The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on March 2, 1899 · Page 3
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 3

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1899
Page 3
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A T. PATTEfcOS. AMuroB, Fins? Nacinaal Bank Block, gorCHKK. PHTLBHICK 4 COCHRAVR ~ firat Natiooal ffciok- Block. U 1KVEY HARRIS. " ~ ' " KJUL. EiTATB A.VD LOA\. Kipg \atumal B»nk Block OXK CENT A WORD COLIMX. · YyvyTliD-SaerKetj* mjn t., -*.!'. iubrM-aiiuI- : H t i r t l Oil Co.. Clt-vVlatwi, U. ' ""' lu *- ! AUESTS WASTED -Good, inr m«i uTrTi-rj ^ iociiUl} to ivpr«"s-at a laraw uuaulacturhij; ' ciuupan? and intrudocy tiu-ir £twxi*. Sl«-idt I ;n;jT** UU£UM*M( S*sUfwi CO IDPjt t3t are iloUMt .iuti willjii£r to «ittf.od to fctui£kt*. ?ft*n-iwfe minimi. Send. --lf-ackin?«icd xtamprd rnT*l- ·j^v* fur rt-mj to THE BEX U**vru~ti-trxa CwiirtxT Xo. S» Clu.ruTM S(rt*t. Un. TRIALS OF SALESWOMEN. Piskbaza Says Standics 1 Still is One of Woman's Most Trying Tasks. WAVTKD-Jfea to team Uw barber trade. " Ej^rfit w»ka eombloti*. Two jrar* *anxj. Be.t MWMB to bnfw. Tameliimdied po»iti«» tntUJ ID May. Student* from distance a*. »uu«l with transports tjo«. Write today. Barber CoUaee, lliiuMafialu, Mum. __ and trusted pettoo* ,, " wort for u locally.. Liberal Mlarr irnar- aatmd. Good obaaev far *d'ana-meet. Xo capital minimi. For fall informatiwi ad- drew. Sbepp Company. UBI-KB3 Chestnut St- THE OITT. C. Theig of tile Fargo Record is in the city. Major Fleming came in from Fargo yesterday morning. Rev. John Ray will preach in Glencoe at the usual hour next Sunday. . National Bank Examiner W. A. f Jordon of Grand Forks, is in the city. Mrs. B. K. Skeeb of Mandaa yesterday in the city visiting friends. Editor Packard of tbe Mandan Times was in th« city a short time yesterday. X. A. Curtio Of Lisbon vas an arrival from RaBsoin connty yesterday morning. Hare yon ever thought, why H is that so many women vr tr.rit ra.her « a":k for ac hour than btacd still for U-a a^u:.-;,? It is because nnwt w re*u suiter from deran^ment of their organism. discomfort from whiuh is less trving w they are in motion than \vht-n staudaag. So serious are these trocbles and fridazgero^s to health that the lav. .· in suae states compel employers to provide resting places for their female employees. But no amount of law can regulate the hard tasks of these women. Customers are exacting, and expect the ·aleslady to be always cheerful -and pleasant How can a girl ·== be cheerful when her back is ·ailed by lassitude aad bearing- ter how sweet tempered she is way under the pain after a while, want cross and snappy aaleswo DREAMED THE IDEA. I t*k« SewriataT Kaekfat : Teatteal IB Steepu We owe the invention of the sewing '·· machine to RH«M Howe, an Ameriouj me- ehanic, a* you all know. He hM a large i family to care for and could give only hi* : odd moments to the construction of his · machine. But while laboring for daily 1 bread for himself and his family be waa ' constantly Thint-ing oat his invention. i He (rut on quite weH until he came to tile making of a needle; then he was at a standstill, for he could not discover where the eye of the needle should be placed. At and attained is both to instruct and i first he thought that a needle fashioned please. These collections constitute the *^S t ^f.