The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on October 15, 1920 · Page 7
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 7

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, October 15, 1920
Page 7
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* : V TWENTY-TWO THE BRIDGEPORT TELEGRAM, FRIDAY, OCTOBER IS, 1920. Help Wanted--Male Help Wanted--Male Apply at Factory Employment Office BLUE 11IBHON BODY CO.-- Trlmm or'a Jober, cabinet makers. BRIDGEPORT BU ASS-- Crescent Avo. Kmploynwnt offlco. Ovorlmulor. Of- flCB boy, must bo OV\r II! yours Of age. W V » « U U U K I . \JL lLU5MAN-,LahoretM. I'oiionh'k foundry nvoti. Information at Mfgra. Association, ill State St. and 001 Toell3-tf ALIGNERS WANTED. lOXt'KUUON't'KD OM YOST TVPEWK1TJ;,KS. Al'l'jU. 1 AT ONCB, .JSMPLOYMKN'I' Jr,l'AHTMK\T. HBMINOTON T M ' K W U I T K l l CO., 1.AWKIONCK is OUOVJ; STS., X'lsU SUING, L. I. Poct7-7t AN EXl'MUlKNOJo"lT~miin to run~tx- traotor. Howard Avo Wot ..Laundry, 12.11 llownru Avo. Wash ___ __ _ TooU4-2t A,\ M X 1 · UK uCs C 1 7l " Ja'iiltoi." Co. Toctlli-at ~ll;ii~WA.Vl'lOI-- Stc.ul.v position. ·Good pay. Tel. SCI !)(.: StDKtlord Avo , __ _ _ · I ' o c t H - H BAiUJliR. WANTW1 " only. li'lrst dims pay. Avo., cor. Stratford. for" b.Uurdliy 1W3 Suuvlcw BAKBIOK wantivl for Good pay. 3l5 Utiln at. _ ' I o c t i r - 2 t SnUi'daya. _ToctlB-lt " WANTt'TlJ--BteaHv Job.~J(ii South Ave Pocll3-3t "BJiLL 1iJ\. Atlantic ifikol. Tootl4-lt ' BOY WANTL-.L), lu or 10. to dollvor orders. Call 8lit; Madlsdn Ave. Toetl8-8t BOY WANTKl) to" help In offlcu and deliver orders, mornings only. Call 116 Warner' Bldg. TootlB-lt C- BOY WANTUI') to deliver packages .and work In store In morning from 8 I to 12. Tho Pout and Loster, 278 li'ttlr- .fleld Ave. TocUJ_-3t , BOOKKKliH'lifR wanted, general «x- porlencu. Addnaa tSi'7.1 thla paper. __ ToetU-Tt BUTCHidH --- Kxporionoud cuttor wanted to take -luu«o of store. Stoody 1 Job. Call Stratford SO for appolntmon alter 6:JO p. m. 3-' oot iLl?. ?·' CANVASSfvitH--JiJon and women, nationalities wanted, big iejico unnecesfli vork. Stevensoi I TocfW-7 CHAUFFEURS WANTED to attend mass mooting tu tio hold in Chauffeurs Hull !)8S Main St. Friday Oct. IB at S p, m. Interest to al chauffeurs. __^ To_otll_-8t '""CHfe.K--Thoroughly expurlenrml In restaurant work and capable of handling , help. Only man with proven ability -will bo consldeied. Shetllold Lunch. 2t ~ Avo. Poctl4-2t \VA.\TIDI~A mhldlo uned man t li-urn vuloanl/.lng and tiro repair biwl nosfl. Al-vo boy over 16 yoitra old. K«no\ Llfo Tiro and Kubbor Co. 171) Rheildo men and women to flare for nervous an m e n t n l oases. Beginning salary J4I po m o n t h D'ull nuilntonanco, Inoludlni Muudry. Increases w i t h time service M«Hlont opportunities for promotion Tialnlng School for Wursos maintain^ Write or call al The Connecticut Stilt Honpltal, Mlddlptown. Conn. ' _ _ T 1? ta iy sin to oloan ii] It A. Pratt, 140: work In p a i n t shop. Stralfurd Avo , Stratford. l'olU3-l Vv'AVI'lJIi--Muu to b u y soft," «tlll r cloth I I I K I velour hute at a N n v l n g o $2 Month's lint Shop, Mr. Sttatl'orc Avii. Jutit Derosa bridge. J SPootlO-7. W A N r u n boy i i b o u t ' l b yi'iifs old "to work In rora«t tuclory. Apply C i o n i Corset Co. 34S Railroad Ave. . Toi'lKM AVA N'l Kl.1--^ OUMK man aboul isi~yu old _ foi Koiu'i'al offleu w o r k . AddrOT "~VVAiVrioiT"^- KMiorkmood uIiTiolH't In noraon a 387 Uaat Main St., Apt. 10. T o c t l S - S Canted, big puy, oxp«r- iary. I'ald dully, utoady on'n, 104 Bank St. * CblfliiKS', men. over 17, for Itostiii Moll Service. $1115 month. Uxptnlenoo ' .unnooenmiry. For froo partlculara of examination** wrlto H. INjrry, former ] Civil Service Examiner, 160 Contlnon- tal Bldg.. Washington, IX C ToctlB-lt ' CLERK. A larffo manufacturln"; con( corn would like to employ an ambitious young: man who wrjleH a noat hand and la accurate In htg work. State age, ox- nce and aalary dcslrod. Aidrfl» ,57 this paper. TootM-8t ' UKUO CL.IDHK3 bocomo jjharmnclsts. Our courno will thorouRnly I prepare you In all Hubjoetn necessary for you to know In order to micocMfully ' pais the Stato Board of Pharmacy »x- amlnatlons morning, afternoon «ad evening soMlona Claeoes forming now I Enroll today. The I'harmaoutloal In. ctltute 317 Palrdold Av«., Bridgeport, i ,Conn^ (New liavoii 13raachi 212 York t.) * Poot4-14t , must proflcl»nt , In all linen. Steady liuUlv ·work, good aalary. Box 66682. ____ Toctl8-2t KAKiJ HANlJ wantud. Jlunt b"o abla I to milk and drive hor.ic». Phono Str.vt. 219-4. __ _ i'oct8-7t i«. WXl-Ki-tlKNCl!;!) MAN on maohlnory and Bteam fitting. Steady work i;ood ; salary. Apply .Box Mo. 65B32 this paper. HIGH SCHO"0~L Toctl3-3t BO5T wanttul for ' mornings. Also dish -washer wanted. . SlavUih preferred. 1ST Senvlow Ave. I ,, _ Toct14-3t , ' i X d R E A S f e Y O U R INCOMK--Turn, '.your spare time Into dollars. Write i m» In confidence w h a t . o u are doltiR | now and I may\havo an opportunity for yon. Address JaJTl this pnpor. TootlB-3t ' " MAN with l'\rd runabout, for «se position. Assistant to manager. 1 ery and allowance for use of car. dress No. 68776 thla paper. iial- Ad- __Pootl3-ilt " MJflCHANlCS--Clerks--Sal"csmon?~Uet out of tho rut. Make somothlntr of yourself. Learn the bond and mortgage business. Wo train you froc Biggest money making opportunity you ivlil evor have. Addrosm (JD670 this paper. TootlS-Jt 0 R D E H COOK WANTED. ·SHEFFIELD JOHJJ ST. LUNCH. 