The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on August 25, 1947 · Page 6
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 6

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 25, 1947
Page 6
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PAGE FOTJK THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG,-ILK, - MONDAY. AUGUST 25. 1947 CLASSIFIED AD Charge Accounts: 15 Cents Per Line for Each Insertion. ' Special Discount for Cash-with-Order Minimum Advertisement Accepted--TWO Lines (1) Notices (2A) Bus. Opportunities (4) For Sola (Continued), (5) Wanted * ' WEEK-ENDERS: SPEND AN EN- IF ITS FURNITURE YOU ARE MOTOR SCOOTER. G O L I S i r i O O "^ joyable week-end at GULLETTS ! looking for, come to Ozee, 16 W. ! Bros. Texaco Station, oli \\. Pop-; side. lei. 041W1 LODGE. Good -road to the Ohio Church. 185-tf j lar. -* 9 - | River. Excellent fishing, swim- mine. Bring your boats. Leave,; FLOOK SANDING AND KEF1N-: DOUBLE Tilt. USUAL, QUANTI-j ^' AN T J^YAkfon^Ty^Jm" river road two miles north of jishing. National Wallpaper \ 1Y! of Rytex Flight printed sta- net. 1 IS S. Jackson. Tel. 358R. *49-2 ' Paint Co. 296-tf i tior.ery during August ONL\ for _ NOW, 100 USED SINGER DROP at Si50 per Remember is v * _ * ^ . . . _ _ .. i., SERVICE CAR WASHING. iThe Country Club. STONEFORT Methodist church j building will be sold at auction Thursday, August 28th. Money to I be used on new church building, j AT* C \ i WPA TOILET. INQUIRE AT 211 iEast Ford. 49-2 |(5a) Help Wanted MR, G. I. School For Veterans If you are a qualified Veteran the Government will pay all costs and you will get subsistence monthly. We trained Army specialists. Choose your field now. Fall classes are now forming in: REFRIGERATION AIR CONDITIONING DIESEL MECHANICS AUTO BODY FENDER REPAIRING AUTO MECHANICS RADIO ELECTRONICS Get your training in one of the natio'ns finest Trade Schools and be prepared for a good job in the future. For full information, write at once to: COMMERCIAL TRADES INSTITUTE Don L. Bulloclc, Registrar 501 South 19th Street Mt. Vernon, Illinois UNFURNISHED APART-! \y-\SSON COAL A ND STOKER.! j'ment. 509 1-2 South Granger, Tel. j Jackson Ice Coal, tel. 256. 213-tf 1520W. 49-1, , ! " A GOOD STOCK GROCERY AND MODERN 3-ROOM FURNISHED i St0 re fixtures, priced for quick) i apartment, utilities furnished cx-| S ale Reason for s-eHing ill health, i tvpt gas. 605 North Main, phone Bearden's Grocerv. Dorris Hemhts. j 529\V1. 47-tf ' " -49-6 Top-Flight Mechanic Wanted by well-known local garage. Write to Box A A. care the Daily Register, stating past experience m and give references. (MODERN 2-ROOM FURNISHED J 2 o USED CHURCH SEATS. $40:' apartment, air conditioned. No 11 extra a O(X j piano. S40: 1 bedroom i --rrrr^r children. 411 North Main. 49-1 i sulle b et j_ springs, mattress, and hXPERIENCED DELIVERY BOY _ ___________ ' PORTABLE ELECTRIC SEWING , SECOND SHEETS, COLUMNAR Singer Sewing Center. 49-5 machines, by the month. We de- \ pads ^^ Harrisburg Printers.! i l n e r and pick up. Pho. .45W. 22 South Vine street. Phone 1180W. ' 170-tf By Merrill Blositr Reconnaissance FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ·--· A /- (nlMr; NJO7V1INJ«5 OF I bAN · LAKP. v% ir, BABE .' I-M IM / is THIS DEVOTED GOOD HANDS/ C-.F.? PO.NJT MIND . ··-SHE'S JUST ONt OF THE LOCAL KlDS 1 LET HANS ABOUND' On. LARDSY.I Jusr COULDMT SELF TO DESERT YO" ' WlLO HOUSES \\OULPNT SOMETHIM, HILDA? our. OP SHADYSiDH 1 LARDS INJ DAMoEft.1 By Fred Harmon Human Bomb RED RYDER *?OO r . 