Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri on August 22, 1890 · Page 3
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Chillicothe Morning Constitution from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1890
Page 3
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he §fcillico% f anstffuticn. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY Advertising Ratss *5*-IjOcnI«--Fi\e cents per line per ihsue for two insertions or less, in the Daili la foar insertions without change in the Dally, t o u r cents per Hue each issue j-Locals inserted t no week In live Di lv» without change i«ro Cents pel line pel issue .Niuseitea I n tae Dail s x tiroes Bad Semi \\ eelcl OQCL at Fifteen C e n t s pei 1'ne for the seven insertions OCAIS in Seoul \Veekl, Five Cents pei line eaeu insertion r~No Local inserted one time in eitl -*r Dally or Semi Weekly lor less than 2o n g~ AH Locals ordered mser'ed "until forbidden ' wil' be charged foi u n t i l order ed discontinued Special rates on local and d l s p l t y -*cl\er tenements made on application FRIDAY, AUGUST -22 LITTLE CONS. Prof. McCanlcn, of Wheeling, here tj-day on a business tup, Mr. S. McWilhams is here ficm Kansas City to look after his financial interests for a few days cf the has re* to Chi- Today Utioa has a colored picnic and Lhillicotbe has a "boss" circus "It is by industry we thrive." The Light company has comp'eted its pole line to the iiyer, and to-morrow will begin stringing wvre Superintendent .Lloyd, Chilucotbe Street Car Co , turned from a business trip cago. Remember that the Hamilton fan begins Aug 26th. Several of our citizens are going t attend. The H. St Joe trains run just to suit our people who wish to attend. Frank Deal has furnished this office with a home-grown raddish which measures twenty-three inches from tip to tip, and giown in the first wird of this city This is no campaign lie. Who can "beet" it? DANCERS The New York Store Club Room a Beautiful Scene Last evening the society young people of Ibis city did honor lo BIus Grace Evans, of Ohio, by giving a socis.1 hop at the New York store club rooms in her behalf. The evening was a pleasant one for the order of exercises, and everjone felt as happy and gay as larks Music for the occasion was furnished by the Mando. in c'ub, and our reporter noticed the following guests present to partici- p 1 * e in the evening's p'easure: Misses Dora Hurxthal, Anna and Bert Reynolds, Hva Spencer, Jesse No) «· ville, busie McDowell, Zefla Greene, Bessie Palmer, Mpttie McArthur, Bertba Ritter, Minuie and Dora Kirby, and Messrs Geo Seaj, Ar~ thu-, Arthur rMUpatnek,Harry Beers, W D Scampton, Nathan Grimea, Cbas Hurxtbal,E Barney, Jr , Percy Barney, M L Higgms, W A. Fitzpatrick, Julius Wallbrunn and C. A. Loomis FRIDAY 8 INSTITUTE Tc-ilav closes one of the most successful Institutes ever held in Livingston countj The total enrollment for this week numbering 148. Among the \isitoia »i.a ,weeit was Pi of T. B. Smith, Fajette Prof John E Fessler, Slanberry L E Wolfe, Moberly, Mo , candidate for State Superintendent Examinations were held n the morning by the teachers of the respective classes and the regular pro- gramme was followed in the after* noon. The Institute closes with an entertainment in the opera house this evening. CITY COUNCIL. An Adjourned Session, With But Little Business $1,000 More Added to the City Treaiburv, The Baptist Sunday school picnic at Graham's mill yesterday was a grand success under the leadership Of Mr. J. W Bolts There was an abundance to eat for the large n u m - ber present, and all seemed to enjoy themselyes hugely. Ma]. Rjot returned from GaUatm last night and his talk to day would have made the average man think the 6. A R s. at that re-union took the cake, He says that the accommodations were much improved upon yesterday and those who attended were better pleased Miss Agnes Hitt, to day, received a handsome piano, a present, from bbr uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs W S. Moore, of Osborn, Mo Miss Agnes begs to return her thanks to Mr. and Mrs Moore, and promises hereafter to everlastingly "pan ivory and howl." Mr. T. J Allbntain, a graduate of Columbian Law