The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on December 19, 1902 · Page 7
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
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Friday, December 19, 1902
Page 7
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SECTION ONE THE DAILY REVIEW. 5BCTION OMB 1-8 SEVEN DAYS, TEN CENTS. PLEA OF VENEZUELA ANSWERED BY ALLIES Her Enemies Find Many Things in the Way of Arbitration. Declare Their Interests Must lint Be Properly Safe Guarded. Washington, Dec. II)-Secretary Hay has received partial responses from Great Britain. Germany and llaly respecting the proposal to arbitrate Venezuela dif- ficulties. Great Britain Is favorable lo arbitration with proper safeguards; Germany accepts arbitration In principle but finds a multitude of small adjustments to be ma4* before entering Into an agreement: Italy declares she IN favorable to arbitration but will be bound probably by the action of Great Britain and Germany. OBKAT BRITAIN Bead* a Reply That May Result In Hometnlnff. London. Dec. l».-Oreat Britain has sent a reply to the United States In regard to the suggestion that the Vene- luelan question should be submitted to arbitration. The tenor of Ihe reply. It Is expected here, will tend to bring about some arrangements for a satisfactory solution, while thoroughly safeguarding Interests of the powers concerned. OftttMABY Maintain* Absolute Slleuee About Her Answer. Berlin, Dec. ».--Thi- German answer In Venesucla'H proposition for arbitration /s ready and will be sent the United Blairs government soon. Officials maintain absolute silence regarding the character of the answer. OERMAKT UJIBA8Y U tne Temper American People Are Snowing. Berlin, Dec 19-Within the past twcn- y-four hoursi German opinion as to America's attitude In the Venezuelan af- kilr has undergone a marked change. Conscious that their own attitude Is In no respect intended t.i offend American susceptibilities, the German people an* annoynl nt hearing their kaiser styled a ·'war lord," and they resent the imputation that he desires to bangle Venoiuela with the "mailed Out." They say that If such talk continues they. too. may grow Intemperate and thus originate conditions between the two countries which would be nothing short of disastrous Of course, the weight of public opinion in the United States Is having a certain Defaulter Settles. Mollne. Ills., Dec. 19.--Tho bondsmen of Icasant F. Cox, county treasurer, have made a settlement with the rounty board if the defalcations of A. E. I^cyford. the runaway deputy treasurer, to the amount of |R,Iil)6.17. Mr Cox, «ho I* an old man, has turned over his HtlQ farm, practically all he assessed, toward the settlement. Ban Johnson Hopeful. Chicago, Dec. 19.--President Johnson of the American baseball league announces that the annual meeting of his league will be held here probably next Monday, and that the first conference between the peace committees of the rival leagues would be 'held In Cincinnati on Jan 0. ·oncernlng the outlook for pence. Joha* son talked hopefully, and said he believed satisfactory compromise could be reached. MatMB Anette* at Pekln. ' P«orla, III*., Dec. l».-Nels C. Matson, postmaster at Mlddleton. DCS Molnes county, la., wBo has twm wanted by the government authorities sine* May 5 last, for th« embculement of postofflce money order fund* to the extent of 1300, was arrested In Pekln. He acknowledged his guilt, and was taken before United States Commissioner Howe, who fixed his bond at 12,000, and ordered him remanded to the county jail. Padaeah Paitor Indicted. Paducak, Ky., Dec. U.