever as r- Vegas Dai y Gazette -ie -'oJ.owmHn-br- ~-' c new cave ift Wi. iam's canon is mation concerning tie new -.own . commancmg consicerao-e ar*n:ion. anc Tae new rauway town o- Deming 1 is cea. of atten ion, Me unction o" Me two great over- routes, Me A. T. S. "j. anc tie SouMern '.idle ri roacs. Tiere are those, anc tieir name is ;egion, wao iave -arta to DC icve tiat it wi a prominent Some o- Me owners o-" tae VancerDut conso.ication oropose erecting a new sme.:er at Tae Jairp.ay 7 ume o-'tae 171.1 mstan says : "Tae readers of tae y.ume wi . DC -o .earn t.iat Moose is steacuy Xine years ago yes:ercay-ie -Irs: num- improving, and is now paying its way, it is cai.y visited Dy ex storing parties. ACr. j. M. "Wi son o- tae I-Ie.ena (Montana] .-.eralc, was arriva.s a. :ae Co.oraco Springs ao:e yes:ercay. it lib active and earnest buppor BO ,ong as " - 1C Y S°* a cow and about -"or y ^eet - i c a n c i e a t i permittee "aim to do so. cfr'c ones .me anc. a mmoer seven Doy, surpnsec to 1C TMr so manv sardine ex- '" ° Lie Week -V GA ^ ETTE waspup.isa- anc emp.oyingtairty men. Deve.oprnent Fiserortswereseconcec DY Mose o ' a r ew w i M r e c . i a i r . i n c a "rec'c ec nose, to co pressions as to tne u'.ure greatness o- ec 3y t i e Out West ? u '^-»sling company, is aeing pusaec m a systematic manner, otaers, - i n o , rom time to time, mace con- t i e Mazeppa part, wai e a gent e youM o Deming, wiich many are j easec to .eim tnbutions o- m o n e y , anc DOO s At no twe ve or t icreaDouts wratpoec a sacc.e- time m its aistory las it receive., any S U D - oort or encouragement rom Me'piiD.ic au- SICK i.ioutec t loritieg. A'ter tie cecease o-'^ r. Woot , its pres- ~* er - n t r u t a s i e w a s a nob e steec. A ident, M e - r i e n d s o" ie i n s t i t u t i q n cecic ec aei'er o t i e mu ey Dreec, anc wi'.c--wi c t a a t it wou c DC m n r a c t i c a V e to! c o n t i n u e at seventeen I\.ocxy ^"ountaln Wi lam .1. it onger u p o u ^ i e aresent Dasis, anc con- doats. Tney got icr on i tie Parn foor c ucec o conate t ie entire co e c t i o n o " anc tiec t ie ?oy on w i t n t i e rope, anc DOOS ' i ,500 to 2 ooo vo umes D t i e c i t v , g r n e c n e r oose. Sie too K. in Me situa- provnc ec t i e a l t e r wou c Ac, u-ant Genera. Stevenson wu. in a anc :ae resu.: must, in time, DC tie open- coming great a y o " Me soutiwest. .'"·---"· "cucra. oievenson wi.. in a ing of argeore ciamDers. Since the new rounc us leac anc is Me ei ous ' ,\ ' astonibl " len , t was great to lear tms s wr:-ame start on an ins?ec:ion -our o" company assumec contro. o-'tae mine a rounc ais aeac, anc as Me ea qus tit e ap 3 ,ec to Jeming, or it me 38 en m "^ various muhary companies uncer ais 3ut a - e w ^uncrec co ars o-"?^ eveiyone'smout.i -or montas as synony- commanc uncrec co..ars o. tie o c m- ' ' ceotecness aas aeen c,eairec up, anc tie " '"king 'orti Me TOSS '' Tiey '-'otner' mous win :, X'ASO. \Vien I mentionec _1 P.iso, I icarc much commen- as to tie 'wo towns n a Pusi- w ucn 7. Paso su f - erec great y by t ie comparison. Tiis was "rom men w i o n I exDectsc to nnc caampions o- t i e "-e;;as town, Dut w i o were ositive in -ieir exaress- lons o- opinions tiat Dem n T was Orcmance t i o n at once, anc