5 U = f 55 5TlC\S JL5i s \0 HARD FC"\ = = ^ ^ N \ = = U ASCX3C (4) For Sole ; two good chairs. S60; 1 good oil | an d grocery clerk. Horning's Gro- j s t o \ e and oven. S15: 1 laundry I eery. " 47-3 . i sto\ e. S7: 1 range stove. S10: 1 I R O C K PHOSPHATE A.T CAR '9x15 linoleum rug. S10: 1 church i SALESMAN--PREFER MAN NOW 49-2 i bell. S15; 1 Bible stand. S10. 10 E. · acquainted with or calling on dair- t O'Gara. *49-2 jcs. but not necessary if you are a LUM-! -- "-- top-grade salesman. You can earn Sugar Creek Produce. RALE TIES. BUILDERS ber Co., Carrier Mills, 111. 47--IELBERTA PEACHES SI PER S1000 or more a month year round. \ bushel and up. Ralph's Fruit Fully protected territory available ' BALBOA RYE FROM CERTI- i-Farm. 1 1-2 miles east of Little' to right man. Give full details of «·;«/! c-oari loot *ran*. r-io^t- ti^iia-5no ! ir.ovrrf TTnfpl Kldorado. Follow pvnoripnpp rpforprirps ptrv Wrifp fied seed last year. Clark-Hawkins i Egypt Hotel, Eldorado. Hdwe. Store. 49-2 , signs. Follow experience, references, etc. Write 48-tf · X. R. Fischer. Food Terminal, Kan- liny Negro Gir! r 3, Acclaimed Piano Prodigy After First Formal Recital i Calendar- of Meetings C H I C A G O , Aug. 25.--V.R-- Thiee-ear--old Margaret Harris Greece Reports N0W ' r today with Rozarian. her' {.jye o a y w z n . A , v . ieli. unperturbed by the rave no-' Attacks OH Y u g O S I O V / --- - ' To Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fanner, Harrisburg Chapter of the Order, 1005 South Fea/.el, a g n l , i (2) Business Servicei ALEMITE LUBRICATION SERV- rce. See K Dunn, Saline Motor Co. 213-tf SEE CLARK-HAWKINS ' ware for hot air furnaces, Bring in the name of the stove, ! blowers. BOY'S 26 INCH BICYCLE, IN a G i d c N u , Furniture Store, 13 W. Church, I very good condition. 929 S. Hob- is-tHsnn St. *47-3 ph. 139W. FOR WRECKER SERVICE CALL I GOOD 4-ROOM HOUSE. 50 x 200 day phone 69, night phone 214R. j f t . lot. 501 W. Church st. *49-4 Saline Motor Co., "your Chevrolet dealer." 269-tf VACUUM CLEANERS ARE OUR only business. 0. R. Buford, City Hall Bldg., Mt. Vernon, 111. 156-tf LIQUOR STORE, USED CARS AND USED PART'S. Jack's Used Car Lot, State Route 45. 5-tf ·'-^- / ; f *v sas City 15, Kansas. 49-1 MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN FOR housework. No washings nor iron- ings. Pho. 9F11. * *48-2 WOMAN FOR HOUSEWORK, 5 ' days a week. 909 South Land, pho. C.V2\Vi. 49-3 GIRLS 18 TO 35 YEARS OF AGE, \vith high school education, to i enter nurses training in fully .accredited school. We have room for of critics acclaiming her a prodigy pianist. .Margaret hasn't learned to read ncwipapers yet. But she has learned to read music. And that's what the critics were interested in. The tiny N first formal j tripped out on the stage with Roz' ,-nan tucked u n d e r one arm. cuitMed. and then set the doll on a special chair where it could -hear what I play." Then Margaret sat down to the Baby Grand piano which was equipped r with raised pedals so her tiny legs could reach them. She tickled" the keys for a few seconds and then swung into the music box notes of Bach's Minuet. At the last note the audience stood up and thundered applause. Her next selection was by a man of Eastern Star members aio i n - j J u a n i t a Kay. ·ited to attend "Friends Nmht " j To Mr. and Mrs. Guay P,.i · « t i j b y LeRoy A-Chapter. Marion, llarris.bury. a boy. (Tuesday night at which Mrs F.lua- To Mr. and Mrs. Richard Do..U belli D'avenport \\ill be guc-st of 21 West Shaw street, a boy honor - * Lightncr Hospital Notes Lonnie Kaegi. small son of Mr Bulgarian Borders ATHENS. Aug. 25-- U.R--The Greek government, plagued by a | First grade beginners at D or- . . -- , . , - . . . | .4. 