Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois on January 3, 1882 · Page 1
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Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1882
Page 1
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* *n, Itohtr Hailfl VOL. x. DECATUR, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, JANUARY 3, 1882. NO. 231 J. R RACE CO. HEADQUARTERS all t hasp ^ Most EJrgaat Line of Silk Handkerchiefs. o of Velvet-* and Silk Scarfs, and all A Fme An i;.yles of Gent *' Neckwear. \aiiet^ ^f Scaif P ; ns and Seperable Full -itie of Sleeve Buttons. t i h i I 'M i l it w i i l pie. Overoua s at $2.00, 53.50 and $5.00, at CURIOUS PACTS The natives of India say that the baya bird lights up her nest with fire flies The tomato plant is avoided by earwigs, caterpillars, aphides, slugs and tnails The part of tho human body which shows the gieatest variety of color is the iris of the ej o A wire 400 feet long can be made from one grain of silver Such a wire 16 finer than human hair King AIL i'd used to measure time bv a device of twelve candles, grad nated so as to burn two hours each. A laige boa m the zoological gai dens in London swallowed a blanket, and disgorged it m thirty three dav s rrorn animal remninb it is conclu ded that Great Britain was at one time connected with the mainland, and the English chanrel was drv .Resonance in public halls can be modified 01 pi evented by sketching a vvue acioss the ceiling, so that the ·vibrations are absorbed, com eyed fiom one wire to another, and spread o\ei th" building. The laigest room in tho world under ont roof and unbroken by pillars, ih at St Petersburg By dav it is USE d for military display , b} night for a v as* ball room Twentj thou sand wax tapers are leqmred to light it Thpic is a tiact of eountrv m Cal ifoinia, about fifteen miles long by half a mile in width, where lightning htnkes lives nearlv everv time a stoim passes o\er Outside this strip there is no huch damage The lino c in bt plainlv tiiced by dead timber V 1 - main as three files have been o insed In lightning in this tract in one sini'li '-toiui THE NEWSPAPER JOSH BILLINGS' PHILOSOPHY Hmely Truths Told In the Very- Homeliest Language From the Sew 1'ort- WuMv If you will sit down and wait, yung man, at least one haff ov the good hings ov life will at sum time eddy around near j u, while the more yu hase them the more they will break nto a run. All ov natur's works ar a part ov a erfekshun ov a plan She makes 10 mistakes, creates no v a^ancj s. and juesses at nothing Ideas are what wins, but if a man lain't got but one, he is verj apt to run it into the ground, and take him lelf along with it Laffter proves nothing Wize men aff, and ideats grin all the time Cunning u a weak imitashun of wiedum. and iz liable at enny time to merge into fraud Happiness haz no abiding place, ut often H very near at hand, like he old woman's spektakles After untmg for them hi andlo, she found hem at last safe on her noze Grav ity iz bekummg to a phool at all times, but onlv to a wizo man on itate oekashuns \ ery raenny seek knowledge, not 10 rnutch for fho tiu^h a? for tho bpeckulabhun thare iz in it Heroizm iz simple, and j et it iz 'are Everj one who dn/ the best hoy ken iz a hero But} is a dangcious gift Tho amty it inspires, and tho base flat «rv it attrakts its possossois aionot .o be envied Charity makes no mistakes that she can be chaiged with Good breeding 17 the oulj thing ;hat kan make a phool endurable Servitude iz so nmiatmal that an lonest servant 17 the laiost nv all \ M I j [I " 1 i* \ui tmff at tlic dont I t I !! J H C t ) SM 1 o I k n » In -i min« Ix talk i m h i l i «ith me at i IK i i m p true « tn in 1 li s «i k-- h "( ·(··II n i l l l j " l tin i^uii'i t *(.