seemec to rea ize t lat tie coming town. M^ny o" Mese men -i or t ic rirst time /or severa. montas managers "ee. tiat taey are again on terra was receivec on tae -rain -"^ma." rom tae sautiyes:ercay afternoon. Tae A very ine Docy o ru 3 y suvcr was Fe train arnv;ec at PUBD/J on -ime struc m tie Suver mg mine near Mon- arst time since tie irsz^o. Xovem- te?uma a s t w e e c . T t ^ t Tae Pit/cin corresponcent o- the Gun- ust receivec a copy o- : ie n ' son Xews as -Q..OWS : As aeve.opment on Me Suver Is e: xeeps improving. DC We iave constitu e a Tee c i t y nr^ry, anc s u D m i t Jer r e i u t a t i o n as an actress was a: stae. were o c i n n c s at tow i marine:,'wio aad sta'.e cirec'ory goMen up "ac'tson to tae p a c k e t e r u e s t i o n w h e t i f r a smn.l i . e r a d i o t w a s b j'.em u , anc Drougit ie ? eG ocate lane lac Deen msirumenta. Printing company. .: is we- pnn'tec anc ·^· not:ier -arge Docy ofrica car Donates nas t a x s a o u c -e eviecl 'or its pro jer mam- t own Me sections. Waenever lo*^^ m^"^^,,^^^^^ °1 unusua. y accurate. Copies may pe ob- Je en struct. fu..y 100 feet -rom waere the was 'ounc, anc a a greater cepta of eigaty -eet. An expert from " J a i w a o a a s aeen acre severa. cays mines a wita the su- very conncent as t neves do no: consicer them- to Me "uture greatness o" mine. 1 · ** ii \. i *. , ti*n- J i u u ' i i - ---- *"- - i tnwijiji i,^j in accinir m.iterin. iv to M*» Trr»\i?» ·» « r ° j^rous conntion in ' accurate - Copies may pe ob- ,, - - t e n a n c e A proposition o,f M a t * i n c w a s s r ie ran over one o Me joys, o u cou c Ca i ornia, evaca, Arizona anc New tain ec of Mr. X. 3. Tay.or, agent, a: :ae irst r e c e n t y nc j e f o r e t i e c i t y counc, , anc .iicar t i e a p a ause "or "our D oc%s Mexico A D a u t every otaer man '. met Magnet ofice. by u n a n i m o u s vote wasacceatec, inc a n o r A Motig i Me aucience a nc jit anc w a s ' r o m Ca rornia, aic great maior- c m a n c e pnssec -or Me o r m a t i o n i o a 'ree pnrc uette L i t y .(Draw A Ciiuse was a A) adcec, .QO at provicing: Mat Me i uestion o i,n aDpro- alK so of J^ ooo in aic o t i e tnec to cr.iwl ovit t n r o u g i t i e roo", wbue c l t Ys n o u t -e suDnuttec tc-'a vote o- t i e cow w,i s c i u r n m g a jout "ouiteen C e n a r t ° canger o" conviction. t i e peoT e .1* t i e e n s u i n g e ec'.ion Tus vft-irs' ^ r o w t i out of a , seems \vp e n o u g i , u n ess c x c e D t i o n i m^' ^ e a s t e a m c a 10 e , \\ i, m i g i t )e ta sen to Me a m o u n t o He appro- j.fsbec most o I ie t i m e e ' m ·Driatior, \ v n n i. lowever, was ic sum vo u n t a n v n a m e c Dy t i e c o u n c u , .'ut acverse i n f l u e n c e s were set in mot i o n , am it t i e next meeting c , t i e city Mat is stuck r ast in a -ence. '- ic p iy won c pro Dab y la jrogress et, j u t or tie b.c n e i g i D o r s t lou^'it a m o u n t a i n council, A n n i oo:urrec ver\ Soon, Mat got m'o the jam. anc t ley rtisiec in trot m n c l l o n H v i r n D i e s orner, run. )emng is a coggec cetermmation on aence men o" MB c ass -.o ma/ce it se.ves in sue i, anc t i e j a . regarc it as certain taat las it -aa- SeyDo.c was aaw - u is .oc.itec u^t rig it to warrant Meir pine Ma^eppa