42 Tootl4-2t PLUMBKK ToetlB-lt I " PRINTING I'TlEHS leoder on Holding presses. Brewof-Colgnri Co, 1H1 Htato Bt. Tuctl4_-2t ' RKLIABL1C manufacturer* avont or 'distributor desiring additional lino, ex- 1 halve territory, Inlufllng advertising, fast »el)or, good profits Gordon Sales I Corporation, 201 Broadway, N e w York ' City. __ __ _ _ , v WANTKD-- One for middle Atlantic and o-nxj for Now KiiKlmul I «tatus. Straight oomrnHwlon. Average I cnc hundred to two hundred dollar* i Voekly. Drawing account allowod Connecticut Coat and Cover Co , Shol' SAMJSMKN. I TKEITKRABLY M K M B K K S OP SCAN- I fclNAVJAN 'SOCIETIES OH WHO I HAV13 X.ARGI: FOLLOWING IN SUCH i CIRCLES, OKFKHIOU AN OPPOKTLTX- ITY TO B A R N UANDSOM11 HKTUIl.NS I BY A MILLION DOLLAR COIU'OR- 1 ATION. V V l ' l l l PJIO.MLNKNT B O A R D i OF DIRECTORS JJKSmiNG TO MAKI KKT ITS B l ' X ' U R I T I W S HA VINO PARTICULAR APPEAL TO SCANOIi- A JJAVIANH. · COMMISSION ONLY. APPLY, i 6TATLs(J A OR K X P H R f K N V K AND ' ' JCBFBUlJ.Nf'KS. SU1TIO 2001, 220 W10ST 42D ST . NEW YORK. _ _Toi'tir-n ""6ALKSMA.S TO "ASH'thf Manager. I want a man to work w i t h mu in BrUlgo- port, he musl be equipped with brain*, ' character and p r r s o n u l l t y , the position In building a Inntelo for a bonalUln I »oclal of National reputation. I will H«- irlst this man u develop Into a high · i noBltlon. The o p p o r t u n i t y Is uplonttld *Xor promotion and JuiK" Income, the as- ^oclutlonn ai e tho best und tho rtm- I -noction Is such as to attruet the high- cat typo of rncn. If you feel that your I ^nullifications J u s t i f y It call nt Room f i l l liberty Building between 9 a m. and B j p. m C h a i l t s ii. Ulaxsor Co. Mr. Ryan, 1 ManiiCi' _ _ To(;tl2-6t '*"Tl5..Ni'/K,s wlinlod. CalFat^onee" J87 1 Perruonn'.ck St. Tootl4-3t '"WAN'J K\ A taTioi to car, lui the Clothing of men In Soldier's Homo Also 2 cleaners n t once. Address, Superintend, nt. boldlers' Homo. rsoioton tf«lgIitH. Con_n _ ToLtl2-7t ' "WA~N"Tl3L'--Young man berwee-ir""!^ ^·Jid 2( lo a««lst on cost work Apply In writing sMting experience uid snl- «ry expected ^ddrtss No. 6877S thl« jia/per _ _ _ PoctM-Jt ^'^WvVNTl^lj--Boy« over 1(! to set pins at the Arcade Alleys 6-J2. $1 60 por J 1 J K t ' t -- _ _ Poctlf-Vt -A young man by th« Jarpenters for form work. Report to Simpson, Brown Co Foot of Blrd«oyo .St., Stratford, Com WANfBl)--A good cookr~no"Suiiufay ,vork. at tho Arcado Reataurnjit. Tootl4-2t -- - B, married man as salesmen and collector. Clood steady work and good pay. Must furnish bond Address No. 58776 thin papar. Pootl3-3t WANTWD--A handy yoiinF man In /iirnltur* «toro. Apply between 9-11 a. m. Boston Household Supply Co. . _ _ . _ _ Wo Hnvo Openings in Out REPAIR SCHOOL DAYTON, OHIO for men who hava M E C H A N I C A L EXPERIENCE W I L L I N G TO WORK HARD TO SUCCEED. FREE TO GO ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES OR CANADA after completing factory training, Single men over 21 years old. GOOD WAGES WHILE L E A R N I N G Apply THE NATIONAL CASH REGISTER COMPANY 7 P. O. ARCADE, BPT. CT. Toctl I -2t 00 D JITS T3ITKK for w67Ffir«tofT. Steady employment. Apply Haillcys, I'road nml John St. ._ _ToctH-at i O U N U MAN about 28 yn, old for ;oneral *tirn work and retail selling Ctood opportunity for advancement. American preferred with some business experience Address 655CO thlu paper. To_cit 14_-8t - _ . U MAN to learn book iind"sta- ilpnery business. Apply to Tho ahamberlln Slvropshlro Co., 3D-4G Jannon Ht, a'octl3-bt Mortgages Loans MONEY LOANED ON 1ST, 3RD MORTGAG15S; CITY OR OUT OF TOWN. BUY MORTGAGES J SZILAGYI, 306 1'AlRICiKLD AVK ---.-----^.------^ Ta_pr22-tl MONEY LOANED on second morF- gagod. Buy and sell real ostato. Flnkel- itone. 1024 Main St., room 310 Noblo 1381. Toctl-301 MONJWY LOANED-- First. aocumf third, fourth mortgages. City, out ol town. Iluy mortgages. 1024 Main SI Room 400_Min_or. _ l'octO-30t MONlEir" LOANED ON SECOST/~AND S1ATB ST. MOHTQAaES. PHOl'EHTY. CITY , Ft«pU5-IOt WE LluND MON10Y on note or home urnlture, without removal, to pciions laving steady Jobs without Inquiring of employers, also lend to property owneiu; no pawim, loans from J25 to MOU, roiiayablo In ten monthly lustall- nentH, or a* desired; logal charges only. nisoti on unpaid balanoca for acLUttl ,lmo due, This society is flnanocd and directed by business and professional men; eonductod In a spirit of aorvloo md not solely to make money; very fair ind h e l p f u l , strictly confidential and oourteous dealing; new borrowers welcomed, inlvato inquiries invited; quick service; liourii I) to 1:30 dally; Saturdays. I) to 1. Call, write or PHONE LIAHNUM 3-3-7-5 BHNHKIC1AL LOAN SOCIETY, Industrial Money-Lortdors, 218 Lltxjrty Building, (Snoond Floor) !)4t Muln St., corner Bank !H. by Stato Hank Commlsulorter. Aoartments A I ' A U T M U N T M , 4 rooms, Htotitn hoatO 1 hot water supply. 5116, a d u l t s only I'avkl Anstoln, 373 Stlllmun St. . Toi'l lil-! TO UK.NT 1 I O O I I I H , fli-Ht" ifoor, alTTm imiveliH'iibi $JU per i n o n l h . llKlllll'O i I'alrmoimt Avo. , Tp ot !i- CIDIiAK ST., 246--Throo rooms," liiso m o n t , bath, K"a, hot and cold water; Jl per month S. Loowlth . Co., 1 Lfl Han St' '"«·· 99. 1'OotlS LOCATED--8 1001 house, all modern Improvements Same can bo rented furnished or un furiilshod. Rout rensonablo. Call Jlar li ' J ' Tootl4 ClOM'JtAlJLY LOCATIOD -- B "iooi Hloum hoatud apartment, janitor uor vluo, hot wator all year 'round C'.a L lL l 'l_i)i-J?j , Tootl8-J FLAT to rent, li'oiir rooms, "all mod o i n Impiovomunls. Rales reasonable No objection to one or two chlldrei Inquire Mm. A. Salonika, corner BoHlo Ave. and Sjichs. Tol Stiat. 430-l.i _, VOC112-3 l-'OIJH ROOM f l a t to rent" A'rcblii'ho water huallng M.vnlum. IH Summurllel Ave. _Phono_ Biu-._B636._ l'octlt-3 I,'O"DR "ROOM "APAlSTMEN'PsT" cof b o u t h Avenue and Ixif.iyettu St. Mtxliu hoiialng; all I m p r o v e m e n t s , stenm hent Ruitrlcted. Apply to l l l i n b a u n i , 1U2 M a i n Bt Tootlil-7 i HKims w i t h h a t h . CM aflci 8 n n C ''-L Myri!»