-* Ih njl- \ 1 \i i m n il 1 ic-td itb xv i e y HI. Call ami 'ce. $2.50, $3.00, 53 Op 0) H H 'id BiCvk,N.Watot eo IU \ \ l M now Preocott's Music Store.) C/3 m ft ft D 03 Q d . CC 33 m -o 3» 30 m ·as. £» Addrtss. m i 1 ( i i - j n ul i r nil 1^ n t t r i U d l( Post OUcs Block, next to Corner of Main. RADCUFF BULLARD, 1 e will \*i(t (!«''"··' In a 1 k n ^ o" M:* Ccfias M C^ u 7 . , Pnooi rn in IK f r mi t u r thoam* to Hi · ' expensive -Vtso FULL CLOTH COVrSFD CASKETS OF SOLID WALNU1 j Forthon-i o'the "in ill « h i t i He i-« 11 t*i ·IH, onlv S' iX) vU' icuinintii -TI f t i i. | a n d t o b f u i u o n \ m u i i tosm 11-ni-iiU btand--btithaea' Crier Od -, r«, | Deeatur I linen \ Niltht c - i l l s i i f t nt thoVort) mine!! · ' i r at our place of buiiim i i i i l . Ii ivi o i r i r nipt attention TRUTH ATTESTED. n lu portent ;3t»tcments of Well- known Peop e "Wholly Verified In or Ifi !mt the p u t \ic imi* l u l l j ronhBO i CL in t m - » ' « o t ite **t»T uit nts u n w e l l s t p VT ar I Tilue of ttu H r t l u nl which i \ *»p ik wi irnlhaf *i r t w i t h he f a c s i m i l e it. I iri A f par ics w ho*( Mneeutj i IK, i lq t ^ i n Iht t r u t h of tlios t i - t i r a m i ^ i - u b » ul aoroan the fatU ibiy announce uiyii D\OATTTfi I I I June 3 1881 Cf v r i r-iii-N I h ire used ur ^a*e Ritlncj i i i I vi ( ure f n imifr *tum.inir kUnt»\ t i 1*1 11 i l re eUetf rcry pr a t b t n t f l t from it U t t i bi t t i k i n with IDT us-mrance that w l l l u nil t claims H n DKOATBE. ILL , Junes* 1SS1 4 To The flrst bottle of our Ki Int v and LiTer Curt did me so much iMol that I propose to use It until I am fulls cured BREECH MUZZLE-LOADING SHOT-GUNS I h o u « i n d 6 of e^ua'ly stronw eiulorsemonts-- in inv of tht. m in easos vrbt re ti pe was ftban doned-- h u \ o b t t n Tolun'Kri \ g Ton, showing the remarkable power of N a m r s Safe Kid- my and Liter cure In all diaea'ts of the kidneis IHer or urn ar\ t rsraiis I f j n y o n e who nadi tMs ha un phisl il trouble, re member the ifn il !a ig r f Jcla AND REVOLVERS SY« aeen in Cenfai Illlm H an 1 u mi BOUGHT FOR CASH, We are enabled to IU taa them AT WHOLESALE PRICES fe Warrant EyeryM as RdvescnteA CALL AND EXAMINE OL It 5TOCK ANB KORSN!EYER" O'NEILL, Prairie St .2 doors Ka»t Fo»t Office March 8,1831--diwlv »t home eagllj A. 0. BREWER'S BAKERY, No. 25 North Main St. iriahi'S Bread, Gates, Buns, Rolls, and everything in this line He uses only the best matt rial c btaioable. He bakes pure ire bread, The Genuine Boston Brown Bread --and the VIENNA ROLLS, which no other baker in town can furnish. lanes for wedding*, festivals and parties a»ue- cialty Bread delivered to any oart of the city free of charge He uses three ton« of Bour per neek and the large trade which makes this consumption necessary waa won bv the eatisa ction which bis bread and cakes have always given He has in bis employ apracti- cat baker of long experience. toctadSmo - . l u i u r l r i n tilt KniRllt ol ol 1 \M»i h I t i i i i l h h M nhiUd I I i \ 1 1 1 1 urn in previ p^s w c 11 Oh rn l l\ a in h t* tiuubt \ u ! at til i u i m t H c a t t i i s H C I II I r i l l } s i t M thought Ik 1 i \\i f i l l that i f t o i n t i n ot in i f -r i n th t lutu \ i I p u n n t l j h( tLlli tbt IK wn H L- 1 tiill man} a h t r t h I i to r il» tin nt o f m j home J hi-* In t i I th 1 i in«- to tin J hf \^i !