ning am o tae town. Tie t o w n is situ ; i e a p i ^ atec aDout-'our 01 ive rni es west o-'tie esstern Dounc?,ry o G-ant county. \eac eis of t i e Gazette are oer'ect y -'ami tar ae s-a"e anc no appear aieves in :ae ligier court. -C" -eery returnee Tuescay nigat § jeen in wita tie changes m .ocauon oroposec anc " rom Soutaern Co.oraco where ae aas taat the mace D- t ie o ncia s c eaci o" tie loacs. spent tae pas; ,ew montas wr.j one o- tae ion i.ic " °" '* "'^^ ' ' ' Humor Wor'/c is Deing pusaec rapic y on a ,000 to .arge num per o: claims anc everyone seems to fee- connceat of success. We pUD'asa more zfpout Pit.-cm's rich car Donates, c.ipped '"rom tDe I T i e o t i e r c a y a cn't was Wieti it was, woi c joey attemptei to, or cic in a c t , w i o v tie cow up i n t o rescmr us jrevious action concerning a ' the jo. um.tciec on t IEI store o r .ie s low w o u n c u w i n t i a t t i n ing j'ece cr ni'ib.c entit. cc , "Douni.s rom .ionic," w IK i wab i a y e u i D r a r y Anc. tn-, n ' economy t Eyeeins i-^e t d k i i i g a s'ep Pac-cwarc or t i e c i t y o Co oraco b D n n g s to soy t uit i t vi^ec ) i n c o severa. jirents, cannot m a i n t a i n a iprary anc reai mg J Q ) S , ni - s e v e r a l I s u ' i e r s'i i room 'or t ic u ie o t i e m a n y in its micst wo so great v neec. t i e acv tnui^es o sur i a resort \ el t us is t ic c :nc usion we a i e forcet to a c ' o t. t is t r u } c.ep or a )'e Mat a e r t o r t s in Mis cirerti i siou c at ast orove f u u e, anc. t i a t sacn ce m u s t DC mace of t i e ro lection o' D O O S we now lave. A wore .is to ' ie sma! ctSt t i e asso ia'i in . c rpeet i t , the Dy j o i n t e r c i r r u ar ate y sent to aae i u n CT-CL of our r m c i p a c i ' i / e n s 'wnii aaa not i c r e t o ' i r e c o n t n b u t e c ) a s \ e ^ t u n e.ic i Je mar e at on t i e Soufern J a cific, -30 mi es east o" Tucson anc ten mi es east of t ie o c; s ation of Iteming, a mot.ey c ro/%. i IK e pre arations or emi- run in Me f a t t i e Denver HioGrance surveying parties" ' S ' Ct mmte "" rom t i e c a v e -waica openec -i' 0 Me expects to remain m Me cUy a siort U: a °° Cy o f s a n c ore - a ac simi -e of tne when ae wu, go to Durango anc es- nmse.'in oot anc sioe busi- Lie a i) M it t ie mu.sic m \s as lui u i ^ m t ie e · -s -afe to s ly th it t u i ! K s j lore I- i s t . S i . ' b s t r i i t v , i \ \ . t r reurebent ition of . % ' , ' , - i n i El Paso, Texas i ira iru- sever \ ]' s ' - 1 C t - j t ie \ a n - it tune e- .inotncr ,'nling to \vh n t i s' cr t ic p t ; t e v, o 1 ^t c i UK. " ^e\ co inu s 'h U . ' C t l l i M , I L t t i ness. · uxre ) c i U " r 1 1 t( V ·· ' ' s 1 1 1 A / to mn- S 1 L i 1 e. at ^eacvu e. ^ le entire ace : ii a so.ic joey of Mis ore, anc c. test his r ~ t Deen mice of it as it itf-b i i f r , ji!i i i j i d.rg xroncsntratec ie mine anc mi i u-ment. zfebout 500 tons, waica i } v n' n.,^ s up unti. ;ae rai.- Tn.s caange in tae i ' on is a mere rttatter o- po2cy wita i '-Mipany m orcerjto enaxe r. to more 1 i ly deve-op tae Vnme to a greater ' i t n . A tiouga Ma ore Docy is o-' a i o.