--The grand jury returned an Indictment against the Rev. E. W, Brlgfcs for malicious cutting with Intent to kill. .! i I*IW He had un encounter with T. J. Qarr, proprietor of i fashionable boarding house, on Oct. 1!7, and thu latter was stabbed. DEATHS IN LOGAN. Or'm Beaner CalU Two Old K«-«l4l«ntM. Lincoln. Ills.. Doc. IS.Wohn H'olland died at his home one and one-halt flilles southwest of Hartsburg Thursday morn- Ing, lined 82 years. The deceased had been a tenant farmer on ricull)'s prairie for many years, and through Industry and «eonomy had accumulated considerable property. Mm. Pcmls Pettltt died at her home Thursday, aged 69 years, tl montht) and IT days. She had (uttered about ten das from asthma, which caused her death. Mrs. Petit t had been a resident of Illinois forty-five years. LYNCH IS INDICTED Erne Quits tne Kin*. Denver, Colo , Dec. 19.--Frank Erne Is going tn quit the business. "No, I ouldn't advise ony one to go Into the ring. It doesn't come up to plans and specifications," said he. "I'm out of it after Iwelvo years of hard latar. I'm on my w.iy bark to Lewlston '«hcre my father has u big vineyard and wine factory I'll work for him awthlle and then have n good opening awaiting me In a Buffalo Aouae." GOVERNOR SAYS "NO." Will Not Permit the M;Go*era Corbett Mout. Detroit, Mich., Dec. »-lt Is now about a 1 to to shot that tho McOovern-Corbctt championship battle will not be held In Detroit as planned. Governor Bliss ha* quietly made all necessary arrangements to step Into tho lime-light at tho last moment and prevent the contest being held. For Part He Took in the doer War. London, U«c. l! --The grand juy today returned truo bills agulnst Colonel Arthur 1/yiKh, member of parliament, who was arrested Jun u U on a charge of high .reason in connection with the part he ook in the South African war, where be IK alleged te liave comm.imltd the Irish brigade. POISON RECORD ALTERED. Mew Discovery la Tona Dnnlap Murder Trial. Alcd". ills.. Dec. 19--The discovery that the p ilson record book In the Craig drug store has been altered Is receiving ts« entire attention of both sides In the Dun. lap murder trial. The prosecution had men out s arching for Mell Miner, whose purchase . f strychnine was erased, tie ndmltN the purchase and stated it was used lo kill gophers. After the prosecution had rested the d«- fense ohject'd because a medical student, niimri Smith, und Professor W. 8 Ilaynes of Kush Medical college, had not been placed on the stand. H WM agreed that these'two witnesses will be called today. Stale* rallied overnight to tho support of President Cleveland In hi* attitude toward Great Britain regarding former Venezuelan trouble*. They also are being tardily reminded of the force of popular sentiment that precipitated the war with Spain In the face of official hesitation. Responsible German business men and statesmen accordingly unite In the fervent hope that the American people will not allow thenwelve* to be carried away on the present occasion by patriotic emotion* or Influenced by anti-German prejudice. What most Germans, Including per* hap* the kaiser himself, are slow to understand Is that In the United State* pub- lie opinion Is tho real dictator of national policy. Thu* fur Germany ha* felt assured that It* action In Venezuela would provoke no protest as long M the cabinet* In Berlin and Washington might b* In agreement. The wave of Indignation that I* reported to have swept the United State* In consequence of tn dnklng of the Venezuelan ship*, the storming of the fort* and the blockade of the coast ha* now revealed the possibility that the American people may M lei* long-suffer. ing than was Imagined, WAIT AMP HOPE That AlUM Will Agree Upon WaJhlnftow. Dee. l».-0scretary Hay laid before the cabinet meeting the latest phaaa* of the Venezuelan situation. After thorough discussion of the question the eOlnst gave it* unqualified approval to «veryttilng that tad (Men done by Secretary Bay and «lao to fct* ptami for the future *o far «· they were outlined. 41 to gwtfcered that the attitude of the Hatted atate* 1* for Ihe present e, wait ing on* to «be trap* that the aMtee will ·ooo toe able «o agree upon a, bad* upon wMoh they are wining; to accept! arbitration. IfORTHCOTT EETERTAWCTG Acting Governor ML Ices Yates* Mansion Lively. Springfield. Ills., U(r. ID.