°'£ i 25' r l ? Bdle tar hajld sewin « i** 0 * Dart of tbe North Dakota state es- might be an right, but after mnch expert- hibit at the Omaha fair | Denting he found that it would not do. j The entire walls of the room are COT. He was greatly perplexed. Tbe needte'ered with historical Sores. AU the Makes the food more defickws *ad»Mesaae important capital, and no one can be If yon are iU or suffering, write aching, when she is a* down pa las? No mat' oatnraUy, her nerves gin- Etapioyers, bowevcr, don't men. Cheerfulness is very amiable when racked with pain. witbootdelaw to Mrs. Fiakbam. at T ____ M __ _ __j » ,, 7 ---- nTM'. -»*uvTMj.«:iwr »u am. r lomn, Mass., «nd teU her all about yottrseff. Tonrslory wffl not E. Knkham'* Vegetable C things for sttflmnjr women. the little things that make you feel miserable, t by any man, and Mrs. Pinkham'sadriee will cost yon » this letter from Mrs- n*w to wed, wiU help you. It has Utter wiUnot be seen gt, DBAS Mas. Pcnou*:--For yean I had snSfered wfth pafarfal menstruation every month. At tbe beginning of menstruation Teas impossible for me to ·land up for more than five minutes, i felt so nSsertbifc Oat^/^O^ook at Mrs. Rakbam'a was thrown into u» BOW*, cad I «at right down sod wad tt. J then got some of Lydi» B.lNak**»-« VegeStefiS^S.Sd woman; my monthly "I can heartily say that to-day I feel lOte a new goffering is a thing of the past. I shall always praise the Vegetable for what it has done for me." Ask Mrs Parana'* Aftice-A Woman Best us L H. Eobicson of nmong the su^ thr day. Braddtxik was C'usier. yester- ance was transacted outside the usual [ was one of much, genuine pleasure to I routine. landlord Pettibone of the Sibley hxius* at Dawson was a Bismarck visitor C. H. Phylps has one of the new Gib- yesterday. - - , j These instruments are amon^ the best M. H. Wilson a prominent Fc.s.sonden (M ' Qle . market and the public is invited man was an arrival from tbe east y-ester- i to caU aild !x " t tnt " m over day morning. , j Some unusually interesting meetings iah".bcita; held at the Salvation Army 'barracks thii week. A nutnl*-r of visit- Dr. Smyth made a professional-trip to j Dr. Branch and Miss Tbomhill ot Steele last- nigrht. j Jamestown, who have been visiting in " !{** V h " · bome ! h " 8 * w turned Louis Swert, !» nf th'- IJisruartKiboV: who has been wnh the First North Is regiment at Mamie, aaU who- was and at night be dreamed about . Ctoe i night he dre«ned tfurt be wa« in a tor distant country that wat mtod oror HIS IDEA Of TIME. resentatives from 18K (the year the capitol was located at Bismarck) to 1S87 i5- cluave, are hereby display work. well twttl he came *· not uabte featnre of fect to the to eomplfte tha nHH-hfry. jy|w frifr} htm most forfeit his life if he failed to ftofeh - haider ceive much attention. is located on the first noticed tha* the spears tb«y canied wen pierced near the head. Like an insfta- slon the solution of the needle problem flame to him, and while taplartBg fiw W*«0atiae for a Bute more tin* be awoke. . Although it wa» but 4 o'clock to tte morning, Mr. Howe arow at once and went to big workshop, and by 8 o'clock he bad modeled a needle for his sewing ma- shine with an eye at the point Thn« wa§ *he perplexing problem solved.