The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on March 2, 1899 · Page 1
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 1

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1899
Page 1
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fenutrdi Putin ftritnra*. NINETEENTH YEAR. A YEBY BDST DAY. House Puts in a Busy Day Disposing of Bills Reported by Steering Committee. BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA, THURSDAY, MARCH. 2, 1899 Senate Kills the Valley City Fair BUI and Disposes of Numerous Other Measures. Speaker Baker Is Pleasantly Remembered on the Occasion of His Fortieth Birthday. The Senate. The senate met yesterday afternoon at the usual hour. Prayer was offered bj the chaplain. SESATE RILLS REPOSTEO TO PA»S. Senate Bill 178, providing for teaching foreign languages in district hchoola at request of patrons. Senate Bill 175, defining the length of terms for district schools. HOCSE I^LLS RECOMMENDED TO PtSS. House Bill U5. empowering trustees of school districts to furnish and oon- tract for school books free teU book law. Seoate Bill 149, providing for school for deaf at (iraftou. BILtS KIUJtD. Senate Bill 132, dairi commission bill. House Bill 216, abolishing official es tray paper. House Bill 212, prohibi ang accepting passes from railway- companies by county officials. CiiJJ A-J* in House Bill T2. appropriating W.'jO to make good deficiency incurred bt hoard of university and x-hool lauds. Senate Bill .S. relating to prhnan elections-- Luke's bill. House Bill No. 12, relating to usury. House Bill No. 182, relating to the np- __ ^ poictment of deputies who hold county j amended bv TO GEJtKB.iL OKDEB. House Bill 211, relating to irrigation. Senate Bill No. 122, relating to marks and brands. House BiD No. 88, providing for salary of register of deeds. BOCSE BILLS PASSED. House Bill No. 42. liability of railroad companies for injury to employes through negligence of fellow servants. Tiie bill provoked another heated debate and the vote was as follows: Those voting in the affirmative were: HesBrs. Aas, Allen. Bacon, Berger, Boyd, Srakke, Brotoov, CasseU, Chacey, Clarke, Deisem, Engelter, Eriekson, Ferns, Gilbertson, Glasgow, Green. Gron- ·oW, Hale, Hauan, Johnson, Richland ! Cennedy,Lee,Ljsh, McHarg, McLean, elson, Ovind, Peek, Sanford, Swenson, stevenson, Thomson, Touslev Towle Tufte, Watts, Wolbert. Winstow, Mr! ipeaker. Those voting in the negative were: Messrs. Allsbeuse, Dougherty, Earl, iare, Herbrandson, .Johnston (Walsh i Laughlin, Ljuch, Micnels. Miner Peter son, Stevens, Taj lor. Thomas. Thordar son. Wallace. COSCIKRKD IS.. The senate amendmeuts to House Bill J. the fidelity bond bUl. were concurred in, leaving the bill as originally House Bill 300, renewal of ehatte mortgages. House Bill 95. who emitted to tuition at -.tate deaf *-hooL House Bill 145, making state spectorahip a sa aried office. Substitute for House Bills 89 and 98 fixing salaries of clerks of court. House Bill 156, requiring bntchers to keep records of branded animate killed House Bill 57. special tax of one-fifth mill for payment of wolf bounty. House BUI 168, making real estate mortgages uniform. THE PRUmSO BILL. House Bill 190, making it a misdemeanor for county officiate to send out of the state for printing that can be donein the state was lost on the first vote. Mr. McHarg brought up the bill for reconsideration. He stated that it made no change in the old law, merely provided a penalty that it might be enforced. Mr. Stevens explained the bill. It was passed to encourage printing establishment, and there was no objection to firms coming in and competing--for that reason the law was amended to provide that establishments must have existed in the state for tour months. The bill was to encourage the establishing of the printing industry in the state. The vote on the reconsideration was 40ayes and 17 nays, and the bill was LOST. House Bill 144, Deisem's for maximum passenger fare of three cents a mile. wa lost--38 na}s. 17 aes. LEniSLATIVE Tffi APPOWTMEHTS Senator TwicheD's argument i favor ef the passage of Senate Bill No. 93 in ~ --"--"··i "«»»»m» ..urciuu, juao- relatipn to the assessment and listing of i dan; Seventh district, A. E. Elliott. Mil- Personal Uronpftrv wni « r-**^ i t- r*-* *Vt a, -fc/^n · f.ifrt* f-fc *4i ^*«^*- D U rr* i-i- _ Governor Panther Makes His Appoint meats of Officers and Trustees For the Coming Term. Wickluua For Oil