Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on November 15, 1910 · Page 8
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 8

Trenton, New Jersey
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Tuesday, November 15, 1910
Page 8
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T I M M , - 13, 1910. 11 BOWLING FOOTBALL ATHLE I ICS SPORTING Nl-WS ' AUTOMOBILING BOXING NOTES GENERAL SPORrS PRINCETON NAMES BASKET BAIL DATES Ncrv . at the university t*«fcet bsll team r. "irmouncsd the echedule for the cor ig season with the flrat asaLnst ^att Institute, to b« played here on *«. ember 8. The fliul regiitir practice -\«» held last evening and about tn I -tndidateB Irom the three highest classes reported Thera are thirteen games scheduled this year, eight of which will be played tn Princeton Two games each are achedul^ with Yale, Cornell. Columbia and P««n- s}lvanla. and one wtth the Army. A silver lo\ ing cup has been given to the Intercollegiate Basket T*9ll Association by F G Heppj, of PhUadelphla, ·wUch is to be held by tlie championship te»in each year, and the team winning it for threa years, not neces sarily in succession, will bold It permanently The members of tne championship team will each year oe medals The schedule follows Decemoar 3, Pratt Institute at Princeton, December 7, Crescent A. C . of Brooklyn, at Princeton, December 10, Xew Tork University at Princeton, December 14, Baltimore Medical School at Prince ton, December 17, Pennsylvania g.t Philadelphia, January 11. Columbia at Ne-n lo-'k January 14. West Point at West Point, January 17, Cojnmbla at Princflton, January 21, Cornell at Columbia gymnasium. New Tork, Feb- ruarv 9, Pennsylvania at Princeton, February 14, Tale at New Haven, February 17, Cornell at Princeton., February 22 Tale at Princeton FAST BASKET BALL AT GEORGE SCHOOL GEORGE SCHOOL. PA., Nov 1B- The Third Tears won again from the Seniors by the score of IS to 10. Ths-f-'n game wa* the b«st played of the series, both teams pas«rfrtg in flrst class form The Senior five surprised their opponents and held them down^to a close score all the game The line-up: SjJCPTTORS Fld.G FLO. RC, Pts Miller F Smith, F .. Parker, C . Dunn G Harmonson, Totals flicks, F. . "Walton, F. Gill. C. .. Caldwell, G Shoemaker, 1 fr 0 8 TEARS FM.G . 2 . 3 1 . 1 1 FLGt F.C. Pts Totals Beferee IB minutes Timer McVaugh Time- of halves, Scorer. E. C. Zavttz. OPENING fiAMES IN BUCKS CO. LEAGUE Spe^tal to th« T! MORRlBviT T.F-. WOT ffi.-Tb» Bwika J^eague tfdopte CARP'S INJURIES I MANY GUNNERS GO ATHLETIC MEET AT « of tb* mat last it--·: Ball «t The In.Qi.trwr J-cor/n 9 ^5femj HAVEhovED FATAL IN AT FLEMINGTON PF.DDIE INSTITUTE -i. mJ ' THOMANN'S BOWLING AUtTS Two-Man Tournament will open la Buiirttng In th« last ajeetl^g prior 'o pr»-sJd.nt annoonosd the suspension of (5. Deceznber , »he op«tnlng of the champ*or**Mp »*£. Ha'Tj Houj?*i for the season. Ooonty B"i*et Ball l**t ftr»t aeason Thursday ev«iin5. December j »he op«trUng of the champ'o^* u lp 1 when Mwrrlsville will journey to son. A general dUcossion In rwgunla Princeton to oeet the r«%t^sentati.« t****tD i to rales too plaf-e. th4 n%ost iLip^-t- in Isat toira This gam« and aU learo* , ant ohsmg* mad* was in the sconce game, in Princeton will be played ra the I Hereafter all playtsrs wlU be given as- o*d Eejte*n L^igue floor This da'e for any tow u -4 team Fcr jump'ng the Eastern League the vUegi i aJk and tirIl be allowed to play these men only, unless others ar« signed, and lh!a must be done thirty days before the game they are to participate In, Tho referees have not .been appo'n'od j et. bat the president wilt »Tncnrne9 these shortly Bristol will pl*y Its first game Monday nen!ng at Trenton against the strops Newtown five, TM»"«seel by w^rry Van Home. Princeton looks « strong as ever, and w*ll no doaot give Morrisrille a run. Manager Bucknum expects to take hts best to the college town, and the Mjrrig. ._ - manager thinks if h» can captxire this first game it will give his players a lot of confidence to go ag»'"st the other Bristol hts a fast nnenp, oou^voaed of roost of last year's players, who trimmed nearly everything that i-atna their way then. This team appears to be an exceptionally strong five, and feels sure o' a victory when it meets Vewtown in the opening same Manager Van Horn is keeping mum about Ms team, but when he opens the season with Bristol he states that he will sho-w the fans some real basket baH. Precedent Heller is making out the schedule, wllch will be announced within another week, and after this is fln- I sfefrd-*ndth'*r- :ffidetiR3 win be--i3*!