--New Tori Telegram. (value and beanty'of the great object school, wherein' the wonderful resources aad the hiatorvol North Dakota are most beeamintrljr aad aUxautttdy displayed. For L* Grippe. Thomas WhitfieH , Ox, % ave^ corner Jackson-st, one of oldeatHad most Wabasb 's .OintaoentirtJlcareBIlaa. Sleedlw and ItcWng __ U3t Ii^atwortis tiie toiBQrs, allay* th« itefalng at once, acts _ . . ,,, .- ..- rtnotonly gives a piwaptaad compTete relief, but also coonteyacts any tendencj' of la grippe to t · _-- " * -· DeGraff is leading off in low prices in U^tunrishings. as usual.. ing officers are'present, and the locuit or- discharged on ae.jtmr.f oJ carc:;ic rheu matisni. arrired in the city last night., Mr. Swett wa-s driven tu his home in a| hoek at (mi-e, zind dttrina his short stay Kwization is thus greatlv'strenethened. i f- th 7 ^^f, w ^ besk-od by anxious The senate report of % ewerdav sbowi-d i ,,- ·,, ,,- , . , . " , . } fneads of the^ boys, easier lo learn of - ' -- ---· - " ' tv.tL \\ebb left yasteroay morning ' their welfare. Tomorrb«- the TBIEI~NE fur Chicago, where he wili place several : hopes to publish an interview from i'lr. orders for stock for his dry goods store, i Swell rejjaniias his trip, and how the Mr. Webb will tie cone some time, and ; boys are prospering in the far away ' ment Is prepared tor Piles and Itcli teg of tie prtrate parts. Every box is warranted. By dtiregists. by mail on re- S Of JPrtce. 50 ceaU anJ Sl.Oo, WLLIclK WHUMtfTORtllB GO^ Prop*. CtevelaSSu'SM? NOTTS PENNYROYAL PILLS nXm't wtah fw the a»« to fly so t»«t," dad. ··Why. itateHaday Seoce jour n^tbtr an me wax gader tte btasBoau ot il»y-- Bane* we Mood oat tbar by the garden gat* n happy u heart* couM be! As I tooled he-- J«rt lie we fool 'emalJ-toto keepia the hooae ter toe! "DotVtwfeh for the ttm* to fly so £ar»," a»7» dad. "It wui yesterday Tba* ace. with tb« wrioklea aa frorty lo^a, 'peared to be fur away. narvtiz Urda in the BOTIUB aiaciai an bhM an bright wot tbe mky, But Uw CTtnjfa beU* wa« rtogta ·*»· the bird ano«a -peared tc dte! wiab Ar ttnetoflj enoogfa, 5o4 knows! Ltto a drapof dew on the daily tt ftUoa* tn the light an goea. tife'i lite a dream that fmnrii away with the eveoin light-- ¥· only amy 'Occd mornin' tote it's tlaa to aVGood night! 1 " -- Atlanta CoBctirntioD. Apew opefler to Knglarrf ____ -toniahad a gnam of wamen - who ectntracting erergneo vottoei and tor a.Cbttttmw ertttotUoa by ^ cahofld large green N whicb bad " ·erne text or legend*-- 5ew AN AWFUL BAD CASE. Lawyer at One Stage Thought it Would be His Last. A fine line of hats, new ; at The Boston. Major Edwards and-S. L Osmond, th ·two heavyweights of the Kar^o Foruin, were in the city yesterday. , tiiaj S»nat(? Bill «J. 8(i was' hidv postponed. The bill was- passt-d. General Milter is in Fargo thi j expects to purchase a large line of new i Kiflipines. I goods while absent from the city. j week old acquaintances and. iiici- dt-ntallv transacting sum* business. Tbe~Iadiis (Juiid of St. Georse's j .Sydney Cohen the harness man has | church will iui-el with Mrs. E. L. FauDt-e j returrn^i from a trip tr the eastern part i Thursday afternoon, March i at U:3D. j of the state where he was looking up a! Georee GIMWCT wu bavin.' a hand- tocatio , n *» hls ha r ness . sh °P- He has ' =cveral jilaces m view but has not yet! tetded just where he will locate. " - j Fargo people will'give the chanuinc . WiHfe'Brunsinanis incapaettated from \ Sf** ."