·" h ar 1 in Ih !i n ins? i to Mi 1 1 n l l i nit t li i i If t 1« ( I imiM v r t l r 1 *rem* In mi 1 1 ·* t it iiuiii II h I 111 l i t th HMVOt 1 OCllC* l i t e nt i t i" 1 the. p l u j i the liu inav 1 ngh l lawn n u l l inr mpl te i ilm i in running truest inn I 1 la 1 to m u t The Newspaper in a Farmhouse J'eoplo who live neai the gieat thoioiyhf.uoswluie thev have access to two 01 tint* dailies and a half do/tn weeklies do not fullj appie oiate the v alue of new spapers They come. indi( d to look upon them as necessities and they would as chtei fulh do without their morning moa! is then moimug mail But one musl lie, fai oft in the countrv, remote from thi "maddening crowd," to realize the full lu\m\ of a nevvspapei Tho fauna who ieceives but one paper loahzps its importance The* fop of American life is tonduicv to luxuij and fffemmancv among the vvoll to do young women of oui American cities and largi towns Tliej do not icahze how a faimei who lecpives a paper but ouc a week does not glance over its col timns hirrtedlj, with an air of impa tipuco, as does jour merchant or lavvvei He begins with the begin ning anil '·cads to tho close, not per nutting a news item to escape hi e\v o Then it has to be thumbed b.v ("ver\ meuibpi of the family, evei one "looking for the things in whit] ho or she is intoiested Tho grown up dcUightei looks for tho marnag notices and is delighted if the edito his treated thorn to a love storj Th son who is about to engage in farm ing, with an enthusiasm that wi' earn him far in adv ance of his fath or, rends Ml the crop reports, and ha a keen eve foi hints about improved modes of culture The v oungor members of the farnilv come m for the amusing anecdotes and scraps of fun All look forward with the live heat interest to the d-u that shall bring the paper, and if b\ some uu luckv chance it fails to come it is a bittei disappointment One can haidlv estimate the amount of infor m ition which a paper that is not onlv load but btudied can cam into i farmlv Thov have week bj week, bpread bofore the.r meiital vision it panorama of the busv world ifc. flue illations, and it- concerns It is tho poor man s librarj and fuinishes as much mental food PS he has time to consume and digo-t No one has observed how much those v alue their weekh papers who aie fai away from places wheie men most congregate can fail in invoking a bltssmg on the inventor of this mein= of intellectual enjov ment NEW "CHEAP 6HARLEVS" CORNER. TO ALL THE Friends, Patrons mil Pnblic at Large, -PROM- B. STINE, THE "BOSS" CLOTHIER. «CC a week In your own town $09 '" portland.Makie. -- Terms and K Addrao H HALLITT S Co., THE man with a coin, who inipru dently kicks an old hat oft' the side walk, and not knowing there is a brick inside of it can appreciate the feelings of the French in Tunis "PABTINC. is such sweet sorrow,' 1 remarked a bild old bachelor to a preth girl as he told her good night "I should smile,'' she replied, glanc ing upon his hairlessness. and won denng ho^ he e^er did it CONSIDER \BLE surprise and excite ment were created