*i prior to the opening of the season, at wh'ch time the managers are requested to hand , complete jlist ot '*t\T players BEGINS BASKET BALL WORK HIGttlSTOWN, N. J., Nov. IS,-With but one game left on the Peddle football schedule to play. Bordentuwu Military Institute, November 19, the . . . . ! player soorlng a field goal the opening was decided at a ^e«t'n^ of ^^^ r^ajt, ol au hiafue ga^e* the league he^d at tha hor"« of Prealdeai Heller here, Tbe teojru* o'rcalt was also d* cWed upon at this meeting It -«?U consist of Bristol, Newtown, Princeton a_ii Morrisiille. The teams in the league win p^T 'naive gam«i, four with wi* team. Bach learn will play one g^Tg a weeX and this- will bring the end of the season abojt the middle of M»rch The coasU- tutuia aad by-laws and the F»»tern '^, i-ri.» '_,na were adopted. Bach dab Has ^« privUega of signing ten pjayers. Ail tsa majcoKers were o\ -r the ootulng s«naon. and look for a close fight fj- the pe""»"it. Guarantees were posted by alt the t'^mii that tJ.e-v would viay oot the s«"«on Th« official list of players that will a-ppva*- tn the op»rjjrig games I* as fol- b« pub'*«hed rt**"erently from seasons. Fonr col""i"ji ivlH b« i_s*-i3 tn the rerfBlts. In the first wffi be placed the fleld goals. th« second foul goals, the fbii-a niuitsts and the fourth to'als In th'» way th« players' assists win be given ta the total averages at the end of the season Th» -ian- agers woid ui^^trroas in their opinion »h^t mote pAF«iig would result tn giving the player* sorr» credit for sacrl- P Riley, fldng Wmnelf on a pass /to a player Tiomas. C3"-ey*tock -- Jfc^ltMluri- Henry, | Thompson VafOregor, Boyd, Barlotv. I R. MacCarter Byers. Rea3'n£--KoM FUher, Blessing, Bressler Roland Plchtliorn, Bobler Jasp«"--McOraw. Featherstone, C Donoiiue J DonoSrue, W'n^H, Eckhardt. Trenton--C Klein. H KWn, Clark, in Cooper, Mayham K. under the basket. Another lmpor*»"t mie adopted was the prohlbtr'T.g of players playing 'n any other leagu*. This does not hjbJt a player playing In an «chltjltitm sa'l Camden--FtUijjraia, Hf«" Weaver, Wote, Daley Bourquin Henijf DeXerl--^Wilson. Rellly, Brooks, Krueger Qowdy, Trainor, Kelly, Wal- CORNELL GAME J*ov 13.--iPeiin- rylvenia's football twrn had a complete rest yesterday, not a mon. donning togs Tbe coaches did not even tflTk football, but work -will begl-i In TIGER PROSPECTS BRIGHT FOR 1911 Nov. IB--Wdtb, the Tale g».me a matior of record and the football season at an end, the thoughts of Princeton mon turn to prospect* for _ = .-fezi year Captntn Eddie Hurt, full- dead earnest today for the "Cornell i back, has been re-elected captain, and game on Thanksgiving- Day The great confidence 1* «rpre«sed in the Quakers now have only one pmhitlon. choice Hart baa probably played the That 1* to roll up a bigger score strongest defensive game of any ool- agalnst Gomel! than Harvard made Sege player thle year, and he ha* h*d against the'Tthacan* TernsyVinuilarfne imdrsided support -of- bJa -4«»m- saems to take it for granted that Harvard wffl beat Tale and that their hope for being ranked as high as Harvard Is to swamp Cornell. AH the men came out of the game with Michigan In first class condition Even Rsmsdell was no worse after the jame than, before His knee,-however, ts in such condition that he will be who was handicapped by Injuries game, also will get the rest cure. While the Jn»*ers are not any ea.i,ase» for their failure to beat students are turning toward basket ball their thoughts Tbe Juniors won from tha Second Tears In a good game b the score of 14 to 12 Both classes were playing! HI good form and the contest was a a tais neck to neck race. The llae-up _ Coach John D Plant win again have charge* of tha candidates. This fact coupled with a large number of candidates who are showing some class to the early practice promises Peddle another good season ta the popular la- door game. Same as last year the COH^H rwji organized an inter-hall league in which regular games will be plaved and from this league will be picked the fifteen men who will compose the varsity squad and then from these fifteen ·will Michigan, they still think th*t they and Scott had been in condition. At the time, they admit that Michigan was far tiUunger thnn they had believed. It r"a beeo deeldefl that will make all prepara- lln Field. The men will not go Wlnalow Junction, aa heretofore, even out "Into the country. , F. Brown, F. Craig C .. Hobinson, 0-^..* Harry, G Totals 1 0 4 0 sr 14 SECOND Y.KABS. Pld.G Pts Malln T Bacon. F Zimmerman, C.. Eves, G , Hallowell, G .,. 18 Totals S Referee McVaugh. Time of halves, IS minutes. Scorer. B C. Zavitz. Timer, Hood. Broolssides Beat Bromle^s. The Brookslde football club-.defeated the Bromleys in a wen played game- on the Bromley Park ground* liy tho score of 12 to 6. Dolton and Keating starred for th« winners, the former mfitefng twi touchdowns and the latter booted two goats. Fritz scored the losers* only toucfadown'and also kicked a goal. He made a great nra of 35 yards: which was- one of th« feature* of the game. The llne-wp and Brooksides Brom|»y*. H. Flynn ; Ed. Edward* c Left End. T. Flynn -.. Iieft H. CaU.