^'"v* °/u ^n^^ J* * K^ ' hteduties at th,- store this week by an { come to the North _ Dakota troopa when i attack of rhcuniatism which-has con- tined him to his home. Boora VITALITY, LOST VfGOH AND MANHOOD ·J-jres Jmpotency, NifrhtEmissions and 1VITA .Thete are persons who regard s book in tbe same way they do a teapot. It it turns out well, they are entirely satisfied.--Boston T^ranscript. Three out of every 135 English speaking people have red hair. Spring j ^^5^ j^^^ sleepless Nights on Ae_ | · . count of it -How He Won a- Sigsal Victory. For sale by B. S. BeardsJey. , 1 Handsome line of ladies' skirts and ! It yon don't eat tve-U or sleep , underskirts just received at Webb Bros, j have headaches and dizzy spells, try So'me exquisite pattems. Ladies call j a spoonful of Dr. Siegert's Angostura and 1-jok them over. Betters. See Sydney Cohen for bargains day. t^n? diseases, aU effects of self-!in all kinds of harness. Stock abuse, or excess and India- j will be sold cheap on account of j by Mrs Amasa P. Peak« of "Valley City, one of i city. the members of the state normal board ' '« , ' "* ^ ^'^^ ' ° ^ cretion. A nerve tonic and b*ood builder. Brings the pink glow to pale cfaeek3 and restores ttse fire of youth. change in location. Spanish Cabinet Resigns. Madrid, .March: 1.--Premier Sagasta's ministry ias resigned. A Sew Came to Him. "Jacob, what are you doing rootling around the streets whsn afternoon at the capital. P. y.Chaffeo and J, D. were twoof Carrington's mosrr-])0pular ipivi* the dairy's patrons the same oscel- residents in the city yesterday and were i lent service which was -characteristic of visitors at tne capitol in the afternoon. -1 Mr. Ross' aanaaement 3The board of county commissioners- Mrs. C. M. Snyder has renUd the old were in .session at the court hoOtse yrs- j'Whaleri building on Ufiper SJairi street'. "terday. -No business, of much itupurt-1 and will shortly occupy it . with a com-' -·-··.-," -_'.··; ··· · : r--;:'."- -- -- i plele and up-Uvdate stock of millinery.; j and ladies' furnishing jjoods." Mrs. Sny- i der comes from Marion. Iowa, and is PS- ! pected to arrive in. the city next week. i .tee to core or reftmd tbe money. NCRVITA MEOJCAL CO. , ington.druasiat. Bismarci vi Well, rna, you told me to learn some games which I could play; without tearing j my clothes, so I'm 'playing a new one called 'truant.' "--Baltimore Jewish Com- " Bangs !f it «·* only beattb, vs rnisht let it cuog. But it is a cough. One cold no -sooner passes off before another comes. But it's the same old cough all the time. And it's 'the same olj story, too. There is first the cold, then the ctiugh, then pneumonia or cbnsarriptfott with the loag sickness, and lite trembling in the balance. Di*o'« P»ti on S*aday. ; The late Rev. WyrontV. Reed was fond of pun and rod and always took his sum- West Jefferson. O., tter vacattons In. tfco woods. During one! months from rectal of these amnniersojoams to the woods the; j; B '.', n i«,- . ~^ti^ actor j,4« *t-*^*»~. «~A «. o » » ; cue unless a costly he would .'bottles of Buc-klin's Arnica pf " curt oa VST .' h ' E " d ?* ^ lrld - ? 5 .^ lfa '!* a .