-Thls even- ing Acting Cto\ernor and Mrs. North- colt will entertain the state officials at the executive mansion at dinner. The dinner Is not to be a stale affair, but will be Informal Next Tuesday Mrs Nortluott will receive from 3 to 6 o'clock. This reception will be for the general public. Mr*. Northcott will be assisted in receiving by Mrs. Henry Yates, Mrs. J. R. B. Van Cleve, Mrs. John C. Cook .ind Miss Katnryn Palmer This will bo thu flrnt reception held ut the executive mansion since the 111 ness of Governor Yalcs. FIRED A SCOLD FROM HIS HOUSE Sue Had Spasms, Died, and He Was Tried for Murder JloUuvJIlii, III*., Dec. Jli.-A jury In the circuit court at Belleville ycstetday aftcr- loon aciiultted John Harrington, who was charged with killing Mrs. Cora. Meycitt of K*»t St. LoulM. She died several hours after having been ejected from his home. The jury also declared thai a householder had the right to eject any one who Is objectionable to htm. In this case, Harrington clalnua that Mrs. Meyers had caused trouble between himself nnd wife, und caused a temporary 'Strangrmcnl. Mrs. Meyers died on the morning of Oct. 2 of this yiar. Her death was preceded by a seiles of spasms which began shortly after she was ejected from .he Harrington borne. Harrington had been away from Ms homo for tfnyx. nnd hi heard t'uit Mrs. Miy«.rs would be there oil the evening of Oct. 1. He went th.-re und found that she had been telling his wife things which wen: . Wctionable to him. He ordered her out of tli^ house, anil when she: refused tu go, lie used force. She attempted to come back, and then It was that he slapped her. Soon afterwards she was seized with ipusmtt und died several hours later. Cairo, lib., Dec. 11-At a meeting of the board of education Profseeer Clyde ·tone, prlMtpA] of the Lincoln (III*.) high school, was electee; principal of the Cairo high (school to succeed John toy. den *·* WM elected county scfcod coav ·tleatoner. ProfMMr O. M. Becker or UivergBe. III*., w«* chosen Instrwster of physical *el*ace and Maual training. Students Pardoned. St. Petersburg, Dec. 19,-The c*ar ha* granted amnesty to W student* who were banished for rioting on hi* name dav. Howie the fVaeliltib. New Orleans, Dec. 19.--Judge Aucoln has declared the law compelling a husband to support his wife unconstitutional. Narrow Eiwape en Wi Peru, Ind., Dec. ».-Pa« mall No. ( on the Wabash narrowly escaped a disastrous wreck at Thurman, on the New Ha ven-Butler division Thursday. The train was going forty mile* an hour when I ·Ide-swlped ten cars of « freight which had failed to make a siding. The train went by, keeping the track and no one was burl. VpkeMUn Louisville, Ky.. Dec. If--The unwritten law was upheld when Policeman Mike Hayed was dlsml*eed on hi* examination trial for the murder ot Policeman John Doyle, whom be accused of despoiling hi* home. 8elf-def«nse, however, was the direct ground given by Judge McOann. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Bill Favorably Reported to TAYLORVnZJt, the House. Bureau of Labor Is Included in It. Washington, I»cc. 19.-- The house com- mittee on Interstate commerce today ordered a favorable iei»rt on the depart' mom of commerce bill. Provision for Including the bureau of labor In the new department is retained. PAYNE HI M8BLP AGAIN. Recover* from If In Pains ot the NOTWIEIEFFEIT Railroads Still Blocked by Freight. DAMAGE SUITS FEARED. Tried Shippers May Get Desperate. The freight situation Is not mending rapidly and neither slilppi'ra n ir rail- ' h n medical uo-nml-slon Wodnesul.iy and Day Washington, Di-e ».-- Pontmastt r Hen eral Payne, who was taken 111 suddenly yesterday with acute Indigestion, hail to far recovered today us to be able In attend the cabinet mottling. He was feel Ing u trifle weak but otbei wise quite himself. BURIAL OF MRS. GRANT Watte OD Arrival of Her HOB Fred. New York, l»fc. 19.