Inspector, Langlie For Examiner, and the Other Appointees Are Named. Senate Goes Into Executive Session aad Confirms Nominations With One Exception. The Governor's Appointment*. Governor Fancher yesterday sent his appointments to the senate, as folfows: State Oil Inspector--P. B. Wickham of Mandan. State Examiner--H. Hillsboro. State Superintendent and Forestry--W. W. Churches Ferry. State Veterinarians First district, Ed Davidson, Grand Forks: Second dis- rict, W, F. Crewe, Devils Lake: Third district, T. D. Hinebaugh. Tower City: \mrth district S- W. Teal, Oakes: i^fth district, C. X. Ferrier. Jamestown: Sixth district, William Mackin, Man- A. Langh* of of Irrigation Barrett of property was member from Cass. a credit to the office. (Senate Bill No. lt0, providing for withdrawal of school districts from cities. BR-'OMMEN'D DILI.-* BEPOSTEB- WITHOfT tTIOX. Senate Bill No. 170, providing for board of boiler inspector*. The. bill was made special order for today 23Q p. m. Senator Orel introduced a concurrent resolution appropriating 82,500 to the X. D, volunteers at Manila, which was passed. SKPOBT or SPECIM. COJCMITTESS. The special committee appointed to inquire into the Worst salary matter handed in its report, and upon motion the report was ordered to ber printed in the journal and considered today. HOUSE BILLS PASSED. Rouse Bin No. 70, providing for the publication of election returns. House Bill" No. 111. creating a state board of pardons. House Bill No. 167, amending the law " governing orphan societies. House Bill 104, providing for salaries for county auditors. House Bill 17B, providing for the payment of expenses of attorney genera! in eurred inprosecutions. House Bill 25, relating to reinsurance and local agents. House Bill 20, providing that county commissioners may purchase land for the poor. Substitute for House Bill No. 59, providing for the county apportionment o Special tuition fund. SENATE L3LLM PASSED Senate Bill No. 47, relating to compen sation of county commissioners. Home Bill No. 49, providing that state banks shall not receive deposits of conn ty funds in excess of capital. House BUI No. 174, permitting wate companies to crass bridges with their pipes. Honse Bill No. 101, giving county commiasjoners authority to offer rewmrc for the apprehension of grain tnievee. House Bill No. 172. giving county commissioners the authority to plow land to destroy grasshoppers. XAXDA* KKKP8 THK FAIR. House Bill No. 97, known as the Valley City fair bill, which was recommended not to pass on Monday and «*4Vl«UC-^« MW *" JM*C,9 VU .X,/U\4aJ OM14 made a Kpeda^order for yesterday at' 2 o'clock, came up and the report of the committee was adopted. The adoption of the report kills the bill and leaves the state fair at Mandan. COSFEREfCE. MPSSTO. Noble, Twiohell and Sanbom were appointed a committee of conference on House Bill No. 71. relating to dam* »cro«s rtreanw. M\DF. gPECItL ORDER. Senate Bill 17H, providing that foreign languages may be taught in public schools was made special order for today at 2 o'clock. flfun \*O SECOND RK\D1*(. OF SEXVTE BILLS. Senate Bin No. 181, bj Mr. Cronan. re latittg to licensing commission mer chants. The senate then adjourned. I in. THE SPEAKER KKMK.MiiKKKD. At the opeuing of the afternoon session Mr. Stevens took the chair, and Mr, Laughlin, stating the fact that this was the fortieth birthday of the speaker, and alluding to the bond of esteem that had been established -between the speaker and the members of the house bj their mutually cordial relations, offered the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted, by a rising vote: Be it resolved bv the House of Repre sentatives of the Sixth Legislative Session of the State of North Dakota: That the thanks of this body are hereby tendered to its speaker," Hon. Thomas Baker, Jr., for the able, fair, courteous and impartial manner in which he has presided over its deliberations and as a token of our respect, esteem and warm friendship he is hereby presented with the gavel which he has so honorably wielded and the chair in which he has,so gracefully sat during the session, and that the prevention be made on this day in commemoration of his fortieth birthday. j Messrs. Laugblin, Sarcent and Cassell were appointed a committee to make tfie presentation. The speaker was, escorted to the chair by the committee, and Mr. Laughlin presented the chair and gavel in a neat address betokening the appreciation and esteem of the members of the house. Speaker Baker gracefully thanked the members of the house for the expression of confidence and esteem. The presentation of the gavel and chair was but B - -- as originally intro- t ? 