University, Wa=h mgton, D. C , came in yesterday afternoon from Kansas City Mr Allbntain wag born and raised in Chillicothe, and having been away five years at school he is cordially greeted by his many friends W. C. Coup's equescurnculum came in on time this morning and gave an exhibition of its horses on the streets before noon. They have the prettiest animals ever exhibited in the town, and if they are trained as advertised it will pay any and all to attend to-night. People who have seen the exhibnion say it 13 grand. Saline county captured the $25 premium offered for the best bushel of wheat at the Mexico fair. It was rewarded lo J W tatbam, of Marshall. The exhibit was taken from wheat grown on corn land, which averaged 26 bushels to the aoic, and weighed 65 pounds per bushel m^as- ure.--Slater Index THE Republican party is in full Sheol Located at Last A man in Western Pike county died recently and was owing this office about 86 at the time, but he would not pay it. He had the money, as his estate has since shown And this paper was expected to publish long obituary setting forth the vir. tues of this man ' You ask if there is i hell' Well, yes, a gaping gulf of fite and brimstone for just such rain ' --Bowling Green Times The music and declamatory entertainment at City Hall to night by the class of M. M. Smart will BO doubt give entire satisfaction. The programme is an enteresting one,and at the close of the exercises there will be two gold medal premiums awarded to the first and second highest grides, one bv Prof L A Mar tin, the other by M. M. Smart A third premium, of Paris scenes, valued at 85 00 will also be awarded The judges for the occasion witl be T. B. Smith, P H Crafton, A Johnson, M P. Gilchnst and J. L bc'imiU. Dennis Brice, having associated himself with Mr. M Gallagher, will open a saloon on North Locust St., about the 1st of September and will resign his position with Mr I Huldermin When the bojs get started they will certainly do we.l in that p r rt of town, as they underst ind Sheir business in th it line, and wi 1 make il to the interest of their friends to call. Tne noik of lining the outer wal s of the Browning House corner W f B commenced this moining The brick used are the finest, and when the ildiDg is completed it will be an ornament to the town The fox hunters have ^returned, laving succeeded in finding several The fiist chase lasted from 4 o'clock until about 10 this morning, and the ·rowd is as happy as if they had caught a bear. All the new buildings around town are assuming proportions r-vpidlv. Before the snow flies there will have been more new buildings completed control of all departments of govern-| than m aoy oaeyear Slnce Cllllllcwne ment, November is approaching and [ bas beea a town the coinage of silver wil! cea-o on the first of July * * * As men of common sense, Missouri farmers know that the only relief for them from oppression is ia consolidating the opposition to the party of op- prt-sioii There IB no disposition on the part of the Sedaha convention to I he G A R s will close their hurrah at Gallatin to day ; will bid ths people of that town good-by, never to return again--so says the leaders turn itself into a paw.--Republic. DENTISTRY -GO TO- WORLEY'S DENTAL ROOMS for First-Class Dental work. lEtTH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIN, and all work guaranteed as represent ed. North side square, "oig clock," Chillicothe, Mo. Dennis Bnre to day resigned his pos'Uon with I Hulderman, and R, Republican cat's M Johnson will hereafter be found in j hi» place. Uncle "Dad" Prmgle came borne from Gallatin last mght.feehns; much bet'er after his few days recreation, W D Edmundson has returned from Gallatin, and will now eat three square meals every diy. Tbe town will be full of delegates tomorrow to the Democratic nomi natujg convention. Mr G. Harker returned tc-day, after spending a few days at the reunion at Gallatin One week ago the council adjourned to meet Thursday night, Aug. 21. All members were present except councilman Wheeler. A communication was read from the Debenture Gruaiantec and Assurance Co., of Great Britain and America, located at Chicago, auth- orising the payment of all water