-son rtolton m Left Guard. Centre. "iaght"iuariL' 'TRight" Enoch Bdwards tit* ^T, Virlan Quart erbao v H. C.t»\jon .,, T»u«i»'V)*J»-- Dolton t, iiilL* i~u* tono)«»owiiB-- Keating t, Athletics wffl v Gt«'« at Nor. 16^-- The- Athletic* will train tUM-t sp.l.ig at Sa- vnnmh. Qa. An ·nnounce'mjnt to thl« ·ffeot »a« «md« /«il«rday, *rtl6«ing a rUJt whtcb Secretary Jo« Chlb* »"» Cspt vt+rry Davta TK-»J» to t*«t On Salt Jlkiits for the basketball not* between J««p«r and Trenton, to t* plaj»d iq Masonic Temple Friday evening, wjl! be placed m sale at 3dhwarts*s drug store Thursday morning. Including soiiie of tl best prep, schools about this section. John fJfartn, IT, of "Westur*, 1* 1, will captain the tfam this year and he fr-j-should m«1re a good leader for he possesses all the (juaUties of a good cap- Among th» most«t«r c»tvM- dates are Bockus, Swaffield. DmTilng r F Garvto. Ennhart, Baseua, Irnlanrt, J Miller, Rich, Wliklnson, Norcroa*. Hart, Dunn, Randall, Shearer. Ken- drlck, Kerr, PalrhujrdL, Chapin, Esselton, Hutc-Mnioni Sawyer, Camp, of sale, said last-night tbst **'« year th«r» had been 50,000 applications for ticket* *rjd the football Thompson, Fleming and With Mann, Miller and Nulurtws left from laat year's team It should not bo a "hard task for the coach to develop a very fast team to represent the school In Interscholastlc basket ball The schedule for the varsity Is: January 7, Northeajrt ^Mcuiual at UJghtstown. January 14, OeaUal Manaal, at Hlghtstown. January 31, New Jersey Stwte Schools at Trenton, January 28, K. * L at FTgts Ulvt»jii. Fsbniiuy 4, Lewrenceville at L«.w- reneevlHe. February School at i^ I*ebrnary 18, New Je*»s St«t* School at rTtg»iUto\«i February 25, Southern Wenudfl at Hlghtstown. March 4, Trenton T. SL d A-, «t HIghtatown. March IX, w»IP*m«on ii»/t* School at Mertl* March 18, Bom*" C*tr,oBo l=n»h, at Hightstown. Special to th« Ttaiea, Nov. 18. -- TH* MOHIUSV*i rUvUle fHi»*etBal^.Flve of »on1ftr"f-« B u» wlB open tt* ts\-d^ Thnrsdar ev«T»tng; wtth Q»l;-^* Mut*. on the lator*a floolr In TKHJton, WJ»H» tbts i* not a league pun* r«t It will affor* «xceleat for tt* Th}*- g»m» -will b* th* first of ft *fc.Ie» of practice r""e» Mon-UvBlB wffl play prior to th* op-nfiar of the liigo* season. Althocgb «*"«* pi»/*r* **^» played toMi' hKr onoe y»t Hi* *"·' of^"tn*r *^edj«* lr fd* o^ittd^.,t, fitf dj-^tbfl SAo^"**^*^^^y ^9^^'^s jjjt^ HI ·imply deltel'UM} -with his plA/«r* an3 he artrted ^b«t Qi*y are sbowtn* tip b«t- tftr t^^w he cjti^ccf^^ The following piaD* are w«it«a M -f Mute g,..,ni»«ltun Tlnu_a«sr 9 o'clock. Elhoft. Cooney »nd Lori fA^ftivwrd*! ^«v*t A ^ IA*^- No^*"*V XUbn m-n T** Aviation Meet for iTT-AWTA. o* ^ l»or. «« An tidn. msst tea Att""t*, *·- ti ranged to bugtn tt^j^.b*r IS at th* ' to «oa- Atlanta tlnae through th* 17th, Tb* I* under the »"grtci« of th» Jouiual and th» Cn^"»o*T tt O and other bo««i*e** o»-"""-»y^n» of the city are co-opera««g Six ««eat* have been arranged for ttuett day*. of th* \ Ike R«jM M-I] steam Picket Ci. | WTWi?*" PANAMA ·/( s » -· - i R. M. S. P. n or x } tin A ·».' r - A* ,il» «Jc if Oml*Uf f*r . BERMUDA 1 tetk*. r-" *« .^ "AVOM* i« (M . »i** * 41 inttrmetat CUBA ana: JAMAICA^, " *te:, ·· the other two Juniors on ten-m White and "Cr" Mo- Cormlck, White might have been th« mates. Of the chsice for captain of the basa ta!TicJe» are but h» Is captain 4 lw« oap- to the tt.v nf(*+ . "^ nine ^ UOX^^L^U w«. t ua ~^ ^,°* the men who started the came unable to do much work this week. agate»t Tale, a» only MaoGregor and The coaches purpose to let fd^ rest Sparks graduate ta Jane. There are until his knee Is enUrely wefl Seott, I ?** of t ? e _P_ re ^lf^ o 5.° } "^. a J^if tfons for tha game on Fr»"ilr- to SEEBARVARn-YAI£ It who for this can accommodate only 33,000, He added: "We need a sUucture- which would accommodate fifty or sixty thontand and such a stand would cost over half a- million dollars. The continuance of the game of football Is a very douD-t- 1 Quantity at present, however, and the expenditure of so large an "mount of money would be decidedly dangerous. At any time some player might ^9 IrTlled- or Injured and %fha game abolished, leaving- the enormous structure on our hands" Mr. Thompson stated that there sewni* to "be no chance of bettering the- situation under the- present conditions. The i«mn.Tid tor tickets is now Increasing about 15 per. cent, yearly and by th a Hme of "file next TTRivard game her* two years hence, It la doablf ul If the ticket depea onent can find a single Ucket for of the applicants. One of the most successfulTneans » "Hoket depa»r.