(..; ir^uiicgton, druggiat. Sunday itnrphy lng.tat-'klp to Joseph Katz has disvovend that .a lot [ tttol day for fl/fishing, lit. Beed looted j of his goods which were stolen the night; oe and made no sign. .,-.;' 1 of the fire were taken to Mandaa and' "Why ilon't you get otrt your taclsfe?" nsfad th- uctfiT. "TVe'll never have a bet-! ter day than This.'' · "Oh." was the ari-river. "I thought I would fro to church today," Nut furins to; iish ijont-,.Murphy went Salve, the th " e bpst 1x - :. Minneapolis, Minn., Feb. 27.--Lawyer .A. B. Bunting has won a most notable victory, "I was troubled for three years with weakness of the bladder and kidneys,". says the lawyer, and I couldn't get any relief before I commenced .to useDodd's Kidney Pills. I could not sleep well and would have to urinate several times at night.. ^Tow I can sleep soundly throughout the night, I give the credit all to Dodds Kidney Pills. I caS highly recommend them." . - · · lawyer Bunting's is one ot many thousands of cases'that have'6ee Wired Hood s Pills cure all liver ills. Mailed t b y the use of DoddV Kidney Pills, tbe for 25 cents C.I. Hood . Co_, Lowell, ^y recognized remedy for all kidney Mass - ^diseases. Dodd's Kidney Hlls strike at the cause of tbe trouble and remove it for all times banishing torture and makJog life sweet-again. ' .'-..',-:.-- 0 . -Don't ;be discouraged because you have used other remedies to no purpose, but try Dood's Spey f3. Biiey al- wa-s cure, no failure having been scored by them. -'·'.- - . -· · -.·'-'.'.'-. · "Dodd's Kidney. Rfls are goH% all drufrgists at 50 cents » bor, or six .wctes . for.Ki50, Sent by maH on receipt of price by Dodd's Medicine. Co; BJafialo, . McKialey Drops a Prom. " - Washington, March l.--The president nominated B. H. Sullivan of Planking- ton, S. D., for register of the land office - - . _ . , . . _ . a t Peavv, Alaska. He Fooled the Surgeons. A U doctors told Eenick Hamilton of I -=The largest, best and cheapest fine after jsufferirj}: 18; "^ pantsahi]^overalt-i in the city are now fistula. on "sale at DeGraffs. For trunks, bazs or scopes, saved to buyers, at Dei i raff's. at tne Boston and see the } fine line of sjpring: suits. ! sold to another dealer there. Tilt", natnes \ of the partie4 who did tbe stculins; are 1 i withheld but Mr. Katz states that he lias Blue serge suits from Sro toj $13-50 at The Boston. decided, to prosecute all who had- a hand i in stpalins the goods and there -are sev- j era! parties implica'teS. j TSe chicken |)ie Siipjjer given b the | ladies of the Presbyterian church in the I Webb tiiniJc was* well attended, a grand j ' success, and a handsome sum will, be' I ncttrd; Thi:. hafi was tastily dceorated i with flags and beritinff and the tnhlts' ; 1 \\-f-r? crowded thrinicbont the evening.', i'Much'credit is "di ihf Usiiiw having.! j tlrf atTnrr in chsrsre ,r its success. · Cycano de Bei xx} print, ohlv 'Book Si . , Men's shocs^' about l-~iO ;iair ·with Mn). Aftor a l"n{f.walk thromjh the-, hand.-new and'good, at actual woods they rc;i!u tua link-' church in a i DeGrafTs. .clc '.ring, ;«iU. to Slurphy'saiiiazement, his · be a -ckri^-man, .steppi-ti into thf pulpit · and j-nachsd the sermon.