6 * n-ii v- i i. - j , Representative Laughlin objected qt^of^^rf'ta^mend^ ^ ^" g ^ ^,11. No. 3«, relating concurred in. House Bill No. 33. authorizing governor to^contract for care of the Mind, was .the senate, was concurred house sine d o'clock Friday"evenin«. Creel's resolution appropriating S2JOO to the North Dakota volunteers seems to meet with general approval A like resolution has been passed in almost e.-ry other legislature in the country. Discovered by a Woman. Another great discovery has been made, and that, too, by a lady in this countrv. "Disease fastened its" clutches upon her, and for seven years she withstood its severest tests, but her vital organ* were undermined and death seemed imminent. For. three months she coughed incessantly aad could not sleep. She finally discovered a way to recovery, by purchasing of us a bottle of Dr. King s New Discovery for Consumption and was so much relieved on taking first dose that she slept all night, and wit' two bottles has been absolutely cnrec Her name is Mrs. Luther Lntz." Thus writes W. C. Bamnick 4 Co. of Shelby .C. Trial bottles free at P. C. Rem mgton's drug store. Regular size otte and $1.00. Ever? bottle guaranteed. ton: Eighth district, R. H. Treaey, Bismarck: Ninth district, F. W. Tompkins, Oberon. State Board of Agriculture--,!. M. Smith, Emerado: W. D. McClintock. j Rugby: D. A. McLaren, Mapieton: J. P Havana: W. S. Hyde, Han T. S. Underbill, Antelope: Oi, Axvig. Milton. Trustees Agricultural College--W, H ! Robinson, MayviUe: R. S. Lewis, Buf falo: George E. Osgood, Fargo: Alex Stern. Fargo; each for four years: anc E. L Warren of LaMoure for two years. Trustees, state -penitentiary--JT. D -doulder, Fargo: R. J. Turner.Gladstone for four \ears: Geo. W. Stevenson, Mandan, for two vears. Trustees Mayville Normal School--B. S. Russell. Jamestown: E. Y. Sarles, Hillsboro; Henry Richter. Everest. . Trustees, Valley City Normal School--.T. Sherping, Enderlin; ~ ~ Davenport. keeper for the Alliance Hail association, of which Governor Fancher WOT at that time president. His natural ability and his e'»ver conception of tile duties of aa official position was at once recognized and it was not kmg before he was cred ited with being somewhat of an expert office man. He spent five years of con tinuous service in this position and witl the utmost satisfaction to the officers and credit to himself Mr. Fancher was also manager of the Jamestown Electric Light company anc Mr. Poote wat appointed assistant man ager. Upon him devolved the duties in odent to the position, Mr. Fancier's time being taken up with his farming ItTMIf rt 11 Til I I I cnv mllrvt * *.!_ _ *...... -- i' 0 , C* " · · -- ~"*" »T*IWI* M40 UU LLUUK .ations six miles from the city. Mr ue discharged the duties of Oils po- -- -- -- -- ··"" '"··f^VMt -»MF UUMCD t*l VII I Tt 13O* abon to the entire satisfaction of the management as well as the public. \f ter five years of continued service with Mr. Fancher he was chosen aa deputy insurance commissioner at the time of e me o the former's election to that office, and served efficiently throughout two terms. The public is quite familiar with the excellent record nf the insurance department, and the public examiner has frequently added his testimonial to that of the people for the careful and accurate condition of the affairs of the office. When Mr. Fancher was promoted to he executive chair Mr. Poofe was naturally his choice for private secretary and at once assumed the duties of the posi- ion. He was not long in familiarizing himself with the new duties of the position. He has the work well in hand, and makes a most popular and capable secretary. Nature has endowed Mr. Pcole with many gifts. He has a bright intel- ect and a happy disposition. · He has always taken an active part in the politics of bis county- and the state and enjoys he excitement. He is true and loyal to as friends and hates his enemies, and iese are not bad traits. NOT AN OFFICE. ·KHUM»»«VU wt feuir a^avci ouu *,~itnir woo uui a small portion »f the significance of the event^ but the expression of confidence and esteem voiced in the presentation resolution he would cherish as the best of his earthly possessions. If he had done a little