«Ti found_of accommodating the applicants was by cutting: "imber of tickets allotted to and sbc Sophomores They are White. Hart and McO .-'lok, 1911. and BaEou. Pendletoiv, Bluetb-B**i»T Brown, wiison and Dtinlap, 1913. Arnong *abo«ltut*s to return tlwre are Andro«», Bre«l« 10*, Far*. 3L*k«tl8k McLean, lawyer aad Wiiwvnts, 1913, and Baker «^d Wight, 1913 The Freshman team "" also splendid material. The Freshmen lost only on eg"-TM* during th* ·t'von- Of other *var*lty Stuart men there are -P«"d, BB^worth. Clark and R^TI^OUI. who SAVAXVAH, GA^ NOT 15 --Palling to rally fn ra t h e Injnries recel\ ad in practice In U-9 G-iuid Pr'r» coursa course last Ttor^-iy %\ 11 Sharp t v - autumobllq manu'_t turer rac?r succumbed jrefiterd^^ afternoon at t e Savannah Hospital '-'s death aJdlDK oae muu to the ull of the I'UO ra.e- TTe Sharp-Arrow IB lu-nj-lng the course cost Albert Put v «. the mechanic, 1 Is lite. Mr SJitrp» death « P S not unexpected His, condition s^rjtiay morning was far from er.^o irar Ji« and fears were then entertained for his recovers An Internal I n j u r j wiiic'i was apprehended from thrf nrst. a»s the direct cause of hia death An on ration yesterday morning brougM tlie unfortu nate man no relief Mrs bharp and her sister were witn Air faharp at th^ time of his death The accident to the Sharp-Arrow, entered a* ear No 1 in the Grand Prise race, occurred last Thursday, at 1 o'clock, on Ferguson Avenue Tte car was running t a livelv clip in a practice spin \\hen it lurcned frojn the road, and, striking a stump landed upside duvni in a ditch Both mechanic sjad driver were hurled out of the car, the former being killed in stantly Mr Sharp was hurried to the Savannah Hospital where It -was at first reporte'd that his injuries were not serious. Mr Sharp d«iigned th« car which was entered tn the Grand Prise, naming It after himself He was among the dal to enter the rac» Mr, Sharp was 3* years of age. He was bom In Pho-nt-rvllle. Pa., and came to Trenton 18 years ago with hts parents He graduated from tha Trenton High School, and about 13 years ago started in business as a photographer, at 942 South Clinton Avenue, where his family now lives- He gained an enviable reputation as a photographer, and built up an ex- tW!»'m_b n ''i3M*». which is still oon-^ ducted by the family He was a member of the Meroer County Auto- moblliats Association. Mr. Rn*rp Is su* rived by his wife and two children, Je«n aged 9. and William S., aged S years, his mother, Mra, Fred Brt«vrp, two sisters, Mrs Andrew Bi/, of M*rtx.wan, N J., "^d ·MTTM T.iiUfin sharp, of Trenton. nnA one brother, Fred Sharp * H5-YEAR-OLI) GIRL TT«Tt, Sparks, Macdresor. and Caxlstte were the only men wlxo played In the Tale game la»t year The new men *o make tbV varrfty letv tor» are White, Wight, Sawj*r, BH»- wortli. McLean Wilson, BIn«*h«nithal, ·Blown. Xnmlap, Tialloa, and Pendleton SENIORS 1 m TOLE GBOEOS1 SurfOOU Nov ML--Hi the flrw.1 game of hockey for tha ol»»s champlo j n' l hrp neither team had *oored when the second half started hut tn the flrst few minute* the seniors turned a point. Another score was made toward the end of the game which, assured a. jrlctory for ths senior* of 1 to 0 The Tlnenp' Seniors Oieond Tear. Misses, at Nichols , QoaL A-Smtth. K. *TUU C "Webb EJ Tjett fallboiV . . . -.. B Right halfback. H- Home _ . Centre halfback. ... H, :Left halfback; T3I Right Mttchel I wiUtln*) , Right inside tui i»bilng . H. Centre ... A.O«ndIe8 In«. M. Craig freshmen of: from two to- one. The B ton -of the one ticket waa m»d« up to th* freshmen by giving "them one orr the-cieeiliig aectldn^ A» * result of W» th* cheering section on Saturday win the bluest ever game. at Tale- B."M. I. Beseivft. The . Nor. IS -- Bordenturo* MffiUi/ Tn»Utute second team defeated School te««' her*to f. B. M. I. M. H. a. . 8*-*" «^-- Cm (It Miner)...,,,»,... · t Centre. TBt, T ..tia\ i- Rlght gaard. BlsseH t*«g»t Rlght Oft Touchdo-ua-- 2. Goo.)- from field touchdown--Me- Boynton. Referee -Ttvmp- BoHnwtrf of tttwr City f B ijiio M*'-^4f nesday, Thar* win be a TM»tUng of th* T ^«gue Wedn»*day ·¥*«'»». It _ thought tbat a permanent or«---»tlon will b« sft«cted at t h * tim*. Th* com- mltte** appointed to ascertain U* con- Sltlon* upon whFah local playing ^ " «»»» b* teonred will m»v« their i ., at meeting St. St. Jo»«. Interest is b«lng_ manifested ta the comlrisc meeting of tha at. Mary «nd St. John football teams on Thanksgiving Day. The St. John team will be made up. "* 'ost entirely as it was last while the At. M*ry te«-i win be - Left Inside foi «ard. Moor* .. Left wing Goals--Miss Twining 1 , JT Referae Miss Ingram Time of halves--10 xnln- ntes. keapei- Scorer--Ml us Wood. -Miss K. Miller. TJme- Beats Detroit at Baseball. " HAVANA, NOT IB -- The- Havana Baseball- Club defeated the DoUiilts jrAiterdKy by a score of S to 2. The battwl«s for the .respective te«Tn» ^ere Mederos and Petv6.y mnj Summers and St«Tifg-«' r Long Contract. TORK, Nov IS.