11 Ok £L1 tlVtV. W * , t - * l i H V - * i J ( H V *-r « · . j ' u - . . - - - - -- - - -- -- c-«- · - ' - - . . -.. 9 ab !" et cn ? ls - todav ^ported thatj r i s v i , l c s * hool are required to reu- and Mrs,. Wendell Kae«i, Cau-.. «irl olavecl her! ^n imorma * 10 " of mcrea *? d i ister Tuesdav morning, from 9 to Kock. is a medical patient wstVrdav She f" en H a ctonc f ntra ^ 1OnS , °'\ tl ^ 12. Fifth graders w i l l also b e ' Mrs. Mary Craving 807 Soul stage with Ro 2 !L U .?.°, SlaV bordcrs m lhe past "^registered on that day, from 1 to Main street..^* ^surgical p.m.. |3 in the afternoon. i six more students. We have a lv. ho had been a prodigy himself as GOOD LOCA- i tion, only one in town. Will sell i v e i y attractive Foundation plan i whereby girls can woik their way through the school. If interested, v.rite at once to Director of Nursing Education, Paris Hospital, Paris, Illinois. 40-tf "On second thought, there's no use looking at the p mn l ovmen » employment RECONDITIONED V-8 MOTORS'half interest or entire business. In- tor sale in the Register Want Ads--'\V\SHINGS WANTED AT 305 installed, S130.00. Barham-Green, I quire at 605 Liquor Store, Benton.j thai was in yesterday's paper"' ! West Lincoln - * '^9-2 nh ion-. 300-tf HI. *49-3, -- i : 1_ ph. 100* FOR WRECKER SER\aCE CALL j COAL, COKE, AND KINDLING, i paper in Southern Illinois. Nation- Barham-Green. Night phone 444R, Call City Coal Yard, TeL 55R1. al Paint and Wallpaper Co. 213-tf LARGEST STOCK OF WALL- ! WASHINGS . 1523 S . McKINLEY bov -- Mozart. When she com- p'eted excerpts from "The Magic Fiute", her piano teacher, Mrs. .Mildred Godfrey Hall, had to ask the audience to restrain its applause until intermission time. She appeared completely, at ease n- she presented compositions by Schubert, Tschaikowsky, Brahms and other composers. She yawned. audibly, half way through "Ave " *49-2 Maria", faltered. her playing" never day phone 100. er. Your Ford Deal- 213-tf ! LIVING ROOM SUITE, 213-tf I ! WATER HEATER WITH 30 GAL. TYPE-'tank, A-l condition. Harold A. TO DO MEN'S LAUNDRY. 628 W. st. *49-2 FURNACE CLEANING, CHIM- j writer, ^carpet sweeper,^^ 25^ auto , Wiley, Wiley's Auto Supply. 49-2 | ONE USED. 10 H. P., FLUELESS j , ney cleaning, and air ducts clean- matic Colt pistol. C. M. Harris. ed. City Coal Yard. Pho. 55R1. N. Milller St., Carrier Mills. *49-l 270-SPECIAL FOR SCHOOL CHILD- ren, $7.50 machineless permanents $4.50, also cold waves $7.50. Velma's Beauty Shop, 15 East McHaney, Tel. 1283R. 43-WRECKER SERVICE, DAY OR COMPLETE LINE OF DU PONT i Carrier Mills. Quality Paints. National Paint and Wallpaper Co. . . , ! upright boiler. Unicme Cleaners, i RADIATOR REPAIR SERVICE, I C ° . * . . A I J * · . . _ _ ·» 1 . · _ _ ^ » _ « _ T^ _ J _ - 44-6 ' testing and cleaning. Main Body . i Shop. 213-tf 213-tf'6-RM. HOUSE WITH BATH, I , equipped for gas: has hot water (J0) Instruction ELECTRIC COCA-COLA BOX 6-; tank. Only 1 1-2 blks from square, . case size. Milo Hull. 1-4 mile south! at312 E. Poplar,$4500.00. Call L ^ R -ITRAINED PRACTICAL NURSES of Harrisburg Equipment Co. *49-2 i Barbara, Tel. 100. 