to make tile deli be rations of the house pleasant, it was- certainly a great gain to him. · There was a cordial applauding when the address was concluded. ' 8KCON8I DEKKO. Senate Bill No. 104. the primary election law, was reconsidered and went to the steering- committee. Special Committee Reports That President Worst's Government Salary ' Was Not As an Officer. Substitute for House Bill 106, fixing county treasurers' salaries, which had ieen amended by the senate was passed y the house as amended. The house concurred in the senate amendments to Houoe Bill TO, for Regarding the Worst Matter. The special committee to investigate the charge that President Worst of the state agricultural college drew two sal aries while lieutenant governor of the state filed its report with the senate yesterday. The report goes at some length into the question. White the · original resolution did not extend the scope of investigat on beyond the single inquiry as to whether Mr. Worst drew two salaries, the scope of investigation was by consent enlarged to the matter of his right to do so. Trustees Soldier's Home--Harris Gardner, Lisbon, five years; J. D. Black. Valley City, four years. Trustees State Reform School -Henry Gilbert, Sentinel, Bntte: C. A. Kenney Mandan. four years; H. C. Walker, Stanton, two years. Trustees State University- --William Budge, Grand Forks: David Bartlett, Cooperstown. Trustees School. of Forestry--L. B. Dana, Bottineau: Hans' A. Rothsarn. Willow City. " · Trustees School for the Deaf -Alex McLean, Devils Lake: O. A. Bovnton, Jamestown. Trustees, State Insane Hospital--Harry Cornwall, Eldridge: Cbas. McLachlan. New Rockford: W. A. Mnrphv. Nech " State Health Officer--H. D. Quarry Orand Forks. The appointments were confirmed by the senate in executive session with the exception of Davidson, the appointee as veterinarian in the First district. The appointment was held up fay Senator Arnold, on the ground that the three ippointees that were confirmed .came rota the east section of the .county and hat the west was entitled to recogni- ion. Senator Arnold favoring J. B. Campbell of Larimora. Another man will probably be named. Walker, the tppointee on the reform school board. as left the country and the senate took no action on the name. THE GREAT BOMBARDMENT. A Conitaat Rain of MluUrm tpon the World's Atmosphere. The regions of space beyond our planet are filled with flying fragments Some meet the earth in its onward rush; others, having attained inconceivable velocity, I8EBELS ABE ACTIFE. Are Intrenching Taenuelres Wear a Church at Malabon Before the American Lines. Batteries An Being Mounted and AH Preparations For Trouble Are glare, finding destruction in its molecular armor or perhaps ricocheting from it again into the unknown. Some come singly, vagrant; fragments from the infinity of space; others fall in showers like golden rain, all constituting a bombardment appalling In its magnitude. It has been estimated that every £4 hours the earth or its atmosphere is struck by 400,000,000 missiles of iron or atone, ranging from an ounce up to * tons in weight. Every month there rushes upon the flying globe at least 12,000.000,000 iron and stone fragments, which, with lurid accompaniment, crash into the cir- cumambient atmosphere. Owing to the resistance offered by the air few of these solid shots strike the s o s s r e t e earth. They move out of space witfc a possible velocity of 30 or 40 miles per second, and. Hke moths, plunge Into the revolving globe, tared to their destruction by tig atal attraction. The moment they enter our atmosphere they ignite, the ate is piled up and compressed ahead of them nth Inconceivable force, the resultant friction producing an immediate rise In temperature, and the shooting star, the meteor of popular parlance, is toe result. --C. F. Holder in Popular Science Monthly. Senator Hansbrongh's Bill For Free Seed Wheat Will Undoubtedly Pass. Rebels Active. Manila, March 1--Th* rebels are very active at Caioocan and Malabon mounting a battery in front of Malabon church which was destroyed by the fire of the L 1 . S. ^monitor Manadnock. They can be seen throwing up earth .works'for guns from the American lines. Says It Will Pass. Washington, March 1.