_Avo. _____ ToetiB-3 " V K " 8 l-~ ?Ut AH improvements. Ken MCI'IIA t 1 un.Nisui'jn rim o r - room and bath, modern. C u n t r a l and rosl donllal. Addrcsu 65627 this papur , TocU3-3 I'lXLlOlO 1'LACM, 7J--4 rooms, litipiovomcmts. $J6 rent. (.'all afte 6 "· m - v Toetl4-2 - · - · UJUVm--Fall-Held, SOCOIK poor, flevon rooms, all Improvements I'hiHHi__Bar. 7476. Pootl8-3 .STUATl''oTu3--6 roomu and~Rardoi for 516. Ino;uire at 487 Pembroke St. a 'i?i_l_''.--Jll' Toot H-8 'H) Rl'JNT--5 looms. lalOHt luipio"u montjj. 178 B i p n x Avo Vrloo ilu Ht ' l '° ,, U .^ NT .-- 7 ro0im . " ll . t i H-l Janu- Hi J?if"2_ 8 l: ToctlS-s TO 1UONT--3 attio rooms, linTddTe'' i«od cssuplo preferred. Inquire 48 Men "12_ !i: Tootl6-3 10 blO'l'~6 room furnlsned" llat'will or w i t h o u t gaiage. 1 .. TO UKiNl 1 --in conrtir, "six room liai All Improvements, ndults only. 41 Lib -SHlJ-ii- T o c t l D - a Rosollo Ht TootlB- -- ._: -- - , - . , , , , _ . . . .. _. .. _____ _^ ____ i ^ , i To WWNT-- C looniB, roaaotifibio," 01 ma n road botwoon tint, and Long 11111, elootric lights, bath, hot and col? ii,H«' a, i"i lr ful " ntto3 ' Addroas Ul)5 Arctic St. I'hono liar. 2286. ----- _ _ Tootlt-7t TWO I'MiHrKNlSHKD roomS" lo" Hght lioiiaehoopliiB In a private family UwiHomible prlco. Call any tlmo a A v o , r w o tour room" fiais to rent 27211 l!i'L!2iLAy£: . _ _ _ PootU-2t 4 10. ___ _ _ , Al'ARTM'lONTS, Surf" Avo! No objection to color. Whlioheiu Hiea Co., 1U24 Main St. v " u u n u l 1 __ _ _ _ __ Tool 15-21 G ROOMS, all Improvements'." " "ifs jenox Avo. Inqulro 1J5II Falrtlold Ave __ ______ ___ __ TnotlB-3 2 1'IVK UOOM aparc'rnonts, "airTni- provementa. Adults Hoo Stophuns, 1176 ·stralford Avo. Bar. 1U81I. . ______ _ T o c l U - a t 5 ROOM FLAT ALL MODERN CONVENIENCE, BEST RESIDENTIAL SECTION, 1620 U ROOM ii'LAlC roctu-3t .. -.w*, j.'iw^vA. 1st floor, all i h i - rovomonts, *IB. (J64 Wtishington Ave Tooll,l-,tt ROOM J.n.LAT ."to" .rent. "172 Moro- ouso b t , Black Hook. FuriilMlicd AVARTMJCNTS--'t hreo and ToctlS-3t ooms, furnl«hol, foil r improvomonts, avid Apsioln, »7,1 Slillman Ht. I'octl3-8t · · n - · ~ fcvJULlo-01 F U R N I M I E U Al'AKTMlM'l'S "\n~nr~i- ate residence, hoatod and lighted, «7U °h "LI" 1 ' · fle ' ur81 "'os cxchantod. 8J6 ohn Ht Wunied T(jotl4-2t WANTED--3 rooms with all Improve, icnts on East Sldo by refined couple t?'? .V^lco ami location. Addrcst this paper. 'SB TootM-3t , TTM n Ulilu " gu1 OOU1 ' 10 ' o. 58738 this pnpor l'oat»-7t vvA.NTEl) to rant Apartment; throe r four rooms; furnlaliod or partly f u r - Ishcd; for Amorican family of four .ddress No. C5630 this paper. . I'octlS-at Services Offered , ItUUS ulc-aned, scoured atcst French syslom. Careful Ca Cloanlng Co., 416 lioochwood Ave 761-1 cr li' Jarpot . Bar. PortB-SOt EJBTDCTJVa BUKEAD--unllou floret Survlou, 1185 Ijroad. Civil and rlmlnal Investigations without public- y. DIVOKCIJ work and ahaAowlng UD- or personal uupervlslon; consulUitloa ODfluuntlal, prompt oervlue. liar. 1000 Pnov5-tt DKliiSS MAliING---rallorefl aults and ill di-ouHci. Tel. Bar, 0913-H. iliM .an30£lc_Avo. Sl'ocllO-1-lt JflCUNORfy! CAHl'KT aiiu"~rug~ dl'y loaning, rugs washed, ecourod. Blook vood, kindling for sale. 146 Wayne, Jar. GO60. Paopm-aOt AUTO jmlnttiinTy fae- ry w o i k n i o n and lei us save you I to 7d dolUns, a ra til will bring UM s U m a l p H H i u u r f i i l l y glvon. Addruss 603 thl,H_pii|)or._ _ _ Tocll5-7t MASON " " ~ . Member Upt, Chamber of Commerce. Hember Legal Hofortn Bureau to Eliminate tho Loan Shark Evil. Incorporated. Poctl-3lt Instruction JNSTRUOTlO.V on~Tohor Biinjo, tho ateat and mo«t Intorentlng oiohestra mitrunMint, The Mandolin, Banjo- vlundolln, lyiando-Cello and U u i t u r alnn aught bv litirtfotd'a inost experienced wiclier now located In Bridgeport, Best f coaching for Mandolin Clubs and !la»se«. W. J. CruHloy, 73 Wcatflold Avo. Phono Bar. 6841. _ _ Tootl3-)t RAG TlM'E at POPULA.H~ MUSIC TAUGHT A N Y O N E I N 25 LESSONS Private lessons. Circular mulled W J N N SCI-fOOI.. OF M U S I C t'alrllold Avo. Over Orlente. Noble 342 _ Toctl-30t "THE COLUflUlATU" l r KKl'AUAToii.lf ··Iphool. 317 FnlrtloUl A v , , Brldgoport, 'oun (Braiioh 212 York St , New Havn, Conn. Thorough propai tlonn In all llgh School And colleKii subjects. Stu- unts uucuessfully completing our course jf studies will oo admitted uion our urliricato into «tandaiU oolluBus of vlidlclno. Dentistry, Law, EngliiciirlnB, Acadumlo, etc. Thoroughotit tho United .States Moinlng, aftfrnoon und even now. En- Poct4-14t rig e«SAlons. Classes forming now. En uTl today inonth «a h.inly rruin. One brought UD o n,n prtfurrtd. ' · · - · · - ' - - ' - · Uila [j.i r Addrena No 5,'.u61 . . . __ ~]iuys and girls a'ro mnlk^ Ing tlU or mdro a wtek taking onleis for our dpor plates at 50o each, during t l m o frlerid« and Jt IH «a«y money, your lu'lghboiij ull nrod one. Sample fiOc. Particulars ' freo Commercial Service Co., 4 Flint S t , Provl- PoctH-U dBftcu. E. I. PuctU-at lastorlng. and repairing chimneys. hone Noble 1330. Frank Hparuno, 244 rand St. ___ _ PootU-SOt PIANO 1NST11UCT10N-- Aduiraeimt ors, taroe nionths course classical or icpulari evenings, quick method. Mrs, Clarke, 1607 Iranlstun Ave. PUBLIC~STENOGRAPHER~ C. U. MOHUAN Multlgraphlng, Uupllmtlng etc. Speeohufl. conventions, nioetlngs re- portod. you Secmrlty Blilg. Phono Noble 13'JO, , P a u g 2 - t l and stoves, repairs and linings at M. Q u l u n Co., Jfurnlturo 10____J!road Ht _ ___ Toc'tl-:i"t KA N"tT AH Y,~CESSP6O"E "" C L E A N I N G C O . liuIltlorB of cesspools and Bontlc tnnluj n Hiiei-lalty. S«ml poHtal R. F. ii , j\ ( , 16, S l u p n o y l l y p u t , J^onn. P o o t l 4 - V t ""' i V U K W A H W repaired "iuuf repliit- Ton sols, popcolators, trays, la- UIDH, tjpoonn and bread trays, mcah bugs roplated, }1. All work done liy ix- purloi.cod silversmiths Job soldering ilold and sllvci pliiling. Rollunco SlT- vurwaro Repair Co., 1800 Stratford Avo . Tpi!t20-7t SOUTH PARK SA."