\er grace tian foipier.y, it nas 3een :OUTC to exist m aaundjance in -Jie ower or 250 foo: eve', anc i-, is se.ievec. -.ha: ay smang to a .ower c^ep'a muca ricier 3odies wi.. be -"ounc. i A . repor:s as to :ae ore aemg exaaust- ec in tie mine are sirrp.y untrue. Tae 3u. -Domingo aas proc^cec more money ·'rom tae surface to tae cepti of two aun- crea eettian any otaer assure (surface mine in Co.oraco, anc -"rom prospecting a reaay cone it promises muca richer anc .arger DOCICS as cepta is afained. O course tne ciscaar^e o~" a arge force at tus season of tae year is a ca amity to t i e camp, especia .y masmura as tne 3u..- Domingo -"or tae oas' year or r. ore -ias Dsen tie cn;f re lance o-' Me camp. Bat Mis state o- afairs wi . not De o: .Dng cu- ration. As soon as ra, roac is com- -j'.etec anc Me mam bia- r t is sunx to a cepta so that ioistinfjo'-eanc deve.o^ment wor. can DC prosecutec to acvantage at tie same time, men wi . DC re-em- p oyec, anc prqcuclion o-" ore wi.. 3e resumec to a greater extent and on a more extensive scale Man ever 3CiOre. It is firm.y DC icvec Mattaemine is on.y m its earaest m'ancy, compara- tive.y, anc Mat itsnciest treasures aave not as yet aeen reaciec. "t is icie :o assume that a "issure vein tnat aas orocucec over taree auncrec tiousanc col-ars at tae ceptn of 250 -"eet nas sjown its greatest output. It is not usua. tiat even pay is "ounc m fissure veins unti a greater ceotn is reacaec Man taat, anc upon taat aasis ;ae company aas cetermmectopusa ceve opment in mine to Us r u..est capacity, anc aest advantage to company ttse -". Anc wade our citizens may "ee. regret anc cisaspomtec at Mis action on tae part or" tae company, t.iey must re- mem 3er tnat 3u. Oomingo owes .ess to Suver C n anc aer citizenb t.ian taey co to tae mire. Tie citizens anc town havea.ways Deen c u t e wi .ing to reao tne senef.ts resuming -"rom tae v.orxmg anc deve.opment of tae m i n e , and o f t h e r n a s w i mgancreacy to CiTse, r e v , e an - misrepresent tnose v. i -i \P ccn c h c . ^ . i-.'rumerita m i i e a ' o n - n ) MP t-jv n o " "s I P ' v i l e ' i' ^ ' .' \ I ,, ! , r.T. i ) t, t f n t s m ^ i ,1 1.1 i - h r o o m o! a \ i e K nor I l i u t 10 *, t K gns " L. .e'.lcr concern'' jm rie'rcnn ,-, to the c "At tne r n o- oor- . - . s e n C m^ f i e nev. A p i n e J r u e i i re in,^ o u i r ' c u to ie' c u somet ang a subscio" n of one co ar As i resu t, ' a o a t ,, 'aso, w h i c i in Me near a t u t e is t i e m u n i f i c e n t sum o'" thirtctn do Van was cestmcc to IK t h o greatest cit in Me r u ec, anc a oortion o-' t i a t was ^iven jy s o u t i « e ^ t . . le t o u n is s i t u a t e c a j o u t persons w i o ni not Deen asec to con- one mi e rom Me -lio f,rance river anc t r - j u t e . las a j e a u t i ' - i a n c c c m m a n c m k M t u a t i o n . i t h ^ Sci. r 'M i r ' e n t "il of K ' to« n .ota. \ u i i t un in a t u 11 tc ( I'H S) ' ! i i s o - j dennj; i net " , t o w n c |)rin i [i ine r r n ^ i un'c i KC v, lere ill 't.i' was so c fcr v i i i - c y ,Voe he to t ie man w n i a ew !ol n ( , m ,i, ocket w i o c in wit i )UC i i c r o w i . ip nin Me jaunt et a r c cuu c Ca ne treat'nj; 11.11 se " ot i?rb to l i e "wiib-cy," ie ^ " m ^ ^ e M i e a M n v ^ m e n t J " ^ --interview wita Goveinor .lunt.wno ^ win " """· V --" ^ t.n, of u u o r i e w a s i i c r a / j c Dy tie .tuf anc « " caarge of tne cons mction o" Me mar « ta . J - e ore are aclcec to t ic curros of saw Me men w i o cr,in w i t h i rr. mad- Mexican rauroao: "Zx-Governor I-unt o' m a n y ° l OUr mmes ° y ne recent a c t i v i t y . cenec jy Me are water. " ie man wao Co oraco, wao is m r.mrtm n-'t-.