--The executive committee of the Grant Monument asso elation held a Hltnrt meeting at the chamber of commerce In discuss arrange! menta for placing the lo«y of Mm. Orun( In UH flmtl resting place In the Grant monument. The exact time at which this will b» done and the character of the services ciinnot bo determined till General Frederick D. Grunt nirlvei In Washington. All that has bciti done lierc »jt hn been to arrange for the lifting of the tup of the granite sarcophagus In wlilrh Mrs. Grant's body will lie. The committee, of arrangements con- BlntB of General Oieiivlltc M. Dodge. Ellhn Root nnrt Henry W. Tlayrtcn, vice I residents aiul secretary of the ossocla- tlon; Cornelius N. Ullss and Colonel A. Noel Klukemnn. Colonel Hlakcnian, who will have immediate charge of detnllH, h.i.s gone Washington to meet Geneuil Grant. to PASTOR MARRIES. Nuptials of K. H. Mhnett and Alary B. Dell. Tolono, Ills., Dec. U.--Rev. Randolph H. Schuctt of P.irmur City und Miss Mary Klla Bell of this place were mar tied Wednesday evening at T:HO o'clock ni the home of the bride's parents. Mr. ahd Mrs. C. H. Bell. At the last conference Mr. Schuctt was transferred from the Tolono to the Farm cr Clti' church. BOYCOTT ON CHURCHES. Ministers forced te Leave Their Charge*. , i'a., Dec. 19.-- During the coul strike several clergymen of this town and Summit Hill took sides with the operators und counselled the men to go %D work. As a result a boycott was declared against the churches presided over by these pastors. In Lnnnford four out of the six churches have ben placed under the ban. Every person who attends the services Is called "scab," aad all union men aro requested to shun them. In Summit Hill four of [he pastors were forced to resign and the churches are now closed. STRANGE COINCIDENCE. Bame Engine, Conductor and Paueoger In Wreck. Rockford, Ills.. Dec. 19.-A peculiar co Incidence with the first anniversary Monday of tho terrible Perryvlllo w|cck was noted by tho employes ot tho Illinois Central road. The train coming out on the anniversary trip Monday morning was pulled by the came engine, tho 2Jt ; the tame conductor, Qulnlan, was In charge of the train; and one of tho passenger* of the Ill-fated train, Mrs. Place of Waterloo, la., was again on board, The railroad men all noted the co- Ineldencjrand It occasioned no little com mentt n TOWIR PRESENTS Hi* Credentials as Minister lo Germany. Berlin, Dec. It.-Ambassador Tower presented M* credential* to EUperor William at the palace today. Writ. New York, Dec. H.-Justlce Scott in the Miprerae court today dunntaed the, writ of habeas corpus In the case of Je*se Hayed claimed that Doyle drew hi* pis- Lewteobn. arrested on a warrant.for n lol first. Then were no witnesses. Hayed fusing to answer questions respecting al- **· glaced on the force la hi* old place. Jeged gambling houses. track go to pieces «o rapidly *» It w w , Ing now. The condition* seem to b» Just J right to soften up *he road bed. T»e ground 1 IB not frocen deep enough to hold It and the rain* and snows hive made tihe (ground Blush so that tho iwund. Img of trains Quickly spoil* the surface. Taylorvillc, Ills., Dec. 19-- Henry Dunkirk of Morrlsonville waa (rlveo a preliminary hearing before Jwfcto Handel on Thursday «tid was bound over to the grand 1 jury. Dunkirk pointed a gun at the constable of Morrisonvllle. James 1 R. Dvy, Who wanted to servo som« leg«l papers on him. It Is also charged that Dunkirk Ihnntened to kill Dey. Dunkirk gave bond. HIO RHCUPTION". Mrs. U IX Ffhumway eri'tertaln«'d about L'.V) l a u l i K m her liomc Thursday afternoon. The inrlors were beautifully dec united w i t h holly and cut flowers ADJl'DOKD I'NBANB. Mrs. M.iKKli- Durham, wife of T. Iur- ham of Assumption, w.'ts CUTTHROAT AND road men are seeing any rainbows of 1 onl r"d to lx committed to the asylum lor the Insane j't Jacksonville. Mrs. Uur- promise In the sky. The Middle divlson , hiim ,,.,,, biu , n |n thl ., My i,, m . of the Wabash will not load n pound of I CIKrriT COI'HIT. anything except perishable stuff for | A r l h n r llcgcr*. chnrge.1 with l.m f.iy. the east. At Chicago the Wuhnah refuses ' ""'] 1 ' l |" l . n * l i' ^f'« C