--Toe house assed the army reorganization bin and t now goes to the president. There is HO danger now of an- extra session. The deficiency bill passed bv the house provides for the relief of the Turtle Moun- ain Chippewas by an appropriation of 1.500. Senator Hansbrough said that lis bill providing that farmers may import seed wheat free of duty will me a law. This proposition is ttached to bill permitting circuses now howing in England to return to America without paying duty on the animals. The bin is now in conference, and the wheat amendment has been amended so that the farmer who desires to purchase seed wheat abroad shall file a bond in order to secure the government against loss. Mr. Hansbrough believ as that this amendment win be entirely satisfactory to the conference committee. South Dakota Solons. Pierre, March L--The bouse passed senate bills increasing the salaries of the supreme circuit court judges and governor, the governor's to be $3,000 perjear lublication of election returns. HorSK BILLS P\SHKD. t v , -Substitute for House Bill 119. creating J ^°"t dPeW two salaries TM» ad- county board to purchase supplies, nutted. But the committee finds that Hou«i Bill 213. making sheriff sealer j Be was employed as president of the col f weights_ and. measures. Jege by the board, had no term of office. · Glorious Hews 3omes from Dr. D, B. Cargtte of Wash- . ta, I. T. He writes: "Four bottles of jTne committee reports the faots^f Mr. f Electric Bitters has cured Mrs. Brewer Worst's election as lieutenant governor of scrofula, which had caused her great and appointment as director of the sta- j suffering for years. Terrible sores would tion and professor of political economy j break out on her bead and face, and the as have been stated. The statement that' v -'~* ·*--·»«-- «- -= «- · - · · · The MaddlBa~ Crow4U "Stupendous union stations," soys a correspondent of the Boston Transcript, "are a great disadvantage to the suburbanites, who may make no use of the union feature and yet constitute 90 per cent. I suppose, of the traffic. Here is another pout: The scattered stations make it possible for persons to select suburban homes on lines of railroads that tap the city near their place of hiitrinoa. This distributes the congestion of a great city, I hare never understood why people do thi make the biggest crowds possible there is nothing more disagreeable being crowded. "Theaters should distribute- thetr tone of beginning over the widest range possible, so the cars would not be overcrow Jed The House. The bouse was called to order promptly at 10 o'clock. The chaplain invoked the divine blearing. BILL BJCTOKTKD TO P»SS. House Bill 900. report of tax abstract to state auditor by July 1. Senate Bill 1"»3, relating to delinquent taxea. House Bill 2l)9. relating to examina ion of witnesses in criminal actions. House Bill 9». relrftkjg to legislative officers and employes. House BH1U11, granting water right of way. House Bill 210. for the establishment of public scales by county commissioners. House Bill 217, to prevent the fouling of wells. House Bill 206. requiring filing of tax list abstracts with state auditor on or before July 1. House Bill i"i, providing for maintenance of station bouse and employment of agents, where freight traffic amounts to fHO.000 annually, one-quarter on incoming freight. House Bill 7. incurable insanity ground for divorce. House Bill lift for consecutive filing of vouchers by state auditor, and pay ment in order. House Bill 130, amendment of mechanic's lien law. House Bill 214. appointment of conservator for drunkard or spendthrift. House Bill 189, water works and ftre apparatus in cities. I no tenure, had no certificate of appoint- j ment and is: responsible to the board. i The report quotes from various leeal ratings as to what is an office. One decision says: "One who receives no cer- t !! c * te °* appointment, takes no oath of office, has no term or tenure of office, discharges no duties and exercises no powers depending directly upon the author ity of law but simply performs snch duties required of him by the persons employing him and whose responsibilitv is limited to that as not an officer. The report also quotes other decisions on the same question and its conclusion is as follows: Upon the facts and the law we are of the opinion that Mr. Worst did not occupy to offices at the same time within the meaning of the constitution; that his employment by the trustees of the college did not create an office, and that he had a right to receive from tile federal government a salary for services performed during said tim* as professor of political economy and dire.