3o-tf j ~ Ye ' -^ demand--full or spare time. Tr -cv TAVTTV 'Easy to learn at home with Wayne 1U DSL J..-\fV£..\ _ l - _ -N-,. Vi;«Vi o^Vinnl n^ -nm, r ;n,,r night. Day phone 30, night phone 1 1 LL I N 0 I S, U. S. APPROVED ' BEAN HAY. 48R4. O'Keefe Motor Company, ! chicks; Cor no feeds. Pyramid from field; also Carrier Mills. 4-- Hatchery, N. Jackson st. 8-t£ rence Jones, Raleigh. some fryers. Law- o h i - h . Before the recital began, however, Margaret had displayed the temperament usually associated with musical genius. She refused to go on stage unless Rozarian went with her. Margaret is just a few weeks shy of being 4. She was born Sept. lo" 1943. By the time she was two. she was clamberins onto the piano bench to peck out "Merrily We Roll Along." She practices several hours a day and Mrs. Hall said she could play much more difficult pieces if only her tiny hands were big enough to span the keys hours. Presmier-designate Constantin i Tsaldaris was working hard b u t ' thus far unsuccessfully to form a new cabinet while reports were circulated bv government agen- j South i hzia Black, Harnsbun., is a i medical patient. Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Evans plan tc Rogei. small son of Mi ami Hud-son. C r - a l attend the State Fair at Du Quoin Tuesday. Mis. Clarence Springs, is being treated fcr piu-ti monia and is responding to cies of new guc-ima attacks. j Xoticc Roval and Select Mas- " ient A series of minor clashes was ters: Egyptian Council R. and S. reported, including a foray b y , M . will hold its stated meeting to- guerillas at Neokastro. southwest ( night at 7:30. of Salonika, in which 53 houses, a i church and a school weie alleg-j Notice Masons: Special meeting ed to have been Burned and two , O f Harrisburg lodge No. 325, A. i F. A. M.. Tuesday at 1 p. m. Mrs. Kenneth Milburn. C a i i w i I Mills. Mrs. Clara Young, 441 \ \ i s t : Church street, and Mrs Lola Bt-.i-, i k . Marion, are new medical pa · tienls. Abo Mis. Chloe Biukiou Brannon, Equality civilians executed. Death Takes Mrs. Horace Wfgget Mrs. Nancy Jane Burnett Wig- «ct (colored), died Sunday at 9 p. m. at her residence at the roar of 812 East Walnut street. She! had been sick since April. Her' body will be returned to the residence from the Keathley iuncral home, when funeral arrangements have been completed. Mrs. Burnett was about SO years i of age. She was born at Ridg'.vay, j but had lived most of ner life in Harrisburg and was the \ v i f e of Horace Wigget. j She leaves her husband, two children. Mrs. Madge Blackwell and' Mrs. Carrie* Brown of this city, besides numerous grandchildren,! great grandchildren and friends. Work in the M. M. degree. i Heiskari, W. M. Ed Maternal Mortality Maternal and infant mortality rates are considerably higher in rural communities than in cities. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wood ami children. Kenneth and Jerry, who attended the state fair at Spurm field, went on to Chicago, to \isit a nephew and niece, Mr. and Mrs Klmo Skelton. Mr. Wood, deputv county clerk, resumed his oificr duties today. Former Carnival Tattooed Woman Found Strangled or previous MARKETS BOTTLE GAS STOVE, TANKS; ICE COLD WATERMELONS, and tubing, $50.00. 129 S. Jackson, i Jackson's Ice House. 35-tf j 49-31 LIVESTOCK ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Aug. 25.