The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on March 1, 1899 · Page 2
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 2

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 1, 1899
Page 2
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H0TTOH6 OUUWOU8 Calumet Baking Powder NONE COOP j ate has passed the bill almost unani UMHtslv--and the house well it is hart to say how it will strike the house--bu ,' UK; Ramsey county senator is correct in j his adroeatrv of the measure- and white ! it mu;ht result in what piay seem to be t hardships occasionally TMhe believes it weald work much good generally. There is tnach interest in the bill in the east- Bad numerous inquiries hare been received regarding the bill Jf. O.JKWELL. THE bill to repeal the farm loan Ian- went into the soup in the house-- where the farm loan proposition seems to meet with favor. Under a proposed bill now in the senate-- counties will have to assume responsibility to the state for these loans-- which is a good thing for the borrowers--and the state-- but may not strike the non- borrowing residents of the counties so favorably. per . 1 SO .50 THE resolution of th* house ways and neaafl committee authorizing the treasurer to issue funding warrants to the aggregate of MOO.OOQ, merely provides for the anticipation of tai collections, in case they are so deferred that current expenses of the state and of the state in stitntians cannot be met The resolution is as follows: The state treasurer, with the advice and consent of tie governor and state auditor, be hereby authorized and instructed to nesotiateand dispose of state funding warrants cot to exceed $100,000 m the aggregate, at such discount as will allow a reasonable rate of interest, such indebtedness to become due and payable on or before January l, 1901. The existing conditions, .are snoa that the collection of ta»s from the counties from now until January 1,1900, mav not be sufficient to meetexpenses; therefore this loan is necessary to prote;t the ^edit of the state and of the state in sbtntkms. j Ax amendment to the city improve- I ment district law has been passed -tend | ing to bring the law under the decision i of the United States supreme court, and remedy an) defect that may exist wit regard to the paving assessments Fargo and Grand Forks-- which cities are particularly interested in the bill. ood's Pills Kcst to tsk* aft.?r dinner; [tfrveut d:str«j, aid dtgn- I:on, car* c o n s t i p a t i o n . J'urily *ce«alJ*: do act grrp» * ·»»«· (·. Sold V,y »I| rojj I"r.-I»r»l oc!y fcj c. 1. Hood A Ui, PRINTERS ODD : . JL SOJB« Appliucr* ,.., . . . " , ' . ' THE antl-cjgarette law has been recommended to pass, but - with W b i r b oar n I »«-d. in awhile one bf^rs a rtfttvnce to the sheepskin inking balls wilh which our grait-grandfatnen, in the printing trade used to Ink their forms. This is about the only old tool of tint trade now io disuse with which the printers of today are familiar. There are others which were, more or less used at various tlmt» that hare dropped out ;vnd tx°en forgotten. A couple Of thww bare come to !l«ht through an old atalogne that had fallen Into the writer's lands. One wa* a short wooden galley, pen at one *iJe and having clamps below, y means of which it might be attached to the bosos of the upper case. Tnn* 8up- . , portod it wa* three or four inches above ~ j the surfaiv of the boxes, tearing room for rn the compositor to reach the type without «li*-turbtD K the galley. This form of gafley ' was prohftbly brought into use about the time that printers discovered l: to be a nuisance to carry U» galley on the cap case- The old plait was to lay the cans and small caps in the four upper rows of the PKOIHSAL! ~t\ar xn** tx»f ma uai». r. S. · Juaua ssrvicr. St-mum* B«:ka««foci Fort Vat». N. D., Februirr 2J. lew. SSeaJei pro ----'··.tiaii^d-Pn.i.^ib fur GruwBw-ror . a th? «-.