rental, light fees, c , to the Anteri can Loan Trust Co , of New York ["his order was placed on file with the contract with the Chillicolhe Water Light Co. A petition of 8J. Gallagher Dennis Bnce praj ing the council to [rant them license to run a saloon on ots 6 and 7, block 20, North Locust St., was presented, accompanied by a bond License was granted and jond approved. Recorder Wynne, for assessor, jstpr, and auditor Johnston, asked that an abstracter be employed to assist in furnishing correct descnp- tions of land and lots in tbe new additions to Chilheotbe. It was ordered by the council that Mr Dienst be employed. Mr. MclnUirff consented to let them have the use of his aL- stracts free. Au oveiloohed bill of $/ 50 due T. T King for street work was piesent el by the marshal and allowed The matter of opening up North Webster street to the fan grounds so that the street car company could lay their track was discussed It was referred to the street and alley committee, end they are to look foi the best loute, and one wh c i will ·ost the least money to grade. The question of putting in sewer in block 57 was referred to special commute to be appointed by the chairman. The committee appointed to lock after the opening of cemetery street, on the south side of the old giave- yard. was granted more time The city marshil was ordeied by the council to notify the builders of the Browning House corner that they must occupy less space in the streets with material, put down temporary sidewalk next to the building, and conform to the city ordinance as to keeping it unobstructed It was also ordered that a danger signal be placed at the southwest corner ot this building every night. A committee composed of Corwin, Milhank and Turner was appointed ed to inspect the sewer through the property of Rev. Elicit. It was ordered that a conference between the finance committee and the street and alley committee be bad in the near future to ascertain bow much cin yet be expended in tbe wiy of opening streets, buildirg swers, c This ca'l is to be mcde by the mayor and at eomc Utce when most convenient for all. OBITUARY Miss Eva Higgms was born March 28, 1869, and died at the home of hei parents Aug 17, 1890 Eva wa9 the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Higgins, of Chilhcothe towns ship. She was a good, obedient child --almost an exception How strange the providence ot God What He doeth now we know not, bul we shall snow hereafter. How we will miss this dear girl--not only from the lome-circle, but from the bunday school and church, of which she had jeen for several years a consistent member. This world was blight and jeautiful lo her, and bcccuse of her laving lived in it. She has gone, jut we shall overt"ke ht r in the bright world bojcnd ELMOBH CARLYIE GLOBE DEMOCRAT : Nearly half of Illinois has been counted, and tbe grain is only 6 per cent, as compared with 1880. Tie Chicago census dis- Tict, of course, which is not vet aeard from, will ruu the i atio up to a much higher figure, hut evea with hicago, the growth of the Prairie State is not likely to Missouri. equal that of Miss Helen Leeper, of Breiken ridge was here yesterday attending the teachers institute. GLENN DRAKE, Teacher of Violin and Guitar. HIS LOCUSTSTKEDT' After September 2d at the Normal School. dauglS 1m Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorfa. Hirsh Herman. 10 pieces white check Nainsooks at 5c, worth 7 l-2c. 15 pieces white sheer plaid Lawns, cheap at 12 I-2c, our price 8 l-3c. 10 pieces lace stripe white Dress Goods at lOc, 121 2c, and 15c. A big bargain. Look at onr Black Brilliantines and Slcillians, 40 inches wide, at 50f, 60c, and 75c. No other such values in the city. 100 patterns of swiss and cambric Flouncings, including the popular Bandyke and Hemstitched patterns at 50c. 60c 7-5c, up to $1.00 per yard. 50 26-inch Silk Umbrellas and Sun Shades, with gold ad oxidized silver handles at 85c, f 1 00, $1*25, the finest variety; and lowest prices on record. 