«TAlUUM"^Ide_l homo for Invalid, convalescent and ed oldurly peraoo Stimulant, narootlo, ovfir InJulgvnuiiii ovcrcoino. 70a Park Aye__ _T»i_ptl7-3pt STOVES AND FURNACES" Jtupiiliud and cleaned. Itrinscs con- tiuutud Oidurs piomptly attended to. 1'hoiio H a i n u m 31122-1,1. l'octll-7t "'11110 liAHLOW and "sirvcrliiii "~Ca7- p u n t H i i , , builders and contractors. Take jobs small or big Call 2dC( Barl i m n Ai'e Tol. 47 btialford. ' Tootl I-3t WOM"AN"WILL cffj"out"to""do wu«h- Ing mid Ii oiling by tho day or at homo. Apply 300 Blsjioti Ave. T o c t l G - l t Factor'ies ff) KKNT--l.liOO »qiiaro~"fiioT" - - floor spaco, second floor; suitable for utoragc! or small dhop. Tel. Btir. 881 or Bar. ·H24. . PAGE I) McMUFFY'S THIRD READER SEE THE MAN, THE MAN IS SMILING, HE HAS A WHEEL-BARROW, IT IS FULL OF MONEY, IS THAT WHY HE SMILES? ,, YES, HE PUT SOME "WANT ADS" IN THE POST AND TEL-E-GRAM AND NOW HAS VERY MUCH MONEY, CAN I DO THE SAME? OH, YES! Help Wanted^femate. A ( i l R L "wanted for gunoral hous \orlt." Good pay, 271 Bat num. Avo. T, Noblo 1615. wTM,i.a_ oi. zzzi-L'ZL- _____ CLIOK~KS~-Womoii 1 over 17, for P al Mall Snrvlco, ?liB month.' I'^xp cnco unnpccssnry. Kor Irois p a r l l B U I . n if oxiimiiidUonH write II. Terry, lorm«i Jlvll fciorvloe Hxaminor, 151) Continental ldK,, Watihlngton, jj. C. _ Tocll6-'U ESTABLIHHED Amencan firm has a vondcrful opportunity tor housewives vho desire lo Incieaso thulr weekly In- como'from JiO to Jli a week. J'U'asant vork among your frlenda and neighbors ind a steady Income. Wo should llko hoar from Larkln Club oiganlKora Addiess reply lo Kalpli G. Kurd Co., hicoln UulMlng, Clly. '- ..... "'PoctU-7t inod, Apply Olympla Restaurant, 310 to St. TootH-ll wanlud Tlsoolla T«a Jloom. Tel. Strat, 371). ___ Poctlg-at wallrosH w'lint'ed. Vpply Mrs. P. C. Hunt, 580 Clinton Avo. inr. 321)3. ___ _ WANT10I) for ollli-e work, who us hud some oxporlonoo. Stalo salary, -.hurt hours. Address No. 58777 thin apnr. _ (TlTTn wanto"d~"for " offlco work in lumblng shop, no oxporlonco needed, talo salary. Address 56672 Ihls paper, Toc_tl6-3t GIRL WANTlilD to work at~eandy ouoter, Hubor's Confoctlonery Store, 11 Wall St Poctl!t-3t Ti KL to assist with gonjr.xl nouso- ork. Apply »1B North Ave. Toctl3-3l: UOtJS It! WORKER--W anted In "fanrlfy f thPoo. No washing. Ironing; good alaiy paid. 141 IQast Katon St., Noblo B83 Ootl2-3t MIDlLB-AGED woman wanted to assist with light liounework In small unlly. Apply -11) Myrtle Avo. Tootl4-3t ,s On Ladles' Waists. Those who have orlcod on any such lino can maltc very ood money. Apply ROLEN MFG.'CQ,, 506 LOGAN ST, between Conn, and Stratford Aves. TootH-3t Special bargain in Used Pfa- nos for this week, Shonigor $175,00 Patterson' 125,00 Baus 175,00 Mathushek 375,00 And o. fow oxcoptlonal bargdlns In in Hal' lca " ng mttl «es returned from Si lilUAToUS, uxporltincoa on power iwlng machlnen. Those who worked n rain cents or chlldron'H uapos pre- urred, but others considered Steady ·ork, good pay. Apply Criterion Mfg. o., 28B-310 State St. _^_^^_^_ ____ ToptlJ^lt BALMSWOMAN for booiTM and Bta- onory. Oho who has had store ex- erlonoo. Apply to The Chamborlln hropHhlre Co., 30-4E Cannon St. _ . W A N T K D -- Ijulltm' and mini's fiata, II kinds, to renovate. ^Latest shakos. 'ho only Hatter In Qlty, Meath Hat- ur, 145 Stratford Avo., Just across jdB«___ ___ BPoctlO-n WA'N'JMOJS^Voung lady for catililor, no I'amillar w i t h register, Oool wages III bu paid to rlghl party. Address No. 1638 this paper. ___ PootlS-St "WANTED uiSHTio wait in . ry ntoro. 601 South Main St __ ___ lSu W65lAi\ lor general houBO ork Ash Croelt Inn. _ Tootl4-3t peraon for fowinig and o make horselr iisuful In small family. _Strnt_f)i d Tootl I -St . _ _ _ _ _ _ f-- 'Young marrlwl womnii ir chambermaid In ft first class room- g house I'ormanant position. Good agca One who Is willing to do light oua^keaping on the promises pre- irred. Address GB5 14 this paper. _____ _____ __________ Tootl 4 -St W A N T K U -- Competent girl for n~(m"oi*iil ousework. l^amlly of two. Apply C27 un-el Avo. _ _____ Poct14-lt WAN^'HT)-- Ulrl for KflmiriifhouMir- ork, p u r i n f i n e n t i m w l t l o n U p f t t l s f a n - iry. Apply l"r Blroy A. Iluvey, 118 I'ado Ht. ___ ^ _ _ r ____ 'l^ocll^-tt WANTf'll.)-- At Iiiiy"NurBury, iiurao 1th experience In nui-SBry work. Alao undreHH. Both tn llvo in houue. Call vmilii(?._7;il_Maln Ht. ___ _Ppotl3-2t ~ ' _ va,U'a un(i men to~ b'uy clour IlalB. Special bn.rgo.lns. i^nw lys only. Month's Hut Shop. 14B ratford Avo. Just across thn bridge. _ ______ ._ , _____ Poiitl4-4t \VANTJiilJ-- A young girl w'lllinir "to arn a vaiiilovlllu n e t ; not over five foot ill, wolBht 110 Ibs. Call aftor 7 p. m rancid K. AVorby, magician, 7 Wilson '· ____ I 1 ociti4-;it WANTED-- Oood typls't, AiSjerloan rl, over 18 yoara of age. Aunly In orson at 871 Main St. _.,,--,,.,...., ... . ..... .... TootlS-Ht WANTKB--Mald f o ' WANTED GIRL ibr gbnflraT"hous7- work, pei-manent position If party Ii ·jatlefactpry. Apply (18 Wade Street, 01 phone 6247-28. Tnntir, n --_«____.'., _ J O I J l l l l - S I WANTED--A midino" ........ **** t* IUIUKIU u^ou woman to take care of bakery counter. Ono with delicatessen oxperlonoo. Cull at Block's Delloatesaon, 2716 KVilrfleld Ave jp BW WANTH1D--GruOunie and unaergTaiT- uate nurses at Stato Tuberciilosls Sana, torlum, flhalton, Conn. Good Ba.'