**«· m.-i br. and afirv*"**] t«» nd-Tvufijitl at Kurt ^atn, N. It.. vtU be V^VJuL "^ Ul y 0 * " cio f k P- Hi- «* Saturday Apr" trr-t. l«w. fur funnxiiiBz »B1 dejireruu: at "-- t**u lSMUH,*afc (in,*, Beef--' oats. Bfrf Cattle must bf .1 tin- , ^ «ibj«-J to rigid opBtraet inli Tl» cattle u co«ns |m bnlt, arstae - not om out l ·7°** ·S£ e * eh * JlTf ' r ' : "" aoinMi U» w»i hao 7W iwuod. aad m. anunai ^iall be nroiw wiB uet Its* iLau SO per centuai of i but for all a«r l usxhr 5" »tSr.frSi made, ««! n..t more - . o » «tt^ u e ^ md aaj one dehTOrjr mart be cows. unlM» " ' i. H , 0,0.1 state that th.- cattle »*p lit if ant tvriTt- montlis in »aoenuioe. u JiOy 1st ueit, uortb of Uw MJnaTlSeS . " : 5P? " ch J"!" wrj- mast be accomjmaifld by aftdant .if ti* contractor thattfaVcaittlf of. »,J fur Mce,rtapcr. cumpK with thj, coodittoo. Jid. are alao invited for "doiihle-wintorod Moo- taaa catUe, the rialit bein* reserved to make "^,^; ca "r 1*^ ^d^owd for lie t i a t e r j . t s of the service. Deliverws p Be moOe as required during Jane USW. Oats mast be bnent-aaddean. wiHlKaeked, and not !«, than 38 pound* to tin- bm£rl eriestolwmadeas reqauwl durin* tjw tear enduuc June 30. l*. .UluaUuSered or drfiwy ander anj eoutract will be subject to ansid mapKtion. Th» riirht u rewrrtS to »««t aiu or all bids, ..r anj part of auj bid, if r t t best interwt of ti^sSr Each bid must he awom REPKESMTATIVIS LBB'S proposed eon- stitntiooal atueodment provides tlftt the question of the prohibition of sale of intoxicating liquor shall be submitted to the people ot each county--and their sate depend upon the sentiment of the «Hintjes, as expressed at the polls. The license in case the option in any county was lor the sate of liquor, would be fixed at $1^00, of which the state, comity and village wontt receive an equal share. GC»EBAI. Pyue ot South . ~«~»- «.£«. ... IXMT *w,it upper CTJWH o» Uj» . ... amendments; ^P "a* and then to rest, the galley across making the bill less sweeping and dras-1 *« tnree IOWCT rows, Into which there was tic. The committee «trito«. r,,,t ,,;_,_' teUomnece ^^'°r the compositor's hand *A KIT ral " e f srnKes out cigais; to travel. WhUe the proppedupgalley was and tobacco from the prohibitory pro- i undoubtedly better* than the galley laid visions of the bill, and makes the pro- ] across the cap case, the plan of placing the hibition of cigarettes apply only to per-} *^JS° a f isnaed case ·» on a bank ren- sons under 18 rears of age. ^* ^ useless. THE rumor that L, E. Booker, the missing bank president, is to return to the state, has been revived.. Booker's whereabouts have been variously reported--from British Columbia to Mexico--and the latter place seems favorable in the speculation as to the location, of the missing financier. THE house has recommended for passage the new oil inspector bHl--fixing to increase the pay of its employes any tone before adjournment An attempt -was made in this state to have the houae increaae the salaries of the janitoTB and watdimen--moBt of 'em old soTdiers-- ·aid while the honae may bar e had the power--it didn't have fte inclination-- -- S500 annually as the salary of the inspector, instead of the present fee system --but there was no unjust discrimination --as the bHl was amended not to apply to the inspector appointed by the present governor. A universal stereotype block was at one ttme in use, being made wtth grooves that ran slanteadiculariy. or an angle of about 46 degrees to the base and side of the block. The block was clamped in the grooves and was readily brought to any position. Such a block answered very well on hand presses, but when steam cylinder presses came into use It proved too unreliable, allowing tbe-pages to slip, and so it was discarded. The gfecepsfoot Is a tool unknown in many modern pressrooms, and in another generation we may expect that the shooting sick will also have disappeared. Other tools, though altered and improved in various ways, seem mostly to hold their own in spite of the many additions being made to the list.