--U.R--(USDA) --Livestock: ·Hogs 12.000; salable 8.500; market active, generally steady on weights over 170 Ibs., including sows; lighter kinds mostly 25c FULL LINE MAYTAG AND j l 1-2 ton truck. Bill Walker, RFD Ulysses Clevenqer i other washer parts. Service on. 2, (Ledford). Harrisburg. *49 6 ,*.,· it ' j - ** . ' all makes. Williams Appliance 1 -- j U r nardin County Margaret's father is a railroad BALTIMORE. Md., Aug: 25--L'1' experience necessarv Get"free in-' machinist. Neither he nor his wife I - A 53-year-old former carnival ^^'torSSn 6 "^^ 0 ^^^!!^ any particular music talent, tattooed^ady^s strangh^ today husband Lawrence Riemer admitted choaking her with a leather belt. Police said Mrs. Riemer's death occurred in the same apartment where her first husband hanged himself a year ago. Th CP D\1lv al RSer ng ' '" "Vl!*MaS.«t goes in strickly for the !OR TRADE 1937 CHEVROLET I Death Takes Mrs. Co.,.615 E. Poplar. Pho. CANNING PEACHES. DAN MAT- tingly, 1212 Barnett St. 47-tf ESI III .. I A » M f i Head-On Aulo Crash I .}rrs. Mary Ethel Clevenger, c3. uife of Ulysses Clevenger, R/ick ' Creek township^ Harclin county, dicd at 4 30 a m today at thp Ei PIANO, BAUMISTER GRAND, dorado hospital. She NIOTA CITY. 111.. Aug. 25--«'P !11 for cight month s- had classics. . "I gave up boogie, she said today. "It's lowdown." Clothing, Footwear Production for May Lower Than Last Year , WASHINGTON, Aug. 25-- OLPJ been' Tn production of clothing and i * , · - ^ -\c-.. r rt n \ft on upright, mahogany finish, excel- _ A coroners inquest will be held BERNAT YARNS FOR ALL PUR- c d critically." -- ^ . r » f » -- r v*^-*"^---! ·«·«·» u^«.» v r » » . . . u « » } --.. -- -*r~ """".TTL V r v J l W " ^ * ^ i » » \ j » . * v , o u » » » i i k/\ t i v ^ a v t i A · lower than Friday: top ^8.2o free- lent condition. Call or see W. A. today into the deaths of three! 1 , 1 " ly; bulk 180 to 240 Ibs.. S28 tg| W illiams, Galatia, 111. "~ . . . . . . . . r,.r $28.25; 170 to 180 Ibs., $27 to $28; 130 to 160 Ibs., $24 to $26.25; 90 to 120 Ibs.. $20 to $23; run includes several loads of heavy hogs not sold: few lots 250 to 270 Ibs., $27.25 to $28; bulk sows 450 Ibs. down, $22 to $24.50; top $24.50; heavier sows. $19.50 to $22. to and k " Griffen, 212 W. McIIaney. W. D.' -49-11 ^S,Sf Cn ° thCrS WCrC i n j u r -!^l aito^d IlTlL Bowlekvme; G^ ; latin county, are being made. Mrs. Clevenger was a .lative of The dead included: Cattle 8,000: salable 7,500; calves 2,000, all salable; liberal supply of cattle includes about 95 cars of steers, 44 loads of these southwest grasscrs; cows making up about third of supply; opening trade slow; few good and choice steers, $27.50 to $31; around 50c lower; " bids ..unevenly lower on other grades; inquiry limited on good and choice heifers and mixed yearlings; some common and medium * from,$19 down; canners and cutters opening steady $10.50 to $13; " other' grades slow: bulls steady; medium to good sausage kind $14.50 to $16.50; good beef bulls to $17; vealers 50c lower; good and "choice $18.50 to $23.50; common and medium. $12 to $18. Sheep 3,700; salable 2.500; about 2000 head on sale early; good and "choice spring lambs 50c higher; top" $23.50; to all interest; and choice kind largely $23 Louis Anderson, 28. Dallas City, i Mississippi and had lived- in Har- vTTTTmv r n R M T \Tn7vrT c: V ~ i I I L - driver °f one of the cars in- i din county for 20 years. She leaves YELLOW CORN. TALBOTT bYvolved: Lct h a Jane Tanner. 