-- ^ t5e «iar pitcher of tha 6ismf«, -stgoed- a- coatract yesterday ·covering the next three haaebali seasons. This Is the flrst O»« Mathewson has signed for more than a single season, although Itf* hue been with *he Jtfew Tork club for Jnaay seasons. The annual lulling of the Kew Tork KatJonM T^ogus'clab atofirhnldenr wa» h*W yesterday to Jersey -City. John T, BrV«h was n elected president, and tftto* dl i fetors,, beaides Mr. Brush, v»«i« ··med'' CT J. Snlli»an,- John Wi*»»«n, N. »«*y LJo,d, H. M. Herap. o **\ R. H- MoCutcheon and X. Mon- hol.-er." Because of the long contlnned IHne ti of B^rwd M. Knowle* th« offlcea of ss^ietary and treasurer were de- «»red Vacant. Winiam M. Gray wa» named as secretary pro ieiu jafiS John Whalen a* temporary treasurer. Both these, offices *eici field by Mr. Knowles, Oo. A.. ~. »uls have b«sn oompl«X«d for tb« American Brld»e Comi»ny lelio »Tra« 1 »tkn'*'^nan«tf to the ban club, which will take place at the Hotel Sterling on December L WILD WEST SHOWS COMING \ The Buffalo Bill and Pa.wn«a Bill Wild West shows will winter at the Inter-State Pair .grounds agMn this year. The arrangements have been "i»de by Colonel Lllley, u^ner of the shows, with Secretary" M»rg«rum of the Fair Association. Colonel UH«r has engaged quarters at BromUy Inn for himjelf and wife, and for flftjr of nls s«* of asdstants Tae outfit wlB arrive about November 20, «^m!ag h«r» - Ft-EMTNGTON X J, Nc-v 15--A lar«e number of spr'smen *rnm New ark FHrabvth Jmf^ C ( t \ T I Sew } ork a i r i \ " d h*fr last \t,n*HK to be in r^-adlD^sa for th*' ',»^n 4 nic of th- 8-a «or for ohooti-iiy '·abltta t h i s m*-n- !ng !( \eral hunting parties art-vd In uuromobU^s and mail** th«. r head q u j r t t r s at the hotfls ^ hll** mo. v p'hers coma by train Theve wcr« ra«t t \ fam^r? and driven out Into tho (ounfy dlslricts where they will spend t « t and three ilavs h u n t i n g Oamw la repfir'ed to be plenttfal Mam farm ers have posted notkts frrWildlng the hihiters to trespass and the Bportsm«n «'H find tt much more diJHcult than In former "a-s when thry were allowed ; t roam at wjll over the huntuig' grounds STATE STREET HAS T, mo In Cub 1085 9. BROAD ST. HTGHTST^WX. N J. Nov I S -- T T RL3- H.ST ':" P ^ Prst annual fall !r.J»r i-iisB r mi « fie'J meet w ts p-»s -nr^ '- "i V ru ** iay No 15 ur ' 1 u T --o -v ·iu-»e of the bo« n t ^riug enough prepared. In tha meantime Professor H. W ..a Shetland headmaster of pflflff I r m i ' e l t \ » r iu'vinij cup to b*» -o^t^a't-d f r ^. ( Ui ibis m«-t i Tho up Has prespntA*3 In the d f r n g . room to th^ to%», the preaen'at'f n ** ep*erh b"lnB made by tra k.,roaoh J '* O Plant Af'er the Bp»»'-h Pro* sa- r » bwfiand BUB cheered to the e h j t %l the «rradent bodv Each class has organized Its tra/-k te t n elected Its captain an* '» no* ' har5 at work getting In shape 'or U. J big ev«-nt v" Monday November 21 the flr** ' si-^a f i f r r P»rM ·» , T-»-t. REAI. Z STOKE3. j-t O' th» «* of Xew Ba--- ay j" D O 'piaat T j a r k - j , ' y f _ Sto»». Jr Good entertainment was provided for ·he Stats Street Theatre natrons yester- dav and the b"l was liked from beginning to end The *ketch raited Tha Finish," by l*jt t dine, Dudley Company, was so far boie the offerings at ti«*t playhouse that the audience just demanded more of the three ctover character artist* that took the part of a lawyer, a stenographer and a Sw**dl3!i servant The story it told of a Ian-jar manylng a. country g-j-1 for her money and falling in love with his stenographer, only to find that he wn* outwlUfd b hla wife who took: the Glsgnlse of a Swedish servant in order to discover the deception of her husband The comedy that runs through the story Is clever, and the jmdlence was I'beral with applause 1 - Jeff and LA Vern Healy h*d a. uur«l act of the State Street Theatre Wt*. to which they furnlsfied a lot of oo"»djr and sang two good parodies and a clever manipulation of the piano by Mr Healv was a felt of the act. Hal Clements, with a g^od, »Uuug voice and a eoyple of good songs, with plenty of rapid-Ore oomedy, was Just fast enough to satisfy the e.udl«nx K'T song "Imagine" was very good Elmo and his dog was Kn act tJ»«t ·«- pealed to the women and Gsildien. The flog knew Just what his "»»ter weJited, and the animal posed for a picture annual rrrss country bovs will t i k » place The rmirfl** w i l l cov»r about fni »· miles anil a half Prtzcs hav-j t-»*-n elvon for rl m event and a g^eat num ber of l i \ s -ire out working hard to get in shapf ThJ« IF th» Prst rac« of its k'nd ever I f , " ' ' ; nd n "7 »1^ w t t^t^/^HI** tt*n4 »-hAt,1.4 *, ..WOT.K a ' . " - - In a-jfirptcy. a' c ^ ^ '^ vendue, oa two t th!