--Printer and Bookmaker ro depwitorv bank in the V4c«utr of the resident of toe bid'. unJero ( "*' ««n«nw- for at lean five per oirs, or at ean five per JhSlt i « m ^? nt . °J V 1 ? Pron%al. whiSi eb«k or draft will lie forfeit^ to the United e i " . i h n - « n w f n s an award shall fan to prumptl} MICCUU- a «». tract witb good and sofflcieot sureties, otier- "*-· «*Ww- Bids ac^i t of a »rtifl*-d ci.ook will i - 1 * * 1 "? y f«h«r information fofaeo. H. Buiee n l 1 eiaj*r. l ! . SS. Indian Webb's Stores Ar* r««djr tor tfce »prinf IB the foltowi · Black and colored dress goods, plain and fancy J silks, cotton wash fabrics, laces and embroid- · « cries, ladies' furnishings, metis* furnishings, · g carpets, curtains, and upholstery, dress Hn- · · ings, notions and small wares, wall paper. * 2 Cfockef y» furniture, picture framing. ..... · 9 Tbe entire showing of moderate price Article* 5 |J r superior to Out of any fornioftMsoBr · · Tfti* xtare i* (t yowl Htfbjrrt m · for ftf tffff/. . . . . . . ' . . 5 · It takes time to learn a store thoroughly B especially if the store is one that keeps A · stock moving. It pa }s to get acquainted Z · ^ with this story all through. If you havp . · never done trading hvre; try it once. 4fc 5 -Webb Bros.! ························18 Following fresh fjriiucious goods just received at.... CHAS. GREAT INDIAN RRE WALKERS. Irtcoatw's estray bill was knocked out but ha doesn't propose to let up on Tnttle-- has a bffl in abolishing the official estray paper. Notice of Teachers The next teachers examination for *Bdtheaenate propostiOB. is · considering.a similar county, will, be held at the highachoolbniOding in the city of Bismarck, on Friday, March 10, 1SW, ' ning at 9 o'clocJ' · --« "" -- *.-- . . furnished with teriat SKSATOB NOBLB secured the passage of a biH fixing the terms of court in the son--somewhere--his own w ««,_ Bottineau--was left eut-and it was not discovered until the bfll had passed both houses and been approved by the governor. A new biB to correct the omb- sk» Baa passed the ienate. and is in order tor passage in the house. THB teaching of the Spanish language in the university fa baaed upon the argument that--having conquered so much Spanishterritory, which will be governed and whose business win be done largely by Americans--it is right for the latter to meet the Spaniards halfway--and equip themselves for /the struggle tat trace and preferment the Spanish tongue. by mastering THK free seed wheat fain has passed congress, and goes to the president to lua approval'". The Jaw will be of benefit to farmers in the state--enabling them to import grades of wheat which promise better remits--without the pay- meat of duty. Tta N. P..» never behind-hand and win put on a new coast train service, to parallel that of the «reat Jfortttern-- ^lich wfll be of great coavenience all ·long tte Kne of the road--and a Atperb *~~ " * either tor speed or .--~i ^r . r" 1 TM^' ·»""-- --» ~-^^. nmgataytiocjta.^ Teachers wiff be paper and writing ma- C. p. EDKK, - ' · Co. Suptof Schools. GUSSNER TD THE FRONT George Gusaner has lately made a number of improveuients to his packing plant in this city. The steam plant baa been rebuilt, and he recently received some of the latest and moat improred packing house machinery and is now prepared to serve the wants of his many customers better than ever. He is also rebuilding his cooking rooms for the pnrpoae of curing and salting meats after the moat improved methods. The capacity^of the plant is sufficient to al- »w Mr. Gtnsner to dispose of his saa- °~~~a and other products at wholesale as as retail and in the near future he --'" arrangements to wholesale hfe is well as his stock of grocerfes Mr. Gussner handles feed in ^qoanUtiea, corn, bran, shorts, Tfc« Pnutfe« StiM KzfMa I» Fmrtm «f . . . . tk«'Knrt. ' . ' It may Interest students of folklore to learn thai there was a fire walking ceremony at Benare* the other day which hae given rise to a good deal of discussion in The Indian Press. There seems to be no doubt as to the honesty and gucoess of the performance, but, as a correspondent points out, fire walking la much more commonly practiced than is supposed. Bo himself witnessed three ceremonies of 'the kind between 1883 and 1886 in Maurtang, where he believes they an of annual occurrence. The performers were natives from Madras. The method was eiactly aa described by Mr. Lang. - ' According to this eyewitness, a prtert tod off, working himself into a state of frenzy, and then walking a d?«tantg of KUPITZ' will make large ea, eorn, ground oats, etc., and has -_car, abb , . just received ., a large consignment of apples which will be sola at liberal prices to the consum- At ha store may be found an es- U f^ 8 ?*^ *«* «« fruit* and n . 1 r D^A_. __ 1_ « _ A _ · - , -, _^T* 'r***** , . about 40 feet over live embers, but "in such a manner that neither foot was long in contact with them." Several others-on one occasion two little boys--followed the priest's example and were afterward flogged to drive away sins that had not succumbed to the are walking--which seems hard. No amount of flogging did the priest any good. He had to be dipped w t * 4CB * au/ gwu. XXB oou tn the sea to bring aim to his acmes. .- The correspondent holds by the natural explanation of the "phenomenon." He carefully examined the men's feet and says that thuy were not burned, but were "ai hard ae tea owlag,» * lifelong exposure without boota." That to^all very well, bat the hardest feet would fordy be affected at the end of some 15 steps over » floor of fire. And the fire walker* dont hurry: Yankee oatmeal in bulk. Quaker oatmeal in -3 Ib. packages. Victor oatmeaJin a Ib. packages. Rakton breakfast food. Pettijonn's breakfast food. Hiawatha corn meal. XXXX Pitlsburry'a best flour. Hiawatha re flour. Hiawatha graham flour. Schumacher's p«arl and granulated hominy. Schumacher's fraina. Schumacher's grape nuts. Qranose flakes. Buckwheat and pancake flour. Shredded whole wheat biscuit. Whole wheat flour. Fruerw wheat wafers. Fruens healthall. Cooked hominy. where obtainable. -team, unexcelled equipment. Ir Editor Toustey's resolution prohibiting the introduction of bflto without unanimous consent, had had an , er- 8encyclaiise,tbelocaJoptM«i resolution would have been shut out--and as it B --it just skinned in while the door was closing. The celibacy of Hannah More, the English writer, which gave her so much time to bend the powers of her mind to the interests of humanity, has always been a ·abject of surprise and discussion, A witter relates thto circumstance: ."She was early engaged to be married to aigeh- tteman of family and fortune. The wedding day*WM fixed. The bride and her party moved off gayly to the cnurch where tie ceremony was to be performed, only to find tbat the lover was not there. 'The laggard comes late,' thought the attendants. They miscalculated; he came not at all. A horseman rode op to the chinch door and handed a tetter to Miss More. With melancholy apologies the faithless swain told her that he could not take the responsibility'of making her his bride. At the sums time he offered any pecuniary -- _TM « u/ UWB= uuiu remuneration in his power, feeders, heavy hogs for 1 "Whether the lady tainted or only -"bring a good }»ice {5°°*°* «· n°« »en«oned, but her relatives as he especially de- followed the business up with such promptoess and spirit that the aa invoice «f fish just reoei««t *t C. KUPITZ' J REDUCTION SALE. Overcoats and Heavy Winter Suits SEMLINQ HOOVER. ; PVE Fire, Tornado, Plate Glass, Accident Insurance. . . . i . Mr. Gussner particH- mrly desires to announce that