-ry and full maintenance allowed. Apply 10 the Superlntendont. -* - · · WANTED--We'll odu'eatod ' young lady with or without experience In gen- otal offloo work, Addroea B6B2S this Tootl8-»t U LAUY i 0 oporate phone switchboard In manufacturing of- il«o and do clerical work. Stato ago, ???,» rl ?, n r'° nml « alaii y deslrctl. AddrosH BBB17 this paper. Poctl2-2t Musical Instruments PIANO for salo, upright maghogany, nne tone, good condition, reasonable. Phono Bar. 264-3 or Noble L20. , Crcsoent and Can,tone, . prlne of tho original cost Ullman't, Music Store, li'alrflald Avo., corner Uroad. __JPoctl4-it J'lANO--Upright nnuiogany" 'lio. Used a short time; $750 mahogany play- for J385. Fotoh, 700 NobTo Avo Poot8-7t 1)16 MAIN ST., BRIDQEPOHT, CONN. rvjctis-st W U RUTZBR. liilcclrlc Plnyer Pliinb. Coin opoiated. Holds six rolls 30 selections without changing. Bargain to l,» ok 'niyer. Gllman Music Store, ''airfield Ave., corner Uroad, Poctl4-2t Wanted_io_Suy ATTENTION-- Wa buj " old · new»- apora inlying market price; rags at 2 els a pound; also rubbers, motul and f u r n i t u r e . Wo call anywhere. Drop postal or call Bar. D28. Herman, 88 Wallace St. ___ Tscpt28-30t -- o o m a n , 1449 Main St. paya hlgheut prloao for second hand furniture. Phono Bar. 1031, Ts»pt21-aOt CQT (3f? I P p p a l d rtr all kliwfii DC.OI r n l L / U o f second hand f u r nlture. Phono Bar. 10S4. 261 Stato St. T«ept21)-I0t COHWN'S Furnlturo Exchange, 2ifi State SI., Bar. 2600-6. Wo buy and e»- chango all kinds furniture and house- lold goods, ___ _ Pootl2-30t "TTXTTSOOD PRICES for homfeiioid nd oinoo furniture, itovos and rancot Jasmin, 2GU State St/ Bar. 10B«. _____ ____ 8P«eptl9-iOt MUTllOl'OLlTAN Furniture 3'toro' 80tl liiaut Main St. Hlghnst prices paid for iiecond-hand furniture. Bar, I !H 5. "Tootli-iSt ~ St. Highest prices paid for neocnd- umd fiunlturo. Noblo 1721. ___ _ ToctO-30t -LAN0 SiCCOND-iLANJi clothing bougtat Highest prices paid, David Ool*t. »4 Congress St. Wrlto. or phon* Bar 1)84 -118. T*eptie-aOt "WAN'J'KD--Wardrobe trunk hi gooi] uonrtltloii. Phono a01_F«lrlleld. WAiVL'l'JP TCTTJUY"rooming ~h"biisi" A. small one, center. Address 5SH28 hlB_pap(ir. Toctl3-8t ""WAN 'FEl --J BO" Slato "Drop cartl~lo 1 Uanko, 212 Hemlock St., City. Pootl4-2l ~wXNTJ21J TO BUY ii" pair "uiifnea ions. Phono Noblo 38. Toctl3-3t WIO B"UV nowupapura, j'l'oii per Hundred lb. Magazines, evoiytiimg n wasie matorlal. Tol. Noblo 648. 197 i.'oderal St. Toct4-S0t Stores 'CENTRALLY LOCATION -- Fail-field Ave , riwnilng Mirough to Cannon at , IMII firsi lioor lor professional business, liviu supplied, P. Anderson, 300 |i'a]l_ll^ld__A i' ToeMB-3t "'i'T)R "SALli---No'tlon and oonfeolfonery Horu. Uiauinr for gelling. III health. 60 South Avo. Tootl4-3t TO RUNT---Largo roomy »tor» In the learL of Strntford Avo, 0«od for any ino of huslnMB. Inquire Maurlc* jchaok Co., Molga Bide, Poctl2-3t Situation Wanted Mille ACCOUNTANT--Hovcrnl years oxpor- li'nw with largo m a n u f a n l u r l n g corporation In executive capacity, 'i years Mporlcnbo public work with knowledge ftt Income Taxoa, desires connection with corporation whoro ability will bo recognized. Address SB62G Ihln paper. ToctlD-Dt s.bOOKKBM'fclt available pnrt time at ronsonablo salary. Eoply to P. O. Ilex B37 1J ocii?JL 3 ' ' CHAUFPl'JUR deslrce jiomtion col" orod, driving for private family, two Joans' oxperliMioc will work for room; board and clothes; roforenco If doiilrod. Addirosa John Joynor. 1223 Howard Ave. 8PoctlO-7t ClIAUFPIiiUifwIshos position, prTvau or commerolttl, with an A-l reforonco and not afraid to work. Addrwis No. BBB28 thls_ paper. ____?lfi91i!" l COt7pLJjT"""will "do llifht service foi- rent, heat and light, furnished room. Address Box 66BOJ this paper. ftooltlon on big or amall place. Call at iij) Lexington Avo. Toctl4-3t " HAMJS.''~5rA~N~ w n n t » wor"l~"«'lth~a nrlvatu family around grounds. Addroou iBBJO thla paper, __ToctlJ-3t LOCAL~HXN -wanlBj poulllon~as" ool- loctor. Speaks three languages fluently Can furnish bonds. Addrum 6ISB29 tlijg paper, PocllC-St ' MAN woul3~itlto to do general poftor- work Btioh an caring for household goodu. Apply 107 Denver Avo. Toctl3-3t ___ AlklO YOU looking tor a room, Miitral- y loc«te32 Call Bar. 7414; S2J) WMh- lii gton_ Avn. __ __ i. 001 . 1 !^,' AT'TliACTlVld ROOM to rc'llt, " two inlnuU'H walk from ItaJIroad KtiUlon, all modern improvements. Call al fi'JB Falr- l_^ld_Ayu __ ___ TocU6-8t ATTHACTlvH furnl»h»d room. »x- oellcnt lablo,' for ono or two Amonoang. i!88 Main sirOBt, or 144 Colvinan Si, . __ __ ______ Tuctll-7t A WELL COMFOTlTAULY lurnidhed ,-ilc'iun hoiUoil bodroom, bath. Eloctrl- ·cliy. In rcflnud American famll}'. 683 Kalrflold Ave. Apt. No. 0. _ _ ____ TocllB-31 ' BANK "£.. 104-- CciilraJVy To'.«t»d", furnished nlngle, double rooms. Light housekeeping roomu near restaurants, n lores, cars. Inquire Stevoiwone WANTKD as Janitor, olllco or tonemunl houso. Can tako care of boilor. Address BCB20 tills paper. Poctl2-3t 1'oaiTlON--Ton years' c'xpisrlcnco as general mechanic and toolmaklng. Eight years an draftsman, factory layout and iisslBlant factory engliwer, II|RO nomo linowledgo of welfare. A-l rofcroncos. Marrlod, 3D, deslrus rtwporuiblo poslllon with roliablo firm. AdtirMis No. C8M3 Uila pflpor. _PoctO-7_t KELTABLli MAS wliilim pfnoo "ai helper on local and long distance auto truck. S L. Walters, 226 Island Brook Ave., City. ' Tootl3-3t ""WANTICD--Position _by experienced American clu'f. Wlnlcr and eummer ro- sort. Und«rul]ind« pruparatlon of ban- nuo is an.: other holiday d«slrei. Colored. Call 372 Olive St. Elko Jacknon. Pooll.l-4t iOUNU MAlQ wlshns position as :ihauffi»ur to private parly for afternoons and evenings, (jood mechanic, di-lvo all inukos of cam. Tel. Bar. .M. _TocU3-ilt V O U N G COUPLK would llko pooltldn on farm. Apply at 031 Stlllnmn St., U. Showois. Toctl2-7t Ftvnalo widow desires work of any kind clerical or otherwise, Excellent references offered. Address No. 6BB12 i h i a paper. ___ Poctll-^t " COLOKWU vToMAN wants Tiundi-y LO tftku horn*. Flowers, 462 Blond -C. __ _^ ____ ;i'octl3-_7l "~JJA1"S WOH'K wanted House woric, li'iimlry or m