vi?n*i'* n (»^''?uiiiteiilcd to accept freight from connecting roads ,1',,'J,,,,' jr,',,,,)' iK-h.ivtnr' for the east. The mills lit Deciitur h ive John Downs pKaded guilty to the charge their warehouses filled with manufact- ' "f huven and was lined IS «nd cist«. ured for lack which they can not ship out of transportation facilities. They can not set corn and if they could get It they could not grind it for lack of storage room. A Deeatur man who called on President Ramsey at St. Louis yesterday, says that Mr. Ramsey could offer him but little encouragement. He believes that the blockade can not be lifted before tho first of the year but hopes for Borne relief after that time. But If the pros- en^ congestion Is relieved, the new corn crop has scarcely commenced to move, and another and worse glut Is imminent at any time. NOT WABABH AI-ONE, It ts not only the Wabash that Is suffering, is the Information that the gen- ontinue*) were: Thorn is .1. Smith, forgery, ten counts. John Uedmof), assault to- murder. Hoy Ooffman, dlsturldnfl the peace. Unnd of «-"iO forfeited, us defendant failed to appear. I' ROB AT K COV'RT. Claims have been allowed In the II. K. Prater estate, also la the F. W. Stockbridge estate. Kclucy Hhiirp tiled r'|«rt «« guirdlan of Charles 1ft Huffman. Theo 1*. Ifcixter filed 1 sale bill In the n K Swim estate siniivur. Circuit Clerk E. A Silver attended a meeting of the circuit clerks ut Deeatur Wednesday. State's Attorney W. K. Whltfleld went tlemon above quoted bring 8 back from I t o Springfield, Wednesday on business In St. Ixmls, but the Pennsylvania, the *'"' r1 l'ral court. Constable John Dawdy went to I.ov- Ington Wednesday on business. Attorney Frank J. Thompson went to LovliiKton business. Webb Tlchenor was a visitor In Arthur Monday Rov. J. K. Sheer 'was here Wednesday -n his way t) Bethany. Lake Shore, the West Shore and. In fact ' all of the tdunklincR. The yards at De- j trolt, at Plttsburg, at Buffalo and other J points are congested so b idly that the rniuls can not bundle their n rmal business to sny nothing of the Immense business that shippers are trying to force and Arthur Wednesday ou Waggoner was here Wednesday on them now. The condition of the motive power on the Wabash is given as a reason for the trouble on this line This cnn be only a i part of the cause as Is wen from tin- fact ' N «'l so » Powell and Elmer O'Ne.l of that other roads arc suffering sirnllnrlly. i Itr " c ' p W(iro ' "" ollr "fwU Wednesday. FEAR DAMAGE SUITS I A " inl * tll( Lovlngton clothing man. The rallro.ula arc fearing heavj clnlnw i Wil * ht ' r¥ Wednesday, for damage* from shippers who hnM» j Rnhpr t W(lr d "f Bethany was her* goods damaged In transit or arc unnbl* Wednesday on business He hns sold his to 111! contracts on account of tho delay I fllrm "' ar Bethany and will move to In shipping. A man well up In the traffic'' Missouri this cumlng spring. Moultrie County OW Soldier t Snlcide. WO CAUSE IS KNOWN. Was Evidently Thinking of It Thursday. John Knapp committed suicide at hit home at Bruce ut K o'clock Friday morning by cutting hlK throat with a lazor. He was r»!i cars old. :tn old soldier and one i f the old settlors of that S'-ctlon. No ciuiHe Is known for the tlved. IN A HTORK Knapii had a little stnre In Bruee and lived In the ivar pnrllon of the room which WHS separated from the store by ,i eurtaln. It '.tan In this living room that .he deed wu» i!