1 case of new, pretty patterns of Sattines at 7 1-2; cheap at 12 l-2c. 50 dozen ladies' fast black Hose at 5c, 7 l-2c and lOc pr pair. 100 rolls of fast colors, good quality Ginghams at 5c per yard. 1 case of yard-wide, soft finish bleached Muslin at 6c pr yard. Remember our stock of I«a.dios% MEisSOS' ttttCl Children^S SllOGS are cheaper and better for the same money than can be found elsewhere. They arc weaiers. Hirsh te Herman. Don't Forget our Stock of Men's and Boys' Clothing! You can save Money by looking us over. We won't be undersold. HIRSH . HERMAN. ----- : East Side o f Public Square . . . . / Chillicothe, Missouri. THL late election in Alabama was good deal of a shower. The Demo- ratic majority bas gone up into the eighborlnod of 100,000, and may :ach that figure A little more Force 111 fo'ly will make the South as solid s tUe bills, and a little more McKm- ey wickedtess will leave the Repub licaos no foothold at the North. Excursion For fair at Lawson, Mo., August 19 to 23, the C , M. St. P. lailway will sell excursion tickets at fare and one-third for the round trip. D. A TAYLOR, Local Agent It hvs b"cn I ttelv olxnied that v. itft purified is much as? possible, and standing onl\ \ ^hoit tune m contact with the du showed next dav a con tiimous decici'eof ionduoti\it\ which gnduilh lio.ppe nod gi\mg place to the noi uial miTA oid ible incre ise Pro fe^oi Portlier concludes tliatthiy is dil* to mioo oigmiauls coming into the \vatci anil ibsorbmsj the conducting Mibsi m b pit v nt Di'-tivtcd parent^ who lose their children in tht (io\\ds at public resorts on holid )M» \\oukl be glad it x curious Beihn (iistoni'ttne adopted At th" Beihn /oologicil ^irclens an\ keeper finding a lost f h i l d tikes the little one in clui-rc indblo-ns i trumpet Hear inj the nott the mother or father · e u i h ot the inibin-i; \oungstei at ones mikes ±01 the spot and the search is ended \ \eiy influentnl committee has been in New York, -with Dr A TJ Tjoomis ib president, to preserve the Adnondackb fiom further destruc tion l« leckless tree cutting It is hoped that the st itc may be induced to puiciiase all right*, and to convert this beautiful legion, \hich is highly bpoken of b} iS ew Yoik phj sicians for itb he UtlitjiMng climate, into a ' state foiest park It v, i* piobibly known to ^ery few ttiuoiife the multitude at St James' hall that the an jugement of the platform and g is piosceruum under which Mr Iivmj ind Mibs Ten y stood--what is tcchiueUlj teiined the "fit up"--was the actual one undci -which Dickens lelr\ ei ed h 1 ibt i codings a quarter of a ttnturv ago f Jim i ib c Tid to be spending this jear about 5 000 000 in the effort to regu late its wvwaid rnei, the Hoang Ho, winch h ib rccpntly caused uch terrible los of liic \nd propel tv A part of its \tateis a,ie to be peimonentlj di\erted into the Tu luii i I I V P I uoithof the Huang Ho and jhrost paiallel with it The mgenuitj of ill in has not yet de vised eflcctne pinlec'ion agimt this most troublesome of mers Thegov einoi of Shantung lepoits that he needs in his pioMiicc alone at leat $5,000,000 to pioent the uetnicnce of the floods I'eiil i» 11 K"J · relcginpli Hue A speci il from Topeko, Kan says Tw o inv cnti\ c I ids Tred Bapi and Bail McDowell, coiibtiucted a private telegraph wue, vho \\Lre ior which was obtauaed fiom \, scieen door which the} caieful 1 ^ umx\eled The line was about tin ec bloc ks long, and mid «a^ between tb-- b.itteueblived Arthai iten The line bioke down one evening and tho wiio must have fallen acioss leoppi i -\\ire Ixlouging to ef^ier the electiie light 01 npid transit coin panv 'ioung Orieen ^as walking across the allej when lie i.m into it and it froye on to him like a leech The strong cmient from an unknown source mode the Thm wiio a peifeet sow It took the top ofl one eir and ate its way stioight thiough tue othei to the skull Catching h u n jndor thp cliin v burned his thioat fiom eai to eai almost sei eiing the yigulai A e.n It cut a friglit ful gash on his iorehead and scarred his "hands, -nith wliich he tried to free himself, like a red hot iron He is still alne, but his reio\ery is doubtful -Denver Repub1;"an Th» auction s.Ues ol M E Schmidt will be resumed iu a abort time and continue until entire itocki» sold, without reserve or regard for prices Must be sold before October Jsf, as lease expires at that time Aug 8-difewtf The "Easy" Dentist. If ever ittacked