^^- ^ur previous precictions, taat tae cistnct 1 · l ·-' ' 0 t 1 C 'ut-i b i jw lie t, -i - bhh in t;.e «'. Co.oraco s.:ivc nor Hu , a 3t Louis Tne St. ^ouis .iepu jlic.ui .ias tne -'o.- 1 1 i r u , , i ] U 1) -ne , i La,) riclicr .^ i L j n . growing \ i d c i . f a d ' o u i n 'or tie ic- ' e t e s t i n l..c c o r a p a n v , tc \ of .-.l\cr Clirf, c i - . 'CiTient iave now ' - i iisti iibl anuar, , · v - i e t e -i: IP rea»ons -'or it r w j . v t ie com--= . conr^cleu to concuc.tae c -,cncn: o' Uie atockno^cers lor Me jenefi of tae growing near \va!Ci t lapuens to DC cu , . o d e x , c a n t o R n , a t jeop.e t o s e e "ran" Me town is novn a. Mro^i t i a t 7 T" " " '" Caar S e °-^e con- country Dy tie sormc uet o ''Six-scooter'' s ; ru( ; t . lon °~ J^ extension o.' tae Denver SmiM owmc: to ' " uncenaic wita an immense ceposit o- its -on.ness or s looting -^° Grance rauroao m tie repuDlic o-' » c ^ nmera , is t aUermg.y suDstantiatea - o w e cse.i miss ie cou.c Mexico, is in tae city for tae purpose o." . " ie r ; uron * oc - e - m l ie canon ae ow ma»e u Me most ce u i t f u y oun, D f . A R T. _..J,SU,N. 1','cdtle'day s n e i t n e r oo co c nor too warm. We ajwc not Me ong ana co c winters o. me r.oiM, nor Me score uny s u m m e r s o-" t le sout u A m Me w o r e , a j y c i c s o m s e -ce-'ewe, -or ''Six-sioot- ancsabpec :ae matcna -o Mexico PV matlon :es: was yestercay mace, returning 1 er ;· cor^^v^s sr. "£ysz «»°: c -- ^ c «--= aTM-. - lave -erronzec Mat region. Witiout sa y s l a --ie ancs St. Dest mu, waiting to be given authority to ac: as m arket in t ie country, t ic anima.s raisec anc - rnerson ^^ -- ie Go cen Cornet i n c s r r u i t arc "' rown iere ^eace officer, Smm aDrogatec to aimse, r in Missouri aeing aarcer anc ar^er anc -", m tae same vicinity, is reportec to Laptam )e.ourse reports n a t Mere m aDiuiuanceanc. t le manu-acture o ' w m e tae ngit anc is ,e y to D C arrestec ere : Before surec 'or leavy wore tian 3 e proving up one of Me ricaest mines m nave been some ar^e sa es o vacant ots Torn Me gra.e is extensive y carriec l O n ° ~ or ^ersonamg an o"icar. ju- . -r ' ' } "hat sec'ion m Me north part a-" town c u r i n g t i e past on. " Paso ias a Dr.gat out ooc -'or .' UC1 -V · i e .unction wa= not mace in Me ' * e -uc^muts. ·- · · u i w u s . u! , m m e c i a t e v l c l n U y 0 .- SmitYs r e a m . Governor _-.unt repor.s rapio progress --^e wi.son bme.Ung anc Mining com- uncouDtec y T ie unction was eFectec aDout taree ^emg mace in -ie DuuciW o" the Mexico " 3anv ' ° J ' ^recxenncge, propose to imme- jecome o n e o- M e great ~- ---* · - . - . - - * cities o r tae Cm ACKlC TO3.0. i o \ _ L » i n ^ c i r n . J . t i » \ v n i ] T i r f a n -- -- -- -~* r ****** t ·«,*· · - - . _, ~* rf*n fr\-rir -v^ * v * « » A n .