3. a son, William Joseph, and a daush- ers, Route 34 near Pierson schooL j and Maxcy Tanner. 7. both of ter. Delia May Clevenger. at home. * 48 '" Hamilton, 111., and passengers in ] Also surviving are the following PIANO, CHEAP. PHONE 737W or 633R. " | the other vehicle. brothers and sisters, Joseph Farm- LaPorte. Ind.; Mrs. Janinta 15 AND Knft ^ ASPHALT FELT, felt. Har- i q f t i Injured in the crash were Mr. ^ Lal'orte. ind.; Mrs. Janinta ___ ' and Mrs. Sylvan Tanner, parents i £ ody ' Snrcvcport. La.: Mrs. Iva pr T "! of the two dead children, and i « lracc Farmer, Whitefield, Miss.; . T . - ' t t h o i r ftthor sons TCnrhm-t in nmi Charles Farmer. Glen Ellyn. Miss.: «..."- «· ---- *....*..*.... " " " ' / - M I other sons Norbert, 10. and Caries Lumber Companv Phone Lumber Company. I h o n e , . . 6: Mr. and Mrs. Robert uthcr Farmer. Covington. La.: one . . . . h o n e j n agaman% and thcir i 4 . monlh . old · Mrs. George Sanders. Jacksonville, ' I a - an( Mrs - Vivian Rushing, Tro- son. Ronald. ONE TWIN BED AND SIMMON'S 'Tanner car , mattress; al^o what-nots, cheap taken to a Ft. Madison. la., hos- 832 West Poplar. passengers in the ' . The injured were "· llllon - DRESSED FRYERS. tingly, 1212 Barnett St Americans Earned Average of $1,200 203-- here Saturday night on a straight I n c o m e Dnr'ina 1946 road. They said there was no Incume Curing I yto ' Illinois highway-patrolmen said DAN MAT- the two cars crashed head-on 1941 7 passenger P 1 y m o u t h..apparent cause for the accident, mechanically A-l. 501 N. Mill. Car-! Truman, Hannegcn rier Mills. '48-1 55ACTES.ELBERTAS i AT .SINKS, To Orchard, 2 miles west of Pittsburg. N 6 W 111. Bring containers. 46- ^ Demo Chairman HELP CONTROL POULTRY DIS- WASHINGTON. Aug. 25-rP- WASHINGTON, Aug. 25 --U.R)_ i Americans earned mOre money last {year than ever in history. ] The commerce department rc- I ported that Americans earned an average of $1.200 each--more than 'double the 1940 average of $575. The department said the total income received in 1946 by indi- [footwear during May fell off .20 per cent from production during he same month a year ago, the bommeree Department reported t0 The decline, the department said, was apparent in all items except men's suits, shirts, underwear and dress shoes. The production slack ranged from 55 per cent in sports coats to 10 per cent in work clothing. The overall drop in men's and boy's clothing was 12.5 per cent below May of a year ago. Women's and children's apparel fell off 33 1-2 per cent. Women's suits suffered the most with a 63 per cent drop. Hosiery production was off only two per cent. Chicago Area Shows Population Increase Since '40 WASHINGTON, Aug. 25--Op The Chicago metropolitan district had a population in April of this year of 4,645,000, an increase of 146,000 over April, 1940, the Census Bureau reported to- Fined $100 and Costs Lee Woolesen, Harrisburg. was found guilty of a charge of driving an automobile while intoxicated 1 this morning in the court of Judge Ralph Choisser. and was fined $100 and costs. His license to operate an automobile was also revoked for Completely Modern Day and Night No Charge for Local Trips Phone 189W1 GMKiNS FUNERAL HONE HARRISBURG a n c m argey - . . - n c c ve n v nd,. tA-$2350; some medium to good, | case with 3 C s. Purina-Chck-R 