-d day of ^«n h "d-»d and t^fl, h* af*ernoon of said 'S*» known as IS 'he City of Tr«n*»n, - Me-car aad Stats of Jers« th^ following O«»crlb»d a- 1 tent-wonts 4.1 ttat cur*"*" d J f p |T h ojs« and lot of Isfid »g and balnst in the City of ^ »w ^ o o^k 'i 4 a on v » ;-* Jacc*or «f«"et. ' ~ no nsore pjirtlon- *" ' 'l-»^r»b«J as held at Peddle, and should It prove success th«n an int»r%c-ho!astir ra ·» j H will be arrar-eed w i t h as majn nth r l *· schools who flrn 1 it convenient to enttr ' ! p ' Ja, *=oi =·-««· and -x'-aiiag »-on, ii-eT-a ·^·» «TT» w1»]j. at a-iar e« * '" Jark«on St-eeC la * n«'t ·sanf- / -o^r^e by and b»t»» n err la's of Ann Domf- side th«r«of d row or late of Ch*rl*« riejii-2«' r r t*-« s^i-^-aBterly sld* -» · ' « · .nir'v' dl' 1 ) feet to a» ' '""d T* - fc--n»"5r of J;«». litfine be!n? ot nuirber tw«aty- eii%»n o- a p an o* '"ts of Evan sad 1 san-_sel E.aTB The abov» tract of land ' s r ' z ' * * »a-ne p i j l s e s whloh w»r» A N N f c l IE. The vaade%lll« stage !IM musical -nme/1i« of pr»at merit In '~""*"*?* .." »'"^TMi"*ZZ ' ZX'~Z _L_^. ,, . T* i * , .. .L f ' O n * !ft A. UOOK aQ£ otaers -_ _ Short actji. Take for 'nstancs the- a , e1 ^ s , e . j 8 !»-? an i i-*cord9d music In J»ss» Lackey's production * rn t f » M--«=~ f-ij-i-v C »rk's OfBce the Housetop T 1 "* *nu*iral is 'am- '·* o' r «^l3 for said "«onty. ou ous. TH« \TV r.»at song in the ac- l i | S l * "Annette ' and Thi Stw York World ~" has secured H from Ha-rv Von Tllze-, "° '' "I"* *" ' and will pu'fliah it words and mu«'- i *T mn-'saK-o complete, frea w i t h next Sunrtai s - · ·World Get Is and try It on your piano prer«ts«» wflt t b a f n 1owt3 «r 5 ' Ba » * JUiW lUitH, Vk, 15. Playing for the flrst time ta a public match. Miss. Martha Cleai notr, a fifteen-year-old girl of Fittabiug, defeated Mrs. Bertha May Wing, an experienced cueist, In the flint QUiuler of a 400-point contest for the womcii** pool cham"- pkmsblp, at M*m1oe Daly's Academy last night This now contender for the title led her opponent all the way and finally finished her total of 100 when Mr*, l^trtg had only 84 oomits. Despite- her comparative Inexperience, M1«» Cleat-water showed a versa- t0a knowledge of Hie game She cho»e her Shot* with good Judgment, stroir-d wall and played a aU-ung safety game. f**r only rn^rlcea wwiVncss was her unc*i*ainty on long table shots, ·very few of which she succeeded In Tnj»Wng. In her ninth Inning, with the Ivories scattered all over Xhe table, M'vt Cleai water clicked off her\^blghest run of ten Mr*. IT'"? ph»y«d below form On several ooourinna «he mi»Bed her aim on b»H» that hung Ju»t aa Inch or 1..0 from the pocket and appeared easy to accomplish. In addition she- T"«de twice as Tn«ny scratches as her ·yottng ilvsi FT«r best run was 7 After b«!ng 30 point* behind at one Mrs. TTl-nr made a sUong finish and cut down all but 18 points of the Interest to ;Bowlet8 In the Arcade tournament scheduled for this week follow: Wednesday Dye va M-TjiugblIn, Oaiser vs. Conner*. L. Am) B aon vs. Tarn*. Thursday Voorhee* vs. Caaldwell, ^Shipley T*. T"T-ris, J. Amisson vs Wil- jffll tha tfews Abort Billiard Friday -- ^Vborhees vs. Gaiser, Ifc- Langhlln v*. Conner*, Tarns va. Thompson. Dj tba Catholic League 'a* 4 night, th* Calumet Ctab wa* beaten by the Catholic CtoK The scores: CLU.8 1 * 3 T. 154 1ST 121--432 "L Hunt ., ------- , 110 111 -- - 221 McCoy ..... ..... .l?e 136 144--416 Tttlley ,../. ...... 148 149 IIS-- 416 Brother* ... ...... 112 -- ... 121 -- 233 Ro*sler ,.-- ........ 153 11»-- 272 T»tals .......... «88 7«6 23-- 1997 1 2 - 5 T. McQee 113 IIS 16S 315 O^Mafley 1S9 *130 118-- 430 McOrath -126 112 77--407 fflwTiley 16S iOl 166--430 Connelly ,...,».»-MT 150 143--44fr J»te" gw^-^M aad Ora - played two matehe* of 182 balk line bn«*"da yestfcday aTUo-- noon and last night. Mornings^"won In the afternoon *"4 the son of the famous "Wizard" In the ev^'itng. "Young Jn^e" had runs of B8, S3 and. 87 during the two matches The scores Aftemoot,-- Morttlngstar--6 4 0 1 » 8 B » « » 1 0 IB 122--200 Schaefer--14 2 1 S 8 7 0 » * S « r r 4 » -107 Evening - _ Morntngotar--S S W » M 0 1 IS 0 10 H 0 50 1 41 ftl 0 1 O--187. Schaefer---0 4 1 7 U t O i T 5 " O M 4 « 7 27 « 1 SS 8 35 19--SOS Referee--Fred Whitehead Ooorer --Mai Qntaton NEW TORK, Nov. 15--Willie Hoppe, «ho holds th« championship title at 181 billiards, has accepted tn* «*"»- l»nge of George V. Slosson, »«4 the match, will be played in the W«fll«n Scruare Concert Hall on the evening* of December 1 and 2 The match will be at 100ft points, -600 befivg played each night. Slosaon challenged Hoppe tekA October and the match wa» to "hav» been played November 8. but he had. to forfeit because of a nelxofemr breakdown following the wrecldng ot hl» billiard room Now Slosson is playing in good foim and il» friends have nmeh confidence in his ability to