--New Tork ' Tribnno. . · . . . i only on cost at I f i rt««- *- f+ -i,' 1 10 cents, at Capital j In Das Wettt* Dr MeinaardtLS i that dtiring a ·-glazed frost" in ,; and central-Gerxany a blade of grass at I Want yoQr-bills bound for future reference? Send them to tbe bindery^ Sew Sbocx - :ust5 onciv Reftentment. - ] Miss Petlicrbridge," said the [ _ i, folding his arms and looking i 5terr-Jy at her, "yon can't be a 'sister to! Xo, THEFRONT ? . Gussner has lately ' . The mayor of Ixsridon grts a salary of 9SO.OOO a yejvr and occupies tne official residence rent-free. The entertainment* h*: furnishes absorb, most of his salary. Opium is considered three time* a* Ager's Pectoral boys about 15 yeaw old were put i ,'olf an X. i*. froiglil ht-re \vsu-.rday after inoon. Both were bootblacks hnd were; ! on" their way fru;a Minne.ii lolis t« . Butlf. i They were irftlmat money, Jjut sutrceed- m piekins n p a said a roan whe was petting hi* shoos blacked to his neighbor is ths next chair, "that bad a new pair of s!:oes every week for year, and they never cost him a cent." "Why, how was that?" the other man asked. ,. . . "Ho used To wear new shoes for a aee- ond hand shoe dealer," "What- did'he do that for?" "So "as to put some siiroa of wear on *exn aad make 'em recoadaand bargains. It left.'eta literally as good as new, and ttial amount of gr*! preiitnns; tbe dealer could truthfuay say that thew.'fTM"" ? I * r " s . t!on ' by the various tiro irtsurriacf ; was a pair of shoes that had never beeaj 1 ' lt »'i^' 1 - snsu; seining business in North Da · worn half a dozen time* in the world, and I kota" frqoinsk.s ir. for;-e d-jring 1*9S in .''anybody'could so* that that wss a-fact Blacked up in good shape, they'd look aUck as could be and sen as a bargain in fine secondhand shoes and bring about has: and gloves, lie sralked away with hte head [ be«i re-bailt aucl he ret-entiy held stiffly erect.--Chicago Xribnno. ["some of the-lat«-~-t and most The Appetite of a Goat I'packirer house machitje-y and is now ^tray dimes dur j ffljr tb«r stay here, lijtb were seed to · : ridi-'tlit- r't-srof a lirftt en^irn 1 to Mau| dan late in the afteriinon-vith all the f ^ra»-(V ami Qonctiaiancc of old timer*. Thr .. ;sv '' r «"'- order?'.!! st«iaach aLHi ' (.'·pscit.y-of the plant is'scfflcieat to al ts a spwjii'Hd r S })iHtito. j !"v-Mr. Gussner to dispose of his saa and . a re£ta:ar- r«x r^rfi-i-t health enat f-ac-rey. Only '^v. at P, C. 1 JKgtoii's drugstore. snd . the i-ity'cf Bi^rnnrt-k, amountr-d to ?J2,- J6*n.7.".' T\«. "jn-r cent of tftiw . amount! j bf»msr ?4:i'i;. ·,*·* to the Bismarck fiif i j whu-h f l.if'I--1 sj-.^os tf the fire ic[art-1 uu-nt. and f Jraud Forks g,V,fi.!«4. ef ' whit such shoos would sell for Sew York Sun. new."--· DeGraff has the Ivest lico of neckwear for the p:ice ever shown in'the city. ^iuca^-v. uv^cr products at wholesale as f wo!! as-reMiil and in th* near fuiure he f v. iii make arrangements {« wholesale his ^iiiisa^T'-s a* ^ell as hi.-J stock of grix^-ric^ i arid feed, Mr. Gussner. haadles f?od in j larsP q',:anriti.^s. corn. nran. shortsi,] «ronnd oats, etc,, asd has just received | car. also a Jargo ct-iisjgmaent of! ;o the dopartii-ent. ] loosens the Tne congestion o tbe throat tnd lungs is removed; all in- 'fiamBiation is subdued; the parts are put perfectly at rest and the cough drops away. It has no diseased tissues on which to hang. _ Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Plaster dnrv* oat Inflammation of the lung*- , ,---r · · i wini-b ?lJ!iV ' Kn^inp X- .'51 WAS dver from | v e^u-rday for a sh»rt time, and orated i i qii. a Sitilo c--:ri'i-;ty frutn a numlx-r of ; ;" visitors at the X T- yar.'