«ne An epileptic daugh- er heard Mn struggles nnd was thu ttrst ti go Into the apartment. She at once gave the alarm and thu Hrst of the neigh- iorB t reach him found 1 him beyond all human aid. He huj made two frightful slashes with the razor, each starting bc- ·w the point of the e i r and extending forward and downward till they nearly met in the center The Jugular veins were severed nnd he bl«.1 to death In * few minutes. He. was gasping his last when ht» neighbors reached 'him One neighbor wag In the store less nun ten minutes before the alarm was given. He noticed the outline of Knapp through the thin calico curtnln and spoke 0 him. It c'Hild not have been more than 1 minute.or two later that the deed wag done, THOUGHT OP IT. Another neighbor relates that Knapp visited his house Thursday night to hiwe him draw up a paper relative to the disposal of some property It Is thought from this that he premeditated suicide t this time. He leaves three children, the oldest the invalid daughter referred o above. He has never had niuch prop, erty and lias had a go«di deal or trouble. Bruce Is In Moultrle county and Is the Irst station south of Sullivan on tht Efflngham branch of the Wabash. department with the fear of heavy Sam Jones of Todds Point was hero Wednesday. was here before his eyes went to n heavy shipper of perishable goods who was accustomed I J T G "8h " r Klrksvlllc to give all of his business to the Wab«s-. Thursday on business. and asked him to divide hlB shipment w '- N ' '-*' wl « «" Lovlngton wm hero ·with other lines on account of tmy ores- Thursday on business. ent difficulty In getting freight over the , Mann for James L. Kirk ot the Itoul- Wnbadh. He did this, and a car load or trie County Telephone exchange it 111 glv« ll«h and oysters shipped by another road his clerks a. rest on Christmas and wilt over n week ago ha s not yet' been heard ' clrse the exchange from 1! o'clock noon Daalb ot Father Abbott. Bloomlngton. Ills., Dec. ID.--The ilcuth f the Rev. Michael Abbott, which occurred at Farmer City, removed a brilliant oung priest tit the Catholic faith. Ho had been ill only three weeks with typhoid fiver. ·'or the past tin yiurs he had been ftJ- tloned In central Illinois, and following a term as assistant rector o;' Holy Trinity here WUH placed In charge, of the Sacred Heart parish in Farmer City. The funoral was a notable demonstration. It was conducted by tho Rev. P. J. O'Reilly, vicar general of the Pcorla diocese. Th» body will be burled Springfield, Mass., his birthplace. ut NON-UNION HEN CONTINUE Tbeir Tales of Woe Before Strike Commission. Scranton, Pa., Dec. 19.--Testimony given before thu »trlke ixtmmlKnlan today by nun-unlon men was a repetition of that brought iH before. It related lo attacks on men -anil their families, ut- tompts to blow up their houtKe, boycotts of various kinds, Intimidation und \lo Icnco, all alleged to have been committed ·by strikers. ENQINItER KILLED »· Bun alng Away Down a Grade. Bradford, Pa., Dec. 19.--A car heavily loaded with lumber on Mays siding, near Wetmore, on the Philadelphia and Erie railroad, ran away this morning down a steep grade andi rushed Into a double header freight going east. Lumber on the car riioved forward and pinned both engineers In the wreck, killing them Instantly and Injuring three other trainmen. | STABBED TO DEATH By Man Who Sought to Kill BlBualf. St, Louis, Dec. U.-J."W. Barringer, Jr., aged 27, a civil engineer In, the em- ploye of tho St. Louis, Memptua and Southeastern railroad, nras stabbed to death today by 8. M. Morton, also a 'civil engineer. No-motive I*'known for the deed,. After being' arrested Morton took a! dose of poison, but prompt action by physician* prevented, fatal result*; from. It Is probable that those oysters will be below par In value when they arrive and that the line over which they are shipped will have a claim to pay. EXTRA GANGS OFF. The Wabash extra gjnu working north of Dcratur under Foremen Mike Sheehey un'd Thomas Dalley was laid off yesterday. The gang numbered fifty or sixty men and left Uecatur every morning on a work train, returning at night. The engine and crew of the work tvuln has been put In the regular service. Foreman Sheehey resumes his regular position In the Pccalur y»rdt. Foreman Joe Gust, who has had charge of Shee- tiey's section In the yards, Is taking a \ a c n t l n n and hits gone to Arkansas. BRANT'S TROUBLE. Danville Press: John Brant, one of ttle liost known engineers -on tho Wabash. has gotten Into trouble w1th the village authorities at Falrmount. It all came throtigii Hrant'a preference for Jacob Franoef Miindweller. the smallest fireman cm tho Middle division. Brant and Mun«- wcller have been the engine team on t and 2i between Deeatur and Danville for tho past two yean. Mundweller can be xeen oil tho class F engines that generally pull these two trains, hut a few days n (to, when the 606 was put on the runs for a few days, tiho trouble began. Yesterday Mr. Brant was served iwlth the following notice; Falrmount, Ills., Dec, 17. 