wla the match. Siosson Is the Sole surv!voy of that galaxy of veteran cne experts whose br'Hiant p!ay at straight ra-n, c«*ilon ca^ronri and balkliae WHlards engaged the attention and Interested devotees of the- game more than three decade* a?o In the coming encounter with Heppe the former ?h*mpl0n- will try to prove that he can "come hack." and his hosts of f-rtends and admirers say that the- battle will he a *^jal one "between these two leading exponents of thf restrictive game of balWine- bli- liarls* · Hojjpe wa«* a visitor at Stossoa's new academy at "Broadway and Thlrty- flr'it Street -at the opening on Saturday He win .give exhibitions In PW1- aaeiphla this week, and next Friday evening^wttl Play an exhibition game with Ora Mornlngstar at the Cnescent Athletic Club, Brooklyn. Steamships. . Fast jwin Bcrtw S S ' Bermudian' 1 sail* 10 a. m., Nov 2«tn, Dec ISti. 24th. Bilge keels; electric fans, wireless telegraphy. i For ITlustrated pamphlets with fall · Total* 7 *,.. 70S 609 S72--1SS9 f information applv to A. B. Oi;f«.R- i BH11K5K * CO^ Oen.1 AK(B- Qwebw 9, |S. C*., lttf^ 3* Bro»dw»j-, Xenr York, -- H. BICKEY CO., 3S W«rt ~ or *ny Ticket A^eBt, ** Ji. m, c^. L.t*. - - The** rastguis-afe'scbaraled this week in tike Catholic League KEQ0LATION PIJ»S Tuesday--K^'ghts of Colambu* v*. St. Mary's T^ A. B. UCCK; PIKS f Thuraday--Catholic Club vs. St. Maray-s T. A E'. Friday--Knight* of Columbas v*. CathoUc Institute, SUtener wa* the hi^h duck pin roller at'the AT;JA« l»"t week. Hera are tb* scores: "" BUteoer .......111 121 128 1S1 Bttrtce .. .,...122 118 120 115 119 Blackford : 121 · lit) 127 Gordon 129 109 Ay,** 124 112 HJ Talbott ."^'^120 WO Dnffy 122 Wilson is Brown's Billiard Champion. PROVIDENCE, R. L, N Y ov. 15.--H. O. Wilson, '13, l»-t night won the biniard championship at Brown University by defeating a R. Bill. 100 to 81 in th« final round of the tournament which h»« bJ n going on at cotl^r* (or th* * fri«Me Collar^; no luvoL K»Trvpe AMUSEMENTS. T R E N T High Class Vaudeville ·WEEK OP OV 14. O A Z I E The ·world's greatest dancer, presenting a new pantomime, "A T»««e»ly o* tfce Mnrdl «»·· " GOHDOV, EI-nHlB*'* CO. *rret,ODY IwAfR GIR1.S O»r DEA A LET A. PRICE. ·WILLIAMS 4 «E(iAU rMKK-B H1CKEY BROTHE-R*. DE ^OIE TRIO. PRICES -- Mating*. IOc, ISe^ S5e.| K,,fnittjfm IBc., 3Ov. 35c., BOc. Always the B«^ Show IK Tb~m, State Street Theatre Fterbonm of the People. Acts Ca-"«cd Monday md ercjrnhraice of 93,049, !j a- -u»i Ir'ci-est sow held by Anna C!izab»t*i ~-m*ort 2 A mor'^ag" oricu-nbranee of fi.WO. Tit" a-i-- .IP* '-uerast, now held by Wti- I'a-n T\ ^r«- e* Z Sab«o-' to the incboatn right ot dowfr of Han'iah Stokes, tae wtts of Barciav I*. Stokes ta« tor to taze* due the Jli at to JS2 SS wl*h accrued Interest 5 Su'ilecrt to taxes for the rear 1K9, 8 ^jbj-ct tn tajces for the year t*fl», amajnt^g- to J37 89 wttii nccroed to- teres- 7 Subject to a balance doe on a »«^- er OHsessmact araountlng to 4T 69, Wth, Inte-est tTeon from Septembec K, 19"0 at S per cent J fontlltion^ of «a'e will be IT "f known on day of saie W T LLIASI B. Trustee ta Bftnicruptcr of Stakes, Bank-opt TO* Broad _ Bank BlSg (14^ E. State S£-. Trenton V j Alexander Trapp, Atfy 10-15-11-* t tf-Jt Special Attraction. LOKR.4 1*1-2, Dl"DI.EY * OO, In Comedy, Dramatic, Playlet ItUS FTVISH. Wsr the Entire TVeek. JOtTf * IsVKKVR HKALT, ·Society Vaudeville Artist*. Be. Monologue BtSIO * BOB, *TMThe V^n and His Dog." lOc. .. S SJ»T». WOODHOOSE CONCEKl COURSE In Chancery of Near Jersey. X.T7 E Fox. complainant, and O'ltzky er «U def-ndants Flert Bj virtxi" of the above-stated arrit at. Ft . F a . tn me 1 jc tea and Delivered. J win eipoa** for sale at puoT^ vendua^ on THE NTM-IH IAT O* A. 13 mo, between th« hours of Twelve and fiv* i o'clock in the afternoon of said day -- that U to say, at tw.o o'clsck p in--- at -tijq Sheriff's office its the Court Ho««ei to i tin clcy of Trenton in th» county of 1 Mercer and slate of Jfew Jersay, an »fi«e cetaitL lot frac 1 " or parcel of land »«'· pr=uiises hereinafter particuIarlT desulb- ted. situate, ly^ng and being to. ths city of Trenton, hi toe. eotinty of Mercer -»TMt ! stat of New Jersey bounded »^d des] scribed as fol.»ws. to wit | Beginning on the easterly side of_"W»r- j ren Street at the southwesterly xrn»r- o a lot of land now or !a:« of WJUfam Bo»- weU aad ronalng thence fl7 soufh-iiy along "Warren; Street eighteen feet, to otlvBr land of the said party of thfr JJ*etv part thencse (2) easterjy, one ana » Tjt^f^ ^ogrees- south, airteen fe^t; thence (SJ northeriv, and parallel with the fti»t- " Thursday Eve'g, Nov. 17 APAMOW Kf 1KIO, PIAKIST Assisted- By Florence H*«frt e . . JLflO, 3130 Cou.