hewiD buy cattte, steers from'l year to 5 years old, fat or anrtablefor feeders as h4 hag arranged to fatten cattte for his" market rat cattlfrare especially desired. All who have cattle to selTwin do weB to see^ Guasner before otherwise disposing of their -stocfc. He wffi also buy hogsfrotn wH few ~-^---- *»*» O*kKM««4 OB m; CSUI£CHU1T S6- «iw» to get good lamb and mutton for frwght deducted, for a« stock. ^^S SKSATOK CBEEL'S marriage license bfll "» attacting general attention. The Hen- , . a r e s to boy goods in large quantities --- -,-- w "l find Mr. Gusener ready to give liberal discounts and prove to you a«t he can sell as cheap as in the Twm Cities. All his goods are bought for rash and jn large quantitiea and he L ^*J b ^ to B" 6 , 1 " 8 cuatomea the benefit of discounted bflls. Bail's FttiSiH Slit fiMrwifaadaSoMSGak. Had to Wear a Tar Cap. Doctors aad AB Otttr ftimillM ftfl. CUTICURA. , Ma Btratoa, w. Ienr Ek bcx] mad ^.^^ ^^MM»««viviMHne* ian M4*o*ton4 WBk B tkt doctao. ·«"«*»»«or»te. _H» ·«··.«««· r~ ·· --" ^-- ^^^ Hv / ·**· *·** ····»· -mai tt*ameo«* «*DHB*M}a*dCcxi9eat _ t*e AMmOm tn One of the most picturesque custom* in Heiteo i* that of blessing «^»^.i. cafled the blessings of San Antonio. The poorer d««i take their domestic animato of an kind*, dog*, catoc parrots, sheep, horse*, bom*, etc., to be sprinkled wtth holy water and to receive through the prte*t St. Anthony's bkswing. It is the cuMom of the common class to clean and bedeck their animal* specially for thl* bleating. Dogj are gayry decorated wtth ribbons tied ·round their necks. Sheep on washed ' - Is white -as .. i · m « B p»y . · 11 m* i ttmx atwi ·now and tbeo t»ken to the btaSML The bMks ef the ^ «fided. Horses and burros an aoomed wita garlands.--St Loufa Qlobe-Deoajcw*. BtaueU. Young Cudid (at the amateur tbetttf. e»b)-- Wd yon ever hear mob borrfWyd!.- «wlaot, «w «patttn»-- Old Proodfot*-- 61-r! That's ar iti. _ love' made a settlement upon the ·lighted lady for £400 a year forlife,"-- Sxehange. Bnme* ma« JewUft Btte^ A passage in Pope's "Mad" ("Chandoa 8a«sJes") baa sUrredmy intellectual curiosity and proves that one touch of ritual makes the antique world kin. The ancient Jews were grest upon "washing of hands," with the ceremonial laws of which one- tractate of the Talmud largely bosks itself. This "laving of hand*" te regarded wtth such veneration by tie rabbins that they crystallized Jt» imperativeness by stamping it with a teal as of Mosaic sanctity. Living in «och aa atmosphere and trained from childhood to cherish this specific rite a* indigenous in Judafcrm. t felt «otae -"--^-nrrrt when I lead page 185 of above: prmy to JOT* wbtt Oneoc -t--.-i-^-- '- ·-- cOcao* mod wtth pans* buds, note whi is one _ . ""··pwttaw Fresh salmoa. Fresh red snapper. Fresh white fisb. Fresh pickerel. Fresh herring. Fresh perch. Smoked halibut. Smoked finnan baddies. Smoked white fish. Smoked herring. Smoked bloaters. Smoked Norway sardines. Fancy «Ut mackerel. FaiKy salt white fisb. Fancy salt 3 K berring. Fancy salt ancbovts. Fancy salt Holland herring. Whole and boneJeas cod. · . . ; . - - . . · · · - - LO*KS Paid August 8th, $130,860 ··Imported and 1 "Domestic Sardines In Truffled, Mustard or Tomato Saue*. BISMARCK STEAM LAUNDRY, flARQUETTE Proprietor*. AUCTION SALE AT; tradttton "--Xote» and Qaerie*. . A 4? » n * bor ' hatrtng waited m vate te» aback for an accepted poem, wrote tbs e4f- tor mildly inquiring «bout!t. Tbtedttcr replied: It « tb . «»· I *.**»!,*** y" **" «» U* frotrt ·Me ' * » ' Webb Bros. New Block. Commendno; Wednesday Mch. i And conthrairtg ontfl afl coeds are sold. Stock coosirts of cloaks, dress MnderclotlUng, steckiag*, insurance Agent, ·ttMarok.M.0. Wttft Bl*nurek teak. ^Companies, Reprewntiag la Cash Orer Forty.five miltons of ^ te « Dry feeds Stotw, Hrs. WiJcox. iNEWSPA'FERr lEWSPAPERl

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