* * * anc more Man la - taa. amount is com- 3y "" ie Mexican ^ationa. Cons.ruction - rec - 4ennc ^e mines wu. recuire increased m go.c. anc si.ver to Me ton. Tie -perty ,s ownec .Yessrs. A. Lafav. "ew cays and prices in that section are ac- the vancmg _ t is now near y our m o n t i s since tne Santa - e r o a u las mace connection wita 1 tie Denver anc K.IO Grance at PUCD.O. ~ine t r a i n jenera y reacaes PUCD.O rom tiree to -'our lours .ate, wai e tae D. anc ^. G , w u c i lasto overcome steeD graces -'ew cays tae iron aorse wu. ' pe and dai y encounters -"ierce storms m tne into :own, giving us communication mountains, is a ways on time or near.y ;ae outsice wor.c. Tae Texas ~ anc wu o- Me great rai roac cuarterso- contment. Tie south- 'acific roac is comp etec to w i t i m ten mi es o-' tie town anc many o," t i e mer- CJ)tints 3.rc cL TGcicy rcccivintj sroocs 3v tlis Dctwccn roac. -ne _^. °aso anc. ^.10 Granrp mar anc is a reacy »»^..« v *. T»t- fcw . ^.i »^,*v,\_ a.jvui i-uce ^*»*i*^ itii^c in ic jujut-inx o ine iv ex ico --··^·i-~"*****'- v *o*~» jtv/^/uo^ iu tminc-- r s o - ^ a m i . e west o' tie MimDres ex.ensions of tie Denver. Rio Grance ciate -y en.arge tie capacity o- taeir works, r"tr'ac^orTwUcae^anc'tracs U etr n rai wa V- "^ roac - is 3eing constructea ae - ievin S taat tae spring output o- tae -ae union cepot wi . DC company, o: w iica ; is a so t ie s , ana sme racunes. a mun»r 0:' . us receiving eastern mau -we.veor w ' . DC comp.etec :o Mis point c u r i n ^ i e ' lav ^ - aic oto - a tov « °« ^e souta sice o-' v »viTM, -,» r rt f ; 0 " t i e SouMern Pact ic-.raci anc Dace "rom ' v ' exico -^e roac is fifteen lours ate is Becoming s.igat.y present year. Tie Mexico Cen-ra. en- ^ a ^ « 1 . ir a jou k stride is in Dean, on I-_orn Suver , . , :wo m i-esfrom C.i", up ac oining ae cepot, "ensions o j -lie Denver Rio Grance roac tae Zag.e river, anc witam 2,000 -"eet o"-" rooms" C °i e a i A C1 ^ ? TM° n ' s anc in · **t par. of-.he coun :ry. I-Ie aas charge tae A»g.o-American mine. A tunne. was " '" · - · aeoj.e o:-.aeworkat presen: repuxic of run in ico feet, waen was encounL: :o Lareco terec, fo..owec py a Isix -"oo: van of ram monotonous It is evicent Ma some o r our citizens are conlcent .lat Co oraco Springs wi secure Me ocation o sta e canla.. Lots on Cascade avenue in t ie vicinity o." gmeers arepusamg on -owaru - ie Cr.y o- -encec : 900 -eet. Taere is a-.rac: a-\and 3 Y way o: Sa,n jLuis Potosi sou:a :o IVCexi- era., assaying :aree ounces in go.c anc in ay tae Sou:aern Paci ic PCO a.e, co, anc auLditg is going on-"rom - ~" " ~' a mi.r ^ ne \\ e .5 i. A exancer 'lacer compa- i.v are going to \\oi ·: ti.a summer op Jure %a gu.c i. rv'r. .5en Jernarc aas stnictc. Carbonates i n a i i e w n o l e in t a e \eveii.e oce o n - a e -Winter Joy "i To morrow \ \ o r wu DC commenoec on tae litt.e 'nnce .oce, o" tae ~:tt e Prince conso.icat,on. "t is reportec Mat tie ex:ectec mmera. ias oeen struck in Lower Pnnter Boy in tae .ower vein. C iar es S. TaonrDson, manager tf tae _\.oya- Mountain M i n i n g anc Mi mg company, returnee to "risco, Summ.t county, Mis morning. A ciscovery o-" sand car Donates running i So ounces to tae ton is reportec 'bv Mr. ?. ". Cunningiam in tie P. T. C. oce, on Mount 3ross. Tae -iuntmgcon .oce, a 'ractiona. c aim on Iron au., ac ommg tae Ga^agaer mine, was trans "errec to cay to Mr. 3.axe- .y anc otaers, anc vu ^ro3a^y DC worKec. Mr. Taomas S. We.