by the demon pain, Remember, you'll never seek in viin The quiet nerve and steady band, J'bat temperate habita doth command Nor need you have the least of fear-, When work of four-and- twenty yeais Has ail around you stood the test-The "easy" dentist does the best And bear in mind tbe fearful fate, Ai sure as de ith for you In wait, Should you neglect, reluee, foraootb, To have him cure and =ave your tooth With tender touch and oiutjonsoair-- (Nortbeist corner public fqufttc) Remember, loo, that you w i l l get The one-four t i off for August, j e t TO THE PUBLIC. Dr TL W. Wright, the Old KelUble veterinary burgeon, ol Chilheotbe, Mo , has come tosUy, h i v i n g seemed a lea'e oi the O. H Oile stables, in the reii of the Alliance MeatMirket Corner of Jiikson ind Elm eta , which he has eouveited into i veterinary Hospital, where he can be louml dm ing business hours and at night can be found at hi= residence, on ei=t Jackson st , fiisi house e^st of Grave's lumber office I will have flist-class accommo dations for stock, and good care guar anteed to all stock intrusted to my care. I successfully treat all diseases incident to the Domestic family. All chronic diseases guaranteed Prompt attention to all calls m the city or country Bemember the doctor has been with you for four years, and it IB my desire to stay four more. DR. E. W WRIGHT, 300-dfcw-tf Cliillicothe Alo Apples Wanted- I want 50,000 barrels of meicbant- able apples. People of Livingston and adjoining counties will find me at my packing house, opposite Platters' livery stable, on South Locust street, ready to receive apples, after August 1st, whan I intend to pay tbe highest market price. P. S.-Farmers will do well to eee me before conti acting. 29d5twlf b At Private Sale. I will offer at pnvate sale, all of my household goods, which aie aN most new and of good quality, eon. sisting of » parlor set, sideboard, folding bed, a heating stovf, lamps and many othei things too numerous to mention All goods will be sold for cash Apply to MBS B. MAIEB, 406 South Washington Street AuglTdlw Piano and Or^an Instructions I will give instructions on either piano or organ at reasonable rates, addiess me or call at 304 Mansur St. DAISY HOLMES. Students can rent text-book", select their studies and entci any time at the Cuillicothe Normal bchool and Business Institute. This school sustains a Common School course, Normal, Scientific, ClassUal, Commercial, Short-Hand, Type-Writing, Fine A i t Pen Art, and Conservatory of Music The Commercial Department excels having actual busiue-s exchange with Electno City Business College of St Joseph. BucKieir«A.rnica Salve. The best »alve in the world for outi, bruises, sores, ulcer's, salt rheum, fever sores, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all s*1n eruptions and postively cures piles, or no payment required It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cte per box, for laie by N, J. Bwetland A Co, W.KCRELLIN BRO Are just in receipt of an immense assortment of Silverpla^ed Knives, v Forks and Spoons -These goods were bought at a- GREAT : SACRIFICE And we propose giving our customers the benefit of this reduction. Our stock of Hollow-Ware, such as Tea Sets, Ice Pitchers, Cake Baskets, Berry Dishes, Etc, is unusually large for this season of the year. We are Determined to Reduce It, And will make surprisingly low figures on these goods. Those contemplating purchasing any article 8*8 j can Positively save Money By buying of us. W. E. tollin Established May 1, 1875* Lake Shore Driving Park! St. Joseph, Mo., Sept. 2 to 6, '9O! $4,000 FOR TRIALS OF SPEED! TROTTING, RUNNING and PACING RACES EVERY DAY! Week of Great Attractions THE BOATING CLUB no longer amateurs, will give exhibitions of rowing in Yawls, Sculls, Shells, Gigs, etc. Hundreds of Boats, Steam Yachts, Sail Boats, Row Boats, for the entertainment of visitors. If you have not taken a Summer Tour, visit Lake Contrary. It will afford you a week of recreation a nd enjoyment. Remember the date, Sept. 2 to 6. Remember the place, St. oseph, Mo. Reduced Rates on all Railroads. ^ ^ * H. R- W. HABTWIG, Prest. "**/ " J. T- IMBRIE, Gor. Secy.

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