190!. "Mr. J. W. Brant, Engineer. Deeatur, Ills.: "You are hereby notified to appear bo- fore Justice Doollttle, In the city of Pair- mount, Vermilion county, state of Illinois, nt 9 a. ra., Dec. », to answer In tho case of the City of Falrmount versus thn Wabash railroad. Complaint being dtf that on, Dec. 10 you were In charge of engine No. 808, on passenger train No. 24 and 7, running through the city limits of said city, with but one man on the engine, thereby jeopardising the lives and welfare of the citizens of said city. "W. A.' ADAMS, City Clerk. ' "Falrmount, Ills." It Is believed that Mr, Brant will succeed In convincing the authorities that ha had a fireman with him that day and that he will bo allowed to go free. aOQ'EJRTY RESIGNS. James Oogerty hoe resigned ihia position as superintendent of terminals of the Denver and Rto Grande at Pueblo, Colo., and ha» been appointed superintendent of terminals on ithe Iron Mountain ait Lit- lld Rock, Ark. COTTER OOE8BA8T. A epeote! telegram in the St Louis pa per» yesterday states that J. J. Cotter ha* resigned nto postMon as division cu- uertntendeitt on the D. R. O. to take ft lioettlon on an eofftern KHU). No further information ha* been reoelvw* by the friends of Superintendent Colter at De catur. --»-- Dispatcher Ed Orunendlke of the War ba*h I* laying off on account of new. slck- The south penstock at 'tine Illinois Central station WM broken la*t ntghft and I* out of servlo*. The pipe was not torn down, a* wo* the case several month* ago, but 4* broken beneath the surface. Section' Foreman MoNamam of the HHnois Central *ay* that In all of hi* experience, which ta» toeen eonriderably more than a week, he ha* never ic«u to 4 o'clock p. m REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. L. C. Fleming to Thomas Vunscyoc, lot s 1 and 7. hlk 2. L. C. Fleming's 1st add to Allenvllle; H25. W K. liukvr to n. F. Rork, lot 9, hik U. Camlleld's R. R. add to Sullivan; S1.250. J. \V. Evan B to Otis n. Carter, lot «, blk 2, Evans' part of Klrkvllle; 125. Edward F. Cooley to Noah C. Strleklln, in B nnd B. blk 8. Meekcr's add t» Sullivan; ?70n. WABBEHSBUBQ. Mr. ami Mrs. I'Ynnk Ijfhn eelehratKl their flrht weddlnig uiinlvi rsiry Thursday, !·· Iti. A li;hk«'l Hupticr and · nti-rliilnment was Klven at the Major siliool house Thurs- ila.v cvcniiiK. Mi«s Ida Rnhbliw Is khe Irjchcr. 'Mrs AlbiTl r i m m r o f Bd,ton, Colo.. Is visiting ChiirleK Hull.inl and family. " ("h ·!·! r Hiikor is visiting in Ralph spent Sunday In Cham Misses Nell Cros»manan« Mabel Blnk- lev upwit Sunday In Decnitur. MRW Katie (\)ok left for HarLire, la., Thursday evening. Mrs J. A. Conely was In Deeatur on Thursday. Karl Hoover of Mirofl and 'Rob Ben'ton of Forsyth w»re hero Sunday. Misses Minn If Hoover und Beit Nlenrnn of Detatur siK'iit Sundwy with home folks. The primary room of tbe school was dismissed Tuesday on account of the sickness of the teacher. Mtet* Blanche Binkley. The Warrcnsburg: school will close Friday evening for a week's vacation. Joseph Ritchie and family win leave on Friday for Fayettevllle, Ark., where they will make their future Diorm-. Dr. Ramond of Grand Rttplde, Mich., Is visiting his- mother, Mrs. Ramon J, and slitter, Mrs. Whtte. Mrs. O in Iowa. Dec. 19. Kelly Is visiting -her parent* Gonuecttnf Up. The employes of the 'Maoon County Telephone company are busy connecting up subscribers on the new underground cables. A good many have already been connected up and It is thought that all on tho North Main street cable can be connected by tho