u n d l n g preferred. Mllford or Stratford. Address No. 60524 this paper, _ poctl!i-3t " cKll- -- Out by day dron'a clothes espeulallty, or gonoial sowing. Addreus Mrs. Itoardon, 240 Orcgory St. __ _Pootl3-3t ~i5 Tiifl S S MA K K K' S A'S-I^TAN T-- M I d - dlo-ag,Ml lady, Amorican, good sower. wishes position as tuMilslani with good dri'Kimiakur. Address No. BC530 this paper. Pootl3-3t JilMAI /K--Bomtitoeptir, thoroughly experienced; double ontry, trial balances, ;ulck und aocuralo at Hguros, Addrjaa No. BC534 this paper. Pocll3-2t O1UL desire* poultlon In office lu grnurivl clerical work. Apply Dora Stanley, 1108-12 Barnum Avo., City. __ _ _ PqctlS-3l I J M L P WANTED and ·upplladTTiotali ItoBtnurantB, Institution, n r l v u t b f u m l - llus. Bost wagou paid to woll rocom- murded persons. Barnum 4434. _____ "LAIJV: would like to Tiavo general housework. Apply Mary Kuhsar, 10 Kldge Avo. _ Podll2-7t ItliflNHJ) LADY wiwitu ponltloii ,is houflckeopor In widower's homo. Excellent cook, capable of nurslmt and good practical woman, country or city. Bent reference. Addrnss BB567 this pa. per. TootlB-Ot Furnished Rooms A BHAUTIFUL large front room to rent with board. In pleasant homi with all conveniences Bant residential local- liy, also garage. Bar. 7673. Poctl2-7t A PLKASANT furnished room for «!nuonian only. In Black Hock Hocllon. liuiuiro 293« I'VlrAold Avo. Barber Shop. ___ Poo tl4-St A .MODKKN three room funiTiilie'd ajjartmunt oquppid with all conveniences for houstfkoeplng, Including steam heat, electric lights and Inatan- tnnooiia hot wator. 426 Harral Ave. Apt r,. ____ TodtlB-3t A NICK large front room In bcsi'rfls- Idenlial auction. Tablo board If desired. All conveniences. 761 Park Avo. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ "liAKNUM AVB.» 101-- jTurnMned Tight hcuuiikocplng loomu, all cunvenlniceii, oliictrlclty. T0'!ttt-7t "\y od houBekccplng rooms, atoani hoat, bath, laundry. Cenlra-1. llcasonablo. Other rooms 12. BO up. 88 Wa*hlnglon Avo. T ' f 4 1 _____ ujpuw room* In olty" for light hou«oli«*|)lng. Kltohonctte, iitoam heal laundry iirlvilogoi. lieanonablo, 1$ Washington Avo. Poctll-7t " ST.," 'M-Wrf-cc ri_fn. . woll I'urnlalied front room, two. Tal, Noblo a. _ Suitable for Toctll__7t '" __ __ I'JSi. J HAI/Ll' LOCATl01J~;ii(iiii,'"weU furnlshiMl roomu for guntlomou or bUHlnou ooupl«. lloferoncoa required. Ul Caihoun Placo. Bar, 7781. HPo«UO-7t CJ2NTHAJL and ronlaontlal location. Comforlablo laive oornar room ntoum heal, running water; In noun* with owner. Bar. 44 IB, Po otO - iIt CO3^OXl"/n, COURT, 442 WwiT Avo.", Inrgo well rurnlnhed room, meam h^at, all Improvements, Suitable for 2 g-nuk- nicn. phono .\oljlo 1BBB. ToctlB-71 JDUSIHAULK bedroom and hlichon with all Improvomonu, on flrit floor. Fully furnished, hoat guaranteed. Adulta only. Apply 2BO Orchard St. To, tl(-3t A V D . 181. room, also aldo room. argo fi'or.t Tocll4-3t l.'Al)tl''llilLD AVfi., 37K--Vow loomii, Iniprovumonu), }16. P. Andaraon, 30( Kdlrfluld Avo. TotlB-3t FAlitflJiLI/ AVE. 4»6. 1 front room for llgln. houiokncplng with klialvmoiia with uuo of phono, ail Improvomi nt*. To_i U4__2t "T'OK KENT-- Kurnleliftd room w ItF or without board, itrlatly prlvata family. 147 Hh(rwood Avo. Call addreim or wrlt'i thin To Kuoiia lor goiitmcton only. Clancy, 144 Kasl Main St T«upi:IO-30t GOLDEN HILL 203 I'tw Wlllliimu, up-to-date room*. PMQIU-IOt "E.vBT"wTSlTK8" fiirn"nthcT"room."oeri- u n l l y located. Address D5653 till* paper. Toctl4-lit \VANTMU AT ONCK-- Position ai- housokeoper for rooming house Not more than lit room^. Hn-spfeta and locality. c^ontiMlly located. Atjdress rilifiO'l thla jinger. Toctlf-2t WANTI01) "AT" ONCE--Position as utiekcnpcr for middie-agwl reRpcict ahlo American man. Small family and homo. , Centrally located. AddroKH iBOSJhlH l'npjr.___ ___ TootlB-Sl WANTHfl'-'-A "llungiiilnrr'girl di-Hlrcn position as general houseworker In small f n m l l y whoro no l a u n d r y work H 'OQutrel. loot's plain cooking, H!) Os- bornu St, t_'ocl_13-3t WANTKD--SlBiiogTaphor wltli "fw"o yomrs oxporlonce an neorntary to cxo o u t l v o wants ponltlon, socretfirlal pro- forred. Address 56500 this paper. _ _ToftJJj-.'t\ W O M A N denlroi) nouscworft. Mrs. A. N'., 27 H a m i l t o n St _ PoctlS-3_t WOMAN' « IsITSr to To g"enir,!f houso- woilt. Apply ·!! Churiihhlll St __ __ _PootlS-St \VoTOjl3~lllto a po«1tlon~"as 'a houite- coejier in a widower's home, Give lost of roferoncn, country preferred. lddr«Hs DBB78 this paper. TootlB_-2t YOU.NO L A O V desires position"wllli argo concern where systematic f i l i n g « essential. Can take complete charge ind Is thoroughly familiar with tho Jowey Dnclmnl syMom. Por, iippolnl- n e n t call liar. 1I4IM-B after 6:30 p. m, Toctl3-3t IjAl)V""de»lroii position "am maid. Addrcits Hox 13, Strtitfoi*d, Jonu. Poctl2-»t _ farms Lands ~ STRATFORD ' 8 acres on Main Kuad. IB minutes lo Stratford comer 0 room hou huncii for mnnoom* uno and barn, THE STRATFORD RfALTY CO., STRATFORD, CT, TEL, STRATFORD 600, __ _ T o o t l 4 - 3 t "T3"ACRTil?i~JOoo"wl1li oows", horncs, tools, crops. Nwir lively l u l l o g e i-lty, convonloncos all around; productive o«m (lelda, IB cow sprlnK-watored, wlni-func'tvl piistiirn, 800 cords hanl- wood worth $12 cord nearby marltet; 0,000 ft. timber, good variety f r u i t ; (I com cottage, baaemunt barn, poultry loiiHe. olh«r buildings. Ownnr inable lo euro for It, Im-hideii, 2 cows, wairon, hariii'MH, j,k,\\, larrnw, c u l t i v a t o r , h n v e t c Onl.v 11,000, part cash, balance eimy toinini liMnlls thin and farm w i t h '. horses, II COWH, filhe; 1 e q u i p m e n t , ICIKH' 2.'» Stroiit'w I l l K New l l l n s t r n t e d Catalogue I'Urin 1 DflilliH 33 .States out. 2opy fi LU. Slroiil I ' u t n i A l t u l u j , AO 160 Niiswan Si., Nou York city _ _ _ T o e t r . - ' l "*^li" At'TtlOS'i 5o tllable, f r u i t trees. ,;ool 12 room house, burn, henhoiirtH, 'nrago w a t o r at houso and barn, cow, KH'sc, IB chlckmiH, all tools 1'rlco v),OUO. Cash (1,600. Chirk Sou, M M-iln Mt Pootn-at Machinery Tools FOR SALE 1-- fl h. p. I'lecli'ic nioLot* w l t l i stniU'i 1 ; 1--drill presu; 1--lool r i r i n d o r ; 1 -- 14 In. anil I I G I n . ' l i U h o ; 1-2'v in. sh«p- !