m Wall street the other day by a prominent operator appearing on the steps of the treasu- There iz gieat nrt m knowing how :ogive without cieating an obhga ion As selfish and ill bied as the mass of mankind are, I prefei to live w i t h them rather than go into solitude .md try to live with mjself Gi ftitude is a woid that von will find in the diction uvs, but vou will not find much of it a n j w h u e cKo If a man haz got the light kind of ehgion ho kan pick up a kreed eiiriv where that will tit it A true fnend is one whom v u kan chide for hm faults, without giving offeuso, and who, without giviug of fenso, can chide v u Natuie haz novel made onnj thing perfekt, and bhe luvs vanotj so well :hnt she nevei ha7 made ounv two :1 ings just alike Indolence is T quiet mahdj, but it haz eat up moio foundashunb nnd apt ovei moio suppistruktHits than wild anibishun ovu hi? Abstinence should bp tin T Pfp shun, and temperance, thp ml Advice to Girls Trom QIC Man1 al Stai Gnls who want husbands shou d take this piece oi adv tee Do not be fond of promenading the shoots at all hours of the day That it,, do not make a regular thing of it Do not go about so that people will know for ceitam that von will be "down town'' when v i r ' no busi ness, and do not l i t i IJUPSMDII go abroad that v ou go nn thr b it T, regulnih is clock woik I* d es not look well It appeal-, rs if vou pie ferred to be on the hunt i ithei than impioving jonr m i n i 01 d. uiing join stockings It looks iis if b«mg gazed al v 1 as jour highest imbition and seeing men stare at j ou more in hinnonj w i t h jour tastes than rank ing jour home happj and join «ui loundings cc^j and comfoitiblo Copying Faults Many people, vhon thej aio told to imitate tho example, of others, are verv much hko the Chinese tailor to whom was given a as a pitt -n for a now on° which he vvn- to in ike for an English sea taptaiii Lnfor tunat 'lv the sleeve of the pattern co it was patched at the tlbovv, and, v hen the new garment was biought hojiie with great satisfaction b\ tho tiibr, there was a patch on theslepvc of tho new coat just like the oid one Such people not onlj imitate tho faults, but arc moro apt to excel in their imitation of the bid than in ;heir following the good qualities, It is easier to copj the shut of a man who is vain than the calmnesb and quiet courte-y of the gentleman It is much easier to imitate the lame walk of a woundel soldier'thin to pattern after his braverj and eudur ance Let the faults alone and look onlj for that which is truh worth copv mg or you will teach the lesson learned bj the bailor s parrot, bought as n present to his captain's daugh ter "\Yhile lying ill with a severe cough he had taught the pan ot manv pret tv phrases to surprise Fanny and so, when the binl was brought to her room Fannv was delighted to hear it cry out "Long live Fannv' Long live Fannv'" but the parrot alwavs ended his pretty salute with such a natural imitation of the sailor's spit tmg and coughing as quite to take away Fannv's pleasure of the gift She could never take delight in the bird's fine phrases for thev were al wavs accompanied bv the too clever imitation of the sailor's unfortunate habit Copy onlv the agreeabk and the useful.' the true and the good. With sincere thanks for the most liberal patronage bestowed upon us in the past year, we shall endear or to merit your patronage in the future as in the past. We remain, yours, truly, B. STIZESTE!, THE k 'Boss" CLOTHIEK. ;«n ill' eward! Is ths C£©sii rc-d Acknowiedgmen Unit l i e 1 1 \ v l i h w . lima Fdlt ·· M l is WELL, sm: FALL SI!, AND DURABLY MADE, ib r l f ft»5D ULSTERETTES, IfsllITH. 