-tor of the experiment station of the agricultural college. - doctors could give Do help: but her cure is complete and her health is ex cellent." This shows what, thousands have proved that Electric Bitters is the best blood purifier knows. It is the supreme remedy for eczema, tetter, salt rheuro. ulcers, boils and running sores. It stimulates In er, kidneys and bowels, expel?, poisons, helps digestion, ouilds up tnf 1 strength. Onlv 50 cents. Sold by P. C. Remington, druggist. Guarar. teed. · " ; -- ··»! »*"· TM»w w*uo nw*«a, AAV** UO UVdTVJvWQCU to death onfe-baif bour and empty the rest of the time, Jioon boors in business establishments should be so distributed as to make luncheon rooms habitable. I need not elaborate. Our whole drift of modern life la toward such a degree of uniformity In everything as to crowd everything and leave great blank spaces of time aad opportunity. " and that of the circuit court judges to 32.500 per year. Other senate bills passed are: Allowing counties to redeem taxtitles,regulat- ing the salaries o'f states attorneys, abol- ishagtheJaysof grace-and making the thresher lien prior to all other claims oc grain. In the senate a house resolution for an amendment to the constitution re- sobttutting the dispensary amendment was poshed to the second reading. Honse bills passed were. Establish-' ing a depository for state funds; general game laws: regulating the practice of osteopathy. Most Sen to Colored People. St. Paul, March 1.-- The senate passed a bill making ft a misdemeanor for saloon keepers to refuse to sell drinks to colored people, also a bill for the election of railroad commissioners by a unanimous vote, and a house bill providing that all hangings shall occur at the state prison in Stillwater. Lumber Wifl Co up. Minneapolis, March -1.--The Mississippi Valley Lumber association voted to advance the price of lumber fifty cents on nearly all grades at a meeting today. An Crvd» illustration Pope is Better. Rome, March L--The pope improves , after an operation for the removal of a . cyst from his thigh. of- the. mathematical' Private Secretary Poole. The light and frisky correspondent of theMinneapoliaJournal having seen fit to sling a rock or two at Mr. Thomas Poole Cfovernor Fancher's private secretary -a little brief personal mention of that gentleman will not be out of place at this time. Few young men have attained greater popularity and standing in so short a -time. Secretarv Poole acquired his education at Jamestown and during vacations applied his time to industry, working in drug stores, clerking in the office of register of deeds, and in the county auditor's office, and bookkeeping for var- ous firms in that city. At the close of his school days he was selected book- , powers of the savage is given by tae-Ber. | A. E. Hunt in an account of the native , arithmetic -of Murray islands, Torres . strait* "Xetaf (one) and "neis" (two) | are the only numerals higher numbers having beon described by combinations of fee*--- ss"neis-n«taf' for three, "neis-i- ' ncix- ' for four, etc.-- or by reference to one i of the fingiers, elbows or other parts of the body A total of SI could be counted by the Utter method. Beyond this all ' numbers were"manr." as this wa« fee limit reached in counting before the introduction of English numerals, now in general use in the island*. A S«re Cm*. "Doetor," said he, "I'm a victim of insomnia. I cant sleep if there's the leMt Boise-- soca as a eat on the back fence, for instance." "This powder wtU be effective, " replied the physician after compounding a prescription, "When do I take it, doetorT' "Yon don't take it, give it to the eat in · little milk. "--Exchange. Oont Make aa Error. Washii4Tton, Maret 1. The senate passed without a draentintr vote a bill appropriating- twentj millions for the Philippine*. A Parson Sentenced. Ies Moines, March 1.--Rev. W. Scoffer, who stole six hundred dollar* from a widow, has been sentenced to three and a half years in the state penitentiary. Wovtk Hta Trrias. '·Do you think there is anything ta ths j Prominent Englishman Dead. Washington, March 1.- Lord Herscb- ell, England's representative in the joint high commiwion. died of heart failure today, the result of a fall several weeks ago. Is the Baby Catting Teeth? Be sure to use that old and well tried remedy, Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup SPAPFRf

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