-s wi. t arrive -o-day anc wi,. start work oh tae Coon Va..ey -oce on :ae ridge Between Ca i ornia anc Iowa gu.caes. Tae siaft is aoout 600 -"ee: ceep. commerce are ma mg -or : us -he comp etion o'" :aree of - icm wu give . ° oegmnmg a^ a pom: aDOu: :wo 5Ut " 1 com ? eu » on in '«g ^ * iat ,;oocs west o -' ae arooseo site anc witam tie .ast *iree cays one real es» :ate man las so c t$n .ots in that .oca.ity » wi at r e m a r a D y .arge 7nces. Cascaceave- lue promises to DC itae -a»JionaD e rcsi- ^ence street of tie'city owing to its c.ose jroxitnity to hoM tije capita anc tae new .ae r Mexico Ci:y. C On - u "- race Mexican governmen: aas also 1 gran:ec a --ie Ang.o American is a-so .oo^mg we., 3-OCis Su 3sicy-"or some 1,600 mhes o- jroau west anc. has recent y mace some impor^nt la: pornon of -.,ie cisc.osures, waica wil. 3e mace PU D.IC in _ :ae Santa 7e roac's -.own : rom ·'°: OSI ' b00 ° men are a " TM OT '*' ?any is norta to souti. Tae anc ae c -"or -lie ^-areco, orJor: Xcln:osa,on -je forcer, rom :ae Texas Pacific is caLec ~ a j eas: anc wes: Governdr I-Iun: ;ainis Is ces:inec :o be a ^~- . ' V exic f n s:a:es ° C m u a i u a anc Duran- oar*. 3ron-ing taese ·=,,«, wii c n re- grea: p.ace, aaving every -percuis'-e ' TM TM rom Caicago.ana oe acre in a saor ime. THE DULL' n , Many men in Co.oratio Springs are 3 y .ae Xnot.s, o" Caicago, are ounc ·satien .y awaiting vie opening o- spring -.aiere, anc the a-chives o." waen taere wi DC a genera, s anpece siow -aat taese mines aave pro- "jr tae mining cistncts. (Groups ga.aer cucec $^00,000, cpon ae pnncipa. street corners .acting { Caiauaaua Me over anc P anning or tae coming prospec.- .oca-ec. In Ug campaign. Z a c i o n e a a s some sspe- paic-o :ieCatao.ic caurca c a- ocal :y mappec ou. waica ae a.ways reacy to recommen'c : toot wio is see-ting "or in inceed amusing ~o no'ice advanced -"or one camp per laps -.aose carry nioreo ri one-.4r. o"; otaers of-ae same aina: price o an cevop.en, near 3 y are rica in ceposhs of York, , orcers rom - r'are "lunc ^^f^f^S'^ni^ tae "Irs- J*?""*. : " Zun: . a - so says ; ja ''TM c °TM' ^esen: procuc-.ic o - Cai luaiua eas: anc '^ est s;ree " : an ° ^ ' ae 3ou.evarc f f WJ IS " arge V m:eres " eC( . na s concerned, D u t ; · ias aeer^nxec a: $500 eacn, anc :ae o:aer - ust 3OU ^ a saor: .ine waica was parJa - oe con-inuec wit! nc sh l pment o-' ore is ie ceve.opmen: wor. wu. with renewec energy anc Tae frual rcmedj for -lyspcpsia, 3ihous Di- cascs an.. I'nnttional Ueningcments attancan. upon Deb.hty. n 1-2 1 j. jott es,7ceE-j. SIT bottles, S-. AccrccitedPjysiciansantClersyinen supFliecwiUnotexccechngsixbotUesatoneh?i p tje retail ^rice money to accompany order. Sold by Druggists and Ay D. B DEW FY Co . 46 -JeySt. New l o r i ToMr_--J^Inrreat-inn the f/renjjli,, obiiating the deinilt y andrettoriMj JuaitAy junctions 35 cents. \ pic-sant, c leap, and va 1 a ib'o j.emoJy for fretful And p u n j chilas-en. o- :ae ^anc running at consttucnon Was commenced" and mrtia.-f east five hunrli -wr t . V5-_ ,' S 05TM t ! BM p ' Sa ,'vl t t i ' * ! ', IjT r e ri.ns Wounds,, ^aeumatisia, jaip upon ilaa or 3eost. 4 ·E ? 3*

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