1 S3 GRACED AHD t t ·» It II M i l ! 1 I. \ I t i t HATS, CAPG, GENT'S F U R N I S H I N G GOODS, 1 HI N k - - in I \ M 1^1 lit l o l l l l i l l I l i l l I *· WHEN the ^ 'dow Sharp saw oMngtnoi l u r w o o d p i l p slip said that he ' touched a vibrating coul Ir h d moan boj who, know int; that his °-istu'h oun^ man is still in tho parli r, \\ill blip clown btaus noar mid MEUt and gaih ling tho broakfist ·THE -if tSI II -- IS I no follow Ir g B t i u m n t or \ V i l l n m J ( iiuhtln o f S i m o r \ lit MR«I , Ift ^ romnrka- | I k thut o \)fy to ii^k ir It the a t t e n t i o n o! ir rcai! i s H f l l j i I tho l u l l of 1-7 I \v 11 1 ikt n w tth a v I ilont bloc ling of lie Uinj/H j I t iwr ] by n s c v r t t c jujfti I ponn 1 gun to I i-c m\ appetite mid fl( sli I v ns ro weak nt I om t me that I coul 1 not lenvf. mj I "d In | t ' e B i i u i i i erot 18771 was arlnilttid to t b City II spltiil M l n l o t l K r e t h e n o c t o r s sulcl J 1 ad l i m i t 'n m j left lung in li t as a half d llur I I i f d i l i d o ^ e r a hun Ire I dollars in doctors it l i n r l k l u c i I n n s i i f i i r goi e tha H t o n o liino a n poit wont around t h i t 1 wa? IL 1 1 I gn\e u p h ipc, but a friend t Id mo r I I)K WM H M L S B V l S - i M Fi)Il 1HE L L N ( r - i I laushc'l at m\ frl n IB t h l n i ' l i i g l l l i u i v rn»( WIIP iiuiir blo btt I ^ t I u l e ' ' -I t i n m n h e i t m j KU piia i d f , n I l u i l n 1 c n i n i e u t d to led b f t u r My h pi i t d f f t d b u m ' ) CMVP nnil t w l n j II 1m liLttdr spirits tliHli l b u \ a tJ" hvlt tlir t jcitr* I ^ r i l i ihli h pi tg you w i l l publli'i It, so j t t t V L O no t f t l l i t t l w i t h Dl-et-i 1 L n us 1 I I I n l u u d t o Hike Dlt \ \ M H A I L S ! \ I s A M t O H 1HE H NQS and l- c 111- I ic 1 tint L O N - C M P 1 I U N LAN 1IF( I K L D h IM t ik( n two b t t k n an can p o me j 15 th H i t h a n d ni m re ?i od than i 1' tho ithor m i d l c i m « I l i n o t a k e n slice nn 8ick- i -« M j t ugh tin 1 ! almost e n l i r t l } M*HP- n 11 r ) un 1 I ehnll s i n be ulile t KO to v rk ·ild l y a l l diiiirifis s 2 f l ! S t * l ) 1 For -ale u j I r w i n i Tr e«I B E S T UPRIGHT Piano- U THE WORLD! Not wealth, ccr tortK ncr rank ncr state, But GET EIHT UP AND GIT faatsfrea men great._ , · I M i l ,-n Bros., SHOES! vil «t AI Ion ALDWELI SELLS ry building with pockets hands in his own WHIN jou are unable to purchase a Bet of scales on credit, bear in mine that "cash takes the balance " THERE is one town m Connecticut that has no fear of measles It's Haddam, "WHES would the cobbler seem mos' likely to feel the weight of declining years f When at the last he is wax ing old. ~~ Vn 1 h q r Cf v 1 n iro lii'lor-'on pi ts fr m A n U t e i b i i tf of I Til in nil oil er Lprl(fhl P an r P u r ' d c o m b f i t! The Famous THE CHICAGO WEEKLY JOURNAL, fmcilisliii] nt thf ifflco of THB C H I C A G O D U L Y EV BS^Nei JOL UN I I , c crj « ednes laj m ruing u the lard lit anil ocu o' the ver best ueckly nc«i'pjper« In t h e L n i e d btatea and one of 'he Tcry cheipeet It furnisher to !t» reader- a comprehensive recoid if all Ue Important e\ents