.S- lr is one of : ''·:·'. ir.rzt-fl !'-.i-tmioti'v.^ ;»wm-d by the- X.: P. sysi-i". h.i^ 'cujht drivp whirls, a du ^!A ft'r j":t-;p niui all tho x--ticrn ii;i : j?*-.-.-. t'm^iit^ kuoTxr. to 1'Xiom^vtive frHjjid- · ' .-rs. Tbo caparily of the fiisfine is a l w u l : ; nr.c- ihir.i nrain .is :auch a that ·! an : .:irdirfiry ··}:c"S"an5 all the DPIV eri-rines '·s'v;^;;: hy the ru.'id hereafter nili he. of. ! .M--:.- i!. McPhi-rsk-n ; New and elegant line of silk "' ; front imported iladras and : cale shirt* at The Boston. Washioston apples whidi wifl be sold at [ his usiaiiy Utx raj prie*s to the consum-'; DR, The State Muieam. ·RIT R-irrt-it Ha. the North takoia state Syivston usu^fura in tx oeiient order. He i-tairns it"to rw rDo -.-f Ihr i : :os; "ittrarlivi 1 , i;;trrr i Tlv^ ^i-^^-,!"^ pncts to the consumer. At h. : s stjir-may be found an es- |" · }ec;a!ly w ell selected stock of fruits »Txi '. · croi"erH«. AB iuoxcrabie maxim with 1 i Mr. Gussr.-r itKx v b? ha heco in busa-'" traaers v. ;rh the best possible ceods any-» ·r,, I.-rK Mr. to f.-s; ;,·;; »::;a.- T partscxi-: that 'a? w;i! ir to 5 v '3fs : i'is markei. ^···:. A u - v h o ' rjcri. in ta? \V-b5 h:. ,-k i,-i-t tii-rhrfur : i ail o!-.i siui-r-i ixith *li:- and trraj ,ind a ^ i. Inrcp riiimlxT { did »i!d«"rs wife in at- j ; U'.nil«iii-f. ft-sid'"* the toea! srraTjd arn;; ; ! HUM) a i.irjfe nu:i:rier erf visitors wpre; and all pnssed a ycrv- pleasant] a.**' fcTHcsts of the Itxwl post.: .intlT Tully wa masu-r of i*re-1 es and ui^T-harpod his dutif^ UK I i such in n vwy happy manner. Hatriotk; j i HOOKS, «peecbc* and Storjea were fe*tur** I of the evenintf program and the occasion CR1AM BAWN6 POWDER Awarded Hifftwst Honors, World's Fair QoM Medal, Mldwl«t«. R; IV '*.^ ^f ;::.· *;rairii o' frir-: the ti-.-M. rsrrfpn : t i . - n . - f :r.i-v hirds.'t »n::::.-.!-:. minerals, 01 i gio;il sppcisn^n-:. rtr. Mi«t of the E)» x :;s ,ir-,-i^ut ui» in tine «how K. show oases and pyramids. ;in.5 disp J in a manner to indicatt^theoliject S4 ,. ;;s f.-oi;i .Mr. **"*'' f f l ' J k h t de'tj t- w i l i - 1. f«r f-.r i-a~h wiil ii.-HJ J t.-!i that he cai *· ··:! a Twin Cities. All his for cjish snd iri l.:r«re re '»;-!} to · the. ·* ar.'l ]ro' o!ii ».p as «is are quantities and he! ihus able lo rivp his customers the benefit of diwcf-inted li'ls. TH! EXCHJB'CE 0F SY51T OF RiS fe 'due not oaly tothe originality and siinplieitr of the combination, but also to tbe care and skill vvilb which it smacnfactured. by/ scientific processes known to the Cii-rroienA fie SVRTP Co. only, and we wish to impress upon ail the bpwrtaneeof pur- chasir.? the tme and original reme- 3y.'* As the sr*-nu:ne Srrtipof Ftgsis Fw STRri'-O. only, a knowledge of that fact v.-ii! assist one "in avoiding i'-.e vor-'i:'ex.s isjitatioas nianufact- u-o! ty other parties. The high stan.Hnjr of the CAUPORXIA FIG Svr:vr- _'. ivi^h the medical prof,-s- ^-·-- :ir. i S;;^. satisfaction which the -· :';:::;:« S;.-rr,p of Figs has jrive.n to rr.:. :;.-.ns of fi.-a;lies, rnake; the came of she-; .mnaay-a sruarantv of the ex~ LV.'ienc -cf its remedy. 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