end of this week. The linemen nay, however, that It will likely be two weeks more before all the damage done by the storm Is repaired. The Central Union telephone still has about twenty-five linos In trouble, but hopes to have them working all right In a few days. Funeral. The funeral of Mrs. H. A. A'ldridge will be held at 2 o'clock Arturday afternoon from the First Baptist oburoik The services will be conducted by\Rev. t. H. HI BM ~ Bowyer nndl the burhU wMI wood ^cemetery. Oreen-*. TO: Mrs. Inei Glllelt of Cornland. widow of line laKe John P. GMIett, who wa* one of the largest tend owners of Logan county, and her mother, Mr*. E. M. Mermler. leave tn a few day* 'for New York, where Mr*. Qlllett will toe united In marriage to Mr. Jamison, a wealthy broker, mine owner and 1 club man of taint city, who** engagement to Mrs. Qtllett wa* announced aeveral week* ago. The date ot the wedding lias been set, but Mr. Jamison ha* been taken III and M* physician ha* advised him to go to Florida, and " we* Ms desire that the phtee at once, *o that he oompaated doer* by. U* brtd*. wMdlng could be take MADE INSANE BY SHOPPERS Elevator Conductor li Department sure Lost Reason. Chicago, Dec. 19.--Because of the numerous question* asked him by ·hoppers, James K. Fountain, « former elevator operator at n downtown retail «tore, was driven Inwane. "I do mx know, madam, ask the cleiks In the 1 ttoy department," called the demented fli«nns lie entered the courtroom In charge of an attendant of tho detention hospital. «Tid then ho called the Ie- liarlmcnls whlcli could be found on the "nexi floor." Then he refused to talk. IIlH brother h.ild. "lie liu» told me re- jjeatedly th«t the women shoppers who askerl him HO iniiiiv (|urtloru as he carried them from on floor to another greatly annoyed and bothered him. Jim has told me Hi it « many questions m.uls htm ncrviHis ,nl t l v i t .ifti-r he hud slvrii them .ill Hie lufonniitlcn he could, they thrttiU'iicd !. nuiki 1 Kimplaftvts regarding hlb conduct tn hit* employers, and this, he suld, worrlid him " Mew Officers. At the meeting if tho Endowment rank. Knights of Pythian, last night tho following ofilcers were eU'c'ed. President--W. 1'. Shade. Vice Provide' it-F. O. Damrow. Secretary--J. H. Young. Harvard Ha* 4,261 8tndeut«. Boston, Dec, !:.--This year's Harvard catalog show* a total of 4,2(1 students In the university, 120 moro than a year ago, and the largest number In any American Institution of learning. Counting lUd- cllftc college and the summer school, the tstal number of persons enrolled during 1902 was 6,206. Tho number of Instructors in the university proper In 534, or fifty-one more than, last year. Burglary. The police received word Friday morn. Ing th«t Bradley's store at Blue Mound had been entered during the night and quite a lot of good* stolen. The properr ty missing consisted of n number or rasor, and pocket knives, several sets of silver knives and forks and four revolvers. Tho Deeatur police were askeJ to bo on the watch for the burglar* and the stolen property. BoftOoaltflOa Ten. Boston, Dec. IS.--Public expectations of a break In the' high prices for coal In Boston, In consequence of heavy arrival* within the past IWMtty-four hours, were shattered when the deeJes* here announced an advance In price of bituminous of $1 a ton. The price Is now MO THE WEATHER. Chicago, Dec. 19.-The weather Indications for Illinois for twenty-four hour* follow: Rain tonight and Saturday; warmer tonight, WEATHKR MAP. Tho weather msp shows generally cloudy weather, but lltfia precipitation, a trace at Valentine. A trace at Dee Maine* and .01 at Dubuque and mining Temperatures a l|Mle higher every- wher*. In the extreme north and northwest It 1* generally clear, t to M above. IJOOAL. OBeBRVATION.. Following I* «*e nngr of temperature as recorded toy Profwaor J. H. Ooonradt. "nlted Wales " 1 e. m Noon ather Highest Thursday Lowed Friday ..44 ..a iNEWSPAFERr iNEWSPAPEr

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