*« tickets. (3 and tt, entitling holder -to one reserved scat -to, each of th* foul conoerta, on sale «x BarloWe 11-15-St , parallel wltb- tne second course, sixty-ona- feet, tuenr* toi uorUierly, and parallel* with, the first course, fourteen feel, to- fhe line of 'he saia BoswelU* lanr «nd: · thence «S» westerly -and parallel wttjj, t»- second and fourth courses s*venty-se»«i» feet, to: Warren Street and rfhe~jrta'*- 3 rf beginning The estate or interest* tr be solft 1* «ar estat« fa f6» slmpie, jrabject to fhe following encumbrances and Tens, to wit; A ·ewer assessment of »62». with tetoA_4t thereon at 7 p»r c*nt per »nnajn from jascemberTl ISM, a paving asse-- i»*nt at WO 51, wlti rrtercst thereon st ^ "pen cent. i per annum from July 15, 1S6, and" *« T for year 1S99 *« IX with interest tha^-on from December SI, 1909. at 7 par cent. ; I »irrmn Aad to b sold by *0tk »-- ami , Shillff. AX HdBcKot »-i' «r* SALE O* By ^iftne -or aa order of tia Orph" " eotirt of the County of Mercer; mjft* «0 tf-e ^ix ee''t^ day of September, one thotf- sanff nine hundred and *«n, the subscriNif. executor of th« last will *nd testament ot Joseph Vf Stevens, deceased, wtli. oa U etesdey, th« sixteenth (lay ot Su«ijr tber, one thousand ante hundred ««4 t"", iat two o'docfc in the afEeidooa, sen at jpnbllc vendne. at tie Sneriu.* ofUce, la f the Court HOBS* of tbe Cormty of 3fcir , all those tracts of land and premises sll«- M. , v i «· ·»«/·»! ati LDO»« tract* or iaoa ana jiremiBes BII.U- TrATITAtl I Antftf HA xSX *"*· J y ta * and bdns *» the dry of Tr*t- tf ClilUit LlUllgC, HO. £n)O too. connty of Mercer «nT *tat* of K»* BROiHhRHOOD OF LOCOMOrlVE f Ut£.l WASON1C y Cveoing, lov. f 5 D«nc«ng from 1.18 to 1-39. March- at 9 30. Grand J«rs»y, as, follow»r TRACT SO, 1 AH ttvat oei'«i« !·«. tract*-or parcel of land and »».« ·' _ *tt«- «te "yfejt and b»Jng in. the ell* of Tr - trm, in the county ol Mercer aad s^t« at Sew Jersey, bejngr lot Hujnber on» b«»- dred and forty-eight on the plan of tot* M Hmcr«st toiu«erly owned by S ^Ht Fs»- le«, filed ^September n!n«t«*rith, «ig»tt--x bnndreJ and elgity-flre. Betrrming on the weztuly *d«. · Beech wood A venae, at coiuer of lot ^a be»- one hunted and fOity-Bln*, «««4^o»i»t 'h^lng two hu-odred, and fifty feet noiOk- . erly Irost Stuyve»»it Aveau*. "nd « 1 f t thence westerly, paraltet with Etajrt *t Admitting gentleman and two ladles. , \venae, t»j hxin^red feet, to IJ"« of IM I^dle* TVlifcoat Escorts Z5e.Jrm»6*f two h"ndr«d a»d fifty_on by WlnlHer's OreJiestra. I plan of tots; tfeenc* northerly, alonr tlM ,« .. .. t " n * of Io t aii»o«r one hundred «nd JUi/. 11-14-JJ gfty f eet _ to jhe soir»ei-!y Ua« of let ANNUAL SUFFER AT-, THE Widows* and Single Woman's Home SPRING ST, TRENTON, ft J, Wednesday nut Tbiu«dtf Eveniij Nov. 16 and 17,1910 Admission, including ·uyyer, 5*c. Admission only, lOo. Estate of LHHe A Princ«, Dece? 4-1. Notice is hereby given that *n order, the twifnty-^lrst day of October, A D oae thousand nln* hundred »M ten. has been made by tha Surrogate of the county of Mercer, upon th« application of the subscriber, executor of Lillle A Prince, Wile of the coanty of Morcer, deceased directing the creditors of said decedent to bring In their debts, demands namber thence easterly, along the Boath^fiy *' - !oj number one hundred and , and peraltet Trttfc the tvo hundred feet, to the westerly Un« Be^cfvwood Avemtiej thence *OQ9ie(Ty. ·long the M«.t«rty line of Beieawaii Avenue, ftfty f«t, to tS« f**f* of Beginning. «,» TRACT 2tO i Bela* part of lot No. 144. -M part of lot .Xo. 14Sr on plan of IMS at HUfofest. near Trenton, X«w J c *=ey. oit£j«J by O. W, Parlee, and »ui- ve»d aa3 drawn by C- ?X Haveti. C R, ami together bounded f"A deSw/lb*d a* foHotrs, to wit Be?!"nir.e at a po'nt !n tl»? »^*t*ny l!iw of Beec*iwood Vvence. belnjr a co. - f-rm«d by the intersection of the westerly l!nc of Beechwo'Hl Avenue with th* nortfe- er!y tine of Cottage PTace, and thence (1) northerly, along the wi line of- Bit tfcwood Avenue, oa« hr- feet, to * point. c*u«r to lot N«. *·; thence CO «*» U.Iy, «"^ J^^r ·'!* Cottage Pl*«, one tow»» now I «»d «tt»,s; then*.tin Seaeh^uod 4« a«, . feet, to th* C«t*»re Place,. »2« t of Coy; t» one hnndrsd tweni. p!ace of beginning ,, The estati- to tw sold is an **UMr1f ^u , simple: Tract N'o 1 will be ton -At I to the encumb-ance of a first --» and clalrox »pain«t tho estate ol aa!4' the prlaeipjil fum of flfteen- kandi«t 111 decedent,«under oath *r afflrrostjon. tv]ars, and Tract No, 2 will b* *aI4 *n^|fl/ the «ub»criber. within nine months from to the encumbrance of * raOiU-w_ l*j 1 * the d«t» of saffl order, or the- w'H bd I prlnc'p*! earn of five hundred doT\ r forever barred from anv action therefor i Dated Trenton. N J OctotM-r f" ·gainst the fald «*cutor I ERU'lN ft. "»»A C"»PL»«a B. HART. 1 Executor. I C^«'-U» X Patt* \ m-s u-r -».,-« ·.K*i itWSPAPLKl

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