3'rcsidcnt Truman and Robert E. viduals was more than $169,000- «10 to $22.50; carlv sales aged 'Ton in the feed, Purina Chek-R- lianncgan will meet \ \ i l h i n the ru-xt 000.000. That was about one-tenth ai; «·« f""-" ' _ _ ,, - , " TiKc m n r m k i n f vunlnr«^f .10 1,^,,,.,- »/\ ^i;^/v,,,c -. «n«^,«^,,... r«_ i · -, .1 . .1 ...... , , X'- 111 " slaughter ewes, 87.50 down. .Chicago Produce · Poultry: 21 trucks; firm; hens 26; leghorn hens 24; fryers 31 to - - -- -- , - colored springs 26; Plymouth k Rock springs 30; springs 30. White Rock Tabs in drinking water, disinfect ,48 hours to discuss a successor for higher than the record high of with Chek-R-Fect. Sec us, God-' Hannegan as chairman of the Dem- ^MS 000 000 000 in 1945 ard's Farm Market, W. Elm St. orratic National committee, it \\as| ' ---- L_l pho - 582 ' 49-^earned today. i Magnolia Trees T vin-t Present plans arc that the moot- Thero · f t \ f*r+ e/\ i v i i i i ^ t i i i i i v / b »v, « i i i i l M 4 i i ^ v v i l l i U l l Ih sagging floors) $T50 and up. Uar- | : i goot i c i, ancc that a more or less nsburg Lumber Company. 29_l f j ,? a l ( ] cc i sion \ v ill be made. ! Butter: 907,796 Ibs.; nervous; 90 rxibre 72. . ( -Eggs 14,835 cases; firm t V-rwriuar; cx tras 1; unquoted; firm lo ir- cx- to 54: 3 and 4. 44 to 47: 1 and 2, 43 1-2; 3 and ren: receipts 37 to 38- ies 33 lo 34; checks 32 to 5 MAYTAG WASHERS; 10 ROLL- There arc tuo lead,,,)- candidates lh , c » llb }\ c J c( ' car 'y Again in Bloom Magnolia trees on the lawn, at o Hi/»j.^".w """"V""''. *" " v ";""i-- Gael Sullivan v i b r n - t on..i-«iiif c( c away rinse tubs; electric mang c; I u ,. "',· , % "' lai 1 ' °" (-1 "olic \)] OMn al - h which bloom- spring are in trees 434-A W. Poplar. gas 2 \ Anderson easy-going', "politically j oncc and_lhatjn_the carly^ CLEANS HOUSE FROM TOP JO BOTTOM! Premier Aire-Matie wise secretary 01 GOOD USED KITCHEN SINK, Child's Vocabulary The average vocabulary of a two- VCUUL7 ju»w«^ ..... v....... t n i M \ , inc uvcriiKv vuiuuuiary or a two- used lumber and windows. 213 N . ' The Daily Register, 20c n week, j year-old child is 272 words and of a Granger. carrier bov. tix-ycar-old, 2.5C2 words. clsy The non-white population of 447000 in 1947 represented 10 per cent of the total and was a 148213 increase over 1940. The number of private households showed "virtually no change," the bureau reported. There were 1,247,000 private households in April, 1940. and about 1,334,000 in April, 1947. The bureau said there was a decided increase in the number of married couples doubling up with in-laws. About 120,000 married couples, or 11 per cent, were sharing living quarters, compared to 73,900 in 1940. Teaching Force Drops Of the 900,000 teachers in 1939, 350,000 have quit the teaching pro, fcsslon ONLY MAC'S GOOD.V C O M P L E T E · Premier's newest, cylinder- type cleaner--the full-sized and full-powered Aire-Matic "SO"-- cleans the high places as well as the low ones. With plenty of power for cleaning rugs and carpets, the Aire- Matic is equally e f f i c i e n t cleaning upholstered furniture, walls, m o l d i n g s and hard-to-reach places with no extra e f f o r t on your part! Equipped with 9 simple attachments, it's an all-round cleaner for all around the house. See this Premier "80" today! 17 S. Main " ! ^^«B«^BHIB STORE H. V. McDanicl HARRISRUR6 Phone 17

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