OQCurnnif at h i m e and abroad Speelal attention la g \en to W e ti'rn news and topiei and to the leneral p litlcul and business interests of thu country ut large The flimntlil and commercial columns of THE J O C K N \L giv'nj a careful report and general review ot the cattle, produce money, and stock market! of Chicago and other market centers nre accepted a. auth r l t by farmers livestock mm bauL n an I e m mMion men 'ar igluut tbc N ejt h a v i n g Juat! earn d the rciiuta' n if i 1 abii ti . Amrngth" new featnroi ref .ti lutrolucrd I I n l H E J O L U S \L I s a Lite fc uet Tu-f and | Fa r m depart men j A vcr popular leature of TiIF W t r R L Y J O L U N A L ,s tbe Supplement whleh aecompa nie.c erj issue, without extra eipense to its | readers which alfvujs contalos a review of j the Utest new bjois,religiousrevi«»i household recipes, an Intorestinffitory, and cheilco I aelectiong from tbe foreign aud domtitlc ' penodlcali correspondence, «tc ! T»nna for THE WEEKLY JOUK'i AL Ooe dollar and twcnty-flr* o«nu (*1 2») f»r year and DO pottage Tie DAILF EV EN'ING JOCBNAI, li ien^ to iubscribem by mall tor |10 per year THE Tftl-WEEKL? JOCHNAL, published every other day, and embracing the new of t «ro day» % I.sue of tne dally, li «enttoiub scrlberi by mall for $4 per ye»r AdilreM SHUMAH * WILiON, Pn»lis»»n, ID »41«ID«ark*ni itreol, Cklmt* ORGAN Stands at the HEAD of ALL REED ORGAN of TONE PO"Flt anrt D L i l \ U L l l i ft is thi onl, ()rirnn mnd( w i t h t h D i l B I E a n d U i \ il'Bl) H A H M U M C A I T V C H M I N T "'ft' Call and eiamlne my plac nff l our ord rs Instruments b fore Will be offered during the Holidays. S3 OPERA BLOCK. NOT 18.1881-diff2mo F I I U 1 pack Wizards Trick Card?, 1 pack rlln Fun Lards 1 pac* Transparent (_a-ds 1 MarrelousOnltharmrniura 100 Album versos, all In noat no^e f r ercn 3-cent stamp* Address HUB C4.UD CO , boston. Mass for lsSS,*itb Improve*) Interest Table. Calendar, etc Sent to any address on receipt o ?wo Thru-Cent Stamp, Address CHAKLBS 1 BlRBi,M f. Italawtrt AT , Philadelphia. GOAL. O i u u i i lompaay, tnrcu Drompt a tcutioa a a QOO. 0^ L ith the American Expre ot Po-tofiicc, wi.l rcceivf P. PJEKU PUBLIC^ SALE. \\ ' j I t 1' ll -nlo, on Saturday, Jail. 7,1 j u t 11 in "trHt 0^| I l l H f of HtAD OF HORSE! UNDERTAKER Office-Nortuwe^l I'irl I - t u l l \ | r lakmir in all it- br i w l ' h i l l k l n d - u f ! ! Snna r ? i«r ti i h r- I r f r] llWC t i p^ir of but r* and nun iiilli Lot I I - - 1 1 t l l l l l .11 I [I fU . of Ho.seliold Furniture, O O F F I K T : - V ^ BURIAL CASKET?, ^ f - K ( · i i k v mir, 'tnl U or tnurt ; N h Ml ' C II \ ar ', rom the f · rl(« 3 are m factorilj nud I ' l l - I Inspc t hi- if chl«lnir e'si whr r c s t q a ilits _ \ M l t K HO fy T c ·; 5 tora 1 . SHOP-of State i-- O«t 2« II**--"' t i d tti I'u H k " j i ( j Park aor- t t r « l r p rf \ v. - i t . omn 1 Tt O!^ Ol /· I - u r n - w r J. j H 111 L. ',! 'Y''Iir' v " ! PETER" LAU; J. E. klNNEY! HAS FOR ^ALE: s I( him- \ a l able It i« n«M t^ie Cliri?li in ehiirth N 1 Ttire L « iach 20 leet, mxt eMtl the U fl ehurch \ ^1-T8 :c"1 ' i»e to H i l l A Co '« f* N 1M -Hou«c ai d lot, ecntnily tlWU I N Itl · x Acren, near foal r w a shop* *1!00 VH se ol fire rooms -new--I l \ - Itirai of siiro oi«-itft»t S i 1M f u r tractn of (roeJ Kaotia I Hee .6 dlf , n the city I rl I Bt

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