· Acldrosh G.5tj~(i U i i s Dtipcr. ToctlC-3l LAFAYBTT1C ST., 4811--2 or J con iiMcted furnlsliod iiom«, all Imiirovo- moniB. To, __10-2t "II.ATLV j''UitNJSHi»;ij oomtoctabTo Axioms, olectrlc light, steam hoiu, nuar until. Second floor. Private dun liy. .,71 Falrflold Avo. JToellJ^J MCA'l'LV "furnlahod room for g'i'ntlo man In modern, heatod apiirtment with couple. No other roomer*. Kiutt Knd. Adurcas No. CS035 this paper. PoctlS-3t ^NlOl-.LV furnlshrd front room, suitable for two young hidltta, nunr W e n t Knd factories; all convenlenciw 111) \ \ m x l i n A v e . _ Poctli-lt TMjCriLV» furiTi«li«a" room. .^it to bath room. W i t h private family, For ono or two gentlemen. Atoo u 10 of phone, 1103 Park Av-. Bar. 6807-1S. Poc tll^t " ON IS OH TWo nlcoTy furiilahod rooms, private family. Klectrlc light. Hc'SldentlMl n«cllon. ' Bar. 7308 heloro one, afUr Bix. T J pct ltJ. t ONlfi largu front roohV with kltoheii- c i t c ; furnlahcd for light hounckenplmr. All ImproveiniinU, w i t h ulcain hoat. K.U suuc st. _ PocU2-;u T'LiiASA'vr FKON'T ROOM "foi'o'ne or two gentlemen. Next to bath. Prl- family. Phono liar, 1HS. Tootl4-2t PLhASA.vT furnlshod room. 263 Hixioks St. ___ _ _TocU3^»t "PTJEASANT f|ii'nUi?to*d room," _lf~lm- proviMncnta. Private family, prefer MJIIIIK lady or ladli'K. Laundry prl- Uli«on. C,' Urow Placo. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . _ _ ToeH4-3t TO' Kli.S'T-- Furnished or" u n f u r l tailed 7 room hoimo, ull Improvements. Coal and potatoes, $4u and }t) pr ironih. John W, Thompson, Stratford. ___ _______ Tocil_4-3t "TV) KloTTT -- Largo airy irooiii for gonlU'inan wllh referenced. A p p l v 1'Jl Ori'harxl St ___ __ Toe 16-31 TO llkiis'r -- l/arg"rTriry room for gen- 'iiiun w i t h ruforitncoH. Apply in or- nrd_jn __ _ H)c 14 -.11 'F\VO IIOOMS furntehod "or unfin nlsli- od for light hcuuekeiilng, IDS Arctic .si Clly __ _ Pict-2l ' " rooms "for l i g h t housekeeping, exceptionally large and clonn. Over dontlBt. ll.lii Main Si _ Toe 1 13-31 unfunilfihfd ioorn» Call n f i » i six. _ TociH-3t ~ OK to rent. 326 John St. ooin for light , housttkuiiplng u l t h ltltchemtt», running water, steam lu-al, niv.ilo family. Iteasonabk*. ______ _ TooilB-3t " wiLQAM ST . S^-^onTnar nlc^ locality, plouNani fi^onl room, single loom, steam neat, electricity. Bar. U33-S Poet 13 -7t Wuutcd LARGE ROOM for two young men, bath and heal essential, must be rwison- ablo. Addrou* BBIj4 tills paper. TocU4-3t I rooms. MU'ivni heal. Modern lni|t -ovo- monts, by f n m l l y of throw, R«rrmrra ·linnsed. Aildnwa 66B73 thin p iper. _ _ T o c l 16-31 W"A"5.TKT--A~ 1 or B'rooin furnished ipiirtiiient. modern Improven ents. iieam healed preferred, altlunigli not icueflmiry Reforoncoii exchanged. Will buy f u r n i t u r e If desired. Addiesn 56674 t h i s pajiei ToiM|S-3t \u"|i.dl MAN wafus'fiirnlnlK'il vxxim In p i l i i i t a fiuullv, In center «f cliy Au- Ills Bill, 732 Broad SI PootlS-2t Household Goods A Nlcll »fa«T)oara7^Iroii«or, cluffonlsr; throe rug* and othor things. Reaion- able. 7Bf Pu,rlc Av«. Poctll-lt BAJlY CAKK1A01B and for sale, in good condition. Reasonable. 70 Curtis Avo. ToctlB-lt BUY SOMETHING that han boon un«d for half what 11 coat whon now. No. 1 hntoy carriages that cost $60 'or J25. Btovoa S.IO olid S40. Dreeiera, table**, rocker elc, Parlor BUlto, uulky, Blrolleira, uarrlagvB 412 up. Mil. UoJmquiBl, 94 Bunnoll SI, Rear, ToctlB-3t COAL and gas range for Mile; al- mo«t now. 176 lillnworth ^fit. FIVE ROOMS at furnlturo -for ml*. Miut bv nold thlB wonk. Apply H. Wornlck, 100 Howltt St. Tootl4-tt i .^*% TSALlfi--4 rooms furniture, pan*, lalK'H, curtains olc, )226 cash. Apply 3 Itldgo Avo., 2nd floor. No doatera. Tootl4.4t POR SALE--Oak parlor mantel. Call aftor B o'clock. 104 Summorfleld Av*. Tootl4-3t FO)l SAJ^B--Ono gaa ranre and a coal stove. All lu good condition. Apply to Mm. Slovensky, 905 Hanoock A vo. TootU -at FOR SALh; -- Furnlturo tor tan* roonu and 2 ton of coal. 20 3umm«r St lit floor. Toct9-Tt itovo, wator hack and all pipes. Cheap. 8(4 Llndtor St., City. P«otl4-St 'OH SALE--Oalc bedroom iiullo, oak library table, 3 ploca parlor lulto, largo ovor stuffed rockor, flowing tablo, pictures, mirrors, piano stool, rooking chair. ruga, portion, sofa, pillow*, cu range, laundry «tovo. Call mornlngB, 3060 Nwtll Main St. Poctl3-at carload' of tho famou* Thatchor hot air furnaces being «old at below oo*t at i he following die* and roady to Instill: No, 80», complet* with cosing*, I II. S«: 2ES; SSSfSa wl£ SSSffi W ^NicS^sssnga Q'L^ 188 ' PLUMBING HEATING 117 Pcquoiuiock St. TwptJG.tOt SAJ.IC. 260 Proci- Tootl4-2t HOUfiliaiOLO furnlturo for sale, In H-ooil order. lnquln of Janitor. Arden Apartmcnti), Wa-Pr«i St. ToeU5-3t OSTliRMORE matlrooa and Vlctrol* for (lale. 67 Sixth St. Ppqtl4-3t mm-, (lightly u««d* bol, linoleum «.nd loo box, uloo for rent, 5 room* South, ern txpoiuro. Call any tlmo. '2268 )B. "Bin St., near Fouler Avo. Toot IB-3t lurnitur* and ttor* rixlure* for aalo, I ano pa htghoat iirlco* for furnlturo. 860 Stat* St. Bar 2218.2. ,. P««»tK-30t 8KVBN roonm oi new furniture, wilt ·«ll roasonabla to single party. 182 BonImm Avo. Poctl4-3t Lost Found FOUNJJ-- WTTfi.0 dog. tall 23 Fr«em»n St. PootlZ-at t'OUND-- A «niall low boat on toulo rlvor. Owner can l)»v« wine by proving property or.d p»ym« for »d- yttt!»»m«nt J A irroUnit. Hvibboll T(ir»ce, Strat.'ord, C'or.n. Tootl3-3l UUN loit. Parker aouole In c«««. Dctwten Konwuth St. and Trumbull, Saturday, llewurd If return to 109« KoMiith SI. Apartment S. Poctl2-at CAVALIER lout on Stratford Ave. Heword if returned to 180 H«wltt St, TootU-at "IjOBT 3 wlilu Pekln duokn. Phon« Noblo 38, _ TootH-3t l/OST^-Ccrtlfloat« N. Y. A, 30751! New Vork, Now Hs,v«n and Hartford 1UI1- ixmd Co. Roturn to Al»n«on Warren. 1 Oli Chanol 3t , Bridgeport, Conn. " NO. " 2820(1 HOOK lost, finder 'pletiai return lo Upt.' Trust Co. TootlC-ll __ VEoiNITY of Bornum and Mill Hill Avn. pnlr tortoise shell spectacles, Hownrd return to 69 Mill Hill Av». Phono 13nr. 712S-1J. _ Tootl6-3t kltuii; illiofoi "reward If returned to 2066 Uarnum Av«., Stratford or phone Strut. 377-3. __ Tpctl5-lt "T76ST -- Drlvor'a delivery receipt, cor. ·engross and Middle St. Finder pleas* rutiirn to 1188 Stiu« St., United Linen. _ Toot IB-It L,TS1;\ Tuosdniy evening, on Derby rollcy botween Parndlce Oreon «nd Hard's corner or Academy Hill to Elm stront, green purse containing 130. Reward. Tol«plion« Stratford 101. ToctllS-lt LOST--Ladles' (fold watch with Initials A. W, No crystal. On Tuesday bntwcn 4 and six n. m. Reward. Call at 4 Armstrong 1'laoo, ftft»r five thirty. Mrs McDonald ToctlB-3t LOST--lipt. Trust Co Saving* Bank Hook No. ]996B. Plc«ao return to bank. ToctlB-lt Clairvoyants M». Lor« ly. Ho urn Will Benign, build and renovate tool* nd email maohlnon of all klnda; w« ipociallto In patent 4«vckpment«. O. Oruel. 37Z KoMUth at. PooU4-lyr CC _ readings dally. Hours 10 a. m. to I p in Mootlnga « v « r y Krlday *v«nlng. IDS Wt»t Ave. Bar. 4744. _ PJuno J9-tt '"coN'SllLT MM1JT RITA, hoi n m«-liuiii and uplrltuulUl al 144 Ollvu St. mar Hat k avonuo from 9 a m. to D p. m. Toetl.'-4t .. . 2 Highland" ivo.," near Wushlngloii Ave Opposite Kul- Ion St Medium, fxvlmlct ConiUll .ovo, tiuulno«H, absent friend*, 1'Yom il a m. to 8:30 p. m. Tool 14-71 MISS) fa. T)HLA5lATKnf--'i'iHnc« S p l i t i i i a l l N t medium. Reading* iially. li,ltl SlriUford Avu. Pool 11-41 MRS. BLANCFlB BAItNARU'hii i~r*" turned and will «lv» rwdlnn iially. Sunday by appolntawnl. 1» South Av*. Phon* B*r. MM. JPwll-IM LOST-- Bliiok ami w h i t e bob tall cut. Bar 11B7 Ri'winvl. _ Toctl8.3t ""l'JOs"T-- liraciT wiitar^Hpanlel in vlclli' Ity of South and Itrk Avi». Flnd«r, kindly return to Mia. Donnelly, 496 Smith Av Rnwnrd _ Poctl4-lt ilJT'on" Main ~StT~noar"~Lyr4o theatre. Klnd«r ploosii return to 1531 Stratford Av«, Phono Bar. 9082-12. llyward ___ ^ ___ __ _ _ __ JToetl4-St LOST- Laoica' unibrollft; lc'fT"oiiTMblii- L'ony in 1'urk Thcntiv last Tuesday evening Howard to party Uniting s.ime und l i ' t i i n i l n v ; to 16811 Kntrflold Ave. Apnrt- ment U. . _______ _____ _Ptfctl4-lt LOST- Hound silver brooch, "butter- ilv ci'iitw. lU'war-1. Address 56556 this _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Toctl4-3t ^VN'rlst watch betw«oii Tj^jTfit inJ William Sts. I n l i l n l a L. N. Return 13(ia Main St. Hnward, _ -_ T ___^_ Toctl4-3t LOST-- r"ki'y5~»ltli a bnuid chtcfc w i t h II. II p i l n i « d on It. Call Bar. il)U-3 and locclvo re\vnrd. _ Tott»*7t "LOhl'""T:if)i IJrTn.Tle b'ull dog with v v h l t o breast and ttljish betwo^n oyea, 4 white puwa. Answers to namov Pawy. teturn 720 Clinton Avo. ___ ..... __ __ To»tl4-f» ~L', ST- -Savings Pass "nook ~K o.~i5K 1'hlrty days Hllowcxl to present claim igalrwt aald account. Tho Watt Sldt __ _ PotM-lt Loai v -- A rod" oosT ivrtater. TaTceii iy mmtak* ft'om Mopney U. R. station. lewiu'd If returned. Mloa M. Nolan, Stepney, JDopot,_Cinn, Poetl3-8t "lA'S'F-- A Tirlndle" full iuTppy; An- iweis to the name Ulcky, H«ward. Phono Stratford 842. __ ToctlS-Jt "LOST-- Airedale, collar Dudley "J3avK ·hono W. T lllnoks, Uar. 443. Tootl3-St "LOsf-'-GoTd nw«{in~willi TiwcrTpUSi Chrlwtoforo Colombo. Near Wasnlnir- r.nk Kotiirn o p. Salvogna. 6«« n St ____ ___ Toctl3-St sf"~M~i Vii liKihoi) Ave." Reiurn _ , " ltl«hoii Ave. _ PoctU'-St Hiyi' liuTfs' uoM~\iaich'"a'Sd ptn namu Innlda of watch ov« and Initial M. on pin. Suitable reward If rorunv- iil lo Mr». Ida W. Myers, 912 Conn. Av.-. C i t y _ TootU-St KOST-'-Snmll wlilt« curTiT'dog'lv'Ifff collar and tag. Reward If returned to .iHi! OK dan , 81 _ _J.'ootl3-3t ""OST-- A ptiise on" brooiclawn oaf, talnlnir |U In hills, gold piece. Pl«aa» i n 660 Stalo St. Rcwurd. LOST-- A cunta rrlui . _ _ I|ocU5-3t LOhT-- Watch oliariu. goian3fu«"~c«iit tcr, letters \ r . M. C. Betwei'n Lenox Ave, and Orovo St . via Maplewood ' Ave. and 1 .mi re! Avo. Howard if ret u r n to 222 Laurel Av«. Poctll-it Offices .. ROOM--Ixiiue ground floor office Telephone desks. Display window*. iSnuoiuiblu i out. 311 Fatrft«ll Av*. Poet 13-21 Uldf. Apply 70$ Boom Ity Bid*. IN EV SPA PERI N E W S P A P E R I e scotlons of the countfjif Factories FLOORSPACE W n u l e i l for light m a n u f a c t u r i n g . A i l - dre»« 5'iiJU t h i n paper. _ TootK 11. '"TO"i'iiJNT--T',56'ii" liyuiire f· «pu«. ««oonA floor; n u l t a b l e for utorux or d m a l l nbop. Tel. liar. !)81 or Har. \M. root'.'* 7t WHerctoEat " ;|IIK at tin- loweot rosalble _. Colorado Ave., cor. Slate St .. Toom-l^t Poultry Supplies ' ' " " " " r l l o r , Motorcycles irouo i 'Ton "SAI'.K- -l'tTiT')u"dian motor In «ood roii.lltlou. Ilocently ov e«t % roiixouahle prloe. Apply Mula front, 1!!3 Stratford Ave. ullet* for a fair nine plis. Chun. Xeri-olly. , . ; 1 l h ' \Vootl Knd Hottd, from Bchool. . . StratfO"d, und M u n t anil low St., City. Ideonr. »t once. Tarty co Call at 'Y\ r AVI v 'to " =s! Builders Contractor! Real Estate ; Al BUILDS sniiu. "iiioiiey"iii "pib"- VONIOK BROS.. 875 CKN'TRAI p a r t y . Sis f a m i l y or block; will d.ial, Hrldg«port. Conn. C